God the Father to The Little Prophet of Love – “Time is running out for humanity – Children be obedient to your Father”

Messages from The Lord Jesus Christ to His Little Prophet of Love

Prayer Requests For The Little Prophet of Love

Public Message
March 10, 2020
After the Divine Mercy

God The Father:

Child, I speak from heaven. I AM your Father. You must be happy that I speak to you. Your life has been a challenge. I now will release a time of happiness. This will come with a smile. I need you to pray everyday for this world. It is suffering. I have been thrown out of My church. This is the time I spoke of many years ago.

I AM asking you to look upon My children and question ‘where are they’? I neither see them in My houses or praying in their homes. This is because of their occupation with this world. I want My world only for Me. No people, no don’t skip with the evil one. Live fruitful lives that please your Father.

This is a message for everyone.

Time is running out for humanity.

Children be obedient to your Father.

In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit.

God the Father