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The Words of God the Father
December 2005 – October 2008
(Our Lady of Emmitsburg)

Icon - Virgin Mary 3

The Words of God the Father
Given on
May 22, 2005
Trinity Sunday
for release on
December 8, 2005
The Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary

Dear children of humanity,

From the inception of time the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Holy Trinity, gathered together.  In this meeting Creation unfolded; and the Eyes of this Triune Godhead, the Father, released a plan of Goodness and Joy, filled with all the good works that were to unfold in this Creation.

However, man went against My Word.  Man needed to repent and atone for sin.  From the inception of this most beautiful Plan of the Holy Trinity, it was determined that My Son would later come in human flesh to redeem the world which, created by My Hands, would come back to Me.

There at the same time was created the most beautiful, sinless Immaculate Soul, whose Heart would be pierced with a sword.  This sword would not only pierce her Heart, but also the hearts of those who would follow her.  She was always the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart who had dedicated her life to the Truth.  No woman has ever been created, nor shall ever be created, as pure and holy as this most Immaculate Virgin.

She now pleads on your behalf and has come to the Foot of the Throne of God.  She implores Our assistance and My intervention.  Now, for the sake and safety of humanity and through the prayers of this most pure Creature, I come to you with Words of freedom.

I am a loving God, a holy God.  I am your God.  There is only One.  There shall never be another.  The Mercy I give to you is the Mercy from the Womb, the Womb where my Son first became Flesh.  I am a God of kindness, and I am a God Who is loyal and faithful to those who love the Truth.

All may live in My Peace.  Even the birds in the air find rest for their heads; however, my Son Who was given to you was tormented.  My Peace now resides in the world because the Trinity is there with you, for those who seek to live in the Truth of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Seek refuge in the most Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, which is united to the Most Sorrowful and Loving Heart of my Son.  You cannot have One without the Other, for the Flesh in the Womb was the Flesh of humanity.  The Blood was her blood.  In His Glory is her glory, in which you are invited to share because she cannot fully come into Heaven without drawing her children with her.  She is imploring My help in all of this for those who desire to be consecrated to Me; and I will now intervene and want all to seek refuge in her.

Peace for those who desire it!  Peace for those who need it!  Peace, peace (fading whisper).

The Words of God the Father
Given on
December 12, 2005
The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
for release on
January 8, 2006
The Epiphany of the Lord

Dear children of humanity,

I am a God Who is a God!  A Merciful God is One Who loves His children and One Who loves life.  So as your God, I created life for all to behold.

When you are young, you gird your loins, clothe yourselves, and entertain yourselves; because when you are young, you do not think of the future.  All is good. There is no need to pray and no need to repent.  You can have it your way, all the things that you desire.  On another day you can always make up for what was lost. Then you grow older; and as you grow older, the body becomes weaker, even beginning to decay. You become set in your ways.  It becomes difficult to praise your Creator.  With suffering it becomes more difficult for you to pray and to plead your cause.

I, as God your Father, mercifully waiting, gaze upon humanity.  Yet another plea comes in.  It seems you want more, more of something else that you have not received.  But there are few songs of praise for what you have gained.

Truly there is a lack of wisdom and a lack of humility on your part for not being able to see with the eyes of the heart the gift that has been handed to you.  Here you have the treasure of my Son’s Mother who pleads your cause on your behalf, determined that all might be brought safely and freely to eternal rest.  Look to her and she will plead your cause, because in her humility, she knows the gift of Life.  O’ how fortunate you are, children of humanity, to have been given such a treasure who so often is taken for granted, overlooked, and dismissed with indifference and ingratitude.  How fortunate you are for her “fiat”!

Yet, as a Merciful Father, I listen and I will intervene.   For what father would hand his children a snake or poison them or do them harm?  A father who loves is a father who gives; and I am a Father Who is waiting and will give, just as in My Son’s parable of the prodigal son who was redeemed through grace.

I wait; I watch; I listen; and My Judgment is a judgment of Justice.   You, children of humanity, know not the day, the hour nor the time, not the place nor the event.  Perhaps then, it is time for you to amend your lives and to be enlightened, as if today was your last. Perhaps, it is time for you to love, as if today was your last opportunity to love; and perhaps it is time for you to be grateful, as if today was your last chance to give praise and thanksgiving to Me for your life.

Yes, just perhaps today!


The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Sullivan
February 8, 2006

Dear children of humanity,

I have given you words throughout the generations; and yet, you do as you please.  You choose what you desire to do, and you continue on your way.  When in times of trouble, and when things get rough and your shield crumbles, many of you look for a place where you will be safe, a safe haven where you can protect your own desires.

There are also those whom I have called, those who do not seek their own ways, but seek first the Kingdom of God.  Without understanding the mystery, they fulfill within their hearts the faithfulness of living the Truth, without seeing, without hearing and without knowing.  They have become the “chosen” ones.  All are invited; but few truly choose to walk, to be guided, and to live in Faith.

Why are you called “children” of humanity?  You are called “children” because faithfulness needs to be developed.  So children of faith, which is what you are called to be, come to know the Truth of My Son’s Humanity and the Truth of His Divinity.  Come to know the Truth of salvation and redemption, and the Truth of sacrifice, of Love and of total abandonment to My Will, even to the point of death.  Come to love so much that your every vein and artery, and every cell in your body lives, breathes, dies, and ceases to be, all for My sake and that of My Creation.

Without the tremendous gift of your Mother, you would be nothing!  Here she is, gathering her children continually, pleading on your behalf, and prodding for change.  Who could move the Throne of God if not her, who is so pure and Immaculate, so obedient and humble, so gentle and meek, and so filled with virtue and knowledge as to be called the Seat of Wisdom?  Who else but her could do this on your behalf?

O’ you children of humanity, regardless of your focus in chasing the truth in different religions, if you but knew to look to her, you would then know that there in her Heart and protected within her womb, the Son of Man came into humanity maintaining His Divinity; and you would then live for this very moment.

Use this time wisely.  There are many called and very few chosen; and yet, the door is still open for all who desire to come.

The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Sullivan
March 8, 2006

Dear children of humanity,

Time was created so that all children would know the Truth and so that all children would know what was available to them to see, to live and to breathe.  Tremendous hardship unveiled; and as it unfolded, a most precious soul was created, a soul created Immaculate.  She was created from My Hand.  This soul’s “fiat” came into the world, and she devoutly gave her undivided attention with songs of prayer and praise and joyous exclamation to “Abba”, knowing that good fruit was about to unfold.

This woman deemed Immaculate and pure gave a “fiat” of her own free will to live for all people for one purpose, that being to present to the world the Truth of God.  Within her womb immaculately came the Truth.

As any little Child, He grew; and this Immaculate woman had to endure many sorrows, and yet many joys.  One of her greatest joys was that of having her husband beside her, joined in a family and rearing a Child in prayer and with Love.

This Child was condemned, persecuted, tormented, ridiculed and rejected; and this woman, she too was condemned, persecuted, ridiculed and rejected.

You think you bear insults from one another in humanity; but, children of humanity, perhaps you should look to this woman who first bears the brunt of all your pain, as she did for my most beloved Son.  In the Most Blessed Trinity, He accepted to come into this world as a human being, and she encouraged Him and bore His pain.  If you think His Heart was pierced, you had best look to this woman to see the larger piercing that went first through her Heart and then through her Son’s.

Children of humanity, do you think you really know who she is?  Do you really believe that you know her as I do?  If you knew her, then My Church would know her; and yet, she is willing to die for you to save you, present you and protect you.  You may think you know a person.  You may read and learn about the history of a person.  What have you read about her?  Do you know her, or do you only know about her?  I know her as she knows you.  There is no other purer being, besides my Son, who loves you so unconditionally that she would give her life for you.

Be on guard against those who desire to celebrate in the death of someone so Immaculate.  Joy and Peace, silence and Love will tell you the Truth; and yet, she will continue to lay her life down unto death for you, only so that you may know fully the Truth of God my Son, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, born through her womb.  The Truth has to be made known.

The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Sullivan
April 8, 2006

Dear children of humanity,

Look at your Queen!  She is the Empress of the World!  There is no one as pure as she is pure. She has a direct link to the Holy Trinity; and there she presents your petitions and pleads on your behalf.  O’ it would be wise, children of humanity, to look to her and to invite and welcome her into your communities and into your homes.

There is no so august a Princess, most pure and elevated even higher than Esther, to the level of Empress.  As she desires and as she implores on your behalf for your salvation, so We listen and are moved.

What a foolish notion it would be to not give the proper reverence in due course to such a Queen!  Had it not been for this most beautiful and pure Empress, the Hand of your Almighty Creator would have dealt harsher blows.  She is the one who holds back the angels’ wings through her purity, her innocence, and her unconditional Love for you.

Regardless of your creed, you must know that man develops and creates these areas of difference; and that God, your God, the only Almighty One, is the One Who distributes the graces accordingly with Divine Justice.  He reprimands, purges, prunes and vindicates.

O’ that you would be as humble as she, and perhaps your God would lend you a listening ear. Thank her, and come to Me.  For the day will come when We shall meet face to face!

Peace to you.

The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Sullivan
May 8, 2006

Dear children of humanity,

I look down upon you in graciousness because of this great Queen, a most pure and holy servant of the Throne of God, Immaculate in all ways, who looks only to cleanse you, to purify you, and to bring you to the Throne.  Her cloak of humility is one that speaks volumes and volumes of Truth and enlightenment.  It tells the entire story, chapter by chapter, of your lives.

Yet, here she is, so pure and humble.  It would behoove you to look with graciousness, humility and with all due respect to her in thanksgiving that she, through her “fiat”, has been moved to graciously receive the Word of God in her womb.  The Son of Man came forth to suffer and to purify and to die for you because of Love.

All has come because of her one “fiat”.  All can join in this “fiat”.  You can say “yes” as this pure virgin said “yes”.  You are graced and can accomplish all that was offered to her through your free will.

Do not be mistaken about whether I am God.  I am the God of not only the universe, but of all the cosmos, and of every human being’s soul.  Look to me!  Receive Peace, and know what Truth entails.  Because of free will you will never have everything outlined for you; but what you will have is the Covenant of protection and direction, of Love and everlasting Life!

The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Sullivan
June 8, 2006

Dear children of humanity,

If you are seeking a “god” different than I, then what would that entail?  Would it be a “god” of your choice, of your liking?  Pause for a moment and think.  What would you like?  In each of your minds and hearts, due to your free will, you are given many graces and options. Perhaps you would want more material means, power and prestige.

As God your Father, why was it that I sent my Son, Who obliged me and humbled Himself to save humanity, to suffer on a Cross?  The mystery, yes indeed, the mystery of the Cross!  Why was it that He could have anything He wanted?  Why was it that He wanted you?

Have you ever thought what you truly wanted, not just for now, but overall, for your entire life?  Is it for your children and family?  Is it for those whom you love?  Is it for that which you seek to maintain or to give most charitably to other people from what you gain?  What is the true reason?

There is only one reason!  Look to your Mother, pure and Immaculate, wholesome, humble and most wise.  Did she not receive the better gift?  She made the ultimate choice!  It was nothing other than to be in Union with My Will, to live, to breathe and to die for only one purpose.  For that purpose she is given the greatest and most holy title, Mother of God, even though she does not seek titles.  However, she is given it.  Look to her.  There you will find the entrance, the security, the protection, the wisdom and the treasure.

Peace to you, children.  Peace is what you can have.  Is it what you want?

Look to her!  Peace.

The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Sullivan
July 8, 2006

Dear children of humanity,

I sent My Son, your Savior Jesus, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, Who agreed to humble Himself and to come and be born in the womb of a Virgin.  He agreed to become Flesh and to suffer for you so that all of the children of humanity would know that their sins were forgiven through His one Redemptive Act of salvation.

He taught and preached and proclaimed the Good News that I His Father am a Father of Mercy and Love, of kindness and tenderness, filled with compassion; and that My Heart was large enough to contain all of the sins of the world.  It was so large that it could contain not only your sins, but all of your imperfections as well as all of your acts of sacrifice and penance.

Before my Son, Moses came and preached the Good News also, taking My Words of the Ten Commandments, and urging and assisting the children of humanity to reflect and to change their ways and to return back to their “Abba”.

Before Moses, remember Noah and that great day!  People waiting for a sign mocked him and his family as they prepared, listened to and obeyed Me, not for just simply a few years, but for several hundred years.  But no one ever knew the day or the time.

I patiently waited for Noah to prepare, although everyone around him except a few did not listen to him.  They were making merry in many ways, in the form of adultery and other sweet enticements and good pleasures.  Then that one great day fell upon the people on earth and wiped out their existence, which I promised not to do again.  From that time to this time, tell me, “What change has there been?”

My sweet beloved Mary, a humble servant and spouse to the Holy Spirit, continues to hold back the sword of the Angel, preventing it from striking and revealing the bowls of purification. However, even my sweet Mary could not do this unless I allowed her, for I have been a patient and loving God.  But now, without revealing a time or a date or a place, I will forewarn humanity to take a cautious look at your very selves. Tell me, “What have you done to desecrate My Sanctuary?”  And, “What have you done to repent, as you continue to ignore My Words, the Words of my Blessed Son and those of My dearly beloved Mary?  As you continue to ignore them, you continue to entice yourselves and become blind to the Truth.

If you followed the Word of the Gospel of My Son, there would be no need for any prophet or seer.  There has never been so great a prophet or seer or leader as my beloved John the Baptist, no other above him except for My Son.  But humanity has not followed the Word of the Gospel and has not responded as requested.  Humanity is not living My Words and praying as My beloved Mary has asked.

What will it take for the children of humanity to realize that their focusing on their petty ways and their ignoring and dismissing the Words of My Son and My beloved Mary, cannot continue without consequence?

I speak to you now because I am a tender and loving Father.  I am the Father, your God, along with My Son, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, and along with the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity Who enlightens you to discern the Truth.  Foolishness arises when people try to change the Truth.  It only reflects selfishness, lack of knowledge, lack of humility and lack of respect for the Truth.

You cannot change the Word of God!  Just because the times change, you cannot change the Word of God.  You do not even pay attention to the “signs of the times”; so how can you claim to change the Word based on what you believe to be a change in the times?

Regardless of your religion, all children of humanity, know that I am your God, with the gender of “father”, Who allowed His Son to be born of a Virgin.  No human birth can occur unless it is through a woman; and as a “father”, I remain just that, the Father.

No one knows how long I will allow my beloved Mary to continue to hold back the sword of the Angel.  Her pleading on your behalf is nearing its end; and when that time comes, you best be prepared.  For as you have known from the Old Testament, the “children of Israel” were saved.

How many “children of Israel” are there today?


The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Sullivan
August 8, 2006

My Dear “Children of Israel,”

I look to this new horizon as I have before, and I give you My most gracious blessing and invitation, and the good will to fulfill My Divine Will which I outlined for you at the inception of time.  All are invited!

In this time period of corruption and confusion and war and division, so much unfolds among peoples of different cultures and races, of different beliefs and understandings, all of which they believe will bring them to eternal glory.

I am the God of Abraham!  I am the God of every religion foretold.  Was not I the One Who brought you out of slavery?  Was it not I Who gave you good things and food to eat and water to drink?  Is it not I Who should receive the glory?  How soon you forget and seek other means and diversions and enticements!  What have I done to be treated thusly?

Yet, as your God, I initially give you another opportunity.  If you do not accept it, then you are foolish.  For when you find out the Truth, will not even you be saying, “May God have mercy on me for my error?”

Perhaps you had better look to the Truth now and discern it so that you do not commit the sin of omission, but rather reap the benefits and fruits and graces and gifts and healings and the miraculous, awesome, omnipotent blessings.

Perhaps you, who think that you know how God chooses and thinks, believe how wise you are. However, perhaps even those who are ignorant in your eyes, but who know My Love, will surpass even your knowledge because they are wise in My Eyes. No human being or creature on this planet or in the cosmos can know the breadth and depth of the Mind and Wisdom that I your Father have.

Be distracted now, as you may wish to do.  Pay attention to other things.  However, you cannot escape the one day, the awesome day, on which I shall call upon you.  Then, then tell Me in your wisdom the reasons why you persuaded and led My people away from Me because you thought you knew when and to whom and how I would communicate.  How it was with the prophets, so too it is today!

I would prepare and love and be at peace with Me.  Peace can exist in your world if you really desire it.  I have outlined the Way.  If you would but stop and look within and beyond the human mind, you will see the Truth.  It takes cooperation and unity.  It takes a commitment and affirmation to allow Justice and what is right, in their fullest sense, to unfold.

Receive my blessings; and know that I am with you, waiting for your mercy, not sacrifice.

The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Sullivan
September 8, 2006
The Feast of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary

My Children of Humanity,

The Kingdom created for you to dwell in is one which is both glorious and wonderful! However, my first children (Adam and Eve) chose not to follow the way of the Truth.  So they were exiled, as was the angel before them who fell from Heaven.

There are so many of you who pray and who are committed; and everyday as you do your prayers, you lift your eyes up to Heaven in ejaculations of praise and thanksgiving.  Yet, there are so many more who do not.

My Son warned you that a time was coming when you would see wars and famines and earthquakes and fires and weather changes, but that these would not mark the end of the world.  This time would be only the beginning, the labor pains of a new birth.  He wanted you not to see this as an end to the world.

How wonderful it is that so many of you pray!  However, if at this very moment you see yourself as one of the elect, perhaps you should look within yourself and see your own self-righteousness.  See that it is better to have the fear of God than to be so secure in your dwelling place.  For if you are so sure that you are safe, perhaps you should look closer at your own sin, and then you may gain the fear of God.

There is no foretelling humanity who will be welcomed into My Kingdom.  It depends on your life and how you now live it.  If you live your life as if it is just passing by, day to day, and you think that you are blanketed from all harm, then perhaps you had best look to see how in a moment’s notice your life could be stripped from you.

On that awesome day when you bear nothing, who will be around you?  It is best to find within your heart the true treasure, that being God your Father.  If you go about preparing as if you are one who should survive, preparing with those among you to eat and be merry, then perhaps you too should be more aware.  For if all your preparations are stripped from you, then what do you have left, but nothing?  For it is only within your heart that you will find what shall sustain you–that being the true and glorious wonder of God!

How secure you can be at one moment; and then have your “freedom”–which you call it–be stripped from you, or at least threatened.  But true freedom is found only in those who are enveloped in the Holy Trinity.  Yes, true freedom is for you to be had!

You may not understand My Words now, even though I do not speak in parables as did my Son.

But I assure you, children of humanity, that awesome day will come when you will understand them fully, not only the depth and the breadth of My Words, but also of your life.

Come!  Do not delay!

The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Sullivan
October 8, 2006

Dear Children of Humanity,

I am God, your Father of Love and Mercy!  I tend to your souls.  As your Creator, I give to you all things that are good, just as I have given before to your first parents, Adam and Eve.

I have continued to be merciful through the Death and Resurrection of My Son.

How pleased I am that you come to Him, and through Him you come to Me!  The sinless Virgin only directs the Way.  She purifies and cleanses you, as a Mother makes ready her children for a most glorious event.  I have waited and longed for you, children of humanity, to draw close to Me and to reap the tremendous gifts and fruits of my Most Merciful Love.

Throughout the generations and ages, time and time again, My most awesome Hand has had to purify you because of your lack of attention.  How easily you became preoccupied and swayed away from My Word; but through My Merciful Love, I brought you back.  Is it not the same today?  Is it not now like it was back in the ages of Babylon, with the fighting between sons of Ishmael and Isaac?  The division is tremendous, but My Love is Awesome and has been procured for all the people in the world.

You, children of Abraham, be not foolish!  Do you not see the Truth of your God at hand?  Evil begets evil, and Love conquers all!  No treaty or bartering tool can ever be exchanged for my Most Merciful Love, which will bring you all together to the One True God.  There is no victory in death caused by human hands.  The only victory in death is that which rests in the Triune God!

Peace to you.  Children, come!  Come to rest in True Peace!

The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Sullivan
November 8, 2006

Dear Children of Humanity,

Your will must be what My Will is for you.  You cannot have My Will be what your will is.  It is like what happened to Jacob, who struggled with the angel at night, across the river. (Gen. 32:23-33).  He pleaded to know who the angel was; because if he knew, perhaps he could persuade him to accomplish his own desire.  The name was never revealed, and so Jacob struggled because he did not conform to My Will, but rather wanted My Will to be conformed to his.

This is not unlike the situation with My Son, your Savior, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, Who also struggled at night, across the river.  There He, in anguish during the night of His Agony in the Garden and Passion, struggled and pleaded, “Let this cup pass from me; yet, not as I will, but as You will.” (Mt. 26:39).

The difference here is that My Son did not try to make the human will bend away from My Will.  Instead, He allowed the human will to bend towards My Will.  So He accomplished My Will, instead of pleading with Me and having Me conform to the human desire.  The difference: Jacob did not have the Power of God, and Jesus had the Power and is all-powerful.

This is an important lesson for you to learn, for today many are seeking to persuade others to conform to their human will and their desires. However, all of you, to be free, must at all costs conform to My Will, the Will of your Father.  Then, you too will receive the Power of God.  Peace.

The Words of God the Father
Given on
November 26, 2006
The Feast of Christ the King
for release on
December 8, 2006
The Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary

My Dear Children of Humanity,

Know how loved you are through my great Love and Mercy!  Know that you are children, all “children of Abraham.”  So many children, far greater than the number of stars in the sky!

Those who come to know and desire Truth will come to know true “freedom.”  For this great gift today is a blessing from My Hands.  This blessing belongs to you through My Son Who is King.

“Kingdom” is the word, for I say to all of you that My Kingdom is one that dwells here and now.  My Kingdom come, My Will be done on earth as it is at My Throne!  My Kingdom, now on earth with you, is for those who desire to live it.  It is a time, a new time, a renewal for you.  For all those who desire to receive, your loving Father desires to give.

My Son, Who was forsaken and Who gave His Life on the Cross, redeemed you.  My beloved daughter, Mary, spouse of the Third Person of the Holy Trinity, who was beside Him pleading for you, joins in this great gift of bringing and inviting all of you to “freedom.”

A battle in the Heavens commences and a spiritual renewal of life embarks upon the world with the Grace of My Hand shedding loving Mercy and Kindness into your souls.  How great it is to live in My Kingdom now, where I dwell!  Come all, and know your Merciful Father is One who loves and One Who gives, not One Who takes away.

I love you.   In the Palm of My Hand, there is the world, desperate, searching, grieving, sorrowful, fighting, and mourning; and in My other Palm is the new clay, inviting, replenishing, (long pause), rejuvenating, (long pause), freeing, (long pause), joyfully gifting, (long pause), forgiving, (long pause), protecting, (long pause), fulfilling, (long pause), and remolding all of you.

Come, (very long pause), come, (very long pause) ,come to Me (fading whisper).

The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Sullivan
January 8, 2007

Dear Children of Humanity,

Through the great blessings and joy given to you by such a pure Virgin, Immaculate in all ways, I come blessing you in Peace.  When all the world seems to be going in another direction, those who follow My Words given to you from My Throne will not be left behind without Truth being fulfilled.

Many initially decide to listen and hear My Words, but then put them aside and do not pay attention to them.  Yet, there are others who listen, hear My Words, devour them, and put them into practice.  For them, their safe haven and redemption are at hand.

Perhaps the world has heard too many messages to believe that the Truth is about to unfold on those of humanity who continue in their own ways.  Those who devote themselves in prayer, in charity, and in love and kindness are redeemed.  Those who displace and push Me aside, and who do not pay attention nor even care, acting as if another century or two or even hundreds of years will unfold before any happenings, are misled.

It is far better for you to live today as if it is your last.  It is far better for you to give of yourself as if it is your only opportunity.  It is far better for you to love your family members more than ever before, as if one will be taken away instantly.  It is far better for all of you to join together as a community in love and to work together in the fruition of My Holy Will.

Words I have said throughout the generations; and each time they are said, it seems there is less attention paid to them.  If you cannot heed My Words of Truth now, then how will you heed the words in the human world, coming from governments–from counties, states, and nations?  How will you heed their words?


Prepare as if today is your last, and in joyful anticipation for those who are children of Mine, the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.   For you, your preparation is at hand and welcomed.  The reward of your redemption and safety and a new dwelling place is now.

Peace, the choice you have.  Regardless, I am there with you always in fidelity and faithfulness.

The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Sullivan
February 8, 2007

Dear Children of Humanity,

I love you as your Father; and most importantly, I have given you everything that is good. If you come to Me with open hearts, all is made anew.  If you come, even with skepticism, I can make all anew.  But if you come blaspheming, especially blaspheming the tremendous gift of the Holy Spirit, then you cannot be made anew.  You cannot desire evil, for you must desire love and that what is pure.

Look to this most precious, Immaculate Virgin, the Mother of your Savior, and there you shall see no guile and that as she grew, Wisdom grew within her.  She gave all that she had and listened even more intently, giving and giving in joy to Me.

I created a world to be free.  However, it has become apparent that “freedom” is now defined in a way different from what it was originally created to mean.  You think that there is time to spare; but if you look within your lives and at what you yourself have done, there is not time to despair or to spare.  There is only time to be made anew and to be cleansed.

Make no mistake about it; you will know the Truth, whether it be in this your life now or when you meet my Son, your Savior.  When you see Me face to face, you will know the absolute Truth.  Yet, the time to see Me face to face can only happen after your purgation.

Think wholeheartedly now; and if there is any doubt, then perhaps you should make your amends now.  For only those, who can rejoice in My tremendous glory, can survive forever.  Those of you who desire to live your lives in your own way now, instead of as your soul was created to be, enjoy it; but do not ask why the Truth was not presented to you, for I have outlined the entire Truth.  It is your free will that has rejected it.

I remain faithful, at all costs.  The choice is yours.

The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Sullivan
March 8, 2007

Children of Humanity,

How gracious a God I am Who created a soul as precious as each of you, created in the likeness of God, man and woman!  In all the cosmos, nothing greater is created than that here as man and woman.  When the time for your redemption was at hand, My Son, Who contemplated in the most Glorious and Holy Trinity–Three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit–decided back too many years ago for you to know the date and time, to come in human form, pure and holy, for you.

Through His pain and suffering, His condemnation by the three judges (Caiaphas, Herod and Pilate), and His betrayal by three witnesses (Judas, Peter and the bad thief), He suffered torment in anguish and despair.  He cried out on the Cross, “Father, why have You forsaken Me?”(Mt. 27:46);  and before His last breath, “It is consummated” (Jn 19:30); and in surrendering, “Into Thy Hands I commend My Spirit.” (Lk 23:46).

How many are there of you, children of humanity, who cry out, “Father, why have You forsaken me?”  Perhaps, (long pause) perhaps the most joyous, merciful and glorious events of your lives are unfolding.  If My Son Who was torn in his Body, naked and mocked, and Who died out of Love for you, cried out to Me; and if His ultimate outcome was beyond that of the Cross, but was the fulfillment of a joyful Resurrection, then would you not also be counted among the chosen?  Only you can deny this grace and gift!

I bless you with tears of cleansing at every moment that your souls may be uplifted and inebriated with the Joy of My Son, and there joined to the Triune God, pure and undefiled, gracious and whole, glorious and unending, magnificent and omnipotent!

All are welcome!  How many of you dare to walk through this darkness to see that the Light was always there and the darkness was that which you created?


The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Sullivan
April 8, 2007
Easter Sunday

Children of Humanity,

I have waited so long to tell you and to share with you all the good works and fruits created for you through My Hands.  However, through sin, man rejected all that was good by choosing ways materially and physically pleasing to the body.  So for many generations and years the people of humanity have been broken and unfulfilled.

Now this period is the time when My Son’s Mercy unfolds; and through His Mercy, Justice comes.  All who belong to me must stand tall and raise their heads and unite with one another.  There is nothing to fear!

I love you and wanted to know of your love; and yet, so many are afraid.  How is it that you could be afraid of the Truth, but not afraid of deception?

Do not let the eye deceive you.  For what you cannot see does not mean that it is not true; and what the eye can see may mean other motives and incentives are enticing you to become distracted.  Be stoic in your love of prayer.  Stand firm on the grounds of Truth.  Fear not those around you who dine with you, and yet may accuse you.  You belong to One Creator, One Father, not a “god” of punishment, but a God Who is your Father.

(Long pause)
You belong to Me!

How is it that you are so preoccupied with life and not from where life commenced?  I gave you your soul and your life.  I desire you to enjoy life.  Why is it you cannot enjoy the Source from where life came?  All can be made anew because of both My great Love for you and the freedom I give you through your choice.  Nature and humanity can change the new tomorrow into something beautiful, from what it is today, a day of mistrust and superficial friendliness.

Be genuine.  Be genuine!  Look to me.  Open your hearts and I will fill you through My Son–through His goodness and His ways which are both Divine and human–so that you may know in your human ways how to seek and reach for the holiness and goodness of My Divinity.

The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Sullivan
May 8, 2007

Children of Humanity,

From all My Love for My creation you came forth to bear good fruit, to live in peace and harmony, to reap all the great benefits, and to enjoy the gift of life.  Through your free will you interrupted that process and your own joy to live in freedom.  However, through that same process, by your free will, you could regain it  and live together in that beauty I created.

So many of My people cry out to Me for assistance; and being a patient and loving God, most merciful and most compassionate, I await them.  You see so many natural events which are catastrophic, and you see many other events caused by humans which are also catastrophic.  Do you not see in your midst that through your free will you are creating your own devastation by your own hands?

My creation was beautiful!  Your creation will destroy itself.  It is only a matter of time.  With your continual rebellion against My Word and with your rebellious hearts against other people, with your indifference and demeaning ways and actions towards one another, you will find sooner rather than later the world you live in filled with fear, chaos, anxiety, crime, anger, violence, perversion and deception.

Then, this world as you know it will turn one day, through My intervention, into a world of beauty, not as you know it, but as I created it to be.  But sorrowful will you be through a change that is painful and filled with suffering, because of the lack of trust, even by those around you.

Return and know the Truth!  Stop judging.  Stop condemning. Stop humiliating and tainting good names.  How sad the day for you when you find out the Truth and your error is revealed!  Do not wait, for you do not know the time or the day.

Listen to My most beloved servant and handmaiden of My Son.  Listen to her (Mother Mary). She is a gift, and you are wasting precious moments with her.  How sad the time for you when you are revealed the Truth!

The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Sullivan
Given on Pentecost Sunday for release on
June 8, 2007

Children of Humanity,

It was My Son Who invoked My Name in His final words, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?” (Mt. 27:46).  He was all alone, feeling abandoned as He gasped for His last breaths.

Yet, after His death He came to you again, sending the most glorious Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the Triune God, to enlighten your minds and hearts, and to give you tremendous gifts, especially the one beautiful gift of Piety, so that all His children would remain faithful and totally dependent on Me, your Father.

I do not desire for the world to be divided or for my children to become stranded.  No one should stray away from the Truth.  But so many forget what it means to be a “child of God,” seeking good Counsel and Knowledge and Understanding, and the awesomeness of Fear, so as to know how wonderful your Father really is.  The Piety of children is a great gift, one for all ages to understand and to trust, to have such confidence that all you desire and pray for will be fulfilled because you know a Father of Love will never leave you.

Come and realize and grasp this wonderful Understanding and receive these gifts of the Holy Spirit, sent to enlighten and to give you tremendous Wisdom, good Counsel and Fortitude.

I love you as I have always loved you.  I will never forsake you.  The one act of redemption was completed for you.  You need simply to trust and to believe without fear that I your Father will care for you always.  Any doubt blocks the reception of My Joy.

Peace.  Little ones, be at peace.  You will need this to discern in the future when you cannot do anything without Me.  Even if you choose to walk away and there is chaos, complete joy is not possible without living in peace with Me.

The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Sullivan
July 8, 2007

Dear Children of Humanity,

Hear this:

My Son said, “To You I commend My Spirit, O’ Lord,” (Luke 23:46); and with that, no strength left in His Body, He bowed His Head and willingly suffocated, shaking violently till every breath was gone.

“My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” (Mt 27:46); and then, “To You I commend My Spirit,” willingly offering every breath for you, children of humanity; and yet, you dissect My every Word.  Prudence, yes, is necessary; but be open to God’s grace as a Father looks to His Son Who humbly gave His Life for you.  Today you have the joy of receiving that grace as often as you desire.

An ounce of pain within your flesh is nothing compared to the cry of My Son.  The burden He carried on His shoulders and every drop of Blood He lost for you, redeem every cry in your spirit and the misery of your soul.

“Rejoice!” is what you should do, in thanksgiving; for your day is at hand.  Open your hearts to be revealed a new life, an invitation.  For those who do not know change, it is an invitation to change; for those who have changed and know not where else to go, a new revelation and an unveiling of a new door.

Come, all you, come to your Father Who desires you to receive Peace, serenity of soul, and jubilation, and to bless your good works given to the Holy Trinity.  Blessings on those who hear My Word and keep it; and as an extension of My Son’s Most Sacred Heart, I am calling those in doubt to come, come and see, and live in Peace.

You can make a new tomorrow.  The option is yours.

The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Sullivan
August 8, 2007

Dear Children of Humanity,

Blessed be life, life that I created for your good will and your good pleasure, life that you may live it fully and reap most copiously from the fruit of the land!  This time is a time of joy.  Joy is what you should be grasping.  You should grasp it fully.

If you are not reaping the benefits of joy, then look interiorly.   Maybe your attention should be focused more on what you have now than on what you could have.  Then, perhaps you will be joyful.

When the Archangel Gabriel went to my humble servant, Mary, he said, “Rejoice, O’ most highly favored one”; and then, once again, “Rejoice, the Lord’s favor is upon you.”  (Lk 1:26-30)

When my Son was presented to Anna and Simeon at the temple in Jerusalem, Simeon rejoiced,  “My soul can now rest in peace, for I have seen the glory of God.” (Lk 2:29-32)

Days before my Son entered Gethsemane in prayer (Mk 14:32), He rode on a donkey into Jerusalem; and there they sang, “Rejoice!” with palms upraised to God. (Mt 21:9)

How wonderful to live in a time when praise and thanksgiving should be directed to your Creator!  With all the wonderful gifts you receive, it is a joyful time.  All the angels sing songs of joy.

Joy, joy is yours to be had!

Take a moment, just one moment, and you can also receive joy.  This gift is in you.  It is graced to you at your Baptism.  It is a gift.  Keep it, and never lose it.

I love you as your Creator, and I will always love you.

The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Sullivan
September 8, 2007

Dear Children of Humanity,

Joy is given to you, at a great cost to My Son.  You are able to reach and to do all you do with the gift of Joy.  Yet, many reflect interiorly that Joy is not there.  What is it, and how is it that Joy is not within you?

Let us look and ponder at some of the circumstances and ways–even though you are good and are praying–how it is that Joy is not embedded within your heart.

Firstly, is God, your Father, the God of your love and your life, for ever and above all things, without your own agenda or your seeking consolation, and with your acceptance of all that comes?  Is this your God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?

If your answer is “yes,” then there is another step.  As you give yourself unconditionally, do you give and then retrieve because you are met with circumstances not quite pleasing to you?  Do you discern and pray to be relieved of troublesome matters or people who are in your way, causing you grief?

If your answer is “no” to that, then perhaps going further:  Are there many issues interiorly within you that you keep hidden and are afraid to release so that the eye can see in human ways, but that God’s Way would be able to penetrate and heal?  Are you yet trying to hide from the Divine what has been present from your inception?

If the answer is “no,” then perhaps even deeper:  Is your soul at rest within your body, desiring to be unified with the Triune God, freely, unconditionally and without reservation, even unto death?

If the answer is “no,” then let us look further.  If your life is not given unconditionally, without reservation to God your Father, then


Only you can answer that question, and you are the obstacle to yourself.

I am a God that loves, forgives, heals, calls, raises, praises, changes, comforts, and ultimately and open-heartedly invites without repercussions so that you may be free.  If you cannot within all these measures “Come,” then perhaps you had best ask yourself,



The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Sullivan
October 8, 2007

Dear Children of Humanity,

Not an hour, a moment, or even a second goes by that My Love for you does not intensify.  You think that I am not with you; and in all your hardships, you feel that you walk alone.  But I am there.  I have always been there.  Your future course oftentimes rests in your free will and in what you desire and what you will allow as assistance from Heaven.  In all those moments, I still remain by you.

Life is precious! I have so much to give; and yet, in the freedom given to humanity, much is abused, disregarded and oftentimes disrespected.  I have prepared you over centuries and thousands of years to invite and ask you to be vigilant in your works and to keep your hearts pure.

You cannot see your whole lifetime of work in the midst of what you are currently living.  But yet, at the same time, you desire answers immediately.  It takes time for the trees in the forest to grow; but once they are fully grown, how beautiful they are!  However, if the trees turn bad, a flame of fire will devour them, only to allow more trees to grow, fertilizing the ground so as to bear more good fruit.

Your time of visitation is now!  How grateful you should be to reap the benefits, to listen and to pray with all your hearts to receive the blessings I desire right now to give to you.

If you think you are alone, you are not.  If all the world is against you, I am not.  I have the ultimate say; and My motive in My Presence with you and My “Words” for you are to guide you in My Way of Peace and to encourage you and assist you so that your good works will follow through to their full fruition.  This is the beauty–to encourage you and to enlighten you–because as the times increasingly worsen, you will feel more neglected and in need of more attention; and I want you to know that I am here by you and with you to give you hope.

Read My “Words,” pray My “Words,” live My “Words,” and know that I created you and that O’ so many angels surround you to protect you.  Be at peace, and live in peace, and strive always to do and to be better.  Peace, children.

The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Sullivan
November 8, 2007

My Dear Children of Humanity,

You are given life.  What you do with your life is the end of the story.  This world was given life to use it, to build on it, and to graciously develop all good things.  What you do with your life, through the gifts given to you, is the end point of all of your life and its worth.

If you people listen to My Words and receive My gifts, and yet ignore the events surrounding them, whether it be an awakening or whether it be perdition, then how can it be that you and so few recognize the Creator’s Hand?

My Love for you and for all in creation has been but a footprint of My Love because so many people ignore Me and My gifts, and because of free will.  The outcome results in the destruction by human hands.  If all would but receive the grace and recognize the Source from where Life and Love stem, then all would be safe.

What is it that you desire–that you are afraid to receive because you are afraid to ask or because of your sinful ways?

I am a God Who loves and continues to give and mercifully will forgive.  I will give and give, and will forgive and forgive; but what I ask for is attention and action.  If all are indifferent in their ways, then I have no choice other than to get humanity’s attention.

So much to give, and so few willing to receive.  Yet, so many of you say, “Yes” you are with me and desire to receive; but then when I ask, you are afraid.  “Is it from God or is it of me?” or  “I will, but…”–and then you turn inwardly and out of fear do not respond.

When I ask and I give, then I expect.  If you do not give in return, then you lose the little you have.  Those who give and trust gain more, and they will be expected to give and give even more.  More is given to those who ask and respond.  To those who do not, the little they receive will be taken away.

I love you, and I bless you.  The end of the story, the final chapter depends on your free will.

The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Sullivan
December 8, 2007
The Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary

Dear Children of Humanity,

My Son’s Heart is aflame, reaching out to the entire world with Love for you.  I am with you; and even as I am with you, My Son and the Holy Spirit are with you, for we are One in the Holy Trinity.

Yet, so many differences!  Even if there are differences, why is not there the possibility that as Christian people, children of Abraham whom I created, humanity cannot be blessed, give praise to their God Almighty, and form in unity and Love?  How much longer will it be–day after day–that so many of you initially receive My Words, listen to them with your hearts aflame, and then, instead of practicing them, move forward and get enveloped in a different dimension which further divides the world.

My desire is for Love, love of you, love for you, and the Love within you.  This Love within you goes forth to meet everyone out in the world.  Anyone who desires to receive it receives God!  Too much emphasis is placed on the miraculous, the signs of the times, and the desires and hopes of private intentions.

I am the God of yesterday and the God of today.  I am Alpha and Omega.  I am!  No one can divide Me from yesterday or today or with their private intentions.  I see within; and there, through your strength you have the ability, if you so choose, to rise and be the new column and pillar of Light.

Bring all–all to the Throne of God!  For all are important.  Every soul is important.  It is not what you say, but what you do.  It is not necessary to debate what is true and what is not.  What is necessary is to live with the continuity of Love.  If you know Love, and if Love knows you, then embraced as One you can only move forward in the Light of Love.  Words mean nothing.  Today your friend is near.  Tomorrow your friend may disappear.  What is important is the Love, there forever, cherishing and living in the Light and Truth of God.

Vigilance, prudence, temperance, patience, humility and the complete surrender to My Divine Will are the ultimate end of gratification and the ultimate beginning.

I love you, and I bless you.  I thank you for your patience in reading and listening to My Words.

The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Sullivan
To the World
January 8, 2008

Children of Humanity,

Peace and blessings from Heaven!

I your Father love you, come to you and bless you.  I give you everything that is good.  I am your Creator, desiring you to be created for the fulfillment of the ultimate Truth–that being my Son Whom I gave to you unreservedly to be martyred, to be completely humiliated, to be beaten until nearly His last breath, and then to carry His own Cross to His execution which would be your freedom.

This explosion of Light is the Love of God!  It is a “forestep” of the warmth of God to allow you to know how precious you are, how real God is, and how and why you were created–ultimately to fulfill the Plan of this world’s creation.  It is a step beyond, yet a step before an enlightenment, when all shall know and will have to choose.  This Light is a Light of Love–an invitation.

And how do you prepare?  Perhaps its best to look within, within your wounds, within life, and within your relationships and friendships.  Look at how you want and desire to live.  If it is at peace, you shall attain Peace.  If it is with power, you shall fight the forces of humanity for this power.  If it is with the Power of God, most dignified and loving, then you shall embrace humility.  If it is in the Truth, you shall stand by the Truth until death.  If it is a surrendering and abandonment, then you shall be fulfilled most abundantly and will be led at all levels to become a pillar of Light and an ambassador of Peace, a lamp that shall never be extinguished.  And all shall move forward towards you for change, counseling and strength.

I love you.  I love you so much that I have given My Son for you; and if you think this is not important enough to understand and you disregard it, then My special blessings are upon you for your strength when you realize the opportunity you have missed.


The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Sullivan
To the World
February 8, 2008

Children of Humanity,

Blessings and grace to you!  Receive and cooperate with this grace.

You act as if you know so much of the future’s events and what is needed for change; but truly, within yourselves, you do not!  No one knows the future events or what really needs to be changed other than Myself, your Father.

You have been welcomed, invited and encouraged to unite in harmony, not to live in division; to live in ways of good moral values and ethics; and to slay your vices and silence your anger.  And yet, so many of you pass this off and do not believe that My Words are for you.

It is better to believe than to doubt; for once you doubt, you allow forces to enter that will betray you and deceive you.  If you doubt, then the enemy can overpower you, as has happened throughout history, even to my beloved ones.  In times of war with the Philistines, when my beloved ones were to protect my Ark, they doubted and were overthrown.  And yes, the Ark went into the hands of the enemy. (Sam 4:1-11)

You must believe and live your faith, for the Truth will be revealed.  Guard yourself in My Truth and be confident, so you will be able to be protected in all ways.

Peace.  Do not receive my blessings in vain.

The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Sullivan
To the World
March 8, 2008

My Dear Children of Humanity,

Here we are, another day, a gift to you.  So many people suffering, wounded, searching, grasping each breath for life!  Each day is another day, an opportunity for you to live in Truth; and yet, with all the many other distractions and circumstances in this world, very few come back to the Truth.

This is why there is chaos–because there is no peace in your heart.  There is no freedom or joy, no comfort or holy indifference.  So people scatter and do not gather.  Peace and Justice meet, yes indeed, but the lack of faithfulness cannot allow it to fulfill its proper measure.

You have all been given an opportunity in Christianity, and your own world is dwindling away.  Because of your free will, there is only so much that I will force on you.  I give you gifts, and I protect you.  At a moment’s plea, I come to grasp you and save you; but I cannot force more than that.   If you do not desire the Truth and the Peace and the gift of Faith to live, then you are open to many other sources of persuasion.

Every day is a new opportunity to give yourself unconditionally to the Truth, regardless of your sinful ways.  I, your God of Mercy, am that indeed!  If you do not, then the pain and suffering, the fear and panic and confusion, and the division and scandals will only escalate.

As the prophets before and as the prophets now all join in unity to give glory to God through My Son, there will explode a wondrous tomorrow!  Painful it might be for those who do not know the Truth and for those who do and refuse to accept it.  For those who do know it and accept it, painful it might be; but the overall safety of their souls will be preserved, and the world will be brought forth to its proper place from its inception in Creation.

I love you.  I am a patient God.  I am a jealous God Who desires your heart.  My Love for you is so immense that My own Son was sacrificed for your salvation.

The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Sullivan
To the World
April 8, 2008

My Children of Humanity,

The day of creation was a blessed one indeed!  The day of your salvation was blessed indeed!  The day of your invitation is blessed and ongoing.  The day of Life is now to be had, not that you die and are resuscitated; but it is through the Death My Son endured that was salvific, redemptive, real, and eternal so that He would die no more.

You have every port of glory at your fingertips if you but know how to access, retrieve, utilize and submit.  In all of your passion and suffering, even unto death, you are renewed in Life, not in words but in Truth.  Can you not see how special and savored by Heaven you are?

I am relinquishing all graces unto you, not one by one, but as if a floodgate was to open to you so that you can be inebriated by My Love and come drown in the Precious Blood of My Son, protected and full of Life.

Or, if you do not desire that, then the floodgates of the human natural world will pour forth and overtake you; and there, at the mercy of nature, you will have the same opportunity to drown in another world.

Make no mistake about how precious is the soul that is within you, created from Me.  I am Who am, your Alpha, your Omega, the same Who was and Who is, forever!   Learn of Me!  Pray, accept your gift, and be humble.

The Words of God the Father
Given on May 1, 2008
The Feast of the Ascension of Our Lord
through Gianna Talone Sullivan
To the World
For Distribution on
May 8, 2008

My Children of Humanity,

At what cost I would give a Life for your life!  At what cost would you give a life for Life?
Do you not understand the depth and breadth of the most hideous torture My Son endured for you?  O’ yes, as a human being, Divine and free of sin!  But He took it upon Himself for your freedom.  Is that but “words” to you?

O’ silly race, are you more knowledgeable than God?  Are you far beyond the heavens?  Are you now undefiled, infinite and most glorious?  or  Are you at the mercy of objects that you cannot control–perhaps nature, perhaps humans, perhaps creatures of all sorts?

Do you understand what it means to die?  Do you understand what it means to rise?  How could you rise without first descending to another place?  You cannot rise until you die.

And if you die, do you know what means to rise?  Do you know what it means for the soul to bring the spirit to life, and to where that soul and spirit ascend?

What if My Son had died and did not rise?  There would be no hope for you.  Every breath and word of praise whispered from your lips should give honor and glory to the Son of Man Who gave His Life to die for you so that you could rise with Him!  For He had to descend only to ascend; and because of this, now when you die, you are able to ascend.

Those, who have ears to hear, will hear!  You do not know the blessing at hand.  If you did, life as you know it would be lived differently.  So, because of this, life as you know it will change to become a life for the few who know it as it is.  They will have full grasp of all of its glory and fruitfulness.

No one knows the time.  Many may mock my Words, for no one desires to know the Truth before them.  But there will be those who will desire it, as in ages past, who will see it unfold; and they will be the glorious ones to rejoice because they listened, responded and gave praise for Life!

I am there for those who want Me and who have listened along the Way.  But for those who at the last moment cry out to their God, perhaps…

(And that is the end of the story.  The sentence is not finished.)

The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Talone Sullivan
To the World
June 8, 2008

My Children of Humanity,

I love you, and I thank you for all of your prayers.  As the God of your fathers and forefathers, I am your God of Light, always there to be by you, to protect you and to intervene.  I am a good, loving Father; and yet, so many are afraid to come to Me.

Please, children, in all my messages to you, whether they be warnings or challenges, I am still a compassionate Father, full of Mercy and Love.  Look to me, and change your ways.  What “father” would deny a son or a daughter for straying from the Truth?

Let us celebrate and know, with all of your hearts and with love, a great new beginning awaits you, one where I will be with you.

Peace to you, and receive My blessings.  You are never alone, in all that you do and in all that you say.  In everything that you are, I am!


The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Talone Sullivan
To the World
July 8, 2008

My Children of Humanity,

As a gracious God, I love you with a Love no parent or human being could endure.  I see from afar; and yet, I see very closely.  There you are.  I am here with you, inviting you in a special way to pray with your heart and to be strong enough to move forward without fear.

So many are afraid of the Father.  They have no idea how gracious a “father” is:  his love, his perseverance, his patience, his endurance, his fortitude, his own fear of God, his piety and his righteousness.  A father is one who gives at all times, at every moment, unconditionally and without exception.

Time is moving forward, and so few seem to pay attention to My great Love for all.  When the time comes where there is chaos and hardships, how can you run to a Father looking for advice if you have not listened or put into practice the advice I have given before?  You would be filled with yourself; and if you are filled with “self” knowledge, and the distance from your mind to your heart is great, how will you hear the quiet words, the few I will give, of instruction to help you?

When you hear My words, you cry in fear and you are frightened; but have you ever thought to put into practice My words to truly be athletically fit to endure spiritually?  If you haven’t, then do not cry; for the negligence is not on the part of your Father, but rather in your lack of response.

I love you.  I am with you, but I will always invite you every day, more and more, to do more and to be more prepared.

There are two lives, a life in Me and a life as you live in the world.  Choose one!  You can live in the world and still belong to Me; and if you do that, you will still be prepared.  But if you do not pay heed to Me, and you live your life without Me, then that is the graciousness of the reward of life you get.  The payment due will be forthcoming.  Your choice: one life!


The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Talone Sullivan
To the World
August 8, 2008

Children of Humanity,

As a Father of Love I graciously come again in the midst of you, as I am always present, but in a different way, to rekindle a new Love with you. Through My Son and the Gift of the Holy Spirit, you have all things at your side and in reach.

Use, ask, and devote all the graces on your own behalf and to help others.  Evangelize in the way of Love.  Obey My Commandments.  Do not bear false witness against your brother.  Love God above all, and love your neighbor as yourself.

The time of great importance is here.  Throughout the centuries I have led my people through trials, tribulations and persecutions.  They have been victorious in war and have been defeated through lack of response and prayer or through disobedience.

Love your God with all your heart.  This time is so important.  You cannot stop the Hand of God!  I do what I desire.  I give, and I take away.  I am the Alpha and the Omega.  I am the fire at night to lead in darkness, and the cloud in day to protect from danger.

Come and know that now, more than ever before, there is much to gain in life, protection and the virtues of Love through My Son and through the spouse of the Holy Spirit, whom the Blessed Trinity has allowed to come. For you she pleads.

I am Who am.  I see and cannot dismiss.  I forgive even if you cannot.  I am faithful even if you are not.  There is truly a day, when you will know; and you will miss not only this opportunity that at least my prophets before and my people believed, but you will miss the opportunity that you could have had and the graces and the protection of your soul.

Life (physical life) is only dust–a life that is breathed into you.  The soul is accountable and lives for all eternity.  Where the soul goes depends on your free will. In the days of old, the good and the bad fought and killed.  Who won?  Life went to dust.  The soul went to eternity (Heaven or hell). The opportunity–freedom—was based on free will and faithfulness to Me.

Thou shall not kill.  If you hate, then you have killed; for you have sinned already.   As a rule for your own fate: reconcile and love, for I am a God Who is Just and Merciful.  Only I weigh out the ultimate Truth.

The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Talone Sullivan
To the World
September 8, 2008
The Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Children of Humanity,

As your Father and your God, I always invite you to come before Me with open arms, willing to receive and willing to give.  My “Words” are for all peoples of all faiths.  They are not for a select few.

Be careful how you judge; for even in the time of My Son, prophets were ridiculed and mocked.  The ancestors of the Pharisees and Scribes washed their hands of the blood of the prophets; and then in turn, those who followed later wondered about the outcome.  (Mt: 23:29-32) Is it not the same today?  If you can now wash your hands of the blood of My prophets who both listen and give, then who will be responsible for what comes later?  Will there not still then be the same blood which you are now dismissing yourself from dealing with? My Son said, “Woe to you!”–to those of you who now kill the prophets and then later try to redeem yourselves.   Is that not hypocrisy?  Can you not even live and learn from the past?

I have given you very much–My most treasured Son, the gift of the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you, and the most pure and Immaculate Mother, Mary.  To what extent will you desecrate her, only to go ahead and lift up your own self?  It would be most wise and prudent for you to look to her and learn, O’ you of little faith.  Learn from her conviction, her devotion, her meekness, her kindness, her fidelity and loyalty to God, at all costs, living in Truth.

I am a patient God.  I am a loving God.  I have only wanted, from the inception and creation of time, for you to dwell in complete happiness and total freedom.  It was through the hands of humans who bowed to evil that mankind was therefore thrown out of Paradise.  That was not My doing.

Initially, life was created forever to be lived in Paradise.  You now have that opportunity once again by avoiding temptation.  Through your free will, you can reject evil and be the Truth and the Light through compassion, kindness, love and fidelity.

Nothing goes unnoticed.  For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, you have been given a gift.  If you drape a cloth of negligence over your eyes and block your ears from hearing the Truth, then your own fate is what you make of it; for you do not allow Mercy from Heaven.  Justice and Peace shall meet; and all must be held accountable.  It is best to surrender and to have nothing in this world than to lose everything in the next.

Your time, as you know it, is limited; for the body only survives so long.  The soul will have to answer, and yet cries out for Justice.  You have the complete control over your vices, your thoughts, your muscles, your words, what you see and what you hear, how you act, what you say, where you walk and what you do, what you receive and what you give, how you give and how you receive.

For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, this is for you to behold.  Peace.

The Words of God the Father
through Gianna Talone Sullivan
To the World
October 8, 2008

Dear Children of Humanity,

Allow Me to speak about the most fair and purest woman, so Immaculate and preserved without stain.  She is your mentor, an advocate for the Truth.  She directs you to My Son, enlightens you to know and to love the Trinity and to follow without knowing the way.  How beautiful this fair Queen–so fair and beautiful that the angels plead that she would commission them on her behalf to your aid.  They desire to hold your petitions and embrace them, to lay them at the Foot of the Throne.

How pure and loving a woman–so astute, wise and kind; so united through suffering, holy and humble, meek and patient!  How blessed you are that the Most Holy Trinity has given to you the gift of this fairest Queen in this time of your need, to strengthen and to guide you, to point the way, to outline a safe path, to preserve you from harm, and to protect you from evil.  In all of history throughout ages past, never has there been a Queen as pure as she!  Esther led the way; Mary fulfilled the way.

For you who have eyes to see and ears to hear, could you be more blessed than to receive and to listen?  All she has unveiled to you is unfolding!  Are you dismayed, or perhaps, many even frightened?  Are you astounded, or do you not care?  Do you continue to desecrate, or do you change and have hope fulfilled with the faith of Love?

Do you not know that the angels in Heaven desire to have the power you have to suffer like unto My Son and shared by this most beloved, fair and humble servant and Queen?  To love, in its purest form, is to suffer–not being distracted by fear, not being cowardly in times of challenge, but being strong, faith-filled, hopeful people of God.

Look to your most wonderful intercessor, the spouse of the Holy Spirit, who bore the Most Precious One of God!

The gift of life is given to you for all eternity by means of the woman whose “fiat,” sorrow, and suffering are greater than what the mind can comprehend.  United to God and her Son, she is inseparable in suffering from Him Who redeemed the world.  She, who in silence gave to the world, is your hope; and He is your salvation!

Look within and ponder, and it will be revealed to you a most wonderful enlightenment of your mind and heart.