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Holy Love Ministry

November 14, 1993

Our Lady is here dressed all in white, and was holding in Her extended arms a large gold key.

Then She said,

“All praise be to Jesus.”

I replied, “Now and forever.”

Our Lady gave a private message, then said,

“Pray with Me now for the bishops.”

We prayed. Then She said,

“Dear children, your prayers are as a bridge of light which crosses the abyss between heaven and earth. You do not see their strength or know their power. You also do not see the great opposition Satan thrusts into your lives to destroy the peace in your souls, so that you cannot pray. Let your hearts be like flowers that open to the sun, so that God can fill them with peace and love and joy.”

She blessed us and left.

May 28, 1995

Over the last two months, Blessed Mother has given Maureen confidential messages, not to be revealed until She advises.

Our Lady is here as Our Lady of Grace. She says:

“My daughter do not be concerned for the messages I choose to withhold from many. This has to be, for the time has not come, and hearts are not ready for much of what I confide to you. If all of this were revealed now, it would fall on unbelieving ears. But as more and more events unravel the false security of the world, souls will be ready to listen. One such event is in the offing, so you need to pray. Many are unprepared and do not love.”

“Those in the world have eyes and ears only for what satisfies the senses. I am calling My children to love. For it is through love, the heart is opened, satisfied, and at peace. There is no other way. Through you, My little daughter, I hope to bring many hearts to this resolve.”

“The time that is left is given only by way of many sacrifices and prayers. It is given as an invitation to love. There is nothing that will change hearts except love. Therefore, see that Holy Love is My Last Call to Humanity. It is the remedy for the lukewarm, the unconverted, and My Son’s Church. It is the safe passage to the New Jerusalem and to Divine Love – the Heart of Jesus, My Son. It is all I hope for, pray for, intercede for. It is the peace and security of My Immaculate Heart. Holy Love is the life-line of the world – the bridge that spans the abyss between Heaven and earth. Graciously, I extend it. I invite My children out of the storm of hypocrisy that rages in the world and into Holy Love – My Heart, My Flame of love. Surrender your wills and your hearts that I may use your love as a spark to ignite love in other hearts. Always remember, there is no tempest that can prevail against the Refuge of My Heart – Holy Love. It is so that I can invite all humanity to this secure ark. Hasten to My call.”

February 12, 1996
Monthly Message to All Nations

Hundreds of angels preceded Blessed Mother. Our Lady is here as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She says:

“I come as The Woman Clothed in the Sun, The Woman of Revelations, Morning Star, The Path. I come in praise of Jesus, My Son. Pray with Me now, for all the unconverted.”

We prayed.

“I come to invite you to see that God’s Mercy and Love are the means by which the New Jerusalem will take up reign in hearts, and the means through which My Son will return. Understand that the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary are, and must be, the trumpet that announces My Son’s Second Coming. It is through Our United Hearts the Church will be purified, renewed, and made whole.”

“It is important that you pray and sacrifice for hearts to change now while there is still time. Many, many (She is crying now) will die sudden and unprovided deaths. My Son’s Church is undergoing a purgation. I want you to understand that there is a false pope in hearts. This pope is free conscience, and for some, has taken precedence over the real Pope, John Paul II, and his undeniable infallibility.”

I asked Blessed Mother what She wants of the people here today.

“I desire their faith, their prayers, their sacrifices. It is My desire, and that also of the Eternal Father, that devotion to the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary be propagated in the world; for it is the final call, and it is the NEW JERUSALEM. Your efforts on My behalf will be proliferated through My grace. It is My great pleasure to invite pilgrimages to come here. For this is the hour of grace, the hour of decision. And Holy Love is the path and the bridge that spans the abyss between heaven and earth.”

“I thank you for your sacrifice, dear children, of coming here today [wind chill -11]. And I invite you to continue to pray for hearts that are frozen in sin and error. I am blessing you.”

October 12, 1996
Monthly Message to All Nations

Our Lady is here as Our Lady of Guadalupe. As She floated down on a cloud, three small angels were with Her and arranged Her mantle.

“I come in praise of Jesus, My Son, Lord and Redeemer. Pray with Me now for all those here present.”

We prayed. Our Lady then says:

“Please tell the people here today that I am taking all their petitions to Heaven to be placed on the altar of My Son’s Heart. I come as I am sent by God the Father, Who has formed Heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in the sea. I come to give praise and honor to Jesus, My Son.”

“Today, I invite all My children to understand that mankind cannot be reconciled with God until he accepts his own littleness before the omnipotence of God. Today, sadly, people do not believe in their own humanness and their dependence upon their Creator for all things — all things. Life itself is a gift that God gives and only He can take away. All of nature thrives in harmony with God’s Will.”

“Because My Son’s Heart is so bitterly pierced by the sins of mankind, He will allow certain events to transpire, which will lend proof to all humanity that He is in charge. People will be made to see that they have brought these things upon themselves by emptying their hearts of God and filling them with false gods. You, My faithful ones, must continue to be My light on the path of Holy Love, showing others the way.”

“Today, you are experiencing the season of autumn where much that is alive withers or falls asleep. I come to you to bring an awakening to hearts as to the true season, which is one of much evil but much grace as well. It is Holy Love that will take you into the New Era of Peace. I have come to deliver you of false gods and to sign you with the Blood of the Lamb. The greatest errors in the history of the world have taken place in this last century — in particular sins against human rights. Let My coming to you today be a sign of God’s continued mercy and forbearing love. As you see miracle after miracle on this property, let your hearts bend and begin to love. Be My Message of Love to those around you.”

“Dear children, I have come today to free you of the captivity of unloving hearts. It is only through Holy Love, My dear children, that you will be made to realize the glory of the New Jerusalem. Holy Love is the bridge that spans the abyss between Heaven and earth. It is because of lack of love in hearts that mankind has taken himself so far away from his Creator.”

“Dear children, I am here to encourage you to love and to pray, for it is only in this way mankind can be pulled from the precipice of disaster.”

Now Jesus is with Blessed Mother. They are extending to us the Blessing of the United Hearts.

February 12, 1997
Monthly Message to All Nations

This part of the message was given to Maureen prior to the prayer service.

“Holy Love is the correction of the conscience of the world and the bridge to reconciliation between God and all mankind.”

“Please understand, My children, I do not come to you on the 12th of each month because most believe. No, like My Son Who came for sinners, I come to aid the unconverted and those who refuse to believe. I come to this site, during this final hour, because of your strong faith and trust in Me. I appeal to you to carry My message of Holy Love out into the world and into your homes.”

“The sun is setting on the age of Marian apparitions and rising on the hour of Justice. While I am with you, come often to pray with Me here. I will not leave without rewarding you with My continual presence in your midst. Do Me the favor of being My message in the world.”

“I come to you preceding the Harvesting Angels. I come to sprinkle the earth with Holy Love. Here, at this site, I come to relieve the distress of all nations and multiply My favors among all people. I come to uplift the sinners and lay bare the path of holiness. Here I will reveal to all sinners and all nations the obstacles they themselves have placed upon this path. The path of Holy Love is not just for a few, or for many, but for all. Holy Love is the medicine for straying and lukewarm souls; the miraculous cure for heresy and apostasy; and the good remedy for unbelieving hearts.”

This part of the message was given to Maureen at the Rosary Service.

Blessed Mother is here as Our Lady of Guadalupe. Her Immaculate Heart is exposed. She says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear children, once again I invite you to pray with Me for the unyielding hearts.”

“Dear children, I invite you to see that your conversion is ongoing and always in the present moment. I invite all nations to rise up and follow the path of Holy Love. Today you see the sun and then the next moment you see clouds. It is thus in a soul as well. For it is sin that obstructs the light on the path of Holy Love and your salvation. Dear children, I plead for your petitions before the throne of My Son; and at My telling, many petitions will be answered through God’s Mercy and Love.”

Jesus is now with Blessed Mother.

“Today we extend to you the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”

June 18, 1997

Our Lady comes as Refuge of Holy Love. She has Padre Pio and St. Therese on either side of her. They are very small. She says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“My angel, I invite you to put this down. This mission has as its patron and patroness these two saints. Now, my daughter, I will reveal to you some things you cannot understand on your own.”

“Both of these (St. Therese – Padre Pio) were victims of love – Holy Love. Both made great strides to bridge the span between Heaven and earth through Holy Love. The good Father Pio carried visible signs on his body of this love, a love he shared with His Savior. I come to you under this title, Refuge of Holy Love, bearing this sign of love on my hand which I extend to the world. Holy Love is the bridge of reconciliation between Heaven and earth. The Cross of Jesus is love. When I cooperated in the Passion and Death of my son, I extended this bridge of love to all humanity. As yet to be pronounced is this my role.”

“But, I come to you showing you the bridge of reconciliation between all people and God, so that many will follow across this bridge. Thus the abyss will be conquered.”

“Draw then your final conclusion and realization of the impact of my coming to you. I come to call every soul to Holy Love and across the bridge of reconciliation. I call my children to follow me in docility traversing the abyss in faith. At the end is victory. At the end is the triumph of the United Hearts.”

“Perhaps now, my daughter, you can see all the innuendoes and nuances of my coming to you. Let there be no longer a mystery in your heart, but accept in childlike faith my great confidence in you.”

June 19, 1997

Blessed Mother is here as Mary, Refuge of Holy Love. She says:

“Praise be Jesus. My dear children, pray with me tonight for all unbelievers.”

“My dear children, I have invited you here tonight to be with me at my apparition site, and you have come consenting with your will to be with me. Surrender to me your hearts. In this surrender, I invite you to see that your lives will change. And when you leave my apparition site, you will be renewed in Holy Love.”

“Dear children, I come to gather all nations into My Heart of love, which is the path, the gateway, and the bridge to Heaven. I am blessing you with my Blessing of Holy Love.”

June 20, 1997

Our Lady comes as Mary, Refuge of Holy Love.

“My daughter, I come to you as I have promised and foretold. I ask you to have confidence in me now, as I must bring you a special message.”

“I come as your Advocate and Mother. I ask you to make this known to all of my little children. The year ahead – this June to the next – will be a year of untold sorrow and joy. Many revelations [made by the Virgin Mary during this century] will be realized. Those who are weak will not understand, just as they fail to see today. The current tribulations and evils in the world are only a prelude of what is to come.”

“As I come seeking your reconciliation with God, Satan is at my heel seeking your destruction. The apostasy and heresy, that is in hearts now, will be externalized as never before. But I do not predict to you destruction of the Church. Many will succumb but not all.”

“Those who seek the bridge of reconciliation with God – the bridge which is my Heart and Holy Love – will be safe. I speak of spiritual safety, for my Heart is your Spiritual Refuge. Those who pursue their own will shall be easily misled.”

“My daughter, you need not defend this way of love and reconciliation. You need only point it out. This is how Jesus taught.”

“The lives of many will be altered in this year of grave decision. This year continues under the reign of Jesus, King of Mercy and Love. But coming swiftly is my Son’s reign as Just Judge.”

“I do not come to frighten but to awaken sleeping consciences. I do not come to satisfy the curious but to change hearts. The privilege of my coming to you is for all nations and all people. All of these can traverse the bridge of Holy Love. They must choose.”

“The reign of the United Hearts will bring an end to division. It is time to unite in this victory. It is time to believe.”

June 23, 1997

Blessed Mother is here as Mary, Refuge of Holy Love. Jesus is with her with His Heart exposed.

She says:

“Praise be Jesus.”

“Dear children, My Son has graciously condescended to come with me today, as He will every Monday. We will extend to you, at the end of our meeting, the Blessing of the United Hearts, for with it carries much grace of healing both physical, spiritual, and also emotional.”

“Come to realize, my dear children, that the Image of the United Hearts represents the path, the gateway, the corridor, and the Kingdom which is the goal. Much of humanity, in this present moment, stands at the foot of the bridge of Holy Love. You must pray, my dear children, that they choose salvation and not perdition, for so much confusion and compromise is in hearts today. Now We are extending to you the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”

July 12, 1997
Monthly Message to All Nations

“My daughter, let us continue in praise of Jesus.”

“The fruits of love are: peace, joy, reconciliation, unity, and compassion. You cannot have the fruits of love if you do not love God and your neighbor first.”

“Satan wants you to believe the contrary. Satan does not want you to love God but to love sin; to love self first and foremost; to love money. Satan lies to you by letting you believe these things bring you peace, joy, and all the good fruits of love.”

“I come to you asking you to look at your lives. Look into your hearts. See where Satan has fooled you. Then look at your country. See what values your leaders have chosen.”

“Realize then, how wide the abyss has come between man and God. Help Me to construct the bridge of Holy Love to span this abyss.”

“My daughter, I come to speak to all nations. Centuries ago, when I appeared to Juan Diego under this title, people were worshipping false gods. Today it is also true that the abyss between God and man is the false god of money. Money is viewed as strength. It is fought over and is the root of much evil. You would not have abortion in the world today if it did not line the coffers of those involved. This is also true of child exploitation and many other sins that are an abomination in the eyes of God.”

“People see this world as an end in itself, when it is only a beginning. All of these false gods are temporary and serve as obstacles to salvation.”

“Further, the world as you know it is passing away. How foolish to cast your lot, then, with what is not eternal. My call to you is to see Satan in all that is temporary. Only with God is there eternal life.”

“If your country would resolve the abortion issue and once again rule it illegal, some of what I have predicted would be averted. I cannot resolve this issue for you, only pray that hearts open to the truth.”

“I come as the Woman Clothed with the Sun. Praise be Jesus. Pray with Me now dear children for all petitions in hearts here today.”

“Dear children, come to realize that God’s Divine Will and My Grace are one. Through your prayers, I dispense My grace, that I may hasten the Reign of the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary.”

“When My Son returns and Our Hearts are victorious, you will be living in a new Heaven and a new earth. Heaven and earth will be united in every heart; then love will reign as uncontested ruler of hearts, nations, and the world.”

Jesus is now with Blessed Mother and they extend to us the Blessing of the United Hearts.

August 12, 1997
Monthly Message to All Nations

Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She says:

“Praise be Jesus. My dear children, pray with Me now for those who do not love.”

We prayed.

“Dear children, I come to you from Love offering you great Love. But I cannot clothe your hearts in the grace of Holy Love until you surrender to Me. Whole nations have chosen errant paths and have fallen away from dignity and grace. Let us begin today with your own heart – to return to God and love with holiness as your goal. Dear children, I long to share Heaven with you.”

“Now I will speak to all nations.”

“Dear children, I come to you once again pleading your reconciliation with God. From moment to moment the abyss between God and mankind widens. You must continue to pray, for it is only through prayer hearts will turn to Holy Love. Today the greatness of God is minisculed by what man considers his own progress and feats. I come to remind you that without God’s grace you can accomplish NOTHING.”

“Jesus sends Me into the world to help you construct the bridge of Holy Love which can span the abyss between Heaven and earth. But I need your efforts.”

Jesus is with Blessed Mother, and they extend to us the Blessing of the United Hearts.

January 23, 1999

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here. Their Hearts are exposed. Our Lady says:

“Praised be Jesus.”

A personal message was given.


“My brothers and sisters, realize that the abyss between Heaven and earth yawns ever wider. The abyss is made up of a lack of Holy Love. The footpath across the bridge is Holy Love. It is in traversing this path that you become sanctified and the world becomes one in love.”

The United Hearts Blessing is given.

January 24, 1999

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here with Their Hearts exposed. Our Lady says:

“Praised be Jesus.”


“I am Jesus, Redeemer and King. I have come to you today on behalf of unbelievers, whom I desire turn to Me and surrender to Holy Love. Once you begin the journey across the bridge of victory, the bridge of Holy Love that spans the abyss, I will meet you half way, lead you, and guide you according to My Father’s Will. Today I am blessing you with the Blessing of the United Hearts.”

September 5, 1999
Monthly Message to All Nations

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here. They come out of a bright light. Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be Jesus.”


“Today I will pray over the people.”

He extends His Hands out over the crowd.

“My sister, you must take this down for the people who come today. I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Today as My Mother and I appear to you, the shopping malls are crowded, the sports arenas packed with fans, the television sets blaring. Few come here, for it is more difficult to believe than to disbelieve. If the soul chooses belief, that means he must take strides in personal holiness, for the message of Holy Love dictates this. The message of Holy Love is not just for the intellectual or the elite, but it is for everyone. It is simplicity itself – stripping away pretense and false virtue and baring the heart, as it is, before God – loving or non-loving. Do not be surprised, then, when the mission of Holy Love incites controversy and contempt. It is a Gospel message. When I spoke it Myself, two thousand years ago, the reaction was much the same.”

“The Holy Love mission is in the world here, today, for it is the solution to abortion, apostasy, and war. It is the bridge souls must traverse to be reconciled with their Creator. Today I come to challenge the weak, the lukewarm, and the doubters. Live the message of Holy Love! Try it on as a new garment. Your lives will change.”

“In the world I am establishing the Confraternity of the United Hearts. The United Hearts are victorious here today in the hearts of those who believe. These are the hearts of the people who dwell in My Mother’s Heart through Holy Love, and thus have been drawn into Our United Hearts. Through love you are part of the army of love that will liberate the world from sin.”

“My brothers and sisters, you represent here a cross section of America. I am asking you today to conform your wills to the Will of Almighty God. Live in the present in love, for it is only through conformity to God’s Will through the Holy Love message that you will prosper any good. It is lack of love in hearts that perpetuates disease, war, and famine in the world. I am asking you now, in this present moment, to let your hearts be one with Our United Hearts – through this law of Holy Love. Today, We will extend to you the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”

October 28, 1999

“I desire that you understand the sufferings of My Heart – My Heart which is Divine Love – Divine Mercy. I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Let us begin with the Annunciation. It is here that Divine and Holy Love were first united – never to be parted through the power of the Holy Spirit and the Divine Will of the Father. As My Heart formed, it was molded in the Will of God. As It formed and grew, My Mother received in Her innermost being eternal wisdom and insight.”

“At My Birth, the Light of Divine and Holy Love materialized in the world. But understand, My messenger, Holy and Divine Love were perfect at the Incarnation. It will never be possible for this Light to intensify or grow. It is already perfect in every way. I speak of the Light of Holy and Divine Love – the Light of Our United Hearts.”

“Thus present in the world, My Heart and the Light remained hidden until My public ministry. It was then that I suffered intensely, as the ones I came to enlighten and save rejected Me. My Mother’s Heart too, was pierced by the sword, as Her Heart is so much a part of My Own.”

“In the Garden at Gethsemane, the Light was not dimmed. It did not even flicker. I united My Will to the Will of My Father in Heaven. My Mother submitted Her Will as well.”

“During the Crucifixion, Our Hearts United, hung on the Cross together. As My Heart was pierced after death, My Mother’s Heart was pierced where She stood beneath the Cross. Yet the Light remained constant.”

“Today the Light of Our United Hearts is no less perfect – no weaker. It shines out over a world that teeters on the edge of the abyss between Heaven and earth. The Light of Our United Hearts illuminates the bridge that spans the abyss – the bridge of Holy and Divine Love. This bridge awaits the footsteps of humanity. However feeble your first ‘yes’ – grace will strengthen you.”

“Today the United Hearts suffer still, and will do so until the hour of triumph when the flock will be made one with the Will of God. I invoke your prayers for this time of trial to end quickly. I am blessing you.”

September 12, 2000
Conversation with Divine Love

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Child, I have long awaited your arrival. Not only at this chapel, but at the place you are now spiritually. Come into the Light that surrounds My Wounds and embraces My Most Sacred Heart. It is My call to you. I have revealed to you, as to no other, the innermost Chambers of My Heart. While the world knew the stages of spirituality, now I have revealed the way to pursue each one. Now the whole of humanity can know My Heart. Do not hesitate to spread this word of Our United Hearts and the Chambers everywhere. If they reject the Message, they reject Me.”

Maureen: “Jesus is there anything we can do, any prayer we can say, or people we can contact to spread this more?”

“Do not fear, My child, the door slamming in your face. That is pride. If you fear rejection and therefore do not spread this Message, it means you love your reputation more than you love Me. And you never know, some doors may open wide that you thought would hit you in the nose.”

“We move forward one soul at a time. I know you don’t like math (He smiles), but one and one make two. Small efforts mount and add up. Be certain of it. The world cannot place a price on a soul. The world cannot comprehend eternity. This is evidence of the great abyss that has been fixed between man and Creator through free will. But the Chambers of My Heart stand open now and ready to bridge the gap between Heaven and earth.”

“All that remains is for humanity to choose it. Pray then for hearts to choose these Sacred Chambers. I await them.”

“The incredible light that you now see streaming from My Wounds will some day enlighten every heart and convict every conscience. Then hearts will hunger for holiness instead of scorning it. Spiritual appetites will crave union with the Divine Will of My Father. Values will change and this spirituality will be sought after.”

“It is then that the end will be the beginning.”

October 9, 2000

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here with Their Hearts exposed. Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”


“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“My brothers and sisters, it is the trusting heart that garners the greatest favor from Heaven. The one that trusts has spanned the bridge that crosses the abyss between Heaven and earth. He is able to come to Me with a simplistic prayer entrusting all things to the Divine Will of My Father.”

“Please make this known. We’re extending to you tonight the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”

January 14, 2002
Conversation with Divine Love

“Child, I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come to further describe to you perfect love–Divine Love. With this type of love there is no vestige of self-interest–self- advantage. The soul seeks only to love and serve God and neighbor. Therefore, in order to bring souls to God, he is willing to undergo any humiliation, any hardship to bridge any gap of miscommunication to endure all things. Perfect love does not allow the precious present moment to escape him. He searches out and finds the grace in every moment and in each situation. The one who loves perfectly is always ready to forgive, to understand, to accommodate.”

“I tell you these things out of perfect Divine Love–a love each soul is called to imitate. To each one I say–abandon yourself to Me.”

May 12, 2003

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here with Their Hearts exposed. Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”


“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“My brothers and sisters, traverse the bridge of love and mercy that spans the abyss between Heaven and earth. Surrender to Me; I am waiting for you upon this bridge.”

“Tonight We’re blessing you with Our Blessing of the United Hearts.”

May 5, 2004
Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here. Jesus is in white and gold–Our Lady as Refuge of Holy Love. She says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”


“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“How long and tediously I have labored to establish this bridge of Holy and Divine Love between Heaven and earth! Yet, some of My most enlightened souls choose to ignore it and only look for some alleged flaw in a Message or some supposed difficulty with the messenger.”

“This is the age of the United Hearts. The Hearts of Jesus and Mary reach out to be united with every human heart. Every difficulty that afflicts mankind and the planet itself would be resolved if man would choose God first and neighbor second. It is egotistical love of self that strains My Mercy and tempts My Justice. Indeed, the abyss between Heaven and earth yawns even wider with the abuses against life, innocence and devotion to materialism.”

“Within My Church on earth, devotion to My Holy Mother has become passe, even though I have sent Her to protect the faith and restore unity under papal authority. This is the reason I must establish and depend upon small ghettos of the Tradition of Faith which will support and become the backbone of the Church in the future. This holy prayer site is one of these remnants which My Mother covers with Her Mantle, and I hold in My Hand.”

“It is mankind’s attempts to reshape the Church according to his human desires rather than My Heavenly dictate that has brought division into the Church. I have come to help you see that if you are living in Holy and Divine Love you will not have a personal agenda fueled by selfish ambition. You will only seek to live the faith I have given you according to the precepts of the true Church.”

“Further, do not look at these Messages of Our United Hearts seeking to make them fit your precepts–your standards. In truth, seek to alter your hearts and your lives to correspond with the Messages of Holy and Divine Love.”

“During these latter days before My return, I will intensify My call to Divine Love as never before. Souls will find in the revelation of Our United Hearts a peaceful solution to every situation.”

“As it has been 10 years since we first celebrated the feast of Holy Love, I am asking souls to return to devotion to ‘Mary Refuge of Holy Love’–My Immaculate Mother. Live each moment as consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart. Do not deny Her the joy of being your Mother–your Gateway to the New Jerusalem. Do not deny yourself the opportunity of being Her child–of feeling Her Maternal touch in your heart.”

“As I strengthen My remnant faithful and My call intensifies in hearts and in the world, I will prepare you for the New Jerusalem. You will be ready when the harvesting angels arrive with their winnowing fans. Certain events will unfold–events you do not foresee which will bring dedicated souls here. Remember My telling so.”

“If you desire to love Me more and go deeper into the Chambers of Our United Hearts, then sanctify your daily routine with prayer and offer everything with a loving heart.”

“Our Hearts are attentive to your prayers. And We’re blessing you with the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”

May 13, 2004
Feast – Our Lady of Fatima


Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Fatima. She says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“I have come to address the Missionary Servants of Holy Love.”

“Dear children, do not allow your opinions to come between you and God. Some like to make themselves important by means of their opinions. This offends the Heart of My Son and deteriorates the bridge that spans the abyss between Heaven and earth. It is opinions that cause division, and even war.”

“Hearts that fully embrace Holy Love cannot pursue such error. You must be harbingers of peace, love and joy. Then you will lead others along the path of righteousness, as well.”

May 20, 2004

St. Thomas Aquinas comes. He says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today, I have come to invite once again all people and all nations into the spiritual journey of the Chambers of the United Hearts. This is not a parochial call or a Catholic-oriented journey. It is a call for all people–no matter their creed–to be united in love. Holy Love is never wrong–never out of place–never restrictive as to race, nationality or religious background. Holy Love is the bridge that spans the gap between Heaven and earth. Holy Love fills the abyss of war between people and nations, bringing peace. Holy Love is the solution to ‘pagan freedom’ which is really slavery to sin and degenerate laws.”

“Outside of love there is no salvation–only darkness.”

June 5, 2004
(Our Lady at the Arbor)

Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“I desire that My image be placed on top of the arbor. The arbor represents the bridge of Holy Love that God desires between Heaven and earth.”

“I am blessing each one who comes to the arbor.”

June 6, 2004
(Our Lady at the Arbor)

Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Grace. She says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“My dear, dear children, I have come to you once again on this arbor which to Me represents the bridge of love. Oh, how I desire that east meets west upon the bridge of Holy Love. Never again would mankind be separated according to beliefs, but instead united in Holy Love. It is My fondest desire.”

(Our Lady started to ascend towards Heaven on the last ‘Hail Mary’. She passed over the crowd. As She did, She said: “I am blessing everyone here.”)

June 7, 2004
(Our Lady at the Arbor)

Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear children, tonight I recommend to your prayers all those who oppose Me in My efforts to bring Holy Love into hearts and into the world.”

“Realize that it is only in traversing the bridge of Holy Love that all people and all nations will be reconciled with their Creator.”

“I desire that you remember this arbor always as representing the bridge of Holy Love. From here the Light of Love that is My Immaculate Heart will shine forth.”

Blessed Mother is now holding a globe of the world. The light coming from Her Heart is illuminating the globe. She leaves, floating over people saying:

“I am blessing all who come here.”

June 8, 2004
(Our Lady at the Arbor)

Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Thank you for your prayers and your efforts in placing My image on top of the arbor. My Son desires a plaque be placed at the base of the arbor with the dates of My public apparitions on the arbor, and the statement that the arbor represents the bridge of Holy Love which unites God and all mankind, and all mankind with one another.”

“I am blessing you.”

June 9, 2004
(Our Lady at the Arbor)

Our Lady appears over the arbor and says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear children, I have come here to call all humanity and each soul upon the bridge of Holy Love. Be united in love of God and love of neighbor. Put an end to resentment and hate. God does not call you to that–that is darkness. I call you into the Light of Love. Follow Me over this bridge of peace, unity, love and joy.”

Once again as Our Lady drifts back up to Heaven, She passes over the people, blessing them.

June 10, 2004
(Our Lady at the Arbor)

Our Lady says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear children, I have come to you tonight to call each of you onto the bridge of Holy Love. This is where east is reconciled with west. It is, indeed, the Bridge of Triumph of Our United Hearts.”

“Yes, I have come to unite one human heart with the other and all hearts with God.”

June 11, 2004
(Our Lady at the Arbor)

Our Lady is here in white. She says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear children, this evening I tell you that Heaven weeps for lack of Holy Love within the heart of humanity. Each soul must embrace Holy Love and allow himself to be embraced by Holy Love. This is the solution to your wars, acts of terrorism, financial difficulties and disease.”

“This bridge of Holy Love is God’s generosity towards an apathetic society.”

“You will receive My Blessing in your midst soon.”

She is drifting back over the people towards Heaven.

June 12, 2004
(Our Lady at the Arbor)

Our Lady says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear children, this bridge of Holy Love is the spiritual journey of reconciliation each soul and every nation must traverse in order to obtain peace in the world. Any other path is superficial and temporary, at best.”

“Sin is the effect of lack of love in the world. Sin bears the bad fruits of war, disease, terrorism and natural disasters. I am here today to call every soul and each nation onto the bridge of Holy Love.”

“I am blessing those present here.”

June 17, 2004
(Our Lady at the Arbor)

Our Lady says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear children, allow Holy Love to transform your lives. Entrust your hearts to your Heavenly Mother. It is the hour when mankind must choose either to traverse the bridge of Holy Love or his own destruction. There is no half choice.”

“See My appearing to you here above this arbor as a Mother’s desperate call to her children to return to the path of righteousness.”

“I am extending to all here present My Blessing of Holy Love.”

June 19, 2004
(Our Lady at the Arbor)

“My dear little children, remember always My coming to you above this arbor. Remember how the arbor signifies the bridge of Holy Love between Heaven and earth that you must help Me construct. I am not leaving you, My children. I will always look down upon you at this grace-filled area. Make My Immaculate Heart your shrine for My Heart is always with you.”

“I am blessing your hearts and your lives.”

June 28, 2004

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“My sister, I have come to help you to understand that it is so much self-love which comprises the abyss between Heaven and earth. This self-love is inordinate, uncompromised and the root of every sin. This is so, for the sinner is attracted to the sin through some form of disordered self-love. Notice I say ‘disordered self-love’. I desire each one love and respect himself as God’s creation. Self-love is inordinate when it is first, and God and neighbor are second.”

“Here are some forms this unmitigated self-love may take. Self-pity is one doorway Satan uses. In this type of self-love, the soul is taken into the past losing site of the present moment. He has a ‘poor me’ attitude–‘look what happened to me’. He loses sight of the redemptive value of the Cross. He places himself at the center of his thoughts.”

“Another form of self-centeredness is too much concern for one’s appearance, health and/or comforts. Much time may be spent on outer appearances with little regard for what is in the heart. Or the person may be consumed with concern for reputation. This, too, is passing. It will not matter at your judgment how you appeared to others–only to Me!”

“The soul may open the door to self-centeredness by trying to please himself first, then others. Seeking to satisfy his own every comfort and then serving others is not Holy Love.”

“In your thoughts ask for the grace not to think of how everything affects you. It will be given. Ask, instead of thinking of self, to focus your thoughts on Me, on My Mother, on eternal life, on the lives of the saints and on the needs of others. This grace, too, shall be given.”

“Follow this path, for it is the bridge of Holy Love which spans the abyss of disordered self-love–the bridge which separates man from God.”

October 7, 2004
Feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I have come to help you understand the length and breadth of My Father’s Divine Will for you. My Father is the author of every present moment. He is the Creator of man’s free will. Think of the joy in all of Heaven when a breath is drawn and the tongue given over to prayer–the prayer of the Holy Rosary. All of Heaven sighs with joy when free will surrenders to the Divine in this way.”

“When the ‘Hail Mary’ is being prayed from the heart, time stands suspended between Heaven and earth. Angels carry the light of grace back and forth between Heaven and earth, creating a bridge of light between the soul and his Creator. Such a soul is never alone, but has in his company all the Heavenly court.”

“You will please make this known.”

March 4, 2005

Jesus is here with His Heart exposed. He says:

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“My brothers and sisters, the reason for My visits to this site are to reconcile mankind with his Creator through Holy Love, and lead all into the Chambers of Our United Hearts. So much do I desire that a bridge of Holy and Divine Love be constructed through prayer and sacrifice between Heaven and earth. Pray for this.”

“I’m blessing you with My Blessing of Divine Love.”

May 20, 2005

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here with Their Hearts exposed. Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

Jesus says:

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

(A personal message was given.)


“My brothers and sisters, tonight once again, I remind you–you will not have true and lasting peace in the world until there is true and lasting peace in all hearts. Such a peace must be grounded in Holy Love and enriched with Divine Love. This is why I continue to tell you that this Mission and the Messages of Holy and Divine Love are the culmination of all the messages Heaven has given to earth.”

“Indeed, they are the bridge that spans the abyss between Heaven and earth. You will please make this known.”

“We’re blessing you with the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”

May 23, 2007

St. Thomas Aquinas comes. He says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

He pulls back the little ‘cape’ that’s part of his habit to reveal a cross over his heart, and says:

“Do not reject it, sister. Many souls are at stake.”

“But I have come to speak to you this morning about faith. Faith is the bulwark that supports the bridge of love and humility, which spans the abyss between Heaven and earth. When faith begins to corrode, the entire bridge is in jeopardy. It is always a doubting spirit which interferes with faith. Doubts are either human or diabolic. The adversary of faith knows how to appeal to the human intellect and ego.”

“So I am telling you that pride is a fertile field for doubts. Pride may take the form of fear; such as, ‘Perhaps I believe in something that I shouldn’t believe in–what will people think?’ Or the pride may come into the heart as false discernment or intellectual ego; ‘I know better–I can see through this.’ It is Satan’s job to excite doubts in what faith has upheld. If Heaven has a plan, he is immediately mounting opposition.”

“This is why simplicity of heart is important. Simplicity is like the finger in the dyke holding back the flood of disbelief. The simple heart is not worried about how he appears to others. His sole desire is to appeal to God. In this alone, he expends all his efforts with a Holy Indifference as to what others think or say. The simple-hearted soul has the strongest faith. He is surefooted on the bridge between Heaven and earth, and the bridge he traverses is grounded on solid faith.”

October 5, 2007
Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation

(This message was given in multiple parts.)

Jesus is here with His Heart exposed. He has a brilliant white light around Him, and there is a great Flame around the white light. It looks like the Father’s Paternal Heart that I have come to know recently. Jesus says:

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”


“Today I have come to reiterate the need for the heart of the world to be consecrated to Our United Hearts. All that opposes this is outside the Will of My Father. This consecration of individual countries will serve as a sin offering and a protection from Satan’s attacks. It is the Merciful Hand of My Father that offers this grace in the midst of chaos and confusion.”

“You must see that I cannot shepherd you away from sin if your hearts carry you elsewhere. This consecration of whole countries, of churches and congregations will renew in hearts the goal of personal holiness, a goal that holds little value in the world today.”

“Through the Father’s Will, I desire that the world be transformed into a new creation, a creation of Holy and Divine Love. You have the technology to make Heaven’s plan known; if you hear Me, put it to use.”

“While the world waits and watches for the next act of terrorism, the next natural disaster, I invite you to believe in the solution Heaven has given you. Do not waste time in contemplating ways this plan might fail. Face the grave reality of the place the world is in today and decide to help Me; decide to help all of humanity.”

“Holy and Divine Love are never wrong. Therefore, the Vessels of Holy and Divine Love, the United Hearts, must be regarded as trustworthy in Their Essence and Their Call to Humanity. To choose Holy and Divine Love is to choose the Heart of the Father and, therefore, His Mighty Divine Will.”

“Do not adopt the spirit of the world as your own, the spirit that encourages gloom and doom, the spirit that discourages the solution Heaven offers, and prefers to await the Hand of Justice. I do not desire to impart My Justice upon the world. Rather, I invite the heart of the world into My Heart of Mercy and Love. Heed My call! Accept My invitation with gratitude.”

“My Father, Who is the Creator of all good, offers the grace of this consecration as a means of being once more united to all mankind as was His Will from the beginning of time. The consecration would form a bridge between Heaven and earth, a bridge between man’s free will and His Divine Will. It would be a bridge of love.”

“My dear brothers and sisters, do all you can to further this consecration in hearts and in the world. For I tell you, it is when this bridge is constructed by merit of this consecration, the Cross and the Victory will become one again.”

“Today I’m extending to you the Complete Blessing of Our United Hearts.”

October 28, 2007

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here. Their Hearts are exposed. Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

Jesus says:

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

(A personal message was given.)


“My brothers and sisters, today the most virulent cancer that pervades the world is the cancer of apathy in hearts, hearts that do not seek righteousness for themselves or for the world around them. There is a bridge that spans the abyss between Heaven and earth, which is Holy Love. The pillars of this bridge are humility, followed by all the other virtues. You must, with your free will, surrender your hearts to Holy Love in order to cross this bridge and be united with the Divine Will of My Father.”

“Today We’re blessing you with the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”

September 15, 2008
Midnight Service at the United Hearts Field
Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

(This message was given in multiple parts.)

Our Lady is here dressed in gray and has the Seven Swords in Her Heart. She says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear children, tonight I have come to help you see more clearly the choices you must make. These times in which you are now living are very difficult, for the differences between good and evil have become obliterated by compromise. Mankind has placed himself at the center of the world instead of God. No longer is pleasing God a priority. Man chooses over and over to please himself through money, power and every sort of worldly gain.”

“Little by little, good souls, souls once consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, are slipping away from Me in pursuit of temporal pleasures. Even in the Catholic world where I was once Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, My statues are being removed and the rosary is not respected anymore. This is why your Heavenly Mother weeps.”

“Tonight, dear children, I have come to ask for your assistance in reversing the trend within the Church towards liberalism. Please pray with Me for the illumination of conscience of all Church hierarchy, priests and religious. I desire, with a tender Mother’s touch, to draw each one closer to Me–to be united in My Immaculate Heart which is Holy Love. Therefore, understand Jesus has sent Me to renew His Church in the Tradition of Faith in and through Holy Love. It is through My Heart the grace will come to avoid any schism, but you must listen to Me.”

“In this present moment, I remind you that the only way in which mankind can be reconciled with God the Father is through Holy Love. If Holy Love does not govern your hearts, no amount of peace talks or treaties will bring you genuine lasting peace. You must love God above all else and your neighbor as yourself. This is the only path to salvation, holiness, sanctification and lasting peace.”

“My dear, dear children, I desire only the best for you, your own salvation. There is but one way into God’s Kingdom, one key that unlocks the Gate of Heaven that is God’s Eternal Divine Will, which is Holy Love. Each present moment is your opportunity to show the Father your love for Him by choosing to let Holy Love rule your hearts. By choosing Holy Love, you are always choosing Truth Itself, which is the soul of love. Be obedient to the Truth. Let no one, whatever his title or position in the world, lead you away from the Truth.”

“Tonight, dear children, I am asking you to consecrate your hearts and your lives to the Truth so that you will always be Mine. Test everything with the rule of Holy Love so that you will never be tricked or duped by Satan to embrace his agenda, which is all lies.”

“The Father’s Divine Will for you is that you are all united in Holy Love–that you live in harmony with one another and with your Creator. This is the hope of the world–the invitation to the New Jerusalem.”

“Dear children, when you pray with love in your hearts, time is suspended. The Divine Will of God comes closer to earth and a bridge of reconciliation spans the abyss formed by sin. Understand, then, the importance of prayer from a loving heart. Such prayer that can suspend time can also suspend the laws of nature, redirect elements of the cosmos and alter future threats to the human race. God’s Eternal Divine Will allows Itself to be moved by such prayer that arises from a heart of love.”

“When the love of man is united with Divine Love, it is a force that no sophisticated weapon, no devious plan of Satan, no movement of free will can match or equal. This is the weapon you need to use to put an end to war, terrorism, moral degeneration, poverty and disease. The prayer of love that unites you to Divine Love is what you must seek and use. No other weapon can act as quickly, as surely or with such resolute effects. The future of the human race depends on your decision to listen to Me tonight and to act on My words. Do not wait for approvals before you put this powerful weapon of all weapons–loving prayer–into action. You haven’t the time! I am handing to you victory now.”

“Before you begin to pray, say:”

“Heavenly Father, I give You my love. Take this prayer as a morsel of love from my heart and wrap it in Divine Love. Make this prayer an instrument of Your Divine Will. Amen.”

“The Eternal Father desires to cooperate with you and that you join Him, making each prayer the strongest weapon possible against evil.”

“Dear children, tonight I have asked each person in the world to pray with a loving heart to their Creator for the well-being of the world. But now, in this place and time, I ask all those who are Catholic to pray in earnest their rosaries for the Church, for the world and in particular for this country, which is facing difficult challenges in the near future. Satan has succeeded in making sin into legal and political issues, clouding evil with the language of choice. I am telling you that the weapon to use against all evil is your rosary. But, My dear children, you must load the weapon with ammunition, which is the Holy Love in your hearts when you pray.”

“In the Church, this Holy Father is working very hard towards unity in the Tradition of Faith. Follow him! All the confusion about True Tradition has been inspired by Satan who uses Vatican II as a scapegoat–an excuse for variance from the truth. There are cardinals, bishops and priests who have not chosen to live in the truth or even in a state of grace.”

“Their bad choices will have eternal effects, for they cannot make up their own rules. Pray for the ones they mislead.”

“Dear children, tonight I come to you as a concerned Mother, warning you that you are placing yourselves in harm’s way of many dangers and disastrous consequences. You can no longer afford to carelessly place yourselves first. God needs to be first in your hearts so that He can once again govern your country and the world.”

“Do not allow My warnings to you tonight to go unheeded or to be lost in a storm of controversy. You are choosing your own future, either by heeding My warnings and turning to loving prayer or by ignoring yet another grace-filled admonition and continuing on the path to destruction. Just as the baby cries out in the womb begging to live, I cry out to you tonight, begging you to choose a new life with God at the center.”

“Dear children, you have come here tonight amidst great adversity. I ask you that when you return to your points of origin you would, with some Holy Boldness, make known My message to you this evening.”

“Dear children, the moral integrity of your country depends upon your response to My call here tonight. Your country is under My Mantle of Protection so long as its people live moral lives and place God first in their hearts. I love you and want only the best for you.”

“I’m taking your petitions into My Immaculate Heart, and I’m blessing you with My Blessing of Holy Love.”

March 13, 2009

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“In each present moment, Holy Love must be the secure vessel which contains every virtue. When Holy Love becomes compromised in any way, virtues are weakened. They begin to slip through the cracks in the vessel of Holy Love. This, of course, is Satan’s goal and the way he attacks every soul. When he is successful in compromising Holy Love in the heart, he is successful in causing a breach between My Heart and the heart of the soul under attack.”

“Therefore, I invite you to see, in the world, each defect in Holy Love weakens My relationship with humanity. Do not widen the abyss between Heaven and earth, but strengthen the bridge between mankind and his Creator by standing guard over the Holy Love in your heart in every present moment.”

January 24, 2010

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I wish to describe to you today the sad state of the spiritually bankrupt heart. Such a soul lives only for self. He looks only to his own needs, his comforts, and weighs everything according to how it affects him.”

“Such a one cannot relate to the needs of others. He is self-serving as opposed to all-giving. The spiritually bankrupt are easily given over to love of power and control, fame, money and self-fulfillment.”

“The solution for spiritual bankruptcy is, of course, Holy Love. Holy Love dictates the submission of disordered self-love towards a deepening Holy Love, which dictates love be turned towards God and neighbor. Holy Love is the bridge which spans the abyss between Heaven and earth, drawing mankind into the spiritual wealth of the Father’s Divine Will.”

January 1, 2011
Feast of The Mother of God
New Year’s Day

Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“I am Mary, Mother of God.” [She is all in white.] “The year ahead holds many challenges in the Mission, on the world stage and in individual hearts. Every challenge will be matched with a commensurate amount of grace from My Heart. It is important to remember this – My promise of assistance in any need.”

“Natural disasters will ebb and flow like the tide of the sea coming in waves. The Mission here will take on a new role – an important role during these times of mounting distress. Thus you will see more and more turn to this Mission and the spiritual journey offered here.”

“The Rosary of the Unborn is beginning to bridge the gap between Heaven and earth. Please express My thanks to all those instrumental in this effort.”

“The light of truth emanating from this Mission will shine even brighter during the coming year, exposing hypocrisy and lies that the enemy spreads about the good being accomplished here. It will become more and more difficult for the enemy to work covertly. This will be a real grace for the Mission.”

“Do not be alarmed by anything that occurs around you or in the world. Remember My promise of grace to match every event or attack.”

April 18, 2011

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Once again I come to draw attention to the unenviable state of the heart of the world. Mankind no longer holds allegiance to the Ten Commandments. Rather, he seeks after the commodities of the world, power and reputation. In doing so, he embraces errors and sin and has widened the abyss between his heart and the Divine Will of My Father.”

“Here at this site I have given many graces to draw mankind back onto the path of righteousness. These Messages are the bridge which spans the abyss between Heaven and earth, for the Messages lead souls in Holy and Divine Love. Some readily set foot upon this bridge. Others foolishly hold back saying – the bridge may not be trustworthy or the right people may not approve.”

“The bridge of Holy and Divine Love is here before you. I have constructed it for you with each word of every Message. It is sound and safe. I, your Jesus, call you upon it. The more souls who accept My invitation to traverse this bridge, the stronger the bridge becomes, and the narrower the abyss between man’s heart and the Heart of the Divine Will.”

“Do not hold back, I tell you. Do not! Those upon this Bridge of Love will not experience the upheavals of land or sea but will be supported by My Hand. Once upon this bridge, do not look back but only move ahead in Holy and Divine Love. My Mother travels the bridge with you.”

“The way to traverse the bridge is to live the Messages of Holy and Divine Love.”

April 19, 2011

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“These days some make the focus of their spirituality – survival in the future. They store up goods, plan places of hiding or retreat, and do none of this in moderation. I am not opposed to prudence. I am opposed to hoarding, which is disordered self-love; but your spiritual efforts must be focused on Holy Love in your hearts. Everything else will, and should, follow after.”

“I desire your hearts be temples of My Confidence. If you rely on your own efforts and seek after your own welfare in this life, I cannot speak to your heart or confide to you My plans. Those who trust too much in themselves I withdraw from, and leave them to their own devices.”

“I call you to set foot upon the bridge between Heaven and earth which has been constructed with these Messages of Holy and Divine Love. You will not falter so long as you continue to live the Messages; nor shall you be anxious or in fear.”

“Be prudent and wise in the ways you spend each present moment. It will never return. The Divine Will of My Father abides in every present moment.”

Matthew 6:19-21

“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust consume and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust consumes and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

Matthew 6:25-34

“Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you shall eat or what you shall drink, nor about your body, what you shall put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air; they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? And which of you by being anxious can add one cubit to his span of life? And why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they neither toil nor spin; yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today is alive and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will he not much more clothe you, O men of little faith? Therefore, do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the Gentiles seek all these things; and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things shall be yours as well.”

“Therefore, do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Let the day’s own trouble be sufficient for the day.”

April 11, 2012

Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“These days hearts have become increasingly insensitive as to the daily events taking place in the world. I speak specifically of natural disasters, terrorism, increased violence and moral degeneration, to name a few. These are not viewed as God’s mounting Wrath but as just happenstance.”

“The Truth has taken a back seat to Satan’s compromise. Every sin compromises the Truth of Holy Love, and weakens the bridge between free will and the Divine Will of God.”

“Dear children, if you believe in Heaven’s efforts here to call you to personal holiness, then you must help Me by spreading these Messages and by your prayers and sacrifices. It is by your efforts the Wrath of God can be turned away.”

“I come to you to give you purpose in every present moment. What you hold in your heart in any given moment affects the entire world, for what is in your heart is in the world around you. Be a positive force bringing Nineveh to its knees. Unleash the Power of God by asking for it. Do not let Satan make you believe you are powerless to precipitate change.”

“Today this is My call to arms. Your greatest weapon is the belief that God will listen to you.”

August 1, 2012

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Today people have lost the sense of Heaven’s concern for their welfare – spiritually, emotionally and physically. The general population regards human effort as the solution to every problem. The bridge of Holy Love, that Heaven is building between Heaven and earth through this Mission of Holy Love, is sparsely traveled.”

“These Messages are the footpath across the bridge of Love. You must live them and thus be a light on the path. Because free will holds the key to the future, we must try to influence free will to choose Holy Love.”

“Do not be discouraged by or let opposition lead you away from this bridge of Love. Angels will help you to become more sure-footed as you journey across this bridge. Pray that more make the journey by choosing Holy Love.”

January 31, 2016

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“The tutelage of My Heart is now yours. The bridge between Heaven and earth is Holy Love. It passes between man’s free will and the Divine Will of the Father. In order to find the way across this bridge, souls must carry the Flame of My Heart as their beacon. This Flame continually enlightens the soul as to the ways he is slipping from the hallowed bridge of Holy Love. No one crosses the bridge into the Will of the Father without this Flame.”

“The bridge of Holy Love spans the abyss of error, confusion, compromised Truth and abuse of authority. All of these and every sin or fault prevents the soul from union with the Divine Will.”

“No one can reach salvation outside of God’s Will. Therefore, the bridge of Holy Love is the bridge to salvation.”