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September 29, 1993
Feast of St Michael

Our Lady is here with St. Michael. She prayed the Glory Be with us and St. Michael was kneeling in front of her. She had Her hands and eyes turned towards heaven.

She says:

“Dear children, I have come tonight especially to tell you that the spring will be a strengthening for the Church of Atonement, and many who come here will be healed. But it is not for you to concern yourselves concerning any controversy. For in My Heart is all the grace you need. Remember, where there is great grace, there are also great trials.”

September 3, 2001

St. Thomas Aquinas comes.

He says:

“I have come, once again, in Praise of Jesus.”

“Early on, when Jesus first inscribed Messages on your heart, He spoke to you about the Church of Atonement. This, as He explains it, is a mystical Church in Heaven built by each soul. It is constructed of the crosses and sacrifices that the soul surrenders to God towards the conversion of others or in reparation for his own sins.”

“Some souls may build great cathedrals which Jesus welcomes them into, in paradise, for they suffer much and complain little. Others offer nothing to the Lord–complain about every discomfort and do not earn for themselves a high place in Heaven. The Church of Atonement is Jesus’ way of saying: ‘Do great things for Me with the crosses I lend you to bear’.”

September 4, 2006

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I have come to you today once again, as in days past, to discuss with you the Church of Atonement. This is not a new religion, nor does it come as a means of division. I ask that people understand this.”

“The Church of Atonement is a church within a church–a spirituality within a spirituality. It is My little army of souls who willingly embrace Divine Victimhood. These souls offer everything towards the purification of the Church in the Tradition of Faith. These souls suffer everything in childlike simplicity and trust.”

“It is with this army of holy victims that this Church of Atonement will form and bring unity back into the heart of the Church.”

“Make this known.”

April 28, 2008

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I come today to help you understand what My Mother spoke to you about privately earlier. My Mother said that the Church of Atonement and the Church of the Remnant Faithful are one. Decades ago you were asked to make sacrifices for the Church of Atonement, which you did, not knowing what this meant.”

“The Church of Atonement is the foundation of the Church of the Remnant Faithful. Any foundation is the base upon which a structure is built. In this case the Remnant who choose the Tradition of Faith, as handed down through the apostles, will be supported by prayers and sacrifices which are offered on behalf of the Remnant. My Mother is gathering together all that is offered in this mystical Church of Atonement so that the Remnant increases and is made stronger. The very fiber of the Remnant will be the Church of Atonement.”

“It is not necessary that all understand this for it to be so, what is necessary is ongoing prayer and sacrifice for the Remnant.”

April 28, 2008

St. Thomas Aquinas says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Understand how important the Church of Atonement is to the future of the Church and to the Remnant Faithful. As the foundation of the Remnant, the Church of Atonement supports the entire structure. It is prayer and sacrifice within the context of this mystical Church of Atonement, which will keep the entire structure of the Remnant from crumbling and falling to ruin.”

“Therefore, it is by the efforts of each individual that the Remnant will be maintained.”

May 5, 2009
Feast of Mary, Refuge of Holy Love – 12th Anniversary

(This message was given in multiple parts over several days.)

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here with Their Hearts exposed. Blessed Mother is Mary, Refuge of Holy Love.

Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

Jesus says:

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

Blessed Mother:

“Dear children–apostles of My Heart–My Beloved Son sends Me once again seeking your reconciliation with the Will of God the Father. This cannot be accomplished outside of Holy Love. Therefore, once again I call all people and all nations into the Refuge of My Heart, which is Holy Love.”

“Never allow Satan to discourage you in your prayer life. These days I have come to tell you that your prayers withhold the Arm of Justice. Even if a prayer is offered in the midst of great distraction, it is not lost; for I send angels to collect the fragments of such prayers. The angels carry the fragmented prayers to Me, which I mend and make whole–even beautiful in the Eyes of God.”

“I desire to be close to you during these troubling times. Realize that it is the Holy Love in your hearts which binds us together. Satan is ever-present and tries to pull us apart by weakening this bond through lack of trust in God’s Will and unforgiveness towards one another.” *

“I, your Mother, tell you to remain simple and childlike. Know that this alone confuses the enemy, for he cannot understand such a heart. When you pick up your rosaries, it is as though you are holding My Hand and I am guiding you through the Mysteries and along the path of Holy Love. I am always with you in prayer, especially the rosary. I will not abandon you.”

“Threats against basic freedoms are all around you. Indeed, your country in the name of ‘liberty’ is surrendering its freedom. Only Satan could turn the truth inside out in such a way. Pandering to the enemies of freedom may cost your president dearly. Evil that is in hearts will not change by paying it respect. It is naive to believe so.”

“With a Mother’s Heart, I plead for the conversion of sinners. My Son is most grievously offended by the indifference of so many towards the state of their souls. God’s commandments are trampled underfoot by self-love. You have yet to experience the full wrath of God’s Justice. Do not live as though it will never come. I tell you, angels tremble at the thought of that day. Do not support leadership which ignores God’s laws in favor of pleasing man’s whims.”

“Today there is much concern for the spread of the flu virus. People fear for their lives, as it seems to spread worldwide. Close attention is given to this insidious pandemic. But I tell you, of far greater concern should be the epidemic of evil, which has gripped the heart of the world. This epidemic contaminates souls and robs many of their salvation. Thousands slip to their perdition through this contagion of compromise, deceit and inordinate self-love. The failure of mankind to even recognize evil at work is Satan’s greatest weapon. He is free to do whatever he chooses from conception in the womb to invasion of childhood innocence to compromise of the faith, and even to challenging natural death. As long as evil is unacknowledged, it runs rampant.”

“Dear little children, please understand that the grace of each present moment is a cooperation between the choices of free will and God’s Divine Will. The greatest graces come into the present moment when the soul trusts and chooses to live in Holy Love; for instance, I cannot save the world from disaster by My efforts alone. I can only act in accord with the Father’s Will and the efforts of mankind to live in righteousness. This is why I tell you, it is most important for each soul to discover the path of Holy Love and live in harmony with the Divine Will. Then the Father allows Me to spread My Mantle of Protection over you.”

“Today as we celebrate My title ‘Refuge of Holy Love’, I invite you to reflect back upon the ways in which Heaven has tried to intervene here. I came at first seeking the title ‘Protectress of the Faith’. This title could have saved the Church in America from so much heresy and liberalism, but it was judged ‘unnecessary’. Jesus asked for the construction of the Church of Atonement–a mystical concept–made up of victim souls who sacrifice for the welfare of the Universal Church. These messages were not regarded in the light of truth either. The Revelation of the United Hearts was next followed closely by the Chambers of the United Hearts. This, too, had been held up to suspicion.”

“It is necessary that you realize that such judgments levied against Heaven’s helping hand do not support the truth, no matter the lofty position of those who decide to levy their judgments. Do not be tricked by Satan but begin to see that he seeks the destruction of the Church, the world and every soul.”

“In the world you witness people wearing masks as protection from the flu virus; but, My children, the flu is just a physical threat. How much greater is the threat of evil which jeopardizes your eternal salvation. This threat, too, is invisible. I, your Mother, have come many times to warn you that evil is all around you. I give you the cure, which is Holy Love, and I offer you the protection, which is the Refuge of Holy Love–My Immaculate Heart. I ask you, My children to be more concerned with exposure to evil than any physical disease, for evil is a disease of the soul.”

“All that is rising to a head in the world dictates the need for Holy Love–as a guide towards purification and personal holiness–as a fortress and protection in spiritual warfare, and as a sign that mankind has not been abandoned by Heaven. Those who seek to find reasons not to believe have chosen to oppose these truths. But, My children, if Heaven did not see the urgent necessity of My title ‘Refuge of Holy Love’, I would not be here in your midst offering My Maternal care.”

“Today I reveal to you for the first time, that the Flames above the heads of the apostles on Pentecost were sparks of love from My Heart of Holy Love. It is through these Flames that the apostles were able to proclaim the good news with Holy Boldness. So today I invite you to spread the good news of the Gospel message of Holy Love with the same Holy Boldness.”

“We’re extending to you today the Complete Blessing of Our United Hearts.”

* Unforgiveness includes unforgiveness of self.

August 9, 2013

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

Jesus is holding His Mournful Heart.

He says:

“I desire that you have a medal struck with this image upon it. On the reverse, print ‘Mournful Heart of Jesus, Have Mercy on me’. The one who wears this medal will not forget to offer small sacrifices to this Mournful Heart of Mine.”

“In the beginning of My confidences to you, I spoke about the Church of Atonement – not a new religion or even a physical structure – but a spiritual structure comprised of each soul’s many little and great sacrifices. It is time now to resurrect those Messages. We have come full circle The Church of Atonement is the healing balm to be poured into My Most Mournful Heart.”

“These are the times when confusion will face off with the Truth more than ever before. The Truth will come to light through your efforts and sacrifices.”