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Holy Love Ministry

August 29, 1993

Our Lady came dressed in a blue that I’ve never seen before and said,

“All praise, honor and glory be to Jesus, Redeemer and King.”

She asked that we pray now for souls that do not love. We prayed. She gave a private message, then said,

“Dear children, tonight I invite you to understand that the soul is like a tapestry. The two threads running through the tapestry are holy humility and Holy Love. Without these two threads the soul does not progress in holiness and they are dependent upon each other.”

She blessed us and left.

August 30, 1993
12:08 AM

“My child, let Me explain to you further. Holy Love is to love God with your whole heart and love your neighbor as yourself. But it never exists in the tapestry of the soul without holy humility. These two virtues knit together to form holiness and bring many other virtues with them, such as patience, meekness, perseverance, fortitude, joy and peace. Working together, these virtues strengthen the soul in all that is holy. It is impossible for humility to flourish in the soul without Holy Love, and vice versa. These are interwoven to design holiness. Make it known.”

January 1, 1994

Our Lady came with many roses. She said:

“The new year holds many opportunities for grace. Let us give praise to Jesus.”

I said, “Now and forever.” She continues,

“Dear children, today, on My feast, I invite you to understand that My words to you are a thread in the tapestry that is the Triumph of My Heart, just as your prayers are. Satan opposes the publication and dissemination of My messages leading souls to holiness. Therefore, it is My special intention that you pray that all obstacles in this regard are overcome. I am drawing all souls to the Refuge of My Heart, solemn sanctuary of Holy Love. Each of you has a special part to play in this Divine Plan. Make it known.”

February 5, 1996

From Jesus

“I am knitting together the final remnant of the tapestry of My mission in you. The tapestry will be washed and purified in the Spring [water] of Maranatha and placed in Our United Hearts [The United Hearts of Jesus and Mary].”

September 17, 1997

Our Lady comes in white, gray, and pink. She says:

“I come in praise of Jesus.”

“My angel, I desire you understand that My words to you are as a leaven amongst believers which will bear its due increase in numbers of followers. These are the days of preparation. The Father is allowing a strengthening of hearts and He is weaving a fine tapestry through My apparitions in the world. But the common thread woven throughout His design is Holy Love. The needle He uses is His Divine Will. Soon you will see the fruits of Our combined efforts. But I am preparing you for the path ahead. You must cooperate with My grace so that I may complete My effort. I will bless you.”

February 6, 1999

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here. Our Lady’s in a blue light and Jesus is in a bright light. Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be Jesus.”


“My brothers and sisters, I desire to lead you deeper into Divine Love through your efforts in holiness. Come deeper into the virtues – each one individually and all together. Realize the virtues are woven together as a tapestry that covers My Heart.”

The United Hearts Blessing is given.

May 22, 1999

“I am your Jesus, Divine Love, born Incarnate.”

“I have come to explain to you the fullness of My call, which is self-surrender. Without your surrender I cannot achieve in you My goal and your salvation. Surrender means that you must give up or relinquish something. Self-surrender is My call for you to give up your own will. Your will is directed by whatever is in your heart in the present moment. This is why My call to self-surrender is at once My call to complete submission to Holy Love in the present moment.”

“Self-surrender is the key that unlocks the door to My Heart and to Divine Providence. So often you do not see My Provision because you are blinded by what you want. So often what you want is not good for you and will not lead to your salvation.”

“My provision, My Divine Will for you, is like a great tapestry that I, the Weaver, begin to weave at your conception. All through your life, I design to put each thread in its place to create the masterpiece of your salvation. When you refuse to surrender to Me, you inasmuch as pull a thread out of place. Then I, the Artist, must redesign the entire tapestry so that it all comes together harmoniously. But when you surrender to Me, the final outcome is much more easily attainable. You see My grace and you cooperate with My provision, My plan. The design is more beautiful because it is My best design.”

“Your self-surrender is what moves your feet up the staircase of holiness. Your surrender lets you inhale the sweet fragrance of the bouquet of My grace. Without your surrender you are like a broken tool in the hands of a master carpenter. The carpenter cannot use such a tool, so he sets it aside and searches out a better one. In the same way, I cannot use you to the fullest unless you surrender completely to Me.”

“When you surrender, you are telling Me you trust Me to lead you, guide you, provide for you, protect you. I cannot resist such a one. My love completely embraces such a soul and I am united with him. This is why I tell you, your trust is everything. Your trust is your surrender.”

September 4, 1999

St. Michael comes. I [Maureen] said, ‘Identify yourself. Do you believe Jesus Christ was born of the flesh?”

He responded,

“I defend Jesus Christ, born of the flesh.”

“You are contemplating God’s Will. The Divine Will is a refuge and a fortress. The Will of God always comes clothed in love. Therefore, see that the only way you can fulfill God’s Divine Will is by fulfilling the law of love. You must love God with your whole heart, your whole soul. In this love you will find the natural progression to love of God’s Will.”

“When you love God’s Holy and Divine Will, you realize that He ordains or permits everything for the good of your soul and for your salvation. Every cross leads to salvation and is allowed only for that end. God alone sees the way the tapestry of each life comes together, as He is the Master Weaver.”

“Jesus called the Will of God His Food. Food gives you strength and sustenance. Without it you perish. Think then with what high esteem Jesus regarded the Will of His Heavenly Father. You must aim towards this. I will help you.”

September 23, 2000

Jesus is here with His Heart exposed. He says,

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“My brothers and sisters, tonight I invite you to surrender decidedly to the Divine Will of God in every present moment. The Father of all knows the intricacies of the tapestry He is weaving of your life and of the Divine Plan He has for you. Surrender then, and know full well that He will make good use of your will. I extend to you the Blessing of Divine Love.”

October 4, 2000

“I am Lord of the morning and Keeper of the night. I fix the sun, the moon, and the stars in their place. I spill the rain from Heaven to nourish the earth. I press the chill against your cheek when you arise. Unnumbered are the miracles of My creation. I am the Eternal Father, Patriarch of all generations. I am Who am.”

“Thus shall you remember Me and depend upon Me – trusting all the while in My Divine Provision which falls upon all mankind as dew upon the tender grass. As the world was created by a perfect Hand, learn to look for My perfection in every present moment. The tapestry I weave for each soul is unprecedented, the opportunities of grace abundant and irreproachable. I draw you into the secret-most Chambers of My Son’s Eternal Heart.”

November 12, 2001

St. Thomas Aquinas comes, bows to the Holy Eucharist, turns and says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“I have come to help you understand the eternal depths of God’s Divine Will. Each time faith in God’s plan is tested, it is to bring you deeper into trust, not into panic and fear. The one who trusts does not fear. Satan is in fear. Remember, Scripture has it, ‘Fear is useless; what is needed is trust’.”

“Now, there is a distinct difference between faith and trust. Faith is belief in something that you cannot experience with your senses–that is, you cannot see it, touch it, hear it or smell it. Trust is the surrender to faith. Trust itself is invisible, but you know you are deep into trust when you are at peace.”

“God’s infinite plan for each soul–His Provision and Will–is not visible to the human eye, nor understood in the human intellect. Therefore, to understand God’s Will is simply to accept that God alone is the Master Weaver of the tapestry of each life. The threads that make up the tapestry are the moment to moment graces God gives that lead each soul to his salvation. No one is called outside of God’s Will or to oppose God’s plan. It is Satan who inspires every sin, but free will that acts upon evil inspiration. However, free will is part of God’s plan, and He continually gives fresh graces to overcome the effects of sin.”

“This is a profound teaching–study and meditate upon it. Ask for the grace to understand it.”

April 3, 2002

St. Thomas Aquinas comes. He says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“I have come to help you understand that there is a common thread that runs through the tapestry of each one’s life. It is trust in God’s Will. Each soul is offered opportunities in his life to practice trust. Trust, remember, is the proving ground of love–the substance of love. The Lord stands back and patiently watches how each one deals with these opportunities to trust. The more the soul trusts in Divine Providence, the deeper he is drawn into the Chambers of the United Hearts.”

“Satan, of course, tries to weaken trust and presents doubts and fears to the heart. These anxieties pull the soul away from the path of holiness, and destroy the peace of each one who gives in to such worries.”

“Learn to recognize the enemy, then, when he attacks in such a way. All that opposes trust is from the adversary. Tighten the fabric of the tapestry God creates in your soul through trust. Do not allow the enemy to unravel this precious handiwork.”

January 12, 2004

St. Thomas Aquinas says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“I have come to give you deeper understanding of Divine Love. The Heart of Jesus is Love and Mercy. These two cannot exist in any heart apart from one another. As every virtue is perfect in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Divine Love and Divine Mercy are perfect in His Divine Heart. But there are other virtues and attributes which are also perfect in His Heart, and they are woven into Love and Mercy, making up the very fiber of Love and Mercy. Two of these are Justice and Truth. These depend on each other and on Love and Mercy for their very existence.”

“Love lays the foundation for Mercy. Mercy is interwoven with Justice and Truth. These are all threads that comprise the Sacred Heart. The more the soul surrenders to Divine Love, the more closely he imitates these attributes, and the more tightly woven is the fabric of his own heart.”

“Every attribute of the Sacred Heart interacts with all the other Holy and Divine attributes. This is the goal of personal holiness, for when one attribute or virtue is weak, the ‘thread’ is pulled loose and the soul runs the risk of unraveling his entire tapestry of holiness.”

January 13, 2004

St. Thomas Aquinas says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Come to think of the spiritual heart of man as a tapestry. The thread of the tapestry is Holy Love. The needle that pulls the thread in place is Holy Humility. Imperfections in the spiritual life would be holes in the tapestry. These holes are mended by the heart’s deeper surrender to Love and God’s Mercy.”

“Perfection is a perfect little tapestry which is an imitation of the Heart of Jesus.”

August 9, 2004

“I am your Jesus, Divine Love–Divine Mercy, born Incarnate.”

“I have come to speak to you once again about unforgiveness. If love and mercy combined made a fine sauce, unforgiveness would be like a bitter herb that ruined the chef’s masterpiece when he added it. Unforgiveness in the soul is like a deadly disease–insidious at the onset, but as a deadly cancer to every virtue.”

“Resentments and woundedness are unforgiveness. These are like introverted anger. These are a form of pride buried deep within the soul eating away at personal holiness. Resentments and woundedness come from disordered self-love. The soul cannot accept the wrong that was done to him as God’s permitting Will. He cannot allow God to weave the tapestry of his own salvation. He cannot meet the challenge of becoming more humble.”

“I invite each one to surrender everything in the past to Me. Accept all the insults others have perpetrated against you with humility. This is how you surrender to forgiveness. Accept your own sinfulness and weaknesses. I do–I still love you and I forgive you!”

April 16, 2005

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“For all time I have held these words in My Most Sacred Heart for you to record. Every present moment is woven into a great tapestry which comprises the soul’s eternity. It is the cooperation between the free will of the soul and God’s Divine Will that determines his eternal reward or punishment, as the case may be.”

“No two souls experience eternity in the same way–just as no two souls ever experience the present moment in the same way. The present moment is the summary of each one’s past–his joys, victories, response to temptations and so on. All of this comes to play in the present moment. So then, each one has separate difficulties or ease in responding to the grace or temptations in each present moment.”

“The soul’s response–for or against God’s Will which is Holy Love–determines his reward or punishment in eternity. Even though My Mercy forgives the repentant heart, if the soul made many poor decisions against love in his life, he will not experience the same Heaven as one who tried always to live in Holy Love.”

“Therefore, understand that no two souls experience eternity in the same way, for no two experience the present moment in the same way. Understand, then, that to be in the Fourth Chamber or any of the Chambers in this life or in eternity is a unique experience for each soul.”

“It is a concept I will help you contemplate.”

June 5, 2008
Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation

(This message was given in multiple parts.)

Jesus is here with His Heart exposed. He says:

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Once again I come to remind those who will listen, that to oppose this Mission of Holy Love is to oppose My Father’s Eternal Divine Will. The souls that do not understand this do not understand the two great commandments of love. You cannot oppose Holy Love and still think you are progressing in holiness. Do not confuse obedience with righteousness. I ask you to follow the truth in obedience.”

“In My Mercy, in My Love I have come to correct the conscience of those who oppose Heaven’s Mission here. Do not listen to those who say, ‘Jesus would never address hierarchy like that!’ If I do not correct, who will?”

“My brothers and sisters, those within authority freely give themselves license to cast aspersions and gossip about everything that goes on in this Mission, wasting the present moment, wasting precious time that could save souls. I corrected the Pharisees, and now I come to correct consciences here.”

“There is no disobedience here at Holy Love. The only disobedience is on the part of those who try to destroy innocent reputations, who try to discourage prayer and sacrifice. These are the ones that must repent. Do not doubt that I am here in your midst. Listen to My words! Act on My words!”

“My brothers and sisters, My words to you today or any other day cannot change your heart unless you will it. That is why the present moment carries such weight in the world and in all eternity. The heart of the world cannot change unless you change. Your moment to moment decisions affect the heart of the world, not just you.”

“This entire Mission is about changing each heart. Do not place your belief in all that Heaven gives here on world or Church approvals. Live each moment in Holy Love, seeking My approval. Living in Holy Love can never be wrong. Such a commitment brings peace in the world around you and harmony with the Divine Will of My Father. Do not lend credence to those who try to convince you otherwise.”

“While the world tries to search out solutions to violence, moral degeneration, poverty and disease, I give you the solution here in Holy and Divine Love, gift wrapped in My Father’s Divine Will. Do not wait for something better.”

“My brothers and sisters, you must realize that Satan always discredits the truth. Because this Mission is now universal, the evildoer has circulated many lies and innuendos about this Mission, the Messages and the messenger. Do not become a part of his tapestry of evil.”

“Always speak the truth and live in the truth. Do not be misled or duped by people of title who have not even searched out the truth. You cannot place status, rank or position ahead of the truth.”

“I point these things out to you now, for the world in general and the Church, as well, have been compromised and divided. Much discernment is really no more than rash judgment and a reflection of the duplicity that has invaded hearts. My request for you to believe in this spiritual journey is crucial to the future of the world. For this reason, I no longer speak to you in veiled terms, but openly, so that you will grasp the desperate battle between good and evil.”

“Many priests, religious, even Bishops, even Cardinals, have compromised the Tradition of Faith. Their hearts are not centered on God but on self. They no longer work for Me but have become instruments of evil. The flames of perdition lick at their feet. Satan uses obedience as his weapon of control and power too often. Thus he has gained access to the heart of My Church. These truths need to be stated so that My innocent ones are not such easy prey to evil.”

“I desire that you trust priests, religious, Bishops and Cardinals who follow the Tradition of Faith, those who are close to the Eucharist, the Holy Rosary and personal holiness, those who are faithful to the Holy Father. Then you will be safe. These are the ones who recognize the intrinsic value of these Messages.”

“My brothers and sisters, while some caution you about accepting the truths of My Mission here, I, your Jesus, caution you about accepting innuendos just because they come from sources within the Diocese, who should be trustworthy. Many have let Me down, not fulfilling the positions Providence has placed them in, but protecting their own power and authority just as the Pharisees did. If I had waited for approval from the Pharisees, the entire gospel message would have been lost forever. Here, just as in My public life, I have come to proclaim the good news of living in the Will of My Father through Holy Love.”

“Today I am blessing you with My Blessing of Divine Love.”

November 14, 2008

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“My Father’s Permitting Will is the source of man’s free will. With His Permitting Will, He allows or consents to man’s free will choices, always weaving these free will choices back into the tapestry of His magnificent plan for man’s salvation.”

“My Father’s Providing Will gives mankind the graces needed to love God above all else and neighbor as self. God’s Providing Will offers mankind the opportunity to see His Paternal Hand in all things, and to see in what ways he is able to increase in holiness.”

“When My Father’s Provision is rejected, the soul places itself in jeopardy–a position which opposes the graces of the present moment–for every grace is God’s Provision.”

November 21, 2008

St. Thomas Aquinas says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Jesus has sent me to help you to understand the inner workings of the Eternal Divine Will. The Father’s Permitting Will allows free will its choices, whether they be good or evil. But His Providing Will can be likened to a master weaver, nimbly weaving together all the threads, all the choices, to bring about His Good, the complete tapestry–His Divine Will. Therefore, God’s Providing Will is like an expediter, making all things work together for the greater good.” (Rom. 8:28)

“Everything, then, can be said to be God’s Will just as everything is a grace.”

October 20, 2009

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Trust Me in this. Where there is indecision, there is Satan’s confusion. I call you to firmness of purpose so that you are sure-footed along the path of righteousness. The beginning and the end of every situation comes together now in the present moment in your trust in Me.”

“My Provision is perfect in the Father’s Divine Will. Sometimes a soul is only given to see the underside of the tapestry of God’s plans. He views the tangle of threads, which are the unfolding of events, but he does not see the beauty of the completed design. He does not see how all of these threads come together to form God’s plan.”

“This is where trust must take over. The soul must trust that all the events that seem unrelated will be pulled into place to form the beautiful design of God’s Divine Will; for through My Father’s Will, beauty can be formed in the midst of the most ugly, treasures can be wrought from sand, and strength given to the weakest.”

May 25, 2010

St. Augustine says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“You must understand that God’s Eternal Good is the Divine Will unthwarted by the free will of man. When free will works against the All-Knowing Eternal Good, God works through His Providing Will – still accomplishing His Most Perfect Divine Will.”

“All things – events – knit together, forming the tapestry of the salvation of the soul. The final thread of the tapestry is the soul’s free will.”

“At this site of Holy Love, the soul is given the grace to desire to weave his free will into the Divine Will of God.”

August 5, 2011
Blessed Mother’s Birthday

Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“I have come once again this year to celebrate the anniversary of My birth with you. If souls could only realize the great miracle of every birth, there would be no artificial birth control or abortion. Every birth is God’s Plan throughout all eternity. The intrusion of man’s free will upon life in the womb will prove catastrophic in the future, for every soul is God’s instrument. His future is woven into the future of human events. Every human life is like a thread running through a tapestry – the tapestry being the past, present and future of the world. When one thread is pulled, it causes much unraveling in the tapestry. When one human life is snuffed out, God’s Perfect Plan must be altered.”

“In this country, artificial birth control will soon be available free of charge for the asking. What consequences await this decision against God’s Will and with what covertness this was made law. I remind your government officials that it is Satan who works under cover of darkness.”

“Disregard for human rights is also disregard for the Constitution your nation was founded upon. Sadly, the composure of this nation is slipping away under the guise of social justice.”

“So today, My children, I celebrate all God has done for Me – My Immaculate Conception, the Virgin birth – and much more. I celebrate God’s Plan which came to fruition in Me. I pray with you that God’s Plan will be recognized in the heart of your nation, and come to fruition in and through you, as well.”

April 23, 2012

Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today, dear children, I invite you to place your trust always in Divine Mercy and Divine Love, for this is the way out of every situation. This is the way to recognize God’s Will for you.”

“The heart of the world has taken an errant path, depending upon human intelligencia and human effort. This will be all too apparent in future days. God has given you every type of technology towards improving the human condition; but evil has influenced many towards convoluting knowledge for its own purpose and end.”

“Every event is interconnected, be it science, technology, human relationships, even nature itself. All of these fit under the umbrella of God’s Divine Will. When what God gives you for good is misused towards evil, God permits natural disasters, wars and disease. These things are never separate events, but always interwoven into the tapestry of free will and Divine Will.”

“Dear children, please understand that every present moment is a thread in this great tapestry, and every thread affects the final design. In the present moment, what you think, speak or do affects not only the state of your own soul but the state of the world at large. Each present moment for every soul carries with it the grace of salvation and even sanctification.”

“Open your hearts fully to Divine Mercy and Divine Love by accepting My words to you today.”

November 10, 2012

Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“I am here today to encourage My children to always pray with hope in their hearts. Hope is based upon faith – faith upon love. All of these beget trust. When you pray, but do not obtain the anticipated and sought after result, recognize God’s Permitting Will and accept It.”

“God sees the tapestry of every life and the interaction of world events. He weaves them together to make His Design, which you can only view from Heaven. As God’s children, you need to trust in God’s handiwork even though now you cannot see His finished product.”

“God hears every prayer, but will not supersede man’s free will. He can, however, weave the decisions of free will into His Tapestry. Even this does not erase meritorious crosses in each one’s life. These are the most beautiful threads in the whole tapestry.”

January 8, 2014

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“The predicaments of life – those that upset your daily routine – can be a big distraction spiritually.* But even when you are too busy to connect with Me, I am watching over you.”

“It is the ones who never connect with Me that I mourn for. They do not see the Truth of My Provision which is always around them. They do not expect or even suspect My Abundance, but see all things as human effort. Therefore, these are the ones who remain ungrateful and unloving towards Me.”

“The soul cannot trust in Me who does not see how I lead him through every crisis. Such a one depends on his own cleverness to see him past obstacles and not any spiritual inspiration.”

“I send you power through the grace of My Mother’s Heart, the presence of the angels and the intercession of all the saints to lead you and guide you. None of this is by accident but carefully calculated by the Divine Will of My Father – the Master Weaver of the tapestry of your life.”

“Do not allow any of these Truths to be compromised in your heart. I come today to deepen each one’s trust.”

* Yesterday, all natural gas was cut off to Eaton Township, Elyria and North Ridgeville due to an accident. The result was no heat. Temps were below zero with wind chill -38 degrees. This lasted almost 24 hours. Now it is restored.

February 21, 2014

Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Each time I am sent into the world, such as I am here, it is at the bidding of My Son to lead My children on the path of righteousness. I always come to lead My children to My Son – not for My own welfare, but for the salvation of the world. Those who, out of pride, assail My Efforts to convert souls are in league with Satan who always comes clothed in goodness. The evil tool he uses is false discernment which is never based on Truth, but is always a rash judgment.”

“Be inspired by the Spirit of Truth to search out the good fruits of My Apparitions. Discernment, you know, is not the same as ferreting out supposed negatives. Watch how Heaven knits everything together making a tapestry of grace towards the welfare of all people and all nations. Do not deny all the grace offered for the sake of spiritual envy.”

October 20, 2014

St. Francis de Sales says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Please realize that the reason you have so much unrest in the world today is that souls believe in untruth. Truth divides, as it delineates good from evil. This is why you have factions in the world, both in secular and religious leadership.”

“So the whole and complete issue at hand today is the acceptance or rejection of the Truth. God’s Truth is based upon His Ten Commandments and His Commandments of Holy Love. God’s Truth is Scripture. These support one another; but mankind has allowed his own will to become more important than any Truth. It is as though God is sewing a magnificent tapestry of the unfolding of human events, but free will is undoing the stitchery as it is sewn.”

“Understand that if Truth divides good from evil, it is Truth that will be the Victory when Jesus returns. So, as this Mission is maligned for supporting and representing the Truth, when the New Era of Peace comes, it will be held up as an everlasting sign of Truth.”

Read Ephesians 4:11-16

Diversity of graces to build up The Body of Christ until we all attain unity of The Faith through the knowledge and practice of The Faith in the Truth of Love

And his gifts were that some should be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some pastors and teachers, for the equipment of the saints, for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ, until we all attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to mature manhood, to the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ; so that we may no longer be children, tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the cunning of men, by their craftiness in deceitful wiles. Rather, speaking the Truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into Him who is the head, into Christ, from whom the whole body, joined and knit together by every joint with which it is supplied, when each part is working properly, makes bodily growth and upbuilds itself in love.

July 6, 2015

Jesus is here with His Heart exposed. He says:

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate”.

“My brothers and sisters, all present moments are woven together by grace. Grace weaves the tapestry of your lives for you to respond to the graces you are given in each present moment with Holy Love.”

“Tonight, I am blessing you with My Blessing of Divine Love.”

July 27, 2015

Our Lady comes as Mary, Refuge of Holy Love. She says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear daughter, you have waited patiently for My Arrival, never losing hope of My Return to you. In a similar way, I invite all of My children to await My Son’s Victorious Return. It is then all Truth will be victorious – all compromise exposed and defeated.”

“Many live and even lead as though they will never have to answer to God for their actions. They do not accept their responsibility towards their own salvation. Others believe they will be saved but have chosen a compromised path which disguises sin. Every circumstance of each present moment is God’s Provision designed to lead the soul to his salvation. Too often everyday crosses are not seen as graces and the intricate weaving of the tapestry of life goes unnoticed.”

“Learn to appreciate every present moment! It may involve patient waiting for the unfolding of events. It may bear the fruit of the realization of some goal. Yet again, it may bring a cross, which I ask you to accept as a grace in disguise.”

“You awaited My Arrival with a hopeful heart this morning, My daughter. So, too, I invite all of My children to welcome each present moment with Holy Love in their hearts. It is then you will taste My Son’s Victory.”

Read 1 Peter 1:13-16+

Synopsis – In following the general direction of Christian holiness, be sober and set your hope completely upon the grace of every present moment brought about by the revelation of Jesus Christ. As obedient children of God, do not conform to your sins of former days when you were ignorant of God, but as the One Who called you to be holy, do so in all of your behavior.

Therefore gird up your minds, be sober, set your hope fully upon the grace that is coming to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ. As obedient children, do not be conformed to the passions of your former ignorance, but as He Who called you is holy, be holy yourselves in all your conduct; since it is written, “You shall be holy, for I am holy.”

+-Scripture verses asked to be read by Mary, Refuge of Holy Love.
-Scripture taken from the Ignatius Bible.
-Synopsis of scripture provided by Spiritual Advisor.

March 1, 2016

I (Maureen) am shown a blanket floating in the air. It is frayed at the corners. Our Lady says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Trust is like a coverlet which protects the heart from doubts and fears. When self-interest invades the heart through free will the coverlet of trust begins to unravel. This is so, for the soul lets himself begin to trust in his own efforts more than in God’s Provision.”

“Every present moment – every human experience – is woven into the coverlet of trust to attain God’s Will. It is in this way, when everything is accepted with trust in God’s Will, that weaknesses become strengths in God’s Plan. Trust does not allow any part of the present moment to be wasted on fear. Trust in God’s Mercy does not allow guilt to take over the heart.”

“The more tightly woven the coverlet of trust over the heart, the more God is able to use the soul as His Instrument. God is the Master Weaver and He incorporates into each life reasons to trust in Him.”

July 10, 2016

Our Lady comes as Mary, Refuge of Holy Love. She says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear children, I invite you to see that what is in your heart in the present moment affects your future moments. If you have Holy Love in your heart in the present moment, it is most likely to meet you in the future moment. This is why I say, what is in your heart is then in the world around you.”

“Hatred and violence do not spring up out of nowhere. They are nurtured in the heart and then borne out in the world. The future is never a blank slate, but is affected by every present moment. This is the reason it is so important not to nurture grudges or to hang onto unforgiveness. These things are then acted upon in some random future moment.”

“A peaceful heart bears the fruit of a peaceful future. A heart caught up in turmoil, anger and hate bears such bad fruits in future moments.”

“God, the Father, gives you every present moment. It is as though He is handing you the thread to weave the tapestry of your life. You can make of it unrelated knots or a beautiful design of God’s Will in action. Every present moment is yours to design according to what is in your heart.”

December 6, 2016

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“You are asking Me if Donald Trump is in danger. Of course, there is always danger when a person is in such high profile. Furthermore, as Mr. Trump represents change which many object to, he is even more the target. However, do not discount God’s Divine Providence and the workings of grace. God weaves all things together to make the beautiful tapestry of His Will. Therefore, even the distorted thinking of a few radicals becomes less of a threat than you may imagine.”

“Mr. Trump is courageous and very outspoken. All of this is necessary to the changes upcoming that he proposes. It is good to pray for his protection but do not let it become a distraction.”

December 18, 2016

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“You will always have in your midst wars and the threat of wars, pending economic collapse and the ill choices of poor leadership. These realities are no reason to lose hope or to cease trusting in the Lord. God places in the world strategic remedies that guide and support you through every challenge. Sometimes it comes through people. Other times certain and profound graces unfold as solutions, such as this Ministry.* If you trust, you will readily see the ways God is leading you.”

“Learn to depend on God – His Grace – and not so much your own efforts apart from God. The Father is knitting every one of your prayers, sacrifices and efforts together into a fine tapestry – a work of art, that in Heaven you can present to Him. Every stitch is a present moment in time.”

* The ecumenical Ministry of Holy and Divine Love at Maranatha Spring and Shrine.