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June 19, 2015

“Children of the Locutions”


There is no more time to delay.  I began to speak a few years ago to awaken and to prepare.  Many have discovered this little voice and believe the words truly come from me, through them many others have, also, come to listen.  In the future, the whole world will come to know that I give great light by my words.  All prepare for my special actions within human history which I will reveal ahead of time through the visionaries of Medjugorje and even through these little words.

See how my actions all fit together.  The beginning apparitions that culminated in Fatima and then all the other apparitions like Medjugorje that spread the Fatima light.  They are all connected (joined).  The world needs many lights, in every area.  With the internet a new way of light has begun and that is why I use it every day.  The words go forth, they are gentle and inviting.  Each person decides when and where to read them.  Their hearts are joined, even though they do not know one another.  Do you not see?  I can call my army forth in one moment.  I can whistle and they will come from North and South.  I can whisper and they will come from East and West.  What will I call them?  Let me give them a name.  “Children of the Locutions”-that is a good name and I will use that from now on so they realize that I am doing far more than just speaking to their hearts.  I am joining them, preparing them.

First, I must express my love for them.  How often they have expressed their love for me!  I watched them as they would take the locutions into their hearts.  I saw them speak to others-they were apostles of the locutions.  Some I saw translate the locutions into other languages.  Others found new means of spreading them, like publishing the books.  More will find new ways because all will understand.  The locutions are more than just locutions, they are expressions of my love, going forth and saving the whole world.

Oh, I have not yet revealed the full plan.  Much more remains to be shown but, today, all who read this locution knew what I have done.  I have made you all “Children of the Locutions.”

Comment:  This is a very important revelation.  It releases new power and prepares for greater gifts.

June 20, 2015

“Becoming a Child of the Locutions”


I cannot delay.  I must prepare my Children of the Locutions immediately, by opening their eyes and making them aware.  Then, I can speak to each of their hearts, in their individual situations, so that they will know exactly what they can do to be protected from the darkness and to spread my light.

I have already promised in these locutions to spread out a million lights.  These little lights are the Children of the Locutions.  Each will be a great light to those with whom they live.

Instructed by me, they will make sure that all understand and gain the full blessing.

My Children of the Locutions need only take my words into their hearts.  Already they love my word and my word has formed them.  The word itself has both light and power.  They will know what to do, how to speak and will experience divine zeal to claim everyone for the light.  Now that you understand, let us begin.

You must walk in a newness of light. I will cover you with the light but how deeply the light fills your entire being, depends upon how deeply you surrender to the light.  You will begin to see something very special began to happen.   You will surrender your thoughts to my thoughts.  I will replace your selfish desires with my great desires of true love.  You will have a new purpose in your life and the deepest peace.  You will be attracted to read the gospels and to put them into practice.  You will think of the poor, of those you can help and you will simplify your tasks.

You will be drawn to prayer and even to daily Mass when possible. You will see yourself embarking on a road of life which you never dreamed you would follow.  The deep peace will grow greater.  You will give thanks to God who has been so generous to you.  You will say, “The locutions have led and guided me.  I am truly a Child of the Locutions.

Comment:  Our Lady outlines very simply her gift of making us Children of the Locutions.

June 21, 2015

“Clothing the Children of Locutions”


As the endless secrets flow from my heart, my children of the locutions will be prepared.  Like a mother who sews heavy clothing in the summer so her children can withstand the winter cold, so they will survive the darkness.

This light will cling to them because they are devoted to my word.  I will guide them and their loved ones.

The first great light that comes from my words is to know that I am with them with my protecting and saving power.  They will know that they are not alone.  They will experience my presence.  In the moments of seeming hopelessness, I will do even more.  I will come, they will experience my presence.  They will know that I am with them.  Then, they will begin again, and again, and again.   Each one will know what I am doing for them and how I want them to walk.

In these times I will pour out graces that are usually reserved for great saints, the greatest of which is a heavenly light which pours out a faith so strong and deep that heaven is experienced in its beginning blessings.  I cannot yet take them to heaven but I can give them a foretaste which absorbs their hearts and does not allow them to succumb to the darkness.

The second grace is of earth, so to speak, a tireless zeal.  My children of the locutions will see so clearly exactly what is happening.  Others will see darkness, they will see light.  Others will see collapses and failures they will see the great opportunities because they are filled with light and know the power of my light.

The children of the locutions will proclaim my light so easily because they are experiencing it, just as Saint Francis of Assisi easily proclaimed my beauty because he saw and experienced me.  Such will be the Children of the Locutions.  Trust, Believe.  I am preparing everything.  All will be ready, including my beloved Catholic Church.

June 22, 2015

“Children of Fatima and of the Locutions”


Why do I not act more quickly?  Why does all seem like delay? Do not the forces of darkness move ahead every day?  Is not another part of the world subject to new suffering?

Indeed, all looks like delay.  The Church constantly puts off my request to consecrate Russia.  For many, the other requests at Fatima are set aside.  All seem to be a delay, a constant putting off, and an abandonment of the great hope engendered by the Fatima visions.

The Fatima gift is placed forever in the Church and will come forth.  These locutions flow from Fatima.  They began a few years ago by explaining the Fatima vision.  If all of my plans had been followed, there would have been no need for these locutions.  There would be no Children of the Locutions because all would have been Children of Fatima.  That great light would have lit up the whole sky.  Instead, the light of destruction that I prophesied to Lucy took place, and with it the beginning of the Second World War.

Lucy was my messenger but her time on earth came to an end, I could not allow the Fatima word to die with her.  So, I planted the Fatima gift in these locutions.  They allow all to receive the Fatima light.    That light is one and undivided, the Fatima light and the light of the locutions.  The children are also one, the children of Fatima and the children of the locutions.

I am not delaying.  I am beginning again, taking a new path and using new means.  This is my promise.  The Fatima gift now protected and kept alive in these locutions will come to fruition through those whom I have chosen.  They will bring this hidden gift into the full light of both the Church and the world.  I, myself, will choose the time and the situation.  I, myself, will open the gift for the whole world.  I do not delay for one moment.  I am acting as quickly as I can.

Comment: The light of destruction which Our Lady prophesied to Lucy happened on January 25th, 1938.  This light was seen by all and recorded by scientist but only Lucy knew it was the sign that there would be a second world war.

June 23, 2015

“Our Lady’s Army of Disciples”


My words are true and contain within them the power to bring forth what they proclaim.  As they are accepted into the heart, they bring forth what they proclaim.  As they are accepted into the heart, they bring forth the harvest.  My words are wasted and fruitless, unless they are welcomed.   Therefore, the Children of the Locutions are so important.  To them, I entrust these powerful words.  I look upon them as Jesus looked upon his disciples.  They received his words and were to take them to the whole world.  He loved them.  They were chosen by the Father. He openly said “these you have given me”.  They went forth and made disciples of all nations, so the Spirit of Jesus could come upon them and work miracles through them.  They changed the world and prepared for future generations, up to the very present.

Now, all is endangered.  Satan has chosen his disciples.  He has armed them with his powers of deception and violence.  He has weakened the believers and has undermined the very structure of society.  His plans move ahead, in the stealth of the night, while all our sleeping, unaware of where he will attack next.

How close to my breast are the Children of the Locutions.  I must bring them to a new awareness so they are not surprised by their task.  They are scattered everywhere, they will not even know each other.  They will only know that many thousands share their light and their call.

O Child of the Locutions, I am preparing you, drawing you into my love, blessing you and strengthening you in every way.  I protect you every day.  I fill you with a light from heaven which gives you life.  I instruct you on my ways.  I stir you to walk and to follow me.  You come into the light, not by your own powers but by mine.

Why do I do this?  Why have I spent these years speaking to you through these locutions?  The great mysteries are still hidden from your eyes, just as the disciples could not see the mysteries that would happen in Jerusalem.

So I say to you, great and wondrous mysteries will take place in my Church.  They will happen in Jerusalem.  After this, you will go forth like the first disciples, proclaiming the lessons which I will teach you, explaining to all the gifts contained in all the mysterious.  All leads to the triumph of my Immaculate Heart.  Such a great victory demands a large and enthusiastic army.  Such are the Children of the Locutions.

Comment:  God never acts alone.  He always wants us to share in his work.  So the triumph of the Immaculate Heart needs many helpers.

June 24, 2015

“Preparing for the Fatima Moment”


The Children of the Locutions must believe that heaven will act.  They must not doubt for one moment.  They must always believe that God created earth, sent Jesus into human history and poured out the Holy Spirit to guide history to its full completion.

Although nothing can change those truths (realities), the course of human history lies also in the free will of man and in the forces which man creates.  These forces always seem to hold sway.  They move history along its course, as if they were totally in command.

My children believe otherwise.  They know that the heavenly Father has already decided the goal of history, that all will be given into his Son’s hands, who will give all over to the Father, until God is all in all.                    

This is the mystery.  The Father has decided history’s goal but the daily decisions lie in man’s free choices.  How is the mystery reconciled?  By heavenly actions.  There are historical moments when a man would destroy God’s plan.  At these moments God must intervene.  He cannot allow the normal process to continue.  For a splendid moment, the Father rips human history away from man, sets it on a totally new course and then returns history to man’s free will.

We are approaching such a moment.  It is the Fatima moment.  Such a gift was offered to the Church almost 100 years ago.  I openly spoke of a Second World War and that I would intervene and block such a horror.  My words were set aside.  Human history remained in man’s hands, as it still is today.

All see the results, the path toward total destruction.  I will not let this happen.  I need to intervene as soon as possible.  I must change this course of human history, setting man free and liberating the human race.  This is the task that I have for the Children of the Locutions because that moment must be prepared for by prayer and fasting.

Comment: Do not just read the locutions.  Fill your day with prayer and sacrifices so Our Lady can fulfill the Fatima gift.

June 25, 2015

“Why Children of the Locutions?”


So many of my powers and so much of my plan still remain hidden.  I want to bring them forth as quickly as possible.  Otherwise, Satan has the field all to himself. However, my light is not welcomed, why should I bring it forth, only to be rejected.  Therefore, I have chosen this little means and you who would become Children of the Locutions.  For you, I share my light fully.  You welcome it and put it into practice.

This might seem strange, but what else am I to do?  My great apparitions, even when accompanied by the greatest signs, are not taken seriously.  The messages are seen as unimportant.  Few comply with my request.  So, I chose a different way-with no signs and wonders, with no visions or apparitions, with no special place. Just words go forth.  What is their value?

By these words, I become a mother again.  I have new children every day.  Who knows their number? Who can truly count them?  They are Children of the Locutions.  I do not need to hold them in my womb.  I do not need nine months to bring them to birth.  In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, I can touch a heart, and give it faith.  “Mary is speaking to me.  I see and understand”.  By that grace, they become a Child of the Locutions.

All I must do is feed them each day.  Take them higher in faith and deeper into the mysteries.  I have spoken enough now about Children of the Locutions.  The great mystery has been revealed and explained.  You know who you are.  Now, you must walk like my child.

Let me breathe forth a final word.  By becoming this child of mine, I have drawn you into my heart.  I want to protect you in a special way.  To do so, you must heed my word and walk only in my path.  I expect your eyes to be open so you can actually see when I bless you.  I expect you to believe and turn to me in faith in your difficulties.  Above all, I expect you to keep your heart for me.  I will guard it for Jesus.  Let’s move on now I needed to pause so you would understand what you have become.