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Jesus Risen at Tomb

Locutions To The World

April 8, 2012

“When Glory Fills the Human Body”


Jesus stood before me in all of his risen glory.  Transformed and radiant, his body was glorified, Just as my body is also glorified and as your body, O reader, will also be glorified if you just listen and heed my messages.  This is why I speak to you.  What happened to Jesus and what happened to me is also meant to happen to you.

Heavenly Glory

You are called to be taken up into the glory of the heavenly Father and to live forever.  This is the call and the power of your Baptism.  This gift can never, never be taken away from you.  However, you can throw it away.  You can reject it.  You can choose to sell it for a bowl of soup (like Esau) or for thirty pieces of the world’s silver (like Judas).  I will explain this glory so you will never throw it away as useless or sell it to the highest bidder.

Explaining the Resurrection

At his death Jesus’ soul left his body and came before the Father who bathed him in the fullness of glory.  On Sunday morning, that soul filled with glory entered once again into his body.  This caused his body to rise from the dead.  Because of this glory, the body itself was changed into a glorified body, unable to suffer and die, able to come through locked doors, to appear and disappear in the many times that Jesus came to his disciples.  Finally, that glory lifted Jesus to the heavenly places, where he sits at the right hand of the Father.

Your Glory

The good news is that Jesus communicates that glory to all who believe in him and in the power of his name.  This is your destiny, O reader, and why I constantly speak.

I am the first person to experience the fullness of the resurrection, when my body also was lifted up to heavenly glory.  This is called “the Assumption of Mary”.  This is the treasure which Jesus and I want so much for you.  It is yours if only you listen and live according to these messages.  I am preaching now to the whole world.

April 9, 2012

“The Way to the Way”


There is so much more that must pour out of my heart!  As I was caught up in the glory that came from Jesus’ glorified humanity I realized what he had accomplished.  God’s life, lost by Adam, was restored to man.  God had found a new way to sanctify even sinful man.  Originally, Adam and Eve were to pass on divine life to their children, who would be born into grace.  Sin destroyed that road to heaven, so God created another road and Jesus is now the Way to the Father (Gospel of John Chapter 14, Verse 6).

The Way to the Way

However, many people cannot discover this way.  They need a “way to the Way”.  Some even need to be picked up and carried to “the Way”.  In that moment, as I saw my risen Son and experienced his glory, I also saw my role in salvation.  I understood the great mystery of Jesus to whom the Father had given all of his glory.  I also saw that Jesus had come into the world through me.  I was the way in which “the Way” came to earth.  Now, I was to be the “way to the Way”.  I am the mother who brings her children into the glory of her first-born son.

How much I search for my children.  I seek them out in every corner of the world.  They do not know how to reach my Son, when He alone can give them divine glory.  If they do not get to Him, if they do not share in his risen life, then they will be lost forever.  That is why I speak so often, trying to have my voice heard in every part of the world.

Mary’s Task

I have seen the glory of the risen Jesus.  I have been bathed in his divine life.  I know the riches of his glory and the power of his love.  I have tasted the new fountain and been exhilarated by the new wine.  I have seen the glory shining on the face of my Son.  O reader, when you see that glory you will live forever.

This is my call, my struggle and I will never lay down my arms until I have lifted every child of God into heaven.  That is my revelation for this day, my ceaseless, unending and total giving of myself to save everyone for the kingdom.  If you experienced the Risen Jesus, you would do the same.

April 10, 2012

“An Ocean Flowing to the Whole World”


I began to hear about Jesus’ other appearances to his disciples and the great joy that was flowing in their hearts.  That joy was like a mighty river, able to fill every heart in the world like it did my heart.  This river of life is still flowing out and is received by all who believe.  This is my teaching today.

Jesus’ Glorified Humanity

When the soul of Jesus left his body, it entered into God’s glory.  Because Jesus was perfectly obedient to the Father, his soul was able to be filled with divine life.  Three days later, when the soul was reunited with his body, the resurrection took place – the most important event in human history.  A new road was now established which joined earth to heaven.  This road is the glorified humanity of my Son.  It is a living road and life pours out from this humanity and flows everywhere.

Proclaiming Jesus Everywhere

As Jesus appeared to his disciples, they received this life because they loved Jesus and he had prepared their hearts to receive.  Because this life was an infinite ocean, and the disciples knew that this ocean could not be contained in their hearts, they had to tell the whole world.  They went everywhere, proclaiming the kingdom of Jesus, telling the story and trying to share with everyone the new life that they had received.  They enjoyed great successes and numerous failures.  The ocean of God’s glory, received first in the soul and body of my Son, and then received by all the disciples, flowed out to the whole human race.  However, some closed their hearts and even killed the disciples who brought the message.  That is the state of the world today.

Your Ocean

No one can stop this ocean.  It always flows out from Jesus’ heart.  However, they can close their own heart to the ocean.  O reader, the ocean of Jesus’ glory wants to enter your heart right now.  Open your heart.  Ask for the glory and this ocean will come and you will be on the new road to heaven.

April 11, 2012

“The New Community of Believers”


The Spirit led me back to the small community of disciples.  All of them had seen my Son, Jesus, risen from the dead.  All had stories to tell, like the two disciples who were leaving Jerusalem, discouraged and downcast, with their hopes shattered.

The Two Discouraged Disciples

Jesus appeared to them on their way home to Emmaus.  They did not recognize him because he hid his real likeness from them.  He asked what they were discussing, even though he already knew.  They could not believe that there was anyone in Jerusalem who did not know the event of how their leaders handed Jesus over to be killed.

Now, they had heard rumors that the tomb was empty and some had even gone there and saw that this was true.  They were crushed because they were hoping that he would be the one to redeem Israel.

Opening Their Eyes

Jesus began to speak with them, saying that the Messiah had to suffer to enter into his glory and he pointed out all the sayings in scripture.  As they came to their village, Jesus pretended to go on farther, but they invited him to stay (still not knowing who he was).  While they were at supper, Jesus again took bread, blessed it and gave it to them, just as he had done at the Last Supper.  With that, their eyes were opened and they recognized Jesus in the breaking of the bread.  Then Jesus disappeared from their sight because his task had been accomplished.  The two disciples came back quickly to Jerusalem to tell their story.  The other disciples were already rejoicing.  They knew the Lord was risen and had appeared to Peter.

Join the Church

O reader, I invite you to join this community and to become a member of the Catholic Church.  It is founded upon the apostles and it keeps alive the stories of Jesus’ appearances to the early Church.  In the Church, you are in contact with Jesus who always dwells in the midst of the gathered believers.  These events live on.  They carry the power of Jesus’ resurrection and the presence of God’s grace.  I loved to be with the early Church and I remain present in today’s Church.  I will meet you there.

Comment: By his appearances, the Risen Jesus formed a community of believers.  This early community has continued to exist for 2000 years in the Catholic Church.

April 12, 2012

“The Fire of the Resurrection”


I take you into the deepest mysteries of my Immaculate Heart where all the history of the world is contained.  God places every person in my heart.  I am the new Eve, the mother of all the living.  However, many who are in my heart never come to life.  Originally, this divine life was to be given to all, but sin destroyed that gift.  Now, divine life comes only through my Son, Jesus.  The whole human race dwells in my heart but not all awaken to their new life.  This message must be preached, “To have risen life, you must receive it from Jesus.”  His soul was the first to be bathed in divine glory and he is the source of divine glory for all who believe and call upon his name.  This is the mystery of the resurrection which I will explain.

Raising Up Both Jesus and You

The Father raised up Jesus.  Having done this for Jesus, the Father can do the same for any human person.  How can this happen?  What is the secret?

The message has been told, preached to the whole world.  It is no secret.  What happened to Jesus can happen to you.  In fact, it must happen to you so you can avoid eternal death.  My messages are, truly, a matter of life and death.

When I saw Jesus risen in glory, I realized that this should happen to everyone.  The moment I saw him, my heart was filled with a fire, a fire which still burns in my heart.  I see every person as another Jesus.  All can be my children.  I see every person as glorified like Jesus.  I see that every person can be in heaven, like Jesus.  This is the purpose of life on earth.

Experiencing the Resurrection

There is a moment of human history which everyone is meant to share.  At times, a person experiences a special moment and tells others about that moment, but the other person can only hear about the moment.  They cannot experience it like the first person did.  However, the resurrection is a unique moment.  What happened to Jesus, O reader, is meant to happen to you.  You are meant to be filled with divine glory and live forever.  The fire of the resurrection burns painfully in my heart.  Part of that fire belongs to you and I want to give it to you.  Will you take it?  Will you receive it?  Or, will you reject it so I cannot give it to you?  I hope you understand the great gifts that await you if you only enter my heart.


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