The Hidden Childhood Of Jesus Christ As Revealed By The Blessed Virgin Mary

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Nativity Scene

Locutions To The World

March 29, 2012

“The First Christmas”


We were ready and filled with expectancy.  The Savior of the world was to be born, known only to Joseph and me.  Then, came the startling news about the census of Caesar Augustus and the need to go to Bethlehem.  We had gotten used to our plans being changed by God’s will.

We prepared and left.  All of the villagers understood our dilemma.  We were pilgrims, going to a strange city at the most inopportune moment.  Still, we rejoiced like so many others had rejoiced because the time of birth drew near.

Poor People’s Journey

My breasts were full, ready to feed the newborn child.  We brought all that he would need.  Our journey was a poor person’s journey, on a donkey.  During these days, our love grew.  In my many needs, I loved Joseph even more.  Nothing was too much for him.  I said very little.  He provided everything ahead of time, always thoughtful.

Bethlehem was not ready for us.  There was no room where travelers are accustomed to stay.  So, the birth took place in a stable, the best known stable in the whole world.  I was identified with the poor and took my place among those who are rejected and are set aside as of little importance.  There, I would always stay, offering to the poor the milk of my comfort.

The Virgin Birth

My eyes saw the human face of God.  The birth was miraculous, a virgin birth without any of the pains and sufferings, the way birth was meant to be “in the beginning”; the way Eve was meant to give birth before she transgressed and lost her gifts.  I saw life as it was meant to be, a woman rejoicing in her newborn child without suffering the pangs of childbirth.  My pangs would come at Calvary where I brought forth all my other children.  For now, that scene seemed so far away.  That would be the end.  This was the beginning.

God in our Midst

The birth was miraculous but everything else was quite ordinary, but how could anything from now on be ordinary?  Yet, I must say again, everything was just like it would be if the child were not God.  We had to provide for him.  We had to protect him.  We had all the duties of new parents.  Yet, he was in our midst.  With him in our midst, nothing could be just ordinary.

 March 30, 2012

“Prophetic Words in the Temple”


The time came to bring the child to the temple, which was an awesome structure filled with natural and supernatural beauty.  Joseph and I came to the temple as so many other parents had done, but I knew my Son was different.  The Jewish laws about offering the first born male because he was holy to God and then buying him back, was only an image of the reality.  Couples gladly purchased the redemption of their child with a pair of turtledoves or two young pigeons.

Joseph and I did the same but we both knew, without fully understanding, that the Jewish Laws and the focus upon the first born male was all directed to this moment, when God’s first born would be brought to the temple.

Simeon and Anna

When we had fulfilled all the Jewish rites, a holy man named Simeon and a holy prophetess named Anna suddenly came to us.  They were like Elizabeth and Zechariah.  They knew.  They understood.  The Holy Spirit led them.  They had words that God wanted us to hear.  Simeon spoke first in a very personal way.  His holy life was now complete he had seen “the glory of Israel”.  He went beyond Israel and spoke of Jesus as “a light to the nations”.  He told us that God had revealed his mysteries.  The child would be a “sign of contradiction” resulting in “the rise and fall of many in Israel”.  He blessed us and spoke to me, “Your own soul a sword shall pierce”.

The Prophetic Words

He spoke for just a few, brief moments but I never forgot those prophetic words – the sign of contradiction – the rise and fall of many in Israel – the sword that would pierce my heart.  So much was contained in that brief encounter.  Joseph, also, heard the words.  They entered his heart as well.

Anna, also, had a clear vision.  This child would be for the redemption of Jerusalem.  We left the temple holding Jesus in our arms but we knew that the Father only gave him to us for a time.  The Father had his hand upon Jesus and a moment would come when Jesus would leave our house in Nazareth and go to the Jordan.  After being anointed by the Spirit, he would begin.

A Parent’s Task

To all parents, I say this.  God has entrusted you with his sons and daughters.  They belong to the Father.  He just places them in your hands for a few years.  Your task is to awaken them to God and to prepare them for the heavenly Father’s task.  Your work is a holy one and you can only carry it out if you yourselves are holy.

Look at your children.  Someday, they will leave your house.  They will announce their decision.  By that time, it is too late.  Will they leave your home to fulfill God’s purpose or to fulfill selfish and worldly ambitions?  Will they leave your home with clarity or with confusion?  With the true God or false gods?  With proper or improper desires?  Look ahead.  Realize that the moment will come when they will no longer be in your hands and no longer living in your home.

While they are still with you, give your faith to them.  Let them see the holiness of God in your life and learn the truths of God from your teachings.  They, too, can bring forth the glory of God and the salvation of the nations.

March 31, 2012

“An Exile of Protection”


“We must leave this place”.  Joseph’s eyes, usually so peaceful, were filled with fear.  “The child is in danger.  We must go”.  So, we set out on yet another journey, even farther away than our beloved Nazareth, into a strange land and among a foreign people.  Yet, how much I already knew of this nation called Egypt.

Joseph in Egypt

Another Joseph had also gone there, sold into slavery by his brothers, yet destined to be lifted high by the plans of God (which are always so difficult for the human mind to grasp).  I would go to an Egypt from which God had called our forefathers.  He worked great signs and wonders to call them forth.  I would cross the desert which they crossed, the desert in which God formed them into a nation as they lived forty years, waiting to enter the Promised Land.

God’s Plan

These were my thoughts as Joseph and I made the journey, carrying the Savior of Israel.  God was forming us by this exile.  We had to believe.  So much we did not know.  What was God’s plan for us?  He seemingly tells us one thing and then events move us away.  “This child is set for the rise and the fall if many in Israel”, God said to us through Simeon.  But now, we are exiled from Israel and the child will grow up in a foreign culture.  “He will rule over the house of Jacob forever” said the angel, Gabriel.  Yet, Jacob only came to Egypt at the very end of his life.

As we fled into Egypt, the events were confusing, but in my heart a voice spoke.  I recognized the voice of the Father, “I will call my Son out of Egypt” he said, “just as I called my people.  There will be new life and he will bring about a new people.  Go in faith.  Stay there until I call you back.  When you return, I will lead you back to Nazareth.  From there, he will be called a Nazarene”.

Are You in Exile?

It all happened, just as the Father said it would.  O reader, if at this moment you think that events have taken you far away, believe that the Father will bring you back.  He arranges everything to protect the divine life in your soul.  Do not despair and, especially, do not lose faith.  I am with you in your exile.  I know what it means to be sent away, to be uprooted.  Do not forget.  You are never uprooted from my Immaculate Heart.  As I took Jesus, years later, back to Nazareth, so I promise to carry you back to where you will flourish.  I can do that if you remain by faith in my arms.

April 1, 2012

“The Woman of Sorrows”


Soon the exile was over and we retraced our steps, being led out of Egypt by an angel’s word to us.  We settled into our life at Nazareth, joyful to be back among those whom we knew and loved.

God’s graces in my soul were super-abundant.  Each year we made our way to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover.  When Jesus was twelve years old, we set out as usual, not knowing at all what lay ahead.

The Return to Jerusalem

When those days were over, we returned in the large group to Nazareth but soon discovered that Jesus was not there. Our only hope was to go back to Jerusalem and search for him.  How painful was that journey.  The joy of the feast had drained from my heart.  I knew by faith that years later I would make another painful journey to Jerusalem, but this I will describe later.

It took us another day to arrive, so we began our search on the third day in the temple area.  There was Jesus, speaking with the learned teachers of Israel, asking them questions and even giving replies.  They were astounded and we were amazed.

I could only speak from my heart, “Jesus, why have you done this?  Your father and I have been looking for you?”  His reply was totally different from what I expected.  “Why were you looking for me?  Did you not know that I had to be in my Father’s house?”  Yes, he belonged to his heavenly Father.

Belonging to the Father

I knew this all along, and like any devout Jewish mother, I continually gave Jesus back to the Father, “He is yours”, I would say, “not mine”, but this event made that sacrifice so real.  We had lost Jesus for three days, and our joyful finding of him was now mixed with the realization that he did not belong to us.  He called God his Father and it was to his Father that he would dedicate his life.  I had always said, “Father, he belongs to you”.  Yet, facing that reality was a sorrow of my heart.  Now, I had experienced three sorrows – the prophesy of Simeon, the escape into Egypt and this event in the temple.  As the Mother of Jesus, I would accumulate many more sorrows.  These sorrows were part of my “yes” to God.

O reader, how many sorrows you endure.  When they become too heavy for you, come to me, the Mother of Sorrows, and I will console you.  I will pour out the endless blessings that I stored up for you.  With every sorrow, God gave me endless blessings, so I could give them to all those who suffer.  Earth is a valley of tears, but I can make it into a valley of peace.  This is why I speak.

April 2, 2012

“Jesus Understands His Identity”


The moment came when Joseph passed from earthly life to heavenly life.  His eyes had seen the Messiah.  More than that, he had protected the mystery, keeping it hidden and protecting me.  I felt his loss deeply, grieving as any wife would do.  Yet, the human grief was marked with the greatest joy.

His death seemed like the normal human picture, a wife and a son at a deathbed, but Joseph died with God and the Mother of God at his death.  Now, he is the patron saint of a holy death.  So, begin now to pray to him, asking for your own holy death.

Alone Together at Nazareth

Now, Jesus and I were alone, locked together in the greatest mystery of heaven and earth.  We spoke often of Israel and its purpose in God’s plan.  We knew well the scriptures, the prophesies, especially the prophecy of Nathan to David, that his descendent would lead Israel.  I remembered those words of the angel, spoken about Jesus, “The Lord God will give him the throne of David, his father, and he shall reign over the house of Jacob forever”.

We spoke often and I could see Jesus increasing in wisdom.  He would come and ask me about certain Scripture texts, like “The Lord said to my Lord.  Sit at my right hand and I will make you enemies your footstool”.  I could see the mystery unfold before my very eyes.  He would come and say to me, “Mother, many times I read the Scriptures and a voice inside me says, “That text is speaking about you, Jesus.”  “That is God who speaks in your heart, Jesus.  Listen to his voice.”

Mary Explains

Another time, he asked, “Mother, how was I conceived?”  I told him the story, “Jesus, I had always consecrated my body and soul to God.  This was a mystery that I did not understand.  When Joseph asked me to marry him, I had to reveal this mystery, which Joseph accepted and we would live with both our hearts consecrated to virginity.  Then an angel told me that I was to conceive.  This confused me until the angel explained that the Holy Spirit would overshadow me and what would be born of me, would be the Son of God.  That is you, Jesus.”

Jesus Responds

He listened.  He thought.  He was not shocked or overwhelmed.  He merely said, “Now I understand”.  “What do you understand?” I asked.  “This voice that always speaks within me.  The voice calls me “Son” and I respond “Father”.  He calls me “beloved son” and I call him “heavenly Father”.  We are one, he with me and I with him.  There seems to be no distance between us, as if we share the same nature and are one in our being.”  “The voice is true”, I answered.  “Listen to it and be faithful.  Do whatever it tells you.  Act according to what it shows you”.  He listened to my words and left, going as usual to the place of solitude and prayer where he was always attracted.


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