The Secrets Of The Immaculate Heart Of Mary – The Hidden Life Of The Blessed Virgin

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March 22, 2012

“Mary’s Inner Experiences”


I always walked in God’s light and, as my life went on, the light grew greater until I was totally clothed in divine light. I had always said “Yes” to God but a moment came when my whole being was totally and completely absorbed in the divine. By this gift, I accepted all the sufferings caused by my Son’s passion and death.

God’s Embrace

When that death came, I experienced a new grace. The hand of God embraced me as never before. The Father called me “daughter”. The Son called me “mother”. The Spirit called me “espoused”. I entered into realms of God that I had never seen before, moving into the divine mysteries, seeing the divine beauty and experiencing God’s delights.

This was in the upper parts of my spirit because in the lower parts I was experiencing all the darkness and sadness of a mother grieving over the death of her only son. This is my message to those who love me.

Receiving Mary’s Light

I cannot free you of all your suffering here on earth, just as the Father did not spare me the suffering that was involved with my life. However, in those darkest moments, I can come to you in the highest parts of your spirit. I can bathe you in my light, even when your human spirit is immersed in the greatest darkness.

I promise to teach you my secrets and to share with you my religious experiences, but you must come aside. I cannot do this unless you give yourself to prayer, to solitude, to reading my messages. Yes, read the messages because they contain eternal life for you. Ponder them and put them into practice, even if this is slowly and step-by-step.

Revealing the Secrets

I want to open the whole world to the mystical graces that flow from my Immaculate Heart. The heavenly Father immersed me into all the sufferings of Calvary so he could open up these secret doors of his blessings. I now have these blessings. I hold them for you. Everyone can become a mystic. The graces are available to all. This is the secret of devotion to my Immaculate Heart which I am revealing through these messages.

March 23, 2012

“The Riches of Mary”


I want my children to come into my heart to discover all the riches and blessings which God has placed there.

In the Womb

When I was conceived without sin, the Father placed within me a fullness of divine life, greater than any other human person had ever received. Even the great saints, like Peter and Paul, after all their years of knowing and loving Jesus, did not have at the end of their life even a fraction of the divine life which I had from the first moment of conception. Even while in the womb of my mother, this life multiplied itself into a greater fullness. While still in the womb, I became aware of the Father, Son and Spirit with a mystical and experiential knowledge far greater than the highest Seraphim. I loved God, even before my birth, more than all the angels and all the saints combined.

After Birth

As I saw my parents, I perceived them in God’s light and I loved them as God loved them. I was so taken up with God that I saw the whole world as His creation and every human person as God loved them.

Although my body was on earth, my spirit was already rejoicing in God, my Savior. Every moment, God’s divine life was multiplying in me. Every second it increased more than all the other moments of my life combined. I was absorbed deeper and deeper into God’s secrets. Within each secret, there were millions of other secrets. Within each attribute, millions of other still unknown attributes. I was experiencing the infinite, inner life of God.

Experiencing the Trinity

In the middle of all my divine experiences of the Father, there was a Man who said “I am the way to the Father”. Quite mysteriously, he and the Father were one, both having these infinite qualities and sharing fully in the life that was being revealed to me. The two of them brought forth a third Person, a pure flame that united them and completed the mystery. Although complete, the mystery reached out to me through that sacred humanity and I was drawn into the flame of God’s love. This happened continually. Each time I was plunged into that flame, I became more like it, taking on its qualities and receiving the life which it enjoyed.

March 24, 2012

“Joseph, My Husband”


There was my natural life and my supernatural life. I lived as a daughter of Israel, attending the synagogue, learning the Jewish scriptures and fulfilling my role. No one would have singled me out. I dressed and ate as others. I participated in family life and in the community life at Nazareth.

The Three Divine Persons

Yet, within me, my soul was absorbed by this light that revealed God. I understood God as taught by the scriptures, that He was one and there was no other. But my supernatural light brought me to understand that within this oneness there were three perfect Persons, all eternal and almighty. I did not share this with others, because I could not fully describe my experiences.

Meeting Joseph

Then, I met Joseph. He was kind and thoughtful. He, too, was holy and devout. Holiness joined us together. My soul rejoiced in his presence and I shared with him some beginning revelations, those that I could put into words. He always responded and I could see that my words gave nourishment to his soul. So, we spoke often. Our Jewish faith gave us many common themes. He was a just man, always living according to the Mosaic Law.

I could not explain my attraction to him. This attraction itself was a mystery and somehow, it shared in the mystery of God and the three Persons. The more I was absorbed in God in heaven, the more I felt attracted to Joseph on earth. God, himself, had singled him out and, my love for Joseph in no way violated my love for God. The two went together in a mystery that I could not understand but which was so evident to me.

The Proposal to Marry

Then came a special moment. I can never forget it. Joseph was older than I and he had never thought of marrying again. However, as we shared our mutual love for God, we both felt an attraction which we knew was there but we never spoke about. Then, one day, under a divine inspiration, Joseph asked me to be his wife. At this point, I had to tell him what God was doing in my soul. I told him that I felt absorbed by God and, in these great gifts I had given myself totally to God, that I had consecrated myself in a way that no daughter of Abraham would even think of doing. I had told God that I would be his perpetual virgin. This was the first gift. I also explained to Joseph that my attraction for him and his attraction for me was part of my divine experiences, that as I was absorbed into God, my heart was also moved closer to Joseph. So, I placed this great mystery before him in the only words I knew. He, somehow, understood. Yet, both of us did not know the outcome. I knew he was a just man and would ponder the situation.

Joseph’s Decision

Soon, however, he returned and said that, through me, God had touched his own heart and he, too, felt drawn into this holy calling. He would share in my virginal consecration. Again, he asked me to be his wife, with the understanding that he would always love me and protect me as a husband but would never ask me for the rights that a husband has regarding his wife.

We both knew that God had consummated a great gift. We were more mutually joined in our hearts than any other couple who had promised to marry each other. We were betrothed and we told everyone. No one else knew the great mystery. In the eyes of all, we were just like any other betrothed couple, waiting for the day when Joseph would tell my parents that he wanted to take me into his home. This would be the final and concluding moment.

In my own heart, my heavenly call and my earthly call had come together. This question was now answered. When I consecrated my virginity to God, I did not know how this could ever be fulfilled in my Jewish culture which made no such provision. God, in whom I had trusted, had everything prepared and I rejoiced in God my Savior.

March 25, 2012

“The Angels’ Message”


When the angel Gabriel came I thought I was settled into my way of life. God had provided everything. I had my inner call which was so unique and I also had Joseph, who would allow me to live this call, hidden from the eyes of others. Our hearts were truly one. His heart was given to God just as mine was. We were totally united, called together into this mystery that flowed from my heart but which his heart welcomed, also.

Frightened By God’s Light

This was the situation when Gabriel said these words, “Hail, full of grace. The Lord is with you”. I had always enjoyed the intimacy of God. So many times, he had spoken in my heart calling me to himself. Now, God spoke through an angel. This went beyond any experience I had ever had. Through this visit, I was plunged into the greatest divine light. It is frightening to be lost in darkness but it is even more frightening to be overwhelmed with God’s light. Gabriel did not need to hear my words. He saw my fear, and said, “Do not be afraid, Mary, because you have found favor with God”. I saw and I understood better than any scholar what this meant.

The Regained Favor

Adam and Eve had lost this favor. Now, I began to understand that all the divine favors that I had experienced were a sign. Gabriel was revealing that all these favors because I was perfectly joined to God. What was at the beginning, existed again. What had been lost was regained. I was perfectly united with God just as our first parents had been. Everything came together. Through these words, “You have found favor with God”, I saw the mystery. I understood what God had done.

A Greater Mystery

I asked myself a question, “Why has God done this to me?” Gabriel went on, “You shall conceive and bear a son”. Once more, I was enveloped by a mystery that I did not understand. I had faithfully followed God’s inner call. I had consecrated myself as a virgin. God had confirmed that call by giving me Joseph. We had agreed to a life of virginity. Now, I was told by an angel of God that I would conceive.

All I could say was, “How can this be, since I do not know man?” Gabriel quickly explained the divine plan, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the Most High shall overshadow you”. I understood his words, “the Holy Spirit”. He was the third eternal Person whom I had experienced coming from the Father and the Son. I thought to myself, “Will I be absorbed into God? Will I be made fruitful by a Divine Person?”

The Son Coming From the Father

Yet, that is what Gabriel was telling me, “The child to be born will be called holy, the Son of God”. The words rang in my head and flooded my heart. Through the divine favors, I had seen and experienced the Father and the Son in the eternal processions of the three Divine Persons. With his Father, he was truly an eternal Son. Now, Gabriel used the words “A child to be born”. I would be a mother. A child would come forth from my womb. That child would be the Son whom I saw come forth from the Father’s side. God’s plan was so clear to me. I understood it. The Father was knocking at my door, inviting me to open myself to the power of his Spirit so that his Son could take flesh and blood within my womb.

All Is Possible With God

Even Gabriel stood outside the mystery. He was just the messenger. Seeing me try to respond to the invitation, he told me of what God had already done. My kinswoman Elizabeth, who was beyond the years of childbearing, had conceived a son and was in her sixth month. This was a marvel of God. Gabriel was using the burning and shining lamp of John to guide me. Then, with the greatest of simplicity, he said, “Mary, nothing is impossible to God!” How those words supported me. Yes, for God, nothing is impossible. All that I heard, all that I was told was possible. It could take place.

Mary’s Free Will

At that moment I experienced the freedom of my will. I experienced God as the great respecter of the human persons whom he creates. I realized that God waited upon me. He knocked but he did not open. He invited but he did not compel. He who is almighty would not act. He would wait. It was as if all the centuries were contained in that single moment, as if all of history, from Adam and Eve to Jesus’ Final Coming, was suspended, held in midair. In my own heart, it was like years, all the years and all the moments that I had experienced God’s delights. Now, I realized God was my suitor. He wanted my hand in marriage and my womb to bring forth his Son.

And the Word Became Flesh

How could I refuse him? How could any creature say “No”? My whole being poured forth into God. I was united to God as I had never been before. The divine fire overshadowed me. “Let it be done” I said. I repeated this over and again, as if once was not worthy enough of his Being.

Then, silence overwhelmed my soul, the deepest of all silences. I was still, and totally attentive. How else could I be? The Word was becoming flesh. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, the overshadowing took place. With that, Gabriel departed and I was left with my thoughts and with the eternal, living Word in my womb.

March 26, 2012

“Traveling to See Elizabeth”


After Gabriel left, I was alone and able to ponder what had just happened. The miracle had taken place. The Word had become flesh. I was pregnant with the heavenly Father’s Son. I had become the bride of the eternal Holy Spirit. Now, I had to live out this mystery. Where should I go from here? What would be my first steps?

A New Light

I found a new light within me. Formerly, this inner light had guided me to perfection and showed me the way to be pleasing to God. Now, this new light would show me how to be God’s mother. All was clear. The angel had revealed God’s miracle to Elizabeth. I would go there and we would rejoice together, each of us sharing what God had done within our wombs, for in both of us there was miraculous life.

It was not easy to say “goodbye”. How could I explain this decision? All I could say to others was that my heart was set on it. When would I return? I had to say that I did not know. Of course, Joseph was the most difficult of all. He was puzzled. So recently, we had come to our decision. Now, I was leaving Nazareth for far away Judea (90 miles). I knew I had to go, so I set out in haste for the hill country of Judea.

With Elizabeth

I was alone on the journey and better able to ponder the events that had overtaken me. Within my womb I carried the Savior of the world. Within my heart, I carried this secret known only to me. As I arrived at Zechariah’s house, Elizabeth broke out into prophetic words, “Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb”. The Spirit had placed these words on her lips. She went on “Who am I that the mother of my Lord should come to me?” She knew that I was pregnant with God’s Son. The Lord had given me a companion in my mystery. I was no longer alone in the universe because our hearts were joined by divine revelation. Then, she said those final words, “Blessed are you who believed that the Lord’s words to you would be fulfilled”.

Special Memories

Suddenly, I was back in spirit in Nazareth, at that moment when Gabriel revealed the mystery and when everything had been placed before me. I understood clearly what the angel was saying. However, would I believe that it was true? God flooded my heart with this extraordinary divine light and my mind believed that God wanted to take flesh within me. All that Gabriel had proclaimed in just a few words was God’s invitation. Within I was saying, “I believe. I believe”. My mind did not move to the right or to the left. I did not ponder the consequences. My eyes focused only on the mystery and I repeated those words, “I believe. I believe”.

As I said those words, my heart rushed to the center of the mystery, drawn by the almighty hand of God. Suddenly, I was there, on the edge of eternity, at the brink of the mystery, ready to fall forever into the arms of the Father. Elizabeth was right, “Blessed are you who believed that the Lord’s words to you would be fulfilled.”

In her presence, I relived those moments. How many times, God would always lead me back to that scene of divine intimacy. It was so good to be with Zechariah and Elizabeth. They had their own divine mystery, a child leaping in her womb and filling her with the Holy Spirit.

March 27, 2012

“Joseph’s Dilemma”


On my return to Nazareth, there was the obvious problem.  Joseph, who was puzzled by my sudden leaving, now could see that I had conceived a child.  We did not speak about it.  He just grew silent and withdrew from me.  What else could I expect?  He was a just man and, in his eyes, I had committed adultery.  He, who had thought that I was the purest maiden in the whole world, now saw me as an adulteress and he was the only one who knew that the child was not his.

God’s Plan

I saw how God had arranged everything.  He had waited for our betrothal and for all of Nazareth to know of our relationship.  After that, we could have come together as husband and wife.  That was a private decision.  The couple was free to begin their married life whenever they chose.  In the eyes of all at Nazareth, we had come together before I left and now I was three months pregnant.  God had covered over the mystery and hidden it from all.  Joseph, however, was in the middle.

We spoke little in those days and my silence only confirmed what he was thinking, that I was pregnant by another man.  I could say nothing.  Heaven had to reveal the mystery.  My words would seem preposterous.

Waiting in Faith

So, I waited in faith, my first great trial.  I realized the consequences.  He could have me stoned or he could put me away quietly.  I never doubted Joseph.  I never thought for a moment that he would have me killed (and the Messiah with me).  Joseph belonged to God, and now I saw why God had chosen him.  Another man, less sensitive to the divine, would have acted in haste and in anger.  Joseph moved slowly and in grace.

Joseph’s Decision

Then came the moment.  I will never forget those words, “I have come to take you into my home.  Let us begin our married life as we had agreed”. As yet, I did not know what had happened until he said to me, “I know the fullness of the mystery.  What was conceived in you is from the Holy Spirit.  We will call the child, “Jesus”, for he shall save his people from their sins.”  This was from God.  He had even revealed to Joseph the same name for the child that Gabriel had said.

He went on, “Mary, you are blessed among women.  You are all pure and all holy, chosen by the Most High God to be his mother and all ages will call you blessed.  I am the protector of the mystery, called by God to be seen as the father of Jesus, for he must come from the House of David.  I will always be faithful to you, knowing that you have believed God’s word and conceived by his power.  Now, let us begin to prepare for his birth like any other couple”.

The mystery was complete.  By God’s hand, Joseph, also, was now enclosed in this wall of God’s plan and I could look forward to the day I would bring forth this child.  O reader, wait upon God.  Believe in his plans.  Trust that he will arrange everything so you can fulfill his will.  Everything will move toward that goal if you do not get in God’s way.

March 28, 2012

“Marriage – As it Was in the Beginning”


So Joseph and I began our married life.  It was a home, filled with marital love but he had no sexual relations with me.  Many would find this impossible.  Many do not believe it, even though it is clearly told in the gospels.  Many would say, “What kind of marriage is this when the couple does not enjoy the bodily oneness that consummates the personal union?”

Indeed, marriage is a deep personal relationship which, in the natural, is consummated by the physical union of bodies that can bring forth new life.  But the natural does not exhaust the possibilities of human existence.  The natural should open out to the supernatural and to God’s will.

Putting Aside Bodily Union

At times, God’s wants the couple to refrain from bodily union.  There are external causes (like physical illness) or internal causes.  For example, the couple believes they are not ready to conceive another child.  So, in every marriage, if it is truly open to the supernatural, there will be times, even periods of time, when the couple would set aside their bodily union.

Our marriage was even deeper in the supernatural.  God had claimed my body as his own.  God’s Son was living in my womb.  Even before this mystery existed, I had accepted a supernatural call to perpetual virginity.  Joseph, also, had received the call to be my husband and to safeguard my perpetual call.  Our relationship was full and deeply loving, but there was also a unique supernatural aspect which I will try to explain.

Marriage in the Beginning

More than any couple, we lived in God’s presence.  Adam and Eve also had lived in this presence and had accepted their male/female relationship as a gift from God.  They had not yet joined their bodies and Eve had not yet conceived or become “the Mother of the Living”.  Yet, they lived in the deepest of love.

However, when sin came, their supernatural relationship with God was destroyed and their relationship with each other became distorted.  It was never the same.  They could never regain the greatness of their relationship which came from God’s supernatural gifts.  Only by the supernatural was the natural sustained.  When the supernatural was destroyed, an evil entered their relationship which they could not control.

This is the state of marriage now present in the world.  To regain its greatness, marriage needs the supernatural.  My marriage with Joseph had the fullness of supernatural blessings.  Through us, all generations of spouses can regain the supernatural equilibrium of the original couple.

Our marriage is a light put upon the lampstand.  Marriage is not primarily a bodily union.  It is a union of persons brought about by God’s supernatural gifts.  The more God’s power and kingdom rule in the marriage, the higher will be their relationship and the fuller will be the sexual life which they enjoy.  The spouses will be equals, with each bringing their gift of masculinity and femininity to the relationship.  Each will complement the other.  By their own power, the couple cannot build a marriage relationship because they carry too much sin and selfishness.  By faith, the supernatural can join them in a way that even their sinfulness cannot destroy.  Do you think a man can love a woman, and vice-versa during their entire life without the power of supernatural love?  This is too much for human love because its strengths are too soon exhausted.

A Promise

You married couples who struggle in your relationship, especially in your sexual life, run to Joseph and me.  Come together in prayer and we will gladly share our supernatural gifts so you can begin to enjoy marriage “as it was in the beginning” before sin destroyed what God had planned.  We lived in this supernatural gift to help you to live in a marriage which enjoys natural and supernatural helps.


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