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Locutions To The World

November 1, 2011

“Lanterns in an Emergency”


All the world is in my hands and I have been told by the heavenly Father to protect all those whom I can and to make it easy for them to find the right road in the coming darkness. The Father wants to provide for his children. He is like a father preparing for a coming disaster. He sees what Satan has in store. He sees totally what will happen (even though he will not cause it). He knows every moment and every situation of every person in the coming darkness. He prepares ahead of time, not wanting his children to be lost. So, he provides lanterns of light that will be put along the road. All who see these lanterns will know where they can walk in safety. They will not be lost.

The Father has prepared many lights. They are all available, but Satan would cover them over. If anyone listens to my words, this cannot happen. They can return to my words again and again to gain the needed light. So, listen to my words.

First, never fear because fear destroys hope which is needed as the darkness continues and people see no end in sight. When a disaster happens, people seek actively for solutions. However, as time goes on and the problems grow, they give up hope. The Father has entrusted these children to me so that they never, never lose hope. In the darkness, keeping alive hope is the key to survival.

Second, love one another. Stay close to one another. Help one another. Sacrifice yourselves. In this way, something will happen within you. You will find yourself unbelievably strong. Great heroism will be released within. You will see storehouses of inner strength that you never knew that you had.

Finally, believe these words, “I am coming”. Yes, time and again I will come to you. Whatever you need, I will provide. At present, you believe in me but you do not experience my presence because you do not need this now. The darkness has not come yet. When it comes, I will come. It is like the emergency lights that never shine until an emergency happens. When the darkness comes, I will come. Blessed are all those who have learned to call on me. Goodbye my children.

February 3, 2012

“Advice for the Trials”


No one knows the trials which lie ahead. For now, I can only promise mankind that I will provide a road for all who call on me. Many will trust in their own wisdom and will take the wrong road. They will say, “Let us go here and we will be safe”. Others will turn to me and I will show them the true path. These decisions are very important. The first steps often decide the future course.

Acting in Love

As the trials begin, they must not act from fear but from love. That is the secret. Do not just think about yourself. Think about others. Do not exclude anyone of good will who is willing to cooperate. By opening your heart to others, the trial can become a great moment. Those who reach out and who help others, I will bless and show the way.

Never Despairing

Never despair. This is so important. Many with great resources will give up. However, those who share love will be bonded together in a cocoon of my protection. These bonds of love will grow. People will be reunited. Families which dispersed amid surpluses will gather again as resources shrink. Individualism will give way to relationships and helping one another.

Do not forget. I will be acting in everyone’s life and in every event. These events have already begun like the first signs of labor pains. The contractions will quicken and grow more noticeable. My words must be acted on now. First, love one another. Second, simplify your lifestyle. Cut your expenses. Third, lessen your individualism. Multiply your oneness. Develop your relationships. If you always move along this road, you will make great progress and will be ready as the trials increase.

February 22, 2012

“Don’t Blame God”


When all the events begin, it will be too late to prepare.  This is what I constantly preach.  My Son, Jesus, preached the same message.  Everyone puts off this invitation to repent and to turn to God.  “Heaven can wait”, they say.  Today, we must care for the things of earth.  My message is this, “It is not a question of heaven waiting.  It is hell that will not wait.  If you do not repent from heavenly motives, then, at least, repent from fear of falling into hell’s plans.”

No Waiting

Hell will not wait.  It will try to devour the whole world.  It wants to be unleashed.  It has already fashioned its instruments of pain and suffering.  I will be clear.  All suffering comes from the Evil One.  You can ignore heaven but you cannot ignore hell.  Heaven gently invites you to love.  Hell gives you no such decision.  It forces hatred and suffering.  It destroys free will.  It constructs a world of suffering and sorrow which completely overwhelm.

I will draw the picture clearly.  Soon, so very soon, the powers of hell will be unleashed against the whole world.  All will experience these powers, in one degree or another.  There will be a series of events, one following another, that will totally change the face of the earth.

The Destruction of Hell

Do not blame God.  Do not say, “Why has God done this?”  Look at all my messages.  I always say “God is ready to help” and “Turn to God and he will protect you”.  I say this again and again. Do not blame God.  All of this destruction comes from hell and, if only mankind had called upon me, I would have intervened.

Mankind is free.  It makes decisions.  It chooses heaven or hell.  It unleashes either the creative love of heaven or the destructive hatred of hell.  O mankind, what have you released?  Need I answer that question?  Just look around at your world!

“Soon, so very soon”.  They are my words.  Repent.  Turn to God.  Invoke my help, praying, “Mary be with me.”  That is all you need to say.  I will come and we will begin to prepare.

March 16, 2012

“The Tidal Waves of Anxiety”


Do not let the tides that come against you prevail. Do not even let them overwhelm you and cause you to fear. They are like clouds in the sky which are easily driven away. People without faith will say that this is not true, but those who believe will know that I speak the truth. However, I must instruct my children in my ways so that the tidal waves of anxiety do not sweep you away.

Mary’s Secrets

First, keep your hearts for me. When you give your hearts to worldly possessions, then you grow anxious that they can be swept away. Second, do not try to stand alone. A lonely believer is difficult to protect. You must bond yourself with others by a unity which flows from charity and sharing. Third, you must not use the world’s methods. The world lies. You must be a person of truth. The world steals. You must be a person of honesty. The world plots its goals. You must be a person of simplicity. The world limits its care. You must reach out to all who seek your help.

Now, I will come to the heart of my teaching. In the middle of trials, the problem is the imagination which looks ahead and can conjure up many different scenes that never occur. A power of fear grows like a tidal wave that threatens to destroy and sweep away.

At the Ocean’s Edge

Place yourself for a moment at the ocean’s edge. When a wave comes, the child clings to his parent who lifts the child up. The wave passes by. Now the child knows what to do whenever a wave is coming. They cling to the parent who lifts them up, time and again.

So, it is with you. The tides coming against you will not prevail if you come to me and allow me to lift you up. After each wave, you will have greater confidence. You will remember all the waves that did not prevail against you. You will know not to wander from me. You will be aware that waves can come suddenly and with great force. You will not want to be caught far away from me.

Come, O reader, together we can conquer the whole ocean of life. We can prevail against the greatest of tidal waves and be found standing strong when my Son comes for you in his glory.

March 21, 2012

“Preparing For the Coming Worldwide Darkness”


Do not turn back from this road of seeking God’s favors in my Immaculate Heart. Every person in the world is called and invited by Almighty God to enter my heart and, there, to find all that God has for them.

A Need for Great Searching

Many search for meaning in the world. However, what can you find in the world except earthly treasures? Others search for meaning in their jobs or their careers or even in their families. Even here, the human heart is not fully satisfied and all are subject to the darkness and trials that have come and will come soon upon the earth. All of that searching is not enough. I must reveal another road to a different place. I must reveal it now. I will say something so that you see the urgency of getting inside my Immaculate Heart. In former times, to have a job, to have a family, and to practice their faith were all that a person, even a good person, would seek. This would be the ideal picture – two devout parents who fulfilled their tasks, loved their children and practiced their faith. What could be more perfect? What I say is that all of the conditions will change dramatically and that level of faith and goodness will not be enough. Even the person at this level of faith will not survive the satanic onslaught that will soon be released.

A Greater Revelation

So, I must reveal what is greater, and what is needed now. In my Immaculate Heart are mystical gifts that will unite people to God as I was united. The Father gave me these gifts at Calvary when I had to stand at the cross and see my Son die his cruel death. Only by these mystical gifts could I have persevered. (O reader, do you think I was able to be faithful by my own powers?) That was the Hour of Darkness. Another hour of darkness is coming upon the whole earth and there is only one place to survive, in my Immaculate Heart where God has stored up all my mystical favors. These favors are also for you. You will need them in the darkness and you must find them now. When the darkness comes, you will not be able to discover your way.

April 23, 2012

“Surviving the New Situation of the World”


I lead you into the future.  It will be like a forest, where much is entangled and where there are many dangers.  However, I will be there with you, giving you extraordinary help.  I will be close to you and, on so many occasions, you will sense my presence and your heart will be lifted up.  After a while, you will realize that, with my help, you can survive in this new situation, that you can gather with your loved ones and others with whom you have bonded in faith.

Life will not be like it was before.  The prosperity will have gone.  Simplicity will be demanded.  The world will no longer be confident of its power, or even of its teachings.  There will be great questioning, especially, “What direction should we take?”  This questioning represents a very special moment.  For those prepared by my messages, the road will be very clear.

I will repeat my words, “When the times of trial begin everything will be different.  You will be deprived of many things and you will need to make great sacrifices.  However, you will also see this as a time of great holiness for you and your family.  You will experience my presence and you will have great faith in me.  You will bond with others to whom you are joined in faith.  Gradually, you will gain a new confidence that you will be able to survive these crises and live in quite a different way.  You will place all your confidence in my protection in a way never demanded of you before.  All of this will lead to a great purification of your life and a strengthening of relationships”.

To Those With No Faith

To those who have not prepared for these trials and for whom faith seems foreign and unknown I say, “In the darkness of these trials, I will offer you new light”.  You have never seen yourself as a person of faith.  Even the terms of faith are new and unknown.  Do not let this discourage you.  I can bring you along quickly to a deep personal faith that will serve you well.  With your new faith, you will find yourself being moved to seek out those who already experience this faith.  As you do this, you will find all that you need to survive the trials.

May 9, 2012

“A Society Within A Society”


When the events begin and the armies of Satan are unleashed, everything will happen very quickly, like a blitzkrieg that attempts to begin and end the war quickly.  Everything will be calculated to make people fear and to attribute to these armies more power than they really have. Satan wants a quick and sudden surrender so he is not unmasked.  He will pretend to have power that he does not have.

Those Who Surrender

Many will surrender.  Those who have no beliefs, for whom earthly life has always been an accommodation, a getting along will quickly surrender.  Those who have never allowed strongly held beliefs to stand in their way will be among the first to surrender.  Secondly, will be those for whom religious beliefs are not strong.  They also will say, “It is hopeless”. Sadly, they will surrender their beliefs.

Those Who Stand Firm

But, those whom I have instructed by these messages will be ready to resist and even to fight back and to gather others to their cause.  They will rise up.  They will not hide.  They will not be cowards.  Their voices will be raised.  Some, who believe but are wavering, will take heart that some are ready to take a stand.  So, they will be attracted to join.

Theirs will not be an immediate victory.  Just the opposite.  They will be persecuted, marginalized and moved out of key positions.  Yet, they will never surrender their beliefs.  They will never go along.  For this to happen, the lines must be firmly drawn.  It must be around issues on which they will never compromise.

As they persevere, something new will be created, a society within a society.  A society of light within a society of darkness.  A society of truth within a society of the lie.  This little group will be the saving society and anyone, if they wish to pay the price, will be free to join them.  They will only survive because they bond together in charity (as I have so often mentioned).

May 10, 2012

“How to Enter the Ark”


As the events unfold, all will understand how important are my words.  Now, while the world goes merrily along its way, my words are shoved aside as useless and of little value.  Yet, some will cherish my words and say, “These are important and we cannot set them aside with a wait-and-see attitude”.

The world will not be the same because some fundamental changes will take place that man cannot control.  Resources will grow thin and man’s selfishness will make everything worse.  One evil will lead to greater evils and people will ask, “When will this end?”

A New Ark

I speak from a mother’s heart, from great concern for the human race.  These are all my children and I would care for everyone, whether they know me or do not yet know me.  I must become known before all these events begin because I am the new Ark of the Covenant.  Therefore, I speak and speak (almost endlessly) because I want the world to know my heart and that the Father, foreseeing these events, wants to provide this new Ark.

Difficult Events

I cannot give this teaching any more clearly.  Very, very difficult events are ahead.  They will certainly come.  They will affect the whole world, some places more than others.  I will be in the middle of these events, helping all who come to me.  Right now, I will teach you how to come.  Begin now, because when the flood comes it is too late to learn how to swim.

The Powers of Your Soul

Coming to me begins in silence, when your heart turns away from the constant distractions.  When is the last time you have tried to be silent?  The last time, you have tried to pray?  I can be all around you but if you are not still, you will never experience my help.  So, I say these words: quiet, silence, withdrawal from the world, a time of retreat, a time of peace, an attempt to pray, a calling out to me.  They all urge you to do the same thing, to allow the powers of your soul to experience that I am with you.

Learn this gift.  When the events begin, you will say, “Mary is all around me.  I can feel her protection.”

May 18, 2012

“Searching for the Children”


I come looking and searching for my children.  They are lost and cannot easily be found.  I know where they are and I can come to them but their eyes are so blinded and their hearts are so entangled, that even my closest presence does not awaken them.

I speak to them but they cannot hear.  They are deaf to the words from heaven.  This is my dilemma and I must act quickly.  The time of trial is so close at hand.  They are asleep in the garden and will soon run away at the slightest show of force.

False Interpretations

In my desperation, I will take extraordinary means.  Some will see my hand in the coming economic collapse.  Do not interpret it that way.  The collapse comes from the hands of men and the intellect of Satan.  Some will see my hand in the wars which will break out, but the wars come from greed and anger.

My children do not look for my hand in all the evils that befall mankind.  These evils are the products of sin.  The Heavenly Father permits them only to remove the fuel for greater sins.

Study the Cross

The world is entering into a period of the greatest mystery of evil since my Son was nailed to a cross.  Study the cross.  Only the cross can unlock the mystery of evil so that you understand.  What must you understand?  That powers of evil are rampant and they must be resisted.  Look at the cross.  Learn its lesson.  Evil always, always tries to destroy the good.  Now, see your foolishness in cooperating with evil.  That is called sin.

I search for my children but they cannot hear me.  What can I do?  If I help them to repent of their sins, their eyes will open and they will see me at their side.  Repentance is my extraordinary means.

June 17, 2012

“When Hope Is Shattered”


In difficult times, many turn back. They abandon their hopes and allow their dreams to be destroyed. This rips apart the fragments of their lives, leaving all in shreds. They have lost the dream that brought together all their forces for the single goal.

This also destroys relationships. People gather because they share a goal. When hope is lost, all fragments. The person has no inner oneness and society possesses no hope that brings its people together. Once hope is shattered, who can piece it together, who can restore its power? Shattered hope is like a mirror broken into many pieces. Who can restore its beauty?

Hope is my gift. I hold this in my heart for anyone who wishes to take it. I pour hope upon all who come to me. Hope is my secret. My children can go through many sufferings and disappointments without losing hope. Even if their hope gets shattered (usually when they forget me and walk away), I can restore hope if they return.

When people have many material goods they set hope aside and place their security in their possessions. But what happens when their possessions are taken away? They have forgotten how to hope. They never needed God’s help. They never needed to hope. They are isolated because material goods took the place of people. When people have little, they stay together in hope. When they have much, they separate in independence and self-security. Then, they are not ready for hard times.

I am trying to prepare you for the hard times that you will face. Set your material goods aside and pick up once more your religious hope. Be drawn into the gift that I offer you by these messages. It is an inner gift, the spiritual stirrings in your soul. Do not be surprised by your new desires for a life with God. I am placing them there because you read my messages. Read them often. Read them slowly. Many sentences will touch your heart. I provide everything and I ask from you only the effort which you can easily give.

June 21, 2012

“Who Can Divert the Flood?”


The human race moves ahead, always confident that it can solve its problems and resolve its crises. Structures of governments and agencies are put in place to assure that human life flows harmoniously. Structures are everywhere, not just national governments but United Nations and regional groupings of countries.

Releasing the Floods

But, when the floods come, what structures will be adequate and, in some cases, what structures will remain standing. All will be changed and a crisis of despair will pour across the nations.

I have said this clearly. The floods have not yet been released. The waters are still contained within their boundaries. But will this remain? Who is shoring up the walls? Who is sacrificing for the common good? What leader is on the scene, or even on the horizon, who can divert this flood?

The First World

I speak in very clear images. What do they mean? There is a flow of human events and areas of the world where life seems secure. The people live without daily turmoil or in fear of their lives. They plan their futures and believe that their future will be stable. They do not foresee any shaking of their economic and political structures, nor do they see any enemy on their borders menacing their safety. This describes a significant part of the world, usually called “The First World”. Upon this solid structure is based the Second World, which seeks to gain the same political and economic security so its people, too, can have a safe and foreseeable future.

This is what I am talking about. When the floods come, whole nations that seemed secure will find that they have built their houses on sand and these houses will not stand. Whole nations will plunge into chaos.

The poor people. They will be hopelessly trapped in conditions that they did not create. This is why I speak. Reforms are needed but they are not enough and they are constantly put off. What is needed is reform of the human heart, especially the hearts of world leaders. My people, you must choose the right leaders. They must be reformed in their heart and dedicated to the truth. Anything else is too superficial.

June 25, 2012

“Mary’s Emergency Lights”


Do not wait. The time is so short. The events will spill out, one after another, with increasing swiftness. Many will be swept away, especially those who have not built their lives on the solid rock of my word.

In these events, you will know what to do. You will say, “My mother has prepared me by her words. I am to take refuge in her heart, which is Noah’s Ark”. Then, I will enlighten you. You will see the steps you need to take to protect yourself and your family. Do not think that this cannot happen. I am not speaking about the events. These will certainly happen. I am speaking about my saving action upon all who listen and act upon my word.

Instructed Ahead of Time

Do not grow fearful. Are not buildings equipped with emergency lights, so in the midst of a power failure, all is not dark? So, when the lights that you now have are darkened, my light within you will begin to shine. That is why I must instruct you ahead of time and you must learn now how to walk in my light within you. When the events begin, it will be the only light that you have. My light will be enough, but you must learn now how to receive this light and how to follow this light. Do not put this off. It is like a person learning to swim before the floods come.

June 30, 2012

“A Worldwide Experience”


No one knows where to turn. There are no answers on any side. The human race has taken its own path, fueled by the selfishness of nations and people. What else can be expected? Man without God has only illusory lights and false goals. Without God, man chooses only earthly goals. Passion and selfishness guide his choices and man always believes that he can figure out the right answer.

Everything goes astray when the human heart strays. A brilliant intellect only complicates the problems even more.

Can Mankind Be Saved?

As mankind hurtles to the inevitable where forces beyond his control and beyond his intellect have foolishly led him, the question is always the same. Can mankind be saved? Can the human family avoid an atomic conflagration? Can the forces of greed be turned around so that economies do not collapse?

These are not superficial questions, answered by legislation or treaties or conferences or the coming together of nations. These are profound questions. They began from the disorders of the human heart and they can only be solved by a conversion of the human heart.

A Worldwide Preacher

Yet, who can bring this about? What preacher can bring mankind to its knees? Who can bring about a massive repentance and a turning back to God? Who can renew mankind and reestablish the whole human race in a new innocence?

There must be a divine intrusion, a special saving moment, a worldwide, interior experience that touches every human heart. This is my goal as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

It will not be easy. It will not be the work of one moment or of one day, but this is the only solution. Come, let us begin. Let us prepare. To all who ask, I will pour out my great light of repentance.

I will begin with the little ones who already look for me. I will increase their light so they are totally absorbed in me. This will be the first step.

July 1, 2012

“Preparing For the Coming Tragedies”


I lead you by a small and gentle path. Do not think of the enormous problems which will soon crash upon the world. Does not a mother look ahead to provide for her children in times of adversity? So, I can provide for all my children, wherever they are on the face of the earth.

The coming tragedies will touch all of them differently and the means I will provide will also be different. However, some parts will be common to all. These I must explain.

First, you cannot survive by yourself. You need others. All must be gathered in my Immaculate Heart and all must share in a true devotion to me. Salvation will come as the group accepts me as their Mother, calls upon me for help, and listens to my words.

Leaders For The Group

In each group, I will raise up leaders for my people. These leaders must have hearts united with my heart. Otherwise, they will lead the group in the wrong direction.

Also, individualism and personal goals must be set aside. Many will be in need and I will provide by the service and generosity among the members. There will be no other way. This is a simple plan but all must begin now. These groups and these relationships in faith do not spring up overnight. They are formed daily in my heart.

Family Prayer

Where can you begin? Start with family prayer. How can I unite many families in prayer if the individual family is not united in prayer? Gather the family every night. Teach them the rosary. That is your first step. Do not omit this. Take this first step and I will show you your next step. Don’t forget. The goal is for many to group together in faith relationships.