The Coming Destructive Events Of Satan – Prophecies

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December 17, 2011

“The Coming Destructive Events”


The events will begin, pouring out one after another. In the beginning, men will just see this as another difficulty to be grappled with. Then as a second and a third event happen, they will wonder how they can respond. Then as the events pour out more and more, all will realize that the state of the world is changing.

What do I mean by “the events”? These come from the hidden heart of Satan. Each event is touched by his demonic fire. They are human events, but they are not just human decisions. These decisions come from the hearts of people who are controlled by Satan. Their hearts are given over to hatred, anger and destruction. They are captured hearts. Unfortunately, they are not captured by love. They are not owned by my Son, Jesus. They are captured by the Evil One.

He will use the smallest first, to set a little fire of destruction (I do not just mean wars or violent destruction, but all manner of disturbances). Then other sources of his darkness will be poured forth. After that, seeing that each of these new problems has had its effect, he will reach deep within his bag and pull out unforeseen problems. These he will release upon a world that is already having difficulties coping with the previous problems.

At this point, he is not finished. He will hold his greatest powers in reserve. He will wait and he will rejoice in the destruction and confusion that he has stirred up through his minions, those whose hearts he controls. Yet, there are others. These still wait in the wings. It is not yet their time to go on stage. Satan wants to orchestrate everything. He wants it in his way and in his time.

But, I will not let this happen. This is what I am trying to teach mankind. Satan owns people. These people are destructive and he has armed them with every possible weapon (Again, I am not just speaking about weapons of war. There are weapons of lies, of confusion, of political authority, of financial power. There are the weapons of mass communication and of the internet. His weapons are everywhere and he owns people in every nation and in every walk of life.)

I know Satan’s people, his weapons and his plan. I know his army and his legions of followers. I would have destroyed him long ago, but the human race has chosen to follow his darkness and to reject my light. So, it has walked into his trap and he is about to release his powers in all of their fury. I say this clearly. It will be released, step by step, always with increasing power and darkness. He will send forth many, but not all, of what he has accumulated over these centuries.

What can I do? I can protect all those who come to me. That is why the Father has sent me. This is the constant theme of the messages. The destructive events will pour forth but I can save those who trust in me. I do not say that I will save your lives. I will save your souls. Also, I will save you from much of the suffering (but not all). I will save your loved ones. You will see them return to the faith. Tell them not to despair. Tell them that all of this has been told to you ahead of time, so that all can believe that in these events, the Woman of Light stands in your midst calling all into the Noah’s Ark of her Immaculate Heart.

December 29, 2011

“Nuclear Arms and the Radical Muslims”


The various events come and go, but each one leaves its mark and prepares for the wave that follows. This is the course of human history which never stops. One era flows into another. Each age hands over to the following age a different world than the one it received.

What will the current age hand over to those who will follow? Will it be a world destroyed by violence and subdued by terrorism? Will it be a world that cannot pay its debts and cannot control its spending? Will it be a world of moral darkness, where all the lights of Christian ideals have been extinguished?

The answers lie in the events which will decide the future of the world. Everything hangs in the balance. The stakes are high and no one knows what will happen. That is why I teach you.

Millions of people lie at the mercy of those few who hold in their hands the destructive power of nuclear war. This is the great question. Into whose hands will these destructive powers fall? Who will gain access to these nuclear arms? How will the power in the world shift when this happens? I say this before it happens. When nuclear arms fall into the hands of the radical Muslims they will not limit their frenzy nor will they act rationally. For decades, they have sought this unholy grail. They know where the weapons are and have plotted the means to attain them and no one is sounding the alarm, even though it is happening before your very eyes.

Once they have gained these treasures, where will they stop? With Israel? With Europe? With America? They want to control the world and they will use violence to gain their goal.

O Church, can I not awaken you? It is too late to speak to the nations. They give me no hearing. But you, O Church, whose mother I am, can I not expect you to listen? The nuclear peril is real. The destruction of millions is a distinct possibility. You have in your hands the light of Fatima. Let that light shine. Do not keep it hidden. All the world will be grateful for the destruction you have prevented. The Holy Father knows this is true.

January 26, 2012

“A World Made Vulnerable By Globalization”


No one knows all that lies ahead, no king, no president, no rich man and no poor man. The future remains hidden to men. They can only experience the present and remember the past. The future always remains a mystery, hidden in God who sees the events.

Events Distorted By Sin

Yet, these events do not just pour out of God’s mind. They are not like the seasons of the year which he determined by creation. The events are subject to human freedom. They lie in the hands of men who choose to obey or disobey God. This is my teaching.

God sees events as they should happen, what would take place if men would live according to His word. Now, however, events are distorted by sin. They happen, but not in the way in which God originally intended. Much is determined by the free will of man.

The Father sees these distorted events of the twisted future. He sees the pits into which mankind will fall. He sees the agony which will be brought on by the destructive forces which man has created. He sees the path on which man is headed, a path which man himself cannot see. He sends me to speak of these future events so mankind has an opportunity of turning away, or, at least, to prepare for them. They will happen quickly, one after another. In fact, one event will cause the other. If one part of the building collapses, the other parts are weakened.


The events are all tied together. They are cleverly interconnected and mankind has no idea of the system which Satan has built, a system without safeguards or fire walls. Globalization has made mankind extremely vulnerable, with one event triggering another. This is the future, a series of events in which the two elements of shaky financial structures and destructive weapons interact and worsen one another. All of this is easy to see on the horizon, but no one calls on heaven for help. When will mankind receive my message? Your earth is in grave danger. Events lie in the near future. Heaven wants to help but you must call out “day and night”.

January 28, 2012

“Because You Kill the Unborn”


Before a storm breaks the clouds gather and all know that a storm is coming. The quality of the clouds even reveals the power of the storm, little or great.

The Hiddenness of Evil

But this will not be the way with the coming events. There will be no clear signs because they will depend on the hidden decisions of men. Evil works in hiding, so that the effects cannot be prepared for and the greatest possible damage is inflicted. This is the pattern – sudden surprises, catching people off guard.

I speak to reveal what is hidden, so that all who listen and heed my words are protected.

The Prime Targets

What attracts evil? What are the prime targets? What will cause the greatest panics and draw the biggest headlines? Where do crowds gather, making people easy targets? These questions are the ones usually asked. Evil has another set of questions. Who is at my disposal? Whom do I control? Whom can I use now and who will be available later? What is the overall plan?

America’s Wrong Response

After 9/11, America said “We will rebuild and we will kill those who killed us”. It did not say “We must repent because we ourselves have killed millions of our unborn citizens”. When destruction happens again I want you to say, “Let us cleanse our nation of the death of abortion”. Otherwise, it need to happen a third time until you finally get the message. You are the greatest murderers of your own citizens.

New York was the first site and New York will be the second site. Then it will spread to other cities, more quickly than anyone could imagine, until many of the largest cities are struck. The focus will be the trains and subways. There great confusion happens immediately and people quickly panic.

After these series of strikes, many will live in fear and normal life will be greatly disrupted, out of all proportion to the power of the terrorists who have maximized the damage they inflicted. With a small number of people and a small amount of explosives, they will manage to cripple much of American life.

What will be America’s response? The political leaders will know what to say to enhance their importance. Civil leaders will respond to try to restore a normal routine. But will anyone cry out – “Do you not see? Because we kill the unborn, God has lifted his protecting hand from a country that used to keep his laws.”

Comment: More Americans were aborted in September 11, 2001 (about 4000) than were killed in the Twin Towers (about 3000). Mary points out the connection but America never got the message.

February 10, 2012

“Inflict No Violence”


The world does not know how to respond to God’s messengers. Many times, they kill them. At other times, their message is distorted. Yet, they speak out, knowing that some people will listen and be saved. So, I speak, knowing that although these words are foolishness to the world, some will listen and be saved.

The Events Will Speak Loudly

I do not need to say much because the events themselves will speak so loudly. Then, no one will be able to set aside their message. What are these events and what will be their message? They will be the actions of man against man. In this way, no one can blame Almighty God. The destructive fires will not come from heaven but from hell, through the decisions of those whom Satan controls. They will be large and violent events, not like those that the world has gotten used to in recent years. There will be many events because nations will respond. No one will act sanely or rationally.

Anger will pour out and lead to unheard of violence and destruction. No one will be spared who lies in its path. All will be touched – good and bad. Now I explain why I speak.

Do Not Inflict Violence

When all of this happens, I do not want my children to act like the world. I want them to stand apart and not get caught up in the violence. Satan wants you to be in his army. He wants anger to flow from your hearts, just as it will flow so freely from the hearts of your neighbors. He wants to entrap you. He wants you to take up arms. He wants you to strike back. He wants you to yield to his fires of violence. See this for what it is. Everything will be Satanic. The fires will burn in the hearts of the good and the evil person. Satan does not care who fires the bullets, as long as others are harmed and suffer.

I say this at the top of my voice to everyone who is my child. When the events begin, you are to hurt no one. You are not to take up weapons. You are to flee all violence, especially the violence that you yourself might cause. If you heed my words, I will save you. If you do not, then you are no better than the rest. These are words that most will reject, but I speak them so some will listen and be saved.

February 20, 2012

“Satan’s Drama”


A director does not begin the first act of his drama unless the script is totally written and all the actors are trained to play their parts.  Once the drama begins, the other acts must follow.

The opening act of Satan’s drama was the Egyptian uprising.  All the other Mideast violence is the introductory act, which takes place in front of the curtain.  When this opening act is finished, then the curtain will open and the whole world will see the fullness of the stage.  So, the uprising in Egypt is more than just a first act.  It is a signal that Satan’s drama has begun.

The Drama’s Conclusion

What is the conclusion of his drama?  Is there any doubt?  He wants to turn earth into a hell, the whole earth, not just the Middle East.  Satan wants to cast his fire upon the earth before I can cast my fire.

He does not know, however, that I intend to destroy his story, to send people onto his stage that would change the plot so he does not succeed.  If his drama is allowed to unfold according to his time table, more and more of the world will be destroyed.  The world does not see these Middle East events for what they are.  The world thinks they are passing events (just like what went before) because Satan has not yet pulled back the curtain and revealed the whole stage.  When it is pulled back, the world will see these events as much more serious than they could ever understand.

March 7, 2012

“Marrying the Wrong Husband”


Am I powerless?  Need I stay out of the coming event that will shape the world?  Can I not intervene?  I will not stay on the sidelines while the fate of the world is being written and when mankind is about to take a turn toward destruction.

Brink of Destruction

That is the state of the world.  It is on the brink of destruction.  The powers of destruction lie in the hands of those who are controlled by Satan.  All of this is new.  The level of destructive power has never been this high.  The extent of these powers has never been so broad.

The usual response to these destructive powers has been force.  Yet, what force can be used?  Would not the retaliatory force also play into Satan’s hand?  Killing is his goal and suffering is a sign of his presence.

Day after day, Satan’s works go on.  He puts his plan into action, stirring more and more hearts in his flame of anger.  Look at the Middle East.  It is aflame with the satanic fires and this is only the opening act, taking place in front of the curtain.  Wait until he pulls back the curtain and unveils more of his plan.

Satan’s Drama Unfolds

The longer I am not invoked, the longer his drama is allowed to unfold.  The more he can place his people on the world stage, armed with his destructive powers and enlightened with his Satanic darkness, the more the world will be shaped in Satan’s image and likeness, the gruesome  image of death.

O world when will you turn to me, the Woman clothed in the Sun?  I am speaking to you now, while it is just his first act and this deadly drama has only begun.  I will say it again.  The uprising in northern Africa and in the Middle East are only the opening scene, to give you a preview of what is to come.  This is not a musical or comedy.  The director has already introduced you to the drama’s theme and purpose.  The theme is violence, unrest , hatred and destruction.  Through the people who he controls, Satan wants to rule earth.

The Prince of Peace

One day, I brought forth a child.  He is the Prince of Peace.  He is the true Lord of Lords.  He is the King, a loving and gentle King, who wants only life for you.  Foolishly, you have set him aside.  You thought you did not need him.  You called yourselves secular.  You declared a separation of earth from heaven.  You have gotten your separation papers because heaven only comes when it is invited.  However, hell comes whenever it chooses.

You have separated from heaven and you are now joined to hell.  I will say this clearly.  You are engaged to hell and if you keep going, Satan will become your bridegroom and you will have married the wrong husband.

I cannot allow this to happen.  I will act quickly.  I will save those who can be saved.  I can no longer be a gentle mother.  A fire is burning and I must save my children.

May 1, 2012

“The Economic Future”


What lies in the future?  What will be the path of mankind?  Who would dare to predict the future when so many factors are in such a deplorable state?  Yet, I must help my children.  I will reveal what they need to know and what they need to believe.

Future Jolts

Severe jolts are ahead which will create a new state of economics.  It is one thing for a building to be weak and quite another when it collapses.  When a jolt comes, the weak buildings collapse and can no longer be used.  Other resources must be found.  This is what I have spoken of before.  The events will all be linked together in Satan’s plan, like a general planning his strategy of war.  When these buildings collapse, the resources needed to replace them will be long gone, wasted by those who did not care about the future.  People will run for help but when they arrive, nothing will be there.


As this momentum increases, people will seek relief and find none.  Then, panic sets in.  This is Satan’s plan, that panic grip the hearts of people all over the world.  This is how financial crises play their way out.  The original shortages cause anxieties.  When the anxieties find no relief, they turn into panic.  Panic causes greater scarcities because people protect their money.  Soon, the system shuts down.

Economies depend on confidence, on people believing that the economic system is sound and will continue to function.  When this confidence is removed, the usual flow of money ceases.  The economy comes to a halt.  Goods and services do not flow freely.  Everything is stopped dead in its tracks.  This is what Satan has in mind.  He wants to squeeze the life out of man, burden people, and discourage them.

Last Minute Repentance

World leaders will grapple with these problems but they are the very ones who caused them.  Their usual solutions will not solve what they have created.  This is last-minute repentance in the face of the inevitable.