Pets And Refuges During The Tribulation

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My dogs

Bringing Pets To The Refuges
by a soul

Many people, including myself, have pets. And like many people, my pets are like my family. They are our “perpetual children.”

I love my dogs and I would be heartbroken if I had to leave them behind to fend for themselves while I am seeking hiding at a refuge from religious persecution.

The good news is that we can bring our pets with us to the refuges. In fact, some of the larger refuges will have farm animals. However, the key to bringing pets with us is advance planning and adequate preparation.

It will be a very difficult, trying time when people will need to leave for the refuges. It will be several weeks, or possibly months, after The Great Warning and there will be chaos all-around us.

We will be prompted by an interior warning from The Lord to leave immediately for safety. Those who ignore the prompting or delay will risk being captured and taken to detention camps. So, there are very serious consequences for not listening to The Lord’s instructions. However, if you listen to the prompting, I have read that one should be able to leave under the cover of the night to avoid detection. And once we leave our homes, our guardian angels will protect us with an invisible shield until we reach a refuge. Glory be to God!

So, what about our pets? Well, in order to bring them along, we will need to also bring the things that are necessary for them, so they can be multiplied by The Lord. This includes a small amount of pet food, as well as some pet bowls and leashes.

I do not suggest anything more than this, as we will have to be able to carry these provisions with us. Here are two resources that might help you. The first is an article on how to store pet food for emergencies:

This second resource is a link to an online store that sells emergency pet rations, as well as disposable plastic pet bowls for emergencies:

Portable Pet Bowls

Now, I want people to know that Our Lord and Our Lady will not abandon us, if our hearts are right with The Lord. I know these are very scary thoughts to think about–the thought of leaving our homes and our belongings. But, Our Lord is also providing other means, for those who are unable to leave for a refuge for safety. Let me explain.

Firstly, Our Lord has promised that those who pray daily and carry the Seal of The Living God on them, as well as place a blessed seal in their homes, will be immune to the troubles of the Tribulation. Information on the seal can be found here on this blog. You can also download a seal in many different languages, including English and Latin, for those who do not have a seal translated in their language:

Now, I write this article knowing fully well my faults and failings. I do not claim perfect discernment and I do not fully understand why some people may need to flee their homes for refuges, while others may be able to stay secure at home if they have the Seal of The Living God.

But, lack of fully understanding The Lord’s Plan, is no excuse for not planning for every contingency that I possibly can that I am aware of. I would rather be over-prepared than under-prepared and I know that many others might be depending on me and my preparation. So, I have to try my best, and I think this is the best attitude for anyone reading heavenly messages today.

It’s like the old saying, “hope for the best, prepare for the worse.” And above-all, say to God, “Jesus, I trust in You!”

So, I finish this article by offering another piece of advice. For those who have adequate space and means, consider opening your home to become an interim refuge for Our Lord.

Our Lord has indicated through the Prophet John Leary ( that interim refuges will be smaller places of safety that people will stay at, before they are able to travel to the final refuges, which are larger and on holy grounds. An interim refuge would need to be blessed by prayer and you would need some supplies for people, i.e., food, water, beddings, etc.

Obviously, if you opened your home to become an interim refuge, one would not need to worry about pets for awhile during the Tribulation. Your pets would be able to stay with you at your home protected.

You can find more information about the refuges, as well as the consecration prayer that needs to be prayed, at this page on the blog:

God bless you!