Armageddon Is Not What People Think – By A Soul

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CORRECTION (By a soul):
In this commentary, I mention the “Nephilim” as mentioned in Sacred Scripture and I said that the antichrist is a Nephilim. I also said that Nephilim are a type of human beings that have souls, however, their souls are dead to God’s grace as they are spawn of satan. However, my understanding about the Nephilim has greatly increased since I wrote this commentary. Through my study of heavenly messages, I have come to realize that the antichrist does not have a soul and that all Nephilim do not have souls — they are completely evil creatures spawned by satan and not redeemed by the Cross. Nephilim look like human beings and are highly intelligent but they are completely soulless creatures. I have also realized through my study of heavenly messages that the antichrist is not the only Nephilim walking the earth today; and, in fact, there are many Nephilim in the world today who are satan’s army waiting for the antichrist to come to power so they can co-rule on earth. This is one of the reasons there needs to be a separation between God’s people in refuges and those serving satan–people who are marked with the sign of the beast and the Nephilim in the world today, because the lives of Christians will be endangered in so many ways. Also, because my understanding of the Nephilim has greatly increased, this is why I removed my commentary on satan’s agenda about the antichrist, because while there was a lot of good contained in that writing, I need to update it because what I said about the Nephilim is incorrect and I did not want to cause any spiritual harm by mistake. So, as you read the below commentary about Armageddon, please note that I need to correct this commentary as well in the brief section about the Nephilim. Thank you. God bless!

Click below for a free downloadable PDF, ODT, and WordDoc copy (20 pages) of this special commentary:

Armageddon Is Not What People Think – My Reflections On A 10-Year Old’s Near Death Experience (PDF)

Armageddon Is Not What People Think – My Reflections On A 10-Year Old’s Near Death Experience (ODT)

Armageddon Is Not What People Think – My Reflections On A 10-Year Old’s Near Death Experience (WordDoc)


Video: 10 Year Old Jeremy Taken to Heaven, Told of Future Events (Shocking!) (15:45 minutes)

My Reflections On A 10-Year Old’s Near-Death Experience

By a soul
(Feast of Our Lady of Good Succor, France, January 28, 2018)


I, a soul, recently watched a video on YouTube that has caused me to reflect about a lot of things. It is a video of a 10-year old’s Near-Death Experience (NDE) narrated by his mother. The child’s name is Jeremy and he ultimately died at 13 years old due to complications he had due to a near-drowning at age 10. I believe that the timing of the Near-Death Experience (NDE) took place about twenty years ago or so, although I am not exactly certain. But, watching the video has confirmed some thoughts that I have been thinking about for the past year. The video has over 2.5 million views so far.

The main thought is this: Armageddon is NOT what people think it is. The video confirms my imperfect understanding about the nature of Armageddon.

Now, what I am about to write might scare people. But, my intent is not to put fear in the hearts of people, but simply to explain my imperfect understanding of certain End Time events. To elaborate a little bit about things that I have been writing about for the past year in different commentaries. It is my thinking that it is better to know than to dwell in darkness about such matters. Especially, because I think God desires for His children to finally know about these things, since they seem to be near at hand. Especially, what was revealed to me one year ago.

As followers of my blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, know, last year in January 2017, I was visited by archangel, St. Gabriel, and I was given a series of information about the End Times. In particular, I was given information pertaining to the Secrets given by Our Lady at Fatima, Garabandal, and Medjugorje. I was also given information about the antichrist and other demonic secrets. Finally, aspects of Armageddon were revealed to me. And I have revealed what I could in different commentaries on this blog. In particular, these writings:

After The Great Warning – Understanding Fatima, Garabandal, And Medjugorje

Exposing Satan’s Evil Agenda – Part One – The Antichrist

An Appeal To His Holiness, Pope Francis the First


Now, in this writing, I want to give a bit more information on the background of how I received this information from God. Because knowing this context, it will help people to understand that the Near-Death Experience video of this 10-year old child, Jeremy, is credible.

I believe because it confirms everything that I underwent this last year.

It was after Christmas 2016, a week before the Epiphany, and Jesus asked me in my soul if I would give Him my heart in marriage. And so, on Sunday, January 8th, the Feast of the Epiphany, I approached the priest in Holy Mass and told Jesus in my soul “yes” to His invitation while I received Holy Communion. Then, I returned to my pew and while in prayer, I had a very profound mystical connection with the Most Holy Trinity. I felt Jesus bind my heart and His Heart in my soul with cords. It was a very intimate experience.

Then, soon afterwards, I was visited by archangel, St. Gabriel, as I have already revealed, and received infused heavenly knowledge over the course of several nights about the Secrets of Fatima, Garabandal, and Medjugorje; and the antichrist. This information was not something that I merited or even asked to know. But, it was freely given to me by God. The thing that I have not revealed, was that St. Gabriel was not the only person present from Heaven. The fact was, as this knowledge was being given to me, St. Michael the Archangel, St. Raphael the Archangel, and St. Joseph were also present. And both Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary, were also present holding my hands.

St. Gabriel did most of the revealing of the Secrets. At certain points, St. Joseph spoke, as well as Our Lord, both Jesus and His Heavenly Father. Neither St. Michael, St. Raphael, or Our Lady spoke, although I was keenly aware of them being present as well.

Also present was satan and several high-level devils. They were attempting to intercept and scramble the messages as they were being conveyed to me. I was subject to constant spiritual warfare and testing of spirits. When St. Gabriel told me what the Miracle and Sign of Garabandal are, it made satan very upset at me. Up until that moment in time, satan did not know what the Miracle or Sign of Garabandal were, but he finally found out when St. Gabriel told me. He became infuriated.

During this same period, I was working full-time. So every night, I was dealing with advanced spiritual warfare with St. Gabriel, while during the daytime, satan tried to make my job difficult in a heightened way. For example, he would scramble my computer screen making it a static mess, or I would attempt to type and nothing would appear on the computer screen, etc.

Finally, God permitted satan to tempt me in a special unique way, and sadly, I failed the temptation, as I often do. (I am not a saint, but a sinner, and satan knows my weaknesses). The thing is, instead of seeking immediate reconciliation with Jesus in Confession, I reacted very poorly to the temptation.

I got angry at God. I got angry at God for permitting satan to tempt me in such a bad way.

Well, when you give into satan’s anger, giving him the upper-hand after receiving such very special profound graces from God, it immediately cripples you spiritually. It was like I had a huge chain around my heart and my tongue was severed. I knew my anger made no logical sense, but I could not pray for myself nor could I gain the requisite remorse needed for Confession. I was in deep spiritual trouble.

Finally, after struggling for a month in spiritual distress, I reached out for help to a person who follows this blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, and had befriended me. For one week, this sweet man intensely offered up all his pain and suffering from his physical illnesses in daily prayer for me. And this generous offering from a friend was enough to break the grip of satan for me to make it to Confession.

And because of this dear man, I was able to write my Easter 2017 commentary, “After The Great Warning – Understanding Fatima, Garabandal, And Medjugorje,” which has been read by many people in this 100th Year Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima.

It was also in that Easter 2017 commentary that I first asked for prayer help from blog followers of MaryRefugeOfHolyLove. Up until January 2017, I had been able to handle the demonic attacks as I had dealt with them through the years by myself. But January 2017 changed everything for me. I could no longer simply pray alone for myself. I realized that I needed intercessory help.

I also realized what Our Lord and Our Lady meant when they gave these two heavenly messages in December 2016, because they certainly applied to me. This may sound strange, but I often feel like the Apocalypse is being played out in my bedroom or in my daily life. Because I feel its effects so profoundly around me sometimes.

(December 30, 2016, Holy Love Ministries): Blessed Virgin Mary – “These days Satan is vengeful against all those who prayed Mr. Trump into office”

(December 31, 2016, Apostolate of the Green Scapular): Message from Our Savior, Jesus Christ – “2017 will not be an easy year for My servants”

Well, writing my Easter 2017 commentary enraged satan. Two days later, God permitted him to attack me. satan attacked me 4 separate times in one night with each attack being worse than the previous one.

Now, let me clarify what I mean by attack. Normally, when I experience spiritual warfare, it takes place on a purely spiritual level, either in my sleep, or in a “awake” state where I experience the attack in my soul, but not in my physical body. But this time, satan was permitted to also attack me physically—he has done this to me before, but these types of attacks are rare.

And so, God permitted satan to attack me four separate times physically and spiritually in one night—with each attack escalating in intensity. I was being beaten, clawed at, burnt, whipped, stabbed, etc., by satan and his devils. Then, something very unique happened. I will never forget it.

It was the 4th and final attack. I experienced an unknown suffering of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, at the Crucifixion. A suffering never recorded in history. A suffering that I have never heard of being experienced by any saint or holy person before.

satan ate me alive.

I felt the physical sensations of being eaten alive. But, they were enhanced spiritually, because the sensations were in a never-ending loop. I felt my skull and brain being repeatedly crushed and my tongue being partially chewed over and over again.

The pain was horrific. But, this is the most incredible part of the experience. Despite the horrific pain on the physical level and in my soul, my spirit wanted to sing and praise God. While it was happening, I was reminded of how in Holy Scripture, the Book of Acts, Sts. Peter and Paul were severely flogged and yet, all they wanted to do was sing praises to God for suffering disgrace in the Holy Name of Jesus.

satan was eating me alive and all I wanted to do was sing to God for thanking Him to count me worthy to experience an unknown suffering of the Crucifixion.

Yes, I know that is odd, but it is the truth. Finally, daylight came, and the terrible night was over. satan was gone, but despite the strange experience of wanting to praise God during the horrific act, honestly, I did not want to be eaten alive again. I also knew that satan was capable of much worse things, too, and I did not want to find out what they were.

So, I took a chance. I had recently become acquainted of a very holy priest and I reached out to him. I briefly told him that I was under demonic attack. I do not know if he truly believed me, but he did something that I was truly grateful to him for. He offered up his Divine Mercy Vigil Mass for me.

It made such a difference this kind act by a holy priest for me! Coupled with the intercessory prayers from blog followers of MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, satan retreated and could not harm me as he had done before to me. The power of the intercessory prayers from blog followers truly astounded me! I have felt the immediate effects of this protective buffer around me and this blog. Due to the power of prayer, I was able to write several commentaries during the summer and fall in record speed. In the past, it would take me several weeks, even months, to do a single commentary. Now, I was able to write my thoughts down with clarity in only a few days.

In particular, I remember that I wrote my “An Appeal To His Holiness, Pope Francis the First” in less than a day. It is 20 pages in length and I wrote it during the same weekend that there was a special prayer service at Holy Love Ministries ( for a public apparition of Our Lady in August. I was astonished at how quickly I wrote it, as I had NO interference from satan, as in the past, I have suffered crippling demonic illnesses when attempting to write such an important piece of work, etc. In fact, God the Father gave an amazing message about the power of prayer in the aftermath of the special weekend, which I believe refers in part to my composing of the appeal to Pope Francis.

August 8, 2017 Holy Love Message from God the Father


Now, I have written much of what was happening behind the scenes of this blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, involving me (a soul), but now, I need to relate it to this YouTube video that I mentioned in the very beginning of this commentary about Jeremy’s Near-Death Experience (NDE) when he was 10 years old. Because, yes, there is a connection!

When Jeremy had his NDE, Our Lord, Jesus, took him to Heaven; and while there, Our Lord revealed many things to him. Jeremy reveals to his mother that there will be a World War III, which will be a frightful nuclear war between mankind. However, while many people will be concerned about this nuclear war, there is a more horrific war that comes after WWIII.

I hope that this part does not scare people, but Jeremy reveals that after WWIII, there will be a demonic war of aliens against mankind. He emphasizes that the aliens are demons in disguise and that they will eat people. He says that the demonic alien war is far more frightful than the nuclear war.

(Perhaps, if you have not viewed the video yet, this is a good point to now watch it. You can finish reading this commentary after seeing it).

Now, I have noticed in my dealings with Heaven, that Jesus will sometimes allow me to undergo happenings with no clear understanding as to why they happen to me, but to simply trust Him that they are for the benefit of the Divine Plan. In 2003 and 2011, I underwent two very private experiences of suffering the pains of Purgatory. The first experience was related to my prior pro-choice beliefs concerning abortion and the second experience I believe was given to me so I could also witness about the Abomination of Desolation which will be coming to the Catholic Church. And it was not until August 2016, when I wrote publicly about these two experiences that I realized why God permitted me to experience the sufferings of Purgatory while still alive on Earth. It was to prepare others for the coming aftermath of the Great Warning (Illumination of Conscience), which will happen to everyone over 7 years of age on Earth. For those who repent, they will experience Purgatory on Earth to purify their souls.

The Warning And Its Aftermath – The Suffering of Purgatory as Penance for Sin

And so, likewise, even though I did not understand why Our Lord permitted me to be eaten alive by satan during an episode last April, upon watching this child’s NDE testimony, it finally makes sense. So, I could testify about it in a future commentary—similar to my sufferings in Purgatory—that this is a distinct possible reality for mankind’s immediate future. That mankind will suffer a horrific demonic alien war involving people being eaten alive by demons.


Now, there are several things that I need to say, so I am trying to collect my thoughts in an organized manner. There are things that I want to say about Pope Francis, the Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy), Catholic prophecy, and my own commentary, “Exposing Satan’s Evil Agenda – Part One – The Antichrist,” that I wrote last July 2017. But, I need to back-up and re-share something that I wrote about in a commentary in March 2015. Here is a link to the original writing:

Our Lady Of Medjugorje – March 18th – A Mystery Revealed

In my writing, “Our Lady Of Medjugorje – March 18th – A Mystery Revealed,” I wrote primarily about a very special gift that was given to me by Our Lord, Jesus Christ, on Sunday, July 13, 2008. It is a very special gift that Our Lord desires to give each of His children on Earth to help them through the Great Tribulation.

On my left hand, I wear a very special invisible Ring that was slipped onto my hand by Our Lord. It consists of one Droplet of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord from the Crucifixion and one Most Precious Teardrop from Our Lady during the Passion. The Ring symbolizes my Redemption in Christ and Our Lord has promised me that when I finally enter Heaven that He will allow me to view it once. Then, upon seeing it, the Ring will shatter into millions of pieces, as my heavenly glory will have finally been achieved in Our Lord and I will be safe in His Arms.

(And yes, God desires to give this same Ring to everyone. See the commentary).

Well, the reason that I bring up the Ring is because I experience a very special phenomenon associated with it. I experience the grace of holding the Hands of Our Lord and Our Lady at all times. The Lord holds my left hand and Our Lady holds my right hand. And whenever Our Lord and/or Our Lady want to remind me of Their Holy Presence, They will bring my fingers together in a special way only noticeable by me. This supernatural phenomenon has been happening to me on a consistent and frequent basis for almost ten years and it is dependent (mostly) on my current state of grace. I feel the Presence of Our Lord and Our Lady more frequently when I am in a state of grace and a noticeable absence when I am in a state of disgrace (mortal sin).

And so, as soon as I started watching the testimony of Jeremy’s NDE, I felt the Holy Presence of Our Lord with my left hand. I noticed it immediately because it had been several days since I had last noticed Our Lord and Our Lady’s Holy Presence. So, even if I had never had the spiritual experience of being eaten alive by satan last April, Jeremy’s NDE would be confirmed for me simply because Jesus made His Holy Presence known to me while I was watching it. Jesus wanted me to particularly notice Jeremy’s NDE out of the few Christian videos that I was watching that night on YouTube.


Next, I want to talk about my lengthy 57-page commentary called, “Exposing Satan’s Evil Agenda – Part One – The Antichrist.” The commentary was written in July 2017 and was based upon the imperfect knowledge I gained from St. Gabriel last January about the End Times. I use the word “imperfect” because although I tried my best to be as accurate as I could about what was revealed to me, I also have to factor in that I was under demonic attack throughout the entire experience. I am also human and I cannot claim perfect discernment. But I tried my best and I hope that it shows.

In that commentary, I briefly touched upon the subject of Armageddon. In January 2017, it was revealed to me that Armageddon involves an alien invasion with demons disguised as aliens. I know that this sounds truly fantastical like pure science fiction, especially, to Catholic readers, but I hinted in my commentary about how this was possible by satan. Now, in this writing, I need to speak and explain about this subject more in depth. That way, people will have a better understanding of what might happen in this world.

Simply put, Armageddon is NOT what people think it is.

As I revealed in my commentary, satan has the capability of creating soulless beasts and creatures. This is because some of the angels were given the powers of co-creating life on Earth and the devils kept these gifts when they fell, because God never takes back a gift that He has blessed His children with, even though it may ultimately hurt Him. That is why in some accounts of the holy Saints who have visited hell, they speak of seeing strange beasts—like reptiles, etc., in addition to devils and lost souls, because these soulless beasts are one of the tortures that satan has filled hell with for lost humanity.

Also, as I revealed in my commentary, I spoke about the Nephilim, which are sentient persons made possible through the joining of a human female and a devil’s co-creating powers. They have a soul—made possible by having a human mother—but their souls are essentially dead created wholly in the image of their father, satan. The antichrist that walks the face of the earth today is a Nephilim.

Now, as I also revealed in my commentary, Nephilim are creatures not blessed by God. They are solely satan’s children and have no inherent supernatural powers. So, any power that a Nephilim possesses has to be given to him by satan or a devil. This is only made possible with cooperation by mankind, through acts such as worship to satan, which give permission for satan and his devils to give their powers to others, either to human beings or Nephilim, etc. This is according to the Law of Divine Justice.

Grace can either be used for good, or abused by sin and given to satan. All of satan’s powers against mankind are made possible by sin. Without cooperation by mankind, satan would be utterly powerless.


Next, let me first quote some messages in the Book of Truth, as given by Our Lord, Jesus Christ, to 7th Messenger, Maria Divine Mercy. It will help me to explain some important concepts.

Saturday, August 13th, 2011 @ 17:00
Jesus Christ

Little reverence is shown towards the Father, Creator of All Things. So arrogant is man today that he believes he has emerged from an even higher hierarchy than that of My Eternal Father. So he continues to seek out more about his origins even though the Truth has been there for him to see all along. So much time is being wasted on worthless pursuits. Worthless dreams, all of which are fabricated by the minds of those scientists whose pride in his own intelligence, a Gift from God the Father, means he believes he will find new facts about his origins. Why don’t these children realise that Earth was created for man? No other planet can be inhabited by man, for that is not part of My Father’s plan.”

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012 @ 16:55
Jesus Christ

Those hardened people, whose first allegiance is to satan and the evil sects he controls in the world, will not want to be saved. Instead they will choose a different Paradise. A paradise they are led to believe exists outside of the one promised to mankind by My Father. This false Paradise, which satanic followers of the beast believe in, does not exist. It has been created by satan in the minds of his disciples and is simply an illusion. So much is promised. Dark souls believe in a different universe, a different entity, where God does not exist. They believe in other life forms, other creatures and a peaceful regime all of which is based on a lie. None of this is real children. It does not, nor cannot exist, because it was not created by My Father. God the Almighty Father, created the entire universe – the stars, the planets and the earth as well as all the spaces in between.”

Friday, March 2nd, 2012 @ 00:20
God the Father

My daughter terrible lies are being perpetrated by satanic cults and new age doctrines. My poor children, seduced by lies which are couched in a colourful mirage, believe in a new planet. They are being promised a different kind of paradise. But it does not exist.”

Saturday, March 29th, 2014 @ 14:30
Jesus Christ

My dearly beloved daughter, every effort will be made by men of science to disprove the Existence of God over the next two years. They will falsely claim that man can sustain life on other planets, apart from Earth. Earth is the only living part of the universe created by God for His children. But that is not the only reason that these claims will be made to prove that God does not Exist. They will proclaim man’s greatness; his intelligence and his advances in science, to dispel the notion that man was created by God. The greatest insult will be when they declare that man was created by a miracle of science. They will go to great lengths to prove that man is invincible and, yet, they will have no answer as to what happens after physical death of the body takes place, which every man has to face. This part will be ignored by those who lie and who deny God.

They will ridicule anyone who declares a belief in the Existence of Heaven or in their True Creator, God the Most High. And all during these public declarations, against the Truth, not one word will be uttered by those who claim to lead My Church. In the final days, religion will become a pagan concept, when adulation of the Earth, the sun, the moon and the stars will become the substitutes, when they pay homage to God.

Most of the world will turn to paganism and bring death to their souls. Despite every Intervention by My Father, they will turn the other way. This is why My Father promised the world the Book of Truth, the unraveling of the Book of Revelation, to save your sorry souls. Man is stubborn. Man is proud, vain and the more advances he makes in science the less he knows and the more he removes himself from the Truth.”

Monday, March 31st, 2014 @ 14:00
God the Father

Then man, arrogant and full of his own warped view of his abilities, will attempt to seek a new planet to find a new home for humanity, although this is impossible. The Gift of the very soil, upon which I placed humanity, will be deemed not to be sufficient for man’s needs. And so it will continue – this march towards self-destruction. Man will be the author of his own demise. He will systematically destroy all that is sacred to Me.”


As many people know, Our Lord has identified Pope Francis as the False Prophet of the Book of Revelation (Apocalypse). Our Lord revealed this fact to Maria Divine Mercy in the Book of Truth, which is controversial in the Catholic Church and the fact has been rejected by many people, including the higher ecclesiastical authorities.

I believe the Words of Our Lord. I believe that Pope Francis is indeed the False Prophet of the Book of Revelation. However, unlike many of my associates, I REFUSE to believe that he is a condemned soul beyond any hope of redemption in Our Lord. I truly believe that Pope Francis will be given a true and genuine chance for redemption through the universal Great Warning (Illumination of Conscience) from Our Lord. And because I know what the Miracle and Great Sign of Garabandal are, I know in my heart that if Pope Francis were to witness the Miracle and Great Sign, that he would have a sincere change of heart, he will change the direction that he is currently leading the Catholic Church, and he will be saved by Our Lord.

This is why I write the commentaries that I do. I have honest hope in my heart that this man can be saved. That is why I wrote my “An Appeal To His Holiness, Pope Francis the First” so this man can be saved by Our Lord. I have even told Our Lord in private prayer that if I have stand in front of the gates of hell and be martyred, I will willingly stand there to catch Pope Francis from falling into the bottomless pit. And so, I have written the following commentaries to support my beliefs:

(July 2017): Prophecy, Free-Will, Pope Francis, and America

(July 2017): Parables and the Apocalypse

(August 2017): Understanding the Big Picture / Blessed Virgin Mary – “Pray for Francis the First”

(August 2017): The Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy) and Locutions To The World Are Legitimate Heavenly Interventions

Oh, how I wish that believers in the Book of Truth had supernatural hope in God that Pope Francis could be saved. Oh, how I wish that believers in the Book of Truth spent less time reading negative articles about Pope Francis and instead, prayed fervently as much as possible for the salvation of his soul! If only people would truly understand how much is on the line for the conversion of Pope Francis. This one man holds the destiny of so many billions of souls in his hands. We must pray with genuine hope that he can be saved!

Now, why do I say that conversion of Pope Francis is so important? The fact is, Pope Francis, is the key character in satan’s plans for the End Times. Without Pope Francis’ cooperation, satan would not be able to achieve the maximum amount of destruction that he hopes to achieve—the demise of the human race and the end of the Divine Plan. satan would not be able to turn the entire Earth into his playground—another hell.

Remember, I mentioned earlier that without mankind’s cooperation to sin, satan would be powerless on Earth. The more that we sin, the greater power that satan gains on Earth. By sinning, we give permission to satan and his devils to harm us more.

As revealed in the Book of Truth, due to the nuclear war on Earth, the antichrist will rise to power as he will be the peacemaker to end all the terrible wars. And because of his worldwide prominence, he will be invited by Pope Francis to enter the Catholic Church as he will seem to fit all religious prophecies around the world such as Islam, New Age, and pagan religions. The antichrist will claim to be Jesus Christ in the flesh. This will then lead to worldwide worship of satan in the black mass and the collapse of the Catholic Church into paganism.

(August 2017): The Great Warning, Islam, and the Divine Plan

Prophecy Summary: The Antichrist Will Declare That He Is Jesus Christ (Book Of Truth – Maria Divine Mercy)


The reason that I am writing this short section is because I need to emphasize some key points to everybody. The main point is satan needs permission to do anything harmful to mankind.

In this commentary, I have written about many scary things—a possible worldwide nuclear war, the collapse of the Catholic Church into paganism, and an alien invasion concerning demons that will eat people. These are concepts that are hard to accept and people might want to readily reject what I have written here because to accept my words is too horrific to contemplate.

But, the fact remains, satan needs permission to do anything harmful to mankind. This includes such events as the nuclear war, the collapse of the Church, and an alien Armageddon. People need to retain their hope in God and in Our Lady. These events can be changed, but the heart of the world needs to repent before God and seek true conversion. Please, I do not want people to be left without hope.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, needs to pray everyday for the conversion of Pope Francis. Read my commentaries. Understand that there exists a genuine possibility that he can be saved. Our Lady is in disparate need of heartfelt prayer for his soul. It is not inevitable that he will be condemned forever known as the False Prophet of the Apocalypse.

Understand that the conversion of Pope Francis is of key importance. Because Pope Francis gives the antichrist permission on behalf of the Catholic Church to enter and change the format of worship. And it is only by changing the format of worship to the black mass and through worldwide adulation of satan, that satan will amass enough demonic power according to the Law of Divine Justice to stage a demonic alien invasion. As revealed in the Book of Truth, the world will be tricked into believing New Age paganism, paying homage instead to the Earth, the sun, the moon, and the stars. The world will believe that life is possible on other planets, and because of this false belief, satan will gain the powers and worldwide permission by mankind needed to stage his alien Armageddon.

But, none of this is inevitable. Please pray for the conversion of Pope Francis at the Great Warning (Illumination of Conscience). So much can be changed for the future of mankind through this one man’s conversion. satan cannot do anything harmful without permission.


In Locutions To The World, Our Lady gave a very informative and important message on April 18, 2014. She spoke of a “tunnel of darkness” which mankind must not enter. The tunnel is a leader that satan will rise up. Then, Our Lady describes the methods of how satan’s tunnels of darkness have happened in past history. Firstly, satan will destabilize a region. he will bring about unrest and protests that lead to sufferings and shortages. Finally, due to extreme hardships, people will surrender their freedoms and willingly accept a leader that satan has prepared in advance, which in otherwise peaceful and stable conditions, they would have rejected beforehand. The leader will claim to be the savior of the people, but he will be an evil dictator—satan’s tunnel.

In particular, Our Lady says:

…People forfeited their independence and their human rights to gain a stability. Instead they entered Satan’s tunnel and could not turn back. Only in the future, will Satan’s greatest leader arise. He will not be national or regional. He will be international and worldwide. It will always be the same formula. Worldwide unrest and a leader who promises to be the solution, but is really Satan’s tunnel…”

The next fact that people need to understand is the nuclear war is satan’s tunnel of darkness.

As I have written many times before, the worldwide nuclear war is what gives rise to the reign of the antichrist. Without the nuclear war, the antichrist would be unable to achieve worldwide prominence, recognition, and fame. The nuclear war must never happen. The nuclear war is what begins a long chain of events—the tunnel—that leads to satan’s Armageddon.

Currently, there exists three possibilities for the nuclear war:

  1. The nuclear war happens before the Great Warning (Illumination of Conscience) takes place; or

  2. The nuclear war happens after the six weeks of guaranteed peace by God takes place after the Great Warning (Illumination of Conscience) occurs; or

  3. The nuclear war never happens

Obviously, the best option is number three—that the nuclear war never happens. This is the elusive goal that Heaven is aiming for. In the Book of Truth, God the Father has indicated that He finally set the date for the Great Warning to occur on Earth. God the Father also said that He Is the only Person who knows of the date. Neither Jesus, nor His Holy Mother, nor any angels or saints know of this exact date.

(And unlike commonly believed, the date of the Great Warning is NOT part of the Ten Secrets of Medjugorje. No one on Earth knows this date).

If the nuclear war happens before the Great Warning (Illumination of Conscience), it would be an utter disaster for mankind. That means that millions of people would die unable to be given the chance to repent through the experience of the Great Warning. At Holy Love Ministries, Our Lady has said about 85% of the world population is in a state of disgrace (mortal sin) before God. Hence, the eternal fate of millions of souls rests in the balance. And because of this very grave fact, I believe that if the circumstances became so dire that nuclear war is imminent, I believe that Our Heavenly Father would move up the date of the Great Warning to save souls. However, that would have repercussions on the timing of the Miracle of Garabandal, which is predicted to happen within a year of the occurrence of the Great Warning.

I do not believe that Our Heavenly Father would change the date of the Miracle of Garabandal, but I believe if the Miracle did not take place within a year of the Great Warning, it would turn away many people from believing in Garabandal, possibly Medjugorje, and other aspects of the Divine Plan. Obviously, it would not be helpful for my “An Appeal To His Holiness, Pope Francis the First,” which depends so much on Pope Francis’ conversion through witnessing the Miracle and Great Sign of Garabandal.

Thus, option one is not really an option for Heaven. It is the plan of last resort. All dependent on free will choices of mankind in every present moment. Again, Our Lady is working hard for option three, for the nuclear war to never happen.

However, mankind is fickle and so much is riding on free will choices in the aftermath of the experience of the Great Warning. Thus, if the nuclear war must happen due to poor choices by mankind’s conversion, God the Father will permit it to occur after the guaranteed six weeks of peace promised by Our Lord to Prophet John Leary ( after the Great Warning happens. Obviously, this is not ideal, but Our Heavenly Father will be holding mankind to an even higher and stricter standard of accountability according to the Law of Divine Justice because of the extraordinary supernatural intervention of the Great Warning. So, it is all in mankind’s hands.


Is option three even a possibility? Can the nuclear war be avoided in its entirety? Can peace be maintained?

This answer will give hope to many people. The answer is yes, the nuclear war can be avoided by mankind. I am not privy to all the events that need to take place in order for the nuclear war to be avoided, however, no matter how slight the possibility it is, the possibility does exist the nuclear war can be avoided. So, there is a small chance. This is what Heaven is striving for.

How do I know this chance exists? It is because of a message that Our Lord gave on September 15, 2012 through Locutions To The World. I have included the entire message, along with the entire message from Our Lady about satan’s tunnel, at the end of this commentary. But, let me briefly summarize it, so people understand.

Firstly, this small chance for peace, is made possible through the Two Witnesses of the Apocalypse (Book of Revelation, Chapter 11), which I have written extensively about in the past. In particular, I have written how the Pope of Fatima, who is martyred in Jerusalem as in the vision of the Third Secret of Fatima, is one of the Two Witnesses of the Apocalypse. In Locutions To The World, Our Lord and Our Lady have indicated numerous times that he will be the pope who will complete the worldwide Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady in union with all faithful Catholic Bishops.

This Consecration by the Pope of Fatima will usher in the Triumph of the United Hearts of Our Lord and Our Lady, which leads to the Second Coming of Our Lord on Earth and a promised Great Era of Peace (1,000 years).

Well, in the message of September 15, 2012, Our Lord says these words:

Jerusalem will be in tatters and Israel will be shaken. Everywhere, there will be sirens of emergencies. The world will look on in horror. The steps were not taken when all could have been prevented. Is this scene inevitable? Or, can I send my son, the pope, to save Jerusalem before its total destruction, to save it even before a bomb is dropped, to shed his blood so that many others will not…”

In these words, I want to stress that Our Lord asks us if the scene of nuclear holocaust is inevitable? In particular, He reveals His desire that the Pope of Fatima save Jerusalem from total destruction—even before any nuclear bomb is dropped—by his sacrificial martyrdom. Because, as I have written, the Pope of Fatima’s resurrection as one of the Two Witnesses will open the eyes of the Jews, the Arabs, the pagans, and the atheists, which apparently has the power to stop the nuclear war before it even starts.

Again, I do not know all the specific events that must take place in order for this small chance of no nuclear war to be the end result. However, no matter how small the chance is, that is the option that I want. And I think that Heaven agrees.

Free eBook – The Divine Plan – The New Jerusalem And The Two Witnesses – By A Soul


On Saturday, I went to Confession and because the church that I attend has Eucharist Adoration at the same time as Confession, I spent some prayer time before Our Lord. In particular, I was praying that satan’s alien Armageddon, as revealed in Jeremy’s NDE, never happens. Tears were falling down my face and my nose was running. It had been awhile since I had had such a heartfelt reaction in my prayers. I was (and am) really concerned.

I am not a prophet. I do not know what is going to happen next in the world, but I do know that Our Lord has said often at Holy Love Ministries, that one heartfelt “Hail Mary” prayer can stop a war, etc. I know this is true, as I wrote about such an experience in “Our Lady Of Medjugorje – March 18th – A Mystery Revealed.” So, I was truly hoping for that response from Our Lord as I was crying before Him in Eucharist Adoration. I was hoping for that one “Hail Mary” prayer that can stop a war, etc.—a war so horrific that I would never want anyone to undergo (nuclear or alien).

I have asked in this commentary that everyone pray for the conversion of Pope Francis. If I may be so bold, I have two more prayer requests.

Firstly, I ask that everyone pray for the intentions of Our Lady, especially, Her special and unknown intentions. Many of us approach Our Lord and Our Lady with a list of intentions for ourselves, our families, and communities, which is certainly good, but many of us forget that Our Lady has intentions of Her own that She would like to be fulfilled for the benefit of all Her children on Earth.

Everyday, I pray for the intentions of Our Lady, because I know, in reality, I am also praying for myself and everyone that I love and care about. I do not know the future, but with Our Lady, we cannot go wrong. It is a win-win situation to pray the intentions of Our Lady. So, I ask that everyone remember Our Lady when you go before Our Lord.

And secondly, I want to thank those who pray for me and the success of this blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, and I also ask for continued prayers. Although I am not certain, I believe that my blog is being targeted by occult practitioners, because as of November, the nature of the attacks by satan towards me have changed—being more aggressive and forceful (although not like earlier in the year before I asked for intercessory help). That is why I all of a sudden stopped writing my commentaries, as it became difficult for me to focus, and it is only in the past month, that I have been able to write again although not quite as fluidly as before like last summer.

This commentary that I have just written is a “mini-achievement” for me, after a long drought of non-writing. So, I ask for continued prayers and I thank everyone for responding to my need. Please know that I remember everyone that frequents this blog in my own prayers and Holy Masses.

I pray that this writing is helpful for many people.

May each of you be blessed ever-abundantly by God and Our Lady.

I love you.
—a soul



September 15, 2012
“Is the Indescribable Inevitable?”


I do not have words to express what lies ahead. If I were to describe the turmoil and the destruction, the human mind could not conceive of it. It is beyond human telling or human understanding. No one is ready to handle the massacres of human life or the extent to which human life will be subjected to infernal sufferings.

The fires will lap up wood and water, burning the one and drying up the other. Jerusalem will be in tatters and Israel will be shaken. Everywhere, there will be sirens of emergencies. The world will look on in horror. The steps were not taken when all could have been prevented.

Is this scene inevitable? Or, can I send my son, the pope, to save Jerusalem before its total destruction, to save it even before a bomb is dropped, to shed his blood so that many others will not. This is the one whom I hold in my heart, my precious one, who has been with me from the beginning and whom I have never abandoned. He is the one whom I will raise up. He will stay closer to me than ever before, he and the others who are with him.

April 18, 2014
“Satan’s Leaders”


A tunnel of darkness lies ahead which mankind must not enter. Oh, how Satan wants the world to enter his tunnel. It will seem like the perfect solution to all the crises and events.

The tunnel will be a leader whom Satan will raise up. I will explain his methods, which he is now using in the Ukraine and elsewhere.

First, he destabilizes a region. He causes unrest and protests. He causes sufferings and shortages that cause people to grow dissatisfied. When he brings a group or a people to this point, he leads on to the scene a leader whom he has prepared. Even though people have many reservations, they willingly accept this leader, believing that he will end their hardships.

The is the formula he used in Russia to raise up Putin and the formula which Putin uses to gain the Ukraine and other places.

Right now, the West does not experience hardships like the Ukraine. Satan’s powerful destabilizing action has not yet been fully released. However, events will begin, one after another, that will shake the West. Be assured, that Satan already has his leaders prepared to come forth. They are hidden now but, at the right moment, they will begin to proclaim themselves as the saviors. Each one in a different place on a different situation.

People will surrender their freedoms and will accept a leadership that they would easily have rejected in more stable moments. This was the path taken by Hitler and many others. People forfeited their independence and their human rights to gain a stability. Instead they entered Satan’s tunnel and could not turn back. Only in the future, will Satan’s greatest leader arise. He will not be national or regional. He will be international and worldwide. It will always be the same formula. Worldwide unrest and a leader who promises to be the solution, but is really Satan’s tunnel.

I want to avoid all of this. I spell this out so the whole world is enlightened. Do not give up your God-given rights. Do not be drawn into false alliances. Foster diversity. Stand alone. Refuse to accept unworthy leaders, no matter what they promise or no matter how desperate is the situation.

People rightly ask, “How can we resist? How can we not go along?” You need the Woman Clothed With the Sun to help you. I can change world events and I will do so for those who call on my name. It is easy to surrender and difficult to resist but a moment of victory comes when the battle has been won.