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Direction For Our Times, The Apostolate of the Returning King, Jesus Christ – Online Library – Multiple Languages

Please visit the Direction for Our Times website for these helpful heavenly resources (free online reading, downloadable PDF booklets)–heaven’s advice for all souls:


Heaven Speaks to Those Who Do Not Know Jesus
Heaven Speaks to Those Who Are Dying
Heaven Speaks to Those Who Suffer From Financial Need
Heaven Speaks about Addictions
Heaven Speaks about Abortion
Heaven Speaks to Those Who Struggle To Forgive
Heaven Speaks about Divorce
Heaven Speaks about Depression
Heaven Speaks to Consecrated Souls
Heaven Speaks to Victims of Clerical Abuse
Heaven Speaks to Those Away From The Church
Heaven Speaks to Those Considering Suicide
Heaven Speaks to Those Who Fear Purgatory
Jesus Speaks to You (All Sinners)
Heaven Speaks to Those Who Experience Tragedy
Heaven Speaks to Parents Who Worry About Their Children’s Salvation
Heaven Speaks to Soldiers
Heaven Speaks to Those Who Have Rejected God
Heaven Speaks to Young People
Heaven Speaks about Stress
Heaven Speaks to Prisoners


Recommended Further Spiritual Reading: Please visit the Direction for Our Times website for these helpful heavenly resources (free online reading and downloadable PDF books): http://directionforourtimes.com/library/english/

Volume One: 273 pages
Thoughts on Spirituality

Volume Two: 158 pages
Conversations with the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

Volume Three: 144 pages
Part I – God the Father Speaks to His Children
Part II – The Blessed Mother Speaks to Her Bishops and Priests

Volume Four: 148 pages
Part I – Jesus the King
Part II – Heaven Speaks to Priests
Part III – Jesus Speaks to Sinners

Volume Five: 162 pages
Jesus the Redeemer

Volume Six: 120 pages
Heaven Speaks to Families

Volume Seven: 142 pages
Greetings from Heaven

Volume Eight: 158 Pages
Resting in the Heart of the Savior

Volume Nine: 84 pages

Volume Ten: 84 pages
Jesus Speaks to His Apostles