Jesus Christ And The Virgin Mary – Messages For Youth And Young People

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“A Divine Revelation of Hell”
by Mary K Baxter

Hear the eyewitness testimony on the True Existence of Hell. Mary Katherine Baxter was chosen by God to let the world know of the REALITY of Hell. Jesus Christ appeared to Mary Baxter on 40 consecutive nights and took Mary on a tour of Hell and Heaven. She walked, with Jesus, through the horrors of Hell and talked with many people. Jesus showed her what happens to souls when they die and what happens to the unbelievers and Servants of God who do not obey their calling.

*                              *                              *


(October 30, 2011, at Adoration, Casa San Pablo, Dominican Republic)

Song: “The End and The Beginning” by Matt Maher


“Remarkable Light from Blessed Sacrament at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer in USA”

In October 2012 a recording was made at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer in the USA, at the conclusion of Holy Mass. The video recording, only viewed for the first time in June 2013, was found to have a remarkable light coming from the host, pulsating and lighting up the casing of the monstrance.

The Very Rev Dr Gerard McGinnity is pictured in the video leading the congregation at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer in the USA.

Jesus Christ – I AM Present In The Most Holy Eucharist

* * *

Catholic Teaching Video: God’s Love Poured Out (22:59 minutes)

“The love of God has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us.” Romans 5:5

Catholic Teaching Video: The Spirit of Adoption (26:09 minutes)

“For those who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God. For you did not receive a spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you received a spirit of adoption, through which we cry, ‘Abba, Father!'” – Romans 8:14-16

* * *

Messages: About our Heavenly Reward – God the Father – “A person may lead an evil life and at the moment of death repent – Through My Mercy, he is saved, but his Heavenly reward will be much less than the soul who lives a life in obedience to My Commandments and in Holy Love”

From the Book of Truth

“Call to all Churches and Creeds to unite against Evil”
Sunday, November 21st, 2010 @ 15:00

To My churches around the world, hear My call. All you children and followers belong to Me. So many of you are following the teachings of your church and God the Creator of Mankind. That is good. Many of you interpret the Teachings of My Eternal Father in different ways. This has come about through the interpretations of the prophets since time began.

Many prophets interpreted the Teachings of God in the way that the Message was received by them. Some of My prophet’s words have been tampered with. All of My prophets were given the Truth. Not all of My prophets managed to ensure that their followers stayed on one path to eternal life.

All paths lead to God the Creator of mankind. The followers of God interpret the Teachings in different ways that lead to confusion.

Once confusion sets in you can be sure that the only way is to simplify your beliefs. Simply believe in and honour your Creator. I call on all the churches, religions and faiths around the world to pray for mankind and those of no faith – now. Love of God does not have anything to do with the destruction of life. No man has the right, in My Name, or My Eternal Father’s, to take a life in His Name. Instead, come together and unite in your love for your Creator in the face of evil, as it swiftly arises all around you.

My children, let Me remind you of God’s Laws. The Ten Commandments sent to you by My Eternal Father, through His most holy and devout prophet Moses. These rules were designed to instruct God’s children, as to the ways in which they must pay homage to Him, to guide them towards the Truth. So many people today have forgotten this. Those who have not, rarely consider what they really mean. Those who do not understand the Ten Commandments choose to interpret them in a way that is far removed from the Truth. To those, I say please read The Ten Commandments and listen or risk facing the Wrath of God. Their meaning must not be diluted behind false love, false compassion or by justifying sin in the face of what you have been told.

The first Commandment tells you to adore only one Creator, My Eternal Father, and to avoid idolatry. Yet that first Commandment has been thrown asunder in favour of false gods. By false gods I do not necessarily mean only people in high places or those who exalt themselves at the highest, so that you, My children, fall down in ecstasy at their feet. Yes this is an offence and deeply insulting in the Eyes of God. The idolatry I now refer to is mankind’s love of power and money, which can drive My children into empty despair. This despair leads to the breaking of the other rule, the sin of self-obsession. The desire to look after your own road in life, at the expense of your soul, will be your downfall. Love of self, is not love. It is vanity. Yet, that is a popular doctrine today. You are, under the guise of false compassion, exalting yourself and denying God. Your lack of humility will bring about your destruction. When you place yourself ahead of others, they, and other people, will suffer for it. This Commandment must not ever be broken. Human reasoning, which is used to justify sin, is an absurdity.

Obsession with Celebrity

For the young people who have lacked guidance for so long, they are now being sucked into the abyss of idolatry in ways that are clear for all to see. The very idols My young children worship, are for the most part, not of the Light. Many have sold their souls to the devil, a fact they proudly boast of.

Their hypnotic appeal, through their music and words, convince My children that this is the true path to follow. Their appealing immorality encourages their followers to emulate them. When they do, they, My children, block the Light, as they too are sucked into eternal darkness. The obsession with celebrity in the world of today, means that My children feel anxious all the time, as they strive to reach the same heights, as those who follow the deceiver claim to enjoy.

Come now, all My children, of all churches and creeds. Join together and fight for the right to retain belief in God the Eternal Father, the right to love one another, the right to pure love, the Love of God the Eternal Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth.

Your loving Saviour and Just Judge

Jesus Christ

“What you will experience during The Warning and Prayer for instant pardon”
Saturday, April 16th, 2011 @ 10:00

My beloved daughter, move quickly to escalate awareness around My Message, for The Warning is almost upon the world. Tell those souls who refuse to pray, to push aside their pride and distaste and turn to Me now to ask for forgiveness. Be clear that many, many souls will not survive this imminent event. Many of these souls are simply lazy and while they may, behind it all, believe in God the Eternal Father, they think that at some time in the future they will then deal with their spiritual beliefs. But it will be too late.

Tell the world this event is going to save them. Many will repent during this Mystical Experience. They will feel a burning sensation, not unlike that experienced by souls in purgatory. This will give them an insight as to what souls, who are not fully clean, have to go through before they can see the Glorious Light of Heaven. By simply accepting that this event may take place, they can survive it. Turn to Me and say: “Please guide me towards the Light and Goodness of Your great Mercy and forgive me for my sins.” and I will pardon you instantly. Then after The Warning you will experience a deep peace and joy in your soul.

Young people find it embarrassing to pray

Many people in the world today refuse to pray. Many young people in particular find it embarrassing and old-fashioned. They mistakenly believe, that yes, while they do hold a belief in God, that prayer is not necessary. This is not true. It is essential in order to enter the Paradise you will desperately crave after death. If you remain in sin you cannot taste this glorious feast. Just as those of you who keep fit, look after your body, watch what you eat carefully and keep trim, so too must you prepare your soul in this way. Without paying attention closely as to the state of your soul, it will become weak and lacking in the nourishment needed to ensure that it is in perfect shape.

Prayer to say to convert others

Because of the weakness of faith among those in the world who are believers, those of you who are strong in your faith have a huge responsibility now. You must pray this conversion prayer for the others:

“I urge you Jesus, in your Divine Mercy, to cover those lukewarm souls with your Precious Blood so that they can be converted.” Say this short prayer on behalf of those, whom you believe need it most.

Remember, children, My glorious promise. I will Triumph in the end. Satan, the deceiver, simply cannot survive. Please let Me protect you and take you with Me. Don’t give Satan your soul. I love you all. Keep asking Me to strengthen your belief every day.

Your Divine Saviour
King of Mercy and Compassion

Jesus Christ

“Satan recruits young people through pop culture”
Saturday, June 4th, 2011 @ 17:00

My dearly beloved daughter, conversion, as a direct result of My Messages given to you, is spreading the world over. Rejoice, for I told you that My Word, when read, would ignite souls everywhere, including those lukewarm sinners. When I gave My Word to the world, thousands of years ago, to My beloved apostles, they made a deep impact on mankind. Today, apart from the followers of God the Eternal Father and I, His Son, Jesus Christ, much of what was taught has sadly been forgotten.

My communications through you, My daughter, is to try and simplify My Teachings. More importantly, the reason I speak now is to remind, teach and instil My Most Holy Word in the minds of My children, so that they can be saved from the clutches of Satan.

My daughter, I have filled your soul, through the Gift of the Holy Spirit, with the power of discernment. This power is given to you, not just so that you can understand these Messages, but to reveal to you the evil of sin. Now, when you witness sin, you feel sickened to such an extent that it will make you feel agitated. I Am giving you now a taste of what I suffer when I see My children infested with sin.

Many of those you see in your day-to-day life, through the media, the movies and on TV confuse you. Sin, when present in souls, manifests itself in a way that is clear to see through certain signs. You, My daughter, can now, through My graces, immediately discern sin in someone. The first sign you will see is arrogance and pride, where one man considers himself more important than another. Other signs presented to you stem from the sin of pride and greed.

One of the most rampant sins in the world today is sexual perversity. When it is presented to the world, it will always be camouflaged by humour. This is a clever way of trying to convince others that it is a natural part of your human make-up. You see, My daughter, every person in the world likes to laugh and needs a sense of humour, which is a Gift from God. So when sexually deviant behaviour is promoted, it will usually be presented to make you laugh. This is when it will demean, not just women, but where it will influence young children so that they will accept evil decadent behaviour as normal pop culture. Satan likes to recruit young souls. So he uses modern means to target these precious little lambs of Mine. They, My little children, will unwittingly emulate their disgusting behaviour, which will be fuelled even further by peer pressure.

Warning to those in the Music Industry

I warn now all those in the music, movie and the arts industry. If you continue to contaminate My children, you will be punished severely. You, My misguided children, are puppets in Satan’s armoury. He uses you by first seducing you through the allure of wealth, fame and opulence. Then he invades your soul. After that he will drag you into the depths of depravity where his demons will enter your body so they can act out their own horrible lusts and sexually depraved acts. All along you will think that this is just harmless entertainment. Don’t you know that your souls are being stolen? Don’t you care? Don’t you realise that if you commit these acts of obscene sexual depravity you will be lost forever? As you lustily crave for more excitement, when the last act no longer excites, you will become insatiable. After that you will self-destruct. Why do you think there are so many of you, who are living in this false façade, that is celebrity culture, committing suicide? Taking drug overdoses? Feeling depressed? Despair tearing through your hearts? Don’t you know that Satan wants your soul, quickly? The sooner you die in mortal sin the quicker Satan can steal your soul from God the Almighty Father, your Creator.

It is difficult for My children who are caught up in this lie to understand. But think of it like this. Even when you are in sin, there is still the Light of God present in you. Many sinners and atheists do not realise this. They continue on their downward spiral of sin moving closer to Hell. Yet, it is only because of the Light from God that they remain sane. Without the Light of God, this Earth would be in darkness. This darkness, once experienced, will terrorise you. Your sinful acts will not only be repulsive to you, but you will want to run and hide. For even then, if the Light of God were to suddenly appear, you would not be able to withstand the glare or the Power.

Without God’s Light there is total darkness of soul. Because you, My children, have never had to do without this Light, you would not be able to survive if and when this Light extinguishes.

Nurture your soul – it is all you will take with you into the next life

The Warning will give you a sense of what this feeling will be like. Should you be in mortal sin during The Warning, have no fear for it is only that – a warning. Sadly, so shocking will your sins be when you see them in their raw and ugly state, that it could affect you physically with shock. Don’t wait until then. Do something about your spiritual life now. Consider the dignity of your soul. Nurture your soul because it is all you will take with you into the next life. Your body is of no consequence. However, if you use your body, given to you by God the Almighty Father as a Gift, in a sinful manner, so that you cause others to sin, it will be your body that will cause the downfall of your soul.

Think, My children, of your future happiness. For your time on Earth is only a fraction of the time you will experience in your existence. Failure to look after your soul will guarantee your isolated abandonment into Hell, in which no life exists other than eternal pain and torture.

Every day millions float swiftly towards the gates of Hell

Every day millions of souls, at the moment of death, float swiftly towards the gates of Hell; powerful people, leaders, rich, poor, singers, actors, terrorists, murderers, rapists and those who have had abortions. The one common denominator all of them share is this. None of them believed that Hell exists.

Your loving Saviour and Teacher

Jesus Christ

“Message from Virgin Mary about communicating to Young People”
Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011 @ 18:00

(After a private apparition in which she appeared to the visionary for over 30 minutes.)

I come in the Name of Jesus Christ. I am the Mother of God, your beloved Mother, Queen of all the Angels.

My child, you have just been tested because of the Work you do for my beloved Son and you have become stronger as a result. You know now what has to be done so that as many young people as possible understand Who my Son is. He, the Most Precious Son of mine, Saviour of the World, will do everything to save all of those who walk the Earth in ignorance of His Mercy.

Those children who stubbornly refuse to listen, must be told the Truth and very soon. Please tell young people all over the world that Jesus walks with them every second of the day. He cares so much for them. They have no idea of the depth of His Love. He wants to embrace them into His Sacred Heart so that they will enjoy the New Era of Peace on Earth. If only they would respond.

My child, it is so difficult for people to understand the Truth of the Existence of God the Father. To convince them of the Truth of His beloved Son’s Sacrifice is very difficult. This, my child, must be your goal.

Go in peace and love.

Your beloved Mother

Queen of the Angels

“Jesus calls to children all over the world”
Sunday, January 8th, 2012 @ 15:30

My dearest beloved daughter, I call out today to all children over the age of seven and to every single child of Mine in the world. You, My little children, are like jewels in My Eyes. You bring Me such tender love and I delight in your company. Know that I love you very much. Some of you know Me already and that is good.

I invite you to chat with Me more, in your own words, as a friend. Never feel you must learn or recite prayers, which you may find difficult. Instead, come to Me and share all of your thoughts, fears, news or problems. I Am always at your side even when you ignore Me. I Am always hopeful.

To those poor young people, whose lives are filled with falsities or who are involved with drink or drugs, you must know this. Although you may feel emptiness inside, you must give Me your hand and I will grasp it. I will save you from drowning in a sea of confusion.

Many of you feel worthless and of no significance. You are so overwhelmed by those you idolize in the world of music and celebrity that you feel completely inadequate. Never feel like this, my little children because, in My Eyes, you are very special. Each of you holds a unique place in My Heart. Allow Me to take you on a journey to a wonderful new future.

I will, shortly, introduce a new, wonderful Era of Peace and Glory on Earth.

You must keep strong. Never give up when you feel down. Never despair when you feel worthless.

You, remember, were born for a reason. No matter what your circumstances are, the reason for your birth is this. You were born to join with Me as part of My New Glorious Kingdom.

I know it is hard for you to hear My Voice as there are so many false gods trying to get your attention.

My Promise to you is this. Live your life in hope and love for Me, your Jesus, and I will give you the Gift of Paradise. This Paradise is what is waiting for you if you would only ask Me to help you on your journey towards Me.

I Am the love that is missing from your life.

I Am the peace you look for.

I Am the help you need to feel love in your heart again.

I Am Love.

I Am the Light.

Without Me you will remain in darkness.

I love you no matter how you may hurt Me or offend Me.

Say this little prayer and I will come running to you immediately.

Open my eyes Prayer for the young

“Jesus, if you can hear me, then listen to my call for help.
Please help me deal with those who cause me pain.
Help me to stop envy taking over my life and to stop me wishing for things I cannot have.
Instead open my heart to You, dear Jesus.
Help me to feel real love – Your Love and to feel true peace in my heart. Amen.”

Rejoice, My children, because I now speak to your heart from the Heavens.

I Am Real. I Exist. I love you and I will never give up My fight to save you so that I can take you, your family and friends to the New Paradise on Earth.

This Paradise was created for Adam and Eve and will now return to Earth.

I want you to be part of this new glorious life, which is beyond your dreams.

I bless you now.

Your beloved Friend


“God the Father: Love Me as I love you”
Wednesday, September 10th, 2014 @ 03:00

My dearest daughter, let it be known that every time a man sins against Me, I will forgive him. Sin may separate him from Me but I still love the sinner. Let it be known that I love those who are oblivious to Me. I desire all those who may feel that I do not exist to listen now.

I Am within your grasp. Please call out to Me. I want you. I love you. I need you, for you are part of My Flesh. And, as part of My Flesh I feel lost when you do not respond to Me. Like a parent who gives life to a child, I await your response. A baby naturally responds to a parent. A parent naturally loves its child for this is part of the Gift that I bestow upon humanity.

I Am your Father. I Am your Creator. I Am Who I Am. Don’t you know that I love you all with a longing that is only known to those of you have become parents? I cry tears of great sorrow when you do not know Who I Am. My Heart is heavy as I call out to you now. Love Me as I love you.

Your Eternal Father

God the Most High

*                              *                              *

Locutions To The World

January 6, 2012

“A New Jesus Movement Among the Young”


There is a constant shifting of reality, as forces that once were strong grow weak, and new, surprising forces emerge on the scene. This has happened so quickly in the modern world. The new forces of technology have captured a large audience and the traditional forces of the Churches have receded. More and more, the young are formed by the new forces and are barely touched by the traditional forces. The younger population is able to use the new technology very well but they have no roots in the traditional beliefs. They are uprooted and floating, so to speak, drawn into a new world that cannot answer the deepest questions of their hearts and which does not give them companions in faith.

Swept Out of Churches

This is the great danger, which is happening before everyone’s eyes. The whole younger generation is swept out the door of the churches, never rooted in faith, and is caught up in the mesmerizing powers of the new technology.

Do I not have a place in my Immaculate Heart for these young people? Are they not my children? Should I not reach out?

Dear young person, as you read these words, know that your heavenly Mother is reaching out to you. Ahead of you are severe disappointments and the cruelest of trials. Technology has drawn you, ensnared you and trapped you. The images are endless but they are just images. They are not flesh and blood.

Flesh and Blood

I gave flesh and blood to God. Jesus is no image. He is your Lord and Savior. He is risen and is in your midst. I call you to an awakening, to a new Jesus Movement. When your friends begin talking about Jesus, do not criticize them but accept them and join them. This is your only hope. His love for you is real. He is flesh and blood and has all power to help you.

Let us not wait. Let us begin now. Open your heart. Say this prayer with me, “Jesus, I am a sinner and I believe that you can forgive my sins. I believe you are the Savor of the world and that you want to save me. I open my heart to you and I invite you to enter it. Amen.” Keep asking Jesus to come. I will be at your side.

February 11, 2012

“Young People, Solitude and Monasticism”


Why do so many go astray? Because so many forces pull people in the wrong direction and so few forces lead them on the right road. So, the need is obvious. Lessen the wrong forces and strengthen the good ones. Then, mankind will regain its freedom to choose. Over the years, the opposite has happened. Now, all, especially the young are deprived of their freedom.

Manipulating the Culture

America prizes freedom. In reality, it has removed freedom. The culture is saturated with forces that move the young into directions where others want them to go. Young people think they are free. However, all those who manipulate the culture know that they are controlling the young. Their messages pour out every day, in every possible way. Young people are bombarded with stimuli, attracting every desire of their hearts. How can the young resist these stimuli, day in and day out? A generation is formed according to the image and likeness of those who control the stimuli, all for their selfish interests.

Cry Out for Your Freedom

The young generation should rise up. They should demand the end of this endless barrage that determines their choices. They should cry out for their personal freedom. But, they are too caught up. How can you protest against what is inside you and which you so desire?

So, I lay out my plans for the young. “You who want to be totally free, who want to find the great mystery of my Son, Jesus, who want to be formed in the image of God, turn off all the stimuli that form you each day. These stimuli twist your emotions, darken your intellect and make you incapable of true greatness. Come away. You must come away because you are being drawn by voices into waters that will destroy you. These electronic media form your soul and twist your personality. They have created a new human being who is not even human. They steal your emotions, dominate your time and leave you only a few scraps to feed your inner self that should reach out to God.

A Solution

This is my advice. Learn the secrets of monasticism. Learn that God is found in silence. Go away for a short time. Live with those who love solitude. Even just a few days will open your eyes. You will understand what I am trying to say by these words.

February 13, 2012

“Culture and Young People”


By these words, I reveal the forces which are shaping the present and preparing for the future. I open a window of heaven for everyone to look through. Heaven sees everything that is taking place. Those readers who look through my window will see the forces which are shaping their world and they will know what decisions they must make.

Need for Decisions

Too many people are passive, allowing their destinies to be determined by external events. My Son always asked for decisions. People had to choose the kingdom or be swept away. Now the tide is even greater and more forceful decisions must be made.

Now is not the time to allow others to decide for you or to make no decision at all. Do not trust that everything will work out. I have taught clearly the destructive power of the present situation. The tide is powerful and will sweep everyone away. The only exceptions are those who make decisions and resist the tide.

The Daily Experience

I will begin by speaking to the young people. They are the ones most affected. They are forming their own identity and are so vulnerable to the forces of culture.

Yet, what do they experience every day? A veritable onslaught against every value of heaven, a twisted and depraved culture which glorifies evil and laughs at truth. My words must be extensive and deep. They must probe the heart. This is where I must bring my power to bear. The culture will resist me but individual hearts will respond. O reader, may your heart be open to the teachings which follow. I love you and I offer these words so you are not destroyed.

February 14, 2012

“Young People and Their Decisions”


Many times people do not see the ramifications of their actions and only later they grasp the seriousness of what they have done. Today, I want to speak about the evil of divorce, which has become so widespread.

Decisions Made Before Marriage

Divorce is the result of many decisions. It is, so to speak, the ultimate decision, separating what God has joined, breaking open the marriage bond which leads to so many unforeseen ramifications.

Let me address the beginning decisions made before marriage. Hopefully, my words will pierce the hearts of those who are not yet married so that they will never be led to choose divorce.

Results of Promiscuity

When a person is young, there are many attractions and many distractions. The serious side of life often seems far away and youth seems to be a perennial state. Caught up in this free-love society, the young person does not see the results of promiscuity. They see no need for chastity. Their hearts are stolen away. Time is wasted. Relationships that should lead to the deepest friendships and even to marriage are destroyed. Time is wasted. Other relationships, often less satisfying, are taken up. A very special opportunity for a good marriage has been squandered.

Getting Married

Finally, the person settles into marriage but the deep commitment and enthusiasm have been lost. It is a marriage of convenience, the best that can be salvaged after many destroyed hopes. Such is the situation. There never was a firm and lasting commitment because so many previous relationships were severed. The two people are almost strangers to each other. Their hearts have had so many prior relationships that they cannot grasp the seriousness of permanency in marriage. Relationships based upon bodily pleasure are too superficial to be good soil for a lifelong marriage.

So, I speak to young people. You will never get these years back. Do not squander them. Listen to the deepest and truest motions of your heart. Sacrifice for these goals. Only true and honest decisions will prepare you for a permanent marriage.

February 15, 2012

“The Fears of the Young”


“Do not be afraid”. These are my words to the young. You face so many challenges, especially a world whose future is quite in jeopardy. You are caught up in tidal waves of uncertainty. You seek for answers. You ask, “Is anything secure?” That is why I speak.

The Least Religious Generation

You are the least religious generation in the history of America. I do not say this to reprimand you. I say it to enlighten you. You have been robbed of your religious heritage and have been nourished only on secular food.

For other generations, the presence of heaven and the importance of a life with God were taught by the adult world. Now this adult world, for its own gain and profit, has stolen God, heaven, eternal life, the presence of Jesus and my presence from you. We have all been erased, as if we do not exist and can offer you no help.

The Battle Between Hope and Fear

When I say, “Do not be afraid”, I must always add, “because I am with you”. This is my message. Ahead of you are gigantic problems. You will face in your lifetime more trials than any previous generation. These trials will bring about overwhelming fears and fear will become your biggest problem. It will paralyze you at the very moment when you will need to take action, daily actions over a long period of time. Survival will demand extraordinary hope. However, fear kills hope. That will be the battle, between fear and hope. One kills the other. So, when I say “Do not be afraid”, I am giving hope a chance to save you.

Seek Mary’s Help Now

O young reader, I see you and your generation. I see all the events that are ahead. You will not survive without me. Now is the time to come to know me and to experience my help in your daily trials. If you do this, when the greater trials come, hope will triumph over your fears. I say again, “Do not be afraid”.

February 16, 2012

“To the Young – Awaken Your Spiritual Desires”


There is no turning back.  Once human life begins, it will continue forever.  This is the greatest mystery – the immortality of the soul.  There is also no turning back in human existence.  The child becomes the adolescent who becomes the young adult.  Nature moves ahead and does not allow the human person to turn back.

Your Soul Reaches Out

Yet, for many young adults, the situation is not a hopeful one and they begin to question their own existence.  The problem is this.  Earth can only give you earthly goals but your soul is immortal.  Your soul reaches out to heaven.  Your spirit wants to soar but you have never been told how to rise above the clouds or even that you should seek the riches of heaven.  O, my young generation, how the world has robbed you and stolen from you.  However, I come to restore these riches.  Let me begin.

What God Created

Within you is an eternal spirit, created directly by the eternal Father who decided that you would exist.  He created you in his likeness (for you are his child) and he created you to live in total happiness forever.  What a blessing!  Inside you are spiritual desires which seek what is beyond all that you can see and experience with your bodies.  But the culture you live in exalts the body and tells you that you only have bodily desires.  This is a lie.  If you satisfy only the body, you will lose all hope because your spirit realizes that there is more but it is a reality beyond your body.

Your Spiritual Desires

I come to stir up your spiritual desires.  They will lead you to my Son, Jesus Christ.  I conceived him and gave him birth.  He is very near you and you can experience his presence.  Begin your search for him.  This will stir up your spiritual desires.  When your spiritual desires are covered over, you experience a weariness with life.  This happens to so many.  Do not turn back on your spiritual journey.

February 17, 2012

“Heaven’s Fire comes to Earth”


Not much is known about the working of heaven, so I will pull back the veil for all to see.  In the heavenly Father’s heart, there is a furnace of love which created the world and created you.  Wanting to reveal His love, he sent His Son, who is a perfect image of the Father.  My Son’s heart, also, is filled with love for you.  But even this was not enough.  The Father created my heart, and filled it with love.  He, then, took the fire of love, the Holy Spirit, and sent that fire into your heart at the moment of your Baptism.

The Fire of God’s Love

Thus, all the heavens and all the earth is filled with the fire of God’s love.  This is why I speak.  The eternal fire which gives eternal life is easily available to you.  But what if you find other loves and fill your heart with these loves?  Then, you have no room for the heavenly fire.

Your Steps

What must you do?  If you have filled your heart with illicit loves, you must only repent and say, “I will remove this illicit fire from my heart so I can receive the heavenly fire”.  This repentance is not that difficult.  The first step is the hardest, and when you take it your whole life will be different.

Especially, I speak to the young reader.  Your life stretches before you.  Do not wait.  Do not say, “I will always have time later”.  You will be wasting these years.  God has a task for you, a work to accomplish.  You will have a family and you must want them also to have eternal life.  Your whole life and your whole eternity hang right now in the balance.  Listen to my words and seek the heavenly fire of grace that the Father has made so available through Jesus and myself.  I will help you.

*                              *                              *

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