Our Lady Speaks To Those Who Have Little Love In Their Life

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Our Lady of Divine Grace

Locutions To The World

July 15, 2011

“A Love Waiting for You”


My heart overflows with love for all mankind. No human heart is excluded from my love. This is why I ascend this pulpit of the world. So, I can reach out to all men. Today I reach out to the neglected, to those persons who have received so little love in their life. You do not believe in a God of love because you have experienced so little love. To you I speak. Let us begin.

How different you were from the other children. You experienced a life of constant emptiness. You did not realize this until you were old enough to understand. Your home was different, empty of human affection, sometimes filled with gigantic disorders (which I will not list). Then came false love, the love you sought from those of your own age. You always met with constant failures. Then, you chose a marriage partner and found yourself inadequate. How could you respond in love, when you had never experienced love? And so it has been. Love, love, love. It has never been there and you have never been able to receive love or to give love, even though you tried so hard to do so.

Now the years go by and your life narrows. You foresee a future in which true love is impossible. The world has cast you aside. You are no longer young (at least as the world defines young). What do I say to you?

First, my heart goes out to you. You have truly been deprived of life’s greatest gift – love. You have searched – oh how you have searched for love – but so many times in the wrong places. Now, I will turn your heart with these words. “It is not too late because my Son has planted a river of love within you called the Holy Spirit, a veritable fire of every kind of love. You will be able to experience his love as so many others have. His is a redeeming love. His first task is to wash away all your sins, quickly and immediately, so that you experience a freedom. The past will have no control over you. Then, this Holy Spirit will release the heavenly Father’s love for you, and you will know you are his child. Jesus will take you into his arms, for you are truly a straying sheep. Then I will grasp you and offer you the warm love of a mother.” All I can do is to tell you that this love is waiting for you. Take my hand and I will lead you there.

July 17, 2011

“The Effects of a Home Without Love”


So many parts of human life are bent and twisted that the human person finds it very difficult to turn to God and to seek Him. That is why I am his messenger. Like John the Baptist I am called to “make straight his paths”. Where will I begin? As always in the human heart.

When the person grows up in an atmosphere of loving parents and a home that is in order, free from strife and turmoil, he can easily perceive the goodness of God because he sees life, love and happiness all around. However, when the original plan of the Father for the family becomes far removed from the original model, then a darkness covers the mind and a heaviness comes upon the feelings. The person is not free to choose the light or to respond to love. Everything is bottled up within, the result of years of an unsatisfying home.

What can be done when this is so widespread? The normal, loving home has become the exception, not the rule. Especially, I address you who are reading my words right now. Your lack of faith is not rooted in the lack of goodness in my Son. It has its roots in your family where so many disorders entered and where faith was dim. I have not come to blame anyone but to offer you a very special gift:

I will be your mother.

For many reasons, your own mother was not able to provide and nourish you, could not pour out the warmth and protection that you needed. I will wash away those memories that still hurt within you. I will help you to see everything in a different light. I will open up those feelings that have been closed for so long. Believe me. Everything can be changed. Let us begin right away. Know that I am your mother, loving, powerful, always with my eyes upon you. Always saying to you “Come and feel my warm love. Come and listen to different words. Come, there is another world that you have never experienced. Come because everything can change. It is a warm, motherly love that you need and a warm love is what I have for you. Come and you will receive.”

*                              *                              *

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