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Holy Love Ministry

September 28, 1993

I saw in a vision the Holy Spirit fly from a host suspended in the air upon a Bible. The Bible opened and the pages were being turned by some unknown force. First, as the pages stopped turning, they came to Acts 16 with the dove (Holy Spirit) pointing at it: then it stopped on Revelation 6 and then on Daniel 6.

December 11, 1994

Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She says:

“I come for the greater honor, glory, and praise of Jesus. I come as the Woman of the Apocalypse – ‘the Woman Clothed with the Sun”. I continue to come to you in this posture as a sign to humanity of My continued call to conversion. Only when you are living in Holy Love – which is conversion – do you understand My call to you.”

“Do not waste time fearing opposing ideologies, other countries weaponry or even God’s retribution. It is evil that is in hearts you must oppose. Take on the cloak of apostleship of Holy Love, and spread the message to the most distant points of earth which are all hearts steeped in darkness. Take as a sign of My call to you, this Image of Guadalupe.”

[A bright light comes around Her.]

“Be the light that shines in darkness. Be the rays of the star leading souls to My Son. Dear children, I come because I love you. Pray, pray, pray.”

March 12, 1995

Our Lady is here as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She says:

“My little children. I come to reconcile souls to God. Please pray with Me now for this intention.”

We prayed.

“Dear children, today I invite you to recognize the season of tribulation that is upon you. As in any season there are signs. Recognize the cataclysmic natural events as from God. These occur in order to return souls to God, Who is King of Heaven and Earth. In the next season of tribulation you will find money systems failing and collapsing. This will occur as a means of stripping people from the idol of money. The next season I reveal to you My dear daughter, My dear people, is the apostasy, which will occur in the Church. It will be as a winnowing fan separating the wheat from the chaff, and will take place mainly in the West. Then the season of the Antichrist. He will be in the world and in hearts. Dear children, I reveal these things to you now, so that as these events unfold, you will recognize God’s Hand in your midst. Just as in nature, these seasons will overlap one another. There will be no clear line of demarcation, but you will recognize them through Holy Love. I am blessing you now.”

April 5, 1995

Our Lady is here as Our Lady of Fatima. She is bending over me and Her Heart is exposed. She says:

“My daughter, let us give praise and thanks to Jesus. Today, I come to remind you once again to have every confidence in the grace of My Immaculate Heart. It is Satan who tries to make you lose focus and makes everything seem most desperate. My Victory is coming and with it the glorious reign of My Son’s Eucharistic Heart on Earth. It is then ideologies will be harmonious, faith will be pure and unadulterated once again, and people will be united in truth and peace. These days preceding the hideous reign of the Antichrist – both in hearts and in the world – Satan uses division as a tactic to bring down the good and uphold evil. This is why I continue to call you to reconcile yourselves in the safe Refuge of My Heart. There is no other attainable goal of merit, for no good lives outside My Heart.”

April 7, 1995

Our Lady is here in white with a gray mantle. Her Heart is exposed and has one sword in it. She says:

“Pray with Me now for the conversion of all sinners.”

We prayed.

“Dear children, tonight, I come to you to tell you that the greatest sword that pierces My Heart is the unpreparedness for what is to come, for so many remain unconverted and unchanged in their ways. And they do not love. Soon, very soon, a great darkness will shroud the world. This darkness will last for three days and I tell you it will be in souls, as well as, in the world. This darkness will be so powerful, it will shroud the grace of My Heart and obscure the way to this Ark for those who do not already know it. It is for this reason, I ask that you immerse yourselves in the midst of The Flame of Holy Love that is My Immaculate Heart while there is still time. I am calling you to love My dear children, and I am blessing you.”

Our Lady blessed us and left.

May 12, 1995
Monthly Message to All Nations
Servants of Mary – Windsor, Ohio

Our Lady is here as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She says:

“Thank you for answering My call to come here tonight. It is a grace that I come. Pray with Me now for the lukewarm.”

We prayed.

“My daughter, tonight is My last apparition to you at this site, but I am continually here, greeting the pilgrims. I invite My dear children to follow Me to the site I have directed you to, on the Twelfth of next month.”

“All that I am revealing to you is occurring because of lack of Holy Love in hearts. As the Season of Tribulation draws to a close, and during the reign of the Antichrist which will be in hearts and in the world, certain and ordained cosmic events will occur. These will mark the onset of the great purification. Some heavenly bodies will loose their light. Others will fall to earth, relinquishing their place in the heavens.”

“When these things begin to occur, people will clamor for admittance to My Heart, just as they clamored to get into the Ark when the flood began. But I will not admit those who do not love.”

“Dear daughter, dear children, once again I appeal to you to have Holy Love in your hearts, always in the present moment. For what is in hearts affects the entire cosmos. If hearts embrace the Light that is My Son, the world will be in the Light. If hearts choose darkness, the world will be plunged into darkness. Holy Love is the measure by which you choose. Stay close to My dear Pope, John Paul II, – his teachings and encyclicals. Follow the new catechism. What stands contrary to any of these, is contrary to Holy Love and Heaven.”

“My daughter, I tell you, if the lukewarm would accept Holy Love in their hearts, much about the chastisement would be changed, for these are the ones that gravely wound the Heart of My Son. When the darkness comes it will be complete and certain.”

Her Mantle is turning black. Some of the stars on Her mantle are slipping off and some are going out. The only light is coming from the area of Her Heart. Our Lady continues.

“See My dear daughter, that My Heart is the safe Refuge all must seek. This is Holy Love. Those who do not recognize it will perish. Dear children, your strength and your might are in the Flame of Love that is My Heart. I am always with you, most especially when you are praying My Rosary. I desire that you pray for deep faith and trust. Always follow My beloved Pope who is much maligned and under attack.”

“Dear children, continue to be courageous in your efforts to spread Holy Love, for you are My dear apostles. Tonight, I am extending to you once again, My Special Blessing.”

August 10, 1995

Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She says:

“I am the Woman Clothed with the Sun – the Woman of the Apocalypse. I come to seek your efforts in My Victory over evil.”

“Every holy hour of reparation lessens God’s Justice and serves to strengthen the Remnant Church. It is during the great hour of God’s Justice that My Son will secure the Remnant in the Wound of His Heart. Thus, covered with His Most Precious Blood, the tide of evil will not encroach upon it. His Justice and Mercy will comprise the fiber of this Holy Remnant. Now you are in the time of trial and many tribulations, but My Grace is your strength and your ultimate victory. Do not fail in praying for your enemies. God will hear your prayer. The enemy moves amongst you trying to make all seem hopeless. He is easily defeated through faith and trust.”

December 25, 1995
Christmas Day

Our Lady comes in white. She says:

“Happy Christmas! All praise and adoration be unto Jesus, for He is King — the Word born Incarnate. I come today to speak to all nations, all peoples.”

“Dear children, centuries ago the angels proclaimed, ‘Peace on earth to men of good will.’ Today, I solemnly tell you, few are of good will. This is true, for pride has turned good to evil. This is manifest in a multitude of ways. For instance, intellect is a gift from God. But when man takes pride in his intellect through his own will, it is no longer good, but evil. Some go so far as to take pride in their spirituality. This is how Satan convolutes virtue. All evil will be uncovered before My Son’s coming. He sends Me ahead of Him, just as the Baptizer preceded My Son. When Jesus returns, and before He will come, the mountains will be made into plains and the dry land into sea. Because His coming will purge the earth of evil, a purification will manifest itself in hearts and in the world first. The greatest tribulation is yet at hand. Hearts are unprepared that do not love. It will be shown and understood by the spiritually wise, that man is solely dependent on God and that each one in the world needs to assist the other. False gods will be stripped away. Money, power, immorality, human intellect, will no longer have power but be impotent. I once again invite you to see the GREAT URGENCY of My Holy Love message, which will be, and is today, the trumpet of the angel [Book of Revelation] and the heel that will crush the serpent’s head. I am blessing you.”

April 12, 1996
Monthly Message to All Nations

Blessed Mother is here as Our Lady of Guadalupe. There are deep pink roses around the edge of Her mantle, and there are hundreds of angels with Her. She says:

“Dear children, pray with Me now for all leaders of countries who legislate against Holy Love and God’s law.”

We prayed.

“There is a great bear of a nation in the East whose leaders follow the Antichrist.”

“Dear children, today I desire that all prayer groups designate the Twelfth of the month as days of prayer support of all life, for abortion is a sin which greatly grieves the Heart of My Divine Son. Dear children, today the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary take dominion over this property and this site of prayer. Do not come here seeking new messages, but begin to live the spirit of Holy Love. In your lives, let the United Hearts come to reign and take dominion over your families and your places of work.”

“I invite you to return here on May 5th, My special Feast of Holy Love, where I will show certain signs and grant certain favors to individuals.”

Now Jesus is with Her. They are giving us The Blessing of the United Hearts.

April 21, 1996

Our Lady comes in white. She spreads Her hands and exposes Her Heart. She says:

“I am the Woman of the Apocalypse–the One Who is Clothed with the Sun–the Holy and Chaste Virgin Mary–Mother of Jesus the Christ.”

“To all of My apostles I say, bring to Me the greatest triumph–souls, souls, souls. All the rest will be tendered through My grace. The more who come to the property, the more grace that will be extended. Pray on the property often for those who will come. It is a site of My predilection.”

July 28, 1996
The Three Days of Darkness – General Illumination of Conscience

I see Our Lady holding the Infant Jesus. She is in a purplish mantle, pink gown. The Baby is in white. Our Lady says:

“I come in praise of Jesus, My Son.”

“My daughter, I have prepared your heart in forewarning of My telling you these things. Today, most of humanity has chosen self over God and fellow man; death over life; hate over love. For the sake of man’s free will, God has only intervened indirectly by sending Me into the world to admonish and call to conversion. My coming to you with this message of Holy Love is a last minute grace, which Heaven hopes will bring many to salvation.”

“Today, as I speak to you, cosmic events are taking place. Patterns are being established and certain constellations choosing unforeseen paths. Through the evil in hearts these things are being permitted by God, who does not want to punish but who will not interfere.”

“Man’s final judgment of choice upon the world will bring about a collision of heavenly bodies. Your planet will swerve from its course. For 3 days natural laws will be suspended. Earth will be plunged into darkness–both in hearts and in the world. The good will be sustained through the Refuge of My Immaculate Heart and will not see unprovided death. But woe to those who walk the path of perdition. Some will die of fear. Others will take their own lives.”

“It is during this time that those consecrated to the Flame of My Immaculate Heart will be protected. These souls will be the light in the midst of darkness.”

“There is no nation that can provide safe refuge during these three days, but My Heart will provide to those who are thus consecrated to Me.”

“I do not come to frighten you. I come to show you the way around fear which is this Mother’s Heart. I am so ready to shelter My children, to appease injustice, to protect the faith.”

“Make this known.”

November 8, 1996

Our Lady

“The age of the apocalypse is here. The last days foretold in the Book of Revelations and predicted by the prophet Daniel. I have come to promise you a New Era of Peace. But peace cannot reign in the world until all hearts turn to love. Any choice against God and neighbor is testing God’s patience and calling His justice down from Heaven. I come, My dear children, to reconcile your hearts to God through love – Holy Love. Make it known.”

January 12, 1997
Monthly Message to All Nations

The first part of the message was given prior to the prayer service.

Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She says:

“All praise be to Jesus Who is Lord of all hearts.”

“Today, I come to you with a mother’s heart to help you comprehend the meaning of My visits to you under this title and in these times. When I came to Juan Diego in the 16th century, the meaning to the people in those days was symbolic and told a story which converted millions. Today, My coming to you in this way and under this banner is of no less importance. I come during these last days to convert the world. I come to reconcile man and God. Under this image I am the Woman of the Apocalypse — the Woman clothed in the sun, the moon beneath Her feet. (Rev. 12) Further, let it be clear, I am Queen of the Cosmos as you see the stars in pattern on My Mantle. I am with child. Therefore, let it be known, I am the Mother of All Mothers. It is decreed in Heaven that life be given. Mankind must not assume the role of God and take life from the womb. In all of this, My head is yet bowed in humilty to the One Who sends Me. I am praying as I desire all to pray and with humble hearts. The greatness in this image is in the Creator. The greatness in My coming to you is in the Creator’s Mercy.”

“I come to restore harmony in the world and in the cosmos itself. It is only through Holy Love in hearts that this delicate balance can resume. Today, when so many feel all solutions come from humanity and not from God, the only real solution is left forsaken — that is, embracing God and neighbor with love.”

“Through holy predestination, I am Mother of All Mothers, Mother of All Nations and Peoples. I invite you to see, dear children, that your triumph is in the Cross, the Cross which is Jesus’ Throne of Mercy and Love. It is from this, Divine Mercy and Love, that I am sent to you. Embrace the Cross as you embrace Holy Love during these decisive times.”

“Let your dignity come from your personal holiness in response to My call and not from worldly standards. You can disarm many a proud heart in this way.”

This part of the message was given at the prayer service.

Our Lady is here in white. She is radiant and has a crown of sparkling lights upon Her head.

“I come in praise of Jesus.”

“My dear children, rejoice with Me today. You have come in answer to My call. It is through your prayers and your sacrifices that we are now meeting in this building. This is the site of My great predilection and favor. Let us pray in thanksgiving for the many graces that will be poured out here.”

Jesus is now with Blessed Mother. Their Hearts are exposed.

“Dear children, today I invite you into the Era of Peace, for when you are living in Holy Love, you will already be in the New Jerusalem. Immerse yourselves in the Flame of Holy Love that is My Heart. Today it is your new baptism and commitment. See that Holy Love fulfills your baptismal vows. Today we extend to you the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”

May 12, 1997
Monthly Message to All Nations

(The following message was given in two parts.)

Our Lady come as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“I have come into the world to reveal the compromise that has weakened the faith in the hearts of many. Many have made decisions that would bring them laud in the world. Jesus sends Me to you to help you choose that which will bring you salvation.”

“Today, for the first time, I invite you to understand that lack of Holy Love in hearts has destroyed right reason. Right reason is all reason based on Holy Love. When the heart is not steeped in Holy Love, compromise replaces right reason. This is why you have abortion, pornography, all sorts of vice, homosexuality, corrupt governments, compromised faith and morals, and more. It is Satan who takes right reason out of hearts. It is Satan who promotes compromise in hearts.”

“Your hearts, my dear children, are what Satan pursues. For it is your heart that determines damnation or salvation. When my Son returns, as He will, you will be judged on your own merit — not on what everyone else thinks or does.”

“In the world, many and most nations have been led astray through the disintegration of right reason in hearts. As hearts go, so go whole nations; and as nations go, so goes the world.”

“There are great numbers of martyrs of the faith in the world these days. Many, many are living in this country. I call them martyrs for these holy and consecrated ones are martyrs of the heart. These are the priests who are unafraid to show devotion to me and hold fast to my place in church tradition. These are the lay people who dedicated their lives to my cause amidst great price. I will not abandon these dear children of mine, but will present them myself to my Son at the hour of His telling.”

“Dear children, I am in your midst as the Sorrowful Woman Clothed with the Sun, the Comfortress of the Afflicted and the Mediatrix of All Grace. I invite you to pray with me now for all those who do not believe.”

Jesus is now with Blessed Mother. They both have their Hearts exposed.

“Dear children, I come to you in sorrow, inviting you to understand that certain persuasions have been accepted, allowing the Antichrist to come to power. You my dear children are my army against all evil. Because of your faith, your perseverance, I come to you still, pouring my grace upon the world, converting souls, and showing the way to salvation. Today We extend to you the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”

June 12, 1997
Monthly Message to All Nations

The following message was given in multiple parts. The parts are interspersed. Blessed Mother is here as Mary, Refuge of Holy Love. She says:

“Praise be Jesus. Thank you for responding to my call to be here today. Pray with me now for those who hear but do not believe.”

“Once again I come seeking your reconciliation with God. God remains constant in His steadfast love. It is you that have distanced yourselves from Him.”

“Those who make gods of their free conscience, which is free will, are on the path to perdition. You cannot be saved outside of God’s Holy and Divine Will, which is Holy Love.”

“I come bringing you love and seeking your love in return.”

(Now she is showing me a human heart in front of her. It has many holes in it and something seems to be pouring out of the holes.) Our Lady says:

“This is the heart of many in the world. All my grace escapes them. Perhaps they believe and follow the righteous path briefly. But Satan gains easy access through flaws in Holy Love. These holes you see are the flaws.”

“Such a heart is compromised. This is how Satan has manipulated laws to his liking. Pray and sacrifice that hearts be made one with their Creator. I come to you so that Heaven and earth will be united in every human heart.”

“My children, it is the hour of apocalypse spoken of by the prophet Daniel. Do not think that because evil thrives in hearts that God will not intervene. In His compassionate Mercy, He gives mankind every opportunity to convert and reverse all evil.”

“I have come to show you the way to conversion. Open your hearts as roses in the sun. I have brought you here today for my purpose and your welfare, so that you will believe and help others to believe. I invite you into my Heart. You never know which chance may be your last. You do not know the hour of Jesus’ return.”

“Dear children, today you pray amidst my tears [it was raining]. I am sorrowful today for what is to come to the world, for the world as you know it teeters on the brink of disaster. It is by merit of your prayers and sacrifices that I am thus able to withhold the hand of justice. My dear children, see what is to come.”

Maureen now sees a globe of fire coming toward her that passes by. Then another globe appeared that was in total darkness.

“But it is within the Refuge of my Immaculate Heart that I will shelter you. Just as today you find shelter under your umbrellas, so my Heart will be your Refuge in the great trials that lie ahead, as also it will be your consolation.”

Jesus is now with Blessed Mother. They extend to us the Blessing of the United Hearts.

July 17, 1997

Once again, Blessed Mother is here as Mary, Refuge of Holy Love. She has all 50 states in a pile at Her feet. (See 7/13/97 message.) There are two angels with Blessed Mother. One angel picks up one of the states and hands it to the other one. It is like sand in his hand; then it turns into gold with some of the sand falling out as it is changing. The gold is then given to Our Lady who places it into Her Immaculate Heart. Our Lady says:

“These are the faithful and righteous who have persevered in faith. Dear children, pray with Me now for all the unbelievers.”

“Dear children, I continue to come to you so that the faithful remnant will be increased and strengthened. Humbly understand that you are living in apocalyptic times and that this is a place of revelation – holy revelation.”

“Tonight, I am asking you to accept your place in these times and to increase the grace in your hearts by your efforts through prayer and sacrifice. Tonight accept My Blessing of Holy Love.”

September 18, 1997
Thursday Rosary Service

Blessed Mother is here. She says:

“I am Mary, Refuge of Holy Love. Praise be Jesus. Let us pray now for all petitions in hearts here tonight.”

“Dear children, it is time you realize that you are living in the end times and through the Book of Revelation. My children, realize that My Son is returning soon and that I have come to prepare you for His return through My message of Holy Love.”

“I have come seeking your ‘yes’. Do not listen to those in the world who, through compromised reason, believe that time, and all events, will continue unchanged. But come into My Maternal Heart through this message of Holy Love. I am blessing you.”

October 4, 1997

Our Lady comes in black (like a picture we were given as a gift). She says:

“I am the Mother of God. Praise be Jesus.”

“My angel, I have come to help you understand in depth My mission here. While your country has flourished physically and has been made a leader among nations, it has failed spiritually to embrace the sound doctrine of Holy Love. The soul of your country has become easy prey for Satan’s lies and compromise. And so… you have abortion.”

She looks down sadly.

“Most people, it seems, look only to their own interests and do not care for, or love, their neighbor. And so… the innocence of many is scandalized for personal gain.”

“God has been taken out of schools in an effort not to impose upon consciences. And so… you have a lack of conscience in the general populace.”

“People view modern technology as their own doing and not a gift from God. And so… certain technology has become a tool of Satan.”

“All of these things have spoiled this nation and others from the inside out. Most do not realize it. This is why I have been sent here – to awaken hearts as to the spiritual apathy all around you. I come to draw you into the Refuge of My Immaculate Heart which is the way of your salvation. I come to lead you through this ‘way’, which is Holy Love, to the Heart of My Son.”

“People must open their eyes and their hearts to the choices they are making. I have come so that you can behold the Woman clothed with the sun – the Woman of Revelations. Recognize the apocalypse is upon you. Then hasten to your conversion.”

“My daughter, My angel, proclaim it. I will help you. I will lead the way.”

March 7, 1998
Second Meditation for the Chaplet of United Hearts

Our Lady comes all in white, Her Heart exposed. She says:

“I have come to share with you the meditation on My Immaculate Heart. Praise be Jesus.”

“Immaculate Heart of Mary, You are the purest vessel of grace, the definition of holiness, and a sign of the apocalypse. Mary, Your Heart is a Refuge of Holy Love — a counter sign in an evil age.”

“Dear Heart of Mary, it has been ordained that the conversion and peace of the world be entrusted to You. Only through Holy Love can the battle be won. As you, Heart of Mary, have been pierced by many swords, impale our hearts with the flaming arrow of Holy Love.”

“Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.”

August 8, 1998

Blessed Mother is here as Mary, Refuge of Holy Love. She says:

“Praise be Jesus.”

“Thank you, dear children, for your prayers, and for your attendance here today at My invitation. Please understand that all I have foretold, through the messengers here today and others around the world, is already happening, and will happen just as I have stated. You will see the Book of Revelation turn to life. My dear children, when you read Scripture, pray it; and if you have a heart of love, you will understand all the details that you are to know. Today, I am extending to all here present My Blessing of Holy Love.”

December 7, 1998

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here. Their Hearts are exposed. Blessed Mother says:

“Praised be Jesus.”


“My brothers and sisters, tonight I am asking you to understand deep in your hearts that the Book of Revelation is coming to life in this present age. You will understand, as events unfold, the effect that each present moment has upon this generation. Tonight, We are extending to you the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”

December 12, 1998

Blessed Mother is here as Mary, Refuge of Holy Love. She says:

“Praised be Jesus. Dear children, pray with Me now for Christ’s pilgrim Church on earth.”

Jesus is with Blessed Mother.

“My dear children, this is the way I desire it to be always and everywhere, that we should be united in a common language of prayer. ** Come to Me under this title [Mary, Refuge of Holy Love] and receive the fullness of My grace.”

“My dear children, today I am delivering from Purgatory the relatives of those who are here today. Pray with Me, My dear children, that faith will be strengthened in hearts here today; that you will always remember My coming to you as the Refuge of Holy Love; that you will spread this devotion around the world. Just as I come to you in simplicity and without guile, I desire that you make this message known around the world – as it is the light on the path that leads to salvation.”

“Today, once again, I invite all people, all nations, into the recesses of My Immaculate Heart. Apart from the grace of My Heart, you are unable to withstand the wiles and onslaught of Satan. The peace of the world has been entrusted to My Immaculate Heart by My Beloved Son. Therefore, understand wars and unrest will continue in the world until I am victorious in all hearts. Because My Heart is Holy Love, understand that My Victory is coming through Holy Love.”

At this time Maureen asked Our Lady if the Eternal Father would allow Her to return to speak to the world again.

“Yes! It is My privilege to do so next year on your birthday and My feast day [December 12th], and also on May 5th [Feast of Mary, Refuge of Holy Love].”

“Every year?” Maureen asked. Blessed Mother smiles and nods yes.

“I have come to you as the Woman clothed with the sun, a sign of the Apocalypse. I invite My children to understand that today Satan has convoluted the truth and righteousness. Much of the population believes more in the dictates of their own consciences than in the laws of God Himself. Thus, in convincing individuals to follow the whims of a free will unformed in truth, Satan has accomplished the demise of many souls and the destruction of order and harmony in God’s world.”

“But I come to you to help you rediscover the truth. God is truth. His law is righteousness. God dictates Holy Love. Satan dictates love of self beyond logical reason. Surrender to Holy Love in the present moment. It is your salvation. It is the reason I have come to you all these years.”

“My angel, today I tell you My love for each of My children is everlasting. Though each one is distinct and individual, I love you most easily when your hearts are steeped in Holy Love. It is then I am able to let flow the fullness of My grace into your hearts.”

“My love for you is not distinguished by the absence of any cross, but rather, the grace to bear each burden in Holy Love.”

“My visits to you should have transformed your life and the world around you. Your ‘yes’ to Me needs to ignite the Holy Love in hearts all over the world. Thus, shall it be.”

The United Hearts Blessing is given.

** [Blessed Mother is referring to the Rosary being recited, during which the Our Fathers were each being spoken by representatives of different nationalities in their native tongue.]

February 4, 1999

Jesus and Mary come. Their Hearts are exposed. Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be Jesus.”

Jesus extends His Hands out and prays over the people here. He says:

“This revelation of Our United Hearts should be a sign to you of the times in which you live. It is not long until My Second Coming. The United Hearts Revelation is a sign to you of My victory over death and sin.”

The United Hearts Blessing is given.

May 5, 1999
Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation
2nd Anniversary – Feast of Mary, Refuge of Holy Love

(** Maureen was told that reading Revelation 13 will help to understand this message):

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here. Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be Jesus.”

She bows in recognition towards the priests who were present.

“My dear children, once again I have come to mend the way between Heaven and earth.”

“Know with certainty, My children, that My coming to you at this time marks the onset of the last struggle between Satan and the Woman clothed with the sun. This is a battle the adversary knows he will not win, as it is written in the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph.”

“As the victory draws near, you will witness diametrically opposed signs. There will be a scattering of the flock in the confusion of hearts, but a drawing together of the remnant faithful who remain consecrated to Me. You will see heroic sanctity and unrivaled evil. Many of My chosen ones will be relieved of certain burdens and protected from devastation. Those devoted to the world will find their fortunes turn to dust.”

“Those who have not surrendered to trust during these times will find their hearts mastered by the spirit of fear. It will be increasingly necessary to recognize Satan in his disguise. Whatever opposes the law of Holy Love, My children, is evil. Realize this. The battle between good and evil is really the battle between Holy Love and evil. Choose Holy Love in every present moment.”

“There will be signs of wonder and amazement that nature cannot explain away. Certain portents will be seen in the sky. Those who do not understand these times will not recognize them for what they are. This is why the Eternal Father has allowed Me to come to you, to place you under My mantle and into My Heart. I am here as your Mother to help you to realize the urgency of mankind’s return to holiness.”

“Your prayers, My dear, dear children, are opening the gateway to My victory, both in hearts and in the world. Satan knows how much I am depending on you and makes every effort to interfere when you want to pray. It is then you must be strong and understand I am with you. Make your lives simple. Let your hearts center on your relationship with God. Then all you need will be given. Your faith must be your anchor as you ride out the seas of these tumultuous times. My Immaculate Heart is your life boat.”

“You must realize, My little ones, that the heart of evil is sensuality, wealth and power. Therefore you must not love these things, but replace them in your heart with love of God and love of neighbor. Satan gains control through money and power, and I am calling you to lead simple lives and avoid these pitfalls.”

“Once again, My dear children, I will visit Purgatory to deliver into Heaven all the relatives of those here present today. Receive My Motherly Blessing and the Blessing of our United Hearts.”

June 5, 2000
Monthly Message to All Nations

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here. Their Hearts are exposed. Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”


“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“My brothers and sisters, today I am forming an army of love through your prayers and sacrifices, through your worthy reception of the Holy Eucharist, and your love-filled rosaries. It is through the love in your hearts that I will defeat the compromised conscience. Come to Me, My children, come to Me and I will lead you to the victory of Our United Hearts.”

“I have given the world a legacy through this mission – the Way of Holy and Divine Love. It is up to hearts now to make ready use of it. I suffer yet the Agony in the Garden for those who will not listen. Peace is not genuine unless it is based on the Divine Will of My Father. False peace arises from false consciences. A false conscience is one not formed in the law of Holy Love.”

“Our Hearts will not reign in victory until every heart embraces Holy Love. Therefore, see that the decisive battle is going on in hearts – the battle between good and evil. Mankind cannot produce a weapon of destruction that will win this war. Nor can he negotiate lasting peace outside of Holy Love.”

“Your weapons that will win this war are the Holy Eucharist and the holy rosary. Receive the Eucharist and pray your rosaries with hearts full of Holy Love. In this way, you will use the love in your hearts to defeat Satan and win the war.”

“Any form of government that opposes My Law of Holy Love, the Eucharist, or the rosary is already an Antichrist in your midst. You must be strong, prudent and not gullible. Do not trust man-made peace. Trust the only real peace that comes from Heaven – from the Divine Will of God.”

The United Hearts Blessing is given.

June 19, 2004
Midnight Service at the United Hearts Shrine
Feasts of the Sacred Heart of Jesus/ Immaculate Heart of Mary
Feast Day – The United Hearts – June 20

First, the United Hearts image appeared; then it melted away. Then Jesus and Our Lady appeared with Their Hearts exposed. Jesus said:

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

Our Lady said:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

Jesus says:

“I come here to assist My Father in establishing His Kingdom upon earth–His Kingdom of the Divine Will. My Father’s Divine Will and Holy Love are one. Neither exists apart from the other. My Father’s Kingdom will be established first in hearts that live in Holy Love.”

“Power and fortune, even fine reputation mean nothing to Me. In truth these are often obstacles to the Divine Will. Abandon all of this and I will help you come into Holy and Divine Love. When My Father’s Kingdom is well established amongst the Remnant Faithful, the apocalypse will begin. So you see, these days mark the onset of the end times.”

“Prepare the innermost cloister of your hearts–not your domiciles. It matters not where you live, but how you live. It is your surrender to Our United Hearts that prepares you for all that is to come. Do not say to Me, ‘I surrender’ with your lips, but with your heart. Then We will come, My Mother and I, and establish within your heart the New Jerusalem. Do not look with dread to the future, but with joy and hope.”

“This feast day of Our United Hearts is the feast of every soul who seeks sanctity through the Chambers of Our United Hearts. It is a journey unlike any other. It leads to the temple of God within.”

“My brothers and sisters, see the symbol of Our United Hearts as the sign of Our victory. For Our triumph will come through love. The more you make this image known and pray the devotion of the United Hearts, the quicker Our victory will come. Therefore, assist Heaven in hastening Our triumph. I am listening to your petitions and you will find consolation.”

“We are extending to you the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”

August 5, 2004
Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here all in white with Their Hearts exposed. Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

Jesus says:

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

They greet the priests and those here.

Blessed Mother says:

“Thank you for coming here today.”


“My brothers and sisters, as we celebrate today the anniversary of My Mother’s birth, let us contemplate in our hearts how our Heavenly Mother cooperated with God’s plan for Her. In your hearts today, give Her the gift of this heavenly simplicity of purpose in your life by cooperating with God’s Will in the present moment which is always Holy Love.”

“I have come to help you understand what those devoted to the world do not understand. The world economy is based on mankind’s love of consumerism. Satan is taking charge of the world’s finances. He is putting into place the ‘angel’ chip which in years just ahead all will find necessary to have in order to conduct even the simplest of business on a day-to-day basis. This ‘angel’ chip–so named to give it a positive image–will be inserted under the skin. It will be touted as a way of finding lost children, making financial transactions more expedient and making readily available personal data in case of emergencies.”

“Here is the truth. This ‘angel’ is a ‘dark angel’. It will be used by Satan to seat the Antichrist upon his throne. By means of this chip–which will carry with it the mark of the beast–the adversary will be able to control minds. He will, in an instant, know the whereabouts of all who wear it. Through this little chip he will be able to ignite his brand of spirituality worldwide.”

“Those who love Me–those who seek to live in the Divine Will–must never concede to wearing this ‘dark angel’ under their skin. You, My chosen ones, must not allow Satan to manipulate you in this way. You are Mine and I desire that you remain so. Your welfare is in the Refuge of Our United Hearts.”

“We are united in Holy and Divine Love. Do not leave My Mother and Me for the sake of that ‘dark angel’ which would cause you to lose your very soul. Trust in My Provision. I will care for each of you in unheard of ways–ways that you could not fathom. My grace will pour into the lives of My Remnant. You must not fear. The hour is desperate for the millions who will follow Satan. You must not be desperate. You do not need all the answers of how you will survive. You need trust. My Remnant will be given opportunities to assist one another through Divine Providence.”

“I have not come to frighten you, but to expose the truth of these times in which you live. The days of the Antichrist’s power will be shortened for the sake of the elect. See that he is already preparing to mount his throne. Never before have such blasphemous moral issues been the subject of political debate. Never before has such famine overtaken the world populace. Here I do not speak of starvation for lack of bodily nourishment. The world is hungering and starving for love. Yet, when I send My Mother with Holy Love, and when I come Myself with Divine Love, even My friends challenge Me.”

“This will not deter us from our chosen path. This Mission is eternal, just as love itself is eternal. It reaches from Heaven to earth, and back again to Heaven through the Divine Will of My Father. Evil will be defeated by a chain of events through this union of love.”

“Today We are imparting to you the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”

September 5, 2005
Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here with Their Hearts exposed. Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

Jesus says:

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”


“I have come to help you comprehend the desperate hour your country is in. Already in this young century, you have experienced two apocalyptic events–these being the 9-11 attacks, and this most recent hurricane which destroyed an entire city.”

“It is the hour in which America must choose to unite in Holy Love. Thus, mankind can turn back the wrath of God. Only in this unity based on love will you truly be ‘one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.’ This means even the weakest and most vulnerable–the unborn–have rights. Indeed, it is your treatment of the weakest amongst you that will determine the future of your country and of every nation.”

“This is not the hour when you should further distance yourself from God through the insult of encouraging still greater promiscuity and disregard for life. Here, I am speaking of making available ‘over-the-counter’ what you term the ‘morning-after pill.’ Nor should you allow gambling to spread across the country. It becomes a false god and carries hearts away from Me.”

“Do not be mistaken or confused. There is one purpose that brings Me here; that is, to draw you into Our United Hearts. Herein lies the Ark of the Apocalypse–the Spiritual Refuge of these times.”

“Today I do not come so much to offer solace in recent tragedies, although My empathy is always in your midst. I come to warn you that each one must make the conscious effort to become more holy, for it is only in this way you can avoid future disasters. It is only by your efforts My Mother can hold back My Arm of Justice which sadly aches to fall.”

“I come in truth to lead you in truth. The Prince of Lies spews lies about this Mission to pull you from the path of righteousness which I desperately need you to follow. He comes clothed in goodness and title, and engages you in spiritual warfare. I come clothed in truth, and love and mercy. Follow Me.”

“I tell you, there has never been an age when My Mercy and Love has been more apparent or more needed. Through Divine Mercy and Divine Love, I have laid My Heart bare here at this site, and I continue to do so.”

“I am moved by the many prayers offered here to give to the world the following prayer, which, if propagated and accepted by all people and every nation, will change the course of human events.”

“Here it is:”

“I choose with my free will to love God above all else, and my neighbor as myself. I choose this–Holy Love in the present moment–and seek God’s help in doing so in every future moment. Amen.”

“My brothers and sisters, I invite you to understand that the greatest grace, the greatest miracle given at this site is the grace to live in Holy Love in the present moment. Appreciate this; ask for it when you come here and it will be granted. You are given special angels to assist you.”

“We’re blessing you with the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”

March 5, 2006
Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here with Their Hearts exposed. Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

Jesus says:

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”


“I have come today to tell each soul how much I love them. I love the righteous. I love those steeped in sin. My Love is unchanging–constant. My Sacred Heart is always open to all. I await the response of the stone-cold heart with eagerness–ready to forgive at the slightest sign of repentance.”

“Today it is the duplicitous heart that is My greatest challenge, and the greatest threat to the welfare of the world. These are the ones who say what sounds good and righteous, but hidden within their hearts lie hidden agendas–agendas of evil intent. This is how the Antichrist takes root in hearts. He must win hearts first in order to set in motion his actions in the world. This is why I tell you–you must look at actions, not at title or position in the world, for many an evil plan comes forward from one who has gained the trust of many.”

“If you stay close to Me through these Messages of the Chambers of Our United Hearts, I will reveal to you only the truth. You will not be misled or confounded in your understanding of events as they unfold. Remember that I have chosen you to listen to Me. Respond with confidence.”

“Just as evil must live in hearts before it affects the world, it is also true of the Mission of Holy and Divine Love. The apostle that propagates the Mission must also live the Message. The choice is not complex. For I tell you, if you are not for the Mission in your heart, you are opposing it. If you are not for Me, you are against Me. Remember, I am Love.”

“While you hesitate to decide to live in Holy Love, souls are lost who could have been saved by your efforts of prayer and sacrifice, and by your efforts in propagating the Message of Holy Love. Indecision plays a part in the disharmony between free will and the Divine Will of My Eternal Father. This lack of harmony breeds war, terrorism, disease and famine. But the worst disaster is the loss of a soul for all eternity. Much rests in your hands today–in this present moment and in every future moment.”

“My brothers and sisters, please understand that today Satan sprinkles his confusion around this Mission and the Messages and the Rosary of the Unborn with great ease. You can help with your prayers and your sacrifices to enlighten hearts as to the real truths that are revealed here. I need your help. I am asking you to understand that every prayer counts towards revealing darkness where it lies hidden. Satan uses the most unlikely people to oppose Heaven’s plans here. Your prayers and sacrifices, My brothers and sisters, are light on the path of salvation for many.”

“We’re taking all of your petitions to Heaven with Us today. We’re blessing you with the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”

April 3, 2009
Heaven Speaks to the Heart of the World

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Evil has become a dominant force in the world today because man’s heart is not one with the Heart of God. Satan uses human emotion and psychological weakness to gain control of souls. He is using whole countries to usher in the reign of the Antichrist. But do not fear; here at this site I am constructing an ark of truth. It will not succumb to evil.”

June 20, 2009
Midnight Service at the United Hearts Field
Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

(This message was given in multiple parts.)

Blessed Mother is here in a brilliant white, and Her Heart is exposed. She says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear little children, tonight I come to you in and through pure love. Trustingly remember that Holy Love and truth are one. Those that live outside of truth are not worthy of your obedience. Do not, therefore, be discouraged. Come to Me here at Heaven’s site of predilection and allow Me to tenderly and compassionately tend to your needs.”

“My Son, Whose Heart is All Mercy, All Love, never condones the misuse of authority. He sees the motives which lie hidden away in hearts. Jesus would never discourage prayer or the pursuit of personal holiness through the Chambers of Our United Hearts. During these times, you must base your choices on My words to you here tonight. I clothe My words in truth.”

“During these perilous times much consideration is given to a ‘New World Order’. But, My dear children, this is an agenda of evil; it is a platform for the entrance of the Antichrist. I come to you with Heaven’s plan for order through universal Holy Love. Until every heart chooses Holy Love, you will not have order and you will not have peace. This is why My efforts amongst you here are ecumenical. I come, not just for a few, but for all. All hearts must choose to love God above all else and neighbor as self. It is Holy Love in hearts that will give the world a new sense of order–a new direction in harmony with the Will of God and true peace.”

“Today, in these times, man places his greatest concern on the opinions of those in the world around him rather than the opinion of God. This has brought the sins of calumny, detraction and lies to the forefront, and sows confusion in hearts concerning Heaven’s Mission here. You must be children of the light–upholding only the truth; then God will be your support and your advocate. This is how to trust, for the truth, which is Holy Love, is the foundation of trust.”

“Dear children, all around you is the enemy working through jealous hearts to tear down what Heaven is building up. Do not be dismayed at the instruments Satan is able to use in the world, for evil is not bound by position or rank nor title. I asked your patient endurance through every attack. I seek most of all, your trust–trust in the journey into the Divine Will through the Chambers of the United Hearts; trust in My call to conversion in each present moment through the embrace of Holy Love; trust in My continued call to you to come to this site and partake of the graces offered here. If My Mission here were of no importance, it would not be under attack. But Satan recognizes more than most people, the significance of this Mission and the role it will play towards the Victory of My Son’s Second Coming.”

“Realize that each heart opens into the heart of the world; thus the moment to moment decisions of every soul affect the entire universe.”

“Choose your own salvation in the present moment, for this is what determines the salvation of the world. The future of the world does not depend upon weapons of mass destruction, economic solvency, consolidation of power or any plan of man. The future of the world depends upon man’s surrender to the Will of God through Holy Love. The simple, fervent prayer of one ‘Hail Mary’ by one soul may turn the tide away from disaster. Never be discouraged, then, in any prayer effort. Your Heavenly Mother always listens, always protects, always mediates graces unforeseen in each present moment for each soul. Have hope, then, and realize no evil lies hidden from My Maternal glance. You are always safe in My Immaculate Heart.”

“Once again I tell you, the more distant the heart of the world becomes from the Will of God, the more insecure it becomes in terms of the threats of war, terrorism, disease and unprecedented natural disasters. It is the hour–the moment–for the Victory of Holy and Divine Love. Do not contribute to the defeat of God’s call. Be a part of the Victory.”

“As every heart opens on to the heart of the world, so every present moment opens on to eternity. Do not waste any present moment on the perplexities of what is to come or on guilt over the past sins My Son has forgiven. In the present always be in Holy Love and trust in My Son’s Mercy and His Provision. This attitude embraces humility and love, and is most pleasing to My Beloved Son.”

“In any present moment when confusion surrounds you, return to My words to you this evening. Every reading will profit you new meaning.”

“Dear children, how I love you! How I desire to console you, and give you strength in the face of persecution!”

“Tonight, My dear children, celebrate as so many enter Paradise. These are the ones who were devoted to Our Two Hearts in their lifetimes.”

“My Son sends Me to thank you for your beautiful and loving prayers, your procession and your heartfelt love. Dear children, My Heart is your Refuge, and I never weary welcoming you into My Arms. You will find peace when you live in Holy Love.”

“My dear children, I am blessing you with My Blessing of Holy Love.”

August 19, 2011
Feast of St. John Eudes
(A patron of this Mission)

Today, there is a priest here in a cassock. He says his name is St. John Eudes. He says:

“Praise be to Jesus. I am a patron of this Mission. I have come to point out the direction mankind has chosen.”

“These days humanity tries to correct evil with even greater evil. Take for instance, abortion. Pregnancies from illicit sex are terminated by the greater evil of abortion. Look at the idea of unity through the new World Order. This is only control – setting the stage for the Antichrist.”

“The Blessed Mother’s children – once devoted to Her – have often abandoned Her in search of some trendy form of worship. In doing so, they neglect the Mediatrix of All Grace whose Heart is the conduit of all good.”

“But mankind foolishly rejects the tried and true in search of self-fulfillment and under the guise of social justice. When Heaven graciously tries to intervene, God’s efforts are discounted as not true or unworthy.”

“So, today, I am here at God’s command – calling all people and all nations into the fold of Holy Love. Do not seek false gods – gods who encourage self-destruction and the murder of others. Do not worship the world or its allurements – money, power, popularity. Be united in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, which of Themselves, are united. It is only then you will have true peace.”

November 14, 2011

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Today you were wondering about the weather. When you arose you saw the gloom and the portend of rain. You wondered when the rain would start and what adverse effect it would have on you; but it is not so important to know the exact minute of the first raindrop – where you will be or what you shall do. In your heart you are ready, and you know things will come together for you as you need them.”

“It is much the same way with these times. All the signs are around you – the signs of these last days and of the reign of the Antichrist – the signs of My return. People do not know the exact moment of specific happenings; but just as a weather forecaster predicts rain is in the future, this Mission is here now to predict the last days are unfolding. I prepare you with the umbrella of truth. I warn you to hold tight and do not allow Satan’s lies to wash away your faith.”

“Holy Love is the high ground you must seek. There I will protect you. The flood waters of confusion will not reach you. In your hearts, you know all is at hand. In your hearts, know that My Provision in every present moment is your consolation.”

“You cannot pretend to know the difficulties which lie ahead just as you cannot pretend to know the second the first raindrop will fall. If your heart is prepared in Holy Love, then you must not be anxious concerning that which you do not know and cannot predict.”

January 19, 2013

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Solemnly I tell you, all of Scripture, which refers to the times before My Second Coming, will be fulfilled. I ask your prayers and sacrifices for these times described in the Book of Revelation so that there will be less who will be fooled into apostasy and schism; and so that the Remnant will increase. Pray for the Victory of Truth in hearts.”

January 27, 2013

I (Maureen) see a Great Flame which I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says:

“I have come to help the world to better understand the meaning of My Title – ‘Eternal Now’.”

“In the world, you have the concepts of time and space. You experience the past in your memory – the present in the present moment – and you anticipate the future as time passes by moment by moment.”

“But I am the Eternal Now. In Me there is no past or future – only now, which lasts forever. Therefore, the world is being created now by My Hand. My Son is being born now in the stable. His Public Ministry is taking place now, as is His Crucifixion. I am celebrating His Resurrection now, and welcoming Him as He ascends to Me in Victory now.”

“In the world, every event is just now taking place in My Heart – the wars, persecutions, the decision of Roe v. Wade. But also I am experiencing My Son’s Second Coming – His Triumph over the Antichrist and His Victorious Reign.”

“Because there is no time in My Realm, I am able to experience joy and sorrow all at once to the fullest. These things are difficult for you to comprehend, but as you meditate on My Words to you today, you will be given more and more understanding.”

April 17, 2013

St. Michael the Archangel says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“There is no grace more poignant to these times than the Seal of Discernment offered here at this site to those of sincere heart. This is true because of the confusion and compromise that rules so many hearts during these times. Satan has succeeded in making sins legal. People do not pause to think that sin is never ‘legal’ or acceptable in God’s Eyes.”

“The Seal of Discernment is the tip of my Sword of Truth. When Truth is defeated in a heart, sin is victorious. The Seal of Discernment assists the soul in finding the Truth and in being convicted in the Truth. It is a grace which follows the soul throughout the rest of his life once he receives it.”

“As the Book of Revelation unfolds, it is this Seal of Discernment which will save many souls in the face of Satan’s lies.”

June 30, 2013

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“My Heart burns with love for all humanity. I plead with not only the righteous, but those who have lost their way, to cling to the Light of Truth. These are deceptive times when the hearts of many of your leaders are steeped in guile. Without the Seal of Discernment many will be tricked into following evil.”

“The Book of Revelation is unfolding in the present day. You must be sure-footed along the path of Light. Do not become submissive to the most popular way of thinking. Search out the Truth. Your spirituality must not take on the aspects of an ambitious career, but must be centered on Love of God and neighbor. Never pursue personal importance.”

July 27, 2013

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“If you wonder why I am bringing these things to light now, it is because the abuse of power and the compromise of Truth will usher in the reign of the Antichrist. These two errors have infiltrated the government of this once great nation and the Church, as well. There is no place for politics within the ranks of the Church, but it is there – acknowledged but unchecked. These politics form an aura inside of My Church – an atmosphere of not knowing who to trust.”

“In governments, as well, power has fallen into the hands of those with evil agendas. More and more good is intimidated by evil – evil that demands definition and rights. The undertow of evil is changing the course of the future.”

“Remain as faithful watchmen to the Tradition of Faith. Do not be fooled into obeying any evil. Stand guard over your freedoms, and do all in your power to maintain your national identity.”

“To live in the shadow of any reprisal is not freedom. Live in the Spirit of Truth always.”

December 4, 2013

Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today, I invite you to see that the Vestibule or Entryway to the First Chamber of Our United Hearts is Truth Itself. St. Joseph, as Guardian of the Truth, awaits the arrival of each soul in this Vestibule, where the soul is convicted of the Truth of his iniquities. Once the soul realizes and accepts his errors, he is admitted to the First Chamber of Our United Hearts, which is My Own Immaculate Heart. Then, within the Flame of My Heart, he is purged of his iniquities.”

“Please understand what importance the Seal of Discernment plays in this ongoing conversion process. It is this Seal which assists the soul in defining the Truth. This Entryway or Vestibule into Our United Hearts is the first step in any conversion process. Truth must convict the heart before any change can take place.”

“Therefore, understand that self-complacency is Satan’s weapon which he uses to thwart Truth in the heart. No one should be satisfied with where he is spiritually.”

“Every soul is invited into this Vestibule of Truth. The souls most distant from this Entryway are the ones most steeped in the compromise of Truth.”

“St. Joseph is always there present – calling and inviting souls into the Light of Truth. He never grows weary of welcoming the sinner to his conversion. The Doorway the sinner must pass through to reach the First Chamber is God’s Mercy.” *

*Read with Message: 2 Thess. 2:9-15 (The importance of recognizing, accepting and loving the Truth before the coming of the Antichrist.)

“The coming of the lawless one by the activity of Satan will be with all power and with pretended signs and wonders, and with all wicked deception for those who are to perish, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. Therefore, God sends upon them a strong delusion, to make them believe what is false, so that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. But we are bound to give thanks to God always for you, brethren beloved by the Lord, because God chose you from the beginning to be saved through sanctification by the Spirit and belief in the truth. To this he called you through our gospel, so that you may obtain the glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ. So then, brethren, stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught by us, either by word of mouth or by letter.”

June 28, 2014
Saturday Midnight Prayer Service
Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

(The following message from Blessed Mother was given in multiple parts over several days for those who gathered in the Field of the United Hearts at Midnight.)

Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear children, I invite you to see how much the Father cares for you. He is nourishing you spiritually with these Messages, just as He nourished His children physically in the desert with manna.”

“The Father offers you through Me, His Handmaid, the Refuge of My Heart – this Refuge of Holy Love. This is the portal of peace. This is the Gateway to the New Jerusalem. Dear children, be renewed as you enter herein. Breathe in the grace that I, your Mother, long to give you. Do not let others obstruct your way to My Heart. The Flame of My Heart is your beacon of Truth which calls you to a renewed conscience and hope in a holy future.”

“I cannot choose for you, but through these Messages, I can guide your footsteps showing you always the Light of Truth. Holy Love will help you to decide good over evil. Evil bears its own consequences in hearts, in the world and in eternity.”*

“I come to you to lead you in holiness, so that we can share eternity together. My Motherly embrace awaits you.”

“Dear children, I come tonight to gather you into My Immaculate Heart, Refuge of Holy Love. This Holy Refuge is the Remedy for the ills of the world today. The present-day evil does not want you to know this. Solutions are sought in modern technology, peace talks which are not grounded on peace with God first, and man’s attempts at climate control – climates which are only governed by the Will of God.”

“Tonight, I ask you to treasure only that which is eternal and to pursue your own salvation through Holy Love. Ask me tonight for the grace to recognize evil and to choose good.”

“I will bless you in this effort.”

* Please read (pray) the Second Meditation of the United Hearts Chaplet – in Honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary:

“Immaculate Heart of Mary, You are the purest vessel of grace, the definition of holiness, and a sign of the apocalypse. Mary, Your Heart is a Refuge of Holy Love – a counter sign in an evil age.”

“Dear Heart of Mary, it has been ordained that the conversion and peace of the world be entrusted to you. Only through Holy Love can the battle be won. As you, Heart of Mary, have been pierced by many swords, impale our hearts with the flaming arrow of Holy Love.”

“Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.”

September 16, 2014

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“The fulfillment of My Commandments is what will save the world from wars, terrorism and disasters. These Commandments are encapsulated in Holy Love. It follows that those who oppose Holy Love, oppose Me.”

“I have taken this property – a wilderness * – and transformed it into a sanctuary of great favor and peace [Maranatha Spring and Shrine]. It is here souls are offered, with certainty, every possible grace to transform their lives and to be saved from the treachery of Satan.”

“These are serious times when souls seem unable to distinguish good from evil. This is why I offer, here, the Seal of Discernment. The values of the world have produced an acceptance of evil, and this acceptance has become more important than the Light of Truth to many. Now, you live in a society of moral decadence. The righteous are persecuted for opposing this degeneration.”

“You must be brave in your convictions. Do not give in to moral relativism. Here, on the property, I will give you the strength of perseverance in the Truth. I will give you my Blessing of Truth.”

* Reference to the Book of Revelation 12:6

And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she has a place prepared by God, in which to be nourished for one thousand two hundred and sixty days.

Read 2 Thessalonians 2:13

But we are bound to give thanks to God always for you, brethren beloved by the Lord, because God chose you from the beginning to be saved, through sanctification by the Spirit and belief in the Truth.

Read 2 Thessalonians 3:1-5

Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the Word of the Lord may speed on and triumph, as it did among you, and that we may be delivered from wicked and evil men; for not all have faith. But the Lord is faithful; He will strengthen you and guard you from evil. And we have confidence in the Lord about you, that you are doing and will do the things which we command. May the Lord direct your hearts to the love of God and to the steadfastness of Christ.

November 10, 2014

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“The final victory will be the Victory of Truth over evil. This is the apocalypse. But, I warn you, the times leading up to it will be fraught with confusion. Good will be presented as evil and evil as good. Even now you see this to be true.”

“My Remnant [Faithful] will be given the grace not to be swayed by popular opinion, title or any self-interest. My Holy Remnant will plant their feet firmly in the Truth and, with My Mother’s help, stand for the Truths of the faith.”

“This is the age of apostasy and heresy, aided by the compromise of Truth and the abuse of authority. This Mission of Holy Love is the winnowing fan bringing to harvest all that is True.”

Read 1 Timothy 4:1-2, 7-8 *

Synopsis: The Holy Spirit says that in later times, some will turn away from the Faith and will heed deceitful spirits and things taught by plausible liars – men who are false teachers with false consciences. …Have nothing to do with profane myths that are taught, for the discipline of religion in Truth is incalculably more valuable than any physical training due to its promise of life everlasting.

Now the Spirit manifestly saith, that in the last times some shall depart from the Faith, giving heed to spirits of error, and doctrines of devils, speaking lies in hypocrisy, and having their conscience seared, But avoid foolish and old wives’ fables: and exercise thyself unto godliness. For bodily exercise is profitable to little: but godliness is profitable to all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.

* -Scripture verses asked to be read by Jesus.
-Scripture taken from the Douay-Rheims Bible.
-Synopsis of Scripture provided by spiritual advisor.

November 20, 2014

Blessed Mother comes as Mary, Refuge of Holy Love. She says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear children, I invite you to see that My Victory is your victory, as well. My Victory is the Victory of Holy Love in your hearts, for this is the fulfillment of the Commandments. Is it any wonder, then, that Satan opposes your acceptance of Holy Love in your hearts? The enemy does not want your salvation. He tries to weaken your belief in Holy Love, thus opposing My Triumph.”

“The stronger the Holy Love in your hearts, the stronger the weapon in My Hands, for it is your efforts in Holy Love which defeat the enemy. All around you lies Satan’s deceit – his compromised Truth. This is why it is so important to discern good from evil and to defend the Truth of good.”

“My Son does not want you to succumb to any attack on Holy Love. Please understand, Satan knows the significance of Holy Love more than many of My children do. Expect the enemy’s attacks and persevere in the Truth.”

Read Revelation 12:17 *

Synopsis: Spiritual warfare: Satan vs. the Remnant Faithful

Then the dragon was angry with the Woman, and went off to make war on the rest of Her offspring, on those who keep the commandments of God and bear testimony to Jesus.

* -Scripture verses asked to be read by Blessed Mother.
-Scripture taken from the Revised Standard Version 2nd Catholic Edition (RSVCE) Bible.
-Synopsis of Scripture provided by spiritual advisor.

November 25, 2014

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I tell you, the soul of this nation is suffering as people have placed belief in popular opinion over the Truth. Understand how far from the Truth people have strayed, when the right to sin is championed and those who oppose sin are seen as the villains.”

“Satan’s kingdom is the world and all its allurements. His standards are reflected in violence, immorality and all that leads the soul away from his own salvation. But, Heaven is intervening here at this site [Maranatha Spring and Shrine] and at others throughout the world. Do not be so foolish as to ignore Heaven’s call to return to righteousness. Do not misinterpret the Commandments by placing new and erroneous meanings on them. Keeping the Commandments is to maintain a healthy relationship with God. Redefining the Commandments fractures the relationship between God and man and calls upon Divine Justice.”

“I depend on the prayers of the Remnant Faithful as protection against the flood of the compromise of Truth. You, the Faithful Remnant, are the way to reconciliation with the Divine Will of My Father. I am calling you to have a heart of courage, fortitude, and above all, Truth.”

Read 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12 *

Synopsis: Description of the coming of the Antichrist and the prelude to the Second Coming of Christ.

The coming of the lawless one by the activity of Satan will be with all power and with pretended signs and wonders, and with all wicked deception for those who are to perish, because they refused to love the Truth and so be saved. Therefore God sends upon them a strong delusion, to make them believe what is false, so that all may be condemned who did not believe the Truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

* -Scripture verses asked to be read by Jesus.
-Scripture taken from the Ignatius Bible.
-Synopsis of Scripture provided by spiritual advisor.

April 20, 2015

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I wish today to address those who search feverishly for the newest prediction concerning the future of the world. The future is not carved in stone, but is dependent upon the effort of prayer and sacrifice emanating from the heart of the world. No one knows the hour of the Apocalypse except My Father in Heaven. The present moment is the opportunity God gives you to win souls for the Remnant and to change the hearts of influential leaders. In this effort, you must never be discouraged.”

“A great part of My Victory is those who are not afraid to speak out against the evil in the world. Too many in authority and of great influence remain silent. It is this silence which bespeaks approval. I hold such as these accountable for those they have misled.”

“As My Victory is Truth Itself and this Mission stands solidly on the Truth, there will be an apparition here* in June on the 14th – the Feast of Our United Hearts. I need the great effort of prayer that rises from here during these events. It pleases Me. Therefore, at midnight dawning on the 14th, My Mother will bless the crowd that gathers in the Field of Our United Hearts.”

“This Mission* is all about the salvation of souls – not the future of the world which can still be changed by each one’s efforts. This is why each apparition here is so important in My Eyes. The prayer effort changes hearts. It is what is in hearts that determines the future.”

* The Ecumenical Mission and Ministry of Holy Love at Maranatha Spring and Shrine.

Read Acts of the Apostles 1:7+

He said to them, “It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has fixed by His own authority.”

+-Scripture verses asked to be read by Jesus.
-Scripture taken from the Ignatius Bible.

June 8, 2015

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says,

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Once again, dear children, I offer you the Refuge of My Immaculate Heart where I give to you My guidance and protection. My Heart, which is Holy Love, needs to be your solace during these most evil of times. You do not see, nor do you comprehend the dangers all around you. These are the times preceding the Apocalypse when Satan is strong in his assaults against Truth. You may recognize the error in hearts, but you must also recognize the evil that has inspired this error.”

“Remember, My Heart is the First Chamber of the United Hearts. It is the Chamber in which souls gain self-knowledge, repentance for sins and cleansing of iniquities through the Flame of My Heart. This is the vital introduction to personal holiness. You cannot proceed in holiness until you recognize what is holding you back. Therefore, I invite all people and all nations into the grace of My Immaculate Heart.”

“Do not fear My invitation, only fear not answering it.”

Read Ephesians 6:10-17+

Synopsis: The Armor of God Prayer for Christian spiritual warfare.

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His Might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having girded your loins with Truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and having shod your feet with the equipment of the gospel of peace; above all taking the shield of faith, with which you can quench all the flaming darts of the evil one. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.

+-Scripture verses asked to be read by Mary, Refuge of Holy Love.
-Scripture taken from the Ignatius Bible.
-Synopsis of scripture provided by Spiritual Advisor.

September 27, 2015

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Once again, I call you into the holy nation of Holy Love. In this nation, there is no fear of global warming – a hoax designed to herd people into a one-world government. In this nation, there are no boundaries to be transgressed – only a call to live the Commandments of Love. In the nation of Holy Love, hearts are united in holiness, under God’s Commandments. There is no guile or hidden agenda.”

“My call to you is a call to be united in good – the good of Holy Love. Be united under God. Do not be tricked into being united in a common fear. Trust in My Provision and the grace of My Mother’s Heart.”

“Remember, you can prove anything with statistics – a case for or against certain events. Keep your eyes fixed on Holy Love and let your hearts be filled with Holy Love. This unity of hearts in Holy Love does not seek its own way, but God’s way.”

Read 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12+

Synopsis: Prior to Our Lord’s Second Coming, by the aid of Satan, the Antichrist will be revealed and will perform acts which men will falsely regard as miracles and by means of which they will be led to follow him who will be proclaimed as the Christ for they have not received the love of the Truth. They will thus adopt sinful practices and erroneous doctrines that will lead to their perdition.

The coming of the lawless one by the activity of Satan will be with all power and with pretended signs and wonders, and with all wicked deception for those who are to perish, because they refused to love the Truth and so be saved. Therefore God sends upon them a strong delusion, to make them believe what is false, so that all may be condemned who did not believe the Truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

+-Scripture verses asked to be read by Jesus.
-Scripture taken from the Ignatius Bible.
-Synopsis of scripture provided by Spiritual Advisor.

September 28, 2015

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Globalization – like anything – can be good or evil depending upon its purpose. If the purpose is to spread Holy Love world-wide, it is, of course, a noble cause. If however, the intent is towards a one-world government, this would pave the way for evil to rule the world. A one-world government, while it may be presented as a sound solution to many problems, makes it very easy for people to be manipulated and deceived if the chosen leader is evil.”*

“Leaders in past history may have been very popular and yet held evil agendas in their hearts which did not surface until it was too late. Stay grounded in Holy Love. Let Holy Love be your barometer of what is good and what is potentially evil. The grace of My Mother’s Heart will not abandon you.”

* Review Holy Love Message of 9/27/2015, especially the Scripture verses asked to be read by Jesus – 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12. Reference to the ‘chosen leader’ being the Antichrist.