A Blessing For Famine – A Spoonful of Honey and Some Nuts for Daily Nourishment

In preparing the page, “Heaven’s Medicinal Plants,” for the coming plagues and famine, for this blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, I came across two comments that I thought were important enough to post on their own merit.

The first is a comment from the chosen soul, Luz De Maria (http://www.revelacionesmarianas.com/english.htm), about blessing contaminated food. The second comment is a private message from Our Lord, Jesus Christ, to Luz De Maria about daily nourishment for the body during famine.

Also, I want to share my page, “Practical Advice and Guidance,” which I periodically update. I try to make the information provided as current and as relevant as possible.

I hope this post is useful to folks. God bless!


Comment from Luz De María

“He has told us that if we bless the foods that are contaminated – maintaining a lot of faith of course – they will not harm us.”

Heaven will not abandon the Faithful children. This is why Heaven has given recommendations to deal with the contamination of foods, especially for those who live in places where the vast majority of the food is contaminated.

Private Message From Our Lord Jesus Christ To Luz De María

“Beloved daughter, a spoonful of honey and some nuts will be enough nourishment for the survival of the body; they provide what is necessary for all organs to function properly. Mention this to My children so it will be a blessing for them in times of famine.”