Practical Advice And Guidance

This area is a work in progress, as a few people have asked me on how to prepare for these End Times, in both a practical as well as spiritual way.  I desire to help, so I hope in this section of the blog, I can provide concrete answers that everyone can incorporate right away in their lives and in preparation for these trying times ahead.

God bless!

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Here are the pages of advice that I have provided so far:

“What To Do If A Nuclear Disaster / Attack Is Imminent!” (13-Page Practical Guide) and Heaven’s Advice For Protection:

Jesus Christ – Disabled and Traveling to Refuges – Prophet John Leary:

Guide to The Warning and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ (Book of Truth):

Summary of Preparation for End Times in the Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy):

Miraculous Sustaining Grapes (Emergency Food Supply):

A Blessing for Famine – A Spoonful of Honey and Some Nuts for Daily Nourishment:

For Famine and Cleaning Dirty Water – Moringa Oleifera – The “Miracle Tree”:

Having Adequate Water for the Tribulation:

Heaven’s Medicinal Plants (For the coming plagues and famine):

Pets and Refuges during the Tribulation:

Prepping for an Economic Collapse – Silver Rounds/Silver Coins:

More Pages are planned and forthcoming. Please check back later!

God bless!