Jesus Christ Speaks To Prisoners

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The Heavenly Father’s Love Letter To You
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God Loves You.
And He is the Father
you have been looking for all your life.
This is His love letter to you.

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(October 30, 2011, at Adoration, Casa San Pablo, Dominican Republic)

Song: “The End and The Beginning” by Matt Maher

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JESUS CHRIST SPEAKS TO HIS PEOPLE – The Mortal Sins That Send Souls To Hell (Book Of Truth – Maria Divine Mercy):

If you need help in learning how to pray to God, please see this page:

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Special Commentary: What is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit? Can I be forgiven by God?

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“A Divine Revelation of Hell”
by Mary K Baxter

Hear the eyewitness testimony on the True Existence of Hell. Mary Katherine Baxter was chosen by God to let the world know of the REALITY of Hell. Jesus Christ appeared to Mary Baxter on 40 consecutive nights and took Mary on a tour of Hell and Heaven. She walked, with Jesus, through the horrors of Hell and talked with many people. Jesus showed her what happens to souls when they die and what happens to the unbelievers and Servants of God who do not obey their calling.


A Christian ministry founded by Chuck Coleson to help those who are incarcerated

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Video – You Are A New Creation (1:35 minutes)

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“Remarkable Light from Blessed Sacrament at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer in USA”

In October 2012 a recording was made at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer in the USA, at the conclusion of Holy Mass. The video recording, only viewed for the first time in June 2013, was found to have a remarkable light coming from the host, pulsating and lighting up the casing of the monstrance.

The Very Rev Dr Gerard McGinnity is pictured in the video leading the congregation at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer in the USA.

Jesus Christ – I AM Present In The Most Holy Eucharist

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From the Book of Truth

“Even the sin of murder can be forgiven”

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011 @ 20:10

My dearest beloved daughter, it is I.

Tonight I come to offer comfort to sinners who believe they are not worthy to stand before Me.

I call on those of you, poor, tortured souls, who believe that your sins are so repulsive that I could not forgive you. How wrong you are.

Don’t you know that there is not one sin I cannot forgive? Why are you so afraid?

Don’t you know that even the most grievous sin of murder can be forgiven? All sins can and will be forgiven if true, heartfelt remorse is shown.

I Am waiting. Open your hearts to Me. Confide in Me.

I Am probably the only true friend you have, in that you can tell Me anything and it will not shock Me.

Sin is a fact of life. Very few souls including chosen souls can remain in a state of grace for any length of time.

Never feel that you cannot confess your sins, irrespective as to how serious they may be.

If you fear Me and continue to turn your back, you will distance yourself from Me even more.

Many of My children do not feel worthy of My Love. Yet I love everyone including hardened sinners. I do not condone the sin. I could never do that. But I love the sinner.

It was because of sin that I was sent into your world as a Saviour so that you could be pardoned.

To be pardoned you must ask for forgiveness.

When you seek forgiveness you must be humble first. For without humility there is no true remorse.

I, your Saviour, beg you to stop and think about how you live your life. You either love God by your good deeds and love of neighbour or you don’t.

You do not have to know Me in order to love Me, children. By your works, your love of each other, the kindness and generosity you show others, you demonstrate your love for Me without realizing it.

It will also be through your humility of heart, when you show true remorse for all the wrongdoings in your life, that you will also prove your love for Me.

How else do you think you can become close to My Heart?

You must never be afraid to approach Me. I Am never far away.

Come to Me Now

So I can nourish your soul and give you the peace you crave.

Your beloved



Taken from the Booklet:
“Heaven Speaks To Prisoners” 

July 25, 2005


I wish to talk to those imprisoned, for any reason. Dear brothers and sisters, your Christian family needs you. Your prayers, your sacrifices have great power. If you unite your suffering to Me, I can use it to save many souls. For example, if you offer Me each day, I will take your offering and I will use it to soften the hearts of your family members who are separated from you. I will use your offering to undo any damage that your sins may have caused. I do not need to say that I will work miracles in your soul. I do not need to say that because you know this. It is part of My promise to all lay apostles. You have not lived a perfect life, whether or not you are guilty of the crimes for which you have been accused. Even if those crimes were not at issue, you have not been perfect. How do I know that? I will tell you. No man or woman is perfect. All are sinners. In My eyes, this makes you no worse than someone who is not imprisoned. Do you understand? You may feel the eyes of the world upon you in condemnation, but in the eyes of heaven you do not stand out. You are My friend. I am your friend. There are many souls, not in prison, who are far guiltier than you. You are cherished and it is that which I have come to tell you. Rest your head against Me, your Jesus, and I will heal you.

St. Francis of Assisi

How can people be free, even while mankind has incarcerated them? I will tell you. The world can imprison your body, dear friends, but nobody has the power to lock up your soul. Your soul belongs to Jesus Christ. He, God, created you to serve heaven. Well, that has not changed simply because you find yourself in prison. It is all about heavenly service, so you must assume that Jesus needs you to serve exactly where you are. There may come a time when you are released from this prison and then you will be called to serve in another place. For now, you must serve where you find yourself. I want to tell you many things. The most important thing for you to know is that you are loved, just as you are, in whatever condition you are in. Jesus loves you. Jesus, who is all love, is also all mercy. He forgives you any sins you have committed. This is not conditional upon anything but your repentance. In other words, you may feel that the scope of your sin is great. You may feel that you have sinned so badly, and so often, that Jesus could not be talking to you when He offers forgiveness. Dear brother in Christ, may I say that this will not be the first time you have been wrong. I am telling you the truth. Jesus has forgiven you. Go to Him now and tell Him you are sorry. He is God. He has a right to your repentance. Understand that you must do this for Him. If you repent and say you are sorry for your sins, Jesus will heal you of any marks on your soul left by these sins. Many times on earth a human being experiences pain. There are many types of pain, of course, but the pain of not being loved or cared for is particularly troubling to a soul. This pain can then create a predisposition to commit sin. This may have been your situation. Jesus understands. Regardless, mistakes are mistakes and souls have to accept their mistakes, confess them if they are sins, and move on. Move on with Jesus. He holds His hand out to you in brotherhood and in love. Take His hand and step away from darkness, into the light. This is not a mistake. This is the wisest decision you will ever make.

St. Francis of Assisi

It is good to understand that heaven is very available to someone in prison. Would you like to know why? I will tell you. Souls in prison on earth have lost everything worldly, if only for a time. When you die, dear soul, you will lose everything from the world and you will go to God. There are no secrets in heaven. All will know all. So there is no hiding. You have done this already in that your sin has been exposed to the world. Others, not imprisoned, have sins, as we have said, but their sins have not been exposed in the same way. So you are in a position for great holiness. The trappings of the world have been taken away from you. You are often in a far better position to obtain holiness than someone who is living away from Christ in the world. You know of souls who love material things. They will have to learn to do without these possessions in heaven. You are practicing for heaven right now. If you were to die today, you would not have many attachments. I hope that you understand because Christ is calling you to a very close walk with Him. Also, Christ needs you and the family of Christ needs you. The world is suffering from the darkness of sin but Jesus is returning. He comes to bring heavenly light to this world and He is asking you to help Him do that. Will you answer “yes” to heaven? I, Francis, make this promise to you. Jesus will reward you more than you can ever imagine. He will give you far more in heaven than you lost on earth. This sadness you feel, this pain, will be forgotten. All of your pain will be gone. You will be joyful in heaven and you will be welcome in heaven. You will fit in with us, the saints, because you said “yes” to Jesus today.

July 26, 2005

St. Francis of Assisi

You may wonder how it is that you can serve Jesus while you are in prison. It is not difficult if you do it my way. In order to serve Jesus, you must become like Him. In order to become like Him, you must give yourself to Him. If you give yourself to Him, He will transform you into an apostle. An apostle behaves like Jesus, of course, or tries to, and I will tell you how Jesus behaves. Jesus never condemns a man who is repentant or even a man who desires to be repentant. So perhaps you are stuck at that first road sign. You see a sign that says REPENTANCE THIS WAY, but you do not feel it. This is where the beauty of Jesus becomes clear. You can ask Jesus for even this. Tell Jesus that you want to be sorry but you do not feel sorry. Ask Jesus to give you sorrow for your sins. Ask Him to give you a spirit of repentance. Jesus will do this. He will do everything. Look up to Him and acknowledge Him as your King, your Savior, and your Creator. He will do the rest. Do you see that with Jesus, you cannot fail? You simply cannot fail.

St. Francis of Assisi

So you have repented for your sins. If you are a Catholic, you have confessed them to a priest, if possible. And now you are ready to proceed further on the path of the apostle. Here is the next step. You must rise each day and give the day to Jesus. You do this through the Morning Offering. You offer your day to Jesus Christ. And what does Jesus Christ do with this offering? He takes each action, each joy, each sorrow, each sadness and He uses these things to obtain graces for others who do not live in His light. Perhaps you were once in darkness. Someone offered his day, perhaps, and Jesus used the offering to obtain graces for you. And now you know Jesus and now you are living in His light. Do you see that we are all working for each other and we are all working for Christ? The most difficult thing for Jesus is to see even one soul lost for eternity. And during this time many souls are being lost. This causes Him the greatest grief. You can help Him to pull souls back into the light by giving Him your day. You are suffering, are you not? If you are a soul living on earth, you are suffering in some way. So you can give Him your suffering. Unite it to His suffering on the cross. No man should be asked to die the way Jesus died. And yet, He did it willingly. My friend, He did this willingly because He loved you.

Allegiance Prayer

Dear God in heaven, I pledge my allegiance to You. I give You my life, my work, and my heart. In turn, give me the grace of obeying Your every direction to the fullest possible extent. Amen.

Morning Offering

O Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I offer You the prayers, works, joys, and sufferings of this day, for all the intentions of Your Sacred Heart, in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass throughout the world, in reparation for my sins, and for the intentions of the Holy Father. Amen.

St. Thomas the Apostle

How joyful I am that Jesus is allowing me to speak to you. I am with you, you know. We are all with you. There are many saints in heaven who spent time imprisoned on earth, for many reasons. You are called to be a saint. Do not even think that these words fell into the wrong hands and that they are intended for someone else. I am talking to you. Francis is talking to you. And Jesus is most certainly talking to you and trying to get your attention. So now that we have established that heaven is seeking you out, you have to make a decision. Will you decide for Christ or will you decide for the world? There is only one God and He is Jesus Christ. He is the God in heaven, He is the God who walked the earth as a Man, and He is the Spirit speaking to your soul right now. It is that simple. You should not allow yourself to be confused. There is only one God. This God, this one true God, loves you. He knows everything there is to know about you and He loves you. He loves you so much that He has pierced the walls of your prison to bring you this message. The message is love. God is love. He loves you. You were created to serve and God needs you to serve now, today. You say, “Maybe God does not exist. Maybe this man is wrong.” Well, to that I reply quite firmly. I am not wrong. I am in heaven. Heaven is real. And just as heaven is real, hell is also real. You do not want to go there, I assure you. So take your chances with me, Thomas, and I will help you get to heaven. Make your decision to serve Jesus Christ today.

St. Thomas the Apostle

Do not expect to be certain about anything. You will have doubts. All great apostles served in constant doubt. When you die and Jesus comes for you, He will not look at your doubts. He will look at your service. He will look at your love. He will look at your pain and how you gave it to Him. If you are on earth, you experience loneliness. You will feel this way until you come to heaven. Every man feels lonely because they are not at home until they come to heaven. Some hide their loneliness through alcohol or other habits that numb this pain. This is the worst thing they can do because it pulls them further away from God and His Kingdom. There is only despair at the end of that path. Perhaps you know this. Do not try to numb the pain. Feel the pain and then bring it to Jesus because He is the Healer and He can eradicate your pain. The pain of separation from Jesus, when you allow yourself to feel it, is a holy pain. You want to come to Him but you know that He needs you on earth, so you serve willingly as He did. Be an apostle of service. There are others around you in pain, are there not? Perhaps you will bring Jesus to them. This is the same as taking a critically ill man to a doctor. It is an act of the greatest mercy. This is just one of the countless things you can do as an apostle of Jesus Christ. Come to me for courage and I will send you courage. Never fear man. Man cannot touch the soul. Only fear a permanent separation from Jesus.

St. Thomas the Apostle

If you want to know someone, you spend time with him. Well, we are telling you that you must become like Jesus. You will have to know Him to become like Him and you will have to spend time with Him to know Him. So each day must be spent in His company. He is with you and has always been with you. But you did not always recognize His presence. It is time to do that now. Talk to Jesus all day long in your heart. Ask Him what to do in each situation. Ask Him what to say in each conversation. Ask Him what He needs from you in every moment. This is praying. People tell you to pray all day. Souls think that this is impossible. But prayer is simply being with God. Talk to Jesus and He will explain everything to your soul. You will begin to change. Your bitterness will start to fade and you will feel your heart soften. This is not without some pain but this pain is coming because all does not remain hidden, as we have told you. You will have to face your hurts. Face them now with Jesus and He will take them away. He will leave you with a soul that is open to His love. Then, and this is the answer to all of the world’s darkness, then He will begin to flow through you into the world. Soul by soul, Jesus is returning. A great renewal is coming, my friend. Jesus is reclaiming this world for heaven. Will you help Him?


I am with each of my children. As I am the mother of Jesus, so I am also your heavenly mother. I do not leave one of my own. How could I when I love you so tenderly? Little soul, Jesus is so good. He is worthy of your love and you will not be mistaken if you decide for Him. I will help you. If there is something that you feel is preventing you from coming to Jesus fully, bring it to me and I will make certain it is taken away so that you are not blocked from my Son. Cry out your sorrows to me because a mother understands sorrow. A mother is never too busy to listen to her child’s pain and to help that child move past his pain. Dear little soul, you are cherished in heaven. Your soul is worth everything to us. We will help you with each detail of your return to Jesus. The saints in heaven watch carefully for an opportunity to help you. I never leave your side. And Jesus remains watchful, ready to rush in and fill you with His light. Be very brave in your decision to serve Jesus because the world would like you to reject Him. But you will not. You will serve. We will send you all you require. For now, you should rest in my motherly heart. You feel my presence, do you not? That is because I am with you, obtaining healing and mercy for you. Peace, my little lamb, I am here.


Jesus Christ – Message To The Last Soul Who Converts On The Final Day Before The Second Coming

From the Book of Truth

“That will be the Greatest Day since God created Adam and Eve”
Friday, June 13th, 2014 @ 22:20

My dearly beloved daughter, My Time is very near and because of this, it is important that every single person in the world prepares, as if they were to be taken from this life at any moment. Do not ignore My Call, for those who fail to prepare for the Great Day will be left in great anguish.

On the Day of My Second Coming, which will be preceded by The Warning, where I will prove to the world Who I Am, you must be ready. I come for all of you to take you into the exquisite new and glorious Paradise. I do not desire to exclude anyone. Each of you is a cherished child of God. Those who are not aware of their parentage will know, instantly, Who I Am. For it will stem from an ingrained human instinct, just as a child who is separated from its natural parent will know their own flesh and blood, even it if takes a lifetime to reunite with each other. It will feel natural and, for those who have a warm heart, the final moment will be filled with an exhilarating love. You have nothing to fear.

For those who choose to believe in false gods and who do not recognize the Triune God, you will not readily accept Me, for you have always rejected Me. Yet, I will pull you towards Me and embrace you. The Power of God will descend over you, through the Gift of the Holy Spirit, and you will find it hard to turn your back on Me. So for all those who see Me, including those who rejected Me in this life, most of you will realize the Truth at that stage. You will allow Me to pull you into My Sacred Arms.

I will lift you all, in an instant, in the blink of an eye, into My New Kingdom. And then will commence the beginning of the end. Those souls who idolized the beast and who gave themselves over in body, mind and soul to Satan, and who became his willing agents, will have nowhere to turn, nowhere to hide and they will be left without any help, for Satan will have forsaken them. For by then, Satan will be cast into the abyss and his power will cease completely at that point. To those souls, I say this. Even at that stage I will show you Mercy. You must call out to Me and say:

“Jesus, help me. Jesus, forgive me for all my sins.”

and I will lift you, too, into My New Paradise.

I will save every soul who calls on Me just before the skies close; the mountains collapse and the sea floods the Earth and then the Heavens will disappear along with the old Earth. Up will rise My New Paradise, the New Heaven and Earth, just as it was created for Adam and Eve, and all will rejoice. For that will be the Greatest Day since God created Adam and Eve. Never lose hope and remember My Words to you now.

My Mercy is so Great that even those who have sold their souls to the devil will be saved, if they so desire, by calling out to Me on the Final Day. They too can live an Eternal Life of great glory, with all of God’s children. This New Paradise is your rightful inheritance. Do not squander it for the false and empty promises of Satan.

I love you all.

Always keep My Love locked within your hearts and I will always protect you from evil.



Locutions To The World

July 17, 2011

“The Effects of a Home Without Love”


So many parts of human life are bent and twisted that the human person finds it very difficult to turn to God and to seek Him. That is why I am his messenger. Like John the Baptist I am called to “make straight his paths”. Where will I begin? As always in the human heart.

When the person grows up in an atmosphere of loving parents and a home that is in order, free from strife and turmoil, he can easily perceive the goodness of God because he sees life, love and happiness all around. However, when the original plan of the Father for the family becomes far removed from the original model, then a darkness covers the mind and a heaviness comes upon the feelings. The person is not free to choose the light or to respond to love. Everything is bottled up within, the result of years of an unsatisfying home.

What can be done when this is so widespread? The normal, loving home has become the exception, not the rule. Especially, I address you who are reading my words right now. Your lack of faith is not rooted in the lack of goodness in my Son. It has its roots in your family where so many disorders entered and where faith was dim. I have not come to blame anyone but to offer you a very special gift:

I will be your mother.

For many reasons, your own mother was not able to provide and nourish you, could not pour out the warmth and protection that you needed. I will wash away those memories that still hurt within you. I will help you to see everything in a different light. I will open up those feelings that have been closed for so long. Believe me. Everything can be changed. Let us begin right away. Know that I am your mother, loving, powerful, always with my eyes upon you. Always saying to you “Come and feel my warm love. Come and listen to different words. Come, there is another world that you have never experienced. Come because everything can change. It is a warm, motherly love that you need and a warm love is what I have for you. Come and you will receive.”

*                              *                              *

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