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December 5, 2011
“The Medjugorje Visionaries”


Arise and come, so I can reveal my words and the nations will be enlightened. Yes, I can enlighten even the nations that live in darkness. My Son is a light to all the nations. If only they would walk in his light. That is why I speak. My words do not extend my light but his light. I do not speak by my own powers. The Father has sent me to extend the light of his Son to all the nations.

O nations of the world, you walk in the darkness of your own thoughts. You sign treaties, make agreements, align yourselves according to your own wisdom and your own light. You have cast aside my Son’s light. “We have come to the enlightenment, to the age of reason”, you say. “We have cast off the Dark Ages and have liberated ourselves. We use the light of natural reason to guide our course”.

I say to you, “Is there no selfishness? Cannot the light of reason be used for evil? Does reason correct itself? When does reason say “I am wrong”? Only when it is too late. Only when all is destroyed. Then it must conclude, “I have taken the wrong path” (if it is even willing to be honest).

Do you not see? The wrong path is now nuclear. The stakes are too high. The mistakes are too costly. There is no room for error. How can you entrust the human race into the hands of reason when reason has led you to two world wars and constant conflicts? Why entrust yourself to reason when you can give yourselves over to your heavenly Mother?

These are my clear words. You are on the brink of nuclear war. You are helpless. Your rational approaches cannot defeat the evil that is being unleashed. Your treaties are useless. Your diplomatic approaches have failed, one after another.

I wait for you. I can lead you away from the coming catastrophes. These catastrophes I have revealed to the children of Medjugorje. They already know them. They are my ten secrets. Yet, I gave them a message of hope, but their words are muted. Many have not heard. The Church must proclaim them with full voice. How long must the visionaries persevere until the Church sees their words as so vital? Why not bring the story to the center? Why not bring the visionaries into the limelight? No longer keep them in the shadows. The validity of these apparitions is attested to on every side.

February 1, 2012
“Revealing the Future of the World (at Medjugorje)”


What lies ahead is hidden from man’s view, but revealed by God to those whom he loves, so that these events will be a sign to all the world of the power of God, and of the care of God. These events I have revealed to the visionaries of Medjugorje and I will continue to reveal them until the revelations come to their fullness. Then all will be ready for the “unveiling of the secrets”.

The Little Village

O reader, do you know what I have been doing in that little village? How I chose the six children? Let me tell you the story so you will investigate the events and have your faith strengthened for the days ahead.

On the Feast of John the Baptist, 1981, I appeared to these children and have continued those appearances on a daily basis. I formed them in holiness and revealed to them secrets that deal with future events. The years have passed by and I continually call for mankind to repent, to love, to pray and to make sacrifices so that the chastisements would be avoided or made less severe.

The Plea For Mercy

I come to this little village because the Father has sent me. He gives the world one final chance. He does not wish to act according to Divine Justice. He seeks, therefore, those who would plead for his mercy. If their voices are strong and if their hearts are many, then their pleas and their sacrifices allow God to set aside divine justice, just as the pleas of Moses allowed God to turn away from his chastisements to the Israelites. This is the great enterprise of Medjugorje.

I will continue to appear until all of them have the ten secrets. Then, the stage will be set for the gradual revealing of the secrets followed by their fulfillment. Learn about this little village. Learn about my apparitions. So many graces are contained in these revelations.

February 8, 2012
“The Secrets of Medjugorje”


I speak to the nations, but they do not listen. I speak to the Church. Even the Church does not listen. So, I speak to my chosen ones. My voice is clear and I do not mince my words or hide truths with high-sounding language. The issues are too important.

When the Clash Comes

When everything comes to a head, when the powers of good and evil clash, the following will take place and the power of evil will become so evident. All will see that the world is being permanently changed. The power of good will seem to be absent. “Where is God?” they will cry out?” This is the beginning stage. It seems that only evil has power and that it will conquer all. This is like the early days of World War II when Hitler’s armies moved so quickly. Seemingly, no force was present to oppose him.

The good people must not despair. The heavenly Father has not abandoned them. They must remember that he saw these events before they happened and that I even arranged through the children of Medjugorje that the great events will be announced to the world three days before they happen. I did this to give hope. People will say, “Our mother knew about these events. She will be with us”.

Learn About Medjugorje

That is what you should learn from Medjugorje. I know the future events. I have revealed them already to the visionaries and they will reveal them to the world. I have done all of this to give hope in the middle of the darkness. Learn about my special actions to these visionaries. Read the stories. They will bring you to faith.

February 23, 2012
“Go to Medjugorje”


The path is not easy and many overestimate their strength. Others do not prepare, believing that they are ready to face the future. The truly wise realize that they do not know what they will face or how they will survive. I am talking now about “the events” which I have so often mentioned. Let me speak of them again in the clearest of ways.

The world moves along in its usual sense of security. It realizes that many problems exist, yet the world believes that nothing will really change. There have been crises before and people have gotten through them.

A Totally Different Existence

The world will even admit that the future will be difficult. Yet, it envisions the future as being like the present. No one envisions a totally different existence with tremendous disturbances of modern life. Yet, that is what I mean by “the events”, moments which will severely alter human existence, especially in those parts of the world where they take place. These events are very soon. They are at the door. Even though they are still hidden and not able to be recognized, the time is short. Some of these events can still be avoided, although this window of opportunity grows smaller and smaller as the true remedies are delayed and the evil is not checked.


What is to be done? I answer clearly, “Go to Medjugorje”. I am not speaking physically (although that benefits everyone). I am speaking spiritually. To that village, I have been explaining “these events” for over three decades. The people have faithfully recorded my teachings and have distributed them. They are truly a great treasure. Even though it is late and a person might never have heard about this little village, anyone can make up for lost time. Medjugorje carries the treasure and gladly shares it with the world. Read about this village. Read about my apparitions. Read my messages. I will form your spirit and you will know what to do.

February 28, 2012
“Curiosity About Future Events”


All the world is filled with questions of what will take place. There is a fascination with the future, to know what will come. But, what good is it to know the future when mankind is not willing to repent? Yes, the future is dark and I could reveal the future events. I have already revealed these secrets to the visionaries of Medjugorje. I have also given messages to the world for over thirty years. O reader, do you know those messages? Do you know the story of Medjugorje?

To highlight my teachings, I will contrast the two parts of Medjugorje. I have revealed ten secrets of future events to these visionaries, the children whom I have chosen. I have also said that many of these future events could be eliminated if people just prayed and repented.

Curiosity for the Secrets

My teaching is this. Everyone wants to know the secrets because they are curious. They want to know the future. Is it not much more important to be able to influence future events? My messages ask for periods of prayer every day, for frequent Communion, for monthly confession, for saying the Rosary each day, for fasting on bread and water on Wednesday and Friday. Assuming these devout practices will change future events.

You can see the foolishness of the world. Everyone wants the future events to be revealed. Yet, when I reveal how these events can be changed, few are interested.

June 24, 2012
“The Secrets of Medjugorje”


I turn to you, little ones, who believe in my word. I do not speak now to the world, nor do I even speak to my Church. I speak, rather, to those in the Church who have a special devotion to me, to those who are aware of the Marian Age and who have prayed and sacrificed for this Age of Mary.

Thirty-one years ago, I began my special visions to the children at Medjugorje and I have appeared there ever since. I have always been faithful to my promise that I would appear every day until each visionary has received my ten secrets. Then, the secrets will begin to happen, announced ahead of time according to my plan. These visitations and these secrets show that I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun. I know what will happen and I can prepare my children for what will happen.

In the great fervor of this little village of Medjugorje much has already happened. Millions have gone there and had their faith renewed. Many have changed their lives. All have come away with new hope.

A New Stage

Today, I want to speak about a new stage, a quicker and more extensive way of spreading the graces of Medjugorje. Even with the widespread popularity, the little village is still unknown to many. Also, the extraordinary graces are held too tightly. They are not fully released in my Church. I will cut the strings and unloose the bonds. I have never wanted these strings and these bonds that have limited the flow of graces.

I must do this, especially because the time of fulfillment is so much closer. In the beginning, the secrets were decades away. Now, that is no longer true. Their fulfillment is at hand and they cannot just happen. There must be a spiritual fervor so all the blessings of Medjugorje can be received. I say this so often. When heaven pours out its blessings, the Church must be ready to receive. Receiving requires preparing. Preparing requires fervor. Fervor requires a firm determination to set aside everything else. Study Medjugorje. Read my messages and prepare your hearts. The time of fulfillment is not far away.


The links organized below are to a reputable and well-known website about Our Lady of Medjugorje run by the Caritas Community and A Friend of Medjugorje. I am providing the outside links because I would rather not duplicate efforts, their excellent first-hand source knowledge, and I am confident that their website will continue to operate after The Warning.

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May 13, 2012
“The Great Signs”


“There is too much darkness and confusion in the world for anyone to see clearly. When I send my prophets, their message is analyzed according to human reason. Then it is distorted and rejected. In this situation, no one can fully understand or perceive the truth. So, I myself speak, in very simple words. I do not want these analyzed by your mind but received by your heart. Let us begin.”

“Man will finally accept the word of God, only when he is trembling and shaking because he has seen divine signs. Even then, many will harden their hearts, refuse to repent, and lose the last chance that they have for eternal salvation. To avoid this, I must speak now to prepare your hearts.”

Extraordinary Signs

“There will be extraordinary divine signs, able to be seen and experienced by all. These signs will call the world to repentance. They are not meant as curiosity pieces or objects of ridicule. They will be living, powerful, divine signs marking my presence and calling attention to my messages. These signs will fulfill my prophecies and show to all who believe that I am present to help the human race in the time of trial.”

“The signs will also point to all the many teachings and instructions that I have given. The signs will be powerful and accompanied by inner lights which everyone in the world will experience. There will be a universal call to repentance. Many will not understand what is happening because they have set aside the things of God. Yet, even to them, these lights can be beneficial.”

A Decisive Moment

“What a moment that will be! A decisive moment for mankind. The benefits of that gift are not guaranteed. People must take advantage of the gift and repent of their sins. Otherwise, the inner light will just stand in judgment upon them – that God has given them such a great gift and they rejected it. I speak so all will accept the light.”

October 14, 2012
“Signs and Wonders”


“Obviously, I will not come in the flesh, because this is how I came the first time. Also, I will not come in glory when every eye will see and all will be gathered together by the angels. How then will I come? I will come in signs and wonders, in great powers and in miracles that have never been witnessed before. I will come in graces of massive conversions, massive both in their extraordinary nature and in the numbers who will be touched.”

“These miracles and conversions will be beginning signs. They will begin immediately and will prepare the world for the greater events. These will be external and internal experiences. The external will be seen by all in a given part of the world and will lead to many conversions.”

“The internal experiences will be worldwide, but of course, hidden from view because they will take place within the person’s heart. However, many will speak of their experiences. In this way they, too, will become external. All of these are not the final gift but will lead up to and will prepare for the great gift of my coming.”


“My task is the same as that of John the Baptist. Jesus will come in a special way but he will not force his divine presence upon anyone. In his public life, his divinity was kept hidden. He would tell people that he was the special Son of the Father, but, seeing only his human nature, they had to believe his words. So it will be again. His full coming in heavenly glory, when every eye shall see, still lies ahead!”

“His present coming is not in human flesh or in heavenly glory. Therefore, I must prepare the world, just as John the Baptist did, for this coming which is already taking place and to which people must respond to receive the blessings.”


Click below for a free downloadable PDF, ODT, WordDoc, and WordDocX copy (4 pages) of this writing:

Clues About The Great Miracle And Signs Of Garabandal And Medjugorje (PDF)

Clues About The Great Miracle And Signs Of Garabandal And Medjugorje (ODT)

Clues About The Great Miracle And Signs Of Garabandal And Medjugorje (WordDoc)

Clues About The Great Miracle And Signs Of Garabandal And Medjugorje (WordDocX)


By a soul

(May 10, 2017)

I dedicate this special writing to Our Lady, Most Holy Queen of Heaven and of earth and the guardian angels of the world.  All Glory Be to God!

As I have revealed to followers of this blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, in January of this year, I was given several graces of infused knowledge by God.  These graces were given to me over a period of time while I was undergoing much major spiritual warfare.  And it has taken me a few months of discernment to understand what was revealed to me while I have been under constant demonic attack.

Finally, through the intervention of intercessory prayer, I was able to write my first special commentary on Easter Sunday.  It is called:

“After The Great Warning – Understanding Fatima, Garabandal, And Medjugorje”

And in that special commentary, among other things, I described the sequence of the unveiling of the Secrets of Garabandal and of Medjugorje and how it all relates to the Marian apparitions at Fatima.  And I wrote about how The Great Warning – Illumination of Conscience unlocks the Secrets of The End Times and about how the conditional Great Chastisement from God can be avoided by mankind.

And in particular, I wrote about how important it is that Pope Francis and Pope Benedict XVI fulfill three tasks for the Glory of God:

  • Dually consecrate with all Catholic bishops the nation of Russia to The Immaculate Heart of Mary after leading the entire Christian Church on the 5-month Peace Plan as outlined by Our Lady of Fatima;
  • Dually proclaim the Fifth and Final Marian Dogma of Mary as Advocate, Co-Redemptrix, and Mediatrix of All Grace; and
  • Dually declare that the teachings and spirituality of the heavenly messages at Holy Love Ministry ( are part of the universal teachings of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and lead all the faithful in pursuing the spiritual journey of personal holiness through The Most Sacred Chambers of The United Hearts of The Most Holy Trinity in Union with The Immaculate Heart of Mary.

I also said in that special commentary that if these three conditions are fulfilled by Pope Francis, Pope Benedict XVI, and the Catholic Church, that God would grant many special blessings to mankind.  I said that most of mankind would be converted to God, a nuclear war would be averted, the conditional Great Chastisement would not take place, and God would remove the antichrist from the face of the earth.

I also said that the Great Era of Peace would descend upon the earth, which would coincide with the Second Coming of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, sometime after the Great Miracle of Garabandal has taken place.

I do not know when the Second Coming of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, will happen.  No one on earth, nor in Heaven, knows the happening of this Great Glorious Event.  It is only known by Our Heavenly Father.  All Glory to God!

Meanwhile, I also shared in that special commentary that I have other things that I must write about for Jesus and Mary to further the Divine Plan on earth.

I hope to be able to write special commentaries about the antichrist, the Battle of Armageddon, the Eternal Law of Divine Justice, and the Three Days of Darkness, among other things, when I am given the graces from Heaven to share them with you all.  I am only awaiting the divine timing of revealing these things to mankind.

Meanwhile, for this special writing, I am going to share some things that were revealed to me by St. Gabriel the Archangel in January.  I am going to provide some clues about the Great Miracle that will take place at Garabandal; as well as clues about the Sign at Garabandal and at Medjugorje.

However, before I share these clues in this special writing, I need to write a disclaimer for all readers of this love-note.

I was told by St. Gabriel what the Great Miracle, the Sign of Garabandal, and the Sign of Medjugorje, are.  However, I was experiencing major spiritual warfare at the same time that this information was being conveyed to me.

I do not claim perfect discernment; and, in truth, I am still discerning about what was revealed to me.  There are certain aspects of what was revealed to me that I am uncertain about and I only know that the authenticity of what was revealed to me will only be confirmed by God at The Great Warning – Illumination of Conscience.

I know fully well that satan can disguise himself as an angel of the Light and so, I only reveal these few clues now, trusting in The Lord that He will reconcile all Truth at The Great Warning.

And if what was told to me by St. Gabriel is indeed the Truth, then I will reveal more after The Great Warning has taken place, in preparation for these Great Acts of God to take place on earth before mankind.

Here are the clues that I can reveal to you all now (please use your best discernment):

The Great Miracle of Garabandal

The visionaries of Garabandal have said that: “To be complete, there must be the Warning and the Miracle. It is all one message.”

The above statement by the visionaries is true.  There is a connection between The Great Warning – Illumination of Conscience and the Great Miracle of Garabandal.

The Great Miracle will serve as a reminder of the mystical experience that everyone on earth will have felt during The Great Warning.  The Great Miracle is related to The Great Warning.

The Great Miracle is something that exists in eternity before The Throne of God.

The Great Miracle gives Great Glory to God.

The Great Miracle involves The Most Holy Eucharist.

The Great Miracle affirms all teachings, all truths and all aspects of the Universal (Catholic) Faith.

The Great Miracle explains the meaning for Creation.

The Great Miracle showcases the supernatural truths of hell, Purgatory, and Heaven; and the reality of the Communion of the Saints.

The Great Miracle affirms all genuine Marian apparitions and Our Lady as Queen of All Hearts.

The Great Miracle IS the Triumph of The Immaculate Heart of Mary and proves that hell will never prevail against the Catholic Church established by Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

The Great Miracle humiliates satan.

The Great Miracle IS Divine Mercy and Divine Love.

If Pope Francis witnesses the Great Miracle as it is happening at Garabandal, the mystical experience will convert his heart and he will dually consecrate with Pope Benedict XVI and all Catholic bishops the nation of Russia to The Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The Great Sign of Garabandal

The Great Sign of Garabandal is an impression of a single moment captured during the mystical experience of the Great Miracle of Garabandal.

The Great Sign involves The Most Holy Eucharist.

The Great Sign is meant to convert all unbelievers and to encourage all souls to decide and live for God and follow His Divine Will and His Divine Plan.

The Great Sign of Medjugorje

The Great Sign of Medjugorje will serve as a reminder of The Great Warning – Illumination of Conscience, the Great Miracle and Great Sign of Garabandal.

The Great Sign involves The Most Holy Eucharist.

The Great Sign is related to Fatima and Our Lady as Rosa Mystica (the priesthood).


I love You Lord.

May I always love You.

God bless!



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