Mary Speaks To Europe

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Our Lady

Locutions To The World

April 9, 2011


Our Lady Speaks to the Nations

The time is short.  Soon the events will begin.  At first, they will seem small and isolated, but then, like a match touched to a forest, the conflagration will spread.  How can this happen?  Are not the walls put up, the pacts signed and the treaties made?  What is wrong?  The sins of the past have not been removed by repentance.

To Europe

Setting Aside the Church

You have set aside the Church that presided over your birth.  The papacy is no longer heeded.  You say, “We have no need for the Pope.  We have created our own union”.

In the Ages of Faith, I blessed Europe because the Vicar of my Son provided a oneness.  Nations turned to him in the disputes and went to him in their crises.  Even when the popes were unworthy, his office was accorded a role in peacekeeping.  Now you say to the Pope, “Speak only to the Church.  You have no voice and no role in modern Europe.  We are secular now.”

Europe’s Past Greatness

I still hold Europe in my heart. How many saints it has given me. How many missionaries it has sent forth, bringing the light of faith to Africa and to the Americas. All these came from the countries of Europe which were bathed in great faith. These missionaries went forth to save souls. How great were their sacrifices and their heroic deeds. They went in the name of my Son and of the Catholic Church, planting the cross on every soil. Theirs was a noble mission.

A Secular Union

O Europe, now your churches are empty and you brazenly proclaim, “We are a secular union”. Yes, a secular union which will be overwhelmed by the religious Muslims. They will devour you, not with their weapons, but with their faith, their beliefs and their religious practices.

Turn back to me or your European Union will collapse like the paper building that it is. Do not say, “Our economies are flourishing. Our way of life is succeeding”. You have forgotten your Mother, the Church. Your union is like a little baby compared to my Church. How long have you existed? Not even a century. What is that compared with 2000 years?

Return to your mother. She awaits you. You need her wisdom. You need the spiritual life which flows from her womb and the nourishment that comes from her breasts. Your hearts are joined in money and in your economic system but not in the Catholic faith.

If you exalt my Pope, I will exalt you. If you listen to his wisdom, I will lead you along a path of survival. Otherwise, your destruction is near at hand because your union is a union of convenience, not of faith.

I ask you this. Would you die for one another? Would you shed your blood for your common faith, when you have no faith? Return now, while it is not too late. Fill the churches and I will drop down blessings from heaven and you will say, “The Age of Faith has begun again”.

My messages are not judgments or condemnations. They are warnings, spoken from love. People must understand what is weak and about to collapse because not built on solid ground. So much more to say…

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