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Locutions To The World

March 15, 2011


To the Confused Person

How did things get to this point?  Why is the world in such dire straits?  Mankind has gone in the wrong direction for centuries, unable to cope with the rapid speed of technology.  Quick, so quick.  Everything is quick, with no sense of direction.

So stop.  Do not rush headlong.  Pause, be still.  Ask yourself, “Where am I going? What is my goal?”  In this stillness, I will whisper to your heart, “Come this way”.  It will be a surprising direction.  One you would never have thought of.  It is your Mother who leads you.  Follow me.

To the Discouraged Person

As the tribulation continues, the faith of many will be shaken because they have built their house upon sand.  But, is it too late?  Will they collapse?  All things are possible to God.

This is my promise.  Even those whose faith has not been built on solid ground I will receive into the Ark of my Immaculate Heart.

That is why this word must go forth.  No one is rejected.  It is never too late.  The door of my heart will only close at the last minute, when all have had a chance to enter.  Never, never say, “It is too late”.  My word is a constant stream of hope.  Wherever it reaches, hope enters, saving hope.

You, discouraged soul.  You, frightened soul.  Get up from your bed of despair and walk to the Ark.  Just use my name, Mary.  Suddenly, the Ark will be in front of you and the door will be open.  I will await you there.

To the Overwhelmed Modern Person

Everything swirls around with no sense of purpose.  Each minute cries out, “Take care of me because the future has no hope”.

So, you plunge into what is at hand.  Why ask?  Why search?  Why look for more than what the present holds?

The whirlpool gets greater.  The helplessness grows.  O child, you get carried away by forces that are greater than you.  So, I stretch out my hand.  My strength is enough.  I am the saving Mother who searches endlessly for my children, finding them in back alleys and deep valleys.

Wherever you are right now, I am with you.  Just stretch out your hand.  I do not say “Grasp my hand” because you do not have the strength.  I do not say “Hold on to me”.  I will hold on to you.  I do not say “Follow me”.  I will lift you up.

Just one act of your will is enough.  Use my name, “Mary”.  It opens the door of my heart.

To Lost Souls

I am the Mother of Sorrows whose woes will not come to an end until all the events written in the Book of Life are fulfilled.  I am the Mother of Life.  Where there is life there are also sorrows until all my children are gathered into the kingdom.  I am not condemned to sorrows because they are not the final word.

These days, however, are days of travail, of bringing to new life, and of restoring life that has been lost.  Yes, many of my children have lost the life I gave to them in Baptism.  Many have cast aside the life I suffered to give them.  They chose their own life.  Others were carried away from a life of devotion.  So many causes.  So many snares.  So many had roots with no depth.  This is the state of the Church and my deepest sorrow.

Yet, I do not cast them out of my heart.  I take them deeper into my heart, allowing them to cause me even greater sorrows.  I let them surround my heart, hoping that just one might understand, “I am causing sorrow to my mother”.

Dear reader, think of your earthly mother.  Think of her faith and what she taught you.  Did she not teach you my name and to fold your hands in prayer, and to say the Hail Mary?  I ask you, “How does she see you now?  Do you not cause her sorrow even though she is in heaven?  Think of your earthly mother and turn back to the ways which she taught you.  I will be waiting there for you.

Inviting Souls to Return

Little by little.  Step by step.  No need for great efforts.  One step after another, like two feet on a journey.

You have so many questions.  “What will others think?  Am I able to return?   What will it be like?”  Do not ask these questions.  They are of no help.  They are not the way back.

Here are the steps you must take.  First, leave behind what is sinful.  You believe that sin’s grasp upon you cannot be broken.  This is not true.  Just remove your desires for the sinful.  Once you let go, I will take what is sinful from your hand.  Easily, quickly and with little effort, your hand will be empty, easily able to select the good.

Second, search your heart.  It will be able to choose what is above, the gifts which heaven offers.  This is what you have always wanted and it is yours because sin’s power is broken.

Thirdly, seek out others who also want heaven’s favors.  All your hands will be lifted high, freed from what is below you and receiving what is above.

To the Fallen Away Catholic

These are not mere words. They are gifts from a mother’s heart, filled with enticements. I place the needed medicine in a candy so you will eat. As you chew on my words, a power will enter your hearts. You will taste a new hope. What you thought was impossible is suddenly within your grasp, like a lifeboat in a dark ocean.

I will inspire you with new hope and you will say, “I can return to the faith of my parents”. You will know the way back. It is a familiar road. You grew up in the Church. You know its teachings and its liturgies.

When you return, you will meet one stumbling block because you will not be fully reconciled. Some will say that this is not needed but you will know that something is missing. You cannot just overlook many years. You cannot remove your own sins. This violates all that you were taught.

September 21, 2011

“To the Disillusioned Person”


You have taken the wrong road.  Oh, how many paths lead astray and so many walk them, delighted by what they see at the beginning but disillusioned by what they discover along the way.  If only you had listened, you would have been spared the suffering of walking a fruitless path for which you have nothing to show.

The paths of the world are filled with promises and the human heart feels itself drawn.  The sights are set and they begin.  Soon, their hearts feel entrapped because they were not made for this road.

Do not be afraid of this moment of your disillusionment.  It is a grace to see that you have taken the wrong road.  It is a time of opportunity.

My path is different. It is entered by faith.  As the person walks, they experience a joy, a realization that I will not disappoint them.  Can you not begin again?

Will I not reveal my path for you?  You will surely find it.  Let me teach you what to do.

A Place

Find a place, possibly a church, where you can be quiet.  Go there often, because it is not in one day or one moment that light is given.  The light will come slowly.  Be faithful to these visits.  I will be there.  Call upon me.

Gradually, I will turn your heart to what is of value.  I will cut away the false hopes and empty promises.  You will see what is of lasting value which you set aside as unimportant.  You will pick it up again. You will say “What I have spurned is really what I should have chosen.”  Take it up again.  This is the path I have for you.

September 23, 2011

“Light Entering Your Heart”


I lead you along this path so that others can know that there is a way of salvation.  Mankind must be given a ray of hope.  Otherwise, all would be darkness.  A ray of hope does not cast out the darkness but is given even during the darkness.  It is timely.  Available at the urgent moment.  This ray of light cannot wait.  It must arrive when the need is greatest.  That is why I give these words now.  They are urgent and must be delivered as saving hope to all who will listen.  Let us begin.

I draw near.  I am close but man does not realize this.  So, I must speak, “Here I am.  I am at the door of your heart.  I am not far away.  Just open the door a little bit and I will come in and bring my light with me.”

If there is light in your heart, even if you are surrounded by darkness, you will be safe.  Now it is just the opposite.  The light surrounds you but darkness is in your heart.  I must reverse this.  If the darkness comes and there is also darkness in your heart, then all will be dark.  You will have no light to walk by.  So, this is an urgent task.

Knocking at the Door

How does light enter your heart?  Is it hard to find?  Must you search diligently?  Not at all.  I am at the door, knocking hard with all my might.  I speak boldly to you.

“Open the door and let me come in.  I am your mother and I have come to save you.  I know what is ahead and I know that you are not prepared.  You have no spiritual thoughts.  Your will is weak.  You have even set aside some religious practices.  You are entangled in the world.  You are confused and anxiety has begun to enter.  This is your inner state.  Your outer state is shaky.  You do not know what the future (which once was quite rosy) holds in store.  You are frightened and you do not know where to turn for help.  That is why I have come to you.  Yes, through these words, I have come.  I am at your door, knocking at your heart.  Call upon my name, ‘Mary’.  Let my name be always on your lips.  You will see its power and what I will do for you.”

January 22, 2012

“Mary, the World’s Good Samaritan”


Look around and what do you see? So many broken lives! People who began with high hopes and great talent are now by the wayside. They are like the traveler, going from Jerusalem to Jericho, who fell among robbers. That is the modern person. There are so many robbers these days, waiting along the way to destroy. If someone avoids the robber of lust, then the robber of avarice and greed awaits him, or the robber of hatred, or the robber of disappointment and broken dreams. So many people lie helpless along the way, unable to finish their journey and fulfill the purpose for which God created them.

So, I come as a Good Samaritan. I do not pass anyone by. I stop and bend over all my children, offering to each exactly what they need.

You, O reader, have you been set upon by robbers? Has your joy and your life been stolen from you? Do you lie wounded and even left for dead? Have many others have seen your plight and just walked on? Well, I will not walk on. You are far too important for me. I take this time to speak to you.

What Has Happened?

You could never have foreseen that all of this would happen to you. Your early years were so filled with promise. You had so many talents and so many opportunities. But the years went on and the opportunities dried up. You found yourself put off to the sidelines. In a sense, you could not believe that all of this was happening to you. Everything was supposed to turn out so differently than this.

Shattered Hopes

Now, the dreams are shattered and the hopes are broken. The road ahead looks no better. No doors seem to be opening to you. What can you do?

That is why I have stopped for you. I saw you lying here, so helpless. Really, so much can be done. Take my hand. I will stay with you. I will lead you on a new road, a different road where there is hope. I will teach you about my Son, Jesus, who holds all the keys of heaven and earth. He can unlock the doors which need to be opened in your life and he can close the doors which should be shut. Everything will change. Trust me. Rise, let us go from here.

February 2, 2012

“Our Lady of Sorrows”


My greatest treasures are my sorrows, those difficult events which the Father asked me to accept. He did not will these sorrows. They came because I accompanied my Son to his death on the cross. This was my privilege, to be present when the world was being saved. This was also my sorrow. The two could not be separated. To share in my Son redeeming the world, I had to share in his sorrows, also.

Mary’s Love

It was for love of you, O reader, that I accepted all my sorrows, like a mother accepting the pangs of birth, so her child can live. Now, I reach out again because of your plight which is so evident to me. I know all your sorrows and I will absorb these sorrows (like every loving mother) if you bring them to me.

A Place of Stillness

This is what you must do. Find a place of stillness, where you are alone with me. Allow your sorrows to come to the surface. Speak your sorrows to me. Stay in the stillness. Do not leave quickly. Enjoy my presence. A peace will descend. Let it enter deeply. I will give you patience, because some of the sorrows will remain. Finally, I will place in your heart an answer to some of your more pressing questions. When the time is over, you will be able to continue.

Come often to this place of solitude. You can experience this anywhere. I will be waiting for you there. I am well versed in the sorrows of earth.

July 6, 2012

“A Surprising Gift For Lost Souls”


I open up my heart and anyone can enter. It will close only when filled to capacity. It remains open while I go in search of the lost souls. I find them everywhere. Some are lonely, while others are in the midst of many friends. But, all are lost souls, having no faith or hope or any friendship with God.

Can I not gather them up and draw them in? Are they to be lost forever, having no life with God? No. I will do the surprising. You will see it before your very eyes. Believe now even when you have not seen.

God’s Actions

I will touch the lost. My Son came to save the sinners. He wants those who are far away to come close. He wants those who do not know him to invoke him and call upon his name. Do not say that it is impossible to have an enormous stirring in the hearts of the unchurched. Light will be given directly to the heart and will call forth a massive response. People will put aside what is superficial and will call on the name of the Lord.

At first, others will wonder if this is true. But, the evidence will convince all that I am bringing about a worldwide conversion and am beginning in the strangest places – in the hearts of the lost. If those who profess to have faith continue to abandon this gift, then I must fill their places with those who have never called on me before.

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