Our Lady – Mary – Speaks To The Broken-Hearted – To Young People

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Locutions To The World

April 13, 2011

Mary Speaks to the Broken-Hearted
To the Young Person With a Broken Relationship

Your friend, your companion, the one who was always at your side is no longer there. The friendship is broken and you have gone your separate ways. A loneliness sets in. Before you plunge into another relationship, let me, your mother, speak to you.

You have much to learn. Examine yourself. What blame must you shoulder? How will you be better in the future? Will your friend take you back, if you change?

There are other questions. Who can help you? Who will speak the truth to you? Who will speak a bold word? Who will be a good friend? Who will lift you up and ask you to live by higher ideals? Learn from a true friend before you begin another relationship. You will be different next time.

Mary Speaks to the Broken-Hearted
To A Young Person Experiencing Guilt

Guilt covers your soul like a darkness, with the pain of a sharp wound, always present and never going away. You ask, “Why do I feel guilty? Can I find forgiveness? Can anyone remove my guilt?” Let me answer your questions.

You feel guilty because you are a person, conscious of self and of how you should have acted. Your guilt is telling you that you did not act as a person. To be freed from guilt, you must do some things that only a person can do. Be honest about where you have failed. If you hurt anyone, seek their forgiveness.

Then, come before God who created you as a person. Seek his forgiveness. If you are a Catholic, seek out a priest. He will absolve you and tell you what else to do. Take these steps and you will be restored. I am your mother.

Mary Speaks to the Broken-Hearted
To the Young Person Who Cannot Find A Spouse

You have prepared yourself and made yourself ready, always looking, always hoping that you would find the right partner. The years slip by, but the desire perdures. In moments of great hope. You say, “It will surely happen”. Then come moments of despair. You ask, “Where can I even look and hope to find someone?”

Questions are everywhere. “Should I take this opportunity? Yet the other person is so far from what you had hoped for. Is not time running out? But what is the alternative? Many look for sexual favors. Few seek a relationship and even fewer share your dreams of marriage and family. What do I say to you who are caught between your desires and the reality which frustrates your hopes? Let us begin.

Listen to my voice within. Say often, “My mother will provide”. Then, walk where I would walk. Seek relationships that only I would have. Stay free from those who do not share the desires of your heart. They will only absorb your time and leave you empty.

Go where I send you. Search and seek. Do not be afraid to knock on some doors. Seek new groups, always with the noblest of purposes. I have placed within you a desire for parenthood, to bring forth a family with a spouse who shares your faith and your values. What is wrong with that? Is this not a noble ideal? Then believe that I will help you to achieve it.

Trust that I have placed in you those qualities which will both attract the other and help the other. See what you can bring to the relationship. If you do this, you will be more sure of yourself and your relationship will be based on mutual support. The relationship can then grow. True love can spring up and a moment will happen when you see that you are meant for each other. That is the important moment.

Mary Speaks to the Broken-Hearted
To the Young Person Who is Not Ready for Marriage

There are others to whom I must speak. You seek to marry but you are not ready. You have not prepared. Your values are too superficial and your choice of a partner would be the wrong one.

Deepen your life. Seek true values. Return to Mass. Grow in your faith. Stay away from debaucheries. Form your own lifestyle. Choose friends wisely. Do not be led astray. Marriage is a serious enterprise and few are adequately prepared.

When you have done all of this, when you have matured, then you can seek a partner because you will choose much better. You will reject that person whom before you would have selected and you will be drawn to the person whom you formerly would have shunned. The right person was there all along but you were not yet the right person for the other. Lift up your lifestyle and you will choose a partner at a higher level.

February 27, 2012

“A Tug of War”


Do not put aside what is worthy for what is worthless.  This is what the world does all the time.  The world does not see the true values.  The price tags are all mixed up and the world is filled with confusion.  This leads to distorted choices.  People work hard for what is passing but find no time to store up heavenly riches.  This must be addressed.

The Need to Purchase

When a couple gets married, they immediately think of all that they need to purchase.  Then, they consider all the money they will need.  Then, they must think of the jobs which they need to have to get the money.  This happens because they valued what was of little value.  The gaining of possessions is not the primary goal, or even the most important goal of a marriage.

What is of true worth?  Their mutual love, the creating of a home and the bringing forth of children.  Yet, the two values of fostering their relationship and having children are often at the bottom of the list.  Things and possessions come first.  Everything else is thrown out of order.  Working long hours precludes a good relationship and possessions replace children as a goal.

Why Stay Together?

So, what is left?  Why stay together?  The couple finds little or no reason to continue and the marriage ends.  All of this should have had a different outcome.

My word goes forth to young couples, married or soon to be married.  Examine your values.  Be certain of your own values and see whether your partner truly shares the same values.  This is the foundation of a marriage – shared values and similar goals.  Look at your values to see how your marriage is doing or whether you should marry this person at all.  You pulling in one direction and your partner pulling in another is no marriage at all.  It is a tug of war.

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