Jesus Christ – Prayer For The Dying – For Those Facing Death

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From the Book of Truth

“Once a soul is created by My Father, it will last for eternity”
Saturday, March 22nd, 2014 @ 14:00

My dearly beloved daughter, death must never be feared, if you accept My death on the Cross. Death is only a passing moment from this world into the House of My Father’s Kingdom. To fear death is to deny My Mercy, for I will save every soul who acknowledges Me and who asks Me to forgive him his sins.

Once a soul is created by My Father, it will last for eternity. It will have Everlasting Life, if the soul will allow Me to claim it. Otherwise, it will be lost to Satan should the soul deny Me, when it knows Who I Am.

The death of a soul on Earth is as natural as birth. When a soul leaves the body and comes to Me it will be filled with an abundance of Graces and will be enveloped into My Father’s family – His Kingdom, which is filled with great love, joy and happiness, which can never be attained on Earth. Many of you, who have experienced love, joy and happiness in your lives, have only savored a tiny morsel of what Everlasting Life tastes like. You must strive always, with joy in your hearts, for the moment when you will enter My Father’s Kingdom, for it is to be welcomed – not feared.

If you have to face death or if a loved one has to face death then always turn to Me, your Jesus, for help. When you do I will lift you in spirit, wipe away your tears, banish all fear from your hearts when you recite this prayer.

Crusade Prayer (142) Preparing for death:

“My dearest Jesus, forgive me my sins.
Cleanse my soul and prepare me to enter Your Kingdom.
Grant me the Graces to prepare for my unification with You.
Help me to overcome any fear.
Grant me the courage to prepare my mind and my soul, so that I am fit to stand before You.
I love You.
I trust in You.
I give You myself in body, mind and soul for eternity.
Let Your Will be mine and release me from pain, doubts or confusion.

I welcome all souls who recite this prayer, without exception.

My Mercy is extended, especially, to souls who are facing death, but who do not believe in Me, when they say this prayer three times a day, in their final days.


*                              *                              *

From the Book of Truth

“Atrocities of My Crucifixion not revealed to Man in the way they should”
Saturday, May 7th, 2011 @ 09:50

My beloved daughter, you must now gather My Cross and help Me carry it on the journey, which I have mapped out for you. My precious daughter, how you have suffered these past few weeks. I allowed this to happen because it has brought you closer to My Sacred Heart.

Many souls are called to impart My Messages to the world. It will be only through the voluntary purification on the part of the soul that will determine the quality of the discernment. In other words, if the soul I choose to communicate My Word to is pure, then the Messages will have more impact. They will have a more lasting impression on the soul. They will be full of compassion, yet they will reveal the Truth of My Teachings in its raw format.

I have no time for the niceties expected by man, who is conditioned to hear My Word in a certain way – in a dumbed down version. Even My Passion, the Cross, and the atrocities committed by man at My Crucifixion have not been revealed to the world in the way in which they were meant to be. So few of you, My children, understand the appalling treatment of Me, your Divine Saviour, at the hands of man. This treatment of Me today, where I Am mocked, laughed at, cursed, ignored and abused, is still evident. My death paved the way to save your souls from eternal damnation. This is still the case. Don’t throw away the Gift of salvation, for without accepting the Truth you cannot be saved.

Hear this. I Am the Truth. I Am the Key to your salvation. On your deathbed, even if you have ignored Me, My Teachings, denied My Real Existence, turn to Me and ask for Redemption. It is never too late to turn to Me and ask Me to hold your hand and let Me lead you to My Father’s Heavenly Kingdom. But you can only do this while you are alive on this Earth. This is your only chance to be offered eternal life. It will be too late afterwards.



*                              *                              *

Holy Love Ministry

April 22, 2011
Good Friday – Meditation

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Today I am inviting you to a deeper understanding of the cross. Realize that the cross is very much a part of every victory. Indeed, at the heart of every victory is the cross which, having been borne with patience, brought about the good fruit of the victory.”

“Many times in this life the soul does not see that grace often comes clothed in some cross; then he misses the opportunity to be resurrected in victory for he only sees the cross. Take, for instance, the many occasions in this present life when the opportunity arises to trust in Divine Provision. Many lose their way in the confusion of what could happen, and do not stay anchored to the cross and the grace of trustful surrender in the present moment.”

“When I was breathing My Last Breath on the Cross, it would have been easy to give in to discouragement which would have lessened My surrender in the present moment. It was Divine Love which helped Me persevere to the end. It was Divine Love which opened the Gates of Paradise forever.”

“Often it is necessary to visualize the victory when you are surrounded by the cross. As I breathed My Last, I thought of every soul that I would lead into Paradise.”