Our Lady – Mary – Speaks To The Mother Of An Aborted Child

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The Heavenly Father’s Love Letter To You
(Available in 108 languages to freely download, visit: http://www.fathersloveletter.com/languages.html)

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God Loves You.
And He is the Father
you have been looking for all your life.
This is His love letter to you.

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Immaculate Heart of Mary

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Dear sister and brother in Christ,

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Catholic Teaching Video: God’s Love Poured Out (22:59 minutes)

“The love of God has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us.” Romans 5:5

Catholic Teaching Video: The Spirit of Adoption (26:09 minutes)

“For those who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God. For you did not receive a spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you received a spirit of adoption, through which we cry, ‘Abba, Father!'” – Romans 8:14-16


Video: His Decrees (00:56 seconds)

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(October 30, 2011, at Adoration, Casa San Pablo, Dominican Republic)

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“Remarkable Light from Blessed Sacrament at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer in USA”

In October 2012 a recording was made at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer in the USA, at the conclusion of Holy Mass. The video recording, only viewed for the first time in June 2013, was found to have a remarkable light coming from the host, pulsating and lighting up the casing of the monstrance.

The Very Rev Dr Gerard McGinnity is pictured in the video leading the congregation at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer in the USA.

Jesus Christ – I AM Present In The Most Holy Eucharist

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Locutions To The World

April 13, 2011

Mary Speaks to the Broken-Hearted
To the Mother of An Aborted Child

Your child is with me, grown to full stature, just like every other child of God. It is you I am concerned about, and the burden you have carried for years.

First, let us go back to that moment of decision, when you said, “I will have an abortion”. Recall the father of your child, and the role he had in your decision. Recall your fears, your qualms, the pressures you felt from so many sources. Recall the despair that filled your heart and the hopelessness of the situation.

Now recall the years of suffering since that decision – the sleepless nights, the endless questions, the despair, the darkness and especially that question which you always ask, “Why did I let it happen?” Recall all of this so I can respond.

You have suffered long enough. No need for greater pain or greater sorrow. No need for further accusations. There is need only for my saving word which will restore you. Listen carefully.

On earth, you will not be called the mother of this child because you did not give birth, but in heaven you will be called the child’s mother because you gave life. In heaven you will hear the child call you “Mother”, and its mother you will be. You will see your child in full maturity, grown to full stature. Your child will be waiting here to embrace you and I will be here.

There is only one difficulty. I must get you here. So, think about my words. Think of the child who so wants to have you in heaven. Think about what awaits you. Set aside the past. Set aside the sufferings. You will be the mother you so much want to be. We both are waiting for you.

February 8, 2013

Burdened With the Past


What will I say to those who feel the burden of past sins?  Of the sins of their youth?  Of the poor decisions in their marriage?  Of the effects of addictions?  What do I say, especially, to those who see that their life has slipped away from them and that the hopes which they once had are crushed?  These are the ones who carry inner burdens that seemingly have no answer.  They have made choices and their decisions have been the wrong ones.

Long ago, I became man to help you.  I came to call sinners, not the righteous.  I came to help those who seemingly had been cast aside by their own decisions.  Do you not see?  I am the redeemer and you are in need of redemption.  Let me be a redeemer to you.  In me, all is redemption for those who know they need redemption.

A Woman Who Has Had An Abortion


I speak specifically to the woman who has chosen an abortion and knows that she cannot go back.  She cannot change her decision.   She cannot say, “Give that life to my child which I decided to remove”.

All is not lost.  Begin with sorrow for your decision.  That is the door that opens to life. Do not listen to those who would explain away the act.  Those explanations do not reach the depth of your guilt.  I must pluck out the sorrow, like someone removing a stone from your heart.  Come now.  Let us begin.  Go to the priest.  Confess your sin.  Receive my Son’s forgiveness.  I will be with you there.  After that, I will show you the road to walk to regain a fullness of peace.

*                              *                              *

From the Book of Truth

“Even the sin of murder can be forgiven”

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011 @ 20:10

My dearest beloved daughter, it is I.

Tonight I come to offer comfort to sinners who believe they are not worthy to stand before Me.

I call on those of you, poor, tortured souls, who believe that your sins are so repulsive that I could not forgive you. How wrong you are.

Don’t you know that there is not one sin I cannot forgive? Why are you so afraid?

Don’t you know that even the most grievous sin of murder can be forgiven? All sins can and will be forgiven if true, heartfelt remorse is shown.

I Am waiting. Open your hearts to Me. Confide in Me.

I Am probably the only true friend you have, in that you can tell Me anything and it will not shock Me.

Sin is a fact of life. Very few souls including chosen souls can remain in a state of grace for any length of time.

Never feel that you cannot confess your sins, irrespective as to how serious they may be.

If you fear Me and continue to turn your back, you will distance yourself from Me even more.

Many of My children do not feel worthy of My Love. Yet I love everyone including hardened sinners. I do not condone the sin. I could never do that. But I love the sinner.

It was because of sin that I was sent into your world as a Saviour so that you could be pardoned.

To be pardoned you must ask for forgiveness.

When you seek forgiveness you must be humble first. For without humility there is no true remorse.

I, your Saviour, beg you to stop and think about how you live your life. You either love God by your good deeds and love of neighbour or you don’t.

You do not have to know Me in order to love Me, children. By your works, your love of each other, the kindness and generosity you show others, you demonstrate your love for Me without realizing it.

It will also be through your humility of heart, when you show true remorse for all the wrongdoings in your life, that you will also prove your love for Me.

How else do you think you can become close to My Heart?

You must never be afraid to approach Me. I Am never far away.

Come to Me Now

So I can nourish your soul and give you the peace you crave.

Your beloved


*                              *                              *

Excerpted from THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD, Volume 2, pp.12-15  (See Gospel of John, Chapter 4)
Written by Maria Valtorta, Private Revelation from Jesus

Jesus asks the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well for a drink.  Jesus invites her to repent of her past abortions to receive God’s forgiveness.

The sparrows fly away when a woman arrives near the well.  With her left hand she is holding an empty amphora by one of its handles, while her right hand with a gesture of surprise pushes aside her veil to see who the man is sitting there.  Jesus smiles at the 35 to 40 year old woman.  She is tall, with a beautiful strongly marked figure.  A Spanish type, we would say: a pale olive complexion, rather thick bright-red lips, dark eyes which are exceedingly large, very dark eyebrows and hair, visible through her transparent veil.  Also her rather plump features are typically oriental and slightly soft, as is customary with Arab women.  Her dress is a multicolored striped robe, which is held very tight round her waist and her plump sides and breast, and then falls to the ground in a kind of wavy fringe. She is wearing several rings on her plumb dark fingers and bracelets on her wrists, which appear under her linen sleeves.  Round her neck she wears a heavy necklace from which some medals are hanging: I should call them amulets because they are of all shapes.  Heavy earrings hang down as far as her neck and shine under her veil.

“Peace be with you, woman.  Will you give Me some water to drink?  I have walked a long way and I am thirsty.”

“Are You not a Judaean?  And You ask me, a Samaritan woman, to give You a drink?  What has happened?  Have we been rehabilitated or have you been routed?  A great event must have taken place, if a Judaean speaks kindly to a Samaritan woman.  But I should say to You: ‘I will not give You anything, to punish in You all the insults the Jews have been heaping on us for centuries.'”

“You are right.  A great event has taken place.  And because of it many things have changed and many more will change.  God has granted a great gift to the world and through it many things have changed.  If you knew the gift of God and Who is saying to you: ‘Give Me a drink’, perhaps you would have asked Him to give you a drink and He would give you living water.”

“Living water is in the veins of the earth.  It is in this well.  But it is ours.”  The woman’s tone is derisive and arrogant.

“Water comes from God.  As bounty comes from God.  As life comes from God.  Everything belongs to the one only God, woman.  And all men come from God: Samaritans and Judaeans. Is this not Jacob’s well?  And is not Jacob the head of our race?  If later on an error divided us, that does not change our origin.”

“Of course, it was our error, was it not?” the woman asks aggressively.

“Neither ours nor yours.  It was the error of one who had lost sight of Charity and Justice.  I do not wish to offend you or your race.  Why do you wish to strike an offensive attitude.?”

“You are the first Judaean whom I hear speak thus.  The others…But reverting to the well, yes, it is Jacob’s and its water is so plentiful and clear that we in Sychar prefer it to other fountains.  But it is very deep.  You have neither amphora nor bucket.  How could You, therefor, draw living water for me?  Are You greater than our holy Patriarch Jacob, who found this abundant vein for himself, his sons and his cattle and left it to us as his souvenir and gift?”

“You are right.  But whoever drinks this water, will be thirsty again.  I instead have a water and whoever drinks it will not be thirsty again.  But it is only Mine.  And I will give it to whoever asks Me for it.  And I solemnly tell you that whoever has the water I give him, will always be satisfied and will never be thirsty again, because My water will be an unfailing eternal spring.”

“What?  I do not understand.  Are You a magician?  How can a man become a well?  A camel drinks and lays a supply of water in his big stomach.  But he then consumes it and it does not last all his life.  And You say that Your water lasts a whole lifetime?”

“Even longer: it will last until eternal life.  In those who drink it, it will gush until eternal life and will give germs of eternal life, because it is a spring of health.”

“Give me some of that water, if You really have it.  I get tired coming here.  If I have it, I will not be thirsty any more and I will never be ill or become old.”

“Is that the only thing of which you get tired?  Of nothing else?  And you feel only the need of drawing water to drink and satisfy your poor body?  Think about it.  There is something more important than your body.  Your soul.  Jacob did not procure only the water of the earth for himself and his sons.  He was anxious to be holy and to bestow holiness, the water of God.”

“You call us heathens… If what You say is true, we cannot be holy…” The woman’s tone is no longer insolent and ironical and she is submissive and somewhat confused.

“Also a heathen can be virtuous.  And God, Who is just, will reward him for the good he has done.  It will not be a complete reward, but I can tell you that between a guilty believer and an innocent heathen, God looks at the latter with less severity.  And if you know you are such, why do you not come to the True God?  What is your name?”


“Well, tell Me, Photinai, are you sorry that you cannot aspire to holiness because you are a heathen, as you say, or because you are in the haze of an old error, as I say?”

“Yes, I am sorry.”

“Well, then, why do you not live at least as a virtuous heathen?”


“Yes, can you deny it?  Go and call your husband and come back here with him.”

“I have no husband.”  The embarassment of the woman increases.

“You have spoken the truth.  You have no husband.  But you have had five men and you have one with you now who is not your husband.  Was that necessary?  Also your religion condemns lewdness.  You have the Decalogue, too.  Why then, Photinai, do you live thus?  Are you not tired of the exertion of being flesh for everybody, instead of being the honest wife of one man only?  Are you not afraid of the evening of your life, when you will be all alone with your memories and regrets?  And with your fears?  Yes, all those.  Fear of God and of ghosts.  Where are your children?”

The woman lowers her head completely and does not reply.

“You have none in this world.  But their little souls, whom you prevented from seeing the day of their birth, are reproaching you.  And they always will.  Jewels…beautiful dresses… a splendid house… a bountiful table… But emptiness, and tears, and interior misery.  You are forlorn, Photinai.  And only through sincere repentance, through God’s forgiveness and consequently through your children’s forgiveness, you can become rich again.”

“Lord, I see that You are a prophet.  And I am ashamed…”

“And when you were doing evil things, were you not ashamed of yourself before the Father Who is in Heaven?  Do not weep out of dejection before the Man… Come here, Photinai.  Come near Me.  I will speak to you of God.  Perhaps you did not know Him well.  And that is why you have been so faulty.  If you had known the True God well, you would not have degraded yourself so much.  He would have spoken to you and supported you…”

“Lord, our ancestors have worshipped on this mountain.  You say that one must worship only in Jerusalem.  But you said that there is only One God.  Help me to see what I must do and where…”

“Woman, believe Me.  Before long the Father will be worshipped neither on the mountain in Samaria nor in Jerusalem.  You worship Him Whom you do not know.  We worship Him Whom we know, because salvation comes from the Judaeans.  I remind you of the Prophets.  But the time will come, nay, it has already arrived when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, no longer according to the ancient rite, but to the new one, where there will be no sacrifice of animals consumed by fire.  There will be the eternal sacrifice of the Immaculate Victim consumed by the Fire of Charity.  It will be a spiritual cult in a spiritual Kingdom.  And it will be understood by those who are able to worship in spirit and truth.  God is Spirit.  Those who worship Him must do so spiritually.”

“You speak holy words, I know, because we also know something, that the Messiah is about to come: the Messiah, He Who is called also “Christ”.  When He comes, He will teach us everything.  Not far from here there is also one who is said to be His Precursor.  And many go and listen to him.  But he is so severe!… You are kind…and the souls of poor people are not afraid of You.  I think that Christ will be good.  They say that He is King of Peace.  Will it be long before He comes?”

“I have told you that His hour has already come.”

“How do you know?  Are You perhaps one of His disciples?  The Precursor has many disciples.  Also Christ will have them.”

“I, Who am speaking to you, am Jesus Christ.”

“You!… Oh!…”  The woman, who had sat down near Jesus, stands up and is about to run away.

“Woman, why are you running away?”

“Because I am struck with terror at being near You.  You are holy.”

“I am the Savior.  I came here, although it was not necessary, because I knew that your soul was tired of wandering.  You are disgusted with your food… I have come to give you a new food, which will remove your nausea and tiredness… Here are my disciples coming back with My food.  But I have already been fed by giving you the first crumbs of your redemption.”

The disciples glance at the woman out of the corners of their eyes, more or less prudently, but no one speaks.  She goes away forgetting about her amphora and the water.

*                              *                              *

Apostolate of the Green Scapular

SUNDAY, AUGUST 2, 2015 @ 9:56AM

Anna Marie: My Lord, I hear you calling me. My Lord are you Father, Son or Holy Spirit?

Jesus: Beloved one, it is I your Divine Savior, Jesus of Nazareth.

Anna Marie: Yes my Lord, may I ask you please…will you bow down and adore God Your Eternal Holy Father who is the Alpha and Omega, the Creator of all life, of all that is visible or invisible?

Jesus: Yes my dear one, I your Holy Divine Savior, Jesus of Nazareth, will now and will always bow down and adore God, My Holy Eternal Merciful Father, Who is the Alpha and Omega, the Creator of all life, of all that is visible or invisible.

Anna Marie: Please speak my Divine Lord for your sinful servant is now listening.

Jesus: My dear one, I know that….(private message). I need you to remain on this current path. My Church is now falling. You have seen the recklessness of how My Priest Sons are departing from the structured training they received. I require all my beloved Apostles of the Green Scapular to begin writing every Priests’ name from their Parish or other Parishes on a blessed Green Scapular so my Holy Heavenly Mother can bring them back to their sacramental vow. This is necessary and urgent.

Anna Marie: Yes my Lord.

Jesus: My dear one.

Anna Marie: Yes my Savior Jesus.

Jesus: There is coming an attack on your nation. My Father has stepped in, so its devastation will not be as severe as intended. I ask all  Apostles to begin praying for parents daily in this month of August, dedicated to My Heavenly Father, for the millions of aborted babies in which my Father created them, woman and man destroyed then had their body parts sold as pieces. Almighty God is the author of life and woman have chosen to interfere with My Father’s plan for humanity.

Jesus: I assure the children of Earth, whoever aborts a child knowingly and does not repent for doing so, will NOT enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. There are no murderers in Heaven, be assured of that. And whoever promotes the abortion, be it friend, co‐workers, parent, spouse, employee of an abortion clinic; will also be held to the same Justice as the mother who aborted if they too refuse to repent. Health workers who promote any form of abortion, unless they repent, will be held to the same Justice. And the fathers of these aborted children will also be held responsible for the abortion because they were the supplier of the seed which impregnated the baby’s mother. Repent, repent and repent. My Fathers’ Justice demands retribution from evil committed  against the helpless innocent baby.

Jesus: For mother’s and father’s who aborted and sought forgiveness from their actions, YOU WILL BE FORGIVEN! I will console you and My Mother will watch over your precious baby until you are joined in Heaven with him or her. Your baby should be Baptized and given a name so you can know and identify him or her in Heaven when you meet. You can baptize your baby in your home with Holy Water.

Jesus: For any man who was not told that he was going to be a father, I ask the pregnant woman who aborted her child to write his name on a blessed Green Scapular and pray for My Father’s forgiveness for him. This will intercede in his life and your prayers will save him from damnation.

Jesus: Now I ask all my children to pray for the Holy Spirit to open their mind and show you what past sins remain unforgiven. The Holy Spirit will help you remember your sins from years ago, that you did not seek Sacramental Confession.

Jesus: During this month of August, during your novena of prayer, the Holy Spirit will come to each person, man or woman, and reveal what spiritual evil still interferes with your sanctification. I ask that each of you seek His intercession in earnest and contemplative prayer. Spend time alone praying for my Father’s mercy and forgiveness. My Father loves each of you! My Father will forgive any sin you have committed provided you seek His forgiveness and do your best to not sin any more.

Jesus: Now my beloved children, know that I your Savior love you beyond your human understanding. So be in peace and know My love for you, the sinner that you are, will never be exhausted. I AM the Good Shepherd and you are My sheep. When you write your name  on a blessed green scapular, you open your spirit to hear My Voice calling you and leading you to holy sanctification of mind, body, spirit and soul. Never doubt that I love you. That is all. Your merciful and loving Divine Savior, Jesus of Mercy.

On August 2nd, Apostles have been asked to recite this daily prayer:

originally dictated this prayer to Anna Marie
on March 13, 2009


Oh Heavenly Father,
through the death and resurrection of Your Son, Jesus of Nazareth,
I plead to You for mercy for a mother and father,
who knowingly or unknowingly committed the gravest of all sins,
murdering their unborn child.

I plead to You, Merciful Father,
to have compassion for them and
turn Your just anger away from their merited punishment, but instead,
receive my prayers of sorrow and love to be applied to their souls
during their life on earth and lead them both to repent of their actions.

I pray this little prayer in hopes of Your grace pouring down upon them,
to open their eyes and heart
to realize they have offended the true nature of our human existence;
to know, love, and serve You Father, Jesus Your Son and the Holy Spirit.

I ask our Heavenly Mother
to bring about the conversions of these parents
through her Immaculate Heart,
always leading souls to her Son,
Jesus Christ the Savior and Redeemer of souls.

And I praise You Father for the grace of my life, for not being aborted,
so that I could praise You this day for Your mercy and Your constant love for me.
I love you Father, I praise you Father always,
until I am joined with You, Your Son, Your Spirit in Heaven
with the Angels and Saints. Amen.


Holy Family Refuge Messages

Come Holy Trinity and Holy Family and St. Michael as guard over all God’s words

My most beloved son, this is God the Father of Heaven and earth.  I want to talk to you about some of the things I told you yesterday. My son, do you remember when I had you build the God the Father Baby Memorial for all My children on earth? The baby memorial is not only for My children on earth now but it represents all My children that ever were or ever will be on the face of the earth from the beginning to the end of time. I also ask all My remnant faithful to have spiritual baptisms for all My aborted and miscarried babies. I also ask all who read this to spiritually baptize their babies who they lost and name them so they will have a closure on their life. All My children need a spiritual closure on their life so they can get to Heaven. I have had many of My spiritual remnant children putting holy water North, East, South, and West and asking them to baptize their babies so they can go to Heaven. All of My Holy Innocents are crying out for justice and this is one way you can help.

I am also asking My remnant children to have a Bishop to do a spiritual Confirmation for all the Holy Innocents so they can become soldiers of Christ and help you more on earth and reach a higher place in Heaven. I your God have told you that you must be baptized to be saved. My little babies also need to be baptized to be saved. Any Christian can do a spiritual baptism on an aborted or miscarried baby, but it has to come from earth before My child can reach the fullness of Heaven. When My little babies die they do not reach the fullness of Heaven because they were never given free will on earth. So some of My remnant children who I speak with from Heaven have to make the choice for them because they are in a good place, but not like Heaven.

The church taught about limbo when you were born My son, but they do not talk about it anymore and if it were not for My special children that I speak to all through the centuries, these children would not have been able to move up to Heaven as time goes on. Heaven is just like earth and the longer you are there, the higher you can move to different levels. It is just like moving from grade school to high school to college to your vocation and on and on.

This is from the God the Father from Heaven and earth. Please come to your loving Father and Mother because We want to talk to all Our children personally and give them all that they need to be happy. Love, Father. Please speak to Me often. I miss all My children who do not talk to Me just like your physical dad. I am just like My Son because I made him in My image and likeness.

And please read the book, The Father Speaks to His Children, given to one of My beloved children. (Copies free of charge may be obtained from the International or National Centers, 816-942-9783)

Direction For Our Times, Jesus Christ, The Returning King
“Heaven Speaks About Abortion”
(Messages from Jesus, Our Lady, and St. Mary Magdalene)

August 1, 2005

“My children, you are all so precious to Me. There is a temptation for people to believe that if they have made a grave mistake, they are not welcome in heaven or that they are not suitable companionship for Me. This is not true. And this temptation must be fought against. Sin is forgivable. All sin. I want to direct attention here specifically to the sin of abortion. This sin has become so commonplace in your world that some souls have come to believe it is not serious. Well, dear little soul, you must understand that it is the enemy of all things living who has spread this error. This is a trick, a master deceit of such proportion that it has resulted in the slaughter of many. Now, you may wonder at My feelings on this. I will share them with you. I am grieved, in the extreme. I am sad each time I welcome a rejected little one back to Myself. And they are welcomed home, believe Me. I am all mercy and love and these little ones are in no way at fault, so heaven gives them great joy upon their return. In the same way, we will welcome you home, regardless of your sins. Be at peace. There are many souls in heaven who have committed sins of this magnitude. You might say heaven is filled with sinners, My friend, but these are repentant sinners. Would you like to repent and serve as My beloved apostle? I know that you would and it is for this reason that I have come to you with these words. You are forgiven. I have many things to share with you that will help you to understand your situation. Rest your wounded little heart against Me now as I show you how to return in completeness.”

St. Mary Magdalene

“I send the most loving greetings to my friends on earth. I am delighted that Jesus allows me to speak at this time. There are great things happening in the world and the renewal makes its way bravely from heaven to earth and from soul to soul. We are watching and helping from heaven. One of the signs that the renewal is necessary is the number of abortions that are occurring. My dear sisters in Christ, this is an abomination. We cannot allow it to continue, neither you nor I. We have to help our sisters to understand that there is a little life nestled in their womb, a life sent by God Himself. To think any differently is to become a plaything of the devil. There must be no discussion about this point in the sense that you must never allow yourself to consider, even for a moment, that a pregnancy does not equal a life, a person, a divine plan. Do not back away from this fact, this irrefutable truth. I want to speak to women who have had abortions and allowed their children to be taken from them in this way. Dear woman, if you think you have committed a graver sin than I, you are wrong. Jesus loves me tenderly and I am a close friend to the Savior. And yet, I would repel you if you knew how I had lived a part of my life. We are all the same in that we are all sinners. Nobody in heaven looks at anyone else with anything but love and understanding. This is because we all understand that given the right set of earthly circumstances, we could make grave mistakes such as you did. Your circumstances contributed to your decision. I know this. Jesus knows this. All of heaven knows this. You must accept this, too. If you were in different circumstances, it is likely you would have made a different decision. But it is over and Jesus makes all things new. Let Him make your soul new and you will give Him far greater joy than you gave Him sorrow. I would not tell you something if it were not true. If you return to Jesus with your heart and ask Him for forgiveness, you will have forgiveness and He will forget your sins. He has certainly forgotten mine.”

St. Mary Magdalene

“My sisters in Christ, allow me, please, to help you. When you are caught in a web of guilt, it can be difficult to get out. It is actually impossible alone. The problem is that you can think so badly of yourself for your mistake that you begin to lose sight of your dignity and heavenly value. Jesus needs your help and you have to respond to Him. You know this. But before you can respond to Jesus you must allow Him to heal you. So put your hand out and Jesus will give a mighty pull. He will release you from the grip of pain that has held you captive. Jesus looks into your soul and He sees everything. He understands. You will face Him someday. It is inevitable. So face Him today and look closely. All you will see in His beautiful face is love. Jesus does not condemn you. It is the enemy telling you these things. Jesus is all mercy, all understanding. Let Him take your pain and replace it with heavenly joy. Dear sister, do you think for a moment that the darkness of sin in the world has not claimed others in this way? You know that many have fallen victim to the falseness and the distortions of truth. You are not alone, by any means. Many women work hard for the Kingdom and give Jesus great glory. They, also, have allowed their children to be taken in this way. But they returned to Christ in sorrow and He forgave them. He offers this to you now. We will surround you with heavenly grace and then you too will work for Jesus and for others. You will give great comfort and joy to these children of yours in heaven if you return to the family of God. There is nothing that should stop you. Come back to the heavenly side where you are cherished and, may I say, so badly needed.”

August 2, 2005
St. Mary Magdalene

“Dearest sister in Christ, this is the time to heal. Jesus is sending this period for all souls to return to His Sacred Heart. His healing graces are never-ending. There is enough for every bit of spiritual and emotional healing that is necessary for every soul who has ever been injured in any way. I am urging you to take advantage of this now so that you can return fully to the family of God and work for your brothers and sisters who remain in darkness and loneliness. So many are unloved. If you spend this period of time working for other souls in your life, wherever Jesus has placed you, there will be joy in heaven. You will give glory to Jesus and to your children who have come before you. They will be proud that you are their mother because you serve them on earth by serving Jesus. Do you believe me, my sister? I speak the truth. We in heaven never exaggerate and we never tell untruths. We speak carefully and our words are backed by God Himself. Your children love you and have complete understanding of the fears that moved you to your decision. You will see them and you will spend eternity with them. There is only joy in heaven. Surely you understand that there will be no recriminations and you will have no grief in this divine land. You will be reunited with all of your loved ones and together you will explore the Kingdom of the triumphant souls, who have conquered the world and their humanity. So there is no reason for you not to be joyful and peaceful. Jesus loves you. All the saints love you. The angels work tirelessly for your return to complete joy. And your children wait to be united to their mother.”

St. Mary Magdalene

“Sisters, I thank God for you. Your kindness to other women will bring more souls home to heaven. I never judged another woman after my conversion because I understood why a woman would make the choices that she made. Some choices are wrong. We all know that. Who can say that all choices are the correct choices? Here in heaven, we look at events in the world. I, in particular, see women who are assaulted sexually. I am familiar with the emotions that can erupt in a woman after such a thing occurs, either in childhood or in adulthood. These emotions, if not brought to heaven for healing, can result in bad choices. Perhaps you understand what I am referring to. Our bodies are intended for the most beautiful service to the Kingdom. The sexual relationship between a man and a woman is holy and right when it is blessed by God. The sexual relationship between a man and a woman is neither holy nor right when it is not blessed by God. And when someone is used as an object for sin, all of heaven is disappointed. You are God’s cherished woman. Do not allow your body to be misused. If this occurs against your will, you must be certain to talk to others who have been misused in this way. Seek out others who are holy and who have healed. They will help you to understand that your sexuality is not something that can be taken from you by force. Also, your sexuality is not something that is impacted by being raped because you did not give freely. What I am saying to you is that your sexuality is intact and as beautiful as God created it. Also, if you have fallen victim to the modern deception that sinful physical intimacy is acceptable, you are not alone. Many holy souls have also made these mistakes. But here is God’s promise to you. Confess your sins. Pour them all out where they cannot hurt you and He, Jesus, will take them away. They will be cast into the fires of His Sacred Heart and they will be incinerated and gone forever. Jesus will grant you complete healing. Be patient and let Him do this for you. Your purity will be returned to you and your beautiful sexuality will be restored to its original state. Remember that I told you that heaven speaks with great authority? Well, you can be assured that this promise comes from the throne of God. Walk in joy, dear sister of mine, because Jesus loves you.”

Blessed Mother

“My dear little daughter, how I love you and wait to hold you in my arms. I watch you so carefully, alert to any opportunity to bring you to Jesus. I have seen every pain that you have suffered. I have witnessed each bitter tear. You will be fine now if you let us heal you. I want to take you by your hand and bring you to my Son. I will tell Him that I am proud of you because you are courageous in admitting your mistakes and asking for forgiveness. Can you imagine the smile Jesus will have for you? He is so beautiful and His eyes will fill with love for you. You see, Jesus does not care what you have done. He does not sit and think constantly about your mistakes. He thinks constantly about your heart and its brokenness. He thinks constantly about His need to have you safe in the family of Christ. He considers all of the good that you are capable of bringing to other souls. Jesus needs you. I, your heavenly mother, need you. Will you help us? Come to your mother now and rest your head against me. You do not see me but I promise you that I am with you. I will never leave you. I have brought many women back to Jesus and they give Him the greatest love and fidelity. That is how I can see you, my daughter. I see you as a loyal, loving servant of Jesus, who desires to place constant healing graces into your soul.”

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Special Commentary: Understanding Divine Justice and the Spiritual Realities of Abortion – By a soul


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