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SUMMARY (by a soul):
Locutions To The World is a body of heavenly messages from Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and the Blessed Virgin Mary, that were given to an unknown locutionist from 2011-2015. Prior to the public messages, the locutionist had received a number of private messages for several years which were given to guide her prayer group. The heavenly messages were promoted by a prominent priest who was the spiritual director for the locutionist. In Fall 2015 when the original website was closed, I, “a soul”, was given the contents of the website so I could keep the presence of the Locutions alive on the internet through my blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, where I feature heavenly messages from various Christian sources. I am honored to do this as the heavenly messages have impacted my own life in a profound way.

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2014 SPECIAL LOCUTIONS – From Jesus and Mary

March 24, 2014
The Russian Bear (Special Locution)


(Reader, these are very special locutions, given in an extraordinary way.)

The Russian bear has swallowed up his first territory (Crimea).  He is still hungry and will continue to swallow people and territories.  He only understands one thing – a force that will not allow him to do this.  The West sits at its tables and discusses, while Russia gobbles up its territories.

The West does not see the importance of the coming months., nor the extent to which Russia is ready to go, to add more people and more land to its empire.  When these months are over and Russia has reached the full extent of its aggression (for now), the West will have lost much of its prestige and will never regain the position that it holds now.

What is happening in these months will not be reversible.  These events will be like the amputation of an arm or a leg. There will be a new world reality.  Everything will be tilted.  The ramifications will touch every country in Europe and America.  These leaders will have foolishly delayed, while Russia moved ahead with firm purpose.  All of this is the fruit of policies that have not taken the evil of Russia seriously, as if the collapse of the Iron Curtain or the removal of the Berlin Wall really changed the soul of the nation of Russia.

When these months are completed and the people and the land have been given to Russia without a single shot being fired by the West, then the next series of events will take place.  The West will be much weaker.  It has no leader and no goals.  Especially, it has no faith.

Comment:  Jesus speaks about the next few months and the results of the Russian aggression.

March 24, 2014
Using These Locutions (Special Locution)


(Again a special locution.)

I will no longer be silent.  For decades, I have been telling the Church that Russia is the problem and it must be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart.  The Church has chosen not to listen to my voice.  It has even silenced those voices, especially Sr. Lucy’s, which carried my message.  Now, you are reaping the harvest which you have sown.

I will wait no longer.  You, O Church, have buried my messages.  You have hidden them.  You have refused to reveal them.  You have even twisted them.  Because your voice does not send forth to the world the secrets of Fatima, nor do you obey the commands that I made at Fatima, I will bypass you.

I will begin to use these special locutions in a new and more powerful way.  I will hold back nothing.  I will reveal through these locutions what should have been revealed by the Church.

I will do this slowly, piece by piece, truth by truth.  I will do this in a consistent way so each person can easily follow my words and be led to the correct conclusions.

I must do this because you have not done this.   You have turned aside from Fatima and the Fatima prophecies about Russia spreading its errors.  You have not been a faithful watchman, warning my people and the world.  Because you have not used your worldwide voice, I will use this little voice of my locutions.

Comment:  For some reason, the Church has kept the Fatima secrets hidden.  Mary promises to use these locutions to reveal what the people need to know.

April 10, 2014
Middle East Events (Special Locution)


When the withdrawal of troops is completed, the very bowels of Afghanistan will be rent asunder, spilling out everywhere in the Middle East.  Iraq will continue to sink into its civil wars.  The fires in Syria will burn and burn.  Neither side will withdraw from the conflict.  Pakistan is a nuclear powder keg that waits to be lit after the government topples.

Iran constantly rises, assuring its place in the Middle East by destabilizing its neighbors and fomenting unrest.

Iran is now surrounded by protecting treaties that have been negotiated in complete foolishness.  These guarantees only embolden its plans.  As Iran continues to satisfy the West (and it will make sure to do that), it is free to engage in all its undercover activities.

Putin is actively setting the agenda.  He knows the path he has set for the Middle East.  He stands in great contrast to the West, which stumbles along with no understanding of these events.  These events are not just shaping the world.  They are preparing the world for even greater, unimaginable events.  I speak so clearly because time is running out and no one is listening.

Comment:  Unless everyone responds, these events will happen.

April 11, 2014
The Wars of Heaven and Hell (Special Locution)


There will seemingly be no end to these events.  One will follow another, like waves of the ocean which have an inexhaustible source.  Do not fear.  Hell is limited.  Heaven is not.

If my people call upon me, I will unleash the waves of heaven, blessings after blessings,
which no one can imagine.  I will raise up those of good heart, empowering them and sending them forth.  I will place faith in some people’s hearts which will move mountains and words on the lips of others that will turn many back to me.  It will be a time of signs and wonders.

This war between the two forces, heaven and hell, will break out into open warfare with great tides of evil and destruction.  At the same time, the greatest powers that heaven has ever unleashed upon the world will come forth.

Man cannot save himself.  He will either turn to heaven and be rescued or be carried away by the waves of hell.  I speak because that time is near at hand.

Comment: The only good result of the events is that people will grasp how much they need God.

April 11, 2014
Sending Forth the Locutions (Special Locution)


The locutions are a small but tested stream, given now for three years.  They speak of political events and worldwide events but they do so only within this little stream of faithful readers.

It is time to take new action.  The seeds of these locutions must be planted in the great field of the world itself.  Many will be surprised as the prophetic words are verified by world events.  People will understand that heaven is giving forth its light.

I want to march against the darkness that surrounds the world and dispel it.  Let everyone who reads these locutions become messengers of the locutions.  Take them everywhere – to the television stations, to the radio stations, to the newspapers and magazines.  These locutions must be known everywhere.

I want these locutions to go forth first of all to the world, not to the Church.  The Church has many streams of private revelations and these locutions seem to be just one of many.

However, if the locutions go forth to the world and the world shows great interest, then the Church itself will begin to investigate and see that these locutions are not just one among many.

As these locutions go to the world, I will increase their power and clarity so the world is convinced that heaven is speaking.  I will begin with Russia and the Ukraine.

Russia will surround the Ukraine with its darkness and its fire.  The pressure will be intense.  As the time goes on, cracks will appear in the Ukraine and divisions will take place.  The Ukraine has various cultures, with ethnic groups and sub-divisions, almost too numerous to describe (due to the centuries of its history).

Russia will apply its darkness by surrounding the Ukraine and keeping out the West.  It will also apply its fire by the internal pressures that cause divisions.  Very soon, many parts will appear and separate, all in different ways and in different degrees.  Political unity will be shattered and its restoration will be impossible.  New forms of political life will emerge.  All will evolve into something new and all will be to Putin’s gain.  How much he will gain, no one can foresee now, but he does not need a crystal ball.  He needs only to apply the Russian darkness and the Russian fire.

The Ukraine will self-divide because its political ties are already weak.  Some regions will divide quickly and move politically out from under Kiev.  Others will form a different relationship with Kiev.  These first steps will not be the final steps.

Larger sections of the Ukraine will move more slowly but their movement will shake the Ukraine even more.  The final stage of the Ukraine will be hard to recognize, far removed from the political arrangement that formerly existed.

April 14, 2014
The Modern Events (Special Locution)


Pope Francis wants only blessings for the Church, and desires to make the Church a place where everyone is welcome.  He wants to study the needs of the Church and has begun this process by calling a Synod, which will face the issues of family life.

There will be three stages.  First, the time leading up to the Synod.  Second, the Synod itself and third, the Church after the Synod.  The Synod will be a watershed.  The desire to accommodate and to be open will come at a high price.  People will speak up.  Some guided by heaven and others guided by hell.

Before the Synod, survey results will be revealed by those who want to influence the outcome.

At the Synod itself, some bishops will say things that will break with traditional morality.

Others will make suggestions that cannot be followed.  All of that will lead to the time after the Synod.

Some, to the far right, will have difficulty in accepting the tone of the Synod.  The vast majority of Catholics will wonder what took place and just what was determined.  There is a third group which has advocated serious changes in the Church’s teachings concerning family life issues.  They will see the Synod as the vindication, at long last, of their positions (even though this was not explicitly said).

After the Synod, the Church will be known as the Church of Pope Francis.  More than anything else, the Synod will put its stamp on this pontificate, just as Vatican II did for Pope John XXIII.

The Church, however, will not be ready for the fierce battles that lie ahead.  It will not be a Church formed by the Woman Clothed With the Sun, nor will it be able to confront the great forces that are shaping the world.  The Church of Pope Francis will not be ready.  It will be a popular, accepting and open Church but will not be ready for the future events.

Comment:  The Synod will deal with Church issues but will not prepare the Church for the future events.

April 15, 2014
Putin and Western Europe (Special Locution)


Destruction is everywhere in the Ukraine.  The very ground of stability is being pulled away, not just from the Ukraine but from all of Western Europe.  No natural wall exists that will protect it.

Western Europe is not dealing with an old Russia, based upon a corrupt Communist Party and a closed economy.  Putin’s Russia is different.  It has infiltrated Western economies and welcomed Western businesses.  Putin has removed anyone who was against him and has changed the political system. He has complete command.

In the Ukraine, he feels completely confident.  Russia is geographically close and the Ukrainian economy compares poorly with Russia’s.  Many people are of Russian descent and seek to be reunited with Russia.  The Kiev government is both new and weak.  Putin knows that the Ukraine is his and he has various ways of gaining it.

More important, these same factors hold true in other, nearby nations.  Already, some peoples who sought independence a few decades ago, are unhappy with the results and believe that they would do better to return.  Putin’s formula has appeal in many places.  All of this will shake Europe, and even America.  All will be shifted.  Putin is Satan’s perfect instrument.

There is also the Muslim world of Iran, Syria and others whom he has befriended.  All share a hatred for the West and a desire for world domination.  They will see themselves as more and more united in this hatred, especially as the West appears so defenseless and an easy prey.  I have spoken before of international groupings that pay no attention to national boundaries.

Even the West will no longer have a stability.  All will be destabilized.  There will be many events, one greater than another.

Comment:  No one can see how Putin’s action will affect Western Europe and America.

April 23, 2014
Safeguarding Human Freedoms (Special Locution)


Kiev is like a raw nerve.  The main question in the Ukraine is how close will the fighting come to Kiev?  What will happen as it approaches?  The West has never declared its intentions concerning the Ukraine.

The Kiev government is new and weak.  Many people still feel a loyalty to the ousted president and are now questioning that decision which Putin used as his excuse to seize the Crimea.

The new government and the West are totally unprepared for these surprising events.  Who will broker any truce when Putin claims that this is a civil uprising due to discontent with the new government?

My message is this.  Kiev is a great flash point that could easily burst open.  Putin works with a demonic intelligence which mocks the West and grabs all that is left unprotected.

Comment:  The Ukrainian situation is very dangerous , much more so than the West understands. Just like Syria.

April 25, 2014
President Obama’s Ideology


All of these destructive events should not be happening this quickly.  The timetable has been moved up because America has withdrawn from the world scene.  All of this is due to the ideology placed deeply in the heart of President Obama.  He rejects my plan for America.  I blessed America so it would be strong and dominant and be a light to the nations and assume the role of a watchman.

He rejects my plans because of an ideology placed in his heart as a youth.  For him, American dominance is the problem.  For him, America has to be lowered in stature and become just an equal among other nations.  This totally contradicts my plans for world peace.  His actions show that American withdrawal allows the seeds of violence to grow unchecked.

America has elected a president whose heart is totally against all that I raised up America to be. So, I will not protect him, I will not support him.  Except when America’s good is at stake, I will allow him to walk his own path.  He will not have my blessings or my protections.  He is on more dangerous ground that he can ever imagine.

April 28, 2014
Putin’s Method (Special Locution)


Putin is rejoicing because he is inflicting suffering upon the Ukraine.  Suffering is the key which he uses to steal what is not his.  He inflicts more and more suffering until those in possession of the land and of the goods are willing to let go, so that the suffering stops.

Who is ready to stop him in his tracks?  No one.  The West, too, applies sufferings but compared to Putin’s sufferings and the great gains that he is acquiring, they are as no suffering at all.  So, he is rejoicing and he will continue to use this method.  He will cause sufferings everywhere and will increase them until he gains what is not his.

April 28, 2014
An Appeal to the Polish People (Special Locution)


I give these locutions because I love the Ukrainian people and they love me.  How they suffered under Stalin and Communism, more than any other group.  Yet, their love for me did not waver.  I hold them in a special place in my heart and I use these locutions to tell them, “I love you and I have not forgotten you”.

The problem is that the West sees the Ukraine from a political point of view and that of the mass media.  For the people of the Ukraine, this is not a mass media event.  This is an event of blood, blood on their streets, blood in their towns and cities.  This is about the sufferings of their young people and the total uprooting of their country.  For the West, it is a matter of policy issues.  For the people it is a matter of life and death, of darkness, of untold sufferings and of total despair.

The West will not help.  The sanctions are not the answer.  I must look around.  To whom will I appeal?  Poland loves me.  They know that I have miraculously saved this nation on many occasions (as at the Vistula).

To you, O people of Poland, I appeal.  You know the true stories.  You see the blood.  Many of you have relatives.  Do all you can.  Reach out to the Ukrainian people.  You are not powerless.  Your hearts are strong and wide open.  Reach out to the Ukraine.  I will be with you and you will be surprisingly successful.

Comment:  Sometimes grassroot actions are more effective than government initiatives.

April 30, 2014
Poland, Baltic Countries and European Union (Special Locution)



Poland is weak, no longer the militant, aggressive Poland that existed under Communism and under Pope John Paul II. It has traded its militancy for the goods of Western society, becoming soft, penetrable and ready to go along. It is no longer resistant and ready to destroy any foe that would compromise its principles. With the events in the Ukraine, Putin now turns his glance to Poland. He enjoys a new window of opportunity in Poland. He knows the former Poland (the staunch ally of the Pope) and he knows the present Poland, no longer rooted in an iron-willed determination.

He knows how to plan his attack, which will be a mixture of threats, policies and enticements. He wants to change Poland’s current status. He cannot do in Poland what he is doing militarily in the Ukraine. However, he will develop other plans to draw Poland closer to Russia. This will affect all of Poland, as people realize that their status quo is being challenged by a force that NATO cannot fight because it is not primarily a military force. This force will be even more real, a relentless force that cannot be destroyed and which always has access to people’s hearts. Putin always manipulates the events so they serve Russia’s purpose. Putin will be seen as a new force within Poland itself, a pernicious force that will not withdraw, like a wolf always seeking its prey.

Baltic States

A similar, but greater influence will extend to the smaller nations along the Baltic. They are more vulnerable because their population and their resources are smaller. These nations will experience Putin’s newly revealed aggressiveness even more than Poland.

Destabilizing the European Union

Putin has his eyes set on destabilizing the European Union. Cracks have appeared in this European house because it is not well-built, or founded upon rock. This Union has never been built upon the Catholic faith. European unity is based upon self-interest. For many, self-interest in the European Union is fading quickly.

Putin knows that the European Union is a house filled with many cracks. He will apply every sort of pressure. He has one goal, to exploit those cracks and to increase their power so that the whole European Union faces serious threats to its future viability. This is almost within his reach. Putin has a wrecking ball and wants to use it to tear down the European house. He wants to fulfill the dreams of Stalin, the collapse of Western Europe and the emergence of Russia as the world power.

All of this is possible and its fulfillment can happen much more quickly than any European or American leader can conceive. The timetable is moved way ahead and Putin, as Satan’s perfect instrument, will not hesitate one moment.

I am putting the European leaders on notice of what can happen. In their foolishness, they have abandoned the faith and have built their secular union. They have no defenses against Putin, Satan’s instrument. America will be deeply shaken by this destabilizing of the European Union.

May 4, 2014
Who Can Halt the Events? (Special Locution)


Pope Francis opens the Church to study the issues and many rejoice that what formerly could not be discussed is now on the table.  But, they do not see.  The important question is all of the world events that are taking place.  The events that have begun will lead to the annihilation of nations.  The Egyptian revolution, the war on Syria and now the turmoil in the Ukraine are not just isolated events.  They are the beginning of a long series of events that will culminate in the annihilation of nations.

The important questions do not regard self-study of the Church but who will stop these events?

Who has the power to bring these events to a halt before the nations are annihilated?  Only the Woman Clothed With the Sun can do this and only the Church can bring my mother onto the center of the world stage.  No one seems interested in doing this.  So, the timetable of destructive events moves along at a furious pace.  She has already promised world peace if Russia is consecrated to her Immaculate Heart.

Comment:  God has placed tremendous power in the Catholic Church to bring forth the gift of peace.

May 18, 2014
A Shaky Economic Foundation (Special Locution)


I must raise up this little voice of locutions to explain what is happening and to warn America.  Otherwise, the events will take place and no one will see how they should respond.

Even with this warning, many will pay no attention to this voice until after the events.

Then, they will see the clarity of these words and take them to heart.

In America, there were always pockets of immorality.  However, the nation held itself to a high level of goodness.  My law was respected and life was ordered.  One by one, these moral ties were loosened, slowly at first and, then, more quickly.  At this point, there is no moral restraint.  All the laws have been set aside.  Immorality reigns supreme.  Every kind of life style is praised.  All has been torn asunder.

So, I must bring America to its knees.  I must use the economy, because America only hears one tune, the song of money.  I will stop the music.

America’s economy is not strong.  There are many weaknesses resulting from the 2008 collapse.

In many ways, America does not hold its economy’s future in its own hands.  It is interdependent and is not ready for the next jolt.  America, when your next economic collapse comes, will you finally listen to this little voice?  Your economy will be in shreds because your morality is in shreds.  You rebuilt your walls but you forgot about your foundations, as if you could have a strong economy and no moral base.  O foolish children, you reject the wisdom of your eternal Father and have built a sand castle.

Comment:  The 2008 economic collapse brought no repentance.  The next collapse will be greater.

May 25, 2014
The Obama Darkness (Special Locution)


In his decisions, President Obama chooses the darkness.  He exalts evil, protects evil, proclaims the goodness of evil and makes sure that evil spreads.  Because he continually chooses darkness, he will remain in darkness.

His final years in the presidency will be clouded over by constant scandals.  As these final years go on, the darkness will grow greater and greater.  No light will come forth.  No great blessings for the American people will result.  All will just be darkness for him and for those around him.

All efforts to remove the scandals will be fruitless.  I will not allow him to emerge from this darkness into light.  In these first five years of his presidency he has made his choices.  His heart belongs to darkness.  This comes from his own free will.

Comment:  President Obama embraces politically so many evils that contradict God’s law.  These are his choices of darkness.

May 26, 2014
After the Ukrainian Elections (Special Locution)


Even after the presidential election, the Ukraine will not enjoy peace.  As the dust settles, Putin will see the true state of the Ukraine.  He sees those parts which are firmly his, those parts which want to belong to Russia and those parts that lean toward Russia.  He also sees the weaknesses and divisions in those parts that choose the Ukraine.

His method will be constant disturbances.  A government and its president must provide security or else they are seen as weak.  By continuing to cause problems, Putin will constantly weaken these already shaky foundations.  The Ukrainian government does not have great resources and would have difficulties even in times of peace.

Putin’s method will be to constantly cause turmoil.  He needs only to continue to disrupt in order to claim more and more of the Ukraine.

The election will not end these disturbances nor bring peace.  The election is on the surface while the divisions are deeply engrained into the Ukrainian culture.

Comment:  The problems in the Ukraine will not end quickly.

June 2, 2014
Our Lady’s Three Sorrows (Special Locution)


I have three sorrows.  The first is President Obama.  It is not that he has turned away from me because he has never really known me or claimed to be my son.  He is my sorrow because he has such great power and controls so many people by evil.  They rejoice in their evil and he protects the evil for them.  He is their great advocate and they see him as safeguarding their evil.  Because he controls so many, he is my great sorrow.

His hands clutch many things, but I will beat upon his hands and loosen his grasp.  He will not possess great power.  I will do this through the scandals.  There will be more and greater scandals.  In trying to extricate himself, he will only get more entangled.

My second sorrow is the growth of terrorism.  In this release of five prisoners, the terrorists see a victory.  Terrorism grows because America has withdrawn from the fight.  To fight terrorism comes with a high price but there will be a higher price to pay if its advance is not stopped.  Now, no real fight is being waged.  The terrorists have free access and no fear of America.

My third sorrow is the Church and my enemies within the Church who constantly refuse to accept me as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.  They deny me my rightful place, even though they profess to be my sons.  They are depriving my Church of the full light and causing it to operate in semi-darkness.

Comment:  Our Lady has spoken often of these sorrows.  Now, she explains them clearly.

June 2, 2014
Putin’s Ascendency (Special Locution)


Putin is in the ascendency.  No need for Satan to find someone else.  Pieces of the world will be broken off.  These will be on the borders, on the frontiers.  Like a person devouring a loaf of bread, he will first break off the parts that are easily in his grasp.  This has already begun in the Ukraine.  However, the Ukraine is not enough to satisfy his hunger.  He eyes the Baltic states, especially Estonia and Latvia.  Even with their ties to NATO, they are endangered.  Putin will see how big a bite he can take. He will test the resolve of the European powers and will be surprised by their feeble reaction.  Europe does not want to risk a war.  Yet, the risk will be greater, if Europe is not strong.

Comment:  Russia and Putin are the main problems to world peace.

June 6, 2014
President Obama’s Great Mistake (Special Locution)


President Obama is a man totally committed to the darkness because the forces of darkness have raised him up.  They have protected him and served him well.

Now, he sees his world crumbling.  In Europe, he has heard the voices and the whisperings. When he was elected, Europe rejoiced because he was different from Bush.  America had elected a president with a different world view.  America was not to be so powerful or so dominant. This was music to European ears.

Now, they see him in a different light.  He is weak. He has withdrawn.  Putin has called his bluff.  Europe is vulnerable and no strong America is ready or able to guarantee its safety. Obama knows the voices, senses the attitudes and realizes that he has been lowered even in the eyes of Europeans who embraced his new idea.

Now, he returns home to America to face the questions that have arisen on every side, all of the scandals that have been piled high.  Most important, he sees his presidency crumbling.  He believed that he would be a great president who would leave behind a legacy.  These ambitions burn in his heart as deeply as ever but his time is running out.  Still, he will not forsake his ambitions or the ideas that he has always had but has not, even to this day, revealed to the American people.  These ideas were supposed to come forth earlier, but he stumbled so often that he had to push them back. Now, he sees his time running out and his power slipping away.  Yet, these dark ambitions that would totally take America down the road of European socialism have not been implemented.  In these coming months, he will make huge mistakes.

He will not forsake his dreams.  He will move forward quite boldly, as if he has been an excellent president.  He will not put forth these new ideas to Congress to approve.  He will move ahead without asking Congress.  However, this time, the Democratic Party will not go with him.  They will abandon him and cast him off, seeing that he has only a few more years of power.  This will be his great mistake.

Comment:  President Obama’s time is running out and his ambitions are not yet fulfilled.


Special Locutions on Iraq (June 11 to June 21, 2014)

June 11, 2014
The Shockwaves of Iraq


I told you that the timetable for the spread of terrorism would move ahead quickly with the American withdrawal. The terrorists would be international and not limited by national boundaries.  They would join forces and no longer be isolated.  They would see victories in their grasp that they thought would be years away.

The events in Iraq will send shockwaves.  Other governments will realize how helpless they are.  As the terrorists claim great victories, they will recruit many more.

Europe thinks that it is far away but the collapse of Iraq will be such a blow that even Europe will tremble.  All is ablaze, but far sooner than anyone imagined.  The timetable is moved up.  No one will grasp the depth, the magnitude and the results of this collapse in Iraq.

Comment:  Our Lord has often said in these locutions that the American withdrawal has moved the timetable of terrorists ahead.  The collapse of Iraq will spread their power.

June 12, 2014
The Papacy’s Greatest Moment


I want to speak of the pope’s role in world events and his relationship to world leaders.  The papal office is worldwide.  The pope travels and is welcomed everywhere.  He is, truly, the only universal figure on earth.

I want to speak of three phases of the papacy.  Centuries ago, the pope was a central figure in the formation of Europe.  As Europe sent forth its explorers and its missionaries, the role of the pope was also extended.

All of this gave rise to the modern papacy in which the pope, by his travels and the means of communications, is seen and heard all over the world.  In spite of this high profile and worldwide recognition, he is not seen as integral to world events.  This role is given to political leaders who make the daily decisions which determine war or peace, prosperity or poverty.

I speak now of a third moment, a future moment close at hand, when political leaders will be completely helpless in the face of the events.  In this moment of great darkness every political leader will be powerless.

At that moment, I will raise the papacy to its greatest height.  When mankind asks, “To whom shall we turn?”, suddenly the great light of the papacy will shine out upon the world and all will realize, once again, the great gift of the Catholic Church.

Comment:  The modern papacy is held in high esteem but while the world believes that it has light, God’s full gift is not yet revealed.

June 13, 2014
Satan’s Enticements


The Catholic Church has existed for centuries and will continue to exist until the end of time.  This is Jesus’ promise, “I am with you always, until the end of the age” (Mt.28:20).

But it is about the next few years that I must speak.  In these years, Satan will attack the Church as never before.  She is the last and final bulwark that prevents his worldwide domination.  If he destroys her, he would have no adversary that is his equal.

He will entice the Church with the false goals of popularity, acceptance by the world, and acclaim by world leaders.  The world will welcome the Church with open arms.  Currently, the world criticizes the Church for its moral teachings.  The world says the Church is bigoted and out of touch.  The world wants the Church to compromise, to adapt, to change, just as so many other Christian Churches have done.

The Catholic Church loves all mankind.  It is universal and reaches out to everyone.  However, how can the Church save a drowning world?  Must it join the world in the water?  Should it not stay on firm ground to throw the world a lifeline?  The enticement is to adapt, to jump in and to be more immersed.

Comment:  The world appreciates the Catholic Church’s many works of education and charity, but does not like many of its moral teachings.  In the near future, the Church will have to make important decisions, like at a crossroads.

June 13, 2014
Events in Iraq (Special Locution)


The events in Iraq are not just moving up the timetable.  They are a breakthrough of such magnitude that no world leader can foresee the consequences.  This is the breakthrough which gives new life and new existence to terrorism.  Now, they will take over a whole country with all its resources.  They will establish Sharia Law and claim a victory of great magnitude.

Other governments will fear and world markets will be affected.  The magnitude of the breakdown taking place in Iraq is difficult to describe.


I can only use the word “magnitude” because the terrorists will bring about the collapse of an existing government.  World leaders do not grasp the hearts of the people who have been told so many things which they no longer believe.

For them, reality lies with those who are waving their weapons.  The terrorists are experts at causing fears.  Even though their numbers are small, they can overwhelm many who fear and no longer believe the promises of their government.

Comment:  Both Jesus and Mary use the word magnitude to describe the events in Iraq.

June 15, 2014
A New Role For the Pope


After Pentecost, as the apostles set out, I went with them.  This was a gift given to me by the Holy Spirit.  For all these centuries, I have been the Mother of the Church.  Nothing has happened in the Church, the great moments and the sinful moments, that have not been recorded in my Immaculate Heart.

Right now, I want to reveal the Church’s present situation, the dangers that surround it, and the events that are coming.  I want every Catholic to know this revelation.  It is not to be secret and sealed for years, only to be revealed later.  This time is short and the whole Church must have this revelation.  The more Catholics who see and understand, the safer will be the Church and the world.

The Holy Father heads the Church but the papacy should not just be a teaching office.  These events have a role to play in world history.  This role has been removed from the papacy over the recent centuries.  However, the events have already begun which will throw the world into the greatest confusion.  These events will have a secondary result of making the papacy grow more and more important.  This will be a surprising shift.  Only as events bring the world to its knees, will the world look again to the papacy and the Catholic Church as the one source of light out of the darkness.

Comment:  The pope is certainly a world figure but world leaders jealously guard their power to control world events.

June 15, 2014
Satan’s Worldwide Plan


I must speak out.  I can no longer hold the words in because the world and its leaders do not understand all the events that are taking place in Iraq and Syria.  These events are just flashpoints.  Satan has his pot of evil boiling over, first in one place and then in another.

Right now, Satan foresees the possibility of setting the whole world ablaze.  He does not yet possess all that he needs but, for the first time, the possibility of pouring out his flames upon the whole world is becoming possible.

To explain, I must speak about World War II.  That, too, was Satan’s pot of evil boiling over. However, at that time, Hitler and Mussolini did not contain the amount of evil that is now present.  Also, there was a faithful and firm America that was a wall against that fire. Satan, however, did win a great victory when the atomic bomb was discovered.  As the door of one evil closed, a greater door opened.

Satan sees two things.  First, he sees the extent of his evil powers.  He sees all the people whom he holds and all of the weapons which they possess.  In assessing his own strength, he knows he does not yet have enough evil to cover the world.

Second, he sees President Obama, who single-handedly has neutralized America which now sits on the sidelines and merely follows the events.  As Satan sees these two realities, he knows what he must do to seize this opportunity to bring about the moment when he can set the world ablaze.  When that moment arrives, he will act immediately.

I must also speak clearly about the Church which has so failed the gift of Fatima.  Sister Lucy was a faithful messenger.  As World War II began, she alone knew why.  My mother had told her that this war would break out during the reign of Pope Pius XI if the Church did not listen and heed her messages.

The work of Fatima and the task of Sister Lucy were meant to be fulfilled during her lifetime, but the Church did not listen to her.  She was a religious, who lived a hidden convent life. She could only send messages.  When these were rejected, she just sent more messages.

I will no longer send messages to the popes.  They have never listened and they still do not listen. Instead, I will send a pope who himself is the messenger.  He will need to deliver the message to no one.  He knows what he must do.

I say all of this because no one sees the magnitude of what is happening in the Middle East nor how close Satan is to gaining the power to turn the whole world into his hell.

Comment:  The world knows that the events in Iraq are serious but they do not see them in light of Satan’s worldwide plan.

June 16, 2014
Oil On the Lampstand


The future of the Church will not be an easy path.  First, the Church has suffered from so many sides.  Its critics rejoice because their voices are so strident and their words are so well received.  Second, the Church has inner enemies who are hidden and do their work without being seen.  They want to strip the Church of her supernatural elements so she can appear a fully modern institution.  Yet, of these I do not speak.

The Church will share in events which will shake the world.  Not only nations but the Church, also, will be shaken.  The structures, the finances, the very work itself will be endangered by these events.

However, the Church will have the strength of faith not shared by the nations.  This is why I must speak now.  When the events begin, fears and even panic can enter into the Church.

However, a moment will come when a great light of faith takes hold.  The Church will say, “It is for this very moment that we exist.  In the darkness, we will be the light to the nations”. There will be a fresh resolve.  The events that should destroy the Church will be used to lift her up and place her light on the lampstand.  At last!  At last!

June 17, 2014
Prevailing Over Hell


All see the Church’s organizations and its institutions.  However, what really is the Catholic Church?  Why is it so important at this moment?  We must go back to Jesus’ promise, “You are Peter and upon this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Mt.16:18).

Does any other institution have that promise?  Has it been given to any nation or union of nations?  Only the Church has the promise, “Hell shall not prevail against you”.

As hell pours out its fire, and as Satan seeks the total destruction of the world, he knows that only the Catholic Church has Jesus’ promise.   “Prevail” does not just meant “to survive”, it means to overcome, to conquer, and to gain the victory.

If the world were just a group of nations, even strong nations united perfectly, Satan could still win the victory.  However, the Church exists.  It is in the world (as Jesus said).  It lives in history, just as the nations do.  It suffers.  It bleeds.  It sorrows.  It lives and it prays.  That is the Catholic Church.  Someday, in the very midst of the great battle that lies ahead, when Satan attempts to reduce the world to ashes, the Church will also prevail.

The Catholic Church is the only hope for mankind and Satan knows Jesus’ promise.

Comment:  Our Lady has tried to reveal the great and hidden mysteries placed by Jesus in the Catholic Church.

June 18, 2014
Leading to the Ultimate Fire (Special Locution)


Keep your eyes focused on the Middle East.  I told you a long time ago that the war in Syria would not end quickly and because it would continue that many structures would be destroyed. This ripping apart of stability would open the door.  Syria was always the fuse even though the explosions would take place elsewhere.

This violence is rooted in two things, the centuries of memories and religious beliefs.   This Middle East fire is so deep, so strong and involves so many people that no human power on the face of this earth can put it out.

What happens when fires cannot be put out?  They continue.  They grow.  Moments of greater and greater destruction take place.

From now on, there will be no peace.  These fires will never be put out.  They will lead to greater fires and ultimately, to the great fire.  All of this is true unless heaven begins to act.

Comment:  At this point, the fires in Syria, Iraq and throughout the Middle East have passed the point of being controlled by any human force.

June 20, 2014
The Voice of Light


In the middle of this darkness are many voices of light, but so many of these voices are tiny. They are voices of lay people, of children, even of religious women who are given words from heaven.  These are important voices, little rays of light, but they are ignored by many.  Your locutions are a big voice because of Monsignor Esseff and the stature that I have given to him.  Early in his priesthood, I sent him a little girl with heavenly messages.

Then I led him to Padre Pio and later, to Mother Theresa.  He has held worldwide positions and is known everywhere.  People cannot ignore the light that has his name attached.

When the terrorists raise their flag over all that they will control in Iraq, a new level of terrorism will begin.  They will have their own land and their own resources.  This is new.

They will not just be a government that allows terrorists.  They will be a government of terrorists.  They will not govern in order to bless their people.  They will govern to destroy the world.  No one can imagine the new level of this threat.

Comment:  As the situation grows more dangerous, heaven’s voice must become stronger.

June 21, 2014
Mankind is Over the Brink


Formerly, mankind was on the brink.  Now it has gone over the brink.  The previous century was filled with many evils and mankind was advancing into the darkness.  Although these evils did not lead mankind over the brink, the constant delays in seeking heaven’s help caused that moment to come even closer.

However, even with all that had happened, the evil was still contained and could be avoided.

Now, the evil is no longer contained.  It has spilled out of its container and is everywhere.

When did this happen?  Only recently, as the Syrian revolution destabilized the whole region and allowed the terrorist groups to emerge, knowing that they would meet no American resistance.

It is too late for earthly solutions.  Only heaven’s light and heaven’s power can save the world.  For this reason, I have raised up these little locutions.  No one else sees what has happened nor understands what is taking place.  Mankind is no longer on the brink.  It has gone off the brink.  The evil is no longer contained.  It has broken out of its container.

Earthly light is no longer enough.  Mankind must begin to follow heaven’s light. This darkness will continue and mankind will go deeper and deeper into the darkness.  At some point the world and the Church will remember my words that only heaven can save mankind.

Comment:  Often we think that the evil events are just a long line in a series.  We do not understand that recent events were a turning point.


June 29, 2014
Tomorrow’s Supreme Court Decision (Special Locution)


Tomorrow the Supreme Court will deal a great blow to the Obama Healthcare Act.  The decision will contain some surprising thoughts.  In this way, I will continue to destroy President Obama and all those who have cooperated with him.  He will look and see that all are discouraged. He will act foolishly to regain his stronghold but this will be his fatal step. He will stay in office but will be stripped of all meaningful power.

Suddenly, I am giving America another chance.  America will be free to use the polling places to choose different leaders.  This is so important and it will happen quickly because I need America to be a force on the world scene. This must happen quickly.

Comment:  The decision fits in with all the other events that are stripping the President of power in his remaining years.

June 30, 2014
Implication of Supreme Court Decision (Special Locution)


The Supreme Court Decision does not seem to be earth-shattering.  However, it is much more powerful than anyone can see for two reasons.

First, it is a continuation of events that are weakening the power of President Obama.  He had hoped that a favorable decision would reverse the present tide.  Instead, the tide against him grows stronger and he finds himself swimming against the current when previously everything flowed in his direction.

Much more important, no one can see the implication of the Supreme Court decision.  How many others qualify for this exemption?  How many others see the possibilities of new exemptions?

This new decision has not yet been applied by the courts to other questions.  To how many others will it bring freedom from the Healthcare law?

The fence has been cut open.  What good is a fence when it has holes allowing people to climb through.  There are many who are searching for this opportunity and many others who want to make the hole bigger.  This decision is far greater than anyone realizes and far more important than meets the eye.

Comment:  The decision is very important with many ramifications.

July 17, 2014
On Shooting Down the Plane (Special Locution)


You see Satan’s evil, his plan always unfolding, always surprises, always much suffering, and always unforeseen ramifications. Some say that Putin has made a mistake but Satan has not. All is according to Satan’s plan.

Putin will withdraw more and more from the West. As this happens, he will become more dangerous. These events show that the time is short and the timetable has again been moved ahead.

Putin will rely more and more on the spirit of nationalism that is sweeping Russia. He must show results to his people because they suffer from the sanctions. He must enter new alliances. Because the West is closed, he will turn East to China.

The downing of the plane will radicalize the Ukrainian situation. He is forced back to the table because the pro-Russians will be attacked and he cannot let them be beaten. They are his constituency.

July 22, 2014
Events in Iraq and Israel (Special Locution)


The path to peace will continue to narrow. Doors will close. Options will be taken off the table until mankind realizes that no path to peace exists. Even at that moment, I will not act. I will delay and delay until the whole world realizes that mankind is powerless and that no human force can restore peace. Then, and only then, will I act. All the world will know that peace came only from heaven.

The Iraq terrorists are cleansing the cities of all who do not hold their faith. They are gaining much ground. Even more important is what is happening in the hearts of the people who are not terrorists and have no sympathy for terrorism. They see the flow of the tide. They see what happens to those who do not agree with the terrorists. They see that America has withdrawn and will not come to anyone’s aid, no matter how valiantly they resist.

An inevitability sets in. The people lose all hope and any will to resist. In this way, the terrorists gain far greater victories over the people’s hearts.

Also, the impact of the temporary closing of Israel’s airport cannot be overestimated. For the first time, the West has withdrawn. A message has gone forth and the Hamas have won a signal victory. They have accomplished by their offensive what had not been done before. People’s eyes are open. Israel, with all its military might, cannot fully protect its citizens and its interests. The wound is not deep but Hamas has drawn blood which all can see.

Israel is rightly upset by this decision of the West. Satan has cleverly used the shooting down of the plane over the Ukraine to get the West to close down air traffic to Israel.

Comment: All the Mideast events are interlocked in Satan’s plan, which is now unfolding quickly.

July 25, 2014
The Fire Leaps To Europe (Special Locution)


The world is not yet in total darkness. However, it is on a road that leads away from the heavenly Father. Inevitably, the future holds more and more darkness. Many see the problems but few see the road that lies ahead. In the Middle East there are many fires. These burn brightly but are still separate. Satan’s goal is to have one, unified conflagration, even though the terrorists groups are diverse. When there is one united fire, then the flames will jump to Europe.

The terrorists have their eyes upon Europe, especially those countries with a sizeable Muslim population. For centuries, Muslims have dreamed of controlling the European countries. Now, these populations see that the terrorists destabilize and bring about fear. This hastens the day when they will no longer be denied many rights. They dream of taking control of these countries. What happens within the heart of a person who sees their dream suddenly come much closer? They are ready to make any sacrifice.

Europe looks stable but this is fiction. They cannot defend themselves like Israel.

Comment: Sooner than expected, the Middle East fires will leap over to Europe and find a Muslim population that will see a new opportunity.

August 6, 2014
On the Brink (Special Locution)


In the coming months, Putin will push the world to the brink. Even Putin will be on the brink, in danger of collapsing. In these moments, the world will not know what is next. His purpose is to test the West. After these months of “going to the brink”, there will be the next stage of Satan’s timetable. These months are not the culmination, nor will there be a world war. The West seriously miscalculated Putin. All of this will show that Russia is the problem and, for now, Putin is Satan’s instrument.

Comment: Many do not understand Putin’s moves because they do not come from human reasoning.

August 7, 2014
Putin As Satan’s Instrument (Special Locution)


I must speak quickly and urgently so the world understands. Even more, my Church must understand because only the Church has the keys of the kingdom to release a flood of peace and to bathe the world in light.

I must speak of Putin who has placed himself on the world stage, using all of his resources to reposition Russia as a world power. The West does not understand his actions because reason does not guide him. Another force, a satanic power, possesses him, just as it possessed Hitler and Stalin.

Often he will make decisions that seem to harm his own people or work against his own interests. This does not matter to Satan, who ultimately desires that everyone be destroyed, including Putin. Satan has one goal and he will use many instruments. His goal is the annihilation of nations. See the world events as a road to this ultimate moment of annihilation. Then you will understand these events as steps along the road.

Comment: With all the wars taking place, Our Lady reveals their ultimate purpose.