Jesus And Mary Speak To Those With Same-Sex Attraction (Homosexuality)

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The Heavenly Father’s Love Letter To You
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God Loves You.
And He is the Father
you have been looking for all your life.
This is His love letter to you.

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(October 30, 2011, at Adoration, Casa San Pablo, Dominican Republic)

Song: “The End and The Beginning” by Matt Maher

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JESUS AND MARY Speak To Those With Sins Of The Flesh

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“A Divine Revelation of Hell”
by Mary K Baxter

Hear the eyewitness testimony on the True Existence of Hell. Mary Katherine Baxter was chosen by God to let the world know of the REALITY of Hell. Jesus Christ appeared to Mary Baxter on 40 consecutive nights and took Mary on a tour of Hell and Heaven. She walked, with Jesus, through the horrors of Hell and talked with many people. Jesus showed her what happens to souls when they die and what happens to the unbelievers and Servants of God who do not obey their calling.

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Video: His Decrees (00:56 seconds)

Video: Confession (1:16 minutes)

Video – You Are A New Creation (1:35 minutes)

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“Remarkable Light from Blessed Sacrament at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer in USA”

In October 2012 a recording was made at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer in the USA, at the conclusion of Holy Mass. The video recording, only viewed for the first time in June 2013, was found to have a remarkable light coming from the host, pulsating and lighting up the casing of the monstrance.

The Very Rev Dr Gerard McGinnity is pictured in the video leading the congregation at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer in the USA.

Jesus Christ – I AM Present In The Most Holy Eucharist

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Messages: About our Heavenly Reward – God the Father – “A person may lead an evil life and at the moment of death repent – Through My Mercy, he is saved, but his Heavenly reward will be much less than the soul who lives a life in obedience to My Commandments and in Holy Love”

Christ Child Shrine Messages

June 1, 2019

“My child, tomorrow is Sunday. How many of My children will come to church? How many will come to receive My greatest gift I left to them at My Last Supper? I gave Myself to save all of God’s children. When My children come to receive Me in My Holy Eucharist, it is I, your Jesus, the same gift I gave to My Apostles at My Last Supper, My Body and Blood. I come to be within you, to give you the strength and courage to live each day. My children are surrounded with darkness now. You have so many other things in your life that are more important to you than Me. You only think of power and wealth. You cannot put down your phones and computers. Your countries develop weapons that can kill millions of people. Your television is full of sin. Many of My children have been murdered by abortion and so many believe this is their right. Many live sinful lifestyles and believe it is alright. Homosexuality is a sin. My children were not born that way. I did not create this evil. It is not love. It is satan’s way to destroy so many. Wake up. I am coming. I call each one to repent while there is still time. Come to the Sacraments and be forgiven. I want for you to come back to Me while there is still time. I shall reclaim My earth and My children with love and they shall live by My Commandments and love one another as I love them. My children will be set free and I will crush all evil. Sin will not exist. Sickness shall be washed away and death will be of the past. All loved ones will be reunited and together forever, for My children were not meant to live in evil. They are meant to be with Me. I love and bless you, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”



January 23, 2013
“Same Sex Relationships”


“What more need I recount? How can I awaken this people from their slumber? They do not know me and they have no interest in knowing my ways. They are a people content with darkness, for whom the light holds no attraction. They have forgotten the former days, when men and women married to bring about children and a family. These core values are now twisted beyond recognition. My young are confused and are invited to seek same-sex relationships that are like clouds that hold no rain, sterile relationships that bring forth no children. How did America wander so far so quickly? This is what I will explain for those interested in the truth.”


“It is difficult to understand this path that leads away from true love in accord with God’s plan into a love that distorts the image of man and woman. People will speak of emotions, sexual drives, impulses and attractions. Do these constitute the human person? Is the person just a bundle of inner sensations gathered together by the memory? The person is a creature, formed by God in his own image and likeness, deliberately made male and female in the body.”

“The body determines man and woman, male and female. The body is the norm not the emotions.”

“Otherwise, nothing is stable and man has no clear goal. Grace cannot lead a person on when he is not clear whether to live as a man or a woman. Society is much to blame in this confusion.”

“You who struggle with this difficulty, come to me and I will pour true love into your heart.”

May 17, 2013
“Male and Female”


“From the beginning, the heavenly Father made them male and female. He told them to increase and multiply and fill the earth.  Now, mankind says that being male and female are unnecessary for sexual love.  It claims that sexual attraction is licit when a male loves a male or a female loves a female.  The Father’s plan has been lost and destroyed.”

““We must give them their civil rights” they say. A male has no right to marry a male, nor a female to marry a female.   They cannot increase and multiply.  Such a union is sterile, devoid of fertility and turned in upon itself.  When a man burns for another man and a woman for a woman, it is a false love and must be rejected.  There are other paths and the heavenly Father will bless those who try to walk according to his will.  Many diverse gifts are revealed to those who strive to limit their lusts.”


“You who seek sexual satisfaction from someone of your own sex, I want you to come to me so I can teach you another path. Do not be afraid of this call to chastity and service to others.”

“Many before you have walked this road and I have never abandoned them. There will be lonely hours and difficult moments, but there will also be joys and freedoms.  I will break the bonds that chain you and offer you consolations that will lift your spirit.  I invite all.  No one need turn away from the fountain of chastity.”

May 20, 2013
“The Moment of Great Light”


“A moment will come when all the nations will gather into my presence. This will be the moment of great light and the moment of the full and final separation of light from darkness.”

“Some who come before me on that day will be children of darkness, caught, entrapped and still clinging to their darkness. All I can do is to cast them out.  Darkness has no place with light, just as night has no place during the day.”

“How I want to avoid that moment and never have it happen. That is why I speak.  O reader, cast out your darkness.  Do not cherish it.  Do not hold on to it.  Darkness has nothing to do with light and does not exist in my kingdom.”


“These words are light, inviting you out of your darkness. I do not chastise.  I do not condemn.  But I cannot leave you in your darkness.  Oh, you know it all too well.  It has been your constant companion.  At times, you have made this darkness your friend.  You wanted him at your side.” 

“Now, much has changed. You judge differently.  You are calling darkness, darkness and you want to be a child of the light.  Good!  Let us begin.  Take my hand and we will choose again the light of my Son, Jesus.  There is not much time.  Certainly, no time to delay.  Casting out the darkness is not the work of one day.”

 May 21, 2013
“The Fountains of Mercy”


“I have spoken clearly. Mankind is burdened by his sins, yet he has no desire to be free.  He does not like the word “repentance”.  He clings to his sins and pays the highest price for them.  He loves his darkness and walks away from whomever would offer him the light.  He cherishes his sins and would never be separated from them.” 

“I offer mankind the great fountains of my mercy but very few come to drink, even though no price is asked.   Instead, mankind seeks out poisonous waters for which he pays the highest price.  He sacrifices his health, his reputation, his marriage, his family.  Although sin comes with the highest price tag, the destruction of the human person, it still flourishes.”


“There is not enough time to describe the burdens of sin or the destruction that it brings to the human person. I have spoken gently and clearly.  I end these words with an invitation. O reader, I know you and I know your sins.  I will act quickly and decisively.  You will be surprised at how I free you so completely.  However, I need your free will to turn away from this darkness and to seek goodness.  Just one little act of your will, one little prayer will suffice, “O Mary, sinless one, save me from my sins”.  With that prayer the fountains of mercy are released in you.”

October 13, 2014
“The Social Consequences of Lust”


Hidden diseases must come to light, but often it is too late because the illness has spread and grown too strong. Therefore, I must reveal these sinful and evil powers that are sapping the strength of humanity. Later, all will see that I have correctly diagnosed these powerful forces that lie hidden in man’s blood stream.

A spirit of impurity imprisons mankind. From this comes disorder of every kind. Man is absorbed with his sexual powers and enshrines them like a goddess upon the throne of his heart. The inner disorder is multiplied by all the external stimuli that have so multiplied.

At first society tolerated this misuse of technology. Now it welcomes it and protects. Enslaved to his passions, man sacrifices himself to this power of lust.

This is my teaching. Many discount this power of lust in causing the problems of mankind. They claim that the problems of lust begin and end with the person. This is not true. Lust releases powers within a society which causes great disorders. As a culture becomes saturated with lust, this lack of control extends to every aspect. Discipline breaks down. Disorders of every kind are tolerated. No one is held responsible. The human person withdraws from taking responsibility. Pleasures of every kind become man’s focus. Has this not happened? Look and see.

O reader, remove lust from your heart. Struggle against every sexual disorder. Do not grow discouraged. I will be with you in this daily battle. Do not give in. Set a high standard. Use the sacraments. Those who teach you a different road only lead you into greater darkness.

November 30, 2014
“A New Life of Purity”


The winds will blow and the rains will come, but those whose hearts are filled with my gifts will survive the great events. They will enjoy a strength and a perseverance. Nothing, absolutely nothing, that Satan hurls against them will destroy their resolve to be faithful.

So, let me begin to list those powers which I am already pouring out.

Satan attacks through lust. He twists the powerful sexual drive, meant to enhance marital love, and sends it in every possible direction. Lust is a mighty river that frequently overflows its banks and destroys.

O reader, I know your own struggles with lust and I offer you the great gift of purity.

Accept my gift. Ask for the continence needed for your state in life. In this way, true love will be released within you. Darkness and shame will have no power over you. The chains of lust will fall to the ground, and you will easily walk away from their grasp.

I offer you a new life, where you can rejoice in a freedom that you have never understood because lust has so limited your steps and blinded your eyes.

Come. I will lead you into a world of purity, where true love flourishes and all relationships are kept sacred. When purified of your lusts, you will enjoy peace. The former days will give way to a new glory. No one will need to teach you God’s road. You will see it for yourself.

 *                              *                              *

Interview: “Ex-Gay Rescued By the Power of the Cross”
September 22, 2016
(Taken from

Brother Christopher Sale shares his powerful testimony with interviewed Br. Christopher Sale, a man who spent decades in the homosexual lifestyle and was rescued from that way of life through the grace of the sacraments and a devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe, and healed of all disordered attractions. He spoke with about the harm caused by current Church-run LGBT ministries that give the message that same-sex attracted men have no choice but to suffer from disordered desires the rest of their lives.

CM: How long were you involved in the gay lifestyle?

Br. Christopher Sale: I was in the gay lifestyle for 43 years. I came out as gay when I was 22 years old. I began a relationship that lasted 25 years. After 25 years I decided to become single and venture out to see what I had missed out on in my younger years. By 2008, I ended up with AIDS and a drug addiction. Throughout my years in the gay lifestyle I knew how badly I was offending God, yet I felt I had no control over my behavior. I was totally wrong.

CM: How did you get out of the lifestyle?

Br. Christopher Sale: I truly believe that it was contracting AIDS and having a drug addiction (that rock-bottom moment) when I knew that without God I would have never been able to leave this sinful lifestyle. Many would find this extremely sadistic, but contracting AIDS turned out to be a gift from God. Had it not been for AIDS I would most likely still be in that deplorable lifestyle. I have said many times that AIDS has been my stigmata. It was God telling me: “It is finished; now you will come back to Me and begin saving souls.” I believe God has given me the courage to use my story to save others. I believe that although persecuted for speaking the truth, God has called me to be a victim for souls.

My sufferings in that lifestyle were self-inflicted suffering that had no value in the eyes of God.  The suffering of persecution for speaking the truth about homosexuality has value.

In 2008, I founded an organization called the Brothers of Padre Pio in order to bring hope to people when we are faced with a sometimes harsh world. I work on the streets of Pasadena and Los Angeles sharing my story as an example of the power of unshakeable faith.

It was the perceived rejection by others that often drove me to lose myself in alcohol and drug use. I will never forget the day it was confirmed that I had contracted the AIDS virus. It was surreal. I remember thinking that I wanted to die; but that was not meant to be — at least not yet.

One day I was looking out my window and it felt as though God was looking in and calling me. I went back to my bedroom and got dressed. I didn’t care what I looked like. In fact I didn’t care if my socks matched; I was determined to get myself to church.

I remember parking in front of the church wondering if I had the energy to walk in. I literally staggered into the church gasping for air. I sat in the back pew and began crying for God to help me. I prayed in that same pew three times a day, too sick to walk any further into the church.

Three months later I went to the doctor. My T-cells went from 140 to 160. After my appointment I went back to church to thank God. It was that day that I had the energy to walk further into this beautiful church. As I walked about 30 feet I saw a beautiful shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I began praying to her three times a day, never seeing the rest of the church. I promised Our Lady that if she would intercede to save my life I would devote the remainder of my life as a religious.

Three months later my T-cells went up to 180. I went back to church to thank Our Lady. After that I went home and threw all the drugs into the trash. I threw everything in my house related to homosexuality. I cleaned everything related to gay off my computer. I did all this with prayer and the help of Our Lady. Within days my bedroom was transformed into a chapel with large statues and a crucifix. At the entrance of my door is a picture of St. Michael to keep the devil out.

It was truly a miracle. Within the first months of 2009 I realized I had no attraction to the same sex. I had no temptation let alone inclinations towards homosexuality. And to this day my doctors are baffled over how I ended drug addiction without professional help.

When I was facing what I thought was certain death, questions filled my mind as I prayed: “What of this life? What would I do if I could do anything without failure?” An old feeling began to surface like a blazing fire. I remembered the feeling of loving God so much that I would burst, and light began to shine through my darkness.

I remembered that my greatest desire as a young boy was to serve God and to help people know that we are all loved. And so I fanned the flame within me until it became a fire and took to the streets of Pasadena and Los Angeles and began to minister and pray.

As I minister on the streets, it is my goal to offer hope to those who have lost their way, most of all by encouraging their faith and prayer. For those who feel like outcasts in society, for the impoverished, the abused and those who abuse, I stand to remind them that everyone is forgiven. God never leaves us, it is us who leaves God. When we buy into the idea that God does not love us, we are being misled. God loves us all, and if we open our hearts and embrace the love of God, we heal.

Several bouts with pneumonia have tried to take me out, but God won’t let me go. He picks me back up again when I am kicked to the curb by illness, when ordained priests look down on me, judge me and see me as an outcast. I am reminded that I do not stand for prejudice, but for God. In the face of obstacles I stand strong as a reminder to others that “different” is not different at all, but just another form of God expressing through us.

I’m a huge promoter that God will pull a person from a dumpster to save them. I have people all the time telling me they’re too far gone. I always tell them, “In the eyes of God no one is too far gone. I was in a canyon of sin, and God dug me out one rock at a time.”

It was in 2009 that I realized that God had completely healed me from the affliction of homosexuality. However, because I had AIDS no existing order would accept me. That’s when I told Cdl. Mahony that I had promised Our Lady that I would serve the rest of my life as a religious. Cardinal Mahony informed me that it would take years to form a new religious order. It was then that I decided to start a lay order, which requires no permission. Cardinal Mahony informed me that one does not need permission to start a lay order. What I know is this: If I were in an existing order I would be silenced. I know God wants my order to be a lay order because I believe He has called me to defend His Church.

However, there were some priests who tried to stop me. I did receive a blessing from Pope Benedict when I first started. One priest told me not to wear my habit at his church. As the years have gone by the church finally gave up, and I am well known throughout the archdiocese and well supported by the faithful.

I have been highly outspoken about the gay agenda here in Los Angeles. For years I have been trying to get Abp. Gomez to ban the rainbow flag from church grounds. I have also been outspoken about the gay and lesbian ministries not following the teachings of the Church. I have been visible throughout the archdiocese, and I have no doubt the bishops and priests have found me to be a force to be reckoned with. However, in the last few years they have witnessed my love for the church and my passion for defending our Church. Trust me, they made it very difficult in the beginning. They have since realized I am not going away.

My true mission and passion as a brother is my love for assisting the poor and homeless. However, God seems to be pulling me towards the salvation of homosexuals.

CM: The San Jose diocese recently released guidelines for its LGBT ministry claiming those with same-sex attractions can never change their orientation. Other Catholic LGBT ministries make the similar claim that people with SSA will always be that way and always feel those desires, and have no choice but to carry that cross the rest of their lives. What is your opinion of this? Is this a harmful message to send to people struggling with SSA?

Br. Christopher Sale: I believe that the diocese of San Jose is inflicting a terrible disservice towards the salvation of homosexuals with this false claim. However, this is not an isolated problem in the Church. The same is going on here in Los Angeles. I have been to many gay and lesbian ministry events. They all reject what the Church teaches, and they are demanding change. I have many times been thrown off Church property by priests who are pushing a gay agenda. The Church must not instill this false notion that homosexuality is not reversible. That is utter nonsense and it imposes a grave danger on the souls of homosexuals. I cannot speak on behalf of all homosexuals. I can only say this: The truth in charity must be proclaimed by the church. We cannot sugarcoat the truth to appease the faithful.

I know for a fact that when one picks up their cross and carries it God will do the rest. How I got to this place is a total mystery to me. I believe that God allowed me to suffer for this very reason. He knew and had the confidence that when it was over I would return to save souls.

The Church must never sway from the truth. Any priest who would use their personal homegrown theology in this manner is truly betraying our Lord. Ministering to homosexuals is a “tough love” ministry, but I refuse to jeopardize the soul of a homosexual in the ways that many of our priests are doing today.

CM: What should the bishops be doing to genuinely help those struggling with SSA?

Br. Christopher Sale: It is critical that the Church dismantles all these false ministries and begins promoting Courage. If a homosexual is truly seeking God they will never find Him in ministries that offer a “Bravo!” to their behavior. The Church must stand firm in the teachings. It must place a ban on a flag that celebrates the pride of sodomy. The Church must not be concerned about being on the right side of history. They must always be on the right side of God. If we are in the business of saving souls there is no other way. The truth must be spoken.

 *                              *                              *

Video: Does the Church condemn people with homosexual inclinations? (2:06 minutes)

Video: What does the Catholic Church teach about homosexuality? (7:04 minutes)

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