Jesus And Mary Speak To Those Who Lost Their Wife And Their Mother

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February 5, 2013


Having Lost Your Wife

I will speak very particular words.  I know each one’s heart and each person needs unique words.

To you who have recently lost your wife, I know that she was your closest companion in life.

She will also be your companion forever in heaven.  Now, you must face these intervening years.  How will you ever get through them without her?  The pain of loss will not suddenly go away because the ties were so deep.  You accepted each other into the very depths of your hearts and you never rejected each other.  These ties are now broken.  She is not there, but your thoughts and feelings still go out to her.  Only slowly will you gain a new orientation, a new light to guide your path.  Until then, go to my Mother for your consolation.  She will ease your pain.  She, too, lost her spouse and had to walk the road alone.


Having Lost Your Mother

These words will be spoken for everyone.  Each group will know their power and will believe that these are truly words from heaven.  This is heaven’s way of consoling those who are suffering in this land of exile.  I speak to those who have lost their mother.  She was always there to help and, as the years went on, she needed your help.

You watched her grow older, more and more unable to do what she used to do.  Now, she has finished her life on earth and is at my side.  Yes, she is at my side.  That is the word of comfort that I offer to you in these days of your sorrow.  She is now more powerful than ever, in the fullness of her youthful beauty and strength, able to lead and guide you.  She who provided you with an earthly home is now preparing a heavenly home for you.

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