Mary Speaks To Africa

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Locutions To The World

April 9, 2011


Our Lady Speaks to the Nations

The time is short.  Soon the events will begin.  At first, they will seem small and isolated, but then, like a match touched to a forest, the conflagration will spread.  How can this happen?  Are not the walls put up, the pacts signed and the treaties made?  What is wrong?  The sins of the past have not been removed by repentance.

To Africa

Africa, beautiful Africa. You have been ravaged by the colonial powers. Your sons and daughters have been sent to faraway lands and placed in inhuman servitude. I love you. You are mine.

A fresh wind blows across your land. A new fire of faith has been planted in your hearts. In so many places, that faith is flourishing, due to the sufferings and toils of so many.

I have come to you and visited you Kibeho. I am yours. I belong to you. I have embraced you and your many cultures.

The spirit of Kibeho will flow throughout your continent, not just the waters of Kibeho but its many seeds. They will be planted everywhere, North, South, East and West. There will be new Kibehos because I will continue to appear to those who call on me and obey me. So, listen to this word.

My Son will pour out the Holy Spirit with diverse tongues and powerful gifts. Do not be afraid of these new phenomena. They are part of my Church and were present from the very beginning. Do not be afraid of this New Pentecost. Do not close your doors to these new fires. These fires are sweeping your continent and I do not want these fires to be all around you while your doors remain closed. Do not lose these moments which is are important.

Learn about the new fires. Study and prepare to receive. Let the priests be first, so the people are guided correctly. Then let all the people seek the fire. All must be done in order, but the fire must not be quenched.

You will dedicate this new fire of the Spirit to my motherly guidance. I will not let you lose your way. Then, when you send your abundant missionaries to every land, they will not just bring the solid Catholic teachings, they will also bring the Pentecostal fires, which they have personally experienced. This will be your gift to the nations. The youngest in the faith will lead his older brothers.

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