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Locutions To The World

March 5, 2011
Mary, Mother of the Church

Mary and the Priests

I see my priests.  Some are worthy.  Some are unworthy.  Some bless the Church and some disgrace the Church.  But they are all my priests and for each I have a word that they need to hear, a word that comes from a mother’s heart.

To My Sinful Priests

These priests hear many words from their consciences which reprove them, but they do not respond.  Their emotions are empty and they are helpless.

So, to you my sinful priests, I speak no word of rebuke.  I speak a mother’s word.  Do not act upon my word immediately for you are in too much pain.  First, let my word heal you.  Then, arise from your sickness and walk to your brother priest in sorrow and repentance.  I will greet you there in the sacrament of penance.

Oh, you have been to confession often but without the repentance needed to rise from your sins.  Notice, I will have you rise first.  You will already have repentance before you confess your sins.  When the sacrament is over, we will walk together.  This, too, you have lacked in previous confessions.  You had no one to guide you after you confessed.

The secret lies in my words.  Listen to these words and let them surround your heart.  Do not dismiss them.  They are my messages of hope and healing.  If you take my words into your heart, recalling them and remembering them frequently, I promise that you will arise from your sins.  If this does not happen immediately, remember that these are words of grace which must first permeate you and attract you into the light.

I speak these words to you, yes to you my sinful priests, who have done unspeakable things which cling to your memory and weigh upon your heart.  These deeds are like an anchor which does not allow you to come to Jesus, even though you are invited so often during the liturgical year.  The following are your heavenly mother’s words.  They come from my heart, so listen carefully.

I know your name.  In your heart right now, I am speaking your name.  Listen to your name spoken by the Queen of Heaven.  How do I know you?  Of course, I know you.  A mother never forgets her priest son.

Why did you stray?  What took you so far away from your priestly life?  Who led you down the wrong road?  These questions have answers but does it really matter now?  Why pull up those memories?  Why recall your mistakes?  What good does it do?  That road is too long and you will never come to the end.  You must turn around.  You have wandered because of human love – for things or for others.

By these words, I reveal my human love for you.  Yes, my human love, a mother’s love.

I do not want you to perish in hell.  A priest in hell is a special trophy for the Evil One, a splendid victory that he marches around because it displays his craftiness.

Also, I do not want your remaining years on earth to be filled with remorse, emptiness and darkness.  Satan will claim you as early as he can, dragging you into his darkness long before your death.  In this way, you are his and his victory is sealed, many years before you actually die.

I want you to come into my light and into a new fruitfulness in your priestly ministry.  I want to give you spiritual children whom you bring into the light.  I have waiting for you a happy priesthood, filled with those who love you and will walk with you into eternal life.

Which life do you want for yourself?  Do you want years lived in your sins, filled with indescribable loneliness which lead only to the grave and to hell?  Or a new life, filled with people who need your priestly powers, who will pray for you and be with you.  Yes, I will send them, but you must repent.  These final years can lead to a happy death and to life everlasting.

Look at the two roads!  Look at the two roads!!

Right now you are on the wrong one and are unable to choose the right one.  Your only hope is in my words.  Read them again and again until the tears stream down your face.  Then, go and find your brother priest.  He will be a fountain of God’s mercy.  I will wait for you there.

Comment:  Mary knows that the sinful heart is anchored, hopeless and unable to repent.  Even her loving powerful words do not have instant results.  Slowly they permeate.  Although the process is long, the results are true and lasting – a priest restored to grace, a true pastor of his people.

To My Discouraged Priests

You experience a pervasive darkness, thinking that you are a failure.  You do not say this aloud nor proclaim it to others, but the feeling gnaws away.  It is a truth that confronts you at every turn, in the poor response of your people, in your small harvest and in your loss of enthusiasm.

You try so many remedies!  Sometimes you lose yourself in entertainments.  Sometimes you see few ministries.  O you discouraged priests, return to the initial spring of your call.  Those waters still flow.  You drank from them in your youth but you think that they are no more.  I promise you that I will release them afresh within you.

I ask these questions.  Did I not call you to your priesthood, saying, “Come on this path.  Do not walk another.  Give up wife and children, home and family.”  In those early days, did you not hear my voice?  Did you not turn away from all that your human nature so powerfully sought?

Now answer me this question, “Did I stop speaking to you?  Did I lead you into the priesthood and then abandon you?  Is it my joy to see you overwhelmed with failure, your years spent in darkness?”  Go back.  Recall how you heard my voice, the spring of your priestly call.  This voice still flows within you.  Do not plunge into your recreations or into your empty works.

Go back and plunge into the power of my words that brought you to the priesthood.  We will begin again and search together.  As your mother I will lead you by my words.

You have looked outside of yourself but you have not looked inside of yourself to the voice of your mother who led you to the priesthood.

Comment:  The priesthood is an inner call, and Mary highlights this mystical inner spring of her voice that led the young man to embrace his priestly call.  Now, she calls him back to her voice and her words.

September 19, 2011
Receiving the Fullness


I rejoice to see those who have my gifts but I sorrow that I cannot give them even more.  I will explain what causes this sorrow.  I give great gifts, but people accept only a portion. I want to give even greater gifts but only a portion of what I have already given is used.

Does a mother put more food on a child’s plate when he has not eaten what is already there?

This is the problem which I will address.  Let us begin.

Divided Hearts

My children come to me with divided hearts.  Oh yes, they are my children.  They are even religious and priests.  They are good and they desire eternal life.  They want my gifts and would never want to be counted among those who reject me.  They even join religious orders or participate with religious groups.  How I would bless them!  How I would use them as great instruments in the coming darkness!  Yet, I cannot use them for the great tasks that lie ahead because of their divided hearts.  They want me but they also want their personal life.  They want the kingdom but they also want the world.  They are satisfied with a portion of my gifts.

If only they accepted the whole gift, the full gift, I want to give them new and greater gifts, but they do not seek the fullness.  When a person wants the fullness, their heart expands.  Their capacity grows.  They bulge at the seams, like Peter’s boat in the miraculous catch of fish.  Peter had to summon another boat.  Peter never said, “Lord, you are sending too many fish”.  No, he accepted all the fish and made provision that all the fish would be taken.  After that, Jesus gave him the great task.  He would be the “fisher of men”.

Notice that the task came only because he received the full gift.  He opened his heart to all that Jesus wanted.

Oh, devout soul, come to me.  Leave behind your other desires.  Empty your hands of what you grasp.  Empty your heart of what you desire.  I will fill you with divine favors, fill you to overflowing.  Your capacity to receive will multiply. Then I can use you for the great tasks.

Otherwise, you will be limited to smaller and unimportant works.  If you want to do great works, open your heart fully to my favors, turning away from everything else.

September 20, 2011
The Road the King Will Use to Come Again


I begin where I always begin – in my Immaculate Heart.  This is the heavenly Father’s secret, his plan for the salvation of the world.  He has placed his Son in my heart.  His Holy Spirit has come to abide in my heart.  These are the secrets that I am trying to reveal so all might know of this treasury.  Some misinterpret this doctrine.  They think I am speaking of my own powers and my own prerogatives.  Rather, I am speaking of God’s powers and where to find them.

Am I not the Mother of God?  Did not Jesus, true God and Lord of all, dwell in me?  Did not the Holy Spirit overshadow me?  These are the realities that I speak about when I proclaim the importance of my Immaculate Heart.  “He who is mighty has done great things in me”.  I am revealing what God has done by his own free decision.  Just as he decided to abide in the human nature of Jesus, so he has decided to make my Immaculate Heart a place of his abiding and a place where all can find him.

People search for Jesus.  They look, but so many times they do not find.  He is in my heart. He abides there.  He dwells there.  For this reason, the Father wants all the world to honor my Immaculate Heart.  This is the easiest place to find his Son, Jesus.

He came the first time through me and he will come the second time through me.  If a king is coming by a certain road, cannot the citizens go out to meet him?  Surely, they can stay home.

Yes, the king will certainly come.  Yet, the wise citizens say, “We need not wait.  We can go out to meet the king”.  They only need to know the road that he will use to come to their city.

Everyone knows the road that Jesus used to come the first time.  This is without dispute.  My revelation is so simple, “The road he used the first time, he will use the second time” and those who understand it can go out to meet him.  They can find him before the others, who have no interest in meeting the king or do not know which road he will use.  Now you see the importance of these revelations of my Immaculate Heart.  The king is coming and you can be the first to greet him.

Comment:  This clear truth is taught by St. Louis de Montfort.  Jesus will come the second time exactly as he came the first time.  Why would he confuse his people?

September 21, 2011
To the Disillusioned Person


You have taken the wrong road.  Oh, how many paths lead astray and so many walk them, delighted by what they see at the beginning but disillusioned by what they discover along the way.  If only you had listened, you would have been spared the suffering of walking a fruitless path for which you have nothing to show.

The paths of the world are filled with promises and the human heart feels itself drawn.  The sights are set and they begin.  Soon, their hearts feel entrapped because they were not made for this road.

Do not be afraid of this moment of your disillusionment.  It is a grace to see that you have taken the wrong road.  It is a time of opportunity.

My path is different. It is entered by faith.  As the person walks, they experience a joy, a realization that I will not disappoint them.  Can you not begin again?

Will I not reveal my path for you?  You will surely find it.  Let me teach you what to do.

A Place

Find a place, possibly a church, where you can be quiet.  Go there often, because it is not in one day or one moment that light is given.  The light will come slowly.  Be faithful to these visits.  I will be there.  Call upon me.

Gradually, I will turn your heart to what is of value.  I will cut away the false hopes and empty promises.  You will see what is of lasting value which you set aside as unimportant.

You will pick it up again. You will say “What I have spurned is really what I should have chosen.”  Take it up again.  This is the path I have for you.

Comment:  Many make wrong decisions.  Yet, Mary always holds out hope of finding the right path.

September 30, 2011
Mary is Always Seeking You


These words come like a little stream of life.  They do not overwhelm but invite people to drink of their waters.  They are a gentle invitation so even the most fearful will not be afraid to come and drink.  Yes, I want all, saint and sinner, to come.  Let us begin.

Always Inviting

In the beginning, I invite.  To those who do not come to me, I continue to invite.  What other words can I say? First, they must choose to be with me.  This choice is very important.  I cannot force myself upon them.  Yet, I will never, never leave them.  I will not go away.  I will not withdraw.  Even to the last moment, at the hour of their death, I will still be there, inviting them to come to me, asking and pleading that they would accept what I have to give – eternal life.

If they had heard my voice earlier, I could have given them greater blessings.  They would have had time to receive.  The seeds of life would have grown within them.  But that is not important.  There is still time for the important seed of eternal life.

This is what I want to say to everyone in the whole world.  I am the Mother of God and I am your mother.  My name is Mary and I conceived by the power of God’s Spirit.  I have been chosen by God so he could enter this world by becoming flesh and dwelling among us.  I was the woman chosen as God’s path to man.  I am also the woman chosen as man’s path to God.  That is why I will always be with you.  I will always stay close.

Always Seeking

Wherever you go, even if you take the paths of sin, I will follow you.  Even if years pass by and you never call on God, I will still be close to you.  No matter what you do, what sins you commit, what refusals you make, I will be there.  You can never go anywhere that I will not seek you out.  This is called the Secret of Mary and it must be revealed.

I need only one thing from you.  I need you to say the words, “Mary, help me”.  Say them now. Say them from your heart.  I am waiting to hear them.  After that, all will change.

Comment:  This is a great secret.  Many think of themselves as abandoned by God (which is not true) but they are never abandoned by Mary.

For Study:
“The Secret of Mary” by St. Louis de Montfort

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