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From the Book of Truth

“I have a Message, which I must impart for the American People”
Saturday, November 17th, 2012 @ 19:00

My dearly beloved daughter, I have a Message, which I must impart for the American people.

My dearly beloved followers, you must heed My Holy Word now and listen.

You are facing much persecution because of the sins of your fellow countrymen and those who are in control of your laws of abortion. This greatest sin, of which you are guilty millions of times over, has cut My Heart like as if a sword pierced it several times.

Your sins of immorality and your love of material wealth deeply offends Me. You have no allegiance to Me in the way in which it is expected of you. Those of you who have fallen away from the Truth must call on Me so I can open your eyes.

I love all of God’s children in the United States of America, but I fear that sin has driven a wedge so wide that many of you will fall into an abyss of despair, unless you accept the Existence of God.

It is important that you pray hard as the power of Satan has infiltrated many of your laws. The laws, more of which are to be introduced by those atheists amongst you, will be abhorrent in My Father’s Eyes.

How I weep because of the deceit with which you are presented. My poor sacred servants amongst you will be crushed like insects under the feet of those leaders who deny Me, your Jesus.

This is a time when prayer must be your daily goal so that your nation can be saved and included amongst my twelve nations in the New Paradise.

Here is a Crusade Prayer (85) to save the United States of America from the hand of the deceiver:

“O dear Jesus, cover our nation with Your most precious protection. Forgive us our sins against God’s Commandments. Help the American people to turn back to God. Open their minds to the True Path of the Lord.
Unlock their hardened hearts, so that they will welcome Your Hand of Mercy. Help this nation to stand up against the blasphemies, which may be inflicted upon us to force us to deny Your Presence.
We beseech you, Jesus, to save us, protect us from all harm and embrace our people in Your Sacred Heart.

Go, My people, and never, be afraid to demonstrate your love for Me; or deny your Christianity.


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