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SUMMARY (by a soul):
Locutions To The World is a body of heavenly messages from Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and the Blessed Virgin Mary, that were given to an unknown locutionist from 2011-2015. Prior to the public messages, the locutionist had received a number of private messages for several years which were given to guide her prayer group. The heavenly messages were promoted by a prominent priest who was the spiritual director for the locutionist. In Fall 2015 when the original website was closed, I, “a soul”, was given the contents of the website so I could keep the presence of the Locutions alive on the internet through my blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, where I feature heavenly messages from various Christian sources. I am honored to do this as the heavenly messages have impacted my own life in a profound way.

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“Only those who believe in the existence of hell and satan can fight against evil…”

–a soul

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Locutions To The World

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Click below to read 2015 Special Locutions On World Events – Terrorism Is Irrational

November 6, 2014

“The Four Difficulties of the Coming Year”


“The year ahead will be filled with difficulties and dangers. Difficulties will come from events. Dangers will involve human decisions. The difficulties cannot be avoided. They will happen. The dangers will come about from the wrong human responses.”

“I speak now about this year to come for many reasons. I am not appealing to man’s curiosity to know future events. I speak to console my children and to give them direction. I speak now of this coming year from a distant perspective. As this year goes on, I will speak more particularly. In this way, your minds are somewhat prepared and can better understand. Let us begin.”

“Many explosive forces lie right beneath the surface of world events. They are difficulties waiting to burst forth. In the coming year some, but not all, of these difficulties will surface. They will cause many difficulties and some aspects of human life will be changed forever.”

“More dangerous, however, will be the world’s response to these difficulties. People will want to regain what they formerly had. World leaders will feel pressured to find quick solutions when really none exist. I will outline specific areas of these difficulties and decisions.”

“Putin will continue his aggressive strikes to gain lands and to destabilize Europe. The West has no wisdom or capability to encircle him and keep him contained.”

“Muslim terrorists will grow much stronger. The West has been disengaged from the fight and, as the threat grows, will grow even weaker in its resolve.”

“The biggest difficulties lie in the economies which are too bloated and long ago have cut themselves off from reality. All is pretend. Trillions of dollars are just shifted around, a paper network that feeds upon itself.”

“The Ebola crisis will not be solved. Thousands will die. This is the effect of widespread poverty inflicted upon the people by corrupt African governments and worldwide economic policies.”

November 19, 2014

“Preparing for the Consecration of Russia”


“The fullness of my gifts will only flow as mankind falls deeper and deeper into darkness. This will happen as the events, coordinated by Satan, unfold. At that time, a hopelessness and feeling of inevitability will come upon the human race. As Satan cleverly unfolds one part at a time, people will realize what has happened. The important events of the past led to these troubles. Mankind will see itself as cornered, with its back to the wall.”

“Only after these events begin, will the Church realize the great power that has been given at Fatima. At last, the Holy Father will consecrate Russia, together with all of the bishops. New lights and new hope will be released, the deepest gifts of my Immaculate Heart.”

“The world will not return to the way it was. Some parts will have already collapsed and many places will have been destroyed, but new life will be offered to all. This is why I must speak and explain my gifts so all can receive. Right now, I am pouring out preparatory gifts, new attractions to greater devotion. They must be received so each soul is more ready for the great gifts that will pour out after Russia is consecrated.”

December 6, 2014

“The Crisis of 2015”


“These words must be recorded now so all the world will know that I have issued the gravest warnings. The words must go forth, published openly, “written on the walls” so to speak, so that when they come true, all must say that I had been a true mother and did not hold back my wisdom.”

“This is the year of the events. Many, many dangers are present. They are already in the headlines, but I am speaking of new events, surprising events which no one foresees. This is already happening in the racial divide that is now appearing in America, when all thought that the issues had been resolved by the Civil Rights legislation. That is only the beginning of new events.”

“These forces are already imbedded in human history, forces that will divide and separate, forces that will break forth in great destruction.”

“The greatest events will be the collapse of the economic structures. This will lead to even more enormous problems. There will be rivalries among nations, breakups of friendly cooperation that has been in place for years. The causes of these divisions will vary but when you see various nations pulling away from each other, when you see relationships being strained and even broken, then you know that I have told you ahead of time.”

“All of these divisions come from the Evil One. The divisions are not the final steps, but they prepare for greater problems. When nations are together in peace, they can overcome and work out difficult situations. When they are separated by divisions, they cannot adequately respond to new crises, those which they did not foresee.”

December 7, 2014

“Russia Destabilizing the European Economy”


“I plunge you into the great mysteries and reveal all that is possible because I can no longer hold these events in my heart. Like a sorrowing mother, I must speak to relieve the burdens.”

“Russia will continue to persecute my people in the Ukraine. The sanctions will not turn Putin back. Even though they inflict great wounds, he will absorb the punishment, like a fighter who will not give up.”

“Russia will become like Syria, a constant source of disruption. However, something even deeper is happening. Just as the Syrian revolution has destabilized the Middle East because it has perdured for many years, so will Russia become to Europe. Russia had become an important part of the European economy. President Obama insists upon economic sanctions and refuses to aid the Ukraine militarily. He is weakening the European economies.   This is the long term fallout from the sanctions, which will have many repercussions as other problems come forth this year.”

“All of this is not foreseen but I see Satan’s plan all too clearly. He hides his real goals and gets nations to walk along his paths. This year it will be step by step, one event at a time with each event linked closely to what has happened and will happen.”

“Man’s intellect is no match for his. Human solutions are like paper walls placed in his fires. Only the Woman Clothed With the Sun knows the true path to peace and I am trying to enlighten the world.”

December 10, 2014

“Satan’s Traps”


““I must tell my children. I must warn my children. I must protect my children”. These are a mother’s thoughts when she learns of dangers. They are my feelings that lead me to pour out these words.”

“World leaders do not act in faith. People, also, do not allow faith to illumine their decisions. All is done from the human intellect which casts a very shallow light. It sees only the surface and never penetrates. It cannot perceive the forces buried in human hearts nor can it confront evil. Decisions which arise from expediency cause a thousand missteps and lead into Satan’s traps.”

“All will become so evident, like an army which has been cornered because of the foolishness of its generals. Day by day, the trap is set and the world, enticed by false goals, eagerly enters. A moment will come when the trap is closed and the world will see itself captured by forces that are suddenly and surprisingly released. All is clear to my vision – the time, the moment, the places, the causes and the results.”

“Like a mother, all I can say is, “Stay close to me.   The forces are too complex for me to give you directions. But if you stay with me, I will keep you safe. Now is not the time to wander. Do not set aside the graces I give you today.” The time is short and there is so little opposition to slow down Satan’s timetable. He waits only because he sees greater opportunities if he does not rush ahead. Do not be fooled by the delay. He wants to entrap the whole world and is merely waiting until he has greater control over a few important centers of power.”

December 11, 2014

“Always Saying “Tomorrow””


“From all of these events, a great gift will come forth. Mankind will be humbled because the foolishness that seemed like wisdom will be exposed. As each of the events happen, people will ask, “Why did we build our house on sand?” and “Why did we not walk in truth”?   Debts are postponed as if tomorrow does not come. Yet, tomorrow is quickly becoming today, and the future is becoming now.”

“This is today’s theme. The economic system has been built on a million tomorrows. Everything will get paid tomorrow and the burden of debt grows. Prosperity reigns because no one pays for it. All is postponed. Credit flows like the flood of an overflowing ocean.”

“How long until the crash? It is constantly postponed by measures that will only multiply the problems when they come. “Not on my watch” say the political leaders, so they pass the debt on to future generations, who are ill-prepared for any acts of saving money.”

“Now, I must speak from my heart. The debts grow, not just in one country but in many at once. They all accumulate. The weight quickly becomes too much to bear. The breakthrough happens, small at first. However, so many economies are weak and all are interconnected, that the small beginnings lead to unforeseeable results. Suddenly, comes the collapse which no one could have foreseen and for which there are only a few inadequate answers.”

“Mankind will go on from there, constantly trying to solve its problems by the light of reason, believing that faith has nothing to do with economics. Yet, it is the lack of faith in God’s ways that has led mankind on these roads in the first place.”

“At this time, I will still be on the sidelines. Other events will have to occur before I will be fully invoked by the Church. Yet, that day of consecrating Russia to my Immaculate Heart will take place, although, it will be late.”

December 13, 2014

“These Words Prepare You”


“When the events take place, people will see that my words are true. They will have great faith and prepared hearts. Right now, you have no need for the special words. The purpose of speaking now is to prepare you to have faith so you will believe my future words. Right now, your lives continue on as usual and you do not need my special words, which I reserve for the darkness.”

“These events have no exact timetable because they do not come from God. They result from evil embedded into human history and into human hearts which can freely choose. If people choose prayer and repentance, the effects will be less and will come later. If people choose selfish goals and sins, the effects will be greater and come sooner. The events will reflect the sins of mankind. God will not cause them.”

“By these little locutions, I have prepared all who believe. A series of events will occur that will change much of human life. By telling you ahead of time, I give you faith so that, in the middle of the events, you will believe my daily words and I can lead you. Peace. Always peace. The Lord is near.”

December 23, 2014

“The Year 2015”


“See what springs forth, surprising waters which no one can imagine. These waters are still hidden and can only be explained when they come to light and are seen by all. I do not hold back my words but speak as clearly as possible.”

“2014 has been a year of turmoil, of the appearance of many evils.   However, life has continued on. The struggles are confined to certain areas of the world or to certain parts of society. The protecting walls built by man to assure a normal life have remained in place. There have been no breakthroughs.”

“2015 will be quite different. Even in the first six months of the year, new and different events will break through. However, not to the extent that life is totally disrupted. It will seem like these problems have been adequately responded to so that normal life can continue, even though limited.”

“In the Fall, however, the great problems will break forth and all will see that human life has seriously changed. This will be the mood as the year comes to an end.”

“All of these events will serve a purpose. They will awaken the Church that it needs my help and those voices which have been declaring that the messages of Fatima must be studied more closely will be given a greater hearing.”

December 24, 2014

“One Hundred Years of Fatima”


“When the waters burst forth, who will tell them where to go?   They will have a mind of their own, going where Satan has plotted for so long. They will be released at different times and different places. Such will be the coming year of 2015.”

“I will plot out this year for you. In the early months, new flood waters will break through. There will be human responses that seemingly work for a time limiting the effects. It is only in the latter months of the year that the great floods come and continue for the first half of 2016.”

“By July 2016, the world will see what has happened. On July 13, 2016 will begin the one hundredth year of my speaking about the consecration of Russia. How important will be that year, leading up to the one hundredth anniversary of my appearing at Fatima (2017).”

“As these flood waters rise, let the voice of Fatima grow louder in your ears. What other voice should you listen to?”

December 25, 2014

“The Spurned Gift of Fatima”


“As the days and the months stretch forth, the mysteries will be seen by all. In the next few years, leading up to the 100th anniversary of Fatima, all will be revealed. The mysteries of evil buried within human history and human hearts will slowly come to the surface.”

“In the beginning, many will see these events in the old perspective. However, as they continue to surface, the eyes of many will be opened, especially the eyes of the Church and of the Holy Father. It is no coincidence that these events will occur as the anniversary approaches.”

“Should not this 100th anniversary (1917-2017) be a great time of rejoicing, a time when the Fatima gift is poured out in its fullness? That was my plan. This entire century was meant to be 100 years of blessings, all leading up to the anniversary. A blessing that has been rejected becomes an accusation. A gift spurned becomes a great issue.”

“If the Church and the world had only listened, if they had fully welcomed the Fatima gift, there would have been no World War II, no atomic bomb, no arms race, no Cold War. Russia would have been converted. A great period of peace would have begun and the whole world would know that the 100th anniversary would become a time of the greatest blessings.”

“Now, the anniversary looms on the horizon as an unfulfilled promise, rejected by those who should have had faith. What will I do? What will happen in these next 2 ½ years? This is not settled. However, the quicker the Church fully responds to Fatima, and as devotion to the Woman Clothed With the Sun multiplies, the blessings will come. Otherwise, Fatima remains a gift that is still rejected.”

December 27, 2014

“The New Year”


“How many events will flow forth this coming year. They will be linked, one to another. Yet, at the same time, they will flow from the free choices of humanity. This is the great mystery. Time opens out. Day follows day. Time gives each person a chance to decide, one decision after another.”

“Some persons, however, hold great power and their decisions affect millions. Also, ideas, such as terrorism, dominate many hearts at once so that thousands act in unison. Systems have been built and nations work within these systems.”

“Human life is complex and each day it depends upon many factors for its very existence. Whole nations can be wiped out and grave crises suddenly arise. This is the picture of life upon earth. Time moves on and the world is subjected to many forces that bring about change.”

“A new year is about to begin. As far as time is concerned, 2014 will flow quite unnoticed into 2015. The early days of the New Year will flow as if it were 2014, but not for long. 2015 will be much different. There will not be continuity but a breaking off. There will not be a smooth flow but troubled waters. There will be war in places that are now enjoying peace and instability, in nations that seemed to be strong.”

“A shaking will take place, followed by a settling. Then a second shaking that will be more serious. By the end of the year, life will be much different. Even as 2016 opens, the full battle between Satan and the Woman will not have been fought.”

December 28, 2014

“The Blessings of the 100th Anniversary”


“As the new year begins, the events will happen slowly. Most important, people will not recognize their importance or how these events prepare the way for others. The events will be new and surprising sources of unrest and breakdowns.”

“Even as it becomes evident that this new reality will not pass quickly, people will still not grasp the importance of this year. Only toward the end of the year will the events take place that will seriously change the existing structures. Even in these cases, people will not see clearly. They will believe that the change is temporary and can be rolled back.”

“Only as the year ends, will people see the decisiveness of these events. Even here, their full force will not have been released, for there will be the years leading up to the 100th anniversary of Fatima.”

“I continually see these coming years in the light of that anniversary. A while ago, the world focused on 2000 and the new millennium. Human life moved into the new millennium without any serious change. The 100th anniversary of Fatima will be quite different because I will not abandon my children or my Church.”

December 29, 2014

“Opening the Fatima Gift”


“In the beginning, many will be confused wondering why many opportunities have been cut off.   This is the first stage. Then, they will see that the wounds to society are even deeper and that life itself is endangered. This will be the progression of events in the next few years leading up to the 100 years of Fatima revelations.”

“Mankind need not walk that path. Another is available, a true path to peace, the path of Fatima. All must read the story of the three children, of the appearances and of my requests. There is also the great promise, “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph”. It will be late, but Russia will be consecrated.”

“Do not wait. Consecrate yourself and your family. Read. Learn. Live the Fatima message. Fatima is God’s gift, the short cut, the easy way. Fatima is filled with my love and my tenderness. I visited the earth to protect you. I spoke so you might listen. I gave signs so you would believe. I did all of this for you. Please, open my Fatima gift.”

December 30, 2014

“A Summary of Teaching”


“I have raised up these locutions and in these few years, many have seen their value. This was to prepare their hearts and show them that my words will guide them. Filled with this light, they know much about human history. I have clearly taught the following:

  1.  Human history is a battle for souls and cannot be understood merely by reason.
  2.  This battle is between light and darkness. The great victory of Jesus took place on the cross.
  3.  For 2000 years, Satan has regrouped his forces and has put his plan in place through human beings who cooperate with him.
  4.   I foresaw that this battle would come to its greatest moments, so I appeared at Fatima to defeat Satan.
  5.   This defeat has obviously not happened because the responses to my requests were not lived out, causing the world to be plunged into a greater war and then constant conflicts.
  6.   Mankind is now entering a very dangerous time. The 100th anniversary of Fatima is a signal moment. Keep your eyes on that date. It can still be a moment of great victory.”

“I will continue to speak each day in the coming year. I will not hold back my words. My people need to know the secrets of my heart and its desires.”

“Now, I must take you on a new path, a road of strength and fortitude, a road of firmness and fidelity.”

January 28, 2015

“A Secular Age That Has Rejected the Supernatural”


No one can see the future because all of the events have not yet converged and come to a culmination.  Difficulties are everywhere.  Some places have become explosive.  Everyone is conscious of terrorism, but other evils are kept hidden from view, especially the weaknesses in the economic systems.  Those trying to resist and confront these evils use only human means, totally unaware of the supernatural powers that are the true forces behind the evils.

Such is the secular age which has rejected belief both in the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Darkness.  Modern man cannot grasp the true source of these evils because he does not even believe that they exist.  He cannot reach the only power that can save him because he has long ago set his religious faith aside, and proclaimed his world as “secular”.  I stand on the world’s battlefield and watch this tide of destruction and collapse.  I know exactly where it is going to happen next and what will be evil’s newest victories.

I will once again speak of what is to happen.  My previous words have already been fulfilled.  The American withdrawal has speeded up the timetable of terrorism.  The weak response in the Ukraine has emboldened Putin.  The failure to confront deficits has weakened economic systems.  China sees its opportunity for new aggressions.  I call all of these external problems.  The real difficulty is secularism.  Modern man has cut himself off from God’s help.

This is my moment.  As the Woman Clothed With the Sun, I will come upon the world stage, just as the heavenly Father has decided. I will move up my timetable also.  Then the battle will begin.

March 12, 2015

“Satan’s Attacks On the Locutions”


The time is short but much can still be done to rescue earth and to restore human history to God’s original plan.  Two things must be done.  My power and my light must be released into history and millions must receive the light that I pour out.  These locutions prepare for those gifts, speaking so clearly and, each day, to many new hearers.  Why have I given these words?

I began over four years ago, knowing that the darkness was not imminent but also realizing that it would take time for this little voice to be heard.  There are no visions, no apparitions, and no site of miracles.  Millions do not come and gather.  Rather, all is hidden.  The words are given softly and then made available.  There is no advertising and no pilgrimages.  The words stand alone and by themselves.  Yet, these words go forth to all the world, eagerly awaited by many.

This is my promise.  I will continue to speak these words for years to come.  Do not be discouraged if Satan tries to stop these words, to cover them over and to discontinue their going forth.  He would like to take his ax and have it fall upon this work, destroying it and cutting it in two so that it could never continue.  When this begins, know that I have spoken ahead of time, that I have prophesied this attack, and, no matter what happens, that I will not allow this little work that I have raised up, to ever be destroyed.  It is much too important to me, to the Church and to the whole world.

Yet, Satan will take his actions, for he would deprive the world of this light, even when every precaution is taken to preserve it.  My words today, however, are not just about Satan’s future attempts to destroy what I am doing here.  My words are, instead, a firm promise.  These locutions will remain.  They will stay.  They will burn more brightly even after Satan’s time of darkness and they will lead the world and the Church through the darkness that lies ahead.  They will be my constant and daily proof that I am with my Church and the world that I love so much.

March 13, 2015

“This Generation’s Legacy”


A moment comes when everything breaks forth and all can see.  Such will be the future moments of human history.  Already, the hidden fires are bubbling up, giving warning signals, but, as yet, the fires have not broken forth for all to see their fury and size. I have spoken about these evils, planted for centuries and now present in so many places and in so many ways.  What is new will be their bursting forth and the changes they will bring about.

This is my message.  These fires must burst forth.  This is the only way that human history can be cleansed and a time of true peace follow.  How strange to speak of true peace before the war has taken place, but this is my message, so listen carefully.

Every generation passes on its legacy to following generations.  In God’s plan, each generation has a purpose.  If it fulfills God’s will, it passes on blessings.  “If it rejects God’s plan, it passes on sin and evil, a corrupt and evil generation”, as Jesus would say.

What will the present generation be?  That is still to be decided but never has the question been so important. Awaken to this moment.  That is why I speak so clearly.  This will either be the generation in which the world is torn apart or is healed and made secure.  Every generation holds its history in its own hands.  This generation holds all the future generation in its hands.  Such is the moment.  I cannot be any clearer.  Now is not the time to buy and sell, marry and give in marriage as Jesus described his generation.

All must awaken to heaven.  All must look to heaven and heed heaven’s words.  I will raise up my new messengers, with gifts and powers never seen before.  I will place the light on the lampstand.  I refuse to allow earth to be plunged into total darkness.  Even so, I cannot remove free will.  This generation, like all the others, holds history in its own hands.  This generation will not pass away, until all these things are fulfilled.

April 29, 2015

“The Great Prophet Who Will Prepare the Way”


Only as the various parts of Satan’s plan come together, will mankind see how many foolish decisions have weakened the social and economic structures which are needed for human life.  With these events, people will see the truth of my words expressed in these locutions.  They will have a glimmer of hope.  “If Our Lady knew of these events and spoke about them, surely she plans to help us.”

My word brings hope because I am not just a woman of words but a woman of power and action.  I am a woman to whom all these mysteries have been revealed and who understands all that Satan has done and will do.  My words reveal mysteries, events, and the forces that vie for man’s heart.   Most of all, my words reveal myself, my care of the human race and my place in the heavenly Father’s plan.  So, let me begin to reveal myself so you can have the greatest hope.

I was with the heavenly Father from the beginning, always central to his thoughts.  He spoke about me to Satan in the Garden of Eden.  He said, “I will put an enmity between you and the woman”.   I was His response to the Satanic darkness.

The Father waited for centuries because the human race was not ready and would not have received the gift fully.  Israel had to be prepared by the patriarchs, the kings and the prophets.  Finally, when the great prophet (John the Baptist) was conceived, the Father’s plan could unfold.

In these little locutions, I have spoken so often of God’s plan being delayed.  The reason is the same.  A great prophet must arise who will prepare for my coming and the fulfillment of the Heavenly Father’s plan from the beginning.  When this great prophet heralds my name, exalts my prerogatives and prepares the Church, I will be able to come.  I will not delay.  Watch and pray now.  The time is soon.

May 20, 2015

“ISIS in Europe and America”


I want to speak about ISIS and especially the joining together of terrorist groups.  Their oneness and the extent of their operations give them new power.

This terrorist fire is ready to jump to Europe, which is vulnerable to these arrows of fire because it is so close.  Soon, so very soon, the fires of Middle East violence which have spread to Africa will leap over the Mediterranean Ocean and land in Europe, especially in Italy.

There are no walls to contain these fires and they will find little resistance.  People are not mobilized or joined together for war the way ISIS is.  The gains will be surprising, not just in isolated attacks but there will be the actual presence of ISIS on European soil.

America is kept in the dark.  Much is hidden concerning the full threat from ISIS.  All of this secrecy covers failed policies.  This cover will soon be ripped away.

The ISIS attacks on America will confront the country much more than 9/11.  At that time, Osama Bin Laden was heading a loosely-jointed coalition of terrorists.  The situation has greatly changed, especially in the size, the sophistication and the unity of these forces.

May 31, 2015

“The Growing Unity of Terrorists (Special Locution)”


In the past, I have said three things.  First, the terrorist groups were weak and scattered but they would come together.  The great danger was that they would be united.

Second, that the war in Syria was the fuse for the Middle East explosion.  The Syrian revolution would not end quickly as did the revolution in Egypt but would continue for years.  This lengthy revolution would destroy the structure of stability that did exist in the Middle East and would even erase national boundaries.

Third, the American withdrawal from the Middle East would move up the timetable of destructive events.

All three have happened and been proved true.  ISIS and other groups affiliated with it, have taken on a new life.  They are virtually unopposed, free from any serious threat to their existence and to their ambitions.  Soon ISIS will come to Europe, especially to Italy and all will realize that ISIS is no longer just a Middle East reality.

Although America is further away, the growing, centralized strength of ISIS in the Middle East will allow it to become a constant enemy of the stability of America.  All of this could be changed if the policies of America would change.  Unfortunately this will not happen.

June 16, 2015

“A Complete Destruction of Darkness”


As my light goes forth, everything will come under its power.  It will not be limited to devout souls nor just to inner realities.  I must expose the dark strongholds of Satan which are moving the world to its destruction.

The powerful forces of evil are hidden from view, the decisions made by the powerful and the rich who surround all that they do in the cloak of secrecy, and the inner forces of the political world which seeks only continual power without regard for human life.  These powerful hidden forces are deciding the world’s future and all must be brought to light.

How can this occur when the rich and powerful use every means to clothe themselves in darkness?  I am speaking now of a true redemption of humanity, of a complete breaking of the power of evil over the human race.  Grasp this moment.  Understand what is taking place.  Satan knows and fears me.  I am talking about the complete liberation of the human race from evils that have been planted in its soil for centuries.  These evils have grown and coalesced.  They have claimed more and more of human life.

Look at the great poverty in which most of humanity lives.  Look at the overthrow of governments and endless wars.  Look at the weapons of destruction and the growth of wealth.  These tremendous forces did not spring up overnight.  They result from hidden evils that have coalesced for their own selfish interests.  These forces manipulate world events for their own selfish desires.  They must be dispersed by my light, so the human race can once again breathe a fresh air and start on a new path.

Am I not speaking of little victories?  Of small battles?  Not at all.  I am speaking of a complete crushing of Satan’s head and bringing the world into light that has been missing for centuries and centuries.  This is where the world stands, on the brink of the greatest darkness or on the edge of total light.  I have revealed a deep secret of my Immaculate Heart.

June 17, 2015

“The Coming Worldwide Light”


Are there still more secrets lying in the center of my heart?  Yes, but many of them cause me sadness.  Yet, even these I must share so that some are saved from the darkness.

When my great lights go forth, they will offer help and salvation to the whole world.  However, enemies will arise against my special messenger.  They will say, like the tenants in the parable, “Let us kill him”.  Intense opposition will arise and will turn away many.  Do not be dismayed if my messenger seems to be totally discredited in the eyes of the world.  Still the message will go forth.

Other opposition will arise. “How can these messages be true?  How will they come about?”  These words will discourage many and steal my words from their hearts, just as the birds of the air stole the seeds from the ground.

Others will use force.  They will persecute and even kill those who try to spread my light.  They will be ostracized and ridiculed.  Yet, they will know that my messages are essential to saving the world from the coming darkness.  They will have the faith of the early believers who correctly saw the gospel message as God’s saving word and Jesus’ name as the only name that brings salvation.  I am sad at their afflictions but rejoice that they remain faithful when persecuted.

My final sadness is that, although the light goes forth in fullness and the special messenger with many others are faithful, yet, the light will not save the whole world.

By my words, you are beginning to see the extent to which I will go, the greatness of the preparations and the worldwide graces that I will release.  The present lights are not enough in the face of the darkness that already is grasping human history.  Do not fear.  Far more powerful and worldwide lights are already pouring forth.  Believe and let nothing steal your faith.

June 18, 2015

“The Iranian Nuclear Treaty”


Why should I hold back my light?  Why should I delay one moment when the Prince of Darkness spews his evils, using the most violent means possible?  Whatever means he possesses, he uses.  He always seeks new means of destruction, and as soon as he gains them, he uses them.  There is no delay on his part.

The West moves closer and closer to an Iranian nuclear treaty, which is really no treaty at all.  Already, many restraints have been lifted.  Iran is enjoying its new freedom and its new place at the negotiating table (as if it is truly negotiating).  Iran cannot believe this great turn of events.  Its enemies, like Israel, have been shoved side.  They have no place at this table.  The voices that warn against this treaty are rejected.

These are my words.  When the treaty is signed and Iran regains its new freedoms, the powers of darkness will rejoice.  For the first time, nuclear weapons will become part of its arsenal.  Satan will not delay.  As soon as these weapons are in his hand, he will act, stirring up those whom he controls to use them in any form possible, even if this means their own destruction.

Using nuclear weapons will trigger a vast response.  Fires will burn everywhere – far greater than any current blaze.  The new state of the world will become totally irreparable.  This is why I speak forth to all the world and why I cannot wait.  All is urgency.  The clock ticks more quickly than any world leader imagines.  All are sleeping.  No one sees.

So, I must act alone, stirring up my little army.  Read how Gideon defeated the Midianites by reducing the size of his army (Judges 7:1-22) so all glory went to God.  I do not need large numbers.  I only need people who will believe and pray.  Through them, I can act and all the world will see the Father’s plan of using the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

July 2, 2015



Humanity is like a ship which has decided to leave the safe harbor of God’s law and plunge into the most devastating storms with the hope of gaining a new world.  There is no new world, all is an illusion.  False hopes and false desires have led mankind to set out on a journey that is strictly forbidden by the most high God.  The course is uncharted and to mankind has renounced the stars placed by God in the heavens to guide the journey.

Mankind is like foolish children who now have gigantic technology and no wisdom of how to use it for good.  I cannot state too strongly the greatness of the crisis.  There I will begin to address.  No longer can I be silent because they are so imminent.

The crisis will begin with separations.  There will be the forerunners.  Selfishness will destroy the corporation that was needed to build a secure society.  The European efforts of unity that sought freedom from endless wars and new era of cooperation as seen among the states of America will see itself torn by separations, and walking away from the dream of a united Europe.

I have said before that this union would dissolve because it was secular, based upon self-interest and not upon a commonly held faith.  It is a house built upon sand.

After various separations take place, problems will arise that cannot be foreseen.  Nations will be more on their own but they do not have the resources.  They had planned in a time of cooperation and now that cooperative spirit has been shattered.

Who is waiting to pick up the pieces?  Who lurks in the wings to gain the advantage?  Russia, it is always Russia.  I was on the mark at Fatima that world peace will happen when Russia is consecrated to my Immaculate Heart.  More and more proofs will come forth.

July 3, 2015

“A Series of Crises”


The great chasms are appearing.  The deceptions and lies of the economic system are coming to the surface.  Weaknesses, known by a few, are now seen by all.  The turbulence has begun.  It has surfaced.  One problem will lead to another because these lies are part of all economic systems.  None is exempt.

Slowly, one after another, economies will shake, like tottering buildings.  Which ones will survive?  What will the landscape look like when the earthquake has wreaked its full force?  How will mankind pick up the shattered pieces?

Will this bring the world to return to the Father’s house?  Not at all.  “We will rebuild”, mankind will declare, and the whole purpose of the shakings will be lost.  The world will say, “The damage is not that great.  A little change here and a little change there, and we will survive the crisis.”  O foolish mankind!  Do you not see?  I allow this first crisis so you can repent.  The changes must be deep in your hearts, not in your accounting methods or your clever tricks.  But you will not listen.  It will be business as usual, with a few changes caused by the first crisis.

You are enmeshed in a tangled web and no human power can gain your freedom.  Yet, you have no will or desire to allow God to intervene.  So, I must speak.

These are not ordinary times or ordinary crises.  The worldwide economic system which has served the rich and excluded the poor, is too complex and too riddled with lies and deceptions to continue.  It will collapse under its own weight, from the sinful deceptions imbedded in its structure.  These decisions, made long ago and for such a long time now, have come to fruition.

The financial difficulties are just the first in a long line of crises that will affect the world.  Many of these crises I will soften as much as possible, always trying to push backward the timetable of evil.  However, I must warn the whole world.  All of these crises are deeply imbedded in human history formed by human decisions.  Mankind has forged his own crises.  The blame lies totally at his doorstep.

I give you the only promise possible.  As the darkness grows and as mankind is plunged into one crisis after another, my light shining in the Catholic Church will become more and more important to the human race.   Even those who are not Catholics will see the Church as the lone light in the darkness.  I will do this.  I will bring it about through my priest son whom I have chosen.

July 6, 2015

“The Greek Vote and the Iran Treaty”


The die will be cast when the decisions are finalized. There will be no turning back. The events in Greece and the nuclear treaty with Iran will begin the next phase of the darkness.

Now, I must use different words, “soon” and “imminent”. How often I have spoken of the world plunging into darkness and of the timetable always being moved up. I have not held back my light. I have spoken clearly.

Now, my words change. With these two events, walls of protection will crumble and security will suddenly be removed. There is no power to contain the two evils of economic chaos and terrorist violence.

How often I have spoken of the evil boiling beneath the surface, which will inevitably flow over somewhere and somehow. These two events are the greatest boiling over that have so far taken place.

The disorders flowing from Greece will be evident, but the evil flowing from Iran is much deeper and more important. The Middle East will never be the same. Powerful Iran will have a treaty to wave in the face of its enemies and, more important, a written guarantee to delight its friends.

No one ever conceived this as possible, such has been the foolishness of America. Israel never dreamed that she would be scorned and Iran would be chosen.

Great and unimaginable evil lies behind this treaty. All is cleverly hidden from the eyes of America. The treaty is no treaty at all. It is really a linking of America to Iran, filled with the hope that Iran will become the great power in the Middle East and America will be its friend. Such are the delusions brought about by the Evil One.

Israel, O Israel! The world powers have forsaken you but I have always had my eyes upon you. I am your daughter. However, the events will quickly unfold by which you will also see that I am your mother. As you see and experience the power of my protective mantle over you, you will also accept my Son, Jesus. Only then, can peace go forth from Jerusalem.

July 15, 2015

“The Iran Nuclear Treaty”


I speak only with the greatest reluctance. However, I cannot hold back my great sorrow. The proliferation of nuclear weapons has been guaranteed by a treaty that opens the door to nuclear weapons. World leaders cannot reverse what has taken place. Russia has gained everything. From this point on, America will decrease as a world power able to keep peace. It has tied its own hands and armed its enemies.

New troubles will erupt. Israel and its allies will begin a new journey unaccompanied by their familiar friend, America. They must go it alone and make their own decisions. The bonds between America and Israel have been severed. The betrayal has taken place. All of the promises, in place for so many years have been broken. A new re-alignment of nations will come forth. Self-defense will dictate much more explosive options.

America will no longer be making Israel’s decisions. These vulnerable countries will decide for their own defense. They will not hold back. They will act quickly to survive. They must take matters into their own hands and take steps to keep Iran in check.

The world is much more dangerous, but this is not surprising to those who have followed my words. There are timetables set in place. They move ahead or are held back according to human decisions. This is my constant teaching.

Most important, how will I respond? What does this do to heaven’s plan? Do I just move along as usual? Not at all. My eyes are always on Satan’s plan and this treaty is his bold move. (Do not think otherwise.) So, I must move boldly, especially in my Church. I must move up my timetable for the consecration of Russia. (It is Russia that has brought about this treaty.) 2015 is not the year, but events will happen that will shake the Church and lessen the resistance to the Fatima consecration.

July 28, 2015

“Fires Within the House”


In the beginning locutions I spoke in general terms and of future events. Now I speak in specific words of what is near at hand.

The news that is reported gives only a small glimpse of the hidden evil which comes to the surface in sporadic ways. This evil wants to destroy all of God’s creation, putting an end to the blessings that the Father brought about.

This hidden evil is far, far too great for mankind to control and far too intelligent to be outsmarted. This evil manifests itself wherever it is welcomed, hoping to spread all over the world. Its great strongholds exists where the Word of God is silenced and where Jesus, my Son, cannot be preached. This is the clue to understanding all the evil that takes place.

Only the Word made Flesh, Jesus, has the power to confront, cast out and destroy this evil. Everything and everyone else succumbs to the fire and becomes its instrument. Many in the Muslim world have fallen into this fire. Also, many others, like Putin, have given themselves to evil. Yet, is the West blameless? Has not the West welcomed the satanic fires, which are dressed in so many disguises? The list is endless and you know their names very well – sins of the flesh, sins of violence, sins of addictions, sins of greed. The West has welcomed these fires. They are within his house and burn brightly.

This is my dilemma. The nations that used to believe in Jesus have lost their faith. Satanic fires find no opponent who can cast them out. The West is firewood, quite dry and ready to burn. What can I do? The two fires will continue to burn (the Middle East fires and the Western fires) until a moment comes when the West repents and realizes its foolishness.

I am preparing for that moment. All will be ready. When the events lead the West to its knees, I will raise up my priest son who will make the repentance fruitful. Then, the satanic fires will know that I have entered the battle.

July 30, 2015

“Twilight Gives Way to Darkness”


Between day and night comes the twilight when neither light nor darkness claim a victory. Such is the world’s state, a twilight era. All know that twilight must give way to darkness as the day surrenders it control over earth. That, too, is the present situation. The daylight of peace gives way to the darkness of war. The daylight of order surrenders to the night of chaos. Will anyone dispute what I am saying? Are there any signs that the night is ending and soon the day will dawn? Can anyone hold out such a hope?

How long will the night be and what will follow in its footsteps? I will speak to that question, even with all of its difficulties. The night cannot be avoided because mankind has committed too many acts of darkness. Yet, much can be alleviated and the darkness can be shortened. Also, do not forget. At the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. Much will happen between now and then. I will speak of variables and invariables, of what can change and what cannot.

The darkness will begin in your economic systems. Your structures presuppose order, trust, confidence and harmony. What happens when divisions, confusion, distrust and panic set in? The chaos is already surfacing in the European Union. The panic is already evident in Greece. Distrust among peoples and between nations multiplies with each passing day.

God has not built your economic systems. God has not plunged you into debt. Satan has led you down this path and you know no other. Long ago, you put aside God’s light of truth and embraced the torch of prosperity and economic growth. You built systems without safeguards, handing on the problems to your children and your grandchildren. When the night suddenly comes, do not blame the heavenly Father. You have chosen the darkness!

July 31, 2015

“Three Problem Areas”


In the twilight, the sun gradually loses its power to scatter the darkness.  When it finally sets, night claims its victory.  God has established this order in nature but he has not decreed cycles of nights for human affairs.  If people live according to His word, light always reigns.

But this has not happened.  Mankind compromises with darkness and yields to its powers.  The great sun is setting, not because God has decreed this but because man has chosen the darkness.  He sacrifices God’s sun and clings to the artificial lights that he himself controls.

O foolish mankind, Satan cannot control the sun because God has decreed its course and guaranteed forever that it would bless the earth.  However, Satan can gain full control of the artificial lights that you trust and cling to.  This is a slippery path but I have given the locutionist a well-trained tongue.

Because oil is coveted by so many, Satan has used it in the past and will use it even more in the future.  The situation is more precarious than perceived.  Many reserves lie in the hands of evil nations.

The money supply has so greatly increased that the true value of the dollar is hard to reckon.  How safe is it?  Can it withstand serious shocks and challenges to its stability?

More important is the unrest among so many groups.  Walls that had fallen are quickly being rebuilt.  Self-interests shout so loudly that voices of unity and reconciliation are no longer heard.  The political structures that have guaranteed unity can no longer contain the diverse groups.  The seams will burst soon. These forms of darkness can usually be kept at bay so the light wins the victory but the breaking point is being reached and the twilight enters into nightfall.

August 1, 2015

“Shaken Off Course”


The sun will not stop in its course and all the forces of nature will continue on their paths, but human history will encounter severe obstacles.  The stream will not continue to flow in peace and harmony.  All of this lies ahead, and I must speak about these difficulties.

Sometimes there is a very beautiful and clear stream which gradually becomes dirty and polluted.  Yet it still flows its course with its same power.  This is the world today.  Each day, as the sun rises, the stream flows to its destination.

A disruption of its course is much different.  The stream does not arrive at its destination.  It is diverted and turned aside.

Until now, the satanic powers upon human history have polluted God’s original stream but they have not been able to change its flow or disrupt its life.  People do not see their lives disrupted.  They continue on, not seeing any need for God’s help.  In their security they have forgotten their faith.  In their prosperity, they feel no need to worship and obey the God who provides for them.

The events that I have been speaking about have not yet taken place but they lie directly ahead. They will disrupt lives.  Mankind will adjust to the early events and believe that his own resources have once more come to the rescue.   However, this will not be true of the later events.

Certainly, these events do not come from God, but the heavenly Father will use the events to set mankind on His course.  By my words, I am giving the whole world the correct interpretation of the events even before they happen.  Much of human history will remain in the hands of mankind only if it cooperates with my word.

August 2, 2015

“God’s Infinite Stream of Goodness”


In the infinite goodness of God and the tenderness of my heart, a stream will go forth to mankind which no satanic action can stop.  Satan does not know the secret plans of God which the Father has revealed to me fully.

Mankind will try to regain his equilibrium and rebuild his systems.  Such is the natural force of self-preservation, but Satan knows these plans and has prepared for these responses.  He holds back some of his powers for a later date, not spending his forces all at once.

This will be the great mistake of mankind.  People will believe that the early events are all that are coming and that they can rebuild. They will not use this time to repent of their evils and turn to God.  They will continue in a human wisdom which is no match for Satan’s plans.  They will not have learned the teachings which I am pouring out.  Mankind has lost its way.  It has lost its ability to hear God’s voice or to see his light.  When confronted with the satanic evil, it will have only its natural light as a guide.

A stream of God’s infinite goodness flows continually through my Heart.  None of this stream is lost.  I pass every blessing on to mankind.  In the events, all that mankind needs to do is to seek these blessings in my heart.

Remember my words, “I will not abandon you.  My heart contains all that you will need.  There will be a great stream of blessings.  Day after day, sufficient help for you and your family.  I will not abandon anyone who seeks me.”

August 5, 2015

“What Legacy Will Be Passed On?”


Why the delay?  Why do my armies not take to the fields?  Why are the forces of good not sent forth?  As always, good and evil contend very day.  The battle goes back and forth.  This has always happened in human history.

Sometimes, great triumphs come forth like at Lepanto.  At other times, there are huge failures, like the two world wars.  After these events, history moves in a quite different direction, good or bad.

These coming years are also a turning point.  They will be filled with events which forever leave their mark.  Will these years be a triumph for good or for evil?  So much hangs in the balance.

The triumph of good or of evil is not inevitable, as if written into history before it unfolds.  God has placed the story of history into man’s hands.  Mankind chooses, both for himself and for others.  By his choices, others are blessed or cursed, lifted up or thrown down.  One generation leaves a legacy (good or evil) to the next.  These are the decisions that mold history.

Now listen carefully to my words.  These coming years will be years of the greatest battles.  Nothing is decided, as yet.  Everyone living on earth, the important and the seemingly unimportant people, will all decide the future of the world.  When this time is over, the issues will be settled and the legacy of war or peace, blessings or curses, will be passed on to others.

The burning question is, “What will be passed on?”  What will the world look like?  Those decisions are made now, today, in your very midst and before your eyes.  Wake up!  You must bless the world today.  You must fashion human history by your prayers and sacrifices.  My armies do not go forth because my children do not understand.  What will I do?  I must speak with a greater voice and with more powerful words, which give the clearest direction.

August 6, 2015

“The Fires of Peace”


Before the fire goes forth from my heart, the world must be prepared.  Otherwise, people’s hearts are not ready to receive and the fire pours out uselessly.

How can I prepare the world for this special coming?  How can I get the Church ready for the Fatima gift, for it is the Fatima gift which contains all the fire, a fire which still burns so brightly in my heart and is ready to be poured forth in these final days.

So many mysteries to explain, mysteries which will suddenly burst into human history, mysteries which must be known and understood ahead of time.  Right now, mankind is entering into years filled with mysteries and all the events cannot be understood without faith.  Let me summarize these mysteries and then speak of the future.

The heavenly Father decided to prepare for the great Fatima gift by my many appearances in the 19th century.  However, even as God bestowed the gift, the government opposed it and hindered some of its effects.  (Heavenly gifts must be received.)  If received correctly, World War I would have ended immediately.  As it was, I was able to shorten that war.

World War II should never have happened.  I would have put out the fires of Communism, Nazism and Fascism long before they were allowed to cause that terrible conflagration.  There would have been no dropping of the atomic bomb, no Cold War, no Iron Curtain.  By these words, I let you see the extent of my power over world events and to see what I have been saying.  By rejecting faith, mankind has chosen a terrible path of darkness and suffering.

I come to the present and the future.  The world is much further along this path of self-destruction.  Parts of the world are totally immersed in darkness.  Yet, the fires of peace burn brightly in my heart, waiting, waiting and waiting to be poured out, able to completely turn mankind around and to scatter this darkness over which he has no control.  However, the world and the Church are not prepared.  If poured out now, my fire would be wasted and foolishly spent.

I can only promise a future moment when it will not be so.  Not just the Church, but even the world, will welcome my fire.  Then peace will be firmly established.

There will be two sets of events.  My events will directly prepare the Church for that moment.  Satan’s events, while shaking the world, will also remove the blindness of the secular spirit.

August 17, 2015

“Using the Chaos For God’s Purposes”


Great power goes forth when little words reveal my heart where the heavenly Father has placed all of human history.  Everything is there.  All the human decisions, all the world events, all that is past and future.  All come together in my heart and all are revealed by my words.

I must speak quickly.  The time is very short and there is need for great clarity.  I do not speak for the curious so they can plot the times and the events.  I speak so that the devout can be prepared and filled with confidence.

Deep troubles lie ahead that cannot be avoided because too many things are clashing.  Opposites cannot be reconciled.  They struggle for supremacy.  Chaos and order.  Heaven and hell.  Good and evil.  These forces shape human history in the constant daily struggle.

Soon, the great battle will come to the surface, breaking through the established order and pouring forth its chaos.  It will seem like a great victory for evil but my children, trained by my words, will understand.  From my teachings, they all know that this first step belongs to evil.  They will know God’s plan of which I have spoken clearly.

There will be a series of events that reveal the deep disorders which lie beneath the surface.  Mankind will awaken and many will realize that they have walked away from faith.  More important, the Church will be deeply shaken.  Doors that have been closed will reopen.  Light will penetrate the prevailing darkness.  It will be a new moment.  I will use the chaos for my purposes and will begin to position the Church for the role I have always intended her to have – the light of the nations.

August 18, 2015

“The Turmoil”


Why the delay?  Why do I not just pour out my gifts?  Why do I not intervene in extraordinary ways to bring the world to great faith?  I have already taken these steps.  I have appeared and spoken to many.  I have given the greatest promises and spoken about world events.  But my actions and my words are set aside.

I do not give up.  I press on.  Too much is at stake.  The whole world hangs in the balance.  Many nations are endangered and the lives of millions hang in the balance.  I will continue to speak so all can understand.

I have spoken about events, but I will now use the word turmoil because the events are so close.  The turmoil has not yet begun.  It will be triggered by a single event that is obvious to all.  This will not be the only event.  It will be followed by another event and yet another, with some time intervening between them.  Gradually, the world will realize that this situation is so new.

God will not cause this turmoil but He will use it for His purpose.  Gradually, people will realize that they falsely chose material prosperity.  Some will just be crushed because their dreams are destroyed.  Others, however, who kept alive the light of faith, will experience my touch upon their souls.  They will breathe the air of divine hope and find themselves stirred to return to their religious roots.

I will come to the aid of the Church because great new burdens will have fallen upon her.  In this darkness, I will be her light.  In this turmoil, I will be the safe harbor.  This is the secret I want to reveal.  The Church must lift me up as the Mother of all nations and the guiding star.  If so, the great helps stored in my heart will begin to flow forth.

August 19, 2015

“The Deluge and the Ark”


The rain, the flood, the deluge.  Is there no safety amid all that will happen soon?  Is the tide of evil just to sweep away everything in sight and claim the whole world?  That is Satan’s plan for this generation, the hope that he has always cherished and the goal of all his actions.

This is Satan’s scenario, the desires flowing from his evil heart.  He has raised up his world leaders who act as his instruments.  He has united the terror groups.  He has weakened the West and covered over their light of faith.  So many parts of his plan are set in place.  Yet, he waits.  It is not yet the time.  The clouds gather but do not yet send down the rain.

Should I stop here as if there is no response from heaven?  Instead, let me pause and ask, “What if there were no heavenly gifts?  What hope would exist for mankind?  What would be its future?  This pause is filled with light.  All my children realize that earth without heaven has little chance against such powerful forces.  How important is the Father’s plan.  How important are all my apparitions and all my promises.  How even more important will be my actions, my helps, my lights and all my heavenly favors.  These words today are my clearest invitation.

I spread before your eyes the great deluge and the great Ark of hope, my heart.  So many are willing to stay outside, believing that there is no need to enter this ark.  My children know better.  Come, I will gather you up quickly and when the rains begin you will not be caught outside.

August 20, 2015

“Will Doors Be Opened or Closed?”


When the doors fly open, the wind enters and no one controls where it goes or what it does.  Mankind has opened forbidden doors and now forces are released which he cannot understand or keep in check.  Is it too late?  Is there a path to security and peace?

This is mankind’s current dilemma, although he does not yet grasp this truth.  He moves along with no great sense of his need for heavenly help, or of the crossroads that he will come to.  I speak to awaken, so mankind sees now and acts as quickly as possible.  I have many topics on my heart.

The Iran treaty is a massive door that should never be opened.  Benefits are already accruing to Iran but if the treaty is accepted, the door will open completely and there will be no turning back even if later attempts are made.  How foolish this action.  It is the work of darkness and deceit.

The process of the presidential election is also filled with the greatest darkness.  Candidates come forth for their own selfish interests.  Here, too, the Evil One has his goals and chooses his candidates.  How important is this process and these months leading up to the election.  Pray that I might place my hand upon those who should lead America.

The months ahead will see two important moments for Pope Francis, his coming to America and the October Synod.  The first event is on the surface, filled with publicity and the glare of cameras.  The second lies at the heart of the Church, in the very center of its approach to the family.  How delicate are the discussions and how important are its final decisions.

All of these issues are immanent, right at hand.  All have a definite time frame known to all.  All are vitally important.  Will the doors be kept open or closed?  Will winds be allowed to blow that cannot be controlled?

August 21, 2015

“The Moments Decreed By God”


Each day comes exactly on time, as decreed by the heavenly Father.  No one is surprised.  The sun has always been faithful to its task of rising at the correct moment.

Such is not the case with human history.  However, some moments exist which the heavenly Father has decreed and these events happen at his exact time.  They are pre-ordained and they are so important that all else must cede to them.  Even if mankind is not fully prepared, the heavenly event must go forth.

Such were the mysteries of Jesus’ birth and death, events fulfilled at the exact moment of God’s decree.  Such were the apparitions at Fatima and such will also be the great events of my gifts to the Church.

Even among all the human failures and all the human mistakes, even among all of Satan’s deceits and wiles, still, in the middle of all this stands the decree of the Father that, in the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.

I say this now so that my children never lose hope and never believe, for even one moment, that I have forsaken them.  Let them cling to my words, spoken with such great certainty.  Satan will control much because mankind has yielded so much to him but the ultimate victory lies in my hands.

What more can I say now?  I want to give you as much light as possible because you will need all my words in the darkness.  I have already placed in my Church all the needed gifts.  I protect these gifts and have already anointed those who safeguard them and will bring them to the surface.  I prepare all the events so that they will not be set aside or overlooked.  Let me put it this way.  When Satan shakes the world, he will also shake loose the Fatima gifts and these will rise to the surface.  Just as at the cross, what looked like defeat was really a victory.

August 22, 2015

“The Fatima Gift Rises to the Surface”


Each day, I open to your eyes new gifts so you can see that, amid all the darkness, there is a road of light.  First, I give you words of light, followed by my promises.  Then, I give words of direction, followed by my actions.  I am at work in my Church, preparing its heart for the great Fatima gift that will suddenly (and soon) break open.  Just as pangs precede a birth, so there will be struggles, difficulties and even events.  But all my children must see these as the birth pangs of Fatima.  Fatima is the great gift, containing all that the Church needs to be the Light of the Nations.

I will try to describe for you all that will occur.  Even with many threats, there is still security.  Life goes on as usual.  Danger signals appear but nothing happens that seriously disturbs human life.  In this atmosphere of contentment, the Fatima gift is forgotten, as if not needed.  Fatima is the devotion of the few who choose to follow the messages.  However, as human life is halted, as structures are shaken, the promises of Fatima will grow in importance.  As world leaders fail to calm the storms, the Church will cry out to the heavenly Father for respites.

As this point, through those whom I have chosen, I will act more boldly.  These little locutions given now for years, will take on a new power.  Their credibility will have been established.  Even more, the words that I will give will be clearer and sharper.

I will also begin to touch people in high places.  They will come to believe.  In this way, the Fatima gift, now unopened, will begin to rise to the surface.  All of this is preparation for the greater events that will happen until the Fatima gift is broken open and its graces flood the Church.

August 23, 2015

“An Economic Event”


I know that I speak of great events which will happen soon but this must not overwhelm you.  Each person will receive the heavenly grace which they need.  Let us begin.

Society contains many structures which have been weakened by sinful decisions.  The safeguards against collapse have been greatly weakened.  Those who should have protected the economic system, have totally failed their responsibilities, thus leaving huge gaps which anyone can see.  These gaps are papered over, with money printed without any true resources.  How long this blasphemy has taken place and how false is the true value of the dollar upon which the world system relies.

The dollar will not hold the world systems together.  It is extended and stretched too far.  The beginning events will be economic and a breakdown of trust and confidence which undergirds the economic system

Fortunately, there is some inner strength and some integrity which will limit the slide and provide some protection.  All will not be lost but the first jolt will be clearly felt.

None of this comes from God.  It is not a divine chastisement.  It results completely from the foolish and sinful decisions of man.  Steps will be taken.  Adjustments will be made.  The system will be patched together so people can move on.

However, the great issues will not be faced.  Repentance, change of heart and the need for America to turn to the living God will be set aside for another day.  It will be the same road, with a few cautions.  However, anyone with wisdom will know that greater problems lie ahead.

In God’s plan, this event will be the beginning of a shaking of the Church, an awakening to the need for the Fatima gift.  So, all has a purpose.

August 26, 2015

“Financial Crisis”


There are so many clouds on the horizon that it is difficult to speak of a future filled with such darkness.  Yet, if I do not speak, the darkness will still come and my children will not have the light of my words.

By now, it is evident to all that the great darkness has begun.  The economic evils lying beneath the surface have broken through and have begun to shake the markets.  This comes as no surprise to my children who have listened to these words because I have spoken so often of the sins which have weakened the structures and made them ready for a collapse.

Now, I must come to the heart of the matter.  Efforts are being made right now as I speak to shore up the markets and to spread out the failures so that the shock is lessened.  This, too, just postpones the day of reckoning.  The deeper evils have not yet surfaced; the complete dishonesty that has prevailed for years and the constant pushing off of the day of truth.  What looks like evil is really truth.  What is the money truly worth?  Who have been good stewards and who have been dishonest?

What words can I give to my children?  How can I offer light in the midst of so much darkness?  First, I will be with each of you in a personal way, giving you greater faith and greater love for each other.  Amid the difficulties, I will also extend an invitation to many to return to the Catholic faith.

During this financial crisis, I will provide families with a great light so correct decisions are made.  I will not allow despair to control your hearts nor will I allow you to choose paths of darkness.  I will be with you.  I speak of this darkness ahead of time only so you can believe my promise.

August 28, 2015

“Iran, Satan’s Powder keg”


Even with Putin’s efforts to bring about accord, Syria will continue to be a battleground.  Too many diverse groups have special interests which they will not sacrifice.  Those fires will continue to burn, but at a lower level.  Most has been reduced to rubble.  The government controlled territory has shrunk and no dominant force has emerged.  By these years of conflict, the damage has been done and stability has been destroyed.

The Satanic fire now shifts to Iran which strengthens its hold upon its people.  Satan has always had his eyes and his hands upon Iran.  It is his jewel of the Middle East, the perfect situation to launch his greatest violence and bring about the destruction of Israel.  Iran is Satan’s greatest cauldron of fire, of epic proportions and soon with nuclear warheads.

Only Israel fully grasps the situation.  Forced into a corner and deserted by President Obama, Israel readies its own plans.  It cannot wait and cannot allow a nuclear Iran.

I pull back this veil so that all can see the true plight of mankind.  The Arab Spring revolutions were Satan’s moments of preparation.  Syria was Satan’s instrument in lighting the fuse.  Iran is his powder keg where the explosion will take place.  My words have been clear and consistent so everyone will believe that I am speaking.  Do not just believe my warnings.  Believe also in my promises and obey my requests.

August 29, 2015

“Jerusalem, Satan’s Target”


All is clear to my sight.  I see all the forces of evil that are placed on the Middle East. I see the weapons and the plans to use them. I see the leaders who are involved and the free decisions which they can make. I see their intellects and know exactly what they are plotting. Especially, I see that nothing is definite. Strategies shift. Unknown obstacles surface. Groups that were united enter into disputes. Not only is the Middle East in turmoil, but in even greater turmoil are all the forces behind the scenes.

The Middle East is a collection of diverse powers, some trying to bring stability and others trying to destroy. The future is very, very uncertain. So much depends on forces that gain momentum and try to sweep all the other groups along with them, upon the decisions made to join these forces or to try to destroy them. Who will eventually gain the upper hand? So much remains to be decided. So, I must speak.

The Middle East is Satan’s playground and he enjoys his games of destruction. One terrorist group destroys another and then it is destroyed.  Smaller groups give way to larger ones. Yet all have the same DNA of violence, destruction, suffering and death. Winners become losers and all pass away leaving behind a legacy of satanic suffering.

In the middle of all this sits Israel. Do you not see the connection? All of Satan’s efforts are to destroy Israel and Jerusalem because the heavenly Father has His plans for Jerusalem. The Father decreed that the blood of his Divine Son should be shed in Jerusalem. The power of that blood still remains upon the Holy City. No other city in the world contains the redeeming blood of Jesus. No wonder Jerusalem is Satan’s target.

August 30, 2015

“Iran – The Nation of the Lie”


I spread before you all the evils of the Middle East so you might see what Satan has prepared and understand his plans. He will use the Middle East as his cauldron of fire. Just as the fire came from Babylon to destroy Jerusalem in the time of Jeremiah, the prophet, so the fire of the Middle East is being prepared by Satan to first destroy Israel and then to lift its eyes to the West.

All of this is already seen by the world. What the world does not see is the great evil in Iran, which will become the very center of Satan’s furnace.

Satan has used the terrorist groups to prepare for this moment when Iran takes center stage. Its resources are far greater than any terrorist organization. It does not need to establish a caliphate. It is already a formed nation with a large and stable group of people. It already has a place at the table of nations and has just signed a treaty that is totally to its own advantage. So, I must pull back the veil that covers Iran.

Satan’s plans have finally reached his goal. He has kept Iran hidden for years. While everyone focused on the terrorist activities, Iran was allowed to develop its nuclear weapons, fearful sources of unbelievable proportions.

When all of this is accomplished (and it is already happening), what will Iran do? Will she take her place among the peaceful nations, content that she has gained this status? Not at all. Iran is the country of the lie, of deception, of pride, and of boundless ambition. All of this is not hidden. Iran speaks openly of her intentions and the West does not believe her.

All of these mysteries I hold in my heart and reveal to the world so everyone will know of my total love for mankind and of the powers which God has given to me to bring about world peace. Your heavenly mother has spoken.

August 31, 2015

“Final Words on Iran”


There is no more to say.  All the terror flowing from the Middle East has led to this goal of a nuclear Iran.  Once that is established, the tables will shift and the cover of secrecy will come off.

Iran will boldly assert its new position.  Efforts to curb its ambitions will prove fruitless (just as the efforts to curb its nuclear capability).  Most important, Iran will give Russia a door to Middle East power, something it sought years ago in attacking Afghanistan.

There will be a linking of Russia with Iran, and although the relationship will not be smooth, they will be joined in their mutual hatred of Israel and the West.  This linking up has already taken place.  The nuclear capability of Iran will make it an even more dangerous relationship.

Closer and closer the world moves toward nuclear war.  How often I have spoken about this evil, saying that nations could be annihilated.

Would not Iran suffer? Would there not be a response?  Do not forget. Satan loves no one.  He delights only in suffering.  He has no friends, only instruments that he uses for his purposes.

Is there not a final word?  Need I end on a note of destruction?  The very fact that I speak is a note of hope.  I portray what the future can be but does not have to be.  I always end with the same gift of light.  The heavenly Father has placed the gift of world peace in my Immaculate Heart.  All must run there immediately.  I will give you a special prayer, “O Mary, through your Immaculate Heart, give us world peace”.  Your heavenly Mother loves each one of you.

September 1, 2015

“An Evil in Man’s Bloodstream”


My words grow serious because the time is so short.  I am not speaking of nuclear war but of the shaking of the established order of life.  Many cracks appear, but with a crack the wall continues to function and life goes on.  A collapse changes the order of things and claims everyone’s attention.  Life cannot go on as usual.  All is disrupted.  The pieces must be picked up and put together again so life can continue as usual.

This is what the world desires – that life go on as before.  However, life cannot continue in this way.  An economic reckoning awaits the nations.  There have already been little shakings, which are called “correcting the markets”.  Would that your markets were able to be corrected!

The problems lie in the spirit of mankind and in the world leaders who have allowed this economic system to be formed by selfish interests and to move out from under God’s wisdom.  The wisdom of man is folly and his greatest folly surrounds greed and money.

I look at the whole world and I see danger spots everywhere, arising from evil decisions made decades ago and multiplied in recent years.  Now, I must speak to this issue, serious words, spoken to my children who will also be caught up in this collapse.

I can prevent nuclear war and if the Church turns to my Immaculate Heart, I will show the way to world peace.  That is a future issue.  The economic collapse is a different question.  Millions of selfish and deceitful decisions have led to this moment.  It is not a question of one nation or one leader.  Every nation and people have shared in this evil.  The problem is in man’s bloodstream.  All I can to is to alleviate the suffering.  I will be with you in every possible way when the collapse comes.

September 3, 2015

“The Pope’s Visit and the Collapse”


I cannot say that the economic collapse is distant when really it is near, or that it will be short when really it will be long, or that it will be easy, when really it will be quite difficult.  Only truth gives the light needed for hope.  So, I will now speak words of truth.

This collapse has been a long time in coming, preceded by many incidents that should have awakened the world.  God is not the cause of the collapse and the collapse is not a divine chastisement.  The collapse comes because of man’s free will and the choices he has made.  The collapse has no purpose.  It results from purposeless decisions made from self-interest.

The collapse will not come before Pope Francis comes to America but it will happen while he is in America.  I deliberately brought the Pope to America, the world’s financial center, to be here when it takes place.  I want him to be part of the picture.  I want him to be present.  His presence in America will be my sign that the Church is very important in saving mankind from its own follies.  Toward the end of his trip, he will have to shift his message and address the new world situation.  In this way, I will begin to exalt the Church as a beacon of light in the darkness.

During September, Congress will be voting on the Iran treaty.  Terrorism and economic difficulties are the twin evils which will mark the years ahead.  All of these good and evil forces, papacy, economic collapse and nuclear war will be merged in a single unforgettable moment, as they all come together in September, 2015.

September 4, 2015

“A Flood – But Not Noah’s”


A change will come over the whole world.  Many will be confused.   World leaders will not know what to do.  The full extent of the collapse will not be realized at first.  Like a flood that claims more and more of the dry ground, people will think that they are safe from its effects.  Then, they realize that the flood claims them and their homes.

I hate to speak of this.  Yet, it is important for my words to go forth.  So much of human life will be touched by these waters of debt.  Even so, some areas of the economy will continue, even though it is serious.  This collapse is not like the floods of Noah that covered the whole earth.

Most important, how will mankind respond?  Will the bankers again tinker with the books?  A change here, a change there and all will be as it used to be.  Such will be their wisdom but my words go much deeper.

This collapse will offer to the world a great invitation, while there is still time.  A new reality will set in.  Mankind will have a new perspective.  Many, many will just continue as before, cursing what has happened and intent on restoring the previous order.  Others will be more perceptive, especially as they listen to my words.

“This is not the time to rebuild but to repent.  It is not the time to build new economic skyscrapers but to lay a new foundation of faith deep within.  It is time to restore the structures of faith.  This collapse will not be the end but it will be a final warning.  Other warnings have not been heeded.  This warning, you must listen to.”

I have so much to teach.  I do not expect you to understand on your own!  I do expect you to act according to the words I give you.

September 5, 2015

“Our Lady’s Light in the Darkness”


Every effort will be made to have life go on as before.  But life should not go on as before because the disorders brought about the collapse.  New foundations are needed.  Can this happen?  Can a people who have strayed so far and have wandered so deeply into the darkness, see a new light?  Not by themselves, nor by their own efforts.

So, I must come upon the scene with the most powerful lights.  New lights must suddenly shine.  Unexpected lights.  Words from heaven.  People to guide and new voices that speak my messages.

Have I not already begun?  Do not your ears already hear my words?  Have not these locutions gone forth for years?  Will you be surprised?  Not at all.  I have told you ahead of time.  Will I suddenly stop speaking when all the world is ready to listen?  I have spoken for all this time to prepare for this moment.

In the middle of these times of darkness, when mankind is filled with confusion and ready to despair, my greatest lights will suddenly shine.  Satan is not the only one who is ready.  I, too, am ready and soon the full battle will begin, but only after my lights fill the world.

Then, the opposing forces will be clearly drawn up.  Satan will have his terrorists, his nuclear Iran and all the confusion caused by the destruction of stable structures.  I will have my messengers, my lights and my presence, coming upon all who turn to me in faith.

My greatest gift of light will shine forth as Satan’s darkness grows and grows.  Then, all will see the great glory of the Catholic Church and how I will use her to bless all mankind.

September 6, 2015

“Gifts After the Collapse”


As expected, the world will mourn its losses and grieve much over the riches which it used to have.  I, too, will grieve over the many good people caught up in this suffering.  I will grieve over the great hardships which will be caused and over the sadness and depression which many will feel because it is the moment of accounting.

I must speak of another result, the clearing away of all illusions and a willingness to live in God’s wisdom.  How can a foolish, crushed, fallen world ever rise to a new level, when it would not do this in prosperity?  Will not people be mourning?  Will their hearts not be so burdened?  Will they not curse God, claiming they are innocent, and refusing to see the truth?  This is Satan’s plan.  He wants to strike a blow at the human spirit so mankind never lifts its eyes to the Almighty.  Despair, hatred for God, darkness – these are always effects of a tragedy.  Such would be the state of man.

However,  in the moments of the collapse, I will send forth the greatest light.  All the promises that I have made in these locutions will go into effect.  More important and greater gifts, hidden until now, will begin to surface.

How often I have spoken of the Catholic Church and its new role in world affairs.  How often I have spoken of the Fatima gifts that have not been opened.  How often I have spoken of my priest son whom I love so much and whom I have anointed.  When the collapse comes, know that all of these powerful gifts that I have stored up for the world, will begin to be opened.

September 7, 2015

“The Final Warning”


How serious will the collapse become?  Much depends on the decisions made by worldly leaders. Unfortunately, many decisions will not be made in truth.  They will not face the problems or build a true foundation. They will try to “get by” and “get through this situation”.

This collapse is not a temporary situation of a true economy, but the normal result of a false economy, based upon money that does not exist and the accumulation of debt.  All of this happened when the West walked away from God.  When the light of faith was left behind, mankind entered into darkness.

This collapse will be the final warning.  So that my message will be believed, it will take place while the Pope is at the world’s financial center.  After the collapse, many secular voices will be raised, decrying what has been allowed to happen.  These voices will be too shallow because they do not understand.

My deepest question is this.  Will it the response be like it was after 9/11?   Will it just be a week or two of fervor, when all the churches were filled?  For a short time, the people looked to God but soon returned to their normal ways.  This collapse is different.  This is the final warning.  If you return to what was, if America does not return to faith, then you will have no hope.

Yet, does a mother allow the child of her womb to struggle alone.  Does she not bend over and offer her help?  In the middle of the despair, I will place new seeds of hope.  The future does not lie with those who will attempt to rebuild a corrupt economic system, but with those who say “Let us be taught by God”.

September 8, 2015

“The Effects of the Final Warning”


I have opened my heart and spoken my words for all the world to know.  I have not held back nor have I softened the message.  This collapse, although not the end, is the final warning.  What do these words mean, “Final Warning”?

First, there will be no further warning, no more moments when the Heavenly Father keeps back the deluge. Second, the decisions made after the collapse will be much more important than the decisions made before.  Do not bemoan what has happened.  Do not wail over the past.  A warning, especially the final warning, is a great gift.  A warning shows there is still hope, that action can be taken and that all is not lost.

When the collapse comes, many will believe that it is too late because too much has fallen apart.  A warning is just the opposite.  It says that there is still time.  God’s final warning also says that solutions exist.  In all the darkness, a path of light is available.  A door is able to be opened that leads to freedom.

The final warning will drive home a lesson that superficial and short-term solutions are lies.  A final warning touches every heart and people realize, “This is it.  We cannot postpone the radical commitment to God’s Word, to His Church, and to His plan”.

When that grace settles into the heart of a person and into the heart of the Church, the final warning has gained its purpose.  All are ready to receive the favors that I have been withholding until they could be received.  With the final warning and with the needed response to that warning, I can begin to release all the favors that I have had to withhold.

This final warning will hasten the moment of the consecration of Russia. Do not blame the Holy Father for not making this consecration.  The whole Church is held liable.  After the consecration, I will release unimaginable gifts, blessings without end.  If the Consecration had taken place earlier (and indeed it should have been completed by now) the Church could not have received these favors because the people’s hearts were not ready.  The final warning will change all of that.

Comment:  In this one locution, Our Lady gives many extremely important revelations.  The consecration of Russia should already have taken place.  The various popes are not responsible for this because the whole Church’s heart could not have received.  When the final warning changes our hearts, the consecration will be made and Our Lady will pour out favors which we have never seen.

September 9, 2015

“The Role of Pope Francis”


Pope Francis will understand the new situation and will adjust the goals of his papacy.  He will not understand the fullness of all that is to happen but I will help him in this new moment for the Church.  (This fullness will be so great that no one will grasp all that I intend to do.)

He will not be the Pope who will consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart (This task will fall to his successor.)  However, he will be the Pope that helps the Church accept the graces flowing from this final warning.

Because he is able to touch many hearts, I will use his voice and his own heart.  I will give him light to correctly interpret these events so the graces associated with this final warning prepare the Church for the moment when Russia is finally consecrated.

I do not speak these words lightly.  The months after the final warning must not be frittered away with overwhelming anxiety nor by a total concentration on trying to restore life as it previously was (although charitable works must certainly multiply).

My words on all of these issues have been very clear.  After the final warning, I will pour out great graces which will prepare for the next Holy Father and for the consecration of Russia.  Pope Francis will lead the Church during this year into a profound repentance and expectant faith.  His role is very important and his widespread acclaim will accelerate this Church renewal.  Then,  I will be ready to exalt my priest son who will consecrate Russia so the greatest graces can be released.

All can see my plans as I assume my role as the Woman Clothed With the Sun and the great battle with Satan commences.

September 10, 2015

“Millions Will Listen”


Although the time draws near, life goes on as usual.  Only a few signs appear that indicate the problems that lie ahead.  Yet, it is now that I must speak.  How urgent are my words.  Many have no idea of the urgency of the times or the need for my words.  After the events, this will change.  This will be one of the important graces of which I have spoken.

During these years, many have learned about my locutions and have become zealous in reading and spreading them.  However, when compared to all the world, their number is quite small.  When the events begin, many, many more will look to these little locutions for the light and hope which they so much need.

I will not disappoint them.  The locutions will become stronger and filled with the greatest light.  I will know everyone whom they are helping.   I will direct my words to their individual situations.  Only the Woman could do this.  I will speak simple words to millions and yet my words will be individual, touching each one’s heart.

Thousands will read today’s locution.  After the event, millions will read them, so great will be the graces that I pour out.

Much more important will be the favors coming from these words.  Today, walls surround so many hearts.  I shout.  I cry out.  I whisper.  I use every possible means to penetrate their souls, but all my methods are useless.  Too many walls.  Too much security.  No felt need for God’s help.

After the events, the walls will collapse and my tiniest whisper will be like a booming voice.  My slightest word will be received with the greatest thankfulness.   After the events, there will be no walls to keep out my favors.  The great blessings can begin.

September 11, 2015

“Cana – The First Sign”


No time to waste.  Do not delay.  Do not say, “Let us see if all of this happens as Our Lady has said”.  Is not my word firm?  Do I not speak to prepare my children?  Others might question but my children must believe.

The weeks ahead are very important.   They are not to be wasted in idle speculation.  In the coming days, I will tell you exactly what you need to know.  These will be very special words.  Set your wild imaginings aside and ponder my words.

First, you must walk very closely with me, much closer than you have ever been.  These weeks are filled with my greatest favors, especially for those who understand and believe.  Do not omit your rosary.  In those moments I will come, meet you and give you light.

Second, the collapse will not come out of the blue.  The signs of economic difficulties have already appeared.  The experts study the trends and try to explain the causes.  However, although the collapse will certainly be due to human causes, what will happen cannot be forecasted by human experts.  Their minds do not see the extent to which the economic structures have been weakened nor can they predict the responses to the initial difficulties.   All that you need to know is that an economic collapse will take place while the Holy Father is in the United States.

Third, I have deliberately brought him to these shores so that the events will be associated with his visit.  This is my clear sign of the role of the Holy Father and of the Catholic Church in the reconstruction of society and of God’s saving actions for the human race.

Fourth, this collapse and the presence of the Holy Father are only the beginning of the events.  The collapse is Satan’s action and the Holy Father’s presence is my action.  These actual events will show what I have been saying during these years of the locutions.  The present world events are just the manifestations of the unseen battle being waged by Satan against the kingdom of Jesus.  Because the world has lost faith in Jesus’ kingdom, it cannot understand or explain what is going on.  Even worse, the world aids and abets Satan and, by past decisions, has brought on this collapse.

Even when the events happen exactly as I have said, many will still not believe my words.  However, millions of people (of all faiths) will begin to believe.  The events will be like Cana of Galilee, the first  of Jesus’ signs which helped his disciples to believe in him.  Such will be the events when the Holy Father is in America.  I have deliberately brought the Holy Father to America so all the world will see my sign.

September 12, 2015

“The Hour of the Woman at Cana”


I will reveal all my heart’s secrets so the whole world can clearly understand what is happening.  Each word will add a stone of faith until the whole building is completed.

At Cana of Galilee, this couple which had no more wine, are a symbol of Adam and Eve who lost divine life and could not pass it on to their children.  When I spoke with Jesus he called me “Woman”.  How important that title is.  He told me that this was not His hour.  However the couple had no wine and the saving action could not wait.  All of these mysteries, I will now explain.

The loss of wine is a symbol of Satan’s hour, depriving the human life of its joy.  If I were to sit idly by and allow these events to happen, the collapse would truly be his hour and would lead to many other events which he has already planned.  All of you must see this event with the eyes of faith.  The evil is certainly Satan’s hour but my words reveal that it is also the beginning of my hour.  All the mysteries that I have spoken about will begin.

When the wine runs out, when great grief comes upon so many, you must understand that this is the hour of the Woman Clothed With the Sun.  Everything that I have waited and waited for will begin.  Contained in my hour will be the fullness of Fatima, the consecration of Russia and the fulfillment of the Fatima visions.

When Adam and Eve sinned, the heavenly Father responded by saying “I will put an enmity between you and the Woman” (Gen.3:15).  When you see these events know that you are witnessing the beginning of the hour of the Woman.

September 13, 2015

“The Role of Pope Francis”


I want to speak of Pope Francis whom I have raised to the Chair of Peter. Each pope brings his own personality. However, each day, graces pour into the popes to lead them in a definite direction. Each pope brings his personal thoughts but these are quickly subjected to the Holy Spirit’s purpose in raising him to the papacy. I want to highlight these gifts and put them in the context of what the future holds.

I have often said that I want the Church and the papacy to have a stronger and larger role in world governance. The world leaders have rejected this idea and deprived the Church of the role it had enjoyed for centuries.

I have been bringing forth popes with great charisms who have captivated the minds and hearts of so many. Pope Francis is certainly one of these. His greatest gift is to win over hearts, to help people to see the Catholic Church in a new light. This has been his role up to now. In the October Synod of Bishops, he hopes to widen and to spread out the net even more (although he is well aware of the danger of breaking the nets themselves).

These two gifts flow from his personality and from deeply held convictions. They are not superficial nor the result of overnight thinking. He knows this path and he knows how he wants to have the Church reach out.

As great as these are, they are not the special, unique gift of his papacy. They are gifts which flow from below. The greatest gift will flow from above. After the event my heavenly purpose in choosing him will begin to come to the foreground. This event will be definitive. New papal graces will pour out and I will lead him on a new search to discover the Church’s role in this new situation.

September 14, 2015

“The Two Armies”


I bring my children into the full light, so that even in great darkness, they can see that my plan is unfolding. When the events begin, while Pope Francis is in America, all my children will have their great sign that the plan of Fatima and the role of the Woman Clothed With the Sun have been released.

After this event, there will be no turning back. Heaven’s powers will be released. I will come, more and more, onto the world stage. The battle will begin because war has been openly declared.

This means the clear joining of sides. Both armies, good and evil, will gather in battle array. All will be forced to make a decision. Whom will you serve? Who is your king?

It will seem that Satan’s army is much larger and that darkness will certainly win. That is why I must come onto the scene and give forth many clear signs. How can my children enlist in the army if they never see the general and they do not know their king?

I will recruit by signs and by words which interpret the signs. All will experience these signs but, only those who know my words, can interpret them correctly.

You are entering a period of great faith. There will be both darkness and signs in which you can only walk by faith. Other lights will be taken from you. I will train you. I promise you sufficient signs outside of you and enough faith within you. Listen to my words. They will guide you in the darkness that is coming.

September 15, 2015

“Interpreting the Events”


As the time grows closer, I must pour out greater gifts of light and understanding. World leaders are concerned with difficulties coming from every side, totally unable to cope with these problems.

In the midst of all these social upheavals stands the world’s economic system, filled with its great weaknesses. The financial resources are not present to deal with the demands, caused so much by the ongoing Syrian revolution. All of these factors will lead to civil unrest that will also be beyond the power of governments.

My words, spoken years ago, that the Syrian revolution would light the fuse by causing structures to fall and stirring unrest are being fulfilled. This instability flows everywhere, with great suffering and no end in sight. This multiplication of problems is Satan’s plan, constantly diverting attention as leaders are forced to confront constantly new disruptions.

The events in September will bring all to a head, a culmination of many weaknesses that breaks out, like a pot that finally boils over for all to see.

This is my teaching. Satan sees it to his advantage to manifest his power in order to encourage those who want to overthrow the West. They will take great joy in the collapse and will see their timetable moved up by many years. They will see the great vulnerability of the West which has allowed itself to become so weak. This will only add to the woes.

However, my children will see the events quite differently. The events will be a sign to them that I have actively begun to assume my role as the Woman and that all I have prepared will also begin to manifest its power. How important are my words to interpret these events.

September 16, 2015

“Led By the Woman”


So many forces converging from so many directions!  Has anyone seen or foreseen such a moment?  Yet, none should be surprised.  I have spoken often of the uniqueness of these times, when all the evil planted for centuries comes to fruition and all the good promised so many times in my apparitions comes to the surface

This is what the world is witnessing, a culmination and a crisis, a cross roads, a breaking forth, a release of good and evil powers, locked in mortal combat.

I say all of this so the world realizes that these forces are beyond all of its resources to respond or to push them back.  You are not fighting against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers.

Refugees flee the Middle East.  Iran builds its nuclear weapons.  Putin extends Russian influence.  Nations slip more and more into debt.  Where will this all end?  All must see human history is locked into mortal combat.  Heaven and hell are at war.  Each struggles to gain control of man’s heart.  The human race lies helpless. Yet, the human race is the prize which goes to the winner.  I cannot speak any more clearly.

I must recruit my army.  To do this, I must come upon the human scene with both signs and words, signs for all to see and words that teach and explain.  I must be more present, more seen, more visible, more active among my children so that, in all the events, they grow in faith, knowing how close I am to them and how great are my helps.

Come, we must begin to walk this new way. We are pilgrims on a journey of faith.  Fortunately, you will be led by the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

September 18, 2015

“The Woman – Present in the Dark Moment”


A moment happens.  A breakthrough which no one foresees.  Looking back all can see what has led to this moment.  I am speaking about such an event, buried now in human life but so soon to break forth.

Many evils have been planted in human history.  All of these are coming to the surface.  Need I mention them all – the children who never saw the light of birth, the weapons sold to the highest bidder, the trillions of dollar spent which did not exist, the false agreements and the secret decisions that forged selfish alliances.  All of these lie buried, waiting to break through.

I hold all of these in my heart.  They are my sorrows.  Because I hold them, the heavenly Father holds back his chastising hand because He would need to harm His beloved daughter.  Yet, these evils must be purged.  They cannot remain and fester.  So, there is another solution, a different way.

That is what I call “the breakthrough moment”.  This is not God chastising.  It is the normal result of sinful and foolish decisions.  That moment will confront mankind, like a moment of truth when all must look and see, no longer able to postpone or look away.  All will be exposed in a blinding moment of truth.

I will be there.  I will enter into that moment.  My voice will go forth, stronger than ever, calling my children and telling them to come.  I will offer my salvation to all.  I will save all who listen and respond.  That is why I speak so clearly every day.  My words will be the greatest light in the greatest darkness.

September 19, 2015

“The Beginning Flashpoint”


Every collapse begins with a flash point which cannot be known ahead of time.  Surprising factors converge.  The pressure is too much and the breakthrough happens.  Afterwards, the reasons for the event are clearly seen.

Now, I must speak, even though my words are accompanied with great sorrow.  The structures are so weak, vulnerable in many places.  These structures are overburdened with a staggering debt which constantly saps the vigor and daily weakens the economy.

So, what I am speaking about is no surprise.  It will not come from above (from heaven) but from below (from earth).  It will not destroy everything.  It is a warning, not the final destruction.

It is a beginning event and in the years that follow, many more such events are planned by Satan.  They are meant to follow one another.  These events are evils of every kind – wars, attacks, collapses, civil strife – things which are already taking place before your eyes.

This present flashpoint is meant to be the door which I use to enter the world stage and begin to take my place.  Again, I say “begin”, because I will come step by step.  The Church must welcome me.  Catholics must find new hope in me.  All the world must begin to believe that I am the Woman who holds all of history in my heart.

This is the beginning, not the end, a special beginning.  Humankind will be given a final opportunity to accept heaven’s gifts.

September 20, 2015

“Mary’s Embrace of Humankind”


It is not good to delay any more.  Constantly the timetable has been pushed back.  The reckoning has been delayed by the clever scheming of those who do not want the truth to come to light.  This has only multiplied the problems and complicated the solutions.

It is best for the dam to break now rather than later.  The greater the delay, the greater the harm.  So, it must happen now while there is still time because the economy is not the only ill facing mankind.

Why allow the world to go along its merry way, constantly multiplying its debts, when it faces enemies on many sides?  The world must be awakened, jolted and made ready to hear my voice.

Hearing my voice, awakening to my presence, realizing my closeness and accepting my help are the good effects.  These can no longer be postponed.  The world is safe only in my arms.  I would embrace humankind, every single person, every group and every nation.

The Catholic Church retains a deep stream of devotion.  Many saints have exalted me.  My apparitions have awakened many and fostered this devotion.  Yet, all of this is woefully inadequate.

I want to fully release my powers upon the Church and the world.  I want to assume the role which the heavenly Father has given to me.  As yet, only a few have had small glimpses of my power and even fewer understand my full prerogatives.

The breakthrough can no longer be delayed.  Too much time has been lost.  I must come in a fullness never seen or experienced before.

September 23, 2015

“Whose Moment is This?”


The time is opportune.  All eyes are fixed upon Pope Francis.  Other concerns are set aside for this moment.  This is my moment.  As the forces of evil crash in upon the world events, all will see what my words have described. These events come from hell’s infernal powers and from fires that mankind has allowed to burn freely.  Years ago, I spoke of the fires of Syria, that they would not be extinguished and would overflow, totally disrupting the Middle East.  All of this has taken place.

Now, I return to the other infernal fire, burning strongly beneath the surface, the infernal fire of economic weaknesses that have proliferated.  This, too, waits only for Satan’s pernicious moment, when he turns the world’s attention to himself and to his plans of destruction.

This is too tempting for Satan.  He, foolishly, moves up his timetable, when really he should wait a while longer.  He will not allow Pope Francis to have the world stage all to himself.  Satan will want to crash the party, reveal his powers and announce his presence.

O foolish Satan, you do not know how the Almighty God is using you to bring about His plan.  This only seems to be your moment, when really this is my moment.  I need say no more.

September 24, 2015

“A New Spring in the Desert”


Will I be silent now?  Should I put away this little instrument that has helped so many?  Shall I set it aside, as if I can discard what is so close to my heart?  Troubles and problems, wars and uprising, blessings and favors – about all of these I have spoken for so many years until many have come to listen with believing hearts.

No, I will not be silent.  Instead, my voice shall pierce heaven’s secrets and the thoughts of my heart, held back until now, will begin to flow.

Come, a new era is beginning.  I am about to bring forth a moment which I have always promised.  A spring will rise in the desert from a little known place, (like a new Bethlehem). This gift is about to unfold, quickly, by surprising events within the Church.

There will be two series of events, one series in the world and the other in the Church.  The first will lead to the second.  A new openness will fill the Church.   From now on, heaven itself will control the Church.  The Church will set aside any worldly thinking, any compromise with worldly methods (even those that seemingly advance the gospel).  The Church will walk only on heaven’s road because no other road will lead to my Immaculate Heart.  In this heart, I hold the whole world with all its history, the whole Church, with all its saints and the King of Kings Himself.  Let me open this door, today.  Once I have opened the door, no one will close it.

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