Jesus Christ Speaks To The Nations And America

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Locutions To The World

September 27, 2012

“Middle East Violence”


The days that are ahead are uncharted and will twist and turn. Many events will happen that will not be seen for what they are. They will be written off as unimportant. However, looking back, people will see that they were the first steps on an entirely new road of destruction. New personalities will emerge because of the great changes. People who did not think they could claim great power will seize their new opportunities. It will be the clever and the evil ones who will take advantage of the great vacuum that has suddenly emerged on the world scene.

Those whose voices would usually be heard will either be quiet or ineffective. They will see that they are really powerless in the face of the tide of violence.

Only those who preach violence will be heard because no one will oppose them or confront them or even threaten them. Their voices will go forth, be heard, and grow stronger ” as if what they were saying is true. Violence and acts of violence will be the only words spoken.

The repercussions cannot be seen. Many will say that this had happened before and then cooled down. However, this situation is different. There is no peace to go back to. People will not cool down because so much has been destroyed that they have nowhere to return to. Violence is the modern word, the today word. Peace is quiet – no longer proposed a legitimate alternative and no longer attractive because it holds no rewards. Only violence is rewarded.

The core of society in the Middle East no longer exists. Only violence offers a hope of a better future ” somehow- when the so-called enemies are removed. That is the great delusion that Satan has used to entrap everyone ” his friends and his foes. They are all the same to him ” people he wants to drag to hell as soon as they do his tasks.

September 28, 2012

“A Person Chosen By God”


My response to violence will not be long is coming. The crises are at the door and they will not wait for politicians to decide. These crises have their timetable. They will come crashing in, when they desire and how they choose. No one will hold them back once they are unleashed. Whom will I raise up? To whom will I give the mantle of justice? A person after my own heart. This is my revelation. I will raise up the one whom I will call out of hiding. Yes, out of hiding, for he is unknown, hidden in the depth of my heart. When he comes forth, all will know that he belongs to me. He is mine and I will receive the glory for rescuing the world.

September 29, 2012

“The Outbreak of Violence”


The path of destruction will not be a road that moves straight ahead. It will zig-zag, go back and forth, and even turn on itself and on its own people. Once unleashed, destruction will find its own way. Whatever is in its path, will succumb to its infernal fires. Some people are more vulnerable than others. Others have built up a resistance and are held closely together by bonds of love. Love is the answer. When people love one another they will not turn against each other. They will resist the temptation to violence against someone who is weak and can easily be taken advantage of.

That is what will first sweep across the nations. People will see that they can gain certain goals by violence. They will see that others are weaker and will not be able to resist. My laws which say “Do not kill” and “Do not steal” will mean nothing to them. They will seize their opportunity and violence will break out. They will not realize that they have unleashed destructive forces that cannot be contained or even directed. This path of destruction will not move straight ahead but will go back and forth and will even turn upon itself. Beware of violence. When this is unleashed, no one is in control.

September 30, 2012

“Violence at the Center of Society”


Why do I speak on such a theme? Because violence is in the ascendency and will soon take center stage. Violence begins on the margins where security cannot be adequately enforced and where rebellion has time to grow and spread. At the center, however, there usually remain areas of stability and control. When violence breaks out, people turn to this center for help.

Soon violence will reach this center of society. Institutions needed for stability will be attacked and overthrown. There will be no center of stability to look to. Violence will have moved from the margins to the center.

October 1, 2012

“Avoiding the Burning Lava of Violence”


Violence is like burning lava that destroys everything which lies in its path. It destroys life that has taken so many centuries to bring about. In a short time, the culture of life is instantly ripped apart and cannot be mended or restored. Human relationships and human culture are pieced together slowly, but they are ripped apart quickly. I say this so that my words are etched into your souls.

Do not take up the sword. Do not use torches of fire. Do not fire your weapons. Seek your safety by being prepared. Flee whenever necessary. I will guide you. Look ahead. Do not be caught off-guard. See the warning signals. I promise to guide you and keep you safe. The greatest protection is not to meet violence with violence, but to see ahead of time the path of violence and to flee so that this stream of lava does not reach you. Blessed are those who heed my words.

October 2, 2012

“America Has Not Repented”


What will I do to those who pour out this lava of violence? How will I treat them? Are they my messengers of retribution or are they agents of my enemy Satan? They are both and they must be seen as such.

When violence and destruction break out against a nation of peace (as happened at the Twin Towers) people must see this for what it is. Violence is a warning that the people are not living under God. I do not refer to the people who suffered in that tragedy, but to the whole nation. America has sinned. It has killed its unborn. These are far more numerous than those killed in the Twin Towers.

Certainly an enemy did this evil. Yet, the sins of America have cried out for so long. Americans have shouted to me, “We do not want you in our national life”. So, I withdrew my hand of protection and I allowed your enemies to come against you. I did this so you would repent and turn to me. Has this happened? Has America acknowledged its sins? Not at all. America, you have not learned your lesson. I want you to see your need for my protecting hand. Instead, you have trusted in your own strength to rebuild. How often must I let your enemies attack you before you say, “Let us return to the Lord. He will be our salvation?”

October 3, 2012

“The Cries of Aborted Children”


I do not call you to death but to life, but right now, you are firmly set on the path of death. You kill your unborn and you think that you have silenced their voice. Really, death multiplies their words. Their little cries come before me constantly. “When will you avenge our deaths?” they ask. Do they not have a right to be heard? Their voices were silenced before your Supreme Court but they are given a true hearing in the heavenly court. This I must say clearly, “America, turn back as quickly as possible from this terrible road of destroying the totally innocent, unborn child. If not, I will come to you with my flaming sword and no one will be able to claim that I am not justified in slaying your children.” Can you not see the mountain of retribution that is being piled up every day with the dead bodies of the unborn children?

October 4, 2012

“The Visitation of Jesus”


I will visit earth and those whose hearts are prepared will know that I have done this to bless them and to sustain them. For those who do not know me, I will give them a new opportunity. For them to accept my visitation will be more difficult because they are not used to the ways of the Spirit. Yet, even to these, I will extend a hand of welcome.

However, to those who oppose me, who persecute my people, who open the doors wide to every evil to these my hand will also extend, but it will carry an iron road of chastisements. Yet, even to these, if they repent and change their ways, I will offer my gift of peace. Only to those who continue in their evil ways, who say, “I will not turn back from this path”, will my chastising hand bring about their destruction. I am the God of life and I offer life to all. Those who refuse my gift of life condemn themselves to eternal death.

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