Jesus And Mary Speak To Recently Unemployed, The Poor, The Burdened And The Homeless

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Locutions To The World

February 6, 2013


The Recently Unemployed

To you who walk in a darkness of doubts and even of despair, your whole world has been turned upside down.  The walls that seemed so strong have suddenly fallen.  It is a new darkness, one that you never had to cope with before.  You always had your work.  You had a job to go out to every day and the satisfaction of returning home at night, a full day’s work accomplished.

Now, employment has been taken away.  For the first time, you feel the emptiness of someone who has lost an identity, with a definite place to go and co-workers who were you daily companions.

Let go of your past.  Trust.  Come, I will lead you along a new path.  It is already there, waiting for you to find it.  Call out to me. Believe that I will show you.  Especially believe that I will get you through this period.

February 7, 2013


To the Poor

I do not turn my back to the poor.  I invite them, welcome them and bring them to myself.

They are so close to my heart because I lived in poverty, deliberately leaving aside so many physical comforts to visit the towns of Israel.  The poor are mine and I openly proclaimed that I had come to preach good news to the poor.

What are my words to you?  What good news can I preach when you are deprived of so many earthly goods, even the necessities of life?  Your poverty results from the sinfulness of mankind.  The heavenly Father has provided an abundance but mankind controls the distribution of goods.  Satan has used his human instruments to turn the earth into a place of suffering.

Poverty will continue until mankind repents and seeks the kingdom.  Then, all will see God’s glorious abundance.

To you, now mired in this poverty, I say that you are close to me.  I see your daily struggles.  Continue to help those who are even more poor than yourself.  I will see these acts of kindness and provide for you.


A Burdened Mother

So many are burdened, especially those mothers who brought children into the world and now find them a terrible burden.  “Why did I even do this?  Why did I allow myself to give birth when I cannot care for them?” They ask.

O burdened mother, the children see your love.  Later, they will fully understand all your efforts and all that you provided for them in your poverty.  I have only this word for you.

“Your children are rich.  They have your love.  I will be with you”.

February 9, 2013


The Burdened Person

I speak to the wandering soul, the person who enjoys no rest, plagued by circumstances that have happened, many of which were beyond his control.  I speak to the burdened soul who tries to fulfill so many responsibilities with so few resources.  Their numbers are increasing and their burdens grow greater.  They can find no rest.  Their days are spent searching for enough to live and survive.  Their numbers are legion.  To them I speak, “In all your searching, do not forget the kingdom of God.  Often you search but you do not find.  However, whoever searches for the kingdom always finds and the kingdom is a pearl of great value and a hidden treasure.  In all of your searching, I say “Seek first the kingdom of God and all these other things will be given you besides.”


The Homeless

I speak to the homeless.  How can this be in America, that you have no home?  The sins of America have caused this.  The greed, the deception, the corruption.  America blessed with my abundance has squandered its heritage and many of its children wander the streets, subject to all the changes of weather and all the harshness of the elements.

Who can unravel all the causes that brought you to this state?  Who can unveil your own failings that might have contributed to your losses?  To search for those answers is a useless path, so let us take a different one.  I value you.  You are worthwhile in my eyes.  You have a body that needs to be helped and a soul that needs to be saved.  I will help you with both.

As you call upon my name, “Mary”, I will place hope in your soul, light in your mind and determination in your will.  You will not remain an outcast or a rejected part of society. You will find your place and give me thanks.  Let us begin now.

*                              *                              *

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