Returning To The Fervor Of The Early Church And Releasing The Power Of The Holy Spirit

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Guidance and Instructions As Given By

Our Lady – Mary – Queen of Heaven

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Locutions To The World

The Heavenly Realm (August 1 to August 9, 2013)

August 1, 2013
Jesus’ Kingdom


I see Satan’s kingdom with all of its evil plans and powers of destruction. However, I also see the beautiful kingdom that Jesus preached. Through Jesus, this kingdom has come upon the earth. However each person must believe in Jesus and be baptized, so the kingdom can come in its fullness. This is what I will describe in these coming days. Let us begin.

Originally, the kingdom of God was firmly established and mankind enjoyed a close friendship with God that no one on earth can even imagine. However mankind freely chose to turn away from God. (Such was the powerful deceit of the Evil One.) However, God had the final word promising that Jesus would be sent. Speaking to Satan, God said, “I will put an enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers.” (Gen.3:15)

I will be describing this heavenly realm which Jesus has brought to earth.

August 2, 2013
Clothed With Divine Life


So much to pour out of my heart! I rejoice to speak out. The kingdom of Jesus begins by clothing the soul in divine grace, the life of the Trinity. The soul is snatched away from Satan’s grasp, transferred from the kingdom of darkness and into Jesus’ kingdom of light.

The soul becomes a new creation, filled with supernatural powers. The soul becomes a child of God and an heir with Jesus, its brother. Such is the glory and dignity conferred as the soul is clothed with divine grace. This begins my explanation of heavenly life, a gift which Jesus restored to the human race.

August 3, 2013
Life Within Jesus


This divine life is the same life that I received at the moment of my Immaculate Conception.

The person becomes a child of the Trinity and enjoys the life of the Father, Son and Spirit.

This life flowed within Jesus and is given to all who believe in him and are baptized.

I see everyone in the world. Some have this divine life and others do not. I sorrow over every human suffering, large or small, but I sorrow the most over those who do not have this divine life.

Jesus always told people to seek true life and to be rich in heavenly things. He was speaking about this divine life that I will explain each day.

August 4, 2013
A Community Filled With Divine Life


Reader, I must first explain the state of the human race and how you can gain the divine life.

The heavenly Father so loved these newly created human persons that he clothed them in divine life and they enjoyed a friendship with him. However, they were deceived by the Prince of Darkness and made the horrible mistake of disobeying God and forfeiting this divine life. They and all their children were led into the darkness where mankind still abides. This is the first truth. Mankind is born into darkness.

However, the Father sent Jesus, the light of the world, to save mankind from this death and darkness. By my Immaculate Conception, I was the first to be rescued. As Jesus preached and gathered disciples, others came into the light. The divine gift was sealed by Jesus appearing after his death and resurrection to those whom he had chosen beforehand. When these disciples received the Holy Spirit, Jesus’ community, filled with divine life, was ready to share that life with the whole world. This was the beginning gift of the Father.

August 5, 2013
Believe, Repent and Be Baptized


This little community filled with divine life and knew exactly what to do. Jesus had instructed them to preach to the whole world and to make disciples of the nations. These disciples told the whole world about Jesus’ death and resurrection and of his promise of eternal life to all who believe in his power and his name. They invited all who believed their preaching to be baptized.

In this way, divine life went out from this little community to the whole world, just as it does today. I am the world’s preacher and I invite you, if you have not been baptized, to believe in Jesus, to repent of your sins, and to be baptized in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. In this way, the divine life of Jesus will make you a new creation.

August 6, 2013
A Child of God


When the Holy Spirit of Jesus enters by Baptism, the soul becomes a new creation and a child of God. They are filled with divine powers and many potentialities that are released by the other sacraments. All is contained in the baptismal gift, even their specific call to serve the Church and the world. So much to explain in the coming days! Where will I begin?

I will start with the soul becoming a child of God. Jesus alone enjoys this power to make you a child of God. John writes “But to those who did accept him, he gave power to become children of God to those who believe in his name” (1:12). The human family was divided, cast into darkness and burdened with sin. Jesus formed a new family and Baptism is the birth into this family. All the angels and saints are also members of this family. They help the soul to reach heaven.

However, every child of God must freely choose to remain in the Father’s house. Everyone is free, like the Prodigal Son, to take their inheritance and to leave. My heart sorrows because so many have made that choice. How I want them to repent and to say, “I will return to my Father’s house”. I search for these souls. I even allow them to experience hardships so they understand the blessings they used to enjoy.

So much to explain. The gifts of the heavenly realm are infinite.

August 7, 2013
The Seed of Faith


Just as the newly born infant has many powers that will increase as he grows up, so this divine life contains powers that are meant to grow. These powers are like seeds planted in the soul. Unfortunately, the ground might not receive this seed fully and there is no harvest. I will explain what happens when the divine life is fully welcomed. I will begin with the power of faith.

Faith opens the door to the heavenly realm and the soul experiences a new life. When a child becomes an adolescent, they experience a new world of human relationships. By faith, the soul sees the great possibilities of a life with the Father. It realizes the great love of Jesus who gained these heavenly riches by his death. The soul sees that I am its heavenly mother.

All is new. Another world and new possibilities come into sight. Suddenly, the soul begins to hope.

August 8, 2013
Heaven Can Be Mine


As faith opens the heavenly doors the soul begins to realize, “All of this can be mine. I can live forever. I can be perfectly happy.” Joy fills them and they are ready to sell all they have to gain Jesus’ kingdom.

Contained in this hope is a purpose that will never disappoint them and a goal which they know is not an illusion because it is based upon the promises of God himself. Filled with faith and surrounded by divine hope, they realize that the Father is inviting them to make a decision.

By faith, the door is open. By hope, the person sees the Father’s heavenly gifts. However, only by love can the soul embrace the kingdom. This is the divine question. Will they love God above all things and open their lives to his intrusions?

August 9, 2013
Being United By Love


Faith and hope are divine powers that lift the soul, like a rocket, far into the mysteries of the heavenly realm. The soul arrives into the presence of God and is overwhelmed by these inner powers that constantly push the soul deeper and deeper into God’s life.

Suddenly, another power emerges that was hidden until now. The soul experiences an invitation, as God himself speaks “Do you want to be one with me, bonded together forever?” How is this possible? Yet, the soul experiences supernatural charity, an urge to surrender to divine love.

The soul also sees the cost of this surrender. All that is self will be burned away. Only God’s life of Baptism will remain. (Some walk away sad, like the rich young man.) At this moment, I stand with the soul who sees that I fully accepted divine love. I help the soul to accept this baptismal power of faith, hope and love. With that surrender, the divine life contained in the baptismal seed can break out of its protective shell.

The Heavenly Mysteries (August 10 to August 21, 2013)

August 10, 2013
God’s Call


Invited to be one with God, the soul allows infused charity to plunge it into the very center of God’s mysteries where all becomes clear. The soul realizes, “God created me. I came from his hands. He gave me a name and placed me in the middle of his people. He gave me a task, with only so much time to accomplish it. He gave me Mary as my mother, and the angels and saints as my companions”.

The mysteries continue to unfold. “He gave me my parents and my family. I was born in a definite place and time, the perfect circumstances, the culture in which I will spread his kingdom”. In this way, God’s call contained in the divine life is released. Happy the soul who hears God’s voice and believes and acts.

August 11, 2013
The Battle Within


Divine life transfers the soul from the Kingdom of Darkness into Jesus’ Kingdom of Light.

However, because every soul retains remnants and vestiges of darkness it perceives a war going on within. Two powers battle for the soul. A wise soul realizes both the pull of darkness (back to its previous selfish state) and the power of this new divine life that wants to establish the soul forever into the kingdom of light.

Many souls have no idea of this daily struggle. They have little interest in the divine life of their Baptism and as a result, the original victory is surrendered. The soul forsakes the light and lives in darkness.

O soul, let me awaken you to the great powers of divine life already infused into you. These powers will propel you into the heart of Jesus and will help you to live as he lived. Let these powers be released. I will give you the secret – consecrate yourself to my Immaculate Heart and the powers of the Spirit will flow freely.

August 12, 2013


This divine life within the soul contains every power which the soul needs to become holy and united with God forever. Because this life always strives for growth and completeness, the heavenly Father has provided special, external helps, called sacraments, that serve this divine life and bring it to its fullness.

Confirmation is the sacrament of Christian adulthood. A child experiences two lives. The first is lived in the context of the family, the years of growing up. The second occurs as the child grows and leaves the parent’s home for a life in the world.

Within the family, all is provided and the child lives dependently. A time comes for the child to shed this dependency and to forge his own way. Obviously, he must develop different skills and he needs much greater understanding.

This is an example of the graces given at Confirmation, which equips the soul to find its way and to cope with the problems presented by adulthood.

August 13, 2013
Confession and the Earthly Battlefield


Although filled with divine life, the soul remains all during its earthly life on the battlefield between good and evil. In the midst of this daily battle, the soul might sustain some wounds. We call these venial sins. At times, in the great darkness of the battle, the divine life might even be struck a mortal blow (called mortal sin).

Jesus has foreseen these moments of wounds and even possible spiritual death. He has provided two gifts, one interior and the other exterior. The baptized soul has been permanently changed. Even in spiritual death, it retains the capacity to be restored to life. The powers of Baptism can be stirred again into the flame of life.

Second, Jesus has provided the sacrament of confession and has given the Church (who baptized the soul) the power to heal the wounds of venial sin and to raise to life any soul that has died by mortal sin. Tomorrow, I will explain this sacrament in great detail.

August 14, 2013
Sacrament of Confession


Baptism cleanses the soul and pours out a divine life that is spotless. However, this life is received by a human person who will be subjected to many temptations. The years are long and the battles are great. The soul needs help. Can they not be baptized again? Does not this divine life carry within itself the power to constantly respond to divine forgiveness?

My son, Jesus, has prepared everything. He has foreseen these struggles and even sins committed after Baptism. When he told his apostles, “ Receive the Holy Spirit, whose sins you forgive, shall be forgiven”, he foresaw every soul who would need the second Baptism of confession. He foresaw. He made provision. He established another sacrament. He gave this power to his Church.

O Reader, take advantage of this sacrament. Do not put it aside. It contains special powers of restoring and cleansing your divine life. Go to confession. I will wait for you there.

August 15, 2013
Holy Communion


Who can speak fully of this mystery? Even my own lips cannot find words to adequately praise this divine gift. The mystery began when the Holy Spirit overshadowed me and formed the humanity of Jesus from my body and blood.

During his ministry, Jesus promised to give his body and blood as food and drink even saying, “Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life and I will raise him on the last day” (Jn.6:54). Many did not believe and they walked away.

Finally, on the night that Judas betrayed him, Jesus said to his disciples, “Take and eat. This is my Body. Take and drink, this is the cup of my blood. Do this in remembrance of me”.

What happened that night at an unknown table in Jerusalem, is now celebrated every day on thousands of altars in every part of the world. Holy souls are nourished. Weak souls are strengthened. Sinful souls are invited to repent so they, too, can receive. All are invited.

How can I describe this mystery? Tomorrow, I will speak of my own First Communion.

August 16, 2013
Mary’s First Communion


After Pentecost, I gathered, just like the other believers, to celebrate the mystery of the Eucharist and to receive Holy Communion. I will try to explain my inner feelings and all that happened to me.

First, I was filled with the greatest expectation. I had given Jesus his body and blood. Now, I was to receive it. Jesus would again live within me (how familiar this would be to him). His Body and Blood, of course, had been changed. He had lived his life of obedience. He had died and had risen into glory and his body had ascended into its place within the Trinity (where all the just will join him).

When Jesus came to me in Communion, he stirred up all my human memories. When devout souls communicate, they try to recall the stories of Jesus, imagining some event in the gospels. For myself, my own heart overflows with maternal memories. I pondered Jesus’ every word and deed. At Communion, all of these were stirred. I relived every event. All the mysteries came alive.

At this First Communion, I was immersed again in my entire life with Jesus. Together, we relived all the memories. They were, in a sense, more real than when they happened because Jesus was not outside of me but within. What a union we enjoyed and what emotions filled my heart. I possessed the One who had created me and the one to whom I gave his Body and Blood.

August 17, 2013
Mary and Communion


He to whom I had given birth, whom I accompanied to the cross and had experienced in the glory of the resurrection, had now returned to me through this mystery of Holy Communion. During pregnancy, a mother enjoys a relationship with the child of her womb. She imagines what it will be like to hold the child, to feed the child and to watch the child grow.

When Jesus returned and I once more held him in my heart, my relationship to him was not imaginary. Together we had redeemed the world. Every soul was in our hearts. O Reader, on the day of my First Holy Communion, you were there. We spoke of you . We thought of you. We planned for you all that we would do. We even thought of these words that I would speak to you. Listen closely to me now. “Holy Communion contains every blessing of God. In that mystery, Jesus and I come to you and offer you every gift. In Holy Communion, I enter your heart with Jesus. Desire this bread come down from heaven and receive it as often as possible. With Jesus, I will come.”

August 18, 2013
Holy Orders


How I loved the little community with whom I gathered regularly to receive Communion. The apostles assumed their active role. They would preach about Jesus and then point me out as “the mother of Jesus”. That is how the Beloved Disciple always wrote of me, “The mother of Jesus was there”. Also, the believers would ask me about Jesus and I would share little stories so they could more easily love him.

The community continued to grow, causing an obvious need of expansion of ministry. The twelve handled this crisis so well, laying hands upon seven men chosen by the community. This became a regular pattern as new growth and new needs happened. The apostles would lay hands so that each new community had the Eucharist. How important is the Eucharist and how necessary is the priesthood that consecrates the holy species.

August 19, 2013
Permanent Marriages


Gathering with the community of believers, I could see the new powers of the divine life which they received at their Baptism. The men had a much greater respect for the women. Women were seen as equals, for in Jesus there was no Greek and Jew. All were believers, sharing the divine life.

A great purity of life came upon the believers and they began to live out the ideals of marriage that, formerly, had seemed impossible. Jesus taught a higher morality. There was to be no divorce. Among the believers in this time of intense devotion, the men answered this call. Marriage became a permanent commitment. These enduring marriages were a sign to all of the great powers given by the Holy Spirit. A new culture began, that transformed history. Such is the great power of the baptismal life.

August 20, 2013
Prayer for the Dying


A special moment came when a believer died. For some, this was the great victory of martyrdom.

Their names were venerated and their stories recorded by the community. Others died a natural death. In every case, great joy filled the community because Jesus had destroyed the veil that had hidden life after death.

Devout Jews had debated the question of the existence of life after death. Even those who believed were not sure what that life would be like. Jesus, by his rising, cast great light on this darkness. We rejoiced that these deaths took place after the resurrection because we knew that Baptism had conferred the divine life lost by sin.

Now, I come to my point. Whenever a believer was dying, we gathered for prayers. The apostles (or a leader of the community) laid hands in faith that in Jesus’ name healing and full forgiveness would be given. These acts strengthened the dying. Many got well. Others received the great peace of full reconciliation. After death, we cared faithfully for the body that had been a temple of the Holy Spirit. This was the faith and practice of the Early Community.

August 21, 2013
Early Missionaries


The little community of believers knew exactly what to do. They went to every town and village, preaching the good news that Jesus had died and risen. They wanted people to repent and to believe. They baptized the believers, bestowing this powerful divine life that I have just described. They trusted this divine life, the Holy Spirit himself, to transform the new believer. They knew all the helps that Jesus had provided to foster this divine life.

My Church must go back and learn the secrets of the Early Church. They must learn to release the powers of Baptism which are often tied up because of ignorance and lack of faith.

The divine life within the person, and nothing else, can transform the soul so it lives as Jesus lived. Every other approach is doomed to failure. The secret lies in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in each believer.

Catholic Teaching Video: The Spirit and the Sacraments (25:21 minutes)

“Holy Baptism is the basis of the whole Christian life, the gateway to life in the Spirit and the door which gives access to the other sacraments”- CCC 1213

Catholic Teaching Video: The Spirit and The Eucharist (29:21 minutes)

“At the center of the Church is the Eucharist, where Christ is present and active in humanity and in the whole world by means of the Holy Spirit.”- Pope St. John Paul II

Explaining the Power of the Holy Spirit in the Baptized (August 22 to September 6, 2013)

August 22, 2013
Using Our Human Natures


All three divine persons manifest their presence and power. The Father’s power is seen in the magnificence of all creation. The Word is manifested in all the words and deeds of Jesus. The Spirit, too, wants to manifest his power. In these daily visitations, I will explain this mystery that is covered over and forgotten, causing the Spirit to be called the “hidden” and “forgotten” person of the Trinity (which he is not supposed to be).

In the great mystery of my womb, the Word became flesh, taking to himself a new human nature. He used his humanity to reveal himself. The Holy Spirit acts quite differently. He assumes no new human nature, but uses each baptized person as his instrument. As the baptized person allows the Spirit to act through him, the Church and the world see the reality of the Spirit and are blessed by his actions.

August 23, 2013
The Spirit’s Anointing


The heavenly Father had given Jesus definite tasks to accomplish. He had to preach, to heal, and to raise from the dead. He also had to be obedient even to his death on the cross. To fulfill the Father’s will Jesus was anointed with the Holy Spirit at his Baptism. Even before that, Jesus was led by the Spirit. That is why he knew to remain in the temple (his Father’s house) when he was 12 years old.

Jesus was quite aware of the Spirit’s anointing. He told those in the Nazareth synagogue, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor”.

He also knew that the Father would send the Paraclete, the Spirit of Truth upon the disciples. He prophesied, “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes down upon you”. He commanded the disciples not to leave Jerusalem but to wait for the Holy Spirit, the promise of the Father.

The Father had his task of creation. Jesus had his task of redemption. The Spirit has his task of sanctification. He fulfills this task every day but he needs the cooperation of the baptized to fulfill it.

August 24, 2013
Changed Lives


The Holy Spirit brought about many miracles among the early disciples but his greatest manifestation was their changed lives. A great holiness came upon the Early Church. Each person was a new creation. The former sins were put away and goodness filled them.

They rejoiced to be with each other, to share in the prayers, the Eucharist and their common life. When people came into Jesus’ presence, they knew that they had to change their life. If not, they departed (as Judas at the Last Supper). So it was with the early community, formed by the Spirit of Jesus. The Church’s fervor called the person to goodness. The Holy Spirit used this community as his instrument in changing lives. This was the secret of the Church’s tremendous growth.

August 25, 2013
The Believing Community


Do not be surprised at all that I reveal about my spouse, the Spirit of Jesus, because so much has been hidden for so long. Today, I will speak of the community of believers which he formed by the powers of Baptism. Much is lacking in the Church because the powers of Baptism are unknown. They are unknown because there exists no true community of believers who manifest these powers and can communicate them to the newly baptized.

Recall the scenes of the Early Church. Because of a special joy, all the believers wanted to come together. The Spirit joined their hearts in the gift of religious experiences. They knew that the Spirit was in their midst. His signs and wonders manifested him. He became present to each believer by his living flame. This is what is missing today, a community which daily experiences the fire of the Spirit and communicates this fire to new believers.

August 26, 2013
The Mighty Rivers


The Holy Spirit comes as a mighty river. The soul finds itself filled with a great joy. Tears flow. Emotions pour out. The soul feels like some divine fire pierced its heart. The soul has no doubt. No one needs to explain the Holy Spirit who now works so powerfully within.

At other times, the Spirit comes like a quiet stream. Again, the soul cannot doubt. Peace, a deep and lasting peace, covers the soul. It believes and hopes in God with no effort at all.

Some divine power surrounds the soul All is different. Again, the soul knows that it abides in God’s loving hands.

There are two secrets to this great release of the Holy Spirit. First, the person must know and seek these powers. The Spirit wants to flow like a mighty river. Second, the community must believe in these powers. How can the person know unless the community believes and manifests the joy and fervor of the Spirit’s presence? I want the Church to become communities of the Holy Spirit. Anything else will completely fail. The Spirit will bring about a victory march. Without his powers, all will be defeat. This call is very deep. A superficial response loses everything.

August 27, 2013
The Great Manifestations


Jesus was born quietly in a hidden manger in Bethlehem. However, at the great feast of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came in a great manifestation of power in the very center of Jerusalem. From the very beginning, he wanted the whole world to know that he had come and would abide until the end of time.

On Pentecost, we were gathered in the Upper Room, faithful to Jesus’ command to wait in Jerusalem until anointed with the Spirit. Each day, we continued in prayer and great expectancy. Suddenly, we heard a noise like a mighty wind that filled the room. Then, we saw tongues like fire that parted and rested on each of us. For the first time, under the Spirit’s power, we began to speak in different tongues. This was the first and abiding manifestation of the Spirit.

This manifestation would constantly happen when the Spirit was given. Cornelius and his family spoke in tongues (The Pentecost of the Gentiles – Acts 10; 44-49). The disciples of Ephesus spoke in tongues (Acts 19:6). This powerful manifestation was so common in the Early Church that Paul wrote to the Corinthians, “I should like all of you to speak in tongues, but even more to prophesy (1Cor.14:5). How important are all the Spirit’s manifestations. Yet, they are mostly unknown in the Church. The Holy Spirit, alas, remains hidden and unknown.

August 28, 2013
The Spirit Forms Community


The Early Church was a community filled with great signs and wonders, the works performed by the Holy Spirit through the believers. You cannot understand these phenomena without grasping the intense life of that beginning community. Today, even Catholics do not enjoy a community.

After mass, they often return to their individual lives.

In the beginning, the Spirit’s fire led the people to fuse their lives. They became a family, joined as brothers and sisters. They praised God together. They shared their stories and they gathered others. In this intense sharing, they experienced the Spirit’s powers. He healed. He prophesied. He raised up teachers and leaders. Within the community, all of these powers were expected. The people had intense faith. If they withdrew from the community, they returned to a world without faith, and they lost these manifestations. Experiencing the Spirit’s powers depends on the closeness and fervor of the community of believers.

The Spirit wants to restore these powers. Catholics must understand and be willing to join regularly with others. This is the secret of true Church renewal.

August 29, 2013
Gifts of Service


The Holy Spirit wants to pour out these gifts of service but so many do not even know what they are or how they are received. St. Paul writes, “I do not want you to be in ignorance of the spiritual gifts” (1Cor.12:1). This ignorance is widespread and believers do not come together. How can a person use a gift of service when there is nobody to serve? These gifts flourish when believers know about them and gather in the Spirit.

At Medjugorje, I spoke often of these little groups of prayer, but who has heard my plea? So, I make it again. The renewal of the Church depends totally upon the Holy Spirit. He wants to be known and to show forth his power. He will pour out these powerful gifts if believers come together.

Satan wants to isolate the believer and to immerse him in the world. The Spirit calls the believer out of the world so he can join with others. Today, so many do not even go to mass.

How can the Spirit give them power to serve? Those that go to mass, are in ignorance of the spiritual gifts and do not gather with other believers in prayer.

Is it any wonder why the Church is weak? I am trying to explain the secrets of the Spirit’s workings. Just begin. Study the books. Come together. I will be in your midst to lead you. Do it today. Remember, the time is very, very short.

August 30, 2013
Importance of Prophesy


Today, I will speak of the importance to the Church of prophetic visions and words. Later, I will teach about the use of prophesy. Look again at the Early Church. How did this great missionary enterprise reach the end of the known world in just a few decades? Was this the work of human genius? Not at all. Read the scriptures. All was guided by the revealing gifts of the Spirit.

By a prophetic vision, Peter knew to go to the home of Cornelius, the Gentile (Acts C10). By prophetic words spoken at Antioch, Barnabas and Saul were sent forth on the great missionary journey (Acts C13). On the second journey, the Holy “Spirit did not allow Paul to preach in Asia. Instead, a prophetic vision called him to Macedonia in Europe (Acts C16). Later, when Paul was to return to Jerusalem, he already knew clearly that he would be taken prisoner because of a prophecy given by Agabus (Acts 21:10-11). While in custody, the Lord himself told Paul, that, having preached the gospel in Jerusalem, he would also bear witness in Rome (Acts 23:11).

Where would the Early Church have been without the Holy Spirit’s prophetic revelations? The community would be floundering and subjected to every kind of failure. Such is the plight of today’s Church because the prophetic word is not spoken and the prophetic vision is not received.

Prophecy is not an extraordinary experience like God speaking from the mountaintop amid thunder and lightning. Prophecy is a quiet voice, heard within the heart.

At times the Spirit reveals the Father’s will for the soul. These words are just for the person. Sometimes, the words are for another person, a group, for the Church, or even for the whole world (such as these locutions). This is what I will explain.

August 31, 2013
The Importance of Prophesy


Prophecy is very important because it is the word of God. Paul writes, “Strive eagerly for the spiritual gifts, above all that you may prophesy” (1Cor.14:1) because “whoever prophesies builds up the Church (V4).

The Spirit has already given God’s word in the Bible and in the authoritative teachings of the Church. True prophesy never contradicts that word but applies the word and explains God’s plan in individual circumstance.

How the Holy Spirit wants to speak out! Through the gift of prophesy he guides the individual speaks to congregations and even leads the entire Church. To set aside this spiritual gift is to walk in a useless darkness. I ask “Can human solutions save the Church? Can the thoughts of man, even the thoughts of bishops and popes adequately guide the Church? God’s plans are hidden and he reveals the great mysteries through the prophets.

Oh, when will the spiritual gift of prophecy come forth to illumine the Church? When will those who guide my Church accept the prophetic word? Even when I speak in authorized apparitions, the words are set aside.

The future of the Church will be filled with a great light and power resulting from the Spirit pouring out his prophetic word. As Peter said, “Your sons and your daughters will prophesy.” (Acts 2:17). Yes, all from the greatest to the least will speak God’s word and new life will flow out.

September 1, 2013
Evangelizing and Miracles


The evangelizing success of the Early Church depended much on signs and wonders. When Peter healed the lame man in the temple, 5000 came to believe (Acts 4:4). When Paul healed Publius at Malta, the whole island believed (and remains Catholic until today). When Philip went to Samaria, he drove out many demons. Paralyzed and crippled people were cured. Great joy, came upon the city and many were baptized. (Acts C7).

These events parallel the ministry of Jesus. He preached that the kingdom of God was present. His miracles showed the people that his preaching was true. Jesus told his disciples to proclaim the gospel to every creature and to baptize those who believed. He promised that signs would accompany the preaching, that they would drive out demons and heal the sick by laying hands. Evangelization and miracles should go together.

Widespread evangelizing without widespread signs and wonders is impossible. Many try to preach but (as Paul says) are ignorant of these spiritual gifts of healing, raising from the dead and driving out demons. Their harvest is bound to be small.

September 2, 2013
Discernment of Spirits


Discernment of Spirits is a very important spiritual gift which is also unknown to most. There are three “spirits” – the Holy Spirit, the human spirit and the diabolical spirit. The Holy Spirit guided Jesus to stay behind in the temple. When I asked, “Son, why have you done this to us?” He replied, “Should I not be in my Father’s house?” The Holy Spirit told him to stay in the temple.

When Peter refused to believe that Jesus would suffer and when he refused to allow Jesus to wash his feet, until he was corrected, Peter was acting in the human spirit.

When Judas betrayed Jesus and left the Last Supper, he was acting under the demonic spirit which controlled his heart. “It was night”.

The human spirit stands between God’s Spirit (who invites it to goodness) and the demonic spirit that uses every opportunity to enslave it to darkness. If people do not pray, their human spirit, with all its passion, ambitions and weaknesses will inevitably make false steps and walk in diabolical darkness. How much the soul needs to discern which spirit is guiding its decisions.

September 3, 2013
Discerning the Evil One


The spirit of evil is most effective when he is hidden and people do not realize that he is at work. The gift of discernment unmasks him, reveals him, and shows the person how to be freed from his power.

He is the spirit of lies, confusion and division. He is the spirit of wars, suffering and destruction. He is the spirit of lust. (Oh, how this spirit has gone forth upon the world.) He is the spirit of death in abortions and of hatred in relationships. He is the spirit of greed that drives a person to seek avariciously and to forget his neighbor. He is the spirit of infidelity that leads a spouse into illicit relationships. He is the spirit of addictions that claims alcoholics and those who use drugs.

He is the spirit of division that divides and destroys families; the spirit of hatred and revenge which resists God’s gift of forgiving others. He is the spirit of rebellion when people say, “I will not serve God.” How extensive is his influence. Because he is not seen, he goes undetected.

He is everywhere, but must act only on the surface until he discovers some door into the human heart. Then he enters, until he is revealed and renounced.

September 4, 2013
The Spirit’s Wisdom


There must be an explosion of the Spirit’s wisdom for the whole world to be enlightened.

Otherwise, man is doomed to follow the wisdom of the world, the flesh and the devil. The wisdom of the world is the foolishness of ambition and greed. The wisdom of the flesh is the selfishness of every kind. The wisdom of the devil is a multiplicity of snares that entrap people and nations in a thousand ways.

Without the Spirit of Wisdom, man’s intellect is darkened. He is like a blind man in a darkened room, seldom making even one correct decision.

Only the Spirit’s wisdom can transfer man from darkness into light. Then, all of his decisions bring about the kingdom of Jesus. What would Jesus do, or say, or decide, or counsel? The Spirit sends forth this fountain of Jesus’ wisdom. Oh, how the world needs these waters.

O reader, just come to me before every decision and I will ask my spouse, the Holy Spirit to enlighten you.

September 5, 2013
People Helping Mary


Even though I was the mother of God and the spouse of the Holy Spirit, it was the Father’s plan that I be helped by those who used the gifts of service. How I rejoiced when Elizabeth said, “Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb”. My heart was lifted up when the shepherds came to Bethlehem and recounted all that the angels had said to them.

There was the prophecy of Simeon which guided me all my life. Jesus would be a light to the nations but my own heart a sword would pierce.

Most of all, there was Joseph. The Spirit guided him by dreams showing him to accept me as his wife even thought I was pregnant. By these dreams, Joseph took us safely to Egypt and then knew when to return to Israel. Even I needed others to help me by their gift of service.

Everyone needs this help. When these gifts are unknown, set aside or even looked down upon, my people walk in darkness and fear. Many lose their way.

Let there be new spiritual lights, millions of lights of service placed in the hearts of all believers. Come, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can fashion a new world. Without the Spirit, only darkness and destruction are possible.

September 6, 2013
Who Is In Control?


At the beginning of his ministry, Jesus openly proclaimed, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me. He has anointed me to preach the good news”.  The Holy Spirit was in control and Jesus willingly subjected himself to the Spirit’s actions.  “I always do the will of the Father”, Jesus said.  The Holy Spirit brought about this total surrender.

The question is, “Who is in control?”  Who is in control of your life?  Who is in control of the Church?  The Holy Spirit should be in control.  The Spirit is like a dove.  He needs to be invited and he knows when he is not welcome.  O reader, O Church, I have explained everything.

Now, the decision is yours.  Do you want to control your lives or do you want the Spirit to be in control?

Read again the Acts of the Apostles.   See the results when the Spirit is in control.  Imitate the disciples surrender and you will experience the Spirit’s power.


Catholic Teaching Video: The Breath of God (24:29 minutes)

“‘As the Father has sent me, so I send you.’ And when he had said this, he breathed on them and said to them ‘Receive the Holy Spirit.'” – John 20: 21-22

Catholic Teaching Video: Baptism in the Holy Spirit and Fire (27:44 minutes)

“I am baptizing you with water, for repentance, but the one who is coming after me is mightier than I. I am not worthy to carry his sandals. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.”- Matthew 3:11

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