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JESUS CHRIST SPEAKS TO HIS PEOPLE – The Mortal Sins That Send Souls To Hell (Book Of Truth – Maria Divine Mercy):

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April 9, 2011


Our Lady Speaks to the Nations

The time is short. Soon the events will begin. At first, they will seem small and isolated, but then, like a match touched to a forest, the conflagration will spread. How can this happen? Are not the walls put up, the pacts signed and the treaties made? What is wrong? The sins of the past have not been removed by repentance.

To Muslims

To all who proclaim Allah as your god and Mohammed as his prophet. You have set aside my Son as the light of the world and have put another in his place. He has used clever words and strict rules. He has laid burdens on your backs and told you that you are a holy people. Yet, he himself cannot confer this holiness.

He tells you that you must work for holiness that you must pile up good deeds that are greater than your evil deeds. What a bondage he places you in! What fears he plays upon. Is this religion – to pile up good deeds? Is there not a loving Father who has sent his only begotten Son to redeem and to make holy? Has not your prophet blocked the springs of living water that flow from my Son’s side? Has he not turned you away from the gift of saving grace?

When will you learn? Salvation does not come from below, as you pile up goods, as if these could reach to the heavens. Salvation comes down from the Father of Grace. It descends upon mankind as a gift from above. It came through my womb which gave flesh and blood to the Eternal Son of God. All of this is yours, given as a gift and a grace offered to your freely.

Yet, you turn away from this gift to what you yourselves can earn by your good deeds. This is what your prophet has taught you. He has displaced the Son of God who pours out life freely and he tells you to work for your salvation. He removes the gift as if it had not been paid for and says, “You must pay again.” Why pay again for what has already been bought by my Son’s blood? Why bring the coins of your good deeds, when the Father will give you salvation paid for by His only Son?

This is the mystery which your prophet has set aside and is now hidden from your sight. Why has this been done? Why has the gift been set aside? Because you would go to Jesus, my Son, instead of to Mohammed. By these words, I reveal what is waiting in my arms, your salvation. Come quickly and I will give it to you. You know me well. I am Miriam of Nazareth.

June 7, 2014
The Blood of Martyrs


For 2000 years, the Catholic Church has preached the gospel to all creatures. Today, this Church extends throughout the world, with a hierarchical communion of the Pope with his bishops, with their pastors and their people. This worldwide organization has been built upon the sacrifices of so many who, over these 20 centuries, have left their native lands to preach the gospel in the far corners of the world. Many who believed their word, have shed their blood for their faith. Today, this shedding of blood takes place more than ever, especially in Muslim countries that kill in the name of their Allah.

You, who have killed and continue to kill my children, the martyrs’ blood is on your hands, but it is a saving blood. I remember every single drop and hold each drop as holy. They are with me now and, in the spirit of Jesus, they plead for your salvation. Their blood has divine power and cannot be washed away with water. This blood is buried in your streets and in your cities. It cries out to me, not to condemn you but that I should come to you so that Jesus is also in your hearts and on your lips. That day will come sooner than you think.



“A Divine Revelation of Hell”

by Mary K Baxter

Hear the eyewitness testimony on the True Existence of Hell. Mary Katherine Baxter was chosen by God to let the world know of the REALITY of Hell. Jesus Christ appeared to Mary Baxter on 40 consecutive nights and took Mary on a tour of Hell and Heaven. She walked, with Jesus, through the horrors of Hell and talked with many people. Jesus showed her what happens to souls when they die and what happens to the unbelievers and Servants of God who do not obey their calling.


From the Book of Truth
(Maria Divine Mercy)

“First Message received from Our Saviour Jesus Christ”
Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 @ 03:00

Behold the time is near for you to tell the world that Justice will befall all those who reject Me. My Mercy knows no bounds to all those who follow the Truth of My suffering on the Cross.

Joy to those of My followers who reject the temptations they are faced with every day. Others, who turned their backs on My Teachings, are blind to the promises made by Me when I died for their sins on the Cross.

I Am in deep pain and feel desolate with the abandonment that I suffer from My beloved sinners, for whom I gave up My earthly Life.

The Earth is in darkness at this time. They, My followers, suffer greatly with Me when they witness a world of sinners who have not only turned their back on God, My Eternal Father, but on Me, Who suffered a Great Sacrifice to save them from the realms of eternal damnation.

I Am distressed, and cry bitter tears of disappointment and sorrow, at the way I have been rejected for the second time. I urge My followers to gather together at this time of sorrow in the world. They must leave aside their indifference to pray and join with Me to help those whose souls have been stolen by the evil one.

There is still time for sinners to repent. There is no easy way. It has to be from the heart. Believers, do not be afraid to raise your voices in unison to declare the Love that I have for all.

Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews and for all those faiths, deduced by the fallible mind of mankind – I call on you all, one last time, to open your eyes to the True Word of God the God that sent you the Word through the prophets. The Truth was written and documented in the Holy Word of the Scriptures, which no man can amend, change or attempt to twist to his own interpretation. There is only one God. So put down your weapons, open your eyes and follow Me to eternal life.

I love you all so much that I gave up My Life for you. Have you forgotten this? Through My Divine Mercy, I implore all of you to turn back to Me, one last time. Through My Mercy, I come back to Earth to try and help you to look into your hearts and seek the Truth. Do not allow the deceiver to destroy you. Seek the Truth. Love – pure love – is the path to My Father’s Kingdom.

Please remember My Divine Mercy. I love each and every single one of you. Pray for forgiveness now. Hold out your hands and let Me guide you to My Father’s Kingdom. I Am returning to Earth as foretold. That time is drawing so quickly that many will not be prepared. So many will be shocked and taken unawares, that they will not believe it is happening. There is not much time now for My prophets to help prepare mankind for this Great Event.

Believers, I call on you all to heed My Warning. Spread the Truth. Urge people to ask for My Mercy. I will strive to save every single soul who repents, right up to their very last breath.

I cannot, and will not, interfere with their free will. I beseech you to listen and heed My Word. I love all of you. I ask you to pray for conversion before the end times, which are almost upon us. I have no wish to frighten My followers, but I beseech all of you now to save souls. You must remind everyone of the urgency to rid their minds of worldly pursuits. Instead, seek out the virtues of simple humility, devoid of ego and idolatry.

The ordinary people will have to lead the way in spreading the Truth about My Second Coming.

Because of the rapidly evolving spiritual darkness, spread by atheism and the surge of Satanic worship, in the sad and ungrateful world of today, it is the simple souls, the true believers, who will have to take on this task.

Pray now for the salvation of mankind as the world now heads into the Great Tribulation, as foretold in Sacred Scripture. It will be up to mankind’s own free will whether or not they are prepared to seek redemption for their sins. They must never be afraid.

My Love is ever-Merciful.


“Even the sin of murder can be forgiven”
Wednesday, December 21st, 2011 @ 20:10

My dearest beloved daughter, it is I.

Tonight I come to offer comfort to sinners who believe they are not worthy to stand before Me.

I call on those of you, poor, tortured souls, who believe that your sins are so repulsive that I could not forgive you. How wrong you are.

Don’t you know that there is not one sin I cannot forgive? Why are you so afraid?

Don’t you know that even the most grievous sin of murder can be forgiven? All sins can and will be forgiven if true, heartfelt remorse is shown.

I Am waiting. Open your hearts to Me. Confide in Me.

I Am probably the only true friend you have, in that you can tell Me anything and it will not shock Me.

Sin is a fact of life. Very few souls including chosen souls can remain in a state of grace for any length of time.

Never feel that you cannot confess your sins, irrespective as to how serious they may be.

If you fear Me and continue to turn your back, you will distance yourself from Me even more.

Many of My children do not feel worthy of My Love. Yet I love everyone including hardened sinners. I do not condone the sin. I could never do that. But I love the sinner.

It was because of sin that I was sent into your world as a Saviour so that you could be pardoned.

To be pardoned you must ask for forgiveness.

When you seek forgiveness you must be humble first. For without humility there is no true remorse.

I, your Saviour, beg you to stop and think about how you live your life. You either love God by your good deeds and love of neighbour or you don’t.

You do not have to know Me in order to love Me, children. By your works, your love of each other, the kindness and generosity you show others, you demonstrate your love for Me without realizing it.

It will also be through your humility of heart, when you show true remorse for all the wrongdoings in your life, that you will also prove your love for Me.

How else do you think you can become close to My Heart?

You must never be afraid to approach Me. I Am never far away.

Come to Me Now

So I can nourish your soul and give you the peace you crave.


“This Mission is the last Gift of Prophecy sanctioned by My Father to save souls”
Saturday, September 1st, 2012 @ 10:25

My dearly beloved daughter, the speed at which My Messages are being given to humanity is indicative of the urgency of this Mission.

So many people in the world are lost.

So many poor souls do not know who God, My Father, is.

So many do not accept Me, His beloved Son, as the True Messiah.

This Mission is the last Gift of Prophecy sanctioned by My Father to save souls.

These Messages are for Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists, agnostic and all those who seek solace in man-made religions.

All people, all souls, have the same desire to find meaning in their lives.

For most it is heart breaking if they do not believe in God, for they believe that all ends when their life on earth expires.

Oh if only they could see what happens when their souls come before Me. They see Me and are speechless for they cannot believe that I am real. The joy in many such souls is matched only by relief if they die in a State of Grace.

However, the joy of those souls in darkness, when they see Me, is cut short and they drift away from Me, into the depths of Hell in a state of shock and despair.

Those souls who know of God’s Teachings, through His prophets and as a result of My own Mission on earth, and who reject Me, know this.

You have chosen to turn your back on the Truth. Because of My Love for you I will do all I can to open your eyes.

I will bring gifts and because of My Great Mercy I will save you. I call on all of you, irrespective, as to which religion you follow, to listen to these Words now.

You all know what it is like to be part of a family.

Some of you are fortunate enough to have been born into a family full of love.

Others are not so blessed and may have suffered through difficulties and darkness within the family unit. Others are lost, bruised, angry and cannot feel true love for their families.

Some are cast out into the wilderness to fend for themselves with no one to turn to.

Many simply need a crutch of some sort to lean on in order to feel hope. This is why many poor souls try to find religions, which provide that missing link.

Sadly this simply leads them into further despair. For these religions are based on a lie.

Lies hurt you children. They give you a false sense of security. These religions have no substance because they do not follow the Truth, the path of the Lord.

Just know that We, the Holy Trinity, are your family. The New Heaven and Earth will be your true home.

Follow Me on the path of Truth so I can take you to your rightful home.

A home so full of love and joy that it is all you need strive for.

Please open your eyes because the time has come for the world to be finally present with the Covenant of Truth.

My Death on the Cross was a Covenant to bring you salvation.

My Second Coming is also a Covenant, the final Covenant, to bring you home to God, the Creator of all things.

My Father, God the Most High, is now sending Me soon to bring Salvation to all of His children.

I can only do this and fulfil My Father’s Promise if I can save every soul.

Do not block My Path because of doubts.

Do not reject My attempts to bring salvation to every soul.

Do not forfeit the chance to live a fulfilled life full of love, joy and wonder, in peace and harmony, in the New Era of Peace.


“Any man who hates another, because of their religion, does not truly love God”
Monday, September 24th, 2012 @ 15:55

My dearly beloved daughter any man who hates another, because of their religion does not truly love God.

How it disgusts Me to witness the hypocrisy by those who claim to be devout followers of God.

These people threaten to kill those who disagree with them and murder those who insult their gods.

It is a sin to hate another. It is a mortal sin when you murder another or try to mortally wound another soul in the name of religion.

Don’t you know that if you are quick to condemn another to death because they insult God that you are not following the Laws of God?

I call out to all religions and all creeds who say they believe in God. If you believe in God then you must show love to others even when they torment you or insult you.

Many paths lead to My Father but there is only one God. The True God is the Creator of the world and you can only be accepted into His Kingdom when you love your neighbour and this includes your enemies.

It is very easy to hate another for evil spirits infest and torment God’s children every second. How the evil one rejoices when a religious man, who openly professes to love God, incites hatred and who does not think twice about murdering those he believes are his enemies.

No man will escape chastisement if he kills another. No man will be accepted into the New Paradise if he murders another in My Father’s Name.

It may be difficult and it may hurt you when a man insults your faith but you must pray for him and you must never forget the Commandment “Thou shalt not kill.”

My Father’s Commandments are very simple. They are clear. They do not need to be defined but woe to the man who breaks My Father’s Laws.


“Great rejoicing will take place everywhere. This will last 100 days”
Friday, August 30th, 2013 @ 20:24

My dearly beloved daughter, please ensure that every nation hears My Prophecies, so that they can prepare themselves for the wonderful, renewed Earth – the New Paradise. Every child of God is entitled to his or her inheritance and so, just as if they were preparing for a great wedding, they must begin to plan for this Great Day.

I Call out to Jews, Muslims and Christians, as well as every other creed, to listen to Me now. Not one of you will be untouched by the wickedness of the antichrist. But if you prepare now, you will become immune to the suffering which he will inflict on the world, by taking the Seal of the Living God and keeping it in your homes.

When the Word of God, the True Word, is made known to you, you must stop and listen, for it will lead you to the Gates of the New Heaven and the New Earth. This New Paradise is awaiting and will become home to billions of souls, including those who await in the state of Purgatory and in Heaven. I will unite all those whose hearts are open to the Command of God, who will feel the Love of My Mercy.

Please do not fear this Day, as it will bring you great happiness, peace and joy. My Kingdom will astonish you, because of its astounding beauty. Many of you fear My Messages because you believe that the Second Coming means death – the end. But that would be an incorrect assumption.

Those of you who come to Me willingly, without any conditions, with humility and love, will not experience the pain of physical death. Instead, you will, in the blink of an eye, find yourself in your new surroundings. This will shock you at first and you will look around you quickly to find your loved ones. I will save so many souls that you will be with your families, including those who you love, who are already with Me in Heaven and those I will release from the fires of Purgatory.

Great rejoicing will take place everywhere. This will last 100 days. My New Paradise will have only one religion, the New Jerusalem, where I will be adored, daily. All will be in union with the Holy Will of My Father. There will be twelve nations, but only one language, for I will not permit division.

I will appoint leaders and in each nation there will be no shortage of food, water, homes or life. There will be no death, because I will give all those who enter, Eternal Life. All nations will work together to spread the Word of God, and happiness, which is impossible to attain on Earth today, will be one of the greatest Gifts I will present to you. You will be very much loved and you will love Me, just as I love you.

Many of you will meet generations of your families, going back centuries. Generations will continue and so you will see your sons and daughters marry and produce perfect children of God – each blessed with great Graces. There will be appointed, a Head of My Church and his name is Peter, for I promised that he would form My Church on Earth. And so, in the New Paradise he will head up My Church.

Oh if only I could show you what lies before you, you would cry tears of joy and fight your way to the Gates. So please, all of you, ignore attempts to stop you in your quest for Eternal Life. Ignore those who tell you that I do not Exist. Do not give credence to those who use My Holy Word to convince you that I do not speak to you now through these Messages.

You must fight for all of you to be given this glorious inheritance, for no man has the right to deny another this great inheritance, which belongs to every single one, no matter how blackened their souls may be. I Am giving you the tools to bring Me souls, everywhere, so that together we can destroy the work of Satan and move swiftly into the New World.

My peace be with you.



Catholic Teaching Video: God’s Love Poured Out (22:59 minutes)

“The love of God has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us.” Romans 5:5

Catholic Teaching Video: The Spirit of Adoption (26:09 minutes)

“For those who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God. For you did not receive a spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you received a spirit of adoption, through which we cry, ‘Abba, Father!'” – Romans 8:14-16


Direction For Our Times
Jesus Christ, the Returning King
From Booklet: Jesus Speaks To You

February 16, 2004


Listen to My voice as I call to you. Dear soul, entangled in the darkness of this world, it is to you I cry out. I am your Savior. I am calling to you loudly now because the time for you to hear My voice has arrived. No longer should you turn away from Me. Dear soul of the Kingdom, you belong with your family. Who is your family, you ask. We are your family. You have a great many souls here on earth who will love you but you must come back to Christianity. Christianity is simply the following of Christ. And who is this Christ? I am this Christ. I am Jesus, who died on the cross for you. My sacrifice made it possible for you to enjoy heaven. Let Me tell you about Me, so you will understand who loves you, and who you are being called to follow. I walked your earth as you do. I saw the failings of mankind as you see them. I was grieved at the injustices, in the same way that you are grieved when you see things that are not fair. Did I grow bitter? No. I did not. Why was that? Because I am God? No. I was God on earth but I was God trapped in man’s body and constrained by the limitations of the body. I did this so that when it came time for you to follow Me you could not say that it was easy for Me because I was God. I did not use My divinity except during the last three years and then only to heal, cure, and otherwise support My claim that I was the King of heaven, come down to lead all back to the Father. I did not waste miracles on those who would reject Me, regardless of proof of My divinity. Do you intend to reject Me? You are Mine, dearest soul. Come back to Me that I may introduce you to love and joy. I want to tell you why I did not grow bitter on earth. I did not grow bitter because I knew that many would follow Me. And I did not grow bitter because I knew that you would return to Me. Can you believe that you are that important to Me? I assure you, it is true. At this moment, there is only you and I. I am looking at you now. Will you return My gaze, you poor child whose heart is frozen? My love pours out upon you. My graces flow down to you. Open your heart, dear soul. Ask Me to come to you. I am here. I am waiting to love you. Do not freeze Me out any longer. Everything is possible for Me. I can heal you and cure you in an instant if you will let Me. Ask Me, dear child. You are part of My family and My family aches to have you back. I am calling you by name. Close your eyes and listen to My voice. I am asking that you say simply, “Jesus, love me.” I will take care of everything else. You feel My presence now and you can rest in My love as I transform your heart. No fear, dear child. All is well when God is present, and truly, I am with you.

February 17, 2004


My children, I call you My children because you were created by Me. I am your God. I am the only God. Believe Me when I say to you that you will never have peace, true peace, while you are separated from Me. And your eternity must be considered. You will spend eternity in one of two places, dear little soul. You must give this serious thought and determine where you would like to reside. You say you do not believe in God or you do not believe that God would send people to hell forever. I tell you today that it is not I, the only God there is, who condemns souls to hell. It is the soul himself who chooses to reside in hell. Do you know why the soul chooses hell? Because there are like-minded souls there. A soul who aligns himself with darkness does not choose heaven because that soul would not be comfortable in heaven. You must understand that you can be angry with God but God is not at fault. You can blame God for all that is wrong with your world and perhaps this will work for you on earth. I assure you though, on this day, that this will cease to work for you at the moment of your death. At that time there will be only yourself to blame as the truth is inescapable. You will be facing the one, the only, and the true God and attempting to tell Him that He does not exist. How do you think this will go for you? It will not go well, dear soul, and that is why I am speaking to you now. I want you to divert from this path that leads to damnation. You are choosing against Me now and I am asking you to stop. I love you. There are many Christians in this world who love you and My love will flow through them to you. I want you for My Kingdom. I need you to serve Me. You are capable of the highest goodness. You are capable of bringing many souls to heaven for Me. Some of My greatest friends were far worse sinners than you. Please come back to Me. I love you and I can heal you and cure you. My forgiveness is yours. That hardly needs to be said. The greater difficulty will be in persuading you to forgive yourself but I am God and that would be only a small miracle for Me to perform. I will do that for you. I will make of you another Jesus, walking the earth in love. Do you want this? Can you picture it? Now, do not wait any longer. I shower you with graces. Lift your precious face to the heavens and feel My love as I beseech you to turn away from sin and follow Me.

February 18, 2004


Dear souls, I have come to lead you out of darkness. When a soul remains in darkness for a long period of time, the soul becomes accustomed to the absence of light. This soul then fails to understand on a daily basis that he dwells in a Godless void. In arrogance a soul might say, “I’m quite happy without your God and do not wish to know Him.” Because I am God, I know everything. I know that you are in distress. I know that your soul is immersed in bitterness, despite objections you make to support your arrogance. Dear soul, I want you to look at Me. You do not offend Me by your demand for proof. I have dealt with far more belligerent souls than you. Ask Me to speak to you in your heart. I will do so. You want to know that I exist? I will show you that I exist. Will you then follow Me? I challenge you to make that commitment to Me. If I speak to you in your soul and you hear My voice, will you then forsake darkness and return to My fold? You find your courage failing you, dear soul. You must be braver than this if you are going to be a servant of Christ. I am here. I am watching your every step and hearing your every word. I want you back. I wish to draw you against My heart and keep you there for all of eternity. I want to hear your joyful laughter again and I want to heal every wound that has been inflicted on you by others who should have loved you. I can do that. You look for answers. You look for consolations. Do you realize how many times a day you walk past Me? Have you any idea how I stand watching you in every situation and observe your pain? You ridicule Me, dear child of God. I hear you. I am offended by you and yet I never leave you and never stop hoping that you will look at Me. If you close your eyes now and look for Me, I will come to you.

February 19, 2004


My souls, I call you My souls because it is I who created you. You would like to object to this and say that you were created through a series of biological events. You would like to explain Me away. Dear souls, it is I who ordained the biological event that was your birth. As I ordained it, I could have cancelled it. I could have easily said, “No, this soul will not serve Me as I would like to be served, therefore I will cancel his birth.” Why did I not do that? What prevented Me from interrupting the birth of a soul destined to rebel against Me, setting a bad example for others? I tell you solemnly on this day that I rejoiced at your birth because I loved you. I do not stop loving a soul when he hurts Me. Does a parent stop loving his small child when the small child disobeys? The child grows older and continues to disobey. Can the parent ever truly stop loving their child? In most cases, no. A parent continues to love the child, always hoping the child will one day return his love. I am the same with you. I do exist, dear one, and your saying that I do not exist does not alter that fact. Here I am. I am speaking to you. I am knocking on the door of your heart once again. Will you answer Me today? Will you allow Me into your heart? I have such work to do there, My little wounded one. I look at you and see exactly what you are capable of becoming. Do you think it is also a biological event that you hold these words in your hand and read them? My little soul, so destined to be loved by Me, allow your soul to lead you for a moment and believe that I want you back in My heart. There is a place here for you and without you, I am alone. I love you as though you were My only child. There is just you and I at this moment. I do not want you to be lost. There is work in My Kingdom for you and this work can only be done by you. Please serve, dearest, so that we can begin travelling together. I am waiting for you. I forgive you everything. Come back to Me and you will understand freedom and joy.

February 20, 2004


Dear children of God, why do you persist in living outside of My light? Do you think I want to harm you in some way? Do you think it will be more difficult to live your life if you follow Me and live as I have ordained? I want you to look closely today at your life, at your relationships, and at your level of contentment. Do you have true peace? Are others drawn to you because love flows from you? Do you communicate joy to others? That is what I offer. You should possess true peace and security, and joy and love should flow from you. Not a false peace, offered by the world and those that avoid Me. That peace does not last and does not pierce the boundary of your soul. The temporary peace offered by the world numbs your pain for a time, leading you to believe you have found the object of your search. Then that feeling wears off and you begin to search again, always looking for that thing which can only be found in Me. Shall I minister to you? Would you like Me to infuse your soul with courage and joy? Dear one, that is what I do for My true followers. They do not escape life’s difficulties, but they have a steadiness that sets them apart from those who do not follow Me and who do not take advantage of heaven’s gifts. I want to share these gifts. On this day I want you to tell Me all day long that you believe in Me. You may not feel this. You may have a difficult time even forming the words. But in your heart, all of this day, tell Me this. I can then give you graces that will help your disbelief. We will begin to shift the stubborn doubts sowed by the father of lies. You have nothing to lose. You have tried many other remedies for your discontent. Some of you have abused your bodies in an attempt to quiet the cries of your soul. I want you to think of Me as another remedy for any difficult symptoms you are experiencing. If I do not keep My promise, to grant you peace and joy, then you may continue your search. But you must give Me a chance and to do that you must spend time in silence with Me. Come to a church that houses a tabernacle. Sit before Me in silence. Allow Me to speak to you and I will speak to you. Be brave, little soul. You have tried many more daring things than this, have you not? Come to Me now and give your God a chance.

February 21, 2004


My children in darkness turn away from Me and from anything that reminds them of Me. Why do you look away when you see something that reminds you of Me? What is it inside you that causes this feeling of restlessness or anxiety? Is it because when your eyes rest upon something that reminds you of holiness you fear that you are not holy? Consider for a moment that it is the remnant of your conscience that is telling you to pay attention. You pull away because you know that if you pay attention you will have to change. The word change implies something new, but it also implies abandoning something old. In your case, you would be abandoning sin, which has not made you happy. Dear soul, destined for heaven, do not turn quickly away when your eyes rest upon an image of Me or of one of My servants. Force yourself to hold the gaze of the Holy One. I am indeed returning your look. You sense this or you would not turn away in discomfort. I fear you misread the look that you see in My eyes. My eyes are not condemning you. I understand more than you yourself understand about why you walked down the path of darkness. You will never need to explain anything to Me. I do encourage you to converse with Me but it is for your clarity and not Mine. Is there someone in your life whose wisdom you often seek? You go to that person for advice or counsel because you trust that person’s judgment. As wise as that person may be, that person’s wisdom is nothing in comparison to My wisdom and I have the added asset of a complete and total love for you. I care about every detail of your life. I know you better than you know yourself and My motives are completely pure. I want what is best for you and only what is best for you. I do not seek to exploit you as the world does. You can trust Me, dear soul. Please talk to Me. Then, in turn, you will listen to Me. Then we will become friends and you will understand that no friendship on earth is as secure as the friendship between you and I. I will give you everything. What will you give Me? You will give Me your love. You will give Me your loyalty. You will give Me your willingness to change, dearest, and that is what I want from you. It is difficult perhaps at first to envision a new way to awaken and proceed into each day but you can begin slowly. Each morning, when you awaken, say, “Jesus, I give You my day.” That is all. Begin there and you will see change immediately. I need only your willingness. All will flow from there. You must be brave but I will give you courage. It all comes from Me.

February 22, 2004


I am with you, dear sinners. It is for you I came the first time and it is for you I return. My mercy knows no limits and this limitless mercy is being poured out upon your world. Let it flow through you. You must also encourage others to come back to Me. That is your mission. I want you to be reconciled with Me. I want you to feel My peace and then extend My peace to others. You will know My joy, dear soul. And then you will spread My joy. Receive these words as the great gift they are and welcome them for what they will bring to you. They will bring you heaven if you allow them to work in your soul. I have only positive designs on you. Your time here on earth, when you are temporarily exiled from heaven, is the time for you to serve the Kingdom of God. This Kingdom is incomplete without your service and souls whom you are destined to bring to Me might be left. I compensate for the failures of My children on earth, of course, or too many would be left unloved during this time, but I need your service. When the end of earthly time comes, far into the future, then all will be complete, and completed in heaven. For now, We must struggle, We must grow in size, and We must persevere. I love you. I have forgiven you everything you have ever done against Me or against yourself. You are welcome in My arms and there is a place in My heart for you. If you make the smallest movement toward Me, you will see Me act with great speed to pull you back into the safety of your Christian family. My child, will you answer your Jesus? It is My voice you hear calling out your name. Come to Me now. You will look back on your life someday and you will see this moment as very important for your eternity. Do not hesitate. Your time is over and Mine has begun. Fear nothing. Accept My joy and accept My light. In all quietness, turn your eyes to Mine.


Direction For Our Times
Jesus Christ, the Returning King
From Booklet: Heaven Speaks To Those Who Do Not Know Jesus

December 21, 2006


I am Jesus. I am God. I am complete in Myself. I am present in your world and I am present in heaven. You see, I am omnipresent. Even if you wish to, you cannot remove yourself from My presence on earth. I created earth. You might say the earth belongs to Me. All on it are also My creation. You, dear beloved one, were created by Me. Do I say that you belong to Me? I say it in another way. I say, I ‘want’ you to belong to Me. I want to possess your heart. Why do I use the word heart when truly it is your soul that I seek? I use the word heart because people characterize the heart as the place where people hold the love they possess. If you have love, people say you have it in your heart. The heart is known as the source of love and the receptacle of love, so I, Jesus, tell you that I want to possess your heart. When it is all simplified, as it should be, I am saying that I want you to love Me. I love you. There is no problem there. I love you today and I will always love you. A difficulty we have is that you do not know Me. The only way for Me to teach you to love Me is for Me to reveal Myself to you, to allow you to know Me. For that reason I come to you today. I reveal Myself to you through these words and through the graces attached to them. If you read these words and sit in silence, you will begin to know Me. If you begin to know Me, truly, you will begin to love Me. Forget anything that tempts you to move away from these words and graces. Rest. Be with Me. Allow Me to teach you about Myself.


In your world today, there are many claims of goodness. Some of these claims are true. Some of these claims are false. I, Jesus, am not present in lies. I do not rest in falseness. Truth has a pure feel to it and truth does not change. If you want to find truth, look back over time and see what claims of truth have persevered. What are the things that were true two thousand years ago? You will find them if you look to see what has persevered through the ages. Two thousand years ago, it was true that I came to bring salvation. Today, that is still true. I came then and I come today. I come for your salvation. I come so that you will be saved. I come so that where there is falseness, where you are being deceived, I will be present with My truth.

Two thousand years ago, there was evil in the world. Today, evil persists alongside good. Does this mean evil is good? Has truth changed? No. Just as truth never changes, so evil does not change. Evil simply changes its disguise. I, God, have not changed My character. When you first know someone, you know a few things about him. As you get to know someone better, you learn more. Over time and with consistent interaction, you begin to know someone well and you can then say that you understand that person.

I want you to understand Me. I am truth. To know Me, Jesus, you will have to know what is true and what is false. I will teach you this but it is not something that I can teach you all at once. Truth, in its great depth, must be absorbed gradually. For this reason I invite you to keep company with Me. If you do, I will teach you all you need to know to distinguish between the truth in your world and the deceit in your world. I will teach you to separate good from evil at a glance. I am the great Teacher, the Divine Teacher. With Me comes the light necessary for instant instruction on any given topic. You may say, “Give it to me all at once, God. If You are who You say, You can do that.”

You are correct. I could do that, such is My power. But you, My friend, are not disposed to accept such an experience because My truth is all about love. Your little heart must be expanded first. We have to make room for all of this truth, which is filled with love. I want you to embark with Me on a journey. Walk with Me. Allow Me to draw you into your soul, into the mystical nature of yourself. Come to Me there so I can introduce you to the great truths about your family, the family of God. You will find such acceptance there. When you rest in My gaze in your soul, you will understand about love. You will, at the same time, understand about heaven, your ultimate home. I am calling to you now and I know that you hear Me. Come to Me. Stay with Me. Give Me the briefest chance to reveal Myself to you.


As I draw you into the mystical nature of yourself, I draw you into My heart. My heart and your heart belong together. When you are with Me, you feel calm and accepted. You feel oneness with others because you experience community in your soul. If I am with each man as I am with you, then you are connected to each man through Me. Do you begin to understand the family of God? I love every man created. I have a good plan for every man created. This is My truth and, as you recall, I can never be where there is deceit. If I have a good agenda for every man created, and I have a good agenda for you, you are safe with Me and all mankind is safe with Me. If connected to Me, each person will serve his time on earth in mystical union with every other person and in mystical union with all of the saints in heaven. We are all connected. After this time of service, each man connected to Me comes home to Me and home to the family that loves him, awaits him, and welcomes him. There is no bad will on heaven’s side. There is only acceptance and truth. I have such hope for you, My friend. All of your gifts originate in God and are an outgrowth of God’s goodness. If you learn to understand Me, you will learn that I want to use your gifts to create harmony in your soul. When you use your gifts and energy for My purposes, you will benefit the whole world. It must be so because I have said it is so and I can speak only the truth. We are all connected. Would you like to benefit the world? Truly, you are capable of this and this is My plan for you. I have so much to give to you in terms of knowledge and wisdom. Teamed with Me, you will flourish and grow to heights you never dreamed possible. Rejoice. You are resting with God, the God of All. This God tells you today that you are loved and needed.


Follow this path that springs up before you. Come to Me. Turn in My direction and I will reveal this path that I want you to take. You will feel lightness in your spirit, a relief. You will feel calm. Inside there will quietly burst forth a bud of hope. This bud will blossom, have no fear. The hope you feel in your soul is nourished by the time you spend with Me, seeking truth. I will see to it all. I need the smallest, even the most tremulous willingness. You are hesitant to believe in Me. I know that. I understand everything that has gone before this moment in your life. Remember that I have all universal truth available to Me. In that respect, am I not a valuable person for you to know? Could you admit that I am possibly the most valuable person you could ever know? If you knew of someone on earth who had all truth about everything, who understood the purest facts and possessed the cleanest, most pristine vision of reality imaginable, would you not seek out this person’s company? If you were wise, you would do so. If you were a man who desired truth, you would do so. If you were weary of lies and falseness, you would do so. My friend, if you seek truth, you must come with Me. If you seek acceptance, you must come to Me. If you want to be loved, you must rest in My heart because it is the only place where you will find the perfect security you crave. I am with you. I will never leave you. You could not escape My presence, even if you wanted to. You may as well get to know Me better so that you can decide whether you will reject Me or accept Me. This is the ultimate choice that will be yours. Just as you cannot escape My presence, you cannot escape this choice. It is yours. I want you to consider your options.


My friend, this is between you and Me. By “this” I refer to both this conversation and your ultimate decision of whether to accept Me or reject Me. When you are asked to make an important decision on earth, you consider your options. You take time and weigh both sides. Perhaps you waver between one course and another. I want you to consider both sides of this decision. If you accept Me, you will have entry into the most loving and secure family of all. If you accept Me, you will have security for the rest of your life in that I will lay out the course in front of you, guiding you, protecting you, and never leaving you. If you accept Me, you will come to heaven in triumph, bringing with you the great benefits that your cooperation secured for your family. You will walk in truth and in calm. Your life on earth will not suddenly become easy, but it will be filled with God’s peace and God’s grace.

If you reject Me, you will continue on, vulnerable to the deceit of My enemy. You will delude yourself at times, thinking that you are wise. Perhaps you will feel superior to many of your brothers and sisters, but I tell you today, in all of My truth, that the most humble one in heaven holds all of God’s mysteries in his soul. You will not be privy to these mystical realities if you reject Me. How could you be if you did not want to be?

I conclude with one of the greatest truths of all and that is that I do not force My children to choose Me. I do not force humanity to work for heaven. If I did, we would not have a family, but a master and his slaves. No. This is not for Me and this is not for you. The heavenly Kingdom would not be the heavenly Kingdom if it were not filled with willing and beloved children. Everyone in heaven works for each other in great joy. Everyone in heaven works for our family members on earth in great hope. As you read these words, there is great hope in heaven that you will choose Me, Jesus Christ, and embark upon the journey to truth. It is here for you. I have truth and I have a course laid out for you that will bring you to this destination.

I love you. I will take care of you. Choose Me and I will begin to reveal Myself to you. You will know peace, My friend. You will know security. You will know joy for all eternity. This is your inheritance and I am your God. Allow nothing to divert you from the truth that I am Jesus Christ and I love you. I come today to announce Myself to you and to save you. Come. Trust Me. Be with Me. I will protect you.


Excerpts from “Our Lady – Mary – Speaks To Those Who Never Heard The Gospel”

Jesus Risen at Tomb


May 1, 2011

“To Those Who Never Heard the Gospel”


I speak to you who have never heard the gospel because you have been deprived of a great light. Everyone on earth has a right to hear the gospel of my Son, but sometimes missionaries did not reach you. Governments have refused them entrance or even ejected them from your land. No more. Governments can no longer banish a word that goes forth electronically.

I speak first to you because others have had their chance to hear the gospel. It is a new day. I will preach and you will hear. No one will stop the gift.

The Conception of Jesus

I begin with a mystery which was hidden in my womb and first revealed in a Jewish culture, 2000 years ago. God became man. He took flesh and blood. He came among us and was seen and heard by those who lived in Israel.

Why Israel? Because God had prepared them for centuries. They knew there was only one God. He had spoken to them through the prophets. As a young girl, I was instructed in these sacred books. I was a daughter of God and a daughter of Israel, prepared by my sacred culture to be the mother of God. Yes, I am the mother of God and I want to be your mother.

Life of Jesus

My Son’s name is Jesus. He performed miracles, signs and wonders. He proclaimed that the Kingdom of God was breaking through and that his life would begin this great event. The leaders of Israel were jealous. They were angry because my Son denounced many of their practices. They feared him because large crowds followed and believed. So, they killed him, nailing him to a cross. I was there. I saw my Son die and his heart pierced by a sword. We buried him in a new tomb and I sorrowed, more than any other mother. He was my only Son and I was a widow.

However, all of this was only a preparation. He entered the tomb to deprive it of its power. That is the great message that I bring you. My Son won the victory. He destroyed the power of death. On the third day, he rose from the dead. His body is now in glory – unable to die or to suffer. This same glory is for you. That is my message. You do not need to fear death if you believe in my Son. This is my first message. It is basic but even now you can see how deprived you have been by not hearing these words. I promise I will make it up to you.

May 4, 2011
“Receiving the Holy Spirit”


Peter, the leader of the disciples told the crowd about the events which I have told you. He explained the purpose of my Son’s death – to take away every person’s sins and to send the Holy Spirit into their hearts.

The people experienced great sorrow for having killed my Son and asked what they had to do.

Peter said that they had to repent of their sins and be baptized in the name of my Son. In this simple and easy way, they would receive my Son’s Holy Spirit. Peter baptized 3000 persons that day.

This little story raises many questions which I will answer. Who is this Holy Spirit? He is the Spirit of the Father and the Son. The Father is God and my Son is God. Also, the Holy Spirit is God. When you receive the Holy Spirit, you become a child of God. God lives in you and, on the last day, He will raise you from the dead, just as He raised my Son from the dead.

I told you that my Son conquered the tomb and you do not need to fear death. By the Holy Spirit, you will live forever. Death is not the final state. My Son gained eternal glory for himself and He gained it also for all who believe the story. I will explain more the next time.

What You Have to Believe

Many books form the Christian Bible, but you need not read all of them before being baptized and receiving Jesus’ Spirit. In these little talks I will give you all that you need to know.

Let us begin with God.

There is only one God. We call him the “heavenly Father” because Jesus taught us this title.

Centuries ago, he created the whole world – the earth, sun, moon and stars. He created all that lives – the fish and the animals. When earth was ready, he created the first man and woman, from whom comes every man and woman on earth. They are our common parents.

You have a body and a spirit. Your body came from your parents. Your spirit was created by your heavenly Father. But this was not enough. Your human spirit can receive God’s Holy Spirit. As your body lives because of your human spirit, so your human spirit lives because of the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit, your human spirit has no life. My Son died on the cross so He could give you his own Holy Spirit and you could live forever with his heavenly Father. I will talk about that the next time.

May 5, 2011
Mary Ascends the Electronic Pulpit (the Internet)”


So many of my children, who used to be in my heart are missing. They were baptized and taught the truths but they are not here. I am their sorrowful mother and I must look for them. I will ascend the pulpit of the world. I will call out to them in the clearest of words. No matter where they are, my words will reach them.

Since their world no longer includes the Church, I will enter their world through the Internet. I will find new pulpits and give the clearest, most inviting teachings. At the same time, I will touch their hearts. They will know that it is a mother’s voice which invites them.

Translated into All Languages

I ascend the pulpit of the world to speak to all people, in their native language. The words will go forth on the Internet and will be translated into all languages by the little ones whom I hold in my heart. You will accompany me into the pulpit and record the words as they go forth.

Explaining All the Truths

The God who created the world wanted to reveal the mysteries of heaven. To do this, he chose a people to be his very own – the Israelites, also called the Jews. These are my people. He formed them by his word, which they collected into books.

He revealed many things but the most important was that there was only one true God. This truth separated the Israelites from the other nations. Although they knew that God was one, they did not know God’s inner life. Only Jesus, my Son, who is God, could reveal and explain God’s inner life. This is what Jesus explained.

God is a Father who brings forth his Son. The infinite love which they have for each other brings forth the Holy Spirit. The Father so loved the world that He sent his Son, Jesus, to save the world, (All of this I will explain later.) and to give to the world the same life which the Father and Son enjoy together. This life was given when the Father and the Son sent the Holy Spirit who begins to live within you when you believe in Jesus and are baptized in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Disobedience and Obedience

Having spoken of what God did, I must now speak of what man did. Inside of you are powers not shared by the animals. You have a mind that can know God and a will that can obey him or disobey him. You can say “yes” or you can say “no” to God.

The history of man is filled with “no”. This is called “sin”. This tendency to sin (to disobey God) is now planted in every heart. It is a selfishness which destroys all that God would do.

Because I was going to be the Mother of God, God did not allow this power of sin to be planted in my heart. No power of disobedience ever touched me. I always said “yes” to God. Jesus, also, always said “yes” to his heavenly Father.

Because he was obedient to the Father, the leaders of Israel crucified Jesus. All the way to his death on the cross, Jesus said “yes”. I, also, said “yes” as I stood at the cross of my Son.

The heavenly Father heard this perfect “yes”. So, the Father and the Son poured out the Holy Spirit (their mutual “yes” to each other). This Holy Spirit empowers people to say their “yes” to the Father. Therefore, the Father can glorify us, just as he glorified Jesus. I want to explain exactly what will happen.

The Glory of God

My Son, Jesus, always enjoyed life with his Father. This life we call “God’s glory”. By disobedience to God, man had lost God’s glory.

Jesus lowered himself and became a man. He even accepted death on a cross. His Father exalted him, raised him into glory and made his name above every other name. All who call on this name can be saved.

You are “saved” when your human spirit receives God’s Holy Spirit. This is God’s glory. This Holy Spirit raised the human nature of Jesus from the dead. This Holy Spirit will do the same for you as he did for my Son, Jesus. The important proof of this truth is that He already did this for Jesus. Let me tell you what happened. In this way you can believe that Jesus rose from the dead.

The Appearances

When Jesus was 30 years of age, he left our home and began to preach that the kingdom of God was at hand, the special moment that all of Israel had awaited for many centuries.

Jesus told everyone that God had sent him and that he was God’s Son. To prove this, he healed sick people, drove out evil spirits and even raised people from the dead. Many Jews believed and placed faith in Jesus. Some became his disciples, and from these he chose apostles, who were called the twelve.

Jesus predicted to these disciples that he would die on a cross and that he would rise from the dead. The disciples did not believe that he would be killed and they did not understand what “to rise from the dead” meant. Yet, both took place. After Jesus rose from the dead, he appeared to these disciples for 40 days, proving to them that he had risen and instructing them about their future tasks.

These disciples were the important people in God’s plan. They told this story to the whole world. They had no fears. Many were killed because they preached this new way of life.

These disciples believed because they had seen the risen Jesus. Those to whom they preached believed because of the disciples’ words. Also, the disciples healed people and drove out demons. This little group was not educated, yet they preached to the whole world. This is what I am doing now. By their preaching, many received the opportunity to gain eternal life. Those who heard believed, were baptized and received the Holy Spirit.

This is why I am preaching now – preaching to the whole world by the Internet – so all receive the same opportunity for eternal life.

A New Way of Living
(Jesus is Lord)

Jesus proved to these disciples that he was God, the Lord of all creation. He was God’s only Son and, with the Father, the source of the Holy Spirit. These disciples went forth telling the whole world to put aside their many false lords and to accept the true Lord, Jesus, into their hearts. This meant adopting a new way of life. The disciple has to live like the Master and the servant like his Lord.

Jesus lived in obedience to the Father and to his commandments. He lived in truth, in service to the Father and to others. He lived in chastity and purity of life. All of this I will explain now.

Your human nature is selfish, controlled by your passions. You are a slave to sin. Baptism frees you from your slavery to sin and makes you a servant of goodness. You are a new creation,  called out of your selfish darkness into Jesus’ light. This is how Jesus is different from your pagan gods. You offer them sacrifices but you go on leading your selfish lives. With Jesus you are lifted up, made a child of the light, guided and helped by God’s Holy Spirit. I will take this up again.

The Christian Community

When the believers were baptized and received the Holy Spirit, they could not return to their former way of life. So, they supported one another. They joined together for prayers and the teachings of the apostles and the sharing in the Eucharist.

This same method was used by the missionaries. Baptism demanded that the new believers leave behind their sinful way of life. To accomplish this, the believers formed new Christian communities. They came under Jesus who had promised to stay in their midst until the end of the world.

This is true even now. The baptized must remain with the community. Jesus has already given himself as the food for the community. That is my next teaching.

The Eucharist

The Holy Spirit forms the Christian community. He lives within each member and unites them.

His goal is that every member proclaim Jesus as Lord. To gain this, he recalls all that Jesus did and taught.

Even more, he overshadows bread and wine so that Jesus himself lives in their midst and is food for their divine life. I will tell you how this gift was given.

One day, thousands of people gathered to hear Jesus preach. This was in a deserted place and the hour was late. Jesus took some bread and fish into his hands and blessed them. He gave them to his disciples, who distributed them. All 5000 were fed. This multiplication of food was a sign to everyone of Jesus’ special powers.

The next time that they gathered, Jesus used this miracle to promise a greater gift. He would provide bread come down from heaven, his own body and blood, to give them eternal life. He promised that if they ate his flesh and drank his blood, he would raise them up on the last day.

At this time, many did not understand the promise. First, Jesus had not yet died and been raised to glory. Second, they did not understand how he could give his flesh to eat and his blood to drink. I will explain this the next time.

The Last Supper

On the night before he died, Jesus was at supper with the twelve apostles. He took bread, blessed it and gave it to them to eat, saying, ‘This is my body that is for you. Do this in remembrance of me”. Then he took a chalice of wine and said, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood. Do this, as often as you drink it, in memory of me”.

Now the twelve apostles understood the promise. The bread and wine had become the Real Presence of Jesus. When they would say the same words in his name, Jesus would always become present. As they ate and drank, he would enter their souls with the divine life he had from the Father, uniting them to God through his body and blood. Celebrating the Eucharist is the central act of Christian worship.

The Apostles Creed

I have taught you long enough, explaining all the basic beliefs. Now, I want to gather you.

Your world is filled with darkness and Jesus is the light. If my words have stirred you, then read them again and again. I have instructed you as simply as I could.

Our names are important. I am Mary, the mother of God. Jesus is my Son. He was born to give you life, to save you from darkness and from the evil spirit. Do not wait. If you believe, seek Baptism from Christians in your land. If there are no Christians, then believe and baptize each other. First, learn this prayer:

I believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth. I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified died, and was buried. He descended into hell. On the third day, he rose from the dead. He ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of God, the Father almighty. From there, he shall come again to judge the living and the dead.

I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy Catholic Church, the Communion of Saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body and life everlasting. Amen.

Explaining the Creed

I have explained these truths in the course of my teaching but let me review them in a systematic way.

God created the world. Jesus is God’s son. Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor, sentenced him to death in Jerusalem. I was there when he was buried in a new tomb, not used by anyone else, made out of stone with a large rock across the opening.

On the third day he rose from that tomb and began appearing to the disciples for 40 days. Then they saw him taken up to heaven to prepare a place for all who believe in him.

On the final day, he will come down from heaven and will judge everyone. Some he will take to heaven. Others he will send away because they did not believe in him and did not receive his Spirit.

The Holy Spirit forms the community of believers called the Catholic Church. This spirit forgives sins through Baptism and other sacraments. The Spirit will bring about your resurrection into eternal life. Jesus promised his disciples, “I go and prepare a place for you. I will come back for you, so that where I am you also may be”.

“Amen” means “I believe”, “I say it is so”. If you believe all these truths and want Jesus to be your Lord, then you are ready for Baptism. Just begin. The one who is baptizing you should plunge you into the water three times saying, “I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. You answer “Amen”. These names Father, Son and Holy Spirit, are familiar to you.

Comment: Ideally, only a baptized person should baptize another. However, these words might reach people who are not baptized. A non-baptized person can baptize as long as they do three things:

1. Plunge the person into water three times, or pour water on their head three times.

2. Say the words, I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

3. Do all the above with the intention of accomplishing what the Church and Mary want accomplished, namely, to make the baptized person a child of God.

September 13, 2011

“Our Lady – A Summary of Her Teachings”


Do not just read these words.  Inscribe them in your heart and live them in your life.  They are words of light for the darkness that is coming.  I will summarize my teaching so you can easily recall the light I have given.

1.  The time is short.  Many disasters will befall mankind.  Some are already evident, the problems which are seen and felt by all.  Other problems will be new and unexpected.  Together, they will squeeze the heart of mankind, which will feel sorely oppressed, unable to respond and be filled with hopelessness.

2.  By these words, I am preparing my children (and all can be my children.  They need only to accept me as their mother).  This is not a preparation of one day nor can it be done at the last minute.  The time is short.  Prepare now.

3.  To prepare, you need to begin with the ancient truths, the basic truths that are already in your heart.  These are the saving truths.  There are no others.

4.  Take these truths and make then the foundation of your life.  Begin now.  In this way, when the trials begin, they will be your foundation.

5.  Gather with others.  You cannot stand alone.

6.  Observe the Lord’s Day.  This is the foundation of the foundation.  By observing that day, you will find all the riches that you need.  There are many hidden riches, buried in that precept.  Only those who seriously try to keep the Lord’s Day, will discover those riches.  How clear can I be?

7.  In all decisions and in all events, think of my Immaculate Heart.  If you do this, you will realize the truth I have been teaching.  Go to my heart and find every solution for your problems.  Go to my heart and find every consolation in your suffering.  Go to my heart and find protection in every difficulty.  This truth means nothing unless you act upon it.  Once you act, you will experience the reality of my Immaculate Heart and the help which is always available.


Jesus Christ – Message To The Last Soul Who Converts On The Final Day Before The Second Coming

From the Book of Truth
(Maria Divine Mercy)

“That will be the Greatest Day since God created Adam and Eve”
Friday, June 13th, 2014 @ 22:20

My dearly beloved daughter, My Time is very near and because of this, it is important that every single person in the world prepares, as if they were to be taken from this life at any moment. Do not ignore My Call, for those who fail to prepare for the Great Day will be left in great anguish.

On the Day of My Second Coming, which will be preceded by The Warning, where I will prove to the world Who I Am, you must be ready. I come for all of you to take you into the exquisite new and glorious Paradise. I do not desire to exclude anyone. Each of you is a cherished child of God. Those who are not aware of their parentage will know, instantly, Who I Am. For it will stem from an ingrained human instinct, just as a child who is separated from its natural parent will know their own flesh and blood, even it if takes a lifetime to reunite with each other. It will feel natural and, for those who have a warm heart, the final moment will be filled with an exhilarating love. You have nothing to fear.

For those who choose to believe in false gods and who do not recognize the Triune God, you will not readily accept Me, for you have always rejected Me. Yet, I will pull you towards Me and embrace you. The Power of God will descend over you, through the Gift of the Holy Spirit, and you will find it hard to turn your back on Me. So for all those who see Me, including those who rejected Me in this life, most of you will realize the Truth at that stage. You will allow Me to pull you into My Sacred Arms.

I will lift you all, in an instant, in the blink of an eye, into My New Kingdom. And then will commence the beginning of the end. Those souls who idolized the beast and who gave themselves over in body, mind and soul to Satan, and who became his willing agents, will have nowhere to turn, nowhere to hide and they will be left without any help, for Satan will have forsaken them. For by then, Satan will be cast into the abyss and his power will cease completely at that point. To those souls, I say this. Even at that stage I will show you Mercy. You must call out to Me and say:

“Jesus, help me. Jesus, forgive me for all my sins.”

and I will lift you, too, into My New Paradise.

I will save every soul who calls on Me just before the skies close; the mountains collapse and the sea floods the Earth and then the Heavens will disappear along with the old Earth. Up will rise My New Paradise, the New Heaven and Earth, just as it was created for Adam and Eve, and all will rejoice. For that will be the Greatest Day since God created Adam and Eve. Never lose hope and remember My Words to you now.

My Mercy is so Great that even those who have sold their souls to the devil will be saved, if they so desire, by calling out to Me on the Final Day. They too can live an Eternal Life of great glory, with all of God’s children. This New Paradise is your rightful inheritance. Do not squander it for the false and empty promises of Satan.

I love you all.

Always keep My Love locked within your hearts and I will always protect you from evil.




July 17, 2011

“The Effects of a Home Without Love”


So many parts of human life are bent and twisted that the human person finds it very difficult to turn to God and to seek Him. That is why I am his messenger. Like John the Baptist I am called to “make straight his paths”. Where will I begin? As always in the human heart.

When the person grows up in an atmosphere of loving parents and a home that is in order, free from strife and turmoil, he can easily perceive the goodness of God because he sees life, love and happiness all around. However, when the original plan of the Father for the family becomes far removed from the original model, then a darkness covers the mind and a heaviness comes upon the feelings. The person is not free to choose the light or to respond to love. Everything is bottled up within, the result of years of an unsatisfying home.

What can be done when this is so widespread? The normal, loving home has become the exception, not the rule. Especially, I address you who are reading my words right now. Your lack of faith is not rooted in the lack of goodness in my Son. It has its roots in your family where so many disorders entered and where faith was dim. I have not come to blame anyone but to offer you a very special gift:

I will be your mother.

For many reasons, your own mother was not able to provide and nourish you, could not pour out the warmth and protection that you needed. I will wash away those memories that still hurt within you. I will help you to see everything in a different light. I will open up those feelings that have been closed for so long. Believe me. Everything can be changed. Let us begin right away. Know that I am your mother, loving, powerful, always with my eyes upon you. Always saying to you “Come and feel my warm love. Come and listen to different words. Come, there is another world that you have never experienced. Come because everything can change. It is a warm, motherly love that you need and a warm love is what I have for you. Come and you will receive.”


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