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Locutions To The World

May 4, 2012

“The Two Fires”


There are two fires, the fire of God’s love and the fire of hell.  The fire of God’s love has brought forth all of creation.  The fire of hell is a sworn enemy of God’s love and uses its power to destroy all that God’s love has brought about.  O reader, this battle is taking place every moment, right now in your own life.  Yes, two fires are burning.  One creates you and the other destroys you.  One blesses you and the other curses you.

Opposing Fires On A Battlefield

Your life is a battlefield, with two opposing fires, sworn enemies of each other, contending for you.  You are an eternal prize and will spend forever and ever in one hand or the other.  Which fire do you choose?  Here again, a problem arises.  The enemy has friends within the walls of your castle, and sometimes you have fed them by your sinful choices and selfish desires.

So, this is the state of your soul.  The demonic fire wants to destroy you and your desires feed that fire.  O reader, if you could only see your perilous state.  You are not safe. You can never, never claim final victory until you are with me in heaven.  No place on earth offers you asylum from the fire.  I paint this picture in stark reality.  I do not tone it down.  I use vivid colors because I want you to face this truth.

A Trophy

Your soul is at stake.  You are the object of the devil’s deepest desires.  He wants you as his trophy to display to all in hell.  He especially seeks those who are deeply rooted in religious upbringing.  He covets souls who have been faithful to God for years and have even brought many others to God.  These are his special prizes.  I am not talking here to hardened sinners, although they can benefit from my words.  I am talking to the devout person, even to those who have consecrated their lives in service to the Church and have even accomplished much.  Satan has his eyes on you as a splendid victory, giving him great joy.

I do not end my message on that note.  Rather, I speak of God’s fire.  Reader, you cannot save yourself.  The demonic forces coming against you are too strong and too intelligent.  You must fight fire with fire and accept God’s fire as the gift of my heart.

May 30, 2012

“The Hearts of the Father, Son and Mary”


Whatever is in my heart will live and flourish. Whatever is outside of my heart will die and wither. This is the way it has always been. My heart is the secret of life, a secret which I now reveal to the whole world.

All creation comes from the heart of the heavenly Father. When sin and death entered the world, the Father promised a Woman who would give birth to a son.

For centuries, this was the Father’s goal, to send his only-begotten Son into the world so the world, dead in its sins, would be offered life in the heart of his Son. Whoever has the Son has life (Jn.1:4). Without him, there is no life.

The Three Hearts

Now, the Father reveals another part of his plan. This has been hidden for ages and is not revealed in its fullness. God has willed that his Son’s heart which contains the Father’s heart, should be placed in my heart. Just as his Son’s body was placed in my body by the great mystery, so his heart was placed in my heart by an even greater mystery. The Father wants to exalt my Immaculate Heart because, by his free choice, his own heart and the heart of his Son have chosen to dwell there. Whoever finds me, finds life. This is the great mystery which I will reveal again and again.

June 5, 2012

“The Story Within You”


What will be the end of the story? How will the history of mankind end? What will be its conclusion? This great mystery has already been revealed. My Son will come in glory and all the nations will be gathered before him in judgment.

That is the ending, but what will happen then? Billions of people will be born, spend their time on earth and die. This is the great mystery of human life. Decisions are made. Forces, good and evil, come upon the scene. People are moved to the left or the right. Everything is recorded, both in the souls of every person and also in the hearts of others. The person retains his own memories and society has its memories, some of which are recorded for posterity.

The Great Inner Story

Each day the story goes on. It is called human history. But, within this history a more important story takes place in each human heart. It is the story of God with man.

Every human heart is lonely because it thirsts for God. This is the insatiable quest of the human person. God does not hide himself. Jesus has come to earth and lived among us.

The mystery of human life is my Son, Jesus. He will bring history to an end but, before he comes in glory, he comes quietly, to every human heart. He asks the person to believe in him, so he can flood the person with the riches of God and prepare him for eternal life. This must happen before death.

The importance of human history is not what happens on the battlefields of wars but what happens in the human heart, the battle over who will possess your soul. Will my Son, Jesus, possess your soul and prepare you for his coming? That is the great question of human life and I speak so you never forget. What is within you is the most important story of human history.

June 15, 2012

“Receiving Jesus’ Heart”


Before true change comes about, man must put aside many concerns. Too many useless goals preoccupy his mind and capture his heart. As a result, he has no time and interest in the only goal that really matters, the salvation of his immortal soul.

Forgetting the Purpose

He pushes this goal further and further away. What should be first, he makes last and eventually, finds no interest at all in eternal life. Man has forgotten the very purpose of his creation. He is called to live forever with God, but he forgets God. He can live forever in heaven, but he gives his heart totally to the goods of earth.

How easily the human heart is trapped, pursuing goals of little worth – some pleasure here or some entertainment there. Soon, this becomes life’s purpose. The human heart filled with passing goals is an empty heart. It has nothing to show for all its great efforts. It has been diverted and detoured, far, far away from its true love. What can be done for the human heart?

The Great Gift

O reader, to gain your heart for himself, my Son, Jesus, allowed his heart to be pierced. This was his final gift to man. Now, I reveal a great secret.

Knowing the frailty of the human heart, Jesus offered his own heart. You can have Jesus’ heart. He wants to place his heart in every human person. This is eternal life. This is the Father’s plan. This is why I was asked to be the Mother of God. Jesus wanted a human heart, so he could love the Father with that heart and, then, give you that heart so you could love the Father.

Just ask Jesus. Say, “Jesus, through Mary, give me your heart”. Slowly, his heart will fill your heart and his desires will replace your desires. This is eternal life.

June 19, 2012

“A Point of No Return”


No one knows what lies in the future. These secrets are held in the Father’s heart. He sees these future events but he does not determine them. He allows human history to flow from human hearts and human decisions. This is the way it has been since the beginning, even though the original choices of man were sinful and led the human race away from God.

At times, God was tempted to wipe man off the face of the earth and to begin again, but, time and again, he has accepted my pleas for divine mercy.

Now, we arrive again at that stage when sinfulness has brought the human race to a turning point. Will it be a point of no return, from which the human race will never free itself, or, will it be a last minute victory, a surprising victory over the forces of evil. What will this year hold? This is a vital question. The decisions made this year will affect mankind for decades.

Watershed Moments

There are watershed moments, when contending forces reach their peak. One wins and the other loses. One dominates and the other loses all his power. One claims victory and the other must surrender in defeat. Sometimes, the difference between victory and defeat is very small and, with a little more effort, the victory could have been won. These are all the variables in what is taking place and going to take place.

What will happen? The question is still to be answered, but day by day, the options to victory narrow. The human race is losing time and is running out of opportunities. These must be a massive reversal, a world-wide return to God. This is beyond the power of man. A worldwide return is totally a gift from heaven, a new moment and a new opportunity. I promise to give the human race this moment when the light of God fills every heart and each person has the chance to again choose the light. Do not just wait for that moment. Prepare for it. Set aside the things of darkness in your life. Right now I call you into new light.

June 20, 2012

“Sharing in Mary’s Task”


When an opportunity opens up, you must be prepared and ready to take it. This was the secret of the saints. They were always ready and eager to do God’s will. They did not lay back. They were in the forefront, always seeking to do more. I gained every possible grace for them, and they accepted every grace, even when it demanded great sacrifice.

The Call to Sacrifice

Come, let me reveal to you the road that very few travel, the road of sacrifices. This is a special road which blesses every life. It is a hidden road, known by few and loved by even fewer.

I walked this road of sacrifices because God called me to be the Woman Clothed With the Sun. There are others whom I call to share in this task of casting light on the world. This will be my great gift. I will light up the whole world, not just with special signs (these, too, will be included) but with an inner light. Each person will receive this light within their own soul. Everything will be revealed to them, their sins, their choices, their graces, their special moments in the past. Who will help me cast this light? I need souls who will sacrifice themselves for my plans.

Time of Special Graces

This is the time of the greatest graces that God has ever offered the world through His Son, Jesus. The greatest graces are given more abundantly than in any era of the Church.

I want to open your eyes. What was reserved for the few is now available to the many. Graces that were hardly known or mentioned are now commonplace. I cannot say this too clearly. This time is very special but I need special souls who are willing to sacrifice for my cause so I can fill the whole world with light and many will respond.

There are many types of souls. Some receive grace but also win grace, even the grace of eternal salvation for others. This is the great task – to save souls. How many helpers I need! Will you, reader, be one? Offer yourself. Pray, “Mary, I want to help you to save souls”. That is enough. Say it often. Renew your offering. I will teach you what to do next.

June 26, 2012

“The Tabernacle of the Holy Spirit”


I open doors of graces that have been closed up to now. Has not the world stumbled upon greater powers of destruction? Does not man have greater powers than before? How can my Church be effective in the modern world unless I, too, unleash greater gifts, a greater intimacy with God and greater powers of service? However, few will discover these unless I speak. So, I announce to the world a new era of the Holy Spirit which will be inaugurated through my Immaculate Heart.

When I speak of my Immaculate Heart, I am really speaking of the Holy Spirit who dwells there, as a host in a tabernacle. Is not the host be adored? And where is the host? In the tabernacle. No one adores the tabernacle, even though it is beautiful and artistically formed.

The Value of the Tabernacle

The true value of the tabernacle is to help the people know where the host is. So, please, do not adore my Immaculate Heart. It is only a tabernacle, beautiful and artistically formed by grace. Its value is to help people to know where the Holy Spirit abides.

At times, the host goes forth to sanctify the people in the mystery of Holy Communion. So, the Spirit goes forth to pour out all his gifts, but then he returns to my heart to take up his continual abiding. All can know the secret. If you want to worship and adore the Holy Spirit, come to my Immaculate Heart.

June 29, 2012

“The Heart of the Church”


“Upon this rock I will build my Church”. How I have guided the Church all through these centuries, always keeping alive the light of faith. There were so many tortuous moments, so many times when the Church could have failed. Now, it stretches throughout the world and is present in many cultures. This is its security, to be planted in diverse soils. Therefore, when the Church is threatened in one culture, it can thrive in another. This always happens. The Church decays in one place and flourishes in another.

Yet, is this enough? Does not the Father give life? Why should the Church not experience a full life in all of its members? What is flourishing will flourish even more and what is decaying will return to full life?

A Weak Flow of Blood

The secret lies in the heart and in the flow of blood. When the heart is weak, the blood flows too slowly and the body grows weak. From that, comes the lessening of the Church’s vitality and an inability to make new members or even to sustain the life of existing members. I must renew the Church at its heart. Then God’s life will reach to the ends of the earth.

So many waste their time trying to strengthen an arm or a leg and they waste their time. I will teach you how to renew the Church’s heart.

First, the heart is hidden, at the very center of the body. Only hidden acts can renew the heart. The heart beats loudly in the silence of the body. So, the Church must enter into a profound silence. The Church’s heart must beat as one with my heart. This makes the hiddenness and the silence to be effective.

The Church must listen to my heart so that its heart beats with the same rhythm, with the same love. I will quickly heal and strengthen the Church’s heart only if our two hearts are placed together. This is the deep mystical gift I offer today. Place your heart next to my heart. New life will flow and all will be made young again.

July 8, 2012

“Casting New Fire on the Earth”


I will pour out graces directly into the hearts of my children and they will know that I am with them. O reader, seek this inner enlightenment which I will make so abundant.

All eyes must be opened. This is why I speak. I announce a new moment, a new creation, a new heaven and a new earth. All of this will begin, O reader, in your heart and in the outpouring of my fire of divine love, a new gift, formerly unheard of, yet now available to all, right now, in your own heart.

Mary, The New Preacher

I cannot wait for the preachers to announce this or for those in authority to proclaim it. I am proclaiming a new moment, when divine fire is poured out from my Immaculate Heart.

It had to come to this. The darkness is moving too swiftly and too powerfully, destroying and covering over the usual means of divine light. So, I have decided to begin early in casting new fire upon the world, not the damaging fire of destruction but God’s fire of a new creation.

In this fire, all will be made new, beginning with the heart of the one who receives. But soon after that, his family and his friends will also receive this fire. Come, let us begin. Do not delay. I am casting new fire on the earth.