Jesus And Mary Speak To Those With Sins Of The Flesh

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The Heavenly Father’s Love Letter To You
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God Loves You.
And He is the Father
you have been looking for all your life.
This is His love letter to you.

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(October 30, 2011, at Adoration, Casa San Pablo, Dominican Republic)

Song: “The End and The Beginning” by Matt Maher


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JESUS CHRIST SPEAKS TO HIS PEOPLE – The Mortal Sins That Send Souls To Hell (Book Of Truth – Maria Divine Mercy):

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“A Divine Revelation of Hell”
by Mary K Baxter

Hear the eyewitness testimony on the True Existence of Hell. Mary Katherine Baxter was chosen by God to let the world know of the REALITY of Hell. Jesus Christ appeared to Mary Baxter on 40 consecutive nights and took Mary on a tour of Hell and Heaven. She walked, with Jesus, through the horrors of Hell and talked with many people. Jesus showed her what happens to souls when they die and what happens to the unbelievers and Servants of God who do not obey their calling.

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Video: His Decrees (00:56 seconds)

Video: Confession (1:16 minutes)

Video – You Are A New Creation (1:35 minutes)

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“Remarkable Light from Blessed Sacrament at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer in USA”

In October 2012 a recording was made at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer in the USA, at the conclusion of Holy Mass. The video recording, only viewed for the first time in June 2013, was found to have a remarkable light coming from the host, pulsating and lighting up the casing of the monstrance.

The Very Rev Dr Gerard McGinnity is pictured in the video leading the congregation at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer in the USA.

Jesus Christ – I AM Present In The Most Holy Eucharist

* * *

(Maria Divine Mercy)

“Sexual Immorality will lead you to Hell”
Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 @ 23:50

My daughter, as the world divides into different divisions – those who live simple and orderly lives, some in wealth and peace, those who are afflicted through poverty and illness or who are victims of war, and those in power – all will witness the very same forthcoming events in wonder.

Many will see ecological catastrophes as the Hand of God. Others will say that they are a sign of the end times; while others will say that it all has to do with global warming. But what is most important now at this time is to understand this. Sin, if it escalates to unprecedented levels, will cause destruction in your orderly lives anyway. But when it intensifies to the current levels experienced and witnessed by all of you in the world today then you can be assured that such catastrophes will be the Hand of God at work.

God the Eternal Father has already responded and acted in this way. Now, as the time approaches to destroy Satan and his followers, further ecological unrest will be unleashed by God, in His Mercy. He will do this to prevent Satan and all his corrupt human puppets, who salivate at the prospects of the riches and glory he promises them through his psychological powers.

Satan instils evil thoughts and actions in souls weak enough to expose themselves to his possessive powers. Such people share common traits. They are self-centred, obsessed with worldly ambitions and wealth and are addicted to sexual deviations and power. All will end up in Hell, if they continue to follow the glorification of the antichrist, who is about to make himself known in the world.

Many innocent people do not believe in Satan, the antichrist, or indeed, in God the Father Almighty. So they turn a blind eye. Yet, they wonder why the very society they live in has collapsed. They don’t understand the frightening speed at the collapse of the traditional family unit. They put this down to the ills of modern society. What they don’t know is that Satan targets the family as a priority. This is because he knows if the family collapses then society too collapses. Many do know this because it is becoming increasingly apparent in the world today.

Then look at sexual immorality. You wonder how horribly society has been infested with this depravity. Yet again, what you don’t realise is that Satan is responsible for every single act of obscene immorality in the world. While those of you, caught up in a world of promiscuity, sexual deviation and abuse of others, will argue that these acts are a source of amusement and in some cases a form of income – you must know they will be your passport to the eternal flames of Hell.

For every depraved sexual act you participate in, so too will your body, even though you will be in spirit, burn as if in the flesh, for eternity. Each part of the human body you abuse through mortal sin will suffer the most pain in the fires of Hell. Why would you want this? Many of you poor, deluded souls don’t realise that you have never been told the Truth, the Truth that there does exist Heaven, Purgatory and Hell. Many of My well-meaning sacred servants of the Churches have not emphasised these Teachings for a very long time. Shame on them. I cry for their anguish because many of them do not really believe in Hell themselves. So how can they preach about the horror that is Hell? They can’t, because many have opted for the easy answer. “God is ever Merciful. He would never send you to Hell. Would He?”

The answer is no – He doesn’t. That is true because He could never turn His back on His children. But the reality is that many, many souls blocked by the mortal sin they have been enticed to commit, become addicted to their sins time and time again, over and over. They are in so much darkness – comfortable within their own immorality – that they continue to choose this darkness even after death. They cannot be saved then. They have chosen this path by their own free will – a Gift from God, which He cannot interfere with. But Satan can. And he does.

Choose which life you want, the path of life towards God the Eternal Father to Heaven, or Satan, the deceiver, in the fires of eternal Hell. There is no clearer way of explaining the outcome to you, My children. It is because of My Love and compassion, that I must teach you the Truth.

This Message is meant to frighten you somewhat, because unless I show you what is in store for them, I would not be revealing My True Love for all of you.

It is time to face up to the future, not only for yourself, but for those friends, family and loved ones whom you influence through your own behaviour. Behaviour breeds behaviour. In the case of an innocent, you could unwittingly be guiding and leading them, also, on the pathway to eternal darkness through ignorance.

Look after your soul. It is a Gift from God. It is all you will take with you into the next world.


“Fornication, pornography and prostitution all mortal sins”
Thursday, February 9th, 2012 @ 15:00

My dearly beloved daughter man must turn away from sin and soon. So many sins today are no longer seen as such.

So many grievances against My Father are committed without any guilt.

Children you must stop. You are destroying your lives. Satan taunts Me as he boasts of those souls he steals from Me every single second.

If you saw the souls, millions of them, tumbling into the fires of eternity you would die of shock.

How it breaks My heart to witness the terror that these souls, who lived in terrible sin when they were on earth, have to suffer.

The sins they were guilty of are not always those you presume to be mortal sin.

I talk about fornication so easily accepted in the world today, participating in and viewing pornography, prostitution and sexual abuse.

I refer to hatred for others as well as those who cause pain and misery to those less fortunate than themselves.

So, too, is the sin of idolatry where you worship material goods above everything else yet they are nothing but ashes.

Do you not understand that once you sin in this way you become further removed from Me every day? Then it becomes very difficult to free yourself from the grip placed upon you by the king of darkness.

Wake up children. Be aware of the existence of Hell and be very fearful of entering the gates of eternal damnation.

I tell you this not to frighten you but to ensure that you understand that mortal sin will lead you there unless you turn back to Me now.

Prayer and much of it will be needed to turn back to Me but hear this. To those of you who are desperate, sorrowful and feel helpless because of the abyss of sin you are in just ask and I will forgive you.

You must show true remorse and go to confession now. If you cannot go to confession then say my Crusade Prayer for a plenary indulgence for absolution for a period of seven consecutive days.

“O My Jesus you are the light of the earth
You are the flame that touches all souls
Your mercy and love knows no bounds
We are not worthy of the sacrifice
you made by your death on the cross
Yet we know that your love for us is
greater than the love we hold for you
Grant us O Lord the gift of humility
so that we are deserving of your New Kingdom
Fill us with the Holy Spirit so we
can march forth and lead your army
to proclaim the truth of your Holy
Word and prepare our brothers and sisters
For the Glory of Your Second Coming on earth
We honour You
We Praise You
We offer ourselves, our sorrows, our sufferings
as a gift to you to save souls
We love you Jesus
Have Mercy on all your children wherever they may be.

I never give up on sinners and feel a particular affection for them.

I love them in a very special way but detest their sins.

Help Me to save you children. Do not leave it until it is too late.


“I Am an all-forgiving God, ready to grant you freedom from the sins, which entrap you”
Saturday, December 15th, 2012 @ 21:45

My dearly beloved daughter, I desire to reach out to those of you who are troubled in your lives at this time.

I call on those of you who are in deep sin and who are despairing of ever finding comfort because of the pain you are in. You may be guilty of grave sin, including murder, abortion, violence, sexual depravity, or you may have dabbled in the occult, but don’t you know that all you must do is to turn to Me and ask Me to help you?

I Am an all-forgiving God, ready to grant you freedom from the sins, which entrap you. These sins can be banished from your life. All it takes is courage. Remember there is not one sin, other than the sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit that I will not absolve you of.

It is not that sinners cannot remain in a state of grace for a long time, which blocks you from seeking My Pardon. It is the thought that I could never forgive you that keeps you away from Me.

My Mercy is so great that it will be given to those who ask for it.

I call out to all of you who are unsure of My Existence. I ask that you trust in Me. By confiding in Me, communicating with Me and asking Me to forgive you that you will receive the answer you crave.

I will respond and you will feel this in your heart when you recite the Crusade Prayer for the Grace of My Mercy for wretched sinners.

Crusade Prayer (89) For Wretched Sinners

Dear Jesus, help me a poor wretched sinner, to come to You with remorse in my soul. Cleanse me from the sins, which have destroyed my life. Give me the gift of a new life free from the shackles of sin and the freedom, which my sins deny me. Renew me in the Light of Your Mercy. Embrace me in Your Heart. Let me feel Your Love so that I can become close to You and that my love for You is ignited. Have Mercy on me, Jesus, and keep me free from sin. Make me worthy to enter Your New Paradise. Amen.

Remember it is not because souls are worthy to enter My Kingdom that they receive reconciliation. It is because My Mercy is so great that I can save every single sinner if only they would seek the courage they need to ask Me for help.

I love all of you with an abiding passion. Never reject My Love or Mercy as without them you will sink further into sin and remain lost to Me.

When you recite this prayer, I will respond in such a way that you will find it very difficult to turn away from Me again.




February 27, 2011
The Holy Spirit’s Words


You must not think that I speak on my own. I conceived the Eternal Word by the power of the Holy Spirit and I conceive these living words only the Spirit’s light.

The Holy Spirit made me the Mother of God and Mother of the Church. He abides in me and through these words he will bring forth new children of the Father.

The Encourager

In the gospels, I said little because my Son’s voice had to be heard. However, the world did not listen because he spoke words of judgment and repentance, which the world did not want to hear. I am the encourager, inviting the world to listen more carefully to his words.

Darkened Minds

Jesus’ words are light but minds are often darkened. I will explain his words, and give everyone a chance to hear his words a second time. Listened to afresh, his invitation to the kingdom will be heard anew. I will explain his most difficult sayings, which Satan twists to create obstacles. When these obstacles are removed, the sheep will follow the Shepherd’s voice.

“If anyone does not take up his cross and follow me, he cannot be my disciple.”

The cross forces each soul to ask, “What are my motives? Do I really love Jesus?” This saying forces the soul to look within. If it finds love, then it will follow. If it does not find love, then it must search for it. Without love, the soul will begin the journey but will never complete it. The soul will overcome trials only by some inner love for Jesus that forces it to go on.

“Whoever looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

These words challenge the soul to greatness, to conquer their own heart and the passions that flow within. Only a purified heart can receive God’s gifts, so these words protect the soul from shameless ventures that would defile the soul.

“If your eye is a scandal, then pluck it out.”

These words contain a hidden wisdom which is needed because this world is not perfect. These words are needed for this time on earth, until that which is perfect comes. Just a little while. That is all Jesus asks. Discipline your eyes.

“Unless a man deny himself, he cannot be my disciple.”

My Son came to gain divine life for you. Can you receive the new if you cling to the old?

“Seek first the Kingdom of God.”

What else should you seek? Does my Son offer you half a loaf? Or give you bread that perishes? He gives you a noble task, worthy of the human person. He created you for the kingdom.

“The seed falling into the ground must die, or it remains alone.”

Jesus has placed great treasures within you. Will you take these to your grave still unopened? A seed that does not die is an unopened treasure, worthy only to be cast out. Its existence has served no purpose.

“It would be better for that man if he had never been born.”

When Jesus said these words, his heart was sorrowful and broken. He had done all he could to save Judas. However, Judas had made his decision and had departed the Last Supper. More grace was fruitless. No one enters the kingdom just because they have received much grace (as Judas had). The free will must speak its “yes” to God’s grace.

June 28, 2011
Romantic Relationships – True and False


I want to lead my children into truth but in the world they hear deceiving words. These deceitful words have great power. They are said cleverly, spoken by those who claim an expertise. These words are multiplied by the media and people feel that they are arriving at some new understanding. The world has followed a path of deceit and it has led to nowhere.

Now, I must invite them to turn back, to return to the truth. I will do this by teaching what should be obvious.

The love of a man for a woman is sacred, and inviolate. This is the way it should be from the beginning. The woman must be respected and lifted up in the heart of the man who loves her.

She must be special to him, holy and sacred, in a sense untouchable.

If he acts this way toward her, she will be ennobled and his love for her will increase and grow, until a moment comes when he will say, “She is the one chosen by God to be my partner for life. She will be the mother of my children”.

What a glorious moment, when the divine mystery, the eternal plan of God is revealed to a man and a woman through the circumstances of their meeting, their mutual attraction, their willingness to share special moments, and especially because they walked in truth.

Contrast this with those who have been deceived by the world which teaches that these attractions should serve selfish interests. Lust grows and strangles the budding romance. It never flowers and is soon discarded, wilted and never reaching its full beauty. Then, when the man is lonely and the woman is rejected they experience a resentment in their hearts. Really, they have been deceived. They have choked off the possibilities that existed in the gift of each other.

To the young, I say, “Cast off the deceits of the world. You are wasting these vital years of your youth. Live in truth in your romantic relationships. They contain a great promise, but if you squeeze these flowers by seeking your self-interests you will never discover what could have been.

July 2, 2011
Self Love Destroys A True Relationship


Because love is a fire which consumes, my children must be concerned about what they love. Too often their hearts go in the wrong direction and the fire of desires burns them.

That is why I invite every human heart to enter into my Immaculate Heart where I place a true divine and human love. Without divine love, human love is weak, fickle, unable to be sustained and subject to the scourge of self-love. When self-love is present, a hundred becomes fifty and fifty becomes twenty. Self-love steals and robs, taking for itself what was meant for the other. It is like a tax, selfishly draining off true love. As self-love grows, true love grows less. A relationship which began with great generosity soon becomes a test of wills.

The relationship which began with great promise finds itself burdened with self-love. The relationship limps along, a caricature of what could have been. Sometimes, the relationship is broken and the couple separates.

None of this need happen, if only the couple would realize that self-love destroys true love.

Their love must always be purified and they cannot do this by themselves. How many couples have asked, “What can we do to regain our original love?”

On this feast, I speak to husbands and wives, to young people who are in a serious relationship, even to all the world. Every day, place your heart in my heart and I will place you in the divine fire. Your love will be purified and your relationship will be free of the burdens of self-love.

July 16, 2011
Sin Destroys the Marital Relationship


People are pulling in all different directions and the oneness of mankind is being shattered.

Who can unite mankind? All is divided and the forces of division multiply each day. This is not the Father’s plan. He dreamed of a united human family but this sin destroyed this unity.

Dividing man from woman, made them almost enemies in their own relationship. Yet, they had a continual urge for each other and man had a loneliness for a companion in his trials. This is the problem I will address because all other problems flow from this sexual war, the inability of man and woman to fully enjoy a loving relationship. If man and woman were at peace, then there would be peace in the world. But, there is no peace. So, let us begin.

Every man and woman is selfish but they do not understand this. They enter into marriage believing that they can be a good husband and a good wife. Soon, however, the realities of their relationship become apparent. The sinfulness of the husband encounters the sinfulness of the wife and problems emerge. They try to resolve these problems, even in a sincere way, but they are not totally successful. Then, they distance themselves. Their sexual contact becomes less frequent. They even question their original attractions. They function together but the full intimacy is missing, not just of body but even of friendship. Something important is missing in the family. This is transmitted to the children. The fullness of God is not present.

I must reveal the problem and offer the true solution. The problem is the universal presence of sin which lies hidden and unseen in every human heart. The solution is to see this selfishness and by repentance to remove it. This, however, is beyond the power of the husband and wife. Forgiving and removing sin belongs to God. So, every marriage without God is doomed to some level of failure because of sin in the human heart. Let every husband and wife explore my words. Use them to open your eyes. You will see your sins, but also you will see a God who will free you. Mutually accept your need for my Son and a new road will open before you.

April 27, 2012
Words to Sinners


Many are taken up with this pastime or that goal, and they forget why God created them. As they wander from my path, they suffer hardships that need never have happened. They even inflict hardships on others because their life is out of control. All of this could have been avoided. Their life should be filled with earthly and heavenly happiness. Instead, it becomes like a wineskin that holds no wine.

Leaving the Road

Yet, I watch and watch as so many of my children leave the road of virtue to follow the attractions of vice. All are entangled in bonds that they cannot break. In sorrow like a mother who sees what happens every day. Let me speak to this issue.

Because of its great attractiveness, sin ensnares very quickly. Even a person trained in virtue, who has followed virtue for a long time, can become entwined in forces that claim them, pulling them away from all that was taught to them. Those who feasted on the bread of angels now are quite content with the worldly bread that can never satisfy them.

Powerful Forces

What is the problem? They are pulled in so many different directions. Even if they resist, they do not have the strength to resist all that the world and the devil throw at them. They are assaulted on every side by the most powerful of forces. The lure of great attractions increases every day. There are more and more doors into the sinful.

O reader, if this is you then listen to my words. I will come for you, no matter what sins you have committed and no matter what sinfulness fills your life. List them all – lust, greed, murder, selfishness, abortion, divorce, infidelity, prostitution, homosexuality, theft, lies. Need I go on?

Make your own list of what you have done. Never, never say that your life is hopeless, that you can never save your soul. I know the road of sin that you have taken and I know the road back to goodness where you want to be.

August 15, 2012
The Holy Women


Then, there were the women who accompanied me. What a joy they were. Each had been set free and drawn into the light. They lived in the light and encouraged one another. They gave me their hearts. A woman waits and sees, but once her heart speaks to her she gives herself, totally and completely.

They were welcome to travel with us. All of humanity was being restored in our little company of disciples. They were being trained so they could be models for the early Church. Among them was perfect purity, because the divine presence was so overwhelming. They experienced a new way to relate to each other. The greatest was to serve. The powerful were to help and not exploit.

I saw the crowds coming and going, receiving their blessings and then moving on, and I saw my company of disciples, learning a new way of living. The sinfulness of their culture was being taken away. A newness was taking place. They spoke to each other differently. They put aside their selfish, and sometimes even lust-filled desires, so that charity would not be destroyed. “Love, one another” I would always say. That is all I ask of you. The holy women brought a love that only women can bring.

May 15, 2013
Fires Everywhere


Fires burn everywhere. Fires of lust destroy families. Fires of violence destroy countries.

Fires of greed destroy economies. Fires of ambition place the wrong people into high offices.

Where will it end? The fires burn and burn and nothing turns them back. They consume what was once unthinkable. The most sacred of ground, marriage itself, is threatened. The most solid foundation, the American economy grows weaker and weaker because no one responds to these fires. They burn and burn. Can there not be a new fire? A cleansing fire that falls from heaven? A fire that weakens and overcomes these destructive fires. The fires of lust, violence, greed and ambition burn in the people’s hearts. Cannot the heavenly fires purify their hearts? This is their purpose and why I will send them.


These heavenly fires exist for every need of mankind. The fires vary in powers and purposes.

There are fires for every heart, for every moment and for every situation. My Immaculate Heart contains all these fires so needed by modern man. I will freely and generously distribute to all who ask. I speak so plainly so each person seeks whatever fire they need.

Remember. These are God’s fires and they purify.

May 16, 2013
The Power of God’s Fire


All is contained in this divine fire. Nothing is lacking. When the fire touches the human heart a new blaze begins. This new fire purifies. It removes everything that is selfish and forms the person into the image of the Father. New life, filled with rich hopes, make the person rejoice and say “I can be a child of God”.

Nothing is impossible when this fire burns brightly. Yet, much is still lacking. Upon receiving this fire, the person sees clearly that their love for God is limited and they serve him poorly. Yet, no sadness fills them, only a striving to reach the moment of full divine union. Such is the nature of this fire.


This is my fire, the fire I received from the first moment of my Immaculate Conception, the purest divine fire that has ever been given to any creature. This is the fire that I want to pour out upon my children. I know its powers because I have experienced all of them. I know that this fire will continue, if only the person accepts its presence.

My children, learn of my fire. Learn of the fire that dwells deep in my heart, the richest and purest of fires that can remake the face of the earth. What more can be said?

September 3, 2013
Discerning the Evil One


The spirit of evil is most effective when he is hidden and people do not realize that he is at work. The gift of discernment unmasks him, reveals him, and shows the person how to be freed from his power.

He is the spirit of lies, confusion and division. He is the spirit of wars, suffering and destruction. He is the spirit of lust. (Oh, how this spirit has gone forth upon the world.) He is the spirit of death in abortions and of hatred in relationships. He is the spirit of greed that drives a person to seek avariciously and to forget his neighbor. He is the spirit of infidelity that leads a spouse into illicit relationships. He is the spirit of addictions that claims alcoholics and those who use drugs.

He is the spirit of division that divides and destroys families; the spirit of hatred and revenge which resists God’s gift of forgiving others. He is the spirit of rebellion when people say, “I will not serve God.” How extensive is his influence. Because he is not seen, he goes undetected.

He is everywhere, but must act only on the surface until he discovers some door into the human heart. Then he enters, until he is revealed and renounced.

October 13, 2014
The Social Consequences of Lust


Hidden diseases must come to light, but often it is too late because the illness has spread and grown too strong. Therefore, I must reveal these sinful and evil powers that are sapping the strength of humanity. Later, all will see that I have correctly diagnosed these powerful forces that lie hidden in man’s blood stream.

A spirit of impurity imprisons mankind. From this comes disorder of every kind. Man is absorbed with his sexual powers and enshrines them like a goddess upon the throne of his heart. The inner disorder is multiplied by all the external stimuli that have so multiplied.

At first society tolerated this misuse of technology. Now it welcomes it and protects. Enslaved to his passions, man sacrifices himself to this power of lust.

This is my teaching. Many discount this power of lust in causing the problems of mankind. They claim that the problems of lust begin and end with the person. This is not true. Lust releases powers within a society which causes great disorders. As a culture becomes saturated with lust, this lack of control extends to every aspect. Discipline breaks down. Disorders of every kind are tolerated. No one is held responsible. The human person withdraws from taking responsibility. Pleasures of every kind become man’s focus. Has this not happened? Look and see.

O reader, remove lust from your heart. Struggle against every sexual disorder. Do not grow discouraged. I will be with you in this daily battle. Do not give in. Set a high standard. Use the sacraments. Those who teach you a different road only lead you into greater darkness.

November 30, 2014
A New Life of Purity


The winds will blow and the rains will come, but those whose hearts are filled with my gifts will survive the great events. They will enjoy a strength and a perseverance. Nothing, absolutely nothing, that Satan hurls against them will destroy their resolve to be faithful.

So, let me begin to list those powers which I am already pouring out.

Satan attacks through lust. He twists the powerful sexual drive, meant to enhance marital love, and sends it in every possible direction. Lust is a mighty river that frequently overflows its banks and destroys.

O reader, I know your own struggles with lust and I offer you the great gift of purity.

Accept my gift. Ask for the continence needed for your state in life. In this way, true love will be released within you. Darkness and shame will have no power over you. The chains of lust will fall to the ground, and you will easily walk away from their grasp.

I offer you a new life, where you can rejoice in a freedom that you have never understood because lust has so limited your steps and blinded your eyes.

Come. I will lead you into a world of purity, where true love flourishes and all relationships are kept sacred. When purified of your lusts, you will enjoy peace. The former days will give way to a new glory. No one will need to teach you God’s road. You will see it for yourself.

August 3, 2015
Casting Out Hell’s Fires


All know that hell is filled with fire but I have been speaking of hell’s fires here upon earth. Satan’s fires are different from all others, because natural solutions cannot extinguish them. They feed upon human responses. This confuses the world.

The fires broke out in the events of terrorism, highlighted by September 11, 2001. Ever since then, the world has been on guard, in constant fear of terrorist attacks. Yet, hell’s fires are not limited to these groups. They spread everywhere and touch every fabric of human life.

They feed upon suffering and death, especially at abortion clinics.

They feed upon greed in the economy and upon daily selfishness. They feed upon false treaties, government deficits, drug trafficking, alcoholic addictions, adultery, and pornography. They feed upon social injustices. They multiply when suffering and poverty reign. These fires find breeding grounds everywhere, hidden pockets of deceit, lies which open doors to riches. How much food these fires find everywhere.

O reader, come away from these fires. I will create in you a pure heart and a pure soul. I will put out the demonic fires in your life. If you would allow me, I will extinguish them all. Do not compromise. Do not say, “This is just one small fire.” All the fires of hell must be cast out.

I am the Woman and my great task is to cast out hell’s fires from the earth so that they burn no more and peace can begin. There can be no peace when hell is welcomed and when the fires of hell are tolerated. Cleanse your lives. Seek out the powers of confession and use them regularly. That is a good beginning.



September 21, 2000

“I am God the Father, Creator of Heaven and earth, Creator of Jesus born Incarnate**, Creator of all sexuality.”

“I created each soul to pursue chastity, for this is according to My commandments. The human body is created to give life and not lust.”

“The virtue of chastity is not one like patience or humility which through time, effort, and grace comes to perfection. No, the chaste soul must always live this virtue perfectly, for any failure in purity is a sin. Like forgiveness, chastity cannot be practiced in portion, but must be observed always.”

“As in any virtue, chastity must be observed in thought, word, and deed.”

“Each soul has been created to share Heaven with Me. No one reaches the Heart of this Eternal Father through lustful thoughts, words, or actions. These are all inspired by My adversary.”

“No one is childlike and at the same time unchaste. It is only the childlike who enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

“Make this known.”

**NOTE from Rev. Frank Kenney, S.M.: “According to Pope Paul VI in an address June 30, 1968 on the topic ‘The Credo of the People of God’ Jesus was ‘born of the Father before time began,’ and ‘through the Father… all things were made’ – that is, created, which includes Our Lord’s humanity. One birth was from all eternity, impossible for us mortals to totally comprehend, while the other birth happened in time and is well-documented.”

September 25, 2000

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. My messenger, the way to overcome evil is to uncover it, for as long as the enemy lies under cover of darkness hidden from view, he can flourish. This is how Satan attacks purity of heart:

Through the media – TV, radio, music, books, pornography, movies;

By disguising himself as freedom, such as promoting artificial birth control within a marriage as the right to choose;

By promoting abortions and birth control both in marriage and outside of marriage, making sex an act of enjoyment, and not procreation;

By labeling homosexuality an alternate life style;

It is not. It is a sin.

By promoting immodest fashions, both male and female;

How numerous are the sins committed by giving a bad example or tempting another to unchaste thoughts and desires.

By compromising consciences to believe that extramarital affairs are acceptable;

He does this through the aforementioned media.”

“Satan’s most profound lie that undermines chastity is that sex was created by God for human enjoyment, not procreation within a marriage. This is why self will has become the battleground of Satan and his cohorts. If love of self is more important to the soul than love of God and neighbor, Satan has an open door to the heart.”

“And so, I invite you to see that unclean spirits come to you every day through these various media and tactics of the adversary, for anything that opposes chastity is an evil spirit. It is up to the human will to unclothe Satan and choose good over evil.”

“Make it known.”

July 5, 2002
Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation

Jesus is here with His Heart exposed. He says:

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. It is the Divine and Perfect Will of My Eternal Father that I come to you today in order to increase, unite and strengthen the Remnant Faithful. From this day forward all My Public Messages to you will be under the title: Divine Love Speaks To The Remnant Faithful. It is this Remnant that perseveres in the Tradition of Faith despite all obstacles.”

“I come, My brothers and sisters, to bring you into the richness of My Sacred Heart. I desire to share with you the bitter grievances of My Heart. I ask that you reflect upon these grievances and assuage My Heart with your love–your Holy Love.”

“First and foremost, I grieve for the loss of innocence in the world. Because of modern communications and travel, this loss of the virtue of chastity is more widespread than ever before. Innocent little children are used and exploited by a pleasure-seeking segment of the population.”

“Closely adjoined to this grievance is the taking of innocent lives through artificial birth control and abortion. Artificial contraception is most often just another form of abortion. The innocent lives I give are destroyed before they can flourish in the womb. Couples prefer the pleasure, but not the new life.”

“I also grieve for the worship of false idols by so many. The gods of money, power and unnatural sins of the flesh have consumed the heart of the world.”

“I come to you today to ask you, not only to soothe My aching Heart, but the Heart of My Mother who suffers intimately along with Me. The only solution for all of these grievances of My Heart is Holy Love; for Holy Love alone can heal all wounds.”

“I desire the welfare of your souls which can only come to you through love. Therefore, I call you into the spectrum of Holy Love which is holiness and salvation itself. This alone is the solution to man’s desensitization towards God and His Commandments. Holy Love dictates an end to terror in the womb and in the world. Holy Love calls all humanity to unite and to step into the First Chamber of Our United Hearts. Outside of Holy Love, you are not living in harmony with God’s Divine Will.”

“I am blessing you today with My Blessing of Divine Love.”

July 6, 2002
Saturday MSHL Rosary Service

“I come as Jesus, born Incarnate to address My remnant faithful.”

“My brothers and sisters, some hearts question the message that was given yesterday on the 5th of the month. They question why I would place the destruction of innocence and chastity in young ones ahead of abortion. Babies who are aborted receive a baptism of blood and they always choose the light when they see it and are saved. But the innocent children whose chastity and purity is destroyed by others often receive spiritual harm and some, because of the crimes perpetrated against them, choose damnation when they do come to Me later in life; and this is why it is a greater abomination to Me than even abortion itself.”

“Here you see, My brothers and sisters, the soul is of the utmost importance; and so, that is why I urge you to pray against pornography and any kind of molestation of the young.”

“Tonight I am blessing you with My Blessing of Divine Love.”

September 7, 2002

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Please realize in the depths of your heart that all sin proceeds from a proud heart. Pride is a disordered self-love. The soul chooses sin because he loves the sin more than God and neighbor. Sin is self-serving, you see.”

“The sins most prolific and wounding to My Heart of Love today are those sins against chastity, life and innocence. If all the sins of every generation were combined, the sins of this generation would still outnumber them. But My Love is patient and full of Mercy. I smile with favor upon My Remnant Faithful. They alone withstand My Wrath and hold back My Arm of Justice with the help of My Mother.”

“The Holy Mass and the Holy Rosary together hold a great impact on the Scale of Justice. Devotion to Our United Hearts is third in this order of power against evil. The spirituality of the Chambers of Our United Hearts is great enough to pull the world back onto the path of righteousness.”

“Therefore, along with the Rosary of the Unborn, propagate the little Chaplet of the United Hearts which will serve to lead many into the depths of these Chambers.”

“I will bless you.”

July 5, 2004
Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here with Their Hearts exposed. Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”


“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come to help the world understand that true freedom does not come to you through wealth, fame or power. True freedom comes to the hearts of those who seek to do the Will of My Father.”

“Some see freedom as the right to choose certain sins such as abortion or homosexuality. This is Satan’s attempt to twist the truth. He has fooled many into compromising their own salvation. Millions are slaves to sins that are an abomination in My Eyes. Lust is not the same as love and self-love is the enemy of Holy Love. Self-love in its extremes convinces the soul that sin is his right. Indeed, it is a choice, but a choice for evil over good.”

“Today, the innocence of childhood is violated like unripened fruit plucked from a tree and consumed by the voracious appetite of sin. Innocence is no longer cherished or safeguarded, but has become the victim of sinful appetites. This is what forms deep in the heart of souls and whole nations. It is a call for My Justice.”

“My brothers and sisters, many do not recognize the evil that lies all around them for there is a fog of spiritual confusion over good and evil. But the time approaches when the conscience of the world will be aroused–then the difference between good and evil will be distinct. Pray that you make the right choices during these times.”

“We’re blessing you with the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”

* * *

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“Heaven Speaks About Divorce”
Direction For Our Times, Jesus Christ, The Returning King

August 5, 2005


I speak today with such love in My heart. My love overflows. It is for this reason that I come to you to talk about the sad situation of holy marriages ending in divorce. I tell you why this grieves Me. There are many situations in which the marriage did not have to end. I am Jesus. I am God. I can heal many wounds if I am allowed to minister to the husband and wife in their difficulties. Every marriage will experience times when either one or the other is angry and would like to separate. This is to be expected and should not startle or frighten those involved. During these times, if the couple comes to Me and asks for My grace, I will send the grace necessary to preserve the family. Dear children of God, there are many reasons why I wish to keep families together. I am speaking to you today in general terms, understanding that there are times when a union cannot be preserved. I do not sanction violence of any kind by one party against another. This is not from heaven and heaven does not prompt either a husband or a wife to abuse. This comes from the enemy of the marriage. In cases such as this, or in cases where one party has committed every effort to retain the union but to no avail, My Church enters, with all of Her wisdom, and makes a decision. This is the way I have organized the resolution of these matters. My Church is given great wisdom and discernment and you should understand that by My Church I am referring to the priests who work for Me in the Church and who are obedient to their Pontiff. Bring your difficulties to Me, dear brothers and sisters, and I will help you.

St. Anne

This mission, ordained by heaven, is a mission of mercy and healing. For this reason, I would like to encourage all who read these words to ask right now for God’s mercy. Healing graces flow into the world in an amount that is unparalleled. So ask Jesus for these graces and He will send them. Dear brothers and sisters, there are many consequences of the disobedience that is prevalent in this age. One of the consequences of the darkness is the dissolution of so many marriages. When a marriage ends, there is great despair because most souls enter a marriage with the intention of doing good for each other and for any children sent. The bitterness that results from betrayal is profound. This bitterness is taking many souls down a path of self-destruction. The first thing you must understand is this. Jesus loves you whether you are in your marriage or out of your marriage. The love of your God does not change. Jesus does not reject a soul because the soul is divorced. On the contrary, Jesus sees that your hopes for your marriage have been disappointed and He rushes in to console you. You must come to Him all day long when you are suffering this terrible pain. Do not try to walk through this alone as you may then be drawn into behavior that will pull you further from Him and further from your heavenly dignity. Let the love of heaven wrap itself around you in your pain and you will recover. Seek the wisdom of a holy priest. Pray for the protection of your former husband or wife and be very alert to the needs of children who are part of the family that has splintered. These are not ideal situations, as you all know. We cannot pretend differently because that would be false. But it is especially in these situations that heaven flows in with abundant graces for all concerned. Remember that you can be sad and downhearted but still have peace. You are part of the heavenly family. You are a child of God. Peace is yours, my beloved soul. You need only ask for it in prayer.

St. Anne

Children must have explanations in these cases. Do not think that the end of a marriage is the business of only the two adults involved. Where there are children, these little ones have a right to explanations, however simple and short. Many children feel that their parents are divorcing because of their flaws. Children often think of their acts of disobedience, normal in every child’s life, and become convinced that these acts disrupted the peace in the home and caused a parent to leave. You, God’s child, should understand that this causes the greatest distress in a child, even if that distress is hidden. You must believe me that this feeling is present in many children and you must give the child the information he or she is entitled to. A child should be told that heaven loves both the father and the mother and heaven loves all children, everywhere, regardless of their mistakes. Explain that the family should pray to heaven that all members find peace and happiness, together or separated. The children should know that others suffer in this way, also, and that heaven steps in very strongly to comfort and heal every person in this family that is struggling. In the end, through prayer, there will be peace and this family will be joyful together in heaven, with all bitterness healed. Souls are often doing the best they can in these difficult circumstances and there should be no blaming. I plead with you all today to spare your children any experience of hatred for their father or mother. This is unmanageable to a child. Children simply cannot cope with such things and their little souls become injured. Come to heaven in these cases and we will step in powerfully.

St. Anne

When a marriage ends, both the husband and the wife suffer. Both will carry a cross from this situation. It is good to remember when you are helping someone who suffers in this way that there are two wounded souls. One party may want the separation more than the other, it is true, but that does not mean that this person is not also in pain. It is very disappointing to heaven when people close to the couple join in and spread bitterness. This is a sad situation, yes, but that does not mean that a heavenly approach is not available. Do not judge. Children of heaven, I would like to repeat that sentence but I do not want to bore you. I will simply ask that you be careful to allow heaven to understand the situation. Content yourself that you do not. It is not necessary for you to judge. It is necessary only for you to love this couple and support their family. This is the heavenly way. When a husband loses a wife and a wife loses a husband, the grief should not be compounded by either soul losing their Christian family, who are called upon to support them in a profound way during this time. The wrong thing to do, which disappoints heaven, is for souls to consider themselves better than their struggling friends and puff up with pride. If your own marriage is intact, thank God and allow your marriage to be an example for others, but in quietness, never in pride. Jesus wants all of the Christian family to be alert to the needs of these families that have suffered with a divorce. Extra love, extra joy is necessary. And Jesus is asking you to bring it to them.

St. Anne

Many souls behave badly when they are in pain. Dear children, this is not necessary. Bring your pain to Jesus and you will not strike out at each other. You cannot force your husband or wife to continue a marriage. What you can do is this. Bring that soul to Jesus each day. Pray that heaven will intercede for your family and soften the heart of your loved one. Acknowledge any mistakes you have made and be as gentle as possible, allowing your loved one the time necessary for Jesus to heal any wounds. Be assured that you are only one part of the union. Jesus does not hold you accountable for the actions of someone else. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you will be judged by the mere fact that your marriage ended. You will be judged only by your actions, always. And if you have made mistakes, however grave, seek the Sacrament of Penance and allow Jesus to liberate you from these acts. The most important thing I want to tell you is that Jesus will bring good from each situation, however bad the situation appears. If you are walking with Jesus, as a beloved apostle, He will send all necessary healing for you and your loved ones. Jesus does not make promises and then fail to keep them. Jesus will bring the best possible outcome for you all. Heaven will heal and protect your children if you ask. Walk through every day, every pain, every situation with heaven and you will be given peace.

St. Anne

Children of God, there is no ugliness that I have not heard. I see that souls are hesitant to bring certain problems to heaven’s attention because they fear they will offend heaven. Well, how silly is this. Heaven is filled with souls who walked the earth so heaven has seen and heard everything. You will not shock me, my beloved friends. If you are to heal from great pain, you must bring it to us. I am St. Anne and I want to help with these problems. Sit in silence and allow us into each sorrow, however ugly. Where is the correct place to bring such pain? If you do not bring it to us, you may bring it to a soul on earth who does not have the love or understanding to help you. You have experienced this, I know, and it is for this reason I talk about it. Family members often pile on additional hurt, simply because they do not know what to say to console you or how to deal with the issues. They can also find fault with you where none is indicated, which will be like piling great weights on to your already weighty cross. Seek your counsel most carefully during this time. Sit with Jesus, truly present in the Eucharist, and He Himself will listen to every pain and hurt. He will take it all and place it into the fires of His Sacred Heart, leaving you free to continue your beautiful walk up the mountain to holiness. It is like standing in a big mess. When you bring it to Jesus, He pulls you away from the mess and, with a glance, reduces the mess to nothingness. He is your healer. He is your trusted friend who will not make your cross heavier. He will make it lighter and manageable. Do you understand, my poor little hurt apostle? Seeking consolation in many conversations does not help. Trust us here in heaven and ask us to help and we will. Alert your guardian angel that you are vulnerable and need extra protection. This angel knows this anyway and grieves for your pain, but conversing with God’s angels promotes heavenly thinking. All is well, children of God. Jesus fixes everything.


My little doves are struggling. How earnestly I want to assure you that heaven has the graces you need. Dear little families, bring Jesus to your center and you will persevere. In most cases, marriages do not have to end. There is sufficient grace available to heal wounds and restore the sacramental unity. Often it is simply a case of one soul rejecting Christ, leading to all manner of pain and injury. Even in the most difficult cases, though, heaven is prepared to step in and heal. I would like to say that many marriages are ill-advised in that one soul or the other is not following heaven and therefore not open to the graces that are necessary to preserve peace in the union. Well, dear children, how can heaven sustain a union when only one party is willing to allow direction? You see that this is a handicapped union from the beginning. So urge all to consider carefully before entering into the Sacrament of Marriage. In the cases where the marriage has ended, be docile to the Church and Her precepts. Do not talk rebelliously about the Church or blame the Church for the situation you are in. I, your heavenly mother, will help you to arrive at your destination, which is unity with Jesus and His Church. Seek the counsel of your priests and understand that Jesus is walking through every single moment with you. Be at peace. Know you are loved. Bring everything to heaven and you will not be disappointed. I will care for your family and protect your children and you will know the healing power of my Son. Your mother loves you and understands everything. Place your hand in mine now and we will walk courageously together through everything.



How To Change Your Husband
by A Friend of Medjugorje

(Available from Caritas of Birmingham,

SUMMARY: This book is marriage insurance. The destruction of marriage is the world’s downfall. A multitude of sin has fruited from the devastating effects of divorce or even bad marriages. Nothing upon the earth, no armaments, chemicals, or dictator compares to the horrific damage upon man that has come through divorce and bad marriages.

* * *

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