Our Lady – Mary – Speaks To The Woman Who Experiences Unrequited Love

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April 13, 2011

Mary Speaks to the Broken-Hearted

To the Woman Who Experiences Unrequited Love

I speak now to the lonely wife, who gives loves but receives none. She would embrace her husband but he flees from her embraces. An unrequited love – going forth but returning empty.

The house has no love. Life is just an existence together. Two lives that pass in the night. Two streams that flow in separate river beds, never enjoying the fullness of a joining.

Can love be reawakened? Even your own love, because it has never been returned, has grown cold, even though still present. Let us try again. This time slowly and with great patience. Always await in hope. Always keep the door open. Treasure even the smallest coal of human warmth. When he needs you, be there for him. I will arrange the circumstances so that he sees that you have remained at his side, even though he has not always remained at your side. When the streams begin to join again, let his love flow freely. This will be a great sacrifice for you but there are too many years ahead for you to live mutually alone. The gift of reciprocal love does not return over night but it is a gift worth waiting for.

Do not seek the love of another man because his love would poison your heart. In loving your husband, you act like God who continually loves many who never return his love.

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