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SUMMARY (by a soul):
Locutions To The World is a body of heavenly messages from Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and the Blessed Virgin Mary, that were given to an unknown locutionist from 2011-2015. Prior to the public messages, the locutionist had received a number of private messages for several years which were given to guide her prayer group. The heavenly messages were promoted by a prominent priest who was the spiritual director for the locutionist. In Fall 2015 when the original website was closed, I, “a soul”, was given the contents of the website so I could keep the presence of the Locutions alive on the internet through my blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, where I feature heavenly messages from various Christian sources. I am honored to do this as the heavenly messages have impacted my own life in a profound way.

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Locutions To The World 1


(as formerly on locutions.org website)

(Messages in chronological order)

A Year Filled With Dangers (January 1 to January 10, 2013)

January 1, 2013
The Time is Short


I quickly lead you to the truth. This year is filled with dangers. So many problems are carried over from last year and no solutions are in sight. The plan of the Evil One is culminating. The final parts are being put in place especially with the leaders of those nations which are totally dedicated to evil: North Korea, Iran and Syria. These are the centers, but their evil is not contained. It spills over and destabilizes. The neighboring countries are not strong. They have few resources to resist. War has eroded their structures also. The flames have much to feed on.


The time is short. As a mother, I am totally concerned with gathering my children. I wish I could save all but many do not want me as their mother. O, reader, this is why I speak. I will save you but you must choose me as your mother. I am the Mother of God and all who choose me become children of God and my children. Say this prayer right now, “Mary, I choose you as my mother and I believe that you will protect me in the difficulties of this coming year”. Do not forget me. Whenever difficulties arise, just call on me. I am your mother.

January 2, 2013
Continuing to Speak


What is left standing? All has been changed. Walls of morality have been destroyed. Sources of true light have been extinguished. People who would lead nations into truth have been set aside. Surely, little groups of people and small pockets of society still call upon my name and live according to my law, but so much has been devastated.

If I give an alarm who will listen? If I call my people together, who will come? Yet, I must continue to speak so I can save those who will listen. O reader, do not grow discouraged by all that you see around you. Gather your loved ones and together listen to my word. I know you will act upon it.


The time is short. The time is short. That is all I can say. The events are about to begin, one event after another. Mankind is helpless because it has abandoned the only source of its protection and safety. For decades, it has walked a path of false freedoms which is really a path of death and servitude. Mankind is now very far along this road. The road seems like it is the same road, as if little has changed over these decades. However, mankind cannot envision what lies ahead on this road. When the events begin, what good is it to realize that mankind has taken the wrong road? Those who are to blame will scatter, disclaiming any responsibility for their decisions.

January 3, 2013
A War Against Each Other


Why do I speak this way? Am I not a man of peace? Did I not say to my apostles, “My peace I leave with you”? If words of peace were upon my lips, I would be a liar. Man has destroyed the means to peace. The road to peace has been set aside. Nation is set against nation, and groups within each nation are against each other. This is Satan’s plan, to have men war against each other, so they gain their selfish interests. The way of peace is to think about the other and consider the needs of the other. But who follows this path?


Forces are set in motion that will inevitably collide. That is the current state of mankind. I speak to avoid these collisions. Because mankind does not foresee what will soon happen, they think my words are extreme and unneeded. Let me speak again. I must pull people away from the impending disasters. I must ask for a greater fidelity to God’s law and a deeper devotion to the Catholic Church. I promise you, reader, that all is not lost if you prepare. I call you to a complete, total, and radical devotion to my Immaculate Heart. Learn my request about the Five First Saturdays. Begin there. The rest will follow.

Editor’s note. As part of her Fatima revelations, Mary asks each Catholic to do five things on the First Saturday of each month:

1. Receive Holy Communion (If it is impossible to get to mass, then Communion the next day suffices.)
2. Go to confession (eight days before or eight days after).
3. Say the rosary (five decades).
4. Spend fifteen minutes meditating on one of the mysteries of the rosary.
5. Offer these four devotions in reparation for sins committed against her Immaculate Heart.

January 4, 2013
Jerusalem is the Prize


Jerusalem is the prize. That is what I say all along. Satan’s eyes are on Jerusalem, to destroy it and especially to turn it over into the hands of those who live in darkness. This would defeat the very plans of the heavenly Father who wishes to raise up Jerusalem as the center of world peace. All of this seems so far away but it is much closer than anyone can imagine.

The events will happen quickly. The Father will act before Satan’s plan is put into effect. He will not allow Jerusalem to fall again into darkness.


I will protect Jerusalem. How much I suffered there, watching my Son, Jesus, shed his blood.

We both paid the greatest price to save that city and to redeem the world. God’s saving grace went forth from Jerusalem. That grace is still here – like a hidden spring whose waters can still flow out.

Yes, Jerusalem is filled with water, not just the natural water placed there by the Creator, but the supernatural living water of the Holy Spirit, placed there by Jesus. Other places in the world are holy because the living water has been placed there also. However, no other city has the deep springs of Jerusalem.

Living water can go out from a holy city to the people of that nation, but only the living waters of Jerusalem can reach the whole world. That is why Jerusalem is the prize.

January 5, 2013
No Exits to Safety


The world has come to a point of silence. All the voices are quieted. Those who believed that their human plans could save the world, now have nothing to say. The scales that prevented mankind from seeing have fallen from his eyes. Soon, so very soon, the whole human race will see the road that it has traveled and the point to which it has come. Nowhere to go! There are no exits from the problems, no roads to safety. Mankind cannot even retreat because it plunges headlong into its own disasters.

At that moment, I will speak and the nations that refused to listen will have no choice. “There is only one saving voice”, they will say. Too bad that I had to bring the world to this point so they would hear my word and return to me.


Her enemies encircle Jerusalem once again, just as before. She stands high on the hills, prominent in every way, but what good is that when those more powerful are closing in on every side?

Israel sees all too clearly what is taking place. She knows who her enemies are, the size of their armies and the weapons that are aimed at her. Oh, Israel, the land of my birth, I am coming for you. I am hurrying toward you. Someday, I will clasp you at my breasts and you will suck with delight. The breasts that you scorned when you rejected my son, Jesus, still hold their milk of consolation. Yes, I have not forgotten you. Can a mother forget the child of her womb?

Even though you have said, “Jesus is not our prophet. He is not our Messiah”, I have not accepted your rejection. I am not your spouse. You cannot divorce me. I am your mother and you cannot renounce the woman who gave you birth.

You do not know me but someday I will rejoice when you proclaim, “Mary is our mother”. That will be your day of festival.

January 7, 2013
What Must Be Done?


I lift up my voice now, before all of this occurs, so that the nations cannot say that I speak only when all is too late. My words are saving words, spoken when decisions can be made that would avert the disasters. So, I will speak those words and at the same time ask, “O world, do you really want to hear my words? More important, will you act upon them?” These words, spoken now, will be your salvation if you act. Otherwise, they will condemn you for once more refusing to respond. Let me begin:

1. Stop killing the unborn. That is my greatest commandment.

2. Stop destroying family life. I hate divorce and those who believe that marriage is not a life-long commitment.

3. Remove your technology that brings about human life in an unnatural way.

4. Remove your greed that sells weapons to nations and to armed groups for the highest profit.

The list is very long but even now you see that you have no desire to act on my requests.


The armies are all around. The darkness gathers but who can defend the walls of Israel? I speak now to those who dwell in Jerusalem and all the cities that surround her. Call upon my name. Do not wait for the full manifestation of my love for you. You know me. I am Mary, the virgin mother of Jesus. At least you know my name, even though all that I will do for you is not yet revealed. This you do not need to know. You can begin now. You know my name, Mary. You know that I gave birth to Jesus in Bethlehem, the City of David. That is enough. Call upon me and I will come.

January 8, 2013
Raising Up A New America


You do not realize how far you have strayed. You have no idea of where you now are or where this road will lead you. You are walking, I would even say “running” away from me. You denounce me. You ridicule my teachings. You flaunt my laws. You have lost the rich heritage of faith and you have no desire to recapture it. For you, this loss is “good riddance”, supposedly a burden on your freedom.

O America, are you free now that you have wrapped yourself in sin and have extinguished the light of faith? Soon your pains will begin. They are already happening and you take little notice. I will speak clearly so you do not miss my points.

Your economy will sputter and even recede. Your people will grow restless, the government will give them more money and more benefits to keep them still. This will only increase the fever of the illness and cause the infection to spread even more.

The people will begin to grasp the seriousness of America’s problems. All will think that these difficulties are economic. Really, they result from an America that has turned its back on me and claimed, “We do not need Jesus Christ”. I who brought you into existence for my purposes am now set aside. The one who gave you your prosperity is rejected. You have chosen, America. You have chosen the darkness and I will let you plunge deeper and deeper into that darkness until I begin to hear from your lips, “We must seek Jesus Christ and his light. When we walked in his light, we prospered.

Go ahead, America. Continue to reject me. It frees me of my burden of caring for a child whom I have spoiled with my blessings and who spurned me. But those who turn to me, who choose me, I will not spurn. I will gather them into a new America, even though they will be small in numbers.

Yes, within you America, will arise a new America, fashioned according to the religious beliefs that brought forth this nation. There will be two Americas. An America of darkness and an America of light, just as there were two sons of Abraham, one born of the slave woman and the other born of the free woman. One came forth by nature and the other by the promise. I will speak on this again.


I speak about you, Jerusalem, because you are in my heart more than any other city. Currently, my son, the pope, resides in Rome, the successor of Peter and Paul who shed their blood in that city. The blood of martyrs always sanctifies the place of their sacrifice. That city becomes like the holy altar of holocausts. For centuries, the blood of Peter, Paul and all the Roman martyrs have called out to me and guaranteed the primacy of Rome in relationship to all the other churches. But the blood of Peter, Paul and the saints is not deep enough to counteract the problem of darkness that is coming upon the whole world. Its light is too dim and its anointing is too superficial. But there is another city, with a greater light and an eternal anointing, a Jerusalem sanctified by the blood of Jesus. I must raise up a pope who sees this clearly. He must view everything in faith. He cannot be satisfied with a renewal of Rome or the other Churches. He must plant the Catholic Church in the soil of Jerusalem. Only the eye of faith would even grasp that this is the plan of God to restore new life to his Church which will last until the end of time.

January 9, 2013
Two Americas


Yes, there will be two Americas. One will be large and plunge into the darkness. The other will be small, like the lamb that a shepherd holds close to his breast. I will take all of my riches and all of my promises and give them to this little lamb. The rest of the flock I can do nothing for because they do not listen to the shepherd’s void.

How great will be the love I have for this new America. Like a shepherd who has only one lamb remaining, so will be my love for this little flock.


Now, I come to the heart of my message, a deep truth that has been kept hidden until now. You, O reader, needed to be prepared by these locutions to understand this teaching.

Enemies of the Church will rise up, believing that the Church is more vulnerable than ever before. They will have in their grasp all the means of communicating to the whole world. They will say, “Come, let us destroy the Church. This is our moment of opportunity”. They will not attack the body, but the head. They have no interest in wounding the Church. They want to kill it, once and for all, hoping to inflict a mortal wound that would destroy the unity of the Church and cause schisms, whereby large parts of the Church would break the unity of the bishops with the pope. All of this seems impossible but I must warn the Church that difficulties never seen before lie on the horizon.

January 10, 2013
The Child of the Promise


I will pour out all my love upon this new America. It will be the child of the promise. For years, it will be hidden as I was hidden. Then slowly there will be the manifestation of what I have prepared. Then, this new America will assume the mantle of justice and the full anointing of the Holy Spirit. It will have become of age and will be the light to the nations.

This has always been my will for America.

Do not judge me by what you see happen to the other America, the America of darkness that deliberately walks away from me and flaunts my laws. That America has renounced its role as the child of the promise and has chosen to become the child of the slave-woman. It can only live a life of nature, having set aside my promise.


Because of this darkness, I must warn my church. The light that you now have is not sufficient to overcome. The light of reason and the judgments of the wise are no equal for this demonic intellect that plots against you. You must walk with me in a new light. Yes, my light will be more brilliant than ever before, but it will be seen only by faith. O Church, I call you to a deeper faith to grasp the plan of the heavenly Father in these times when your total existence is endangered by the darkness that will come upon you. I am your mother. Do not reject my light.

Light for the Children (January 11 to January 15, 2013)

January 11, 2013
Saving My People


I will point out a new road, hidden from the eyes of the wicked (for they have no holy desires) but revealed to the children of faith. Those who walk this road will live always in my protective care, just as the Israelites were guarded by the column of fire. They will not wander or give way to fear. No matter what is happening around them, they will have peace, knowing that I am at their side.

How can this happen that, in the midst of turmoil, a people can be saved? Only I can do this.

The people must follow in faith.


I must place a special light in each heart. This light will speak, saying “Come this way. Do not follow the darkness.” How special will be this inner light which will enlighten all of my children. By this light, I will literally carry my children. They will walk but with my power and only in my direction. Even in turmoil, they will not fear. In darkness, they will see like the noonday. They will even lead those who are in darkness into the light. When the lights of the world go out, all who live only by those lights will be filled with darkness. But you, my children, will have another light. This light is already within you. Do not set it aside. In the darkness, it will be the only light that you have.

January 12, 2013
The Saving Light


I speak now to those who are of sincere heart and want to follow my ways. This is the beginning – a heart set on my ways, which wants no compromise and seeks only the true path.

However, many are not ready to set aside all that leads them away from me. At the beginning, I demand that the disciple have only one desire – to walk my way without compromise. All else must be cut away as unworthy of a disciple. This simplicity and sincerity will be the safe guard, keeping the disciple on my hidden road.


The external darkness will multiply and the external lights will be stripped away. The soul would live in a maze of contradictions unless I provided this overwhelming light that will give an inner clarity when the external world becomes all confused.

January 13, 2013
A New Road of Truth


In the world, there is great confusion. Few even know the right path. An ignorance has set in.

Truth has been lost and is no longer passed down. Children receive no training in the sound teachings of faith. They are exposed to all that is not true. This is a moment of crisis in America. The country itself has chosen the darkness and into darkness it will go. My goal is to save those who want the light. This is way I speak. Please listen to my words, “You no longer can find wisdom in the marketplace because the marketplace has been stripped of faith.

You can no longer find wisdom in these institutions that would uphold America. They, too, have lost their way. Therefore, I must establish a new road to truth. As you walk this road, others will follow and all will be blessed. This road must be revealed to you in the depth of your heart. Only there, can you find it.


The time is very short. The darkness will come suddenly and without much warning. Even if I gave warnings or provided great signs, people would reject them. People would say, “If this is so important, why does Mary not appear?” I am appearing. I am speaking to the visionaries of Medjugorje. Have your read my messages? I have promised a permanent sign. Is it faith to wait until the permanent sign is in place? Even with the sign, many will have no interest. Such is the world. It seeks signs and does not even believe when the sign is given.

I am giving these words. This is the sign for you. Believe and take them into your heart. You will see all that they will do for you.

January 14, 2013
Protecting the Children


Truth is a wall that protects. Now that the wall has been broken down, all the enemies can freely come and go. They have full entrance to everyone’s mind and heart. How quickly they come. How quickly they infect and destroy. Children are trained for years by their faithful parents and then, in the twinkling of an eye, they are caught up in strange beliefs and sinful practices. There is no wall. Nothing to protect them. Families gather their children and try to limit the world. Families know that they must build their own walls. To all of these I say, “Protecting the innocence of your children has become an almost impossible task but I will bless all your efforts. Do not listen to others. My Holy Spirit dwells in your home. Obey my Holy Spirit and do not listen to your neighbors.


My words go forth. They clash so sharply with all that the world teaches. My words and the world are enemies to each other. There must be no drawing back. My words are filled with light. Follow that light. It will lead you down a totally different road. Although it will pull you away, you will soon grow familiar with this road of light. Blessed is the person who experiences this. They will offer a true road for many others to follow. Yes. Receive my light. Walk by my light. And you will rescue many from the darkness. You will save many.

January 15, 2013
Saving the Children From Darkness


I see the harm done to all the children. They were born in darkness and live all their life in darkness. They have never known the culture of light. They have never known an America which outlawed abortion, an America that censored its films and protected the airwaves. They have never known an America which was a shining light of religious practice. The children are the ones so deeply affected by the new darkness and this darkness will not end soon. Therefore, I must turn to parents and ask them to provide their children with a family light. I will bless all your efforts. Even if they seem futile to you, do not abandon this task.


We come to the end of this little teaching on light and darkness. The words are so important.

All the angels are concerned for the children, so sensitive, so easy to sway, so impressionable. They are easy prey for the Evil One. He injects himself early into their lives. The world of darkness provides Satan with many new and powerful opportunities to harm and to destroy.

He always waits for his chance. If he fails today, he will try again tomorrow. Such must be your vigilance, day and night, week after week and year after year. You cannot slacken off.

You cannot say “I have done my job”. Even grown children need your words because the world draws them and entraps them. Only constant vigilance protects them.

Mary and Her Pope (January 16 to January 18, 2013)

January 16, 2013
Raising Up A Pope


Even while I speak, much is happening. The world continues down its road. Evil deeds are piled high, one on top of the other. The darkness grows and claims more people, while those already in darkness go deeper into this night of death. Mankind does not realize where it is or how soon the great darkness will be unleashed, like black clouds that suddenly fill the sky, as if without any warning.

Yet, how could anyone say that this is without any warning, when my Mother has spoken so often of this situation. Few have listened to her or even heard her words.

So, I will exalt her even more. I will raise up a pope who owes everything to her, including his rise to the papacy. He will not hold back. He will not limit her. When he is the pope, her mantle will fully unfold and her protection will be offered to all who seek it.

I will not compromise. Everyone will come to me through my mother and those who reject her will reject me. Her power will spread everywhere in ways never before seen. Satan will be stirred to a great anger and will quickly want to destroy the pope who so unfailingly exalts her, but I will not allow him to have any victory. I will save my pope in astonishing ways until the very end when he will give his life for his heavenly Queen.


Who is this person whom I have chosen and whom I have so carefully prepared? Why have I kept him in the shadows, unwilling to expose him to the light? He has been mine from the very beginning, always the chosen one, always the one who resided in the very center of my heart.

He knows who he is. He knows that he has been chosen. He knows that I have prepared him. He has no doubt. He does not trust in his own strength. He knows that I will raise him up. He already knows exactly what to do, although how this will be accomplished is still hidden from him.

Would I allow the great work of consecrating Russia to chance? Would I just pick someone at the last minute, who is not sure of the correct steps and who might be reluctant to go ahead when all the opposition mounts? Not at all. He has been mine from the beginning and a moment will come when I will give him to the Church.

January 17, 2013
The Pope of the Third Millennium


He will be the “game changer” because he will walk on the scene when all seems hopeless, when people will be crying out, “Where is God in all this darkness?” The lights will dim and then go out but only so my action will be clearly seen by all.

There he will be, the pope of the third millennium. He will carry a new light, a light that he already possesses as a treasure kept in the greatest hiddenness. He will arise by the most surprising way. Again, so there will be no mistake, this pope will not be chosen by men but by the clearest and most visible signs from heaven. All will see that the Father has brought this about. Once he assumes the papal throne, my plan will begin to unfold, step by step. Little by little, the powers of darkness will be rolled back. Then, when Satan can no longer accept his defeats he will make the great mistake. Just as he erred in nailing me to the cross, so he will bring about this pope’s death, a true martyrdom, that will shake heaven and earth (as did my death). At that point, the true reign of my mother as the Woman Clothed With the Sun will begin. Hers will not be an immediate victory. However, all of her children will take heart and know that the victory will be theirs as they take up the sword of the Spirit.


I have held back these revelations until now but they can no longer be hidden. The words must be said and duly recorded. They are my words also and I would like to speak.

I have chosen this son from among many. He is the child of my choice and I have guided him since childhood. I gave him devout Catholic parents and a devout home. As a child, he walked with me, not even understanding the special graces I was placing in his heart. His parents taught him a deep love for the rosary and even opened up to him the beginnings of devotion.

You can see that he was always mine. Always I led and protected him, and he always cherished a special devotion to me. He was always marked by my seal. However, all that was contained in these seeds of devotion were hidden to him.

He always saw himself as one of many, and always tried to consider himself the least of all. Only as these years have gone by, has he realized who he was and what I had called him to be.

Even now, he would gladly surrender these gifts to others, but I have not chosen another. He is well aware of that and knows that his ascending to the papacy in inevitable. Yet, he will make no move to promote himself and he will speak to no one about the revelations he has received. All is hidden in his heart, like treasures deeply buried. It is not for him to open these treasures or to decide the time and the circumstances. All remains in my hands. He remains in my hands and I will never let him go. When he is revealed to the world, all will see that these words are true. There is nothing more to be said at this time. Later, I will speak again as the time grows closer and those who would doubt will need yet another sign.

January 18, 2013
Revealing the Hidden Plan


Why do I reveal these secrets of my heart? Should I not be more careful to keep hidden my plans? It is my love for mankind that causes me to act this way. I cannot hold hack. I cannot just take prudent steps. Mine are the steps of insane love. I am deeply in love with mankind, for I have shared his earth and shared in his sufferings. I know the feel of soil beneath my feet and the smell of flowers in the air. I know his fears and I know his trials. I have experienced them all and I know the darkness that can come suddenly upon his world. This is why I speak.


Mankind is moving into a totally new era, with grave difficulties that he has ever experienced before and for which he has absolutely no answers. It is a new darkness, an overpowering and unknown darkness. He has been enticed down this road, refusing to examine the consequences of his actions and especially, refusing to listen to my words. He walks, no he runs, this path of even greater darkness, every hour. I watch him plunge even more deeply into the morass. I see where it leads and how entrapped he will be. He will not listen, so I must initiate a rescue, using the wisdom that God has given to me.

I began this rescue long ago. It takes decades and even centuries to bring about those people who will be my instruments. There are many others whom I will use but they do not yet know that they are chosen. When my chosen one, my pope, comes into the light, millions of good people will see the personal light that already lies within them. They will understand their call and suddenly I will have an army. You, O reader, will be one of those whom I will call but you, also, must prepare by a life devoted to me.

The Modern Problems (January 19 to January 22, 2013)

January 19, 2013
The Future Events


I speak clearly and forcefully. These words come from a vision that is total and complete in every detail. I speak of future events as if they are seen right now. I see the ways of mankind. Even though he freely chooses these ways, they are not hidden from my eyes. I know what is within man and I know the choices he will face. I know the vagaries of the human heart and how quickly man forgets my favors. All is clear before my eyes, so I will speak without any hesitation.


I cannot force people to do God’s will but I can make the circumstances such that they will act correctly. I prepared the waiters at the wedding feast, telling them to do whatever Jesus would ask of them. So, I can prepare mankind for the great visitation of Jesus. Yes, he will come to bless his people, to bless his Church and to prepare the world for his blessings in this third millennium.

In spite of all that you see and hear, in spite of all the darkness that will come, you must believe that I am preparing my Church for a future time of the greatest graces. The secret is the divine presence, in which all are purified and all see God’s will for their lives. I am preparing you for Jesus’ power just as I prepared the waiters. “Do whatever he tells you”.

January 20, 2013
Raising Up A People of the Spirit


All these blessings are in my heart but I cannot give them away because human hearts are filled with other things. Their hearts have no room and no desire for my blessings. What will I do? I must prepare a new people. I must raise them up. These will be people of my Holy Spirit, their hearts caught up in my divine fire. Can I not do this? Is the Holy Spirit of God powerless? Is the divine fire weak and unable to overcome? Trust the fire of the Holy Spirit and seeks its warmth.


So many obstacles! So much darkness! So many people turned away from God! So many oppose him and kill those who love him! But look, the Spirit of Jesus is already raising up others. This will be a new people, prepared for all and able to overcome, the flesh and the devil can throw against them. The former realities, the former difficulties have given way to newer and greater darkness. What the Holy Spirit has done in the past in not enough. But look, the Spirit is doing something new. Do not despise this. Do not say it is impossible. It is so needed if the new and powerful darkness is to be overcome. Only I can lead my children to the new pastures of the Holy Spirit. Follow me and do not despise my ways.

January 22, 2013
The Day of Infamy


Woe to this day! Forty years ago, millions of millions of children, some not even conceived, were condemned to death. Who gave judges the right to change my laws? This day is forever stamped on the soul of America. January 22nd is truly a day that will go down in infamy.

America’s ship will sink more than the ships at Pearl Harbor. Already her ship is sagging in the sea and taking on water that cannot be stopped. Why? “What is wrong with America people ask? What is happening?”

I will tell you clearly. Listen carefully and you will understand. America has destroyed itself. It has sacrificed its children to political expediency. For every child whose blood is shed in an abortion clinic, the blood of America itself is shed. Blood drop for blood drop.

One life for one life. A child is killed and a gun gets fired. A child is sacrificed, and a business leaves America. A child is murdered and the deficit grows. Yes, a child, a child, a child – how many times each minute, like the clicking of a clock. Your clock is ticking, America. Soon, so very soon, as you continue to sacrifice your children, the clock will go off and the explosion will happen. Your ship will not just sag but a hole will be blown in its side. Do not forget. You elected the president of abortions for four more years. Do not say, Why has God done this to us?” You have made the decision, not I. The blood of every unborn child that is sacrificed to abortion is on your hands, not mine.


All I see is blood. Blood is everywhere. Innocent blood. No sin has stained this blood. No crime caused its shedding. The child invaded no one. Hurt no one. Had no say in its own existence or in its own death. It was where God himself placed it, in the womb of its mother where it belonged, where it was safe and where it grew. It performed only those natural functions of life and growth. In a few months, it would have left her body, allowing her organs to return to normal.

Why did anyone shed its blood? Who acted as its defense attorney in the trial that condemned it to death? Where was its due process? Who were the members of the jury? And by what right does America stand by and allow this blood to be shed?

These are all the unanswered questions. They are my questions and someday soon I will get answers. How you ask? I will call America to trial and I will act as the judge, the prosecutor and the jury, just as happens now to the unborn. I will not even allow you to defend yourself, just as you do not allow the unborn to defend themselves. America, I will avenge their blood.

So, I say to you, “Before it is too late. Stop the killing! Change your laws.”

With whom will I begin? Certainly not with those mothers who were caught, frightened, burdened, confused, pressured by others, talked to and convinced by professionals. These mothers are not the problem. It is your cold calculating politicians who value their elected office. They are the ones who shed the blood. The doctors and the providers who value their money, they shed the blood. That is where I will begin, unless they repent. These words are spoken solemnly and when I begin to act, I hope everyone remembers what I said.

Preaching to America (January 23 to January 26, 2013)

January 23, 2013
Same Sex Relationships


What more need I recount? How can I awaken this people from their slumber? They do not know me and they have no interest in knowing my ways. They are a people content with darkness, for whom the light holds no attraction. They have forgotten the former days, when men and women married to bring about children and a family. These core values are now twisted beyond recognition. My young are confused and are invited to seek same-sex relationships that are like clouds that hold no rain, sterile relationships that bring forth no children. How did America wander so far so quickly? This is what I will explain for those interested in the truth.


It is difficult to understand this path that leads away from true love in accord with God’s plan into a love that distorts the image of man and woman. People will speak of emotions, sexual drives, impulses and attractions. Do these constitute the human person? Is the person just a bundle of inner sensations gathered together by the memory? The person is a creature, formed by God in his own image and likeness, deliberately made male and female in the body.

The body determines man and woman, male and female. The body is the norm not the emotions.

Otherwise, nothing is stable and man has no clear goal. Grace cannot lead a person on when he is not clear whether to live as a man or a woman. Society is much to blame in this confusion.

You who struggle with this difficulty, come to me and I will pour true love into your heart.

January 24, 2013
Abandoning the Guiding Stars of Religious Beliefs


America has taken its eyes off the stars that so carefully guided its ship. Instead, those eyes feasted upon the calm waters and the beautiful weather of its prosperity. “We do not need those stars anymore”, they claimed. “The light that guided our forefathers has accomplished its task. We, ourselves, can take over the helm. We will guide this ship by the light of reason”. America, you have set aside the guiding stars of religious beliefs and have substituted your secular beliefs. You abandoned the faith that brought your forefathers to America and substituted your secular religion to guide this nation.

O, America, I ask you, “Where are the calm seas now?” Where is your prosperity? You cannot find them. They also have become part of your past. Can the light of reason lead you back to the calm sea? Not at all. Your sea will be so chaotic that many will despair. Your economy will worsen. Your divisions will deepen. Your wise men will continue to mouth truths that give no light. Deeper and deeper into the chaos you will go because you have forsaken the stars of religious faith that your forefathers used to found America.


Never turn aside from the light of belief, a light that is buried deeply within. To reject this light is to reject yourself. These beliefs unite you with God. God gave you these truths to invite you. When you reject beliefs you tear up your invitation and you forget that you are invited to a heavenly wedding. Amnesia sets in. The past is forgotten and strange paths are taken, paths which the Ages of Faith would have quickly seen as immoral and would quickly reject.

You have lost your soul, America. You have lost the faith that guided you. For that reason I speak. I will raise up a new America, an America of faith, much smaller than the whole because the whole is now controlled by the darkness not by faith.

January 25, 2013
The Sickness of Toleration


Now I come to the heart of the issue with America. A false truth entered your culture and has been embraced by many as the only truth – tolerance. Your highest, most prized virtue is to tolerate everything except religious truths. You cast nothing out. You do not cut away infections. You allow truth and lies to have equal standing. You have become vulnerable to everything.

Does not the human body have an immune system that safeguards it against infection. Does it not create anti-bodies when attacked by enemies? You are a dying, sickly body because you tolerate everything. You reject nothing. You allow evil to flourish. “Toleration” you say.

Learn this truth. Some things are good and other things are evil. A healthy nation refuses to tolerate the evil. It casts out the evil. It destroys the evil. You now lie sick and dying on your bed of toleration.


As the new world was discovered and religious pilgrims came, seeds of faith were sown and quickly grew. America was born in faith and flourished in faith. Its institutions came forth as the fruits of faith. The people set out on a definite road. This would be a nation under God and guided by God’s light. Light flooded America and the waves of immigrants found rich soil for their religious beliefs. This was my dream for America. Now my dream is stolen. Those with no faith lead America down their atheistic road. “Come this way”, they say. We will have a tolerant America. All beliefs are equal and must be placed on equal footing. The only sin is to claim that you know what is good and others do not.

America, what do you have now? A country filled with confusion which rejects God’s commandments. You have destroyed the very foundation of America. Listen to my words, “Hold your leaders to the highest levels of morality. Make your laws according to God’s laws. Rebuild your moral foundations. Reject evil. Do not tolerate sins, especially in your leaders and your laws”.

God Will Use the Davids (January 27 to January 30, 2013)

January 27, 2013
Why God Delays


Why do I continue to wait? Why give mankind yet another chance? Why put off that moment of chastisements, when all the wrongs will be brought to judgment? Why do I wait and wait and wait, as if mankind is walking in light and not darkness? In that question, lies a deep mystery, the eternal longing and hope of my heart. I do not want to say to mankind “the time is over. You have lost your chance”. I do not want chastisements because the chastisements will cast many into the deepest of darkness. I will try another road. I will try again to call man into the light that he has foolishly rejected.


This is the great mystery, why the Father allows evil to continue, to gain power and even to get the upper hand. Why does he not cut evil away? He allows the wicked to grow with the wheat, because a too invasive approach would ruin the whole harvest.

The Father has his plans in which he calls each person to the fullness of perfection. Although much darkness abounds, there are some who walk in the light and are growing according to God’s plan. For the sake of these elect he preserves everyone from divine chastisement. However, on the final day of judgment, the elect are safe and he can fully chastise those who never repented. His great gift is this present time, a time which must be used for repentance. At Pentecost, the people, shaken by Peter’s teaching asked, “What are we to do?” Ask that question with a sincere heart and I will gladly answer.

January 28, 2013
Turning Back the Darkness


I dream of another moment, a future moment when mankind is purified and the darkness is cast out, when all the darkness within man and outside of man is conquered by the light. How will that ever happen? How can the darkness be turned back? Is there a solution that escapes all the world leaders?

That moment will come from my word, when that word is spoken publicly, day after day. This is the gift of prophecy, a prophetic word that reveals my own inner thoughts and desires. These locutions are my words and those who read them are already coming into the light. Like the dawn that breaks slowly upon the earth until it becomes like the noonday sun, so are these locutions. Their light comes slowly but if you read faithfully, the light becomes as the noonday.


My children walk in the darkness of the world but my word is like a ray of light which follows them, surrounds them and goes before them. My words lift them up from the deepest darkness into a total light. This has already happened to some. No one is excluded. No great sacrifices are demanded. Just read the words each day and the light will dawn.

Everyone is different. Some will be touched immediately. They will tell many. Others will experience an attraction to keep reading. As they do, the great gift will be given. The words go out to the whole world. All can read them but who will understand what they can do to the heart that embraces them?

January 29, 2013
Using the Little Voices


I am building a network of communications. Often these are just little groups who devote all they have to spreading my word. They are courageous because they work against great odds. To them I speak. Spreading my word is the greatest work of mankind because my word opens the human heart to eternal life and to the working of the Holy Spirit. Stay at your task, in season and out of season. Do not give up this apostolate. Many benefit from it. Stay alive. Do not close your doors. Do not cease your ministry. I will bless it and join it to others. More important, I will be giving my word to the whole world and I will need your little voice. Do not think that what you do is little. You do it for me.


The gigantic voices have closed their hearts. The secular stations want no mention of me or my words. In the years ahead, I will pour out the greatest of my words, carrying every blessing and helping in every possible situation. The great secular channels will spur my words until my voice grows so great and the help I offer so extraordinary that they will have to report my messages. Until that breakthrough, I must rely on my children to carry and publicize my words.

You, who are reading these messages, are you helped by them? If so, will not others be helped also? I gave you a task, a call, a ministry. As you have been helped, so help others by spreading these messages. They are not meant to remain hidden but, for now, I have only your little voices (which I cherish so much).

January 30, 2013
David Overcomes Goliath


Why do I not use the great voices, the television empires and the large social media enterprises? These are the Goliaths, but I will use the little Davids. Then, when all see what is accomplished, when they see the complete turn-around of the world, no one can say, “The great networks have done this”. No, all will be astounded. This will be a sign for everyone to see. David has once again slain the Goliath. In those days, truth, not falsehood, will go forth.

How can this happen? How can those, who hold all the power and determine how the world thinks, be overcome? When people are touched by my glory, they will rise up and say, “Enough. No more of your lies. We want only the truth.” Oh, little Davids, do not despise what I have given to you. Use your little stones and your slingshot. I will make sure that they will hit their mark. Try me on this.


How powerful is a word. What great good or evil a word can bring about. Nothing else in the whole world has this power. Words have brought about wars and peace, hatreds and loves, divisions and unions. Therefore, I use words every day. Now, they are spoken in secret and published on the Internet, but someday they will be spoken publicly for all the world to hear instantly. This is why I need the little David’s. They will be the first to carry my words.

Then, as more and more are touched and attracted, the gigantic voices, the Goliaths, will have to drop their swords of prejudice. They, too, will become my voice and spread my words.

The Lord of History (January 31 to February 3, 2013)

January 31, 2013
A Promise to Speak


Who do I see following me?  Who are my disciples?  They are everywhere, in every part of the world and in every nation in the universe.  Yet, they are a scattered flock, wandering in the world that is filled with darkness and false lights.  What do my sheep need?  They need a clear voice, that speaks to them from the rooftops and which gives them my words.  My sheep hear words spoken by my preachers.  They are human words spoken in good will and with good intentions, but words that are unable to light up the darkness.

I do not have to scatter or overcome the darkness.  It is too ingrained into the heart of man and into the society that man has built.  The purification would take too long and I cannot wait.  So, I will speak.  I will speak from the rooftops.  My word will go forth and will light up the darkness.  Then my scattered and disheartened sheep will gather in that light.

They will be in the light even as the world remains in its darkness.


I accompany my Son, Jesus and my words will accompany his.  These words are spoken from two hearts that are joined.  His words will enlighten.  My words will encourage.  His words will strengthen.  My words will reveal the hidden paths, the easy paths to the goal.

This has already been happening in these locutions.  Therefore, I am not promising some future gift.  The gift is not in the future, it is already yours.  This happens every day and is sent forth for all to experience.

I will promise even more.  First, I will raise these locutions to the greatest height.

Second, I will increase their power of light.  Third, I will use them to speak about future events and, in doing so, I will prepare my children for all the events that will happen.

February 1, 2013
A Gift Already Happening


I must begin.  I cannot wait. I must speak and my words go forth.  It is happening even now, in these locutions.  My word goes forth.  While the world remains in darkness, my disciples can have my light.  So, let my words be clear.

These words that you are reading are quite simple and able to be understood.  They do not demand great intellects or even strong wills.  They only require hearts that are open, like soil receiving the seed.  Through these words, I am planting emergency lights that will shine even in the darkness.  Cherish these words.  Believe them.  Act on them.  Tell them to others.

They are my little gifts to you.  They will give you light in the coming darkness.


Why delay?  Why wait?  The darkness is already here in so many ways.  I need not wait until all is filled with the darkness.  Then, it will be too late.  Even now, some are so filled with darkness that even these words will not suffice.  For them, the words will be like water that falls upon a rock, never penetrating its hardness.  So, let us begin.  “Yes begin”, because the great darkness is near at hand.

February 2, 2013
The Messenger Comes to the Temple


My light is still hidden, but when my messenger comes to the temple, the great mysteries will begin.  When my messenger comes to the temple, the mysteries will be revealed to the whole world.  This will prepare for my visitation and new outpouring of the Spirit.

O, my people, do not despair.  I will come to the temple as I have promised.  I will deliver Israel, and, when Jerusalem is freed, all the nations will glorify what I have done in the sight of all.  That is how it will be done.  All will see so that my name is glorified.


This day is so special, filled with such memories.  Entering the temple and listening to Simeon say those words.  “A light to the nations and the glory of my people, Israel”.  These words flooded my soul with light and prepared me for the words that followed.  My Son would be a sign of contradiction and a sword would pierce my heart.

Those words quickly entered into my heart and I held on to them forever.  They are still there.  I was plunged deeper into the great mystery of Jesus, so I could fulfill my role.

February 3, 2013
The Lord Comes to the Center of the Stage


Man has moved himself to the center of the stage.  He writes the script and determines the actions.  Mankind has claimed history for himself as if he is the author and creator.  He gives me no room, grants me no status.  Little does he know that I am behind the scenes.  I have never given history over to man.  I have never said, “You write the script and you direct the action”.  Mankind has totally misunderstood his own freedom.  I created man to freely obey my plans and to come to the greatest happiness.  Instead, he has torn up my plans.  “We no longer need these goals”, he has said.  “We no longer need these laws.  We no longer need to live by a revealed word.  We are modern man who has come of age.”

O modern man, how long before you destroy yourself.  However, I will not let this happen.  At the hour of your greatest crisis, when it seems as if the curtain will come down on human history, I will intervene in the most dramatic of ways.  Suddenly, the world will return to childlike faith and we will begin again.


Jesus will come again to bring history to a close.  When that happens, everyone will come before him, all who have lived on earth, from the first to the last.  This final coming is not what is being described here.  There will be another coming, another visitation of Jesus, much sooner than the end of the world.  He will have compassion on the world, a world that has rejected him.  He will not discard the world nor will he allow the world to destroy itself.

Yes, he will come again – not in human flesh as the first time, not in eternal glory as the last time.  This will be a coming of his divine presence which will be preceded by many preparatory events, and signs that all will see.  When he comes, many will welcome him and many will wish they had prepared themselves.  All will know that the Lord has come.

Words to Particular Groups (February 4 to February 10, 2013)

February 4, 2013
Importance of Words


Is it too late to turn around? How can mankind, who has chosen the darkness and who has moved toward the darkness for so many years, suddenly be turned around? Mankind needs to hear a new voice, a voice that explains its problems, points out its errors and show it how to walk on a new path.

Because many do not understand what I am doing with these locutions, I will explain. Every day, people consume many words, and do not grasp the power which these words have over them. Why does such darkness cover their minds? How could the thinking of America change so radically and so quickly? Words, millions of words, have been deliberately poured out into the stream of the culture. Rather, I should say lies, many lies, lies every day. The airwaves are filled with lies. So, I must speak each day. Only by my words can America be turned around.


A Daily Word

Our words remain. They are posted for all to read, a constant light, a daily invitation.

Slowly, the words penetrate. Some touch deeply and others are never forgotten. They are light in the darkness and truth among the lies. They say “Come this way” at a time when all the world chooses a different path. The words are steady, a daily force that protects from error and does not allow the seed of the lie to bear fruit.

My children, these words show my love for you. They are a sign of my daily care and concern.

Read them for what they are – a loving letter from your mother.

February 5, 2013
Having Lost Your Wife


I will speak very particular words.  I know each one’s heart and each person needs unique words.

To you who have recently lost your wife, I know that she was your closest companion in life.

She will also be your companion forever in heaven.  Now, you must face these intervening years.  How will you ever get through them without her?  The pain of loss will not suddenly go away because the ties were so deep.  You accepted each other into the very depths of your hearts and you never rejected each other.  These ties are now broken.  She is not there, but your thoughts and feelings still go out to her.  Only slowly will you gain a new orientation, a new light to guide your path.  Until then, go to my Mother for your consolation.  She will ease your pain.  She, too, lost her spouse and had to walk the road alone.


These words will be spoken for everyone.  Each group will know their power and will believe that these are truly words from heaven.  This is heaven’s way of consoling those who are suffering in this land of exile.  I speak to those who have lost their mother.  She was always there to help and, as the years went on, she needed your help.

You watched her grow older, more and more unable to do what she used to do.  Now, she has finished her life on earth and is at my side.  Yes, she is at my side.  That is the word of comfort that I offer to you in these days of your sorrow.  She is now more powerful than ever, in the fullness of her youthful beauty and strength, able to lead and guide you.  She who provided you with an earthly home is now preparing a heavenly home for you.

February 6, 2013
The Recently Unemployed


To you who walk in a darkness of doubts and even of despair, your whole world has been turned upside down.  The walls that seemed so strong have suddenly fallen.  It is a new darkness, one that you never had to cope with before.  You always had your work.  You had a job to go out to every day and the satisfaction of returning home at night, a full day’s work accomplished.

Now, employment has been taken away.  For the first time, you feel the emptiness of someone who has lost an identity, with a definite place to go and co-workers who were you daily companions.

Let go of your past.  Trust.  Come, I will lead you along a new path.  It is already there, waiting for you to find it.  Call out to me. Believe that I will show you.  Especially believe that I will get you through this period.


A Mother Losing a Child

I speak to the mother who has lost her child, her young child.  The child was always sickly, even from the beginning.  You had great hopes that the doctors could do something.  As that road failed, you decided to love and accept your child with all your heart.  This you have done.  How close you came to your child.  Now the child is taken from you.  You know the child is in heaven but human grief still grips your heart.  That is why I speak.  Your efforts have not been in vain.  Every ounce of your love is stored up in the child’s heart.  All of your blessings cover the child.  These prepared your child for glory.  Will I not bless you?  Will I not send special help?  Will I not send angels to console you?  Were you not an angel to your child?  A new door will open.

February 7, 2013
To the Poor


I do not turn my back to the poor.  I invite them, welcome them and bring them to myself.

They are so close to my heart because I lived in poverty, deliberately leaving aside so many physical comforts to visit the towns of Israel.  The poor are mine and I openly proclaimed that I had come to preach good news to the poor.

What are my words to you?  What good news can I preach when you are deprived of so many earthly goods, even the necessities of life?  Your poverty results from the sinfulness of mankind.  The heavenly Father has provided an abundance but mankind controls the distribution of goods.  Satan has used his human instruments to turn the earth into a place of suffering.

Poverty will continue until mankind repents and seeks the kingdom.  Then, all will see God’s glorious abundance.

To you, now mired in this poverty, I say that you are close to me.  I see your daily struggles.  Continue to help those who are even more poor than yourself.  I will see these acts of kindness and provide for you.


A Burdened Mother

So many are burdened, especially those mothers who brought children into the world and now find them a terrible burden.  “Why did I even do this?  Why did I allow myself to give birth when I cannot care for them?” They ask.

O burdened mother, the children see your love.  Later, they will fully understand all your efforts and all that you provided for them in your poverty.  I have only this word for you.

“Your children are rich.  They have your love.  I will be with you”.

February 8, 2013
Burdened With the Past


What will I say to those who feel the burden of past sins?  Of the sins of their youth?  Of the poor decisions in their marriage?  Of the effects of addictions?  What do I say, especially, to those who see that their life has slipped away from them and that the hopes which they once had are crushed?  These are the ones who carry inner burdens that seemingly have no answer.  They have made choices and their decisions have been the wrong ones.

Long ago, I became man to help you.  I came to call sinners, not the righteous.  I came to help those who seemingly had been cast aside by their own decisions.  Do you not see?  I am the redeemer and you are in need of redemption.  Let me be a redeemer to you.  In me, all is redemption for those who know they need redemption.


A Woman Who Has Had An Abortion

I speak specifically to the woman who has chosen an abortion and knows that she cannot go back.  She cannot change her decision.   She cannot say, “Give that life to my child which I decided to remove”.

All is not lost.  Begin with sorrow for your decision.  That is the door that opens to life.

Do not listen to those who would explain away the act.  Those explanations do not reach the depth of your guilt.  I must pluck out the sorrow, like someone removing a stone from your heart.  Come now.  Let us begin.  Go to the priest.  Confess your sin.  Receive my Son’s forgiveness.  I will be with you there.  After that, I will show you the road to walk to regain a fullness of peace.

February 9, 2013
The Burdened Person


I speak to the wandering soul, the person who enjoys no rest, plagued by circumstances that have happened, many of which were beyond his control.  I speak to the burdened soul who tries to fulfill so many responsibilities with so few resources.  Their numbers are increasing and their burdens grow greater.  They can find no rest.  Their days are spent searching for enough to live and survive.  Their numbers are legion.  To them I speak, “In all your searching, do not forget the kingdom of God.  Often you search but you do not find.  However, whoever searches for the kingdom always finds and the kingdom is a pearl of great value and a hidden treasure.  In all of your searching, I say “Seek first the kingdom of God and all these other things will be given you besides.”


The Homeless

I speak to the homeless.  How can this be in America, that you have no home?  The sins of America have caused this.  The greed, the deception, the corruption.  America blessed with my abundance has squandered its heritage and many of its children wander the streets, subject to all the changes of weather and all the harshness of the elements.

Who can unravel all the causes that brought you to this state?  Who can unveil your own failings that might have contributed to your losses?  To search for those answers is a useless path, so let us take a different one.  I value you.  You are worthwhile in my eyes.  You have a body that needs to be helped and a soul that needs to be saved.  I will help you with both.

As you call upon my name, “Mary”, I will place hope in your soul, light in your mind and determination in your will.  You will not remain an outcast or a rejected part of society. You will find your place and give me thanks.  Let us begin now.

February 10, 2013
To the Children


Finally, I speak to the group that is closest to my heart, the children, the innocent ones. The children are always the future. Even though they know it not, they alone carry the seeds of the future generation. They have been cheated. The heavenly bread of religious teaching has been taken away. The children know only the secular religion, that insipid wine that destroys their thinking. They march into a darkness created by those who have stripped America of its religious roots. They find no answers to the important questions and their hearts are not trained in devotion.

I look at the children of America and I find a blankness in their stares and confusion in their minds. So, I ask, “Who will help the children? Who will speak for them? Who will stop the nonsense that parades itself as wisdom? Who will reclaim the culture for me and for the children?” To those who undertake this task, I will give a thousand helps. Do not fear your secular foes. I will give you weapons that no one can resist. This is a war that I want fought day and night – a war for the hearts and minds of the children.


To Those Who Lead Children Astray

I must speak even stronger words. Woe to those persons who lead the children astray. Woe to those governments who set aside religious teaching. Woe to those who feel the children are dispensable tools in the hands of those who manipulate them. Who told you to teach them what violates God’s law? Who allowed you to set aside God’s commandments? Who permitted you to remove God’s word? These are the questions.

I hold everyone responsible for the children. I accuse governments, and schools, and those who control the media. I accuse parents who neglect their children’s religious education. Everyone is to blame. Look at your children. They do not know right from wrong. They do not learn the ten commandments. They see before their eyes every kind of violation of God’s law. Everybody is responsible for the children. Blessed are those who rise up and say, “We must save the children”. They must work day and night because the forces of darkness have already claimed many.

The Papal Resignation (February 11 to February 14, 2013)

February 11, 2013
The Announcement


The world has been stunned by the great announcement of the papal resignation.  Would I cease to speak to my children at the very time that they need to hear my voice?  Not at all.  The words will flow each day as before.  The focus will be on the papacy and on all that will happen.  I will not hold back my words.  I will reveal the deepest secrets of my heart, so all my children can rejoice in this work of the Spirit.  All must pray, as fervently as possible. All are part of this great work of the Spirit.


I rejoice that this has been accomplished and the heart of Pope Benedict has accepted the gentle urgings of my heart.  He has done what I have asked and now he steps aside at just the right time.  There are no questions swirling around him.  No one can really accuse him of abandoning the Church in a great time of crisis.  All is calm for now.  The great crises lie ahead.  No one can accuse him of abandoning the ship of Peter because a gigantic storm has come up.  He has acted promptly, at the right time, and in the right way.  I have already chosen his successor, the one who is deepest in my heart.

February 12, 2013
The Cardinal Messenger


Men will not oppose my will nor will I allow the Evil One to enter, although his deepest desires are to seat the Pope of his choice.  I will quickly narrow the field and allow the cardinals to focus on the smallest possible number, even though many could be considered fit applicants.  They will debate these names in a spirit of openness (even though behind the scenes different movements arise).  Then suddenly, my messenger (a cardinal) will come to the temple, he whom I have sent.  He will bring new light that is from me.  He will raise new questions.  He will ask, “What about Fatima?  What about Our Lady’s request for the consecration of Russia?  Should not this also be a question?  Why do we speak of human issues only, when this question is so urgent?”  All will pause.  Until then, no one had raised a voice.  The important question was off the table but this messenger will raise it clearly.


The Pope of the Promise

I hold him in my heart.  I have always held him in my heart.  Now, I am about to show him to the whole world.  I will place him on the chair of Peter.  He has always been the child of the promise.  When he was set aside, he held onto the promise.  When he was overlooked, he held on to the promise.  When he entered into the greatest darkness, he held on to the promise.  He knows only one thing – the promise that I placed in his heart decades ago, a promise he has never rejected, even when all seemed lost.  Now, he waits in the wings, knowing that his name will be chosen.  When he comes forth, all will say “Mary, the mother of God, has chosen him”.

February 13, 2013
The Search Begins


The long search begins.  The list of the names, who is ready and who is not ready.  Some are hopeful and others are fearful.  All of the cardinals experience a seriousness of purpose in accord with the great decision that they must make.  The casting of a vote is a great moral responsibility, carrying a weight and a burden.  All see it that way – a solemn duty.  Yet, their opinions will vary and whom they will agree upon is not at all evident.  Some would want a conservative.  Others would look for an intellectual.  Others would want a charismatic figure.  Who among the cardinals will be able to get the needed number of votes?  This is the surface question of the conclave.  There are much deeper questions that must be asked by each elector.  They must come into my presence and stay in my presence.  This election will be unique, quite different from the others.  Those who are sensitive to the Holy Spirit will be used in a mighty way and will rejoice forever.


The Beloved Cardinals

I will gather those cardinals who love me deeply and I will make them of one mind and one heart, even if they are unaware of what I am doing.  They will resist every effort that is not of me.  They will resist the political approach, as if the papacy were just another office.

They will be filled with awe.  For many of my favorite sons, this will be their first experience in a conclave.  I do not want them to be quiet.  I expect them to speak up, to be active and to move the conclave into the spiritual realm where it belongs.  If one does not speak up, I will get another.  When one speaks I will touch the hearts of others to see and to respond.  Many cardinals will be surprised to see the great devotion that quickly surrounds the gathering.  This is so important.  It will prevent a quick election that would not bring forth the right candidate.

February 14, 2013
Everyone Has A Divine Call


I call every person into a place in my Sacred Heart. Everyone is created according to the divine plan. Some never understand God’s plan. They live in darkness and the great mysteries are hidden from them – the mystery of their own existence and why they were created. Others, however, are bathed in great light from the beginning. This is the gift of faith, given from parents to children. In this light, the child sees and the mysteries of their divine call is open to them.

For some, this call is to the papacy. Obviously, the call is given from the beginning. Then, the person is awakened and the mystery is revealed. This has already happened and the person who will be chosen already knows in his heart that he will be the one. This is God’s plan and not man’s, even though the decision seemingly lies in the votes of the cardinals.


Mary’s Choice

Who is this person who lies so deeply in my heart that I would have chosen him for the papacy?

This is a truth wrapped in the greatest mystery, a hidden priest son whom I have deliberately kept out of the limelight and who will stay totally hidden until the great mystery is revealed. Then, I will bring him forth from the greatest hiddenness. I will reveal him to the world and say, “This is my son. This is my beloved. Listen to him”. Then, all the nations will know what I have done.

Future Events (February 15 to February 18, 2013)

February 15, 2013
A Long Process


The events will be guided by my hands. There will be a series of decisions that will move along the right path, all going toward the goal. People are in place whom I can easily stir into action so that my interests are safeguarded and all comes to its proper conclusion. This will not be a short process, or one that will be completed quickly. The cardinals will go back and forth, looking at many possible candidates. In all of this, I will be guiding them by my inner light, attracting them to some candidates and leading them away from others. All they need to do is to be led by my Spirit. Sufficient numbers will follow the Spirit so the purpose of the conclave is fulfilled.


Mary’s Moment of Joy

The time is fruitful, like a woman about to give birth. That is exactly what will happen. I will bring into the daylight the one whom I have kept so hidden, always nourishing him and providing a place of life. Now is the time for him to come forth.

I rejoice. I truly rejoice in all of these events. They are brought about by the Spirit of God and they will be completed as the Spirit continually breathes upon the whole Church. Yes, the whole Church must share deeply in these events because your mother is about to bring forth the pope who will consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart. It can no longer be delayed.

February 16, 2013
The War Has Begun


I take the time to explain each part in great detail so the whole picture will be clear. The resignation of Pope Benedict is the beginning of the great war. It is now the hour of conflict when the armies of Satan rise up to destroy the Church. However, this resignation was a surprise, the Woman Clothed With the Sun took the initiative. Seeing all that is to come, she began the war. This surprise move has shifted everything. Now, Satan must adjust to the reality of the new pope who sees so clearly that this is the Age of Mary. The new pope will usher in this Age of Mary. He will take all the steps. He will not be deterred by any obstacle. He places no trust in his own powers and knows that the world can only be saved through the intervention of my Mother. He sees clearly what must be done and will not waste any time, in taking all the steps.


A Pope Fashioned By Mary

I have fashioned this new pope with my own hands. Our spirits are as one, joined together by the Spirit of God. He understands my plans and listens to my words. He walks with me. I have shown him my secrets and shared with him my plans. All that he does is guided by me. He takes no step without invoking my name.

How I have kept him, like none other, always preparing him for the moment when I say to the world, “This is my pope, fashioned by my hands. He will be a light to the nations and the glory of my people, Israel”. None will defeat him, even though he has no power. None will destroy him, even though the fires of hell have already tried to do that. He is mine, hidden for so many, many years in my heart and now about to be revealed to the whole world.

February 17, 2013
Moving Up the Timetable


Keep your eyes open. See all the world events that suddenly will begin to happen. These are a response to the Holy Father’s announcement. The war has begun. The first shot has been fired.

I did not wait for Satan to act. I would not give him the chance to decide the timetable. I led the Pope to take this extraordinary action because I wanted to decide the time and the setting. Now the shot has been fired. It is a shot of faith, of belief that the Spirit will guide the Church.

Keep your eyes open. You will see the demonic response. You will see whom he stirs to acts of violence, whom he gets to take the world stage. He must lead those whom he controls to action.

The time has been moved up. Otherwise, he would have greater armies and greater forces. He is forced to begin with what he already has in place. It is too late now to deploy all that he wanted. His forces are not as strong as they would have been. The announcement has stirred those who believe in me. There is great expectancy. Still, the Church herself is not yet ready but that will be remedied by the new pope whom I have already enlightened.


Coming World Events

The time is short. My children must be prepared. Events will happen quickly. See them for what they are. Even though they happen in various parts of the world, there will always be the same pattern. Some area of darkness has resulted from sinful actions over a long period of time.

There will be a great weakness, an inability to withstand a great force. This great force will suddenly break through or bring a crisis to a head. The results will be like a fire that overflows and pours out, damaging what is closest. None of these events will be earth-shaking but taken together they will constitute a grave problem, stretching the world’s resources to the breaking point. Then, the break will come, the last of a long line of events and circumstances. This event will truly change the picture. All will begin to see what is so evident to those who know my words. The war has begun. The other side has responded, trying to break the will of the people. How much the world will need me at this time. That is why I will raise up the pope of my choice.

February 18, 2013
The Events Are All Connected


All the events are tied together. Nothing happens in an isolated way. All are part of the story, the constant story of good and evil, the clash of kingdoms in which man is caught up.

This is his place, his role, and only by revelation can he understand. If anyone rejects this revelation then they are bound to darkness, totally unaware of the forces of good and evil that interplay in the course of history. Man is not passive. He must act and make decisions.

Without revelation, he acts in darkness, unaware of the role that he is playing. That is why I speak. A great drama is taking place and, in these moments, the great and important scenes are being played out. Will man understand? Will the Church understand? That is why I speak.


Unleashing the Destructive Power

Happy the person who hears, understand and believes these words. They are light in the darkness, explaining all of the events and even speaking ahead of time of events that have not yet happened.

A great destructive power has been set in the soil of history. It has not yet been released.

Because of the prayers of many, it has been pushed back, moved off course and made less destructive. However, this destructive power has been planted. The soil was made receptive by the sins of mankind. This destructive seed was protected by mankind’s refusal to repent when so many opportunities and so much time was granted. Now, the destructive power must come forth so that I can once more claim the soil of earth. I will keep my children safe if they listen to me.

The pope’s resignation is my beginning step to protect you. See this extraordinary act for what it is – your heavenly mother’s first step in sheltering her children.

A Bridge Between Popes (February 19 to February 20, 2013)

February 19, 2013
Benedict, A Bridge Between Popes


Only the just man would be patient and faithful. Such is Pope Benedict, a pope after my own heart whom I have chosen as my Vicar. Now he has completed the course. He is the bridge between the two great popes. He provided the needed time of transition from one to the other.

Now that Benedict’s time is completed, I can raise up the one who will complement Pope John Paul II, who saw his mission but knew the pope would not live to see its fulfillment.

What remains to be done to bring the Church into the third millennium? Certainly, the world is in the third millennium and Pope John Paul II was the pope to open that millennium. However, the Church has not yet found its way. In spite of these two great popes, John Paul and Benedict, the Church is slipping behind and not keeping pace. I must give the Church a new role, a surprising role, so that the whole world will see that the Church does not follow the world but is far ahead of the world. This can happen only by the intervening power of God in world events.

When these divine interventions happen (and there will be more than a few) the world will say “In this darkness, we must look for light to the Church because everywhere else there is no power and no wisdom”.


The Destructive Events

So soon and so quickly will come the destructive breakthroughs. The walls can no longer hold back the floods. The surface of the earth can no longer contain the fires that burn beneath. I use these figures to describe human history. The floods of evil and selfishness have eroded the foundations. These floods will soon break through the walls that support society. What was ordered and tranquil will become filled with confusion and turmoil. The fires burning beneath the surface are the angers of men that will break through in physical destruction of parts of the universe. Yes, man now possesses weapons of mass destruction that have never been used.

The pope whom I will seat on the Chair of Peter will be my sign to the world that I have foreseen all of these events and have prepared for them. During these days, he will speak my word and all will listen. Proud hearts will be broken by these events. Mankind will be humbled in the face of its new problems and it will seek light. They will find this light on the Chair of Peter. See this papal election for what it truly is. My motherly heart, which foresees all that is ahead, is placing my favorite son, my beloved one, on the Chair of Peter.

February 20, 2013
The Gifts of the Two Popes


People look for reasons of why the Pope will resign. They should look into my Sacred Heart. He will resign because it is my will that he step down. He correctly sees himself as my instrument. I took him into my holy hands and used him for these years to guide my Church. He has brought to the Church his light and his intellect. He has constantly offered clear explanations of its truth and, most important, has tried to shine the light of faith upon every conceivable question. He lives by that light and has tried to cast that light (as he so deeply grasps it) upon every issue. He has laid an intellectual foundation. All who want to search his writings will find clarity and reason.

Now, I must bring another pope to the Chair of Peter. He will have a different goal, one that Benedict truly shares and deeply believes in. As I placed a great light of learning in Benedict, so I have placed the great light of my mother in the new pope. His heart is filled with Mary. He lives in her and, literally, breathes in her. Her name is always on his lips.

She is the one who has prepared and chosen him from the beginning. Like Benedict, he will bring to the Chair of Peter exactly what I have placed in his heart. He will not see himself bringing his own talents. He knows they are too little. He carries Fatima in his heart. That will be his first gift. He also carries Jerusalem in his heart. That is his second gift. When he has given those two gifts to the Church, his papacy will be completed, just as Benedict’s is now complete.


The Pope of Fatima

What am I to say when that moment is about to be fulfilled, the moment that I have waited for and planned for.? I am about to raise to the Chair of Peter the pope of Fatima, the pope who will consecrate Russia but will do so much more. He will bathe the Church in devotion to me.

My name will always be on his lips. I will be lifted up as never before in the history of the Church. Through the pope, the Church will breathe in me. Every breath will give new life. He will not bring his own gifts because the gifts I have given him are so much greater. All will see the changes and blessings that occur.

The Conclave (February 21 to February 22, 2013)

February 21, 2013
The New Spirit of the Conclave


The whole world waits in expectancy for the news. Who will be the new pope? They scan the lists of the cardinals to see who is “Popabile” (able to be pope). This is the normal way to proceed. Even the cardinals will review in their minds the needed qualities of the pope, his age, his health, his background and experience. They will assess the needs of the Church and weigh the “pros” and “cons”. This is their responsibility and they will fulfill it well.

However, as the conclave begins, they will be caught up in a new spirit. Their previous thinking will be set aside. A whole new list of values will be put before them. They will reject many of their former thoughts because the Spirit is breathing his wisdom into their hearts. (That is where true wisdom resides – in the heart). As many are caught up in the new actions, something very unique will happen in their hearts. They will have a new face of the pope, a new idea of what they should look for in a pope. Some candidates that they thought were strong will be seen as lacking. Other candidates whom they had never considered will seem quite plausible. All of this will be the beginning and important action of my Spirit.


The Mystery of the Conclave

What a mystery! The cardinals will enter this mystery. Some will enter the mystery fully. They will come to the center of the mystery. They will see all the truths and all the ramifications. They will have full and perfect wisdom for this conclave. There will be just a few of them. Their hearts will be fixed on me and will have been prepared by me because of their deep devotion to me for so many decades.

Others will enjoy great wisdom and see many parts of my choice, but the great mystery will not be given to them. They must be humble and recognize that they see much but do not see everything. They must recognize those cardinals whom I have chosen. They must stand with these cardinals and look to them for wisdom in their decisions. If they do this, they will forever share in the glory of having chosen the pope of my Immaculate Heart.

Other cardinals will share partially in the mystery. They are cardinals of good will who have allowed some parts of their spiritual call to come forth. Many of these will have great difficulty in grasping what I am doing and in opening themselves up to a new action of the Spirit. However, even to these I hold out the greatest of life’s opportunities – to share in an election of a pope who will by my special son and will guide the Church through its darkest hour.

Finally, there are some whom I cannot invite into the mystery. I must say this openly. They have closed their hearts to me. They have rejected me, not just once or twice, but time and again. They have set me aside and denied my rightful prerogatives. I will not name them. They know who they are. I will not condemn them. I am merely saying that when the time comes, they will be totally unable to be swept up into this mystery. Yet, even here I will not close the door. If they repent, even in the secrecy of their own heart, I will gladly accept them and give them, also, a role in this great mystery that will shape the future of the world. Otherwise, I can only have them stand outside of the mystery.

Furthermore, if any cardinal decides to actively oppose this mystery, I will cut him off entirely. He will experience only the darkness of the night that he himself has chosen. I have spoken clearly. Let the cardinals read this before they enter the conclave.

February 22, 2013
The Conclave – An Integral Part of History


I am coming closer to the world than ever before. The more the world rejects me, the closer I will come. However, the results of my coming will vary according to the dispositions of the world. When a father comes to a rebellious child, he must confront, and sometimes even chastise. When he comes to a loving child, he can pick the child up in a loving embrace.

Mankind must decide whether it will be a rebellious or a loving child.

The conclave does not stand alone, as an isolated event, detached from all the rest of human history. The conclave is integral to history, just as the Chair of Peter, for all these centuries, has shared in and has formed human history. That role of the pope will continue.

The role of the new pope will be more integrated and more central to human history than any other pope.

I speak so simply, yet so seriously. The conclave and the choice of the pope is one part of the whole picture of history. The cardinals must expect that my hand will be upon this conclave more than any other. I need to awaken them. They must be drawn into supernatural wisdom so they cast their ballots correctly. Even more, they must bring supernatural wisdom into their discussions with other cardinals. The whole conclave must think supernaturally. I will come. I will find the cardinals to be either rebellious children who want to put forward their candidate, or loving children who seek only the candidate of the heavenly Father.


Mary’s Conclave

I ask the cardinals, for a moment, to set aside all of their calculations, to settle their minds and to come before me. If they do this, I will speak to them as a loving mother.

Listen attentively. I have a special son in my heart. He is hidden from you. Just who he is you do not know. I want you to go about your discussions as cardinals have always done. I see your efforts to prepare yourself. I see the seriousness with which you take this burden, this charge that has fallen upon you. Do what cardinals normally do. Do not grow anxious. I ask only your normal human cooperation.

Now I come to my special request. What is important is not all the knowledge that you can acquire in these days, but the spirituality in your heart. Time and again, look to that life of devotion. Plunge yourself into the solitude of prayer. Come aside often, giving far more time to the Blessed Sacrament than you have ever done in your life. I will meet you there.

Your heavenly mother will prepare you for her task. This conclave is not your task, it is mine.

The Resignation As A Sign (February 23 to February 28, 2013)

February 23, 2013
The Resignation As A Sign


The highest chair in the world will soon be vacant. It is not a position created by man or sustained by natural powers. This office has endured for centuries and will be present even when I return in glory. It is sustained by my promise that the gates of hell would not prevail against my Church. The papacy, like other institutions, has seen high points and low moments.

Yet, this boat of Peter has navigated the tides and has never been shipwrecked. Now, this chair of Peter has been brought to this special moment by a pope who obeyed my inner word that he should hand over the keys of the kingdom to another.

What a solemn and unique moment in modern history. A living pope surrenders his powers so another pope can gain them. A living pope removes himself from the chair of Peter so another could take his place. Only I could have brought this about as my Holy Spirit stirred so forcibly in the heart of Benedict. He would have served as long as I wanted him to.

Understand the greatness of this act. Even more, understand the uniqueness of what I have done. See it as a sign that I have only begun to act. Would I bring about this highly unusual resignation and then allow the conclave to proceed in its usual manner. Why have I done this?

What am I doing? All the cardinals must see this. They must not approach the conclave as they previously thought. Let them be ready for my special stirrings in their hearts and for my special actions within the conclave itself.


The cardinals cannot pull a curtain so that no one sees what they are doing. All the eyes of heaven will be upon them. All the eyes of earth will see someday what has taken place in these extraordinary meetings. The events will be recounted down through the ages. I know there is secrecy but secrecy does not pertain to heavenly actions and divine interventions. These must not be kept secret.

In the beginning of the conclave (and even before it begins) there will be divine signs. The cardinals will speak of “coincidences”. There will be so many of these that any cardinal with great faith will realize how much I am guiding this process. These signs will greatly influence the thinking of many. More important, the cardinals’ level of faith in direct divine interventions will grow strong and firm. This is the first stage – hearts that are ready to believe because they have seen.

As the cardinals gather more intensely in the days before the conclave, this will provide me with a greater opportunity. I will work in the hearts of my special cardinals by an illumination. They will begin to see, not a certain candidate, but a vision of the purpose of this conclave. This will shatter all their false reasoning’s and will purge them. They will be cleansed in my heart and made ready to act on by behalf in the conclave itself.

I will speak here only of the initial days of the conclave. There will be great confusion. Cardinals from all over the world, with totally different thought will gather, many for the first time. The opening days will be in the human spirit. This is quite natural. Let this human spirit be quickly spent, like morning clouds that pass away with the heat of the sun.

February 24, 2013
The Outbreak of Darkness


The events will unfold, all led by the Holy Spirit. He will raise up voices that will speak the truth and confront the issues. This is a conclave of the greatest darkness. The world will soon be overcome by events that are far beyond its resources to respond. The turmoil that will follow will be greater than the world has ever seen. This is what I mean by “the hour”. It is the hour, the hour of the great clash between the two kingdoms, the hour when what lies hidden becomes clear to all. The hour is not just a short time but an extended period of great warfare.

Who should lead my Church at the beginning of this outbreak? Who has the light, the wisdom, and especially, the holiness to sit on the Chair of Peter. These are the questions the cardinals must ask.


During these days I take my priest son deeper and deeper into my heart. He knows not to speak out. His task is to be immersed in my Immaculate Heart. I nourish him with the greatest faith.

He has absolutely no doubt that I will raise him up. He has no control of the events that will lead to his election. He has no need to lift a finger because my mighty arm will set him in the center of the conclave. When he is called forth, he will respond, knowing that this is God’s will.

February 25, 2013
Many Dead Ends


Every option is on the table. The cardinals will consider everything. Then, I will bring to their minds new thoughts, that at first they had never thought of. I will let them go down their own paths and come to their dead ends. I will let them search and search for the answer.

Whom should they raise to the Chair of Peter? Only when they have seemingly exhausted every possibility will the thought enter their heart. Then, they will move in my direction and I will lead them quickly.


No one knows the candidate hidden so well, so deeply, in my heart. I have deliberately kept him buried in my love. He will not stir. He will not cry out. He will be covered over in great darkness, just as the cloud covered and protected the Israelites in the desert.

Only when I part the sea of confusion and show the cardinals where to walk, will this cloud lift. They will see clearly to walk where they thought they would never walk. I must assure them, just as God assured the Israelites, that it is safe to walk between the parted waves.

February 26, 2013
A Pope For All Nations


Because I open my heart to all nations, to all cultures and to all peoples, I will raise up a pope for all the nations. All will see in him a hope for salvation and a deliverance from the worldwide darkness that will soon envelope the earth, a darkness of confusion, doubt and, at times, even of hysteria and self-destruction. These will be the forces that will soon be unleashed. Before that happens, I will set in place a pope who will speak my word and release the powers of the kingdom. He will not teach in his own name nor bring forth human wisdom. He will speak my word, exactly as I have trained him to do.


Now that the time is so close I will reveal the deep secrets of my heart, kept hidden for so long. I have prepared this pope by the greatest of graces. I have fashioned him in the darkness of my womb and soon, so very soon, I will bring him into the light of day. Upon him shall be the anointing of Jerusalem, because that is where he will go and there he will end his days in the papacy.

He already knows my plan and will fulfill it just as I have laid it out before him. He will not swerve, to the left or to the right. He will discern all the world events, for himself and for the Church. He will raise his voice like no other pope because the Spirit of the Lord is upon him. When the years of his short papacy are completed, the seeds of new life will be planted. His papacy will prepare the Church for all that will follow in this third millennium.

February 27, 2013
The Messenger Pope


How much time has been lost. The gifts of God set aside. So many times I have spoken to my servants, the prophets. I have given them heavenly messages for all the world to hear. I entrusted these messages to my Church, my bride. To whom else would I given them? She has come forth from my side. She is the new Eve. I would not give these messages to another. I want my bride to be exalted. Yet, how haltingly she accepts my words. Years go by and she does not see the treasure lying in her very bosom. She delays and delays. She keeps hidden what should be proclaimed on the housetops.

No more. The time is too short. The need for my prophetic word is too pressing. I can no longer just send messengers. I must send a pope who himself is the messenger. To him I will speak, directly, heart to heart, even face to face. All the world will know that this pope is a prophet to the nations.


For so long I have kept this future pope in my bosom, hidden from the nations, yet called to be their light. I have trained him in my word and he has frequently brought it forth. He is no stranger to prophecy. He understands the gift. He is familiar with my voice.

Know that I am raising up much more than just a pope. I am lifting up a prophet to the nations. All the world will listen because he will not just speak a word of wisdom but a clear prophetic word. He is not shy or bashful. He will not hide the gift. He will not be lifted up to place the lamp under a bushel basket. He knows where my word belongs.

Suddenly, a new light will shine forth, a surprise, a new help for my children who are so confused by the darkness of the world. I will raise up this pope and prophet for my little ones who believe that I can speak directly to them.

February 28, 2013
Pope Benedict’s Final Day


The end comes to the pontificate of Pope Benedict. The Church salutes him for all that he has done. He retires with great dignity, a true blessing for all. I take him aside into a new and deeper solitude. Yet, he is at hand, ready to guide and help the one whom I will raise up. His role is not finished, just changed. Even he cannot see all that I have in store for him as he embraces his successor for the first time. Only then will he realize the great blessing he has been to the world by his resignation. This part is still hidden from his eyes. Someone whom he helped in his younger days by his writings, he will help in his final years by his presence and wisdom.


The day has come. The final steps will be taken. The Church will have no pope. This is not a time of mourning, as in the past. It is the time of a decision, taken in faith and brought forth by my hand. I will lead Pope Benedict into his place of solitude. I will be present to him as never before. I will fill him with the greatest wisdom. His value will increase and grow. He will come to understand the new role that I have for him. He will live in the shadows of retirement but will dwell in the light. He will be a guiding light to the new pope who will constantly seek out his wisdom. I relieve him of his other duties so his advice can come forth like a flowing stream.

The Next Pope (March 1 to March 12, 2013)

March 1, 2013
A Non-European Pope?


What is hidden will be revealed as the days go on. First, the hidden design and plans of the cardinals. Many nourish a secret hope that they will be the choice. Others nourish the hope that they can push forward their candidate. This is their greatest hope because they see themselves as too unknown to ascend the papacy. All of this will be a pushing back and forth, a sparring of various personalities and ideas. This will wear off and give way to a serious discussion of the candidates – really too many and too diverse. The field is not limited to Italians, or to Europeans. The cardinals are thinking of the world and asking the question, is it time for another part of the world to bring forth a pope? This thinking is important because it will stretch out the timetables. These cardinals will refuse to give up their hopes. They see that Benedict tried to win back Europe and was not successful. Why try again?

Why place the Church in the hands of a European? This will be a main issue in the discussions.


Many will question the wisdom of a non-European. Is not the papacy located in Europe? Is not the pope the bishop of Rome? So, there will be a great resistance on the part of many to accept, even the premise that a non-European should be elected. The scales are weighted in Europe’s favor, yet the tide to move the papacy out of Europe is strong. This will be an on-going battle, even before candidates are named. Neither side will give up quickly, nor allow the others to push through their candidates. Those who favor a non-European pope do not have the power to elect but they exert a great power to stop an election.

March 2, 2013
A Pope With A Burning Heart


When all begins to become clear to the cardinals, they will see the greatness of their call and the overwhelming responsibility that has fallen to them. They will see the state of the world, so ready to rip apart at the seams. They will see a Church, bringing in a full harvest in some continents and having little to show in others. They will see the Muslim threat, ever growing and always menacing.

Yet, they will see more. They will see my Sacred Heart, filled with love yet so many times rejected, even by my Church. Into my heart they must enter. Only there will they see and understand. No one should sit upon the Chair of Peter unless he is close to my heart. I have not called an intellectual. I have not called a charming personality. I want one kind of pope – a pope whose heart burns with mine, whose wisdom comes from the Holy Spirit, and whose papacy will follow my direction. Anyone else is not acceptable at this moment in the history of the world and the Church.


I will speak clearly. The words must be like a knife, cutting to the heart. Do not give me a pope who will not consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart. Let him not be vague on this issue. It is already late, very late. This must be his primary goal. Consecrating Russia must have been in his heart years ago. I will reject every candidate for whom the consecration of Russia is not first in their hearts. If their names are put forth, I will personally defeat them. I will act through those who are my closest friends.

I have foreseen this conclave. I have inspired Pope Benedict concerning those whom he selected as cardinals. I have many cardinals who cherish the consecration of Russia. Some do this more openly than others. This issue is not to be set aside. If those who lead the conclave want to put it under the table, then I will raise up those who will put it back on the table.

Consecrating Russia must be the pope’s first dream, not his afterthought or something that he might get to.

March 3, 2013
The Lord’s Choice


I do not abandon my servants. I do not give them my promise and not keep it. My word is this.

The conclave that is about to begin will bring forth a startling pope, one that no one would ever have thought of because he is so hidden in my heart. He walks in my Spirit and he knows my desires. He follows a light that has been with him for years and years. The same light that guided him to the papacy will continue to guide him. Because he follows my light, both the world and the Church will be blessed.

I will not allow anyone to block his ascendency to the Chair of Peter. Although many will be totally surprised, I will not allow them to stand in the way. I will clear away all the obstacles and will present him to the cardinals as the one whom I have chosen. Even with these clear signs, some will not accept my choice, but they will be in the minority. Most will say, “The Lord has clearly shown us his choice”.


He will wait very calmly, knowing that there is nothing he can do or should do. He is the chosen one and upon him I have set my seal. His has been a life of prayer and devotion, of activity and solitude. He waits, not anxiously, but expectantly. He has no idea of how I will bring about his election, even though he knows that I have chosen him. He holds my secrets in his heart and carefully guards them.

He is seen by many and yet remains unknown. He waits for that moment when I call him onto the center of the stage. When the lights go on, he will be totally prepared, better than any other pope in history because he has dwelt so long in my Immaculate Heart. He knows exactly what I will expect from him and he will give this to me as a faithful son. He will give me everything. He will hold back nothing. He will follow only my plan, setting aside all of his own ideas. He is the one of whom I say, “He will bring my light to the nations”.

March 4, 2013
The Treasures Within the Pope’s Heart


I do not burden those whom I call. I prepare them and give them all the inner graces needed for their task. This was true of Benedict whom I prepared for years by his work in Rome. The future pope I have also prepared, immersing him in many types of pastoral experiences and leading him to search out every action of God. He has been an explorer, looking into all that is new and accepting into his heart all that could bless the Church. These are the fresh blessings that he will bring to the Chair of Peter.

There is more, so much more. It will not just be a sum total of his experiences that he will share, but all that I have told him, all that I have explained to him. For so many, many years I have been speaking to his heart. Even he does not realize all that I have stored up within him. He only knows that I will lift him to the papacy and all that he has received, all the wisdom I have placed in his heart and all the directions for the future of the Church must pour out. There will be new treasures and new directions, all given quickly in a short period of time that will mark this papacy


Do not be surprised that I have prepared my priest son for this great task. Immediately, his papacy will be immersed in the greatest darkness. The forces of hell will realize what I have done. They will see, better than others, the full gift. They will realize what I have accomplished. These forces were poised to destroy the Church. They were lurking along the path, ready to steal and even to destroy. Suddenly, the Church is no longer on that path. All of their plans will come to nothing.

My pope will lead the Church on a new path. He will say to all, “This is the way we must walk”. Even though he is the pope, many will not agree. Many, and I stress this, many will oppose him and even threaten him. However, this new pope is like a little child who knows only the voice of his mother. He will respond to all of his critics, “This is the way my heavenly mother wants me to lead the Church. Is she not the mother of the Church?”

March 5, 2013
The Holy Spirit’s Actions


The hour is at hand when all the love that I have in my heart will pour out over all the Church. Benedict has made this possible by his resignation. Suddenly, the Chair of Peter is empty. The Church has no human leader. All the world awaits the decision of the cardinals. An opening exists. The Church is praying and expecting. I will give the Church more than a new pope. This is the moment of an extraordinary action of my Spirit. All will see, whether they are Catholics or not, that I have done what was never expected.

This will open my Church to a new expectancy. If I have taken this surprise action at the highest level of my Church, will I not do the same at every level? All will see that the Holy Spirit has acted in a unique manner. Everyone’s eyes will be open. A new era will begin when every Catholic will once more be open to the actions of the Holy Spirit.


The time is too precious and the hour is too momentous to allow this decision to rest in the hands of man. The cardinals will vote and, according to the established procedures, their votes will elect the new pope. That will not change. It is before they elect a candidate that the Spirit will move in a surprising way. He knows the choice of my heart. He knows what needs to be done to bring forth this priest son. He will invite the cardinals to yield to his promptings. If they do not, then he will increase his manifestations. If those in charge continue to resist him, then he will raise up other cardinals. They will come forth with the Spirit’s words of direction. However, the human cooperation of the cardinals is needed. The new pope must receive their votes. That will not change but the way the cardinals arrive at that vote will be seen by all as the clear promptings of the Holy Spirit.

March 6, 2013
Trying to Destroy the Pope


How long can this mystery be delayed? How long before all is revealed and when all I have done and all that I have prepared in the heart of my chosen son is revealed? Soon, so very soon, the powers of hell will tremble at what I have done. In so many ways, the Evil One has tried to destroy the new pope. In so many ways, he has blocked his ascendency. In so many ways, he had him set aside. Then, came what the Evil One thought was his final blow, but I miraculously preserved what was essential. Much was torn away, but I did not let the papacy be stolen from him. These are the deep secrets that are buried in his heart.

What darkness he experienced. Had he failed me? Had he walked on the wrong path? Had I really spoken to him? For a while, even he set aside my word of the papacy. Little by little, I restored it to his heart. The word that was buried, but never rejected, took on new life. The stream flowed again in his heart. He listened to my word, followed my every direction. Now he stands where he never thought he could be, on the verge of becoming my pope.


What a path I have led him on. It was not the usual path at all. It was a hidden path. Often, I explained to him why I led him this way. In his heart, I would tell him to believe and, in his life, I led him further and further away. Oh, I explained everything and he believed my word. Then, I plunged him into the greatest darkness. He knew that this was a great gift but it seemed too great for him to handle.

How I remember those days when he saw so clearly my protective hand. All was shattered. All was broken. His years of believing and trusting – how could he ever have believed? But his eyes saw the miraculous protection I placed around him. On every side, I kept him safe. No one pierced the dark cloud of protection that surrounded those days. He sees those days for what they are – the final stage of his journey to the papacy, a stage in which he remains until I lift him high. When I do this, my mighty works can begin.

March 7, 2013
Regaining the First Love


No one will stand in my way. No one will block the object of my will – that my chosen priest will sit upon the Chair of Peter. These are my designs and why I am bringing this about. For too long my Church has trusted in her own strength. She has grown. She extends to all the world. Her numbers continue to increase. However, something is wrong at the heart of my Church. She has lost her first love. She glories in her riches. She prides herself on her numbers. She trusts in her institutions. All along, she has wandered from her first love. She has strayed from me, the source of living waters.

Now, when she faces problems and scandals, she is perplexed and goes on the defensive. Her enemies rejoice. They continue to pound her, using all their ammunition. To all of this, the Church tries to respond as an institution.

O, my Church, I will lead you on a different path. My priest son whom I will raise to the papacy has nothing except me. He brings only the fire in his heart. He has not forgotten his first love and that is where he shall lead you.


How I have protected him. He, alone, knows all the parts to this inner story. He is alive today because of me. He lives only in my Immaculate Heart. In my heart, is the only place he can exist. Outside of my heart, he has no life, no existence, no call, and especially, no papacy and no ability to lead the Church.

He will bring only one gift to the Church, my Immaculate Heart. But is this not enough? Does not my heart contain every gift? Did not the Holy Spirit come upon my heart and bring forth the Word of God? What else is the purpose of the Church? Does it not exist to bring forth my Son in every heart?

O Church, have you forgotten why your exist? Have you forgotten the fire that led to the great martyrs, like Perpetua and Felicity. I am bringing you a pope of fire, not his own fire but my fire. He knows only my Immaculate Heart and the divine fire placed there by the Holy Spirit.

What else do you need? You have forgotten your first love.

March 8, 2013
Twists and Turns


No one sees the many twists and turns which this conclave will take. All the cardinals see the overwhelming importance of their choice. They take their responsibility seriously and will do all in their power to select the right person. However, they do not as yet see how unexpectedly I will guide their decisions. They have no idea of how I will actually take over the proceedings, not in an outward fashion but by the inner turning of their own hearts.

They will see a change, a turning away from some candidates and a favoring of others. They will see this clearly as the votes are cast and then counted. They will begin to chart the flow, the back and forth. Why is this happening? Why does one candidate surface and then another, yet no one gains the decided advantage that would cause the cardinals to come to the needed oneness to elect? All they can do is to stay with the process which they must follow.


I do not allow the choice to slip from my hands. Just as I have held this priest son close to my heart, so I now hold tightly in my hand the only process that can raise him to the papacy.

Within the limits of my will, the cardinals will act and even vote. I will not interfere with their free will nor their free decisions or free discussions. However, I will not allow any candidate whom I have not chosen to gain the needed number of votes. Everything else will flow as usual. There will seem to be no direct intervention. Yet, when it comes to gaining the nod, no one will gain it. As the time goes by, the cardinals will wonder why all of their efforts are in vain. It is because my choice has not yet come forth.

March 9, 2013
From Darkness to Light


I come to each of the cardinals and I offer to them my light. Each must accept it and walk my road. Only slowly is the darkness of their minds overcome by the great light of my Holy Spirit.

When light first enters the darkness of the mind, there is confusion. What was grasped as true is challenged. What was held tightly as a firm truth must be gently taken away. The light purifies and calls out of darkness. All of this takes time. Some will come more quickly than others. Some will never leave their darkness.

What do I mean by darkness? Darkness means the candidate whom they would choose by their own natural understanding and dispositions. Light means the candidate of my choice. Oh, how long it will take me to bring the cardinals from their darkness into my light. Yet, I will succeed.

I will allow this conclave only to choose the one whom I have chosen.


I put forth my hand and I cover the conclave with my mantle of protection. In this way, no darkness penetrates the minds of the cardinals and the Evil One cannot bring about his choice.

Such is the special protection which I offer to the Chair of Peter. I protect it and allow no one to ascend to the position who would destroy the Church.

How the Evil One covets that chair. If only he could possess it! If only he could place there someone whose heart he controlled. Then, the gates of hell would have an entrance and would prevail for a time.

Each conclave is important, some more than others. At times, the papacy has fallen into the wrong hands. How did this happen? Man has free will. My Son entrusted his Church into the hands of man. So, there were moments when the popes were unworthy. These were sad moments, moments in which the Church suffered losses. However, those conclaves were not like this one.

Right now, the world does not see, nor do even the cardinals see. Everything is at stake. This is the moment of crisis. This is when the war between heaven and earth breaks out when I must have the right general, someone who walks in my light and guides the Church by my ways. That will be the candidate who will come forth.

March 10, 2013
A Successful Conclave


All is set. Nothing is missing. Everything is in place, exactly as I want it to be. Nothing will go wrong, even though the cardinals will enjoy a total freedom with the liberty to choose whomever they wish. How can this be? How can the divine choice be guaranteed and yet the human electors remain free to choose whomever they wish? This is the divine mystery and the power of God which I will explain.

The Father sees centuries ahead. He plans long before the time. There are certain realities that he does not destroy. The great reality is the free human will. Cardinals can choose to cooperate or not cooperate. They do this according to the lights and inspirations which they receive. There is an interplay of man’s free will and God’s divine inspirations. The Father knew all those whom he needed to have in the conclave and he already has them there. He knows the divine light that they will need. This, too, has already begun. Each day of the conclave, the cardinals will receive more light. Some will reject the light. They will act and vote like the other cardinals, but their actions and votes will be useless, set aside and of no lasting value.

The other cardinals will go from light to light, from one understanding to another. In this way, the process is respected and will prepare for the great light that will be given toward the end of the conclave. This light will bring the conclave to a successful conclusion. The conclave will bring forth the exact result which the heavenly Father wants and the freedom of each cardinal will be safeguarded.


This conclave is so important that nothing must go wrong. There will indeed be a back and forth, and the normal process. Who leads in the beginning is of little consequence. The conclave has one goal – to choose that priest son who is dearest to my heart.

The cardinals cannot see all that is ahead. They cannot see where this son of mine will lead the Church. They cannot see all that I have placed in his heart. His papacy will be my papacy.

He will bring to the papacy only those gifts which I have put in his heart. They are already there, waiting to be opened for the good of the whole Church. Would I place these gifts in my chosen one’s heart and not lift him up to the papacy so he gives these gifts to the Church?

Once he is pope, my gifts will begin to pour forth immediately. This outpouring will continue all during the few years of his short papacy. When all the gifts are given, he will give his life as the final gift.

March 11, 2013
A Conclave That Reveals God’s Power


The conclave is a great mystery which I will explore more and more so that, when the desired result comes forth, all the world will know exactly what has happened. I do not mean to reveal the votes or the number who voted for each candidate. That is only on the surface. There are much deeper issues and I want the whole world, yes the whole world, to understand. So, I will begin to speak even more specifically of the forces that lie beneath the surface, the hidden forces that shape the whole world and which determine the course of history.

These forces are especially active in the conclave which begins tomorrow. I want to use the conclave as a window to this hidden world. So many do not believe in the kingdom of heaven or the kingdom of darkness. However, all eyes will be on the conclave. All are interested in this process. I will use this moment when the glare of the television lights transmits the news to all the world. This is my moment of teaching. Even more, it is my moment of revealing. I will reveal to the world the power of the kingdom of heaven. I deliberately say this ahead of time so the whole world will believe when it happens. The conclave will be much, much more than a moment to elect the new pope (as great as that moment is). The conclave will be my moment to bring the world back to faith. To accomplish this, I must speak every day. I must teach the basic principles of divine intervention. I must bring the whole world to great faith. Then, when I act, the full impact of what I will do will have its effect. The world must be prepared and brought to a point of expectation. When I act and these expectations are fulfilled, a great wave of faith will suddenly envelope the world. The gift will be freely given.

People will speak about it, wonder at it and be awed by it. It will dawn on many, for the very first time, that the heavenly Father is quite active in human history. This will begin the return to the Age of Faith and will be quickly followed by even greater blessings.


So much lies at stake. That is why I actively participate, stirring the hearts of those cardinals who will put forward my candidate and not allow others to gain the ascendency. My intervention will take place in the normal course of discussions and voting. The process will not be bypassed. It is the only process that can bring forth the successor to Pope Benedict.

Because of this, my actions will take place within the conclave and among the cardinal electors. Even so, this will be my conclave and the whole world will say, “Mary has chosen the new pope”. So, there are two parts. The new pope will be elected by getting the needed votes from the cardinal electors. Yet, at the same time, the whole world will see quite openly, that I have chosen this priest son who will calmly accept the office for which he has been prepared.

March 12, 2013
The Keys of the Kingdom


As the cardinals enter the conclave all is dark. There is no consensus and even they do not know what lies ahead or what road they will take. Although everything is in their hands, so much is unknown. What will happen as the votes come in from all over the world? What direction will the Holy Spirit lead the conclave? All is unknown and lies ahead.

I will be there. I have died for my Church and guided my Church for all these years. Peter was my choice. I gave to him the keys of the kingdom, bestowing full power in heaven and earth. I have never withdrawn that power of the keys from the papacy. It remains there and will stay there until the end of time.

Yet situations shift. Times change. Nations rise and fall. Amid all of this, my Church remains and the papacy remains. I will lead this conclave to choose a pope who is a turning point, giving the Church a new direction and a surprising new life.


How much I want my Church to grow and to prosper. I am like the gardener, always cultivating the tree so that it brings forth more fruit. This is always my question, “What more can I do so that my Church brings forth more fruit?” These are the gifts that I have already planted in the heart of my priest son whom I will raise up. These seeds of new life are already in his heart. They have been planted for years. These seeds contain the future of the Church. They are new seeds, living seeds, seeds that will bring forth great fruit.

Pope Francis (March 14 to March 16, 2013)

March 14, 2013
The Real Issues


The votes have been cast. The pope has been chosen. “What will be the new direction?” everyone asks. That is not the question, nor do the answers to that question have great significance.

It is not the direction that the Church takes, but the impact the Church makes upon the world that truly matters. Too much is made of internal policies and decisions. The real question is whether the Church is a light to the world? Can the Church’s light dispel the darkness and can the Church’s voice again be heard in the market place? So much needs to change and the task is so daunting.


Time and again I come back to this point of the consecration of Russia. I wait for it and I will continue to wait. When it is done, I will pour out my gifts. Before it is done, the gifts cannot be released. What is withheld cannot be delayed for long. The Holy Father must move ahead. When it is accomplished, the blessings of heaven that are still in my heart will pour out, first in the hearts of the Russian people and then all over the world.

March 15, 2013
A Missionary Pope


His first steps will be hesitating and slow but as my light grows in his heart he will see more clearly why I have raised him up. He will see vistas that are hidden from other eyes. He will see with my eyes and more important, he will love with my heart.

As he understands the special graces of his new office, he will act more boldly, correcting what needs to be changed and elevating those who have great gifts to offer the Church.

All of this, he will do in the normal course of his office, the tasks that he is expected to fulfill. However, I will lead his eyes elsewhere, to far away shores, for he has come from a distant land. His heart will be missionary and his mind will be on many parts of the world that are not developed.

He knows the value of planting missionary seeds, even when the harvest will not be in his lifetime. Oh, so very much for him to do. Let him choose carefully those who will surround him as his helpers.


He is close to my heart, a child of my love and I will be with him throughout his papacy. He will move ahead and advance my cause. He will speak about me and proclaim my name and my titles. I will lead him further and further into the mystery. Much he does not yet see, but his heart is open to me and I will teach him much. As he gives his heart fully to me, I will exalt him. Only in this way, will all my blessings pour out.

March 16, 2013
Completing the Bridge of Pope Benedict


Quickly, all the problems of the world will fall upon him as a burden that he will carry for the rest of his life. He will come to me now as my Vicar, the one chosen to lead my Church. I will not forsake him nor allow his footsteps to falter. I will strengthen him and give to him those who will support him. How important are the choices that he will make of those who will surround him and share in his ministry.

This is enough. I have spoken clearly. He will be a strong rock, part of the constant foundation of my Church down through the centuries. When his papacy is completed, the great bridge will also be completed and the foundation will have remained firm during so many years of turmoil in the world and the Church.


I bring these teachings to an end. The Church has gone through a needed transition, ready for the final years of preparation. Like a house made ready for a coming storm, so have I made my Church. The great storms are already on the horizon. All will see this period, begun by the resignation of Pope Benedict, as a time of God’s divine providence. Benedict had guided the Church with a steady hand. Francis’ hands and heart are so similar to Benedict’s. The rock of Peter will now enter into great storms. These are not internal storms within the Church but the external storms that will come upon the modern world. I want my Church to be ready.

The Secrets of Two Hearts (March 17 to March 27, 2013)

March 17, 2013
A Place of Safety


I reveal the secrets of my heart so all can appreciate the divine fire that burns so deeply within me.  I call everyone into my Sacred Heart so they are protected and kept safe.  I want no harm to touch those whom I love but they need to choose to dwell where they are safe.

Why do so many not accept this invitation given at Baptism?  Why do so many hide the mark of their Baptism, as if they are ashamed of me?  Now I reveal my heart so all can understand what can be accomplished by bringing everything into the fire of self-giving.


I, too, will reveal the secrets of my fire, the flame of the Holy Spirit who has chosen to dwell in my Immaculate Heart.  He is the Spirit of Jesus who forms every heart according to the heart of my Son.  Nothing escapes him.  He sees every aspect of personality, every opportunity to respond to the Father’s invitation and every danger that must be avoided.  I will speak of this divine fire of the Spirit.

March 25, 2013
God’s Constant Help


How helpless is mankind, especially when he exalts himself and trusts in his own powers. Then, his foolishness is evident to all. Only one approach to God is successful – when hearts are humbled yet confident in God’s goodness.

The Father constantly holds back the evils that one nation could inflict on another. He is always destroying the plans of those who would ruin other nations. The world does not see what would have happened without the constant intervention of God. This is what I want to reveal.

Long ago, your civilizations would have been destroyed and your people reduced to untold poverty, except that the Father has not allowed this. Time and again, mercy has triumphed over justice and forgiveness over retribution. Still, man does not see the need to come to God. All is becoming secular. Man’s religious spirit is drowned in all the inventions that vie for his time and all the concerns that consume his heart. When will his heart turn back?


No one knows the secrets of human history – the wars that could have been avoided and the sufferings that did not need to happen. Mankind is again at an important moment. Wars are everywhere. However, they are little wars, regional wars fought by people against their governments or one group trying to gain an advantage over another.

The great powers are not included and the powerful destructive weapons still sit unused. How long will this continue? How long will Satan be satisfied with these little fires? “No need to turn to God. No need to invoke him” are the thoughts of many. Only a few are on their knees.

Only a few see the urgency of turning to God. When will the hearts be touched and the eyes of the nations be opened? When will a people cry out with all their hearts, day and night, seeking heaven’s help? You, who understand and see, begin now to call out. Gather as with one heart. Lift up your voices, together and continuously. These are the prayers that heaven hears.

March 25, 2013
Refusing Their Role


Each person has a role to play, a little part in the divine drama.  Yet, each is free to say “yes” or “no”.  They can reject that part and assume another.  When this happens, then the divine drama of human history also shifts.  The Father must introduce new elements.  Although each person is free to accept or to reject their role, human history must be fulfilled for the glory of the Father and for the happiness of mankind.

So much shifting has happened.  So many have assumed roles that were not given to them from heaven.  Human history is now a confusing picture, filled with every kind of evil.  Yet, day by day, the Father’s purposes are being fulfilled.


I speak now to my little ones, those who want to hear my voice and put all into practice.  You live in a world of great confusion.  How can you fulfill your role when all around you is a rebellious world?  When all was in order and society lived in God’s favor, all could see and understand.  They could easily fulfill the role given them by God.  Now, it is difficult in the darkness.  That is why I speak, why I give such extraordinary helps.  I who perfectly fulfilled my role in God’s plan will help everyone else to fulfill theirs.  All must say with me, “Let it be done according to my word.”

March 26, 2013
The Person’s Eternal Destiny


Do not look at the surface of human events because this does not reveal the deep and hidden forces that are at work.  There are two kingdoms, locked in an eternal conflict that unfolds every minute in every person’s life and in all of history.  The prize is the human person himself and his eternal destiny.  This prize is so great that nothing must be spared to win.

So, the Father sent me into the world and I was obedient even to the cross.  Such is the value of each human person.

If I am so interested in the eternal destiny of each one, can I not ask that each person also be interested in their eternal destiny.  So much is at stake but this eternal goal is set aside, ignored and endangered.  O reader, I died for your eternal destiny.  Do not throw away the prize of victory.


So many souls are lost.  I say this so that those who still live on earth will use the means that my Son has provided.  O reader, when was the last time you  confessed your sins?  When was the last time you even examined your conscience?  Or, the last time you assisted at mass?

These are the usual steps, the normal means to save your soul.  Use them and I will show you the other steps that you can easily take to gain your eternal salvation.

March 27, 2013
America – No Longer Safe


The burned out city and the rubble of destruction are not the blessings of the heavenly Father but the power of the Evil One unleashed where he has gained control.  Look at the effects.

Everything is destroyed and life cannot continue.  All is suffering and hardship where few survive.  Can this be?  Can this happen to America, which seems to sit so safely between two oceans?  Your oceans no longer protect you.  They are no longer unscaleable walls that keep your enemies at bay.  They can be overcome by the technology of your enemies, a technology that has fallen into their hands.


America, you have abandoned me.  I guided the early explorers and led them to this new land.

It was my gift to those who believed in my Son.  You have turned away from him.  The divine protection that kept you like a light shining on the mountain, has been slowly stripped away.

Now your Supreme Court will consider the challenges to the defense of marriage.  They will ponder the constitutional arguments, but will they consider that God made them male and female and told them to increase and multiply?  If this defense of marriage falls, then untold difficulties will beset you until you return to your senses and to the God who would exalt you.

Easter Season (March 28 to April 1, 2013)

March 28, 2013
The Modern Prophets


When I call, my disciples come. When I speak, they listen. When I send them forth, they go.

This is the heart of the true disciple who seeks only to know and to do my will.

I will gather them from every nation. They will begin to hear my call in their hearts. Already my words have gone forth, so many words, spoken by the prophets of this modern age. The words are multiplied by the means of communication. No one can stop these words. They give light to my disciples and are preparing them for the days of darkness and struggle. Let them read these words and prepare. They are my gift.


The whole world needs these words. They are offered to all, hidden from no one’s eyes, printed publicly for the whole world. They are seeds scattered to the four corners of the world, landing on strange soil and bringing forth fruit, even in the cold and the wilderness.

These words are special seeds. They need no special climate. They grow even when the sun cannot shine or where water does not reach. These words need only hearts that are open to them. It is the soil that is important, those who have good will to God and seek his life.

These souls are found everywhere even if they do not have an established Church or even if they have never heard the gospel. “Make disciples of all nations”. I am doing that through my words.

March 29, 2013
The Road to Peace


When all the forces collide and war breaks out, it is too late.  The efforts at peace have broken down.  At present, there is conflict.  The voices that seek peace are drowned out by the violence that captures the imagination.  After violence erupts, men think only of how to gain the upper hand and destroy the enemy.

Can large scale war be avoided?  Is not mankind coming closer and closer to that point when the final walls of peace will be torn down?

O mankind, look at your political solutions.  They are literally paper walls that easily succumb to the fires of hatred.  They are non-solutions that allow mankind to stay off the true path.  I am the path of peace.  On this day (Good Friday), I walked the path to my death.

I laid down my life for the world.  Now, I invite the world to come to me.  Only my forgiveness can put out the fires of hatred that have burned so long in so many hearts.  Who will listen?  Who will take this road that so many despise?  Let the voices of peace be lifted up again, the voices of repentance and of turning to me.  O mankind, I await you in Jerusalem, at the place called Calvary.


When the bombs drop and the shots are fired, the hopes of peace go up in flames.  It only takes one person to destroy and ravage, just one decision to take the final step to war.  How many are ready to act!  How many powerful world leaders does the Evil One control?  O mankind, do you truly believe that, in this maze of destructive powers gathered in every part of the world, you can find the road to peace?  You can only do one thing, that is, stumble into world conflict.

The heart, the heart of man must be touched.  The hatred, greed and anger must be taken away.

Who is able to say, “Father forgive them”?  Who can teach the world that working for peace is always fruitful and war is always, always destructive.  Nothing good comes from war, even for the victors.  Late, Oh so late and so few listen to Jesus’ words.

March 30, 2013
Are Not The Nations Filled With Confusion?


Are not the nations filled with confusion?  And when they meet, whether as friend or foe, does not the confusion multiply?  They do not turn to me.  They have rejected me as the light of the world.  Only darkness can be their state.  The light has been rejected.

Error after error.  Mistake after mistake.  One follows the other.  Mankind is always descending, descending into greater darkness.  They enter a tomb, but it is not my tomb.  They have chosen a demonic tomb.  What can I do?  I have entered into a tomb.  I have destroyed death and restored life.  I offer to the world this great mystery.  Choose my path.  Walk in my steps. Otherwise, I can do nothing for you.


Always spiraling downwards.  The safety nets have been broken.  The barricades that prevented disasters have been removed.  Truth has been set aside.  A new philosophy reigns.  The Age of Faith has been despoiled and robbed of its influence.  How I weep over mankind.  There is no resurrection from this demonic darkness.

I will save all whom I can save.  Listen now to my words, “The world that you live in is hurtling into darkness but I give you the only chance that you have.   Give your heart to my Son, Jesus.  Give your time to prayer.  Cultivate the inner light of faith.  Search for the books that encourage and teach this path.  Search.  Search.  Search.  I will guide you.”

March 31, 2013
God Will Act


Can a spinning top move in a straight line or find a clear direction?  It is too busy turning again and again upon itself.  It resists any hand that tries to send it in a clear direction. It exists and acts only for itself, with no heed of anything else.

This is the world, spinning relentlessly out of control, caught up in forces which only propel it more quickly.  Nothing gives purpose or meaning.  Nothing else is allowed to guide mankind’s course which is now caught up in powers far beyond its strength.

Will I act?  I must act.  I must take steps to stop mankind’s selfishness.  These will be merciful acts that will prevent far greater destruction.  However, the acts themselves will not be seen as merciful.  I will explain all this ahead of time so that my people, at least, will understand.


Mankind is weighed down with past decisions, often made by others.  Some are no longer living but their sins and the power of their sins live after them, perpetuated by those who follow in their footsteps.  Their sinful decisions have become “the law of the land” (as they say). America is weighed down by its history and it refuses to repent.  It refuses to repent of its history and go in a different direction.  What else can the heavenly Father do?  He must stop America in its tracks so it cannot pursue its destructive path.  This is an act of mercy.

April 1, 2013
A Delay of Mercy


Why do I wait?  Why do I delay?  Why do I not allow the full justice of the heavenly Father to fall upon the earth?  It would be too much.  Even the just would perish.  Did not the farmer allow the weeds to grow along with the wheat?  He refused to accept the advice of his servants.  He did not want the wheat destroyed.  Did not the Father agree to save Sodom if Abraham could find just ten just men?  But even these could not be found, so the Father saved Lot and his family.

Such is the dealings of God with man.  Punishment and justice are deferred for the sake of the elect.  I keep my eyes on the just.  The good man attracts my kindness and even wins mercy for others.  Such are the secrets of my heart.


So we come to the end of these secrets of our hearts.  We have spoken quickly and revealed what needed to be said.  Ponder the words.  They are secrets, the most hidden feelings.  They are of the heart, the most important thoughts.  We will gladly open our hearts to all who sincerely wish to know and to put into practice.  Remember my words.  They carry all the light you need in the coming darkness.

The Heart of Man (April 2 to April 4, 2013)

April 2, 2013
Light for the Heart


Each person must look into their heart and see their inner desires because a world of desires resides in each one’s heart.  About this world, I will begin to speak.  O reader, some words will reveal your own heart.  Realize the gift that is being given.  Do not turn away from this light, even if it is painful at first. The light contains a gift, and the gift contains my call.  How else can I raise you to greatness unless I reveal what is in your heart, the good and the bad, the selfish and the self-sacrificing.  Then, I can lead you to my gifts.


As the light comes, the darkness of the human heart will be removed.  By my words great light will be given, the light of both heaven and earth.   By faith, the human heart can learn every mystery.  By faith, it must stand in awe of God, its creator.  By faith, the heart can learn the mysteries of human life.  It can learn the great mysteries of love, self-giving and service and the gentle mysteries, like friendship and kindness.  It can learn the evil mysteries of death, hatred and violence that have entered creation by sin.  All will be explained to those whom I love.  Just read the messages.

April 3, 2013
The Searching of the Human Heart


Just as the physical heart constantly beats, so the human heart constantly searches.  The human person can never say, “I will search no more”.  He must search.  He will always search.

But where does he search when there is no light?  Where does he look, when he cannot see?  He turns to goals that are unworthy of human dignity or he searches for goals that will never satisfy.  His heart is made for God, for heaven, for eternity.  His is the eternal search for all that is beyond the human and beyond all that he can see.


Mankind suffers from tremendous illusions.  It believes that the searching of the heart can be satisfied and fulfilled here on earth.  He makes earth his kingdom as if his heart contained a capacity only for what he can see or taste or feel.

During these messages, I will explain the human heart with a great clarity, in all of its powers and in all of its problems.  I am the Mother of the human heart and all hearts find their direction in my heart.

April 4, 2013
An Infinite Thirst


How complex is the human heart.  It seeks something and then soon finds that it must seek again.  It turns in upon itself and causes its own pain.  It lives in darkness but believes that it sees light.  It goes from one thing to another, always seeking to have its thirst satisfied, only to discover that the thirst has grown worse.

O human heart, I have made you for myself and I invite you to come to me.  I will teach you how to search.  I will place spiritual desires in your heart.  Yield to them, and they will lift you up to me.  Quietly, ever so quietly, I speak in your heart.  Listen in the quiet and you will hear my voice and we will begin the road.


So many hearts wonder why they are empty.  I will explain.  Your heart is infinite and is meant to hold God someday.  Trying to fill it up with earthly goods will always, always leave it empty.  I have given to you my Son, Jesus.  He alone can fill your heart.

When you seek him, he comes to you.  When you open your heart to him, he satisfies you.  To seek my Son and to obey his will is your purpose in life.  Do not seek any other.  All will be revealed to you when you place first things, first.  When you seek first his kingdom, all else is given you beside.  Listen to his voice, speaking in your heart and do what he says.

Dark Secrets (April 5 to April 8, 2013)

April 5, 2013
Dark Secrets


Some hearts have secrets, dark secrets. These are memories of the past which they dare not face, moments when they acted in darkness. Now, shame fills their hearts and they must continually relive those moments.

They are never free. Even though years have gone by and they have established themselves in a new way of life, the guilt of that moment continually pours out and poisons what would otherwise be blessed.

I speak to you who have a dark secret and have never been able to resolve your pain. Your heart and your life are in my hands. I have never abandoned you. Listen to the words of my mother.


Believe that your path of darkness can become a path of light and that what has been a dark secret can become a source of joy. What is impossible to men (and how many ways you have tried) is possible to God.

First, you cannot free yourself. No matter how hard you try, all of your solutions turn in upon themselves. They are defeated by the dark secret. Second, you cannot repress the dark secret. It still lives in you (and how long have the years been).

Listen to my words. Resume a deep practice of your faith, pressing your head to my heart. Stay there. Do not leave, no matter what happens. Believe and trust. Do not even think of the secret. Little by little, I will take it away from you. Then a moment will come when I will snatch it out of your heart and from that point on, it will remain in my hands. Trust me. Let us begin.

April 6, 2013
The Heart That Has Lost Its Dreams


I speak now to a person who has lost their hope.  How clear this hope had been!  The goal was so present and the means seemed so easy to use.  Yet the time went by.  The dream was postponed.  The obstacles grew and covered over the dream.  How many live their lives with an unfulfilled hope, always thinking about what might have been.

Set aside such foolish thinking.  Let us begin again.  For some, the dream is still possible. Start out again on that road.  For others, the dream as initially fashioned, cannot be fulfilled but embers still burn in your heart.  Examine them.  Fan them into a full flame and in that light you will see what to do.


A thousand lives which never accomplished the purpose for which they were created!  I must rescue my children from their wasted lives.  I will stir them up.  Place new hopes.  Rekindle the original desires.  Nothing will stop me until I bring the dream to its fulfillment.  Come, child of God, take my hand.  We will begin again.  The road still beckons.  There is still time.  I will show you my shortcuts and plant my heart within you.  You have a work for Jesus’ kingdom and we must get it done before the darkness comes.

April 7, 2013
When the Road Ends


Many hearts come to a point where the road seems to end and they do not see where to walk next.  For these souls, the darkness has come.  It is like night, yet their heart keeps beating and their heart keeps searching.  At this point, many mistakes are made.  The person turns back, giving up their hopes and turning to momentary pleasures.  They despair and grow despondent.

I speak now to the person who seemingly has come to the end of the road, for whatever reason.

Do not continue to pursue this road.  Read the signs carefully.  This road leads no further. The end of the road is an invitation to seek another road that you have constantly put off.

Come, I will give you new life on another road which you have always avoided until now.  Your own road has come to an end.  Now, you will walk my road.


A great mystery is contained in those words.  The death of your desires is the new life of other desires.  One road ends.  A better road begins.  You are not a failure.  Nor are you without hope.  You have a call of God which you do not yet see and mystery which you still must fulfill.  So much is still ahead.  Let us search together for your new road.

April 8, 2013
Striving and Restlessness


Yearning drives the human heart, not allowing it to rest.  Mankind is always striving, never satisfied and always searching.  Restlessness has become his burden and he carries this burden so poorly, always complaining under its yoke.

So, I repeat my invitation, “Come to me all you who are burdened and find life difficult.  You shall find rest for your souls, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light”.

Each day has its goal.  Each moment has its task but this should fulfill man not burden him.

This is the secret of my teachings.


Mankind rushes ahead in a thousand different directions, never stopping, never turning to God for light.  Mankind plunges into a darkness that makes all its efforts so futile.  Its powers are wasted on the frivolous and its heart is consumed by what passes away. The real goals of life are set aside and false idols are worshipped.

O Mankind, come to me. Pause. Stop.  Pray.  Be still.  Do this and I will come.  I will speak and you will learn to listen to my quiet voice within.  You will be my child and I shall be your mother.  So many frustrations and so much confusion need not happen.

Words to the World (April 9 to April 13, 2013)

April 9, 2013
They Are to Blame


What happened to this world which now goes from one crises to the next?  I will speak now to world leaders.

On you I must place the blame, the burden and the guilt.  You have risen to power by your own cunning. You have assumed the reins without having a true heart.  The way you climbed to power is the same way you have used your power, always looking to your own status and your own future.  A nation should not be guided by cutting deals and serving the lowest interests?  I will hold all of you responsible.  You have snatched power that I never wanted you to have.


The people!  The poor people are helpless.  They can only watch as forces far beyond them take control of their lives.  Look at the leaders who have risen to power.  Look at their self-interests.  Who among them invokes the laws and teachings of the Creator?  All is cut loose.

All is adrift.  Where are the nations headed?  I speak clearly.  They are caught up in a powerful whirlpool, while no leader speaks about God’s laws and a nation’s duty to live “under God”.

April 10, 2013
Defining Society’s Ills


I will not be silent.  I will not hold back my words.  The world’s leaders are to blame.  They have not spoken my words nor led the people in my ways.  They do not invoke my name nor call me to guide their decisions.  They have compromised the truth and taught others to do so.  Why has this happened?

Those nations that formerly invoked my name have cast me aside.  “We will not walk the ways of the Lord”.  You have chosen your own paths, sacrificing truth on the altar of your pleasures and offering incense to your gods of prosperity.

You have released forces that were always forbidden and you have removed walls that gave you protection.  “Why do we need to keep these laws?” you asked.  Then you proceeded to change what I had established.  These are the ills that I will speak to.


A wall crumbles because it was supposed to be built of cement but other materials were used. A house collapses because the true and solid foundation was never set in place.   These are the true difficulties.  For so long, the foundations of society have been poorly constructed.

One by one the restraining walls of God’s law have been torn down.  “Why do we need these limits?” you say.  O world leaders, you have taken powers into your own hands that are illicit.  You have forged laws that contradict God’s laws.  You have brought forth a people who can only walk in darkness.

April 11, 2013
Nations Brought to Their Knees


When decisions are made, a course is chosen which often cannot be reversed.  Future generations are forced to live with those decisions and are burdened with a path that leads to destruction and death.

Look at what has been done, all that has been inflicted upon the world.  Weapons, even weapons of great destruction, have been unleashed.  Burdens of debt have been accumulated.  Corruption is blatant.  Leaders feed themselves while their people starve.

What lies ahead?  Can mankind solve what it has brought about?  Can mankind suddenly swerve, avoid the tragedies that lie ahead, and take a new course?  What voice is raised?  What nation bears my name and acts in my light?  The nations have banished me, even those whom I have raised up from their infancy.

Am I to allow nation to war against nation until both are brought to their knees?  Am I to allow the forces of evil to be unleashed so they are all spent?  These are not the solutions.

They only open the world to still greater evils.  I must come in a breath. I must breathe upon the nations.  I cannot allow the universal destruction that the Evil One wants so much to occur.


Many leaders do not know the seriousness of the situation and close their eyes to the reality that is taking place.  They do not know what to do or how to handle the gigantic problems which lie on the horizon.  All is in disarray, like a people waiting for a hurricane, so great is the confusion.

What will happen when the events begin?  Who will be ready?  All I can do is to save those who listen to me.  That is why I speak.  There is only one way to prepare.  Cleanse your hearts of all sin.  Gather your loved ones in prayer.  Move away from all that the world holds dear.

Let your hearts go out to the poor.  These are the basic preparations.  Do not omit them and, when the events break forth, I will enlighten you.

April 12, 2013
Leaders of Darkness


The world leaders do not see what passions and desires fuel their decisions.  They do not grasp the evil forces that swirl around them nor the traps which the Evil One easily draws them into. The world leaders never examine their own hearts nor do they seek to purify them according to the light of the gospel teachings.

They are people who live in darkness, surrounded by darkness.  They can only lead their nations into greater darkness, step by step according to the plan of the Evil One.

What more can I say?  Who invokes me?  Who seeks my light?  Who understand the present evil?

Who grasps the mighty forces that have captured hearts?  Without my light what other road can be taken except the road of darkness?


Why must this be so?  When the lights offered by my Son, Jesus, are rejected, when they are systematically put out, only darkness remains.  Decisions are made by a human wisdom which is deeply flawed by the selfishness of the nations and by the egos of their leaders.

Principles are sacrificed and the people are forgotten.  Inevitably, this harvest of evil, sown by all these daily decisions, springs up.  Evil and iniquity have been sown for decades and for centuries. Now is the harvest time.  Now the evil is coming to fruition, a fruition of destruction that inevitably must come.  We will continue to speak to these issues.

April 13, 2013
Weapons Everywhere


This is the great dilemma.  Nations have been allowed to create weapons of massive destruction.  Weapons of all kinds have been spread all over the earth.  This should never have taken place.  The Holy Spirit of peace was rejected and the evil spirit of war and violence was welcomed by the leaders of the world.

Constant steps have been taken to arm the whole world, friend and foe.  Then, once they possessed the weapons, friends became foes.  Divisions, enmities, disputes (large and small) have all fueled this buildup that continues at an even greater pace.

Is this the work of the heavenly Father?  Is all of this happening under the guidance of the Holy Spirit?  Nothing is further from the truth.  Mankind alone has chosen this path, a path devoid of divine light.  He is entrapped in the constant diabolical attraction to power and to violence.

This is the dilemma and everyone sees the picture all too clearly.  This is not the road to world peace nor is it a road to sanity.  Yet, every nation and every people walk this road.

“What else can we do?” they ask.  I will speak to this dilemma.


I touch hearts.  When hearts are touched, new paths are envisioned.  When hearts are touched new people emerge, emboldened by the Holy Spirit and ready to make any sacrifice, even of their own lives.  This is what is needed.  Holy leaders must take command.  They must seek new ways, not even spoken of now.  I will be with them.  Peace.  They must be leaders of peace, even when voices of war try to shout them down.  They must stand firm and resist the generals who want war and the industries that want only to profit from the weapons they sell.  My Pope will lead them to Fatima.

April 14, 2013
The New Darkness


Each world leader has his own sins and faults.  I am not talking about the failures that come to every human being.  I speak now about the darkness that envelopes all the leaders of the world and permeates their hearts.

This darkness is a new reality which the leaders do not even recognize because they, themselves are so immersed in it.  This darkness is a cycle of evil that turns seemingly good decisions into foiled ones.  Efforts at peace become the building blocks of new wars.

Attempts to put out fires only enkindle new ones that were totally unforeseen.

These leaders are confronting a demonic intelligence with their own intellects.  They do not see in faith.  They do not recognize the supernatural nature of the current darkness.  This is what I have against you.  You have cast aside the Holy Spirit.  You have acted on your own.

You have devised your own policies.  All of your hearts are so uprooted.  You no longer look to your faith.  Now the darkness is upon you and you have no light.  Call upon me.  Have your people invoke my name and the light will break through.  Any other course only multiplies the darkness.


The teaching comes to an end.  The picture is drawn.  World leaders are helpless because the evil has been allowed to flourish for so long and because no one seeks a divine light or divine help.

All is beyond the power of any world leader.  The night advances.  The lights are extinguished.  Mistakes multiply.  All are entangled in a web that no one will see until it suddenly entraps and the cleverness of the diabolical plan can been seen by all.

Turn to me.  Invoke my name night and day and some of his plans, although carefully worked out, will collapse.  What nation lifts up its voice and praises me?  Who knows the mysteries contained in my Immaculate Heart?  In my heart lies world peace.  Seek it nowhere else.

Revealing the Great Hidden and Saving Mysteries (April 15 to April 21, 2013)

April 15, 2013
The Great Mysteries


I want to take you into the great mysteries (of my heart) which still lie concealed, waiting to be revealed.  These are saving mysteries which can lift mankind, and everyone who believes, out of the darkness which I have just described.

In these mysteries are contained the power and the wisdom of the Father who has placed in me his entire saving action.  This is what I mean when I invite all to come to me.  They will discover all the saving actions that the Father has given to the world through the mystery of my becoming a man.


How hidden and yet how saving are these mysteries which I have fully received and now make known for all my children.  Yes, it is time to reveal them, to pull back the veil that until now has kept them from sight.

The world, plunged in such great darkness, so desperately needs this light.  Will it choose the darkness, again?  I must give everyone another chance, another moment when fresh light is poured out.  This is why revelation is sometimes withheld.  God has a precise moment for all his actions.  Only when the world is ready or when the situation is so dire, does he revel a fresh burst of light so that hearts, in such desperate need, open wide to receive.

April 16, 2013
The Unlocked Mystery


The greatest mysteries lie in my heart, the mystery of each human person and the mystery of all human history. These mysteries have great power to bring about the plan of the Father.

However, many of these mysteries remain in my heart.  They do not go forth and bring about God’s will that would sanctify the person, bring him happiness and also fulfill in him the reason why he was created.

Because these powers are locked in my heart and never sought by human beings, the person can only use his human powers to discover God’s plan and to fulfill it.  These human powers are feeble.  The light they provide is inadequate.  Man stumbles, falls, walks the path of darkness and, often, never recovers because his mystery is still in my heart and not in his.


Why does mankind not allow my Son to help, to enlighten and to empower?  Why are these mysteries still accepted and received?  This is also the mystery of my heart, filled with all of God’s blessings and ready to pour them out upon anyone who comes.  This is why we speak.

The darkness and the sufferings of the world can only be overcome when the mysteries in our hearts are released, when the heavens open and the gifts rain down.  This can happen.  It is already happening to those who understand the plan of the heavenly Father to bless the world through my Immaculate Heart.

April 17, 2013
Revealing the Great Secret


So many do not understand these mysteries, the great powers that the heavenly Father has placed in my Sacred Heart so I might distribute them to all mankind. The human race must come to me. I am the Beloved Son in whom the Father has placed all blessings. This is the mystery which I am trying to explain.

When someone turns away from me, I cannot pour out these blessings. When someone renounces their faith, the blessings must stop. The mystery of God’s plan is thwarted. What should have been easily accomplished in the light is lost in the darkness.

Now I come to the heart of my teaching, my mother. I have placed all these mysteries in her heart. As the Father has given them to me, so I have given them to her. She, a creature like everyone else, is certainly not too high to reach. Go to her Immaculate Heart and you will find all these mysteries. As I have poured them into her heart, she will pour them into your heart. This is the great secret of the Immaculate Heart and why the heavenly Father wants this to be the Age of Mary. I cannot speak any clearer.


Who am I? I am the mother of the Church. All are born in me. This is the great mystery, concealed until now, but being made known through the worldwide revelations, appearances and locutions. The voices come from everywhere, from every continent and in many different tongues. The song they sing and the message they bring forth are always the same.

Why is this? So all the world can hear the new song arising from the hearts of those who love Jesus, the lamb who was slain. What is this new song, held in reserve for centuries? What are they singing? This is their song, “Mary is the mother of the lamb who was slain. She is at his side as he opens the scrolls and as God’s plan unfolds. Blessed is he who hears what the Spirit is saying to the Churches”.

April 18, 2013
Receiving the Mysteries


When our hearts come together, my heart with the person’s heart, then the gifts flow out and the person receives the mysteries. These persons are filled with wisdom to know the Father’s plan and the power to fulfill it. The gifts are transmitted according to the person’s capacity. Some are adept and zealous, not wanting to lose any gift. Others are negligent. Some do not care or are totally ignorant of heavenly favors. That is why I cry out “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me”. The thirst is the person’s capacity. By coming to me, I can quench that thirst.


The teaching is so simple. I am the first one to thirst. In the perfection of my being and in my total union with the divine will, Jesus poured out every gift that every person in the world would ever need to gain eternal life. As a mother, I received for myself and for all my children. These gifts remain in my heart, like milk in a mother’s breast, until they are poured out into the children. How I suffer because so many do not drink of the milk of God’s favors.

April 19, 2013
The Father’s Masterpiece


Mankind walks in darkness, totally unaware of the heavenly Father’s plan for each person. To overcome this darkness, the Father sent light. I am the light of the world, but the world rejects me. People do not understand the call of the Father, the plan of the Father, or how the Father would lead each person into a glorious life of inner fulfillment and exterior accomplishments.

Each person is meant to be the Father’s masterpiece, formed in my image. Instead, lives are wasted and false goals are chosen.


I search for those who are lost in this darkness. When I find them and they are willing to respond, I pull them out of this darkness and bring them into the light. They awaken. They see the Father’s call. They respond. Their faculties open to the light. They never want to return to the darkness. O reader, by these words, I have searched for you. You have stumbled upon them (not by chance). You are in darkness. You do not understand. Let me lead you. Take my hand. Call on me, “Mary, lead me out of my darkness. Take me into the light”. Use that prayer often and suddenly we will be there – in the light of Jesus.

April 20, 2013
Explaining the Mysteries


When the nations begin wars and when the human person follows selfish interests, then the heavenly Father’s plans are shredded, torn apart and destroyed.  His will is trampled on.

Yet, he always works toward the goal.  He cannot change the mysteries or set them aside, as if they never existed.  The mysteries of God’s plan are always active.  No matter what mankind does, or what the human person does, the Father is always, always bringing about the mysteries decreed from the beginning of time.  Unless man understands this, he will never come into the light.


God’s mysteries contain all the power needed to bring them about.  The person need only say “yes”, and accept God’s power.  The angel said to me, “The power of the Most High will overshadow you and the child to be born will be called holy, the Son of God”. (Lk. 1:35)  In that moment, I understood the Father’s mystery in my regard.  I also understood that every person born into the world could be blessed by this child.  The mysteries of God are the power of the Most High and God has mysteries for everyone.  All are included and everything is contained in these mysteries which God wants to pour forth.   However, because people do not accept his Son, Jesus, he cannot pour them out.

April 21, 2013
Powers in Jesus’ Heart


When will mankind learn these mysteries of the Father’s divine will?  When will they say, “Let us seek the mysteries.  In them, alone, can we find peace?”  When will the person ask, “Why do I not seek the mystery of God’s will?  Then I will find my way”.  This is why I have spoken and revealed these powers that lie in my heart, waiting for each person.  They are the salvation of all mankind.  They still abide in my heart because so many have no interest in these powers.  They are limitless.  They extend to everyone.  They are not meant only for a few.  To all the world, I say “Come into my heart and find your destiny before it is too late and the darkness overtakes you.


The mysteries are powerful and complex but I must bring these words to a conclusion.  All are invited.  Your mysteries also, are with the others.  When you find them, they will fill you with a light that you have never enjoyed before.  You will also receive power to do what is required.  Then, the gift will be complete.  When the mysteries of your life go from my heart (where Jesus has placed them) into your heart, we can begin a new life together.  How different everything will be as you act in God’s light and power.

The Mystery of the Individual Person (April 22 to April 24, 2013)

April 22, 2013
The Trinity’s Decision at Your Conception


Let me remove the veil that covers over the heavenly realities so that all people can see.  As they see, they are free to choose.  They remain free and can still reject heaven.  However, these revelations are my call, my invitation to open their heart and to come to me.

Let us begin in the very bosom of the Trinity where a decision was made to create you, O reader.  The moment of conception arrived.   Whenever that happens, the three persons of the Trinity decide just whom they will create.  At the moment of your conception, you were chosen, a free and deliberate choice of Almighty God.  We wanted you to exist for our glory and for your eternal happiness.


Creation at conception is the beginning moment.  From then on, the Trinity is always present, deeply interested in the full development of the person they have created.  All their plans lay ahead, all the hopes which they have in their new creation.  So much is at stake – eternal life or eternal darkness.  Never are you out of the mind and heart of the Trinity, even though you can choose what they would not choose.  From the moment of your conception, the divine, eternal drama has begun.

April 22, 2013
A Word to Pregnant Women


Each day, the Trinity makes this decision to create many human persons according to its own image and likeness.  Each person is unique, formed totally by God and united with a human nature.  Then, the great mystery begins.  What will the person become?  How will others care for him?  What decisions will he make?  A new life begins, sacred from the very beginning and destined to live forever.  What has begun will never cease to be.  The human person, directly created by God at the moment of conception, can never be destroyed or annihilated.  This leads us into the greatest mysteries.


Human conception begins the great story of each person, conceived but still not free to act and to choose.  That will come soon enough, if the mother allows the pregnancy to go to term.

Here, I must delay a moment and speak to women about their own bodies.  You are a woman, able to conceive and nourish human life.  When you are pregnant, you do not carry in your womb just some living material.  You carry a person, created by God at the moment of conception.  For these months, this person depends upon your body and your cooperation.  If you withdraw your help, and destroy the child by abortion, he/she will continue to exist but without any chance of living or of giving new life to others.  God decided to create this person but it is your decision to give birth.

April 23, 2013
The Darkness That Covers Earth


How deep are the mysteries of the human person, created to live forever in the heavenly realm yet beginning its existence on the earth.  This mystery is complicated by the separation of heaven from earth which is caused by sin.  Now, darkness covers the earth.  The human person, created in the bosom of the Trinity and destined to return there forever, must search in this darkness to recover what was originally a gift, namely, a clear vision of the road each person was to walk.

That is why the Father sent me.  I am the way and anyone who walks with me, walks in light.

All else is darkness and futile searching. Paths constructed by man can never lead to the Father.


When will mankind realize the darkness?  When will it cry out for the light?  This darkness is growing.  More and more are enveloped.   The lights of faith are being extinguished.  Will the world return to the darkness that existed before I gave birth to Jesus, the light of the world?  My words are light, casting out the darkness and freeing you, O reader.  The world is always extinguishing the light but I find new ways to ignite it.  There will always be light.

I will always speak.  I will not be silent.  I will not allow the darkness to win the victory.

April 24, 2013
The Great Battle


O reader, you were created by the heavenly Father in your mother’s womb.  You were created in his image and likeness.  You looked like your heavenly Father.  Quickly, however, sin surrounded you and the image was tarnished.  You were born, and sin continued to form you according to its image.  I reached out to you in the moment of your Baptism and gave you the life of grace.  Now the two forces war within you, sin and grace.  One destroys the image.

The other restores it.  Who will win this battle?  Will you be a child of sin or a child of grace?  This is the great war that is fought every day.  How I battle for you, always calling you to my side.  Yet, so many forces call you away.  The victory is always in doubt until the final moment.


O child of God, how much you need my protection.  You act as if you can run the race alone and gain the victory.  Open your eyes.  See all the forces that come against you.  See the darkness in your own heart and the darkness of the world.  Without me, you are lost.  That is why I come in search of you and why I give you these words.  The Most High has formed me into his image and likeness.  All who find me are formed in the same image.  He created me to safeguard you from a destruction that was inevitable.  Now, the victory can easily be yours if you come to me.

The Middle East (April 25 to April 29, 2013)

April 25, 2013
Is There A Future?


The world does not travel a steady path because the road has twists and turns which no one can foresee or prepare for.  What will happen when suddenly the road itself disappears?  When mankind can see no future?  Can this happen?  Can mankind be so uprooted that no future can be envisioned?  These are the serious problems that can easily erupt.  The weapons are available and some would be glad to use them.  Others are waiting to get their hands on them, only to increase their powers of terrorism.

These are the possibilities which I see and from which I want to protect mankind.  Open your eyes.  You are on the brink and only my divine intervention can save you.  Heaven must act soon if earth is to be rescued.


Many do not believe.  They think that everything can continue and that nothing will change.

They go about each day as if peace is in the air and harmony reigns, as if world leaders have the answers and as if nations have the resources to respond.  The problems are everywhere but they have not yet begun.

I must awaken the whole world.  I must speak now with the strongest and clearest of words.  I must also send my messengers whom I have prepared.  Each must find their place.  Each must be put on the lampstand so all the house is filled with light.  Those outside the house must come in to share the light.

April 26, 2013
A Fertile Field of Evil


There are too many roads of destruction, too many ways in which the human race is open to tragedies.  How did all of this occur?  How did mankind move into this situation where there are troubles on every side?  For decades, they have walked the road of darkness, conveniently putting out any light of faith which would block their evil designs.  One leader after another has played the role, each one leading mankind into a greater level of iniquity.  Now, all the past decisions, like seeds sown in the ground, have come to a gigantic harvest.  Mankind is a fertile field, unfortunately the harvest is a diversity of all evils, intermingled and cross fertilized, each supporting the other.  What does the heavenly Father do with such an evil harvest?


Sprinkled among the evil are his good seeds, but these are choked by the weeds and find little soil.  They struggle to survive.  For these, the Father will take care.  How great is this struggle.  Yet, I will not allow even the smallest good to be crushed.  No matter how great is the darkness or how encompassing is the power of evil, I will protect every seed planted by the heavenly Father.  O reader, if you choose the good, I will make sure that this seed will become a harvest that will not be destroyed, even if the rest of the field is filled with weeds.

April 28, 2013
The Fires of Syria


How long can the fires of Syria simmer and still be contained?  Already these questions are being raised.  How long do the other nations allow this to continue?  What must he do to draw some response?  How many people must die?  How many weapons must he unveil?   He is demonic, willing to cause others to suffer so he retains power.  He will understand nothing except force.  Yet, to use force is to provoke others who have an interest in his remaining.  Syria is the door to the deeper problems, the greater unraveling of the Middle East, far beyond what anyone suspects.


Open your eyes.  Steps should have been taken but politics held back the correct response.

Now Satan has twisted the whole situation for his own benefit.  Syria is a hotbed of evils. Many more powerful nations are in the background.  Terrorists have exploited this vacuum of power.  The people suffer beyond all imagination.  The leader still stands, against all odds, cleverly playing one nation off against another and choosing his friends wisely.  Syria is very explosive, more than world leaders imagine.   Even if the leader is removed, the seeds of greater evils have been planted.

April 29, 2013
Can Israel Survive?


Evil comes from every side, unchecked and allowed to flourish, always growing and even mutating into new evils that go unnoticed for a while.  Then, they suddenly appear in full vigor.

Such is the state of the Middle East, where the inevitable explosion will take place and only the pieces and fragments of stability will remain.  In the middle of all this, can Israel survive and can Jerusalem be protected?  Or, will the Holy City once more fall back into the hands of those who only want its destruction.  What is the future of Jerusalem and Israel?  So much now hangs in the balance.

Israel, itself, is so keenly aware that its situation has become precarious.  It has taken steps but many events are out of its hands.  Evil has found a home in so many of its neighbors who have used these years of American indifference to strengthen their weapons and prepare for the onslaught.  Never has the evil been so strong and Israel so exposed to danger.


I bring these little talks on the Middle East to a close.  The warnings have been sent forth.

Evil continues to establish itself.  One by one the safeguards that were in place, the stability of the surrounding nations, have been removed.  Israel stands alone.

The place of Jesus’ birth and death, the sacred and holy ground, is the demonic target.  He knows the biblical prophecies about Jerusalem, that light for all the world must go forth from that sacred city of David.  He knows that the prophecies still have their time and press on to fulfillment.  He sees what others do not see, what I  have been alerting the world to.  Peace will come to the whole world when there is peace in Jerusalem.  Light will shine upon the whole world when the light goes forth from Jerusalem.  This is God’s word recorded in the sacred texts and this word has never been removed.  It still has its power and its time.

Mary’s Deepest Sorrows (April 30 to May 6, 2013)

April 30, 2013
The Age of Mary


The world must come to know me.  Even many Catholics do not know all that the heavenly Father has placed within me.  So, I must reveal these riches.  I must pull back the veil so all can see.  This time will be called “The Age of Mary”.  This is not just a fancy title but a new reality in the relationship of heaven and earth.

This new age began with the miraculous medal revealed to St. Catherine Laboure which highlighted my Immaculate Conception by the prayer, “O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee”.  Then Blessed Pope Pius IX officially declared that I was conceived without sin.  This dogma is the foundation for this Age of Mary.

Quickly I appeared in many places, always bringing protections and blessings.  Finally, I appeared to the three children at Fatima with the startling revelations that are still to unfold in modern times.  All of this is just the beginning.  Each day, I will open for you the treasures which the heavenly Father has given me to disperse to all the world.

Note:  The beginning of the Age of Mary took place when Our Lady appeared to St. Catherine Laboure (1806-1876).  The apparitions took place in her convent of the Sisters of Charity (of St. Vincent at Rue de Bac, Paris) where she had entered in 1830.  In the principal and visions, Our Lady showed her the design for the miraculous medal, containing the prayer “O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee”.

The medal and the accompanying miracles led to great popular devotion to Mary’s Immaculate Conception.  Blessed Pope Pius IX declared the dogma on February 11, 1854.  (At Lourdes in 1858, Our Lady told St. Bernadette Soubirous, “I am the Immaculate Conception”.)  After that, all of Mary’s appearances have stressed her Immaculate Heart.

May 1, 2013
The Apparition Sites


I speak now from my motherly heart.  The words will flow quite freely and with great strength because the message is urgent and my heart is broken.  My complaint is this.  I have appeared and spoken to many of my chosen ones – at LaSalette, Fatima, Medjugorje, Akita, (Japan) Rwanda, (Africa) Betania, (Venezuela) and many other places. Many of these have received official approval of the Church.  Yet, who listens to my words?  Who acts upon my words?  Who even knows my words?

So, I must raise up a new voice – these little locutions that come each day.  These locutions are not a great voice, a thundering voice, nor do they even enjoy the gift of an apparition or a vision.  They are words which I speak in the heart of a special soul.  Yet, I will use this little voice to speak of the important apparition sites.  This will be like a “voice crying in the desert”.  It will alert many people and they will say, “We have never even heard of some of these places”.  They will go and research these treasures of my words and much light will come upon the world.

May 2, 2013
On the Horizon


A mother has many sorrows in her heart, but today I speak of a burning pain that will not go away and which grows greater with each day. I have appeared to many and continue to appear every day.  I have given teachings and messages that have been faithfully recorded by the visionaries.  Some have even been officially accepted by the Church.

Yet, these apparition sites and, especially, the words that have been given are unknown to most Catholics.  They are ignorant of my messages and they walk in darkness.

Why have I appeared and why have I given these directions?  Because I see what is ahead, what looms on the horizon.  My messages are warnings and also teachings of what people should do.

Beginning with Catherine Laboure and then at Lourdes, LaSalette, Fatima, Akita, Medjugorje, Rwanda, Betania and elsewhere, I have pleaded and many times I have wept (the visionaries recorded only a few of these times because they were many).

Whom must I blame for this?  Why do so many Catholics remain in ignorance?  How many even know about my request for the first Saturday devotion?  Who is at fault?  I will speak about this later.

May 3, 2013
Destruction Need Not Happen


I speak from a mother’s heart that is broken from sadness.  A deterioration of earth is taking place which leads to tragedies of many kinds, but especially to a great loss of souls.

Tragedies do not lead to faith.  The heavenly Father allows them only to avoid greater tragedies, just as a doctor amputates a leg to save a life.

My heart is broken because I am trying to help, but few listen.  I speak of devotions but these are set aside.  I ask for public displays of love but these do not happen.  People question the visions and the promises and see no reason to respond as I ask.  So, I will explain.

Every moment, the power of sin corrupts human life.  This eventually leads to tragedies and, after a longer period, to great problems and even to wide scale destruction.   All of these are so evident in the modern world.  The corruption, the tragedies, the problems and the wide scale destruction rip apart the fabric of society.  As this happens, faith in God is destroyed and many souls are lost for all eternity.

In all of my apparitions, I have spoken of these problems and given clear directions.  If people listened and called on my name (especially in a public way), I would remedy these problems.  People would see that I had acted.  They would regain their faith and save their souls.  Can I speak any more clearly than this?  I sorrow because the destruction of earth need not happen.

May 4, 2013
Pushed Into the Background


Too many voices are raised against me.  Some speak against people who supposedly trust me too much or have too much devotion to me.  Others speak against those who openly profess their love and devotion to me.  I must say this clearly.  I am not where I should be in the hearts of many Catholics.  The Church would not be experiencing its problems or seeing its numbers decrease so dramatically if I had been properly exalted and placed firmly in people’s hearts.

Formerly, I was spoken of highly, but now I have been shoved into the background, hidden from view, as if I am an embarrassment.  I ask you.  Do those who follow me stop coming to Church?

Do they disobey the bishops?  Do they break the Ten Commandments?  Not at all because I teach them devotion, obedience and truth.

The Church would not have fallen upon these sad times if only she had followed my path.  Yet, those who speak of me and promote devotions that I have specifically asked for (like the Five First Saturdays) are set aside and ignored.  If you set my followers aside, then you set me aside.  If you set me aside, I cannot help you.  That is what has happened.

I could continue speaking.  Today is a First Saturday and many Catholics are asleep, unawakened to my urgent requests made at Fatima.

Note:  At Fatima, Mary introduced the First Saturday devotions asking all Catholics to do five things on the First Saturday of each month:

1. Receive Holy Communion.  (If this is impossible, then receive on Sunday.)
2. Go to Confession (eight days before or eight days after).
3. Say five decades of the rosary.
4. Meditate (pray) on a mystery of the rosary for 15 minutes.
5. Have the intention of making reparation for the sins against Mary’s Immaculate Heart.

May 5, 2013
The Fires of Syria


Now a word from the deepest part of my heart, a burning word which I must speak as the prophets of old.

The time is shorter than most can imagine.  No one knows the series of events, one triggering the next one.  First, one country is drawn in and then another, all because the fires of Syria were not quenched at the very beginning.

These fires have burned and burned, melting away the fragile security that did exist in the region.  Now, little is left.

Nations face each other, opposing nations who so much want to strike.

In all of this, I am on the sidelines, not looked to and not invoked, not preached as the Mother of Peace nor, in any way, considered an important part of the peace.  I have this to say.

Does not Israel belong to me?  Did I not purchase the ground with the price of my Son’s blood? Am I not the owner of Jerusalem?  Will I not use my city to bring peace to all the world?

These are my clear plans that I have spoken about often, but my plans are on hold until the Holy Father openly consecrates Russia to my Immaculate Heart.  Then, the events of peace will unfold, one after another.  Presently, it is the events of war that unfold, one after another, with no end in sight.  What do you want – war or peace?  A path of destruction or a path of salvation?

May 6, 2013
A World Without Sunlight


Let me bring these words to a conclusion.  When people build a wall, close a door or cover over a window, then the sun cannot shine into that house.  So, when people exclude me and push me aside, they are building walls, closing doors and covering the windows of their soul.

Without the sunlight, inevitably the germs multiply and soon sickness enters.  The air grows stale and no one is refreshed.

I speak these words so that all obstacles are removed and my light can shine.  If people would only call on me, I would come.  My heart is broken and, from this deep sorrow, I speak.

The illnesses of the modern world will continue to multiply until the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart takes place.  Then, the wall will come down, the door will be opened, the window thrown open and my healing rays can begin to restore the world to health.  How I await that moment!

The Holy Spirit, the Spouse of Mary (May 7 to May 12, 2013)

May 7, 2013
Definitely Given


In the middle of this evil, are planted the seeds of the kingdom. These are hardy seeds. They survive when all seems impossible. Difficulties and sufferings only make these seeds grow stronger as the persecutions and trials release new powers of the Spirit.

You must always hope, because I have promised that no matter what powers are unleashed against this Kingdom, the seeds will still survive and grow. There is always hope because the Holy Spirit has been sent from the bosom of the Trinity.


The Spirit is my spouse, always hovering over and protecting my children, always dwelling in their hearts and inspiring them to saving actions. In these difficult times, what else can you turn to? These are the secrets which we will reveal in these days – the secrets of the hidden, powerful Holy Spirit who has been definitively given to the world, although the world does not recognize or accept him, just as they did not accept my Son, Jesus. He abides and he acts as he wishes, just as the wind blows wherever it wills.

May 8, 2013
The Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Mankind


I must speak about the spirit of mankind that has so boasted of its powers and has so exalted human reasoning. Look at all of your inventions and technology. Where has it led you? To the brink, to the precipice of unknown horrors. Already, these are spilling out everywhere. This is where the spirit of mankind has taken the human race.

You have taken human destiny into your own hands. You have stolen it from my grasp. You have made the decisions and have taken the roads that have led to all of this.


I will teach you about the Holy Spirit of Jesus. He is kind and gentle. He leads people into truth and light. He spreads a spirit of forgiveness and pardon. He teaches people to hold no grudges, to forgive enemies, to reconcile and to work together.

He makes all men one. In Jesus’ Spirit, there are no class differences – rich or poor, male or female. He alone can bring about the oneness needed for world peace. He is my spouse and I will introduce him to the whole world. World peace springs only from the Spirit of Jesus.

May 9, 2013
Divine Love (The Holy Spirit)


All creation came into existence from the divine love in the heavenly Father’s heart. Creation was meant to remain in the warmth and light of that love so that life could come forth.

Instead, mankind has taken creation away from the Father’s love and brought human history into a time of cold and darkness to such a degree that human life is harsh, violent and seriously threatened.

Mankind has decided to do this, to establish his own world independent of divine love. The results are seen everywhere.


When will the time come when mankind returns to the divine love from which it came? I speak to reveal the great mystery of my own Immaculate Heart. Divine Love, the Holy Spirit, lives and dwells in my heart. He abides there and blesses all who enter. I must stir up the whole world.

I, even now, go forth to so many places, always revealing, in simple words, this great truth.

Divine Love, the Holy Spirit, dwells in my heart. If mankind would just enter my heart, it would be bathed again in the warmth and light needed for new life. That is why I ask for Russia to be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. At that moment, I will plunge the whole world into the Holy Spirit of divine love. Life will flourish and death will lose its power.

May 10, 2013
Age of the Holy Spirit


I want to speak of the Holy Spirit, sent by the Father, in my name. He now lives and dwells with mankind. Although hidden from human eyes, he manifests himself constantly to those who know him and invite him to act. He manifests himself sometimes among those who know him but have little devotion to him. He hides himself from everyone who rejects me.

All of that will change because the Age of Mary is really the Age of the Holy Spirit. The two are so closely joined, that one cannot be present without the other. This is the mystery being revealed now. The Spirit has chosen to take up his permanent residence within Mary. She is the Spirit’s spouse, where he always stays. From her Immaculate Heart he pours out his divine fire.


When my spouse, the Holy Spirit, came upon me to conceive Jesus, he grasped me and held me. He took me as his bride, like the proudest bridegroom on his wedding day. Since then, we have never separated. He has made his temple in my heart. From there, he has sanctified the Church and the world. Now, the mystery has to be revealed because the world so needs his divine fire.

Where will you find God’s Spirit, O world? He waits for you in my heart. He goes out to you from my heart and he will renew the whole world in my heart. This is the secret of the Age of Mary. You have found his traces, his works, his manifestations but you have not encountered his essence, his internal fire, because you have not sought him in the secret dwelling place of my Immaculate Heart .

May 11, 2013
The Spirit Dwells in a Fullness


How many great and wonderful mysteries do I reveal with the simplest of words but my people must know that these revelations are to help and encourage them, as they discover the new riches that are opened to them in this destructive age.

I have come to light a fire on this earth but mankind is constantly resisting my fire.

Instead, he has built his own fires of violence and self-destruction. Only my fire can soften the human heart and bring light into the greatest darkness. I will try again, always in a new way, to cast my fire upon the earth. That is the secret of my mother’s Immaculate Heart. My Spirit has chosen to abide there in a fullness.


Many will scoff and ask, “How can this be?” How can the heart of a creature contain the Holy Spirit and all of his divine fire? I do not say that I contain him. I only claim that he dwells within my heart in a fullness. By fullness, I mean that he does not dwell there merely for me (as he dwells in the hearts of all who love Jesus) but he dwells in an overflowing abundance, which pours out and transmits the divine fire. This is the Father’s plan that brought forth Jesus in my womb and brings forth all the other children of God. Whoever comes to me will be touched by the Holy Spirit who has chosen to take up residence in my Immaculate Heart. The heart of Jesus contains the fullness of the Spirit. I have received of that fullness for myself and all my children.

May 12, 2013
Mary, the Safe Road


The Father draws to himself those who believe in me.  These are taken up in a power far beyond their own striving.  Among those who believe in me, some have learned true devotion to my Mother Mary.  These travel even faster and farther than the others because the secret has been revealed to them about this Age of Mary.  They do not hold back their love for her nor ration their devotion.  They are like babies drawn to their mother’s breast.  They drink freely of her milk and are satisfied.  Other souls are fervent but they do not know this easy and safe way that is meant for everyone.  This is what I have come to reveal.  Let every heart be drawn to my mother.  She will make sure that they never turn aside from the right road.  She is the safe and sure path that any soul can walk.


I speak clearly so the truth is fully revealed.  Some forget about me.  Some refuse to accept my role.  They trust their own strength to serve Jesus and their own light to find him.  They think they find him but often the one they find is not my true son for there are many false Christs.  My children, do not trust yourselves but trust your Mother.  I will not lead you astray.  We will quickly gain the goal with little effort and less confusion.  Whoever finds me, finds their way to Jesus.

The New Fire of Mary’s Heart (May 12 to May 16, 2013)

May 12, 2013
The New Fire of Mary’s Heart


Because the Father calls everyone into a life with himself, I want to speak of this mystery of the human person in their life with God.   The Father has given every person an intellect to know that life and a will to choose it.  The intellect can know that God created the world and every person can enjoy a life with God as his Creator.  But this life is very limited, compared to the full life with God that can begin by faith, by believing all that God has revealed.  This is the deeper and surer path, the great divine invitation to live with God by faith.


During these days, we will open to you new vistas, as yet unseen.  These teachings contain an invitation to live with us, to abide in our love for you and to enjoy a life that your nature cannot know or possess.

I will speak to you very gently and in the simplest of words, yet the mysteries will be deep and profound, calling you to the life I enjoy with the Trinity through Jesus.

May 13, 2013
Obedient to God’s Mysteries


In the great mystery of God, there are contained many, many other mysteries.   As a person sees these mysteries, they realize that there is much that they do not understand about the life of man with God.  However, they are obedient, knowing that they need God’s word and his laws to guide them in this complexity.  The closer a person comes to God (like the saints) the greater is their knowledge of God’s mysteries and their greater the obedience to his every word.  The saint’s heart is held tightly in God’s hand, because the saint realizes how little they understand about their life with God.

However, if someone goes in the other direction, if they walk away from God, they do not see the greatness of the mysteries and they have no fear of breaking his laws or of rejecting his words.  They grow in a self-confidence that leads them to make foolish decisions and to reject the Father’s wisdom .  The one person lives as a child of the Father.  The other sees no need for a heavenly Father.


So much wisdom will be contained in these words.  They will be spoken clearly and easily understood, able to be grasped by all.  They will invite all to once more become children of the heavenly Father.  I will explain their significance and how they are to be received.  What a gift!  What an invitation!  I invite the whole world, through these words, to be children of the Father.

May 14, 2013
The New Fire


I come to reveal the great secrets of the Age of Mary and the will of the heavenly Father to exalt her Immaculate Heart.  The Age of Mary is not just a figure of speech but a profound reality of the Kingdom of God, an unveiling of a new moment in the history of the Father with mankind.  This moment has been deliberately delayed until this hour when mankind hurtles to self-destruction and only the Father’s hand can rescue earth.

The secret, the mystery, is that new divine fire will be cast upon the earth through her Immaculate Heart.  This fire will be more powerful, more extensive and more easily accessible than any previous divine fire.  All will be invited to receive, Catholics and others, because Satan’s destructive powers will also extend to all.  Nothing will be held back in the Father’s attempt to rescue and save mankind.


These mysteries are the deepest gifts planted in my heart by the Holy Spirit and reserved until this moment.  The fire can be received by all, but the fire will only remain in those hearts that accept its purifying action.  When that has been completed, the great graces will be released which I will explain later.  It is enough to know that the heavenly Father is ready to pour out new fire which can save everyone.

May 15, 2013
Fires Everywhere


Fires burn everywhere.  Fires of lust destroy families.  Fires of violence destroy countries.

Fires of greed destroy economies.  Fires of ambition place the wrong people into high offices.

Where will it end?  The fires burn and burn and nothing turns them back.  They consume what was once unthinkable.  The most sacred of ground, marriage itself, is threatened.  The most solid foundation, the American economy grows weaker and weaker because no one responds to these fires.  They burn and burn.  Can there not be a new fire?  A cleansing fire that falls from heaven? A fire that weakens and overcomes these destructive fires.  The fires of lust, violence, greed and ambition burn in the people’s hearts.  Cannot the heavenly fires purify their hearts?  This is their purpose and why I will send them.


These heavenly fires exist for every need of mankind.  The fires vary in powers and purposes.

There are fires for every heart, for every moment and for every situation.  My Immaculate Heart contains all these fires so needed by modern man.  I will freely and generously distribute to all who ask.  I speak so plainly so each person seeks whatever fire they need.

Remember.  These are God’s fires and they purify.

May 16, 2013
The Power of God’s Fire


All is contained in this divine fire.  Nothing is lacking.  When the fire touches the human heart a new blaze begins.  This new fire purifies.  It removes everything that is selfish and forms the person into the image of the Father.  New life, filled with rich hopes, make the person rejoice and say “I can be a child of God”.   Nothing is impossible when this fire burns brightly.  Yet, much is still lacking.  Upon receiving this fire, the person sees clearly that their love for God is limited and they serve him poorly.  Yet, no sadness fills them, only a striving to reach the moment of full divine union.  Such is the nature of this fire.


This is my fire, the fire I received from the first moment of my Immaculate Conception, the purest divine fire that has ever been given to any creature.  This is the fire that I want to pour out upon my children.  I know its powers because I have experienced all of them.  I know that this fire will continue, if only the person accepts its presence.

My children, learn of my fire.  Learn of the fire that dwells deep in my heart, the richest and purest of fires that can remake the face of the earth.  What more can be said?

The Sins of Mankind (May 17 to May 21, 2013)

May 17, 2013
Male and Female


From the beginning, the heavenly Father made them male and female.  He told them to increase and multiply and fill the earth.  Now, mankind says that being male and female are unnecessary for sexual love.  It claims that sexual attraction is licit when a male loves a male or a female loves a female.  The Father’s plan has been lost and destroyed.

“We must give them their civil rights” they say.  A male has no right to marry a male, nor a female to marry a female.   They cannot increase and multiply.  Such a union is sterile, devoid of fertility and turned in upon itself.  When a man burns for another man and a woman for a woman, it is a false love and must be rejected.  There are other paths and the heavenly Father will bless those who try to walk according to his will.  Many diverse gifts are revealed to those who strive to limit their lusts.


You who seek sexual satisfaction from someone of your own sex, I want you to come to me so I can teach you another path.  Do not be afraid of this call to chastity and service to others.

Many before you have walked this road and I have never abandoned them.  There will be lonely hours and difficult moments, but there will also be joys and freedoms.  I will break the bonds that chain you and offer you consolations that will lift your spirit.  I invite all.  No one need turn away from the fountain of chastity.

May 18, 2013
Plunging into Greater Darkness


Mankind is weighed down by his sins but he cannot see the problem because he does not believe in sin or see its effects.  So, one by one he says, “This is not a sin” and “That is not a sin”.  He takes the clear list that the heavenly Father has revealed and he removes what is inconvenient or bothersome to him.  The commandments of God end up in shreds.

He does not pass on to his children these clear laws, so they walk in an even greater darkness, unaware that a true light existed which has been put out.  Such is the state of the world – burdened with the greatest sins, twisted in its own depravity, and totally unable to free itself.  That is why I speak, trying to solve this demonic difficulty.


Mankind has become twisted as the clear light of the gospels has been gradually extinguished.

Now, mankind is plunging into the greatest darkness from which the society cannot emerge.

When the family is no longer seen as sacred, when conceived children are no longer accepted as persons, when the very nature of marriage is changed, then that society is warped, twisted, turned in upon itself and unable to reproduce the children needed to continue its existence.

There are the obvious results of the current darkness for which I hold out the light of my Immaculate Heart.

May 19, 2013
A Generation Born Into Darkness


Light streams from heaven so that earth does not lie in darkness.  However, mankind has learned how to block heaven’s light.  He extinguishes the lights one by one, until so much now lies in darkness.  When darkness begins the people at least have memories of the light and what earth was like when heaven’s lights shone forth.

As time goes on, a younger generation springs up which born into the darkness.  They have no memories of these lights because they were extinguished before they were born.  Such it is with the great moral questions of abortion and, soon, of same sex marriages.  The younger generation will be born into that darkness without any realization that different lights used to shine.


This is why we speak – to preserve the light of heaven.  I do not speak to condemn.  However, if I did not speak, the darkness would have no enemy, no voice raised against it.  Human voices are not enough.  They are easily drowned out or set aside.  Mine is a heavenly voice, which carries its own authority.  Who will dispute with me?  Who can say that I do not love mankind, when I sacrificed my only Son?  Who can accuse me of bias?  I am your mother and I say quite clearly.  “You are putting out the only lights that can save you from complete darkness.”  I will not allow this to happen.

May 20, 2013
The Moment of Great Light


A moment will come when all the nations will gather into my presence.  This will be the moment of great light and the moment of the full and final separation of light from darkness.

Some who come before me on that day will be children of darkness, caught, entrapped and still clinging to their darkness.  All I can do is to cast them out.  Darkness has no place with light, just as night has no place during the day.

How I want to avoid that moment and never have it happen.  That is why I speak.  O reader, cast out your darkness.  Do not cherish it.  Do not hold on to it.  Darkness has nothing to do with light and does not exist in my kingdom.


These words are light, inviting you out of your darkness.  I do not chastise.  I do not condemn.  But I cannot leave you in your darkness.  Oh, you know it all too well.  It has been your constant companion.  At times, you have made this darkness your friend.  You wanted him at your side.

Now, much has changed.  You judge differently.  You are calling darkness, darkness and you want to be a child of the light.  Good!  Let us begin.  Take my hand and we will choose again the light of my Son, Jesus.  There is not much time.  Certainly, no time to delay.  Casting out the darkness is not the work of one day.

May 21, 2013
The Fountains of Mercy


I have spoken clearly.  Mankind is burdened by his sins, yet he has no desire to be free.  He does not like the word “repentance”.  He clings to his sins and pays the highest price for them.  He loves his darkness and walks away from whomever would offer him the light.  He cherishes his sins and would never be separated from them.

I offer mankind the great fountains of my mercy but very few come to drink, even though no price is asked.   Instead, mankind seeks out poisonous waters for which he pays the highest price.  He sacrifices his health, his reputation, his marriage, his family.  Although sin comes with the highest price tag, the destruction of the human person, it still flourishes.


There is not enough time to describe the burdens of sin or the destruction that it brings to the human person.  I have spoken gently and clearly.  I end these words with an invitation. O reader, I know you and I know your sins.  I will act quickly and decisively.  You will be surprised at how I free you so completely.  However, I need your free will to turn away from this darkness and to seek goodness.  Just one little act of your will, one little prayer will suffice, “O Mary, sinless one, save me from my sins”.  With that prayer the fountains of mercy are released in you.

The Great Deceptions (May 22 to May 27, 2013)

May 22, 2013
An Invitation to Trust


The root of all evil is the lie, the deceptions that cover over the truth, the darknesses that destroy the light.  These deceptions are stored in the heart and when someone approaches me I uncover and remove these inner lies that had guided the person.

As the lies and deceptions are removed, the person walks in truth.  They become as a totally new creation, like mankind as it came from the Father’s hand, devoid of darkness and open to the truth.   Restoring mankind means a return to truth.


So much needs to be uncovered.  From the beginning, the Evil One planted lies in the hearts of the first parents that caused them to disobey.  The problem of mankind is the great deceptions that block the heavenly Father’s power and casts mankind into the darkness.

O reader, in these locutions, we will invite you to live in complete and absolute trust, in the great innocence of the child who is so pleasing to the Father.  Let all the lies and deceptions be disclosed.  Lies only have power when they remain hidden in the dark recesses of your heart.

May 23, 2013
Loving the Darkness


I bring the fullness of light, but people want their darkness.  They live in deceptions that begin with themselves and their own intentions, hiding their real motives and covering over their real feelings.  This prevents my light from entering.  Few there are who welcome the truth.  When there is credit to be taken, they want their full share.  Where there is blame, they flee and declare themselves innocent.

If only they looked into their own hearts, they would see the truth and correct their motives. Instead they want the darkness and are condemned to live in self-deception.  This precludes the change of heart which would bless them and others.


I lived in the fullness of God’s light, given to me from the beginning.  This light pierced the depth of my soul.  I never spoke a false word and I was always aware of the desires and motives that filled my heart.  I lived in truth and this is the gift I offer to you, O reader, a life of  personal truth, totally in God’s light.  This light will challenge you .  At times, it will rebuke you.  But, this inner light is my special gift to you.  Accept it now.

“O Mary if you give me your light, I will accept it fully”.

May 24, 2013
Lies of Mankind


Every lie begins in the heart and is not the fruit of love (for either God or for man).  Lies are given birth by an intellect that sees some selfish interest.  Once conceived, the lie slips easily from the human lips and travels to the very end of the universe.  Lies cannot enter heaven where only truth gains admission, so the lie returns to earth and is sown in the field of corruption.

Earth is now filled with lies and deceptions.  With each lie, some light of truth has been extinguished and the darkness grows.  Amid these lies, man walks in darkness.  Man deceives man until all of human life becomes the grand deception.  Such is the state of mankind.


To all my children, I teach the truth.  They love the truth and would never allow a lie to enter their heart.  Their heart is like heaven, giving admittance only to the seeds of truth.

They harvest the truth and its fruit is sweet.

The Evil One tires to sow his weeds but the soul rejects those weeds as weeds of death.  When life is finished, the harvest is all wheat that can be gathered into God’s barn.

May 25, 2013
Lies of the Individual


There are too many words.  Let your speech be “yes” or “no”, anything more is from the Evil One. (Mt.5:37)  Such is the life of man, filled with deceiving and flattering words.  These are like bribes that open doors which should remain closed, gaining favors that are not merited.  Lies cover over the truth or gain a false access.  Deceptions lie at the heart and come forth by deceiving words.  They are like clouds that cover the sun, not allowing man to live in a full light.  These are the daily deceptions which do not allow human life to follow truth.  The road gets twisted and so many get lost.


My words were few but always spoken from the heart.  O reader, what is in your heart?  What do you truly believe and think?   Say those thoughts in great charity.  Never change the truth.

Your words will be like arrows, piercing the hearts of others.  Let them be gentle words that console and encouraging words that lift up the spirit.

If you do this, I will give you greater words that can revive the spirit and animate people to know and to love Jesus.  These are the great words that spread the gospel and give faith.

Faith comes from hearing and blessed is the person who preaches the good news.

May 26, 2013
Lies of the Nation


The great deceptions happen when nations come together.  Treaties are signed that are meaningless, just delays so decisions of stealth can be implemented.

Leaders do not speak the truth to their people and people do not demand the truth from their leaders.  One compromises the other, supposedly for the benefit of both the leader and his followers.

However, as truth is postponed, the situation deteriorates.  Those who committed the lies pass off the scene, and others must deal with the twisted and scarred reality left behind.  Lies and deceptions weaken the fabric of society until the problems are unsolvable.  Lies become a constant necessity because people do not want to hear the truth.  The nation cannot be saved.

People have become addicted to the lie.  No one wants to face the truth and deal with the problems in an honest way.  Such is the state of every modern nation.


The situation is beyond any human response because all lack the will to confront the lies.

Leaders are tied up by their people and people by their leaders.  Will there ever again be an Age of Truth, when people refused to lie and those who did so were held accountable.  Now, there is the wink of the eye and all understand that the truth will never be told.  How can the world survive when all eyes are closed to the truth?

May 27, 2013
The Light of the Truth


Truth is a road, a path, a way of life.  My path was of total obedience to the Father and I walked no other road.  This led me before Pilate, where I spoke the truth.  This led me to Calvary, where I was totally obedient.  Such is my invitation to all who would follow me.  You must walk in truth.  Then, the doors that should remain closed will never open to you and you will never be trapped in your own lies and ruined by your own falsehoods.

Living in truth, you will patiently wait until the right doors open where you will find the Father’s call.


I promise you that I will reveal to you the heavenly Father’s plan for your life, but first you must be committed to the truth.  Purge from your heart any lies.  Purge the lies of the past.  See the relationships that you should never have entered.  Straighten them out, by truth.  If this leads you to leave your present situation, then follow the truth.

Accept the light of truth into your heart.  It must become the flame that guides all your decisions.  Hold this flame up high.  Do not bury it under a basket.  Put it on the lampstand.

Let it give light to the whole house.  This is new for you but I will be with you.  Together we will discover the heavenly Father’s plan for you.

The Growing Threat of Nuclear War (May 28 to June 8, 2013)

May 28, 2013
The Warnings


The heavenly Father has given to me the key of knowledge and of divine revelation so these can be poured forth upon the earth. I speak so all can know ahead of time. My words are warnings for all the earth. These words will be given slowly and cautiously, couched in the clearest words. They will carry great graces. Everyone must listen. They are my gift to my children who listen to me. They are the gift of a mother who sees what is ahead and warns her children so they are safe. Let us begin.

Sin and sinful practices have weakened the foundations of human life. Formerly, some parts of the world were strong and could help others. Just a few decades ago, the resources could extend to all. Now, the hopes are stilled. Wars rage and money is spent on arms. Terror grows and fear paralyzes many nations. These are the beginning birth pangs. More will certainly follow.

May 29, 2013
The Course of War


The nations have placed their security in weapons and that is the road that they have freely chosen. Weapons that are produced are weapons which someday will be used. What is stored up will come out of storage.

How I weep over these weapons. I know how they will be used. I know those who will be killed and those whose lives will be shattered. I know the hatred that will grow when these wounds are inflicted.

This is the course freely chosen by the nations. Even those nations that cannot afford weapons still purchase them in self-defense. A mobilization takes place. Men and women are trained to kill others. When will this come to a halt? When will the pope consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart and the waves of peace begin to wash away these weapons? I wait to be invoked.

May 30, 2013
Weapons of Mass Destruction


So great is the buildup of weapons that a new reality has been created, never before seen in the world. A small group can inflict great damage, if they are willing to lay down their lives for their beliefs.

This is the new menace. There are weapons of mass destruction and people willing to give their lives. They answer to no nation and are not limited to one country. They move where they wish and are willing to accept these great sacrifices for the cause that they believe in.

They cannot be attacked in the usual way because they work secretly. Their union is a matter of the heart, their common belief in the rise of Islam. Such is the nature of the great threat that encompasses Israel and my beloved Jerusalem, where my Son’s blood was shed.

May 31, 2013
Demonic Goals


The world has chosen the road of weapons and no human force can turn back the human race from this fatal and disastrous path. The weapons stockpile and grow in sophistication. Enormous sums purchase new and better weapons. All must run this race which ends only in oblivion, the destruction of humanity and of earthly life.

These are the demonic goals and how many helpers he has, those whom he has raised to power and whom he safeguards in their positions. I will disrupt his plans and undo many of his strategies but this is not enough. It will just mean a delay, a putting off and a pushing back. There must be my full and complete intervention. I must be invited onto the world stage by the pope. He and all the bishops must ask me to come by consecrating Russia to my Immaculate Heart. Only then will the world see my loving care to save humanity.

June 1, 2013
Nuclear Proliferation


I now come to the horror of nuclear war. I cannot hold back my words any more than I can hold back my tears. Many nations are now walking this road, storing up nuclear arms. For years, these arms have been in the hands of established countries which have much to lose if they ever unleashed them. This has been the protection for the world.

However, as these arms proliferate and fall into the hands of those who have no such motive, those whose only goal is to inflict terror and suffering, then mankind will enter a new and more dangerous stage. The protection is peeled away and the temptation to use these arms is multiplied.

I have spoken clearly of the path on which mankind has walked. I do not say “has chosen” because it is demonic forces that have plotted out this path and enticed mankind. No human power can change this. I wait and wait and wait to be invoked. Only your heavenly mother can save the world from the prospect of nuclear destruction. Petition the Holy Father to consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart.

Note: This message was given on a First Saturday. Reader, please fulfill Mary’s request of the Five First Saturdays:
1. Receive Holy Communion (on Saturday or Sunday)
2. Go to confession (8 days before or after)
3. Say the rosary
4. Pray for 15 minutes on some mystery of the Rosary
5. Offer these prayers as reparation to her Immaculate Heart

June 4, 2013
The Annihilation of Nations


No one knows the road that lies ahead. There are too many variables – the free decisions of human beings, the plans of the Evil Ones and the power he has over those dedicated to his cause. All is volatile. The weapons grow each day. The constant fires of war and terror wear away hope. The situation always grows worse. No relief in in sight and no plans exist to correct the situation.

I watch. I see. I weep. I have given my great gift of Fatima. This is the greatest and most powerful gift, containing all that is needed to unlock other gifts. My Fatima gift remains unopened. This gift was in Lucy’s heart and how heavy was that heart as she saw that her gift would be rejected.

The gift still remains, waiting to be opened. If not opened, then the forces of destruction have no enemy. They own the field of battle and their goal is the annihilation of the nations.

Who will be safe?

June 5, 2013
The Birth Pangs of Destruction


In all of the wars and insurrections, in all of the turmoil and confusion of the Middle East, you are seeing only the birth pangs. However, what will come forth is not a child of life but a demon of death. The demonic goal will have been realized. Death and destruction will be planted deeply into human history. He will claim a part of the world as his own, something that he has not been able to do since the death of my Son on Calvary.

How clear can I be? These are not just wars and insurrections. This is a turning point. The world teeters. It is being shaken to its very foundations. The Evil One wants to claim as his own the very birthplace of civilization and the very place where the Spirit of God was poured out upon the disciples. The Middle East is his prize goal and Jerusalem is his target.

June 6, 2013
Losing Hope


I do not say these words easily. They flow from my heart with much pain and great sorrow. I speak about the destruction at the end of this road that mankind has been led upon.

Each day, the fires grow greater and the pace quickens. What touched ten yesterday, touches 100 today. Walls of protection are collapsing. People grow fearful and no longer have the hope to resist. An inevitability sets in, as if the future belongs to darkness.

This cannot be. I have never surrendered. I do not believe that what my Son paid for by his blood will be handed over to the Evil One. I will gather my children into my light. Even if they are few in number, I will give them great light. New waves of hope will go forth. No matter how great is the darkness, at least their light will offer constant encouragement. Then will come the great light, the surprising light, when, finally, Russia is consecrated to my Immaculate Heart.

June 7, 2013
Happening Now


Why have I spoken so much about this topic of war and weapons? Because I am not describing future realities, what will happen at some future moment. What I describe is right before your eyes, happening in your very midst. It is the news that you hear and see each night. The fires are already burning and no human power can put them out.

Each response is met by a greater response. Only when the fires have burned away the walls of protection (as has happened in Egypt and Libya) do they quiet down.

I have constantly said, from the very beginning, that Syria is not the same as Egypt and Libya. There the fires will find constant fuel. These fires will burn and burn, destroying so many protections and attracting terrorists who see a surprising opportunity. All of that is happening before your eyes.

June 8, 2013
The Rosary


In these floods of destruction, I hold out my Immaculate Heart. This is the new ark of Noah and it openly invites all the world to enter. O reader, I am with you, close to you, saving you. You need not seek me in faraway places (although my shrines are filled with blessings).

You need only believe my words. Let me speak them again so they are written on your heart.

I am your mother. I foresee all the events that are unfolding. These events are chosen by mankind who has set aside the light and teachings of my Son, Jesus. Although mankind has chosen this path, I will offer to each person a different way. By believing and trusting in me, everyone can enter into the safety of my Immaculate Heart (the new Ark). The door is the rosary. If you say the rosary every day, you can be sure that you are safely in my heart and I will care for you.

June 8, 2013
The Volatile Middle East


I must speak. I can no longer hold this truth in the confines of my own heart. Mankind is on the path to war, to nuclear war that cannot be avoided by human means. This path will swerve, to the left (when it seems inevitable) and to the right (when it seems to be distant) but the path is still the path to nuclear war. The weapons exist. The hearts of those who would destroy mankind are set upon these weapons. The protections that now surround them are eroding every day. America is withdrawing from the Middle East. New levels of instability will be introduced. The safeguard that now exists will quickly erode. The region will become filled with the greatest disorders. All of this is Satan’s plan to arm those who have no fear to use nuclear weapons.

The Secrets of Mary’s Heart (June 9 to June 18, 2013)

June 9, 2013
I Will Reveal the Deepest Secrets


I will reveal the deepest secrets of my motherly heart, those that lie in the deep recesses.

These are my joys and my sorrows. I reveal them so that all my children can know my heart and share my secrets. In this way, our hearts will be joined together. The more they ponder these secrets, the more they will share in my joys and my sorrows and the closer our hearts will be joined.

This is my purpose. I must have the hearts of my children joined closely and firmly to my heart. I bring about this special union by a mutual sharing. I already know their joys and sorrows. Now, they will have an opportunity to know mine. How great will be the union of our hearts if they treasure this gift.

June 10, 2013
A Path Into Mary’s Heart


When I appear to visionaries around the world, I reveal to them many secrets of my heart. In this way, I bind them to myself and make them my special friends. They must be faithful to me, often in the midst of great persecution or misunderstandings. By revealing the secrets of my heart, I draw them so close to myself that they are able to be faithful to me, even in the trials that inevitably come.

I will now use this same method to draw all the world close to myself. I will reveal my deepest secrets, my hopes, joys and sorrows. If people listen attentively and take my secrets into their hearts, they will walk a straight path into my heart and there I will keep them safe.

June 11, 2013
Mary’s Emotions


In sharing my secrets, I will begin with what is clear and obvious. These secrets are on the surface of my heart. Later, I will take you into the deeper secrets, in the very recesses of my heart. I will feed you in this way so you gain a taste and great hunger. Your desires to know me will grow and our friendship will increase.

The first truth is that I have feelings and emotions. I grow joyful and I experience sorrow.

All of this will continue until the end of time, when all the saints will be complete and the place of the fallen angels will be filled. Until then, I am a mother bringing forth my children.

Just as a good earthly mother, I worry about my children. I seek earthly blessings for them, all that they need to remain on the path to heaven. Above all, I seek their eternal salvation and I am always interceding and intervening so that every soul gains eternal life. Earthly and heavenly blessings are the focus of my feelings and emotions.

June 12, 2013
God’s Will


My first secret is so obvious. I have the heart of a mother. I am bonded to my children just as their earthly mother who carried them for nine months and nursed them at her breasts. I am protective, always watching out for their good. I experience both joys and sorrows as I see the events unfold.

But, I am different from earthly mothers because I see God’s plan perfectly, what he chooses for each person. I rejoice when the person does God’s will and I sorrow when he does not. I always intervene to bring about God’s will and I lead all along that same path. This is the first secret of my heart.

June 14, 2013
Searching for Everyone


I seek out and search for everyone in the world, especially for the baptized. They bear the mark of my Son. They were baptized in the name of the Trinity and consecrated to the Most High. They are the devil’s special prize because he roams through the world seeking the ruin of souls.

Every soul is a battleground. A war is being fought between the forces of heaven and hell. I want to awaken you, O reader, to what is happening. I seek you out. I come to you. Through these words, I open your heart. You are in grave danger. You have powerful enemies who would destroy you for ever and ever. They are hidden behind every temptation and present in every evil desire within you. You cannot win the battle without my help. That is why I seek you out and come. This is a secret of my heart.

June 16, 2013
Totally Mary’s


I speak today of a great joy in my heart. Scattered throughout the world, in every nation and in every city are souls totally dedicated to me. They have given themselves to me. They trust me. They sacrifice for my cause. They know that they are in my hands. They have learned the secrets of true devotion.

On these, I pour out the divine fire in my Immaculate Heart. They receive all my blessings. I constantly thwart every attempt of the Evil One to destroy them. They are my constant and daily victories.

These souls are totally mine. They do not seek anything for themselves, even the spiritual goods of heaven. All is in my hands. They are my deepest secret, the instruments I constantly use to gain world peace. I will continue to speak about them.

June 17, 2013
The Elect Souls


I choose my elect souls and pour out upon them my choicest graces. In the beginning, the soul feels an attraction to me. When they hear about me or think of me, I touch their heart. They find the consolation and strength of having a heavenly mother. This is the beginning of true devotion.

I lead them even deeper and open to them the great mysteries. They think that everyone experiences what they are feeling. They believe that all see me as a loving mother who takes care of her children. I, alone, know the special graces I place in their hearts. As my influence over them constantly increases, I can protect them from the Evil One and prepare them for the great work that they will do for me, for the Church and for the whole world. They are the deepest secrets of my heart.

June 18, 2013
Finding Mary’s Path


God has a plan and every person has their individual place in that plan. The purpose of history is that every person fulfill God’s plan. This is both for God’s glory and for the complete fulfillment of the human person. Unfortunately, many do not reach this goal. Many do not even know their purpose in life. Many deliberately choose their own path which leads them into many unforeseen difficulties.

I am present to everyone in the world and I try to get them to see God’s path and walk in it.

I make the path easy and inviting. I offer them my love and my warmth. I remove obstacles and overcome their fears.

When I see someone begin to walk this path I rejoice. I send the angels to protect them and I pour out many blessings of encouragement. Happy the soul who has found my path and walks on it. I will bless that soul all the days of his life. This is the deepest secret of my heart.

The Fatima Secrets (June 19 to June 26, 2013)

June 19, 2013
The Timetable of Events


Now, I come to the Fatima secrets because these have not been revealed by my Church. Instead, they have been covered over and obscured. So, I must speak clearly and openly.

The events have begun that will lead to the annihilation of the nations. They have been planned by the Evil One and have been set in motion. So, the timetable is not hidden. These events are the beginning birth pangs of this destruction. They are playing out every day, not in some hidden obscure place, but in the very heart of the Middle East. They are before your very eyes and I will explain them so very carefully.

The war in Syria has lit the fuse. This burns so strongly because Russia continues to arm the regime. Both sides are being strengthened. This guarantees that the fuse will continue to burn. A fuse leads to an explosion. Syria is not the focus of the explosion. It is only the fuse that will lead to other fires. The explosion will take place elsewhere.

June 20, 2013
Reveal the Third Secret


I bring forth the secrets of Fatima, revealed so clearly to the children and inscribed indelibly into their memories. I speak today about what is called the Third Secret, revealed on July 13, 1917 and obediently recorded by Lucy for her bishop. This secret was to be published in 1960, but was kept hidden and even until today, is not fully revealed.

What right does the Church have to set aside my commands and to keep hidden those secrets that should be revealed? What right does my Church have to falsely interpret what is revealed, as if the events have already been fulfilled when really, they lie in the future? This must end.

Fatima must be placed immediately on the lampstand and the first step will be for Pope Francis to reveal the entire secret and to acknowledge that these are future events. Yes, a future pope will be killed, but that is only one part of what is still to be revealed.

June 21, 2013
Waiting for the Church


Fatima is a rich source of blessings. The site itself is made holy by my visits and by all the pilgrims who continually show their devotion. The messages have been faithfully recorded and Lucy, for many decades, was my most faithful of messengers, doing all that she could possibly do to bring these riches to the Church.

These riches are in the Church. I have deliberately deposited them there so that there is no question in the world’s mind of my love for the Church and my desire to exalt the Church. I will never remove these gifts from the hands of the Church. How patient I have been. How many years I have waited. The Church does not open my gifts. The world is deprived of the light.

The wars spread. The devastation increases. Yet, I wait and wait for the Church. That is my plan. No other way exists.

June 22, 2013
A Little Voice


I come to the heart of the issue. When I appeared to the three children (1917), I foresaw all that would occur in the 20th century. I saw the forces gathered again for war. I foresaw the great destruction reeked by the opposing armies. However, during that war many called out to me and I brought it to a conclusion.

Quickly, other forces arose and the Cold War began. This, too, I brought to an end. However, scattered throughout the world, many smaller destructive seeds were sown and now they have coalesced. They are active in every nation and, because not linked to one nation, they are difficult to turn back.

The world sees itself as helpless and on a road of destruction. This is true. I must say the time is short and the road ahead is beyond human imagination. So, I have raised up this tiny voice, still hidden, which proclaims my words. Listen carefully, for I will use this voice time and again.

June 23, 2013
Only the Pope


The mountains of destruction now surround the world and they grow higher each day. Where lies the path to peace? That is the real secret of Fatima. The more the darkness grows and the more that the solutions of man fail, the greater must the light of Fatima become.

Who will find this path? Who can lead the world on this path? Only my pope. The world does not even know Fatima or that such a path exists. Only my Church realizes, through the great revelations, that I have foreseen this era of great darkness. Almost a century ago, I saw clearly the darkness that would envelope the world at this time. I acted. I revealed. I spoke.

I gave messages. If this light were accepted I would give greater light.

Only my pope can lead the whole Church on the path of Fatima. Other voices are raised on behalf of Fatima. These are very clear voices, but they are only partial lights, little lights keeping alive the message. Only the pope can lead the Church on the path of light through these mountains of darkness and destruction.

June 24, 2013
The Light of Fatima


I must speak of the power of the light of Fatima. Right now, the forces of darkness seem to be powerful, but their power is a lie. They seem to be well-built and united (a growing union of which I have spoken already) but this is not true. Their building is not based on God’ word and any such building will collapse when the floods come. Also, their union is not a oneness of love but of hatred and only love is the bond of peace.

They have great power because of darkness. The minds of people are clouded. The leaders of Russia and Iran could easily be toppled if people enjoyed the light.

I know the weaknesses of their structures and of their oneness. I know how to remove darkness and lead people to light. This is the power of the light of Fatima and a promise of the great changes that can take place if Fatima is placed on the lampstand.

June 25, 2013
The Sun of Fatima


All the darkness converges, like clouds gathering in the heavens. Who cannot see what is before your very eyes? “The rains are coming” people will say and all will agree. All can read these signs. Then, why not read clearly the events happening before your eyes?

Can suddenly the sun appear and scatter the clouds? Can all the signs be wrong and no rain fall? Did not the sun dance at Fatima? Am I not the woman clothed with the sun? These are the secrets I have tried so hard to reveal. Yet, few listen and few believe.

Come, join my army. Promote my Fatima messages. Use your rosaries daily. It is not too late.

The sun of Fatima is rising not setting.

June 26, 2013
The Future Blessings


No one can know what the history of the 20th century would have been, if the Church had fully accepted my Fatima gift. So, no one can imagine what will happen when the Church places full faith in Fatima.

First the Church must have full faith. Before consecrating Russia to my Immaculate Heart, the Church must proclaim to all the world what she intends to do. She must boldly announce that enormous changes will occur which anyone can see. There will be the toppling of dictators without a single shot being fired. Leaders of governments will be drawn out of darkness into a new light of truth and justice. Blessings will flow into family life. Young people will be attracted to goodness and those who now control the mass media that discredits morality will themselves be discredited and set aside. These are all the blessings that are waiting to be released.

Our Lady of Fatima (June 27 to July 8, 2013)

June 27, 2013
Explaining Fatima


Everything is at stake. Everything is on the table. Even though the fires burn in the Middle East, all the world will be drawn in. If a body is wounded, the whole person suffers. The Evil One wants to pierce the body and bring about a mortal wound that will not heal. This is a wound of untold suffering and tragic human loss.

I do not want this moment to ever happen. I am acting everywhere. I am appearing to some, speaking to others, encouraging and leading. I am opening up my heart and welcoming everyone.

These are the actions that I will begin to explain. You, reader, are the object of my actions and I want you to understand all that I am doing.

June 28, 2013
The New Garden


God created a garden of life which was meant to bring mankind every blessing. By human choice, it became a garden of death and disobedience. For man’s own good, he had to leave the garden.

At the same time, God promised another garden, a woman who would bring forth a son.

I am the new garden. However, all must find their way into my garden where there is life and obedience. This is the great mystery which is being revealed to the whole world.

Some already know this truth and in me they find life. However, many do not know me and many who do know me are unaware of this garden. In the future, I will manifest my presence, not just to Catholics but to all of good will, and I will invite all into my garden of new life.

June 29, 2013
Total Light in the Devout Souls


I have so much to say about the Fatima gift that has never been revealed or explained. Placing my light on the lampstand is just the beginning because everyone in the world, to some degree, is in darkness. Even the most devout souls have aspects of their personality and of their holiness that are touched with darkness.

To these I will offer a fullness of light. The final darkness will be thrown off. This will happen by a gift of joy. I will so fill them with my presence and their hearts will so rejoice that whatever darkness still lurks in the recesses of their hearts will be burned away by the greatest of joys. They will drink of a happiness that they could not imagine and they, too, will write of my wonders so all will know of this new age.

When the age of Fatima dawns, should it not begin with those who have been so faithful to me?

June 30, 2013
The Presence of God


In the original Garden, there was a presence of God, a familiarity between God and man, and a loving relationship. Today, in the midst of their sufferings, people ask “Where is God”.

People experience an absence of God because he seems so far away as if he is not interested in creation.

The Fatima gift contains this presence of God. People will sense that God is with them. They will see that he truly is a loving Father. The goal of Fatima is to restore what was present in the beginning, so all mankind, by experiencing a presence of God, is free to respond.

Now, just a handful have this experience of God’s presence which helps them to be faithful. In the new era, the age of Fatima, this gift will be offered to all. All will be invited into the new garden.

July 1, 2013
Preparing for the Consecration


Even the Church does not understand. I must explain even more deeply the gift of placing Fatima on the lampstand. This, of course, is a decision of the Holy Father but all the bishops and, all the Church with them, must be involved. All must know of this moment and all must prepare in the greatest of faith. Doubts and fears must be cast out. This moment will have great results.

A special day must be chosen and all will agree that this is the perfect choice. Of course, Satan will stir up the forces of nature all across the world. However, this will be a sign.

The physical light of the sun casts out the darkness and the seas will be stilled.

Then, will come the great moment. All the Church will have been praying fasting and expecting.

When the words of consecration are said, the gift will be sealed forever, totally protected because the whole Church has fully participated. How I look forward to that day.

July 2, 2013
The Unperceived Darkness


Darkness covers the whole earth. This darkness is not perceived because it lies in the heart of every person. This unperceived darkness also exists in the structures of human society. It governs the relationship between nations and the relationships between people, especially in the most important place of all, the family.

From this darkness comes every human problem and the inability to finding lasting solutions.

From this darkness comes the multiplication and the complication of these problems. Every problem of mankind flows from this darkness which has now led man on this road of destruction.

No human power can free him. Every human attempt only shares in this human darkness. A new light is needed, a light that has nothing in common with the darkness. When will the pure light of Fatima be released so the darkness can be overcome?

Blessed are those who work for this goal. Woe to those who speak against it.

July 3, 2013
The Heavenly Rain


Fatima is like heavenly rain that will dampen the whole world, extinguishing the fires that now blaze out of control. These are the great fires of anger and hatred that exist between people and cultures, the fires of greed and dishonesty in the hearts of leaders, the fires of passions and deceit in the hearts of individuals. All of these fires will begin to face a new enemy in the heavenly rains of Fatima.

Man cannot put out these fires. He does not even understand them. He is totally helpless in the face of the demonic destruction. However, Satan knows that his fires, no matter how powerful and widespread, are no match for the heavenly rain. That is why he fears so greatly the unleashing of the Fatima gift.

July 4, 2013
The Waves of Fatima


I will continue to speak of the hidden powers of the Fatima gift.

Mankind has suffered from the waves of iniquity which have continually washed upon its shores.

The first wave prepares for the second, which is always more powerful and more extensive. When one wave ceases, the other comes, extending the evil. Is not the shore helpless against the waves? Can the shore say to the ocean, “Send me no more”? Even if some resist the evil, yet another wave, and another, quickly follows, eroding every barrier. Such is the current state of mankind.

I promise you a new ocean, the ocean of Fatima blessings, which will constantly beat upon the shore, removing evil and giving hope, turning back the terrible gains of inequity and restoring religious life. I promise that these waves will not stop. Human efforts to block them will fail. I will gather a people purified in my ocean.

July 5, 2013
The Good Samaritan


Mankind is helpless and wounded. Like the man who fell in among robbers, he lays by the wayside and so many pass him by, until someone stops and bows down to see his plight. At Fatima, I have come down because I saw the state of mankind. Now, the wounds have multiplied and the helplessness spreads everywhere, like a growing infection.

Fatima is my pledge and my promise. I will continually come down. I will come down everywhere, especially when I am asked. I will come down to nations, to families and to all who are in need. I will come down in public manifestations and quietly within people’s hearts. The whole world will experience my care. Whatever the cost, I am ready to pay the innkeeper.

July 6, 2013
Mary’s Requests


What do I ask of you so that these Fatima blessings are received? First, you must believe in me and in all that I have promised. My name must be on your lips and in your heart. You must trust and be filled with confidence that my gifts are all you need for your eternal salvation and your earthly happiness.

Second, you must love one another and forgive what happens each day. You must be concerned that everyone knows and loves me. No one must be left behind.

Finally, you must keep God’s law. At this point, many falter because they fear. I will help you. I ask only a willing heart that tries each day to fulfill God’s will. Fulfill these three requests and the ocean of Fatima will fill your life.

July 8, 2013
To Church Leaders


I raise my voice strongly to Church leaders – bishops, priests, deacons, religious, laity in key positions. You must join me. You cannot sit on the sidelines. Your voices also must be raised. Where your heart is, there also should be your voice.

You must encourage the Holy Father. Let him know that you support him and want him to consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart. When he sees your overwhelming support, he will move much more quickly. He, too, will see the urgency and the fruitfulness. He will see that consecrating Russia will unite the Church, not divide it.

This, however, is not enough. Is there not a part of the Church, no matter how small, in which you hold some role of authority? Consecrate that part to my Immaculate Heart. Get your people to make their consecration. I will see their holy desires and I will come. I will make my presence known by signs and my power known by miracles. These graces I pour out upon all who openly profess their devotion to me.

The Gifts in Mary’s Heart (July 9 to July 19, 2013)

July 9, 2013
Advertising the Gifts


I must once again go deep into my heart and bring forth the gifts. They lie there, waiting for you to seek them and open them. I must be like an advertiser who wants you to know all the benefits you will gain from his products so you are attracted and convinced. I will do the same.

Often I say, “Come into my heart and discover all the gifts that I have for you”. I must do more. I must describe each gift, show how easily you can gain it and all the blessings you will experience.

My heart holds gifts for everyone in the world. In my heart, all find the gifts meant for them. No one goes away disappointed. All the gifts are free, already paid for by the death of my Son, Jesus. Let us begin.

July 10, 2013
Lifting Anxiety and Burdens


First, I speak about peace because there is no peace in the world or peace in the human heart.

O reader, your heart is filled with anxieties of every kind. You do all you can to free yourself but you only get more entangled. When you enter my Immaculate Heart, you must always leave your anxieties there. You must give me your burdens. I want them. For you, they are heavy weights. For me, they are like the tiniest feathers which I easily lift up. For you, they are great difficulties. For me, they are great joys, the joy of a mother who frees her children.

When you enter my heart, be sure to bring all your burdens. As you mention them, you will recall others and you will see all the harm they are doing to you. That is only the first step. You must leave your burdens with me. They are your gifts to me.

When your prayer is over and you leave my heart to return to your tasks, I will be disappointed if you take any of these anxieties with you. If you do, then return again and again to my heart until they are all left behind. My peace will flood you and you will give me thanks.

July 11, 2013
A Mother’s Voice


In my heart, O reader, you can hear the voice of divine knowledge. I always said “yes” to God’s will and with each yes, greater divine light was given to me. I understood all the aspects of God’s plan. I easily distinguished light from darkness and true light from false lights. As you enter my heart, you will hear my voice, a mother’s voice that will save you.

In the world, and even in your own heart, you hear false and destructive voices which lead you into darkness. You have listened for so long to these voices, that your whole life has become clouded in darkness. You ask, “Where is the light? Where have I gone wrong? How can I gain again what I had?” In my heart you will hear my voice. Enter my heart. Hear my voice. Do this always, every day and every hour. I will lead you back to the light and you will tell others.

July 12, 2013
The Burning Divine Fire


In my heart, you will find a burning divine fire that will melt you. O reader, your own heart is wounded and isolated, sometimes even broken by the burdens and strife. You seek relief in so many ways, some of them sinful. All of these unresolved conflicts multiply. They remain within you and become infected.

Where is your relief? I reveal this burning fire and invite you to enter. Do not be afraid. It is a fire containing every blessing. Each time you come, the fire will purify you, free you, cast out your burdens, remove the anger and give you light.

In strife and contentions, you often ask, “How do I respond?” Enter the divine fire and you will make the perfect response. Oh, how many gifts in my heart and how few know about them!

July 13, 2013
The Three Gifts of Light


My heart is filled with every light. Whoever enters is immediately touched by that light.

First, they see how many times they have acted in darkness. They understand the foolishness of their decisions. They have been like Esau.

They have sold their baptismal inheritance for a bowl of soup. They repent of their sins and seek pardon.

As they enter more deeply, my light penetrates their being. They see their selfishness in relationships and their poor choices. They have fished all night in the darkness and have caught nothing of value. My light reveals what to do so their lives have true value.

Now, I come to the greatest gift. In my light, they will see my Son, Jesus, and the great love he has for them. They will come to know him and the power of his resurrection. Anyone who abides in my light will become a new person, putting away the deeds and feelings of darkness.

July 14, 2013
The Gift of Truth


As you enter my heart you will encounter the Holy Spirit of truth. This light should fill your soul and all your thoughts and decisions. Truth is a mantle with which I cover and protect my special ones. They live only in the truth of God’s word and commandments.

They do not call evil good, nor do they pretend that they can do whatever they wish. They know that God is truth and that his laws are sacred. They listen to the Church, as an authentic voice of truth, guided infallibly by the Holy Spirit. They rejoice in the truth and want to know all that is revealed by God.

They do not avoid the light of truth nor put it under a bushel basket. They do not live in the darkness nor in the evil that grows in darkness. They hate lies because Satan is the Father of lies. When the light comes, they abide in it, grateful for its blessings and wanting no other gift. They are my true and faithful children whom I will never, never let go.

July 15, 2013
The Emptiness of the Tomb


Finally, I come to the greatest gift in my heart, pure love for God and for others. This love is a divine fire that the heavenly Father placed in my heart at the first moment of my conception. As I accepted this fire with a total “yes”, it continually descended from the bosom of the Trinity.

Then, the Holy Spirit overshadowed me and the Word became flesh within. For nine months, the Word fed this divine fire. When I gave birth, I saw the face of Jesus for the first time. All of my motherly affections were touched by this divine fire.

As I watched Jesus grow, this fire grew also. When I sacrificed him upon the cross, only the divine fire could fill my emptiness. The full emptiness came with his burial, as the stone was rolled in front of the tomb. No one on earth nor even the angels in heaven could understand that darkness. Only the divine fire sustained me. This is the beginning teaching on this heavenly fire.

July 16, 2013
The Fire of Love


On Saturday, I was in the deepest darkness. Only by faith could I cling to my God, who was preparing me to be the repository of the divine fire of love.

As soon as my Son rose from the dead, I knew that the whole world had changed. The cosmos was purified. The powers of darkness received a mortal wound and the divine life of grace was now available to all. Such is the great mystery that I held in my heart and which I now reveal.

All the divine love, needed by every person in the world was placed in my heart. Why was I given the power of the resurrection? Why did my heart receive the divine fire? Because Satan could never destroy that fire but he could cover it over by his darkness. That is what he has done. Modern man walks in Satanic darkness because he cannot find the fire of the resurrection.

Only when my Immaculate Heart is exalted according to the Father’s divine plan will Satan’s cover be removed and all the world will see clearly to enter this fire of love.

July 17, 2013
The Resurrection Glory


When Jesus appeared to me it was not just for a short time as he did to the disciples. He remained with me with his permanent risen presence. I was continually taken up in the resurrection glory. Later, when he ascended to heaven, my spirit joined him in the glory of the Trinity. All that was lacking was my bodily assumption which would happen in a few years.

In the meantime, I would be with the disciples, explaining to them the full power and glory of the resurrection. This is my task to the present day, the one that absorbs me in the great time of darkness. Satan is trying to obscure, to cover over, to hide the glory of Jesus’ resurrection. He does not want my Immaculate Heart to be exalted because Jesus has prepared my heart for this very moment of human history. Oh, when will this happen? When will Russia be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart? Until that moment, the darkness will increase.

July 18, 2013
The Mystery Revealed


Just as God revealed to St. Paul the mystery that the Gentiles were co-heirs with the Jews to the riches of Christ, so I now reveal this great mystery that the full power and glory of Jesus’ resurrection can be found in my Immaculate Heart.

Why has this mystery been kept hidden? Why is it now being revealed? In the Ages of Faith, all accepted Jesus. The power and glory of his resurrection was seen by all. Now, Satan has been covering over these lights. The world lives in a new darkness, never present since the gospel was preached to the whole world.

The heavenly Father decreed this mystery from the beginning, when he promised that a woman would bring forth a Son (Gen.3:15). Now he has now decided to reveal this to the whole world.

I am using these little locutions (themselves so hidden) to explain this mystery.

O reader, you need not wait. To you, the mystery is revealed. You believe. I invite you to enter my heart and find there the glory of Jesus’ resurrection.

July 19, 2013
Decades of Darkness


I have poured out the desires of my heart but I have not been able to pour forth the divine fire that abides in my heart. How I suffer from these flames that should have already been released upon the world. How much different the human history of the 20th century would have been if only my requests at Fatima had been heeded.

I made so many promises but few believed me or fulfilled what I asked. Now, I plead again, through these little locutions, so hidden yet so clear. These words reveal my longings.

For all these decades, I have watched the human race become entangled in darkness, violence, wars, addictions and sufferings. Even worse, I have seen millions of souls lost forever in the eternal flames of hell. This is the vision I gave to the three children.

Now I make this final plea. Yes, it is final. The time is so very short. The catastrophes are at hand, yet still able to be avoided. That is why I plead with such urgency. Holy Father, consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart so the great mystery can be released. O reader, you must enter immediately. So little time is left.

Explaining Supernatural Mysteries (July 20 to July 31, 2013)

July 20, 2013
The World-wide Suffering


I turn now to all the suffering in the world.  Has not the heavenly Father provided all the resources needed for human life?  Then, why are so many starving and living in such ungodly circumstances?  This is because the human heart has constructed twisted economic systems, because world leaders protect their own political interests, offering solutions that have never answered the real problems.

This is the suffering of a mother’s heart, the daily, constant, seemingly impossible burden of a human race immersed in suffering because the blessings intended by the heavenly Father never reach them.

New river must flow, the heavenly waters of divine help stored in my Immaculate Heart.  The whole world will change when my Immaculate Heart is exalted upon the lampstand.

July 21, 2013
The Powerful River and Waterfall


I see a river, a mighty river.  At the end of this mighty river is a waterfall, after which there is no hope of survival.  I see the human race, hurrying along to its goals, fully intent on what the human heart cherishes for itself.

I see Satan using every possible deception, knowing that he can lead all mankind to the waterfall.  How well he has succeeded, always hiding from mankind his plans for the world’s destruction.

This is the sorrow of my heart which cannot be assuaged.  So many do not know how to be saved from this destruction.  What can I do?  Will it not demand an extraordinary intervention?

Even though some will not be saved, I must do all I can.

O reader, listen to my words.  Your mother is trying to save you.  The time is short.  The river that pulls you is powerful.  Do not waste a minute.  Listen to my call within your heart right now.

July 22, 2013
The Road of Deception


Mankind’s heart can be deceived because he does not glorify God.  He chooses other gods, false gods that he creates.  As the decades and the centuries go on, he completely loses his way and totally forgets that he was created to glorify God.  Glorifying God would protect his heart and he would not be led astray.

After all these centuries of having the true God replaced by the god of reason, mankind is totally lost, entrapped on a road of total deception.  He is the easy victim of the Evil One, and he will fall more and more prey to his deceptions.

What is the answer?  The Spirit of Jesus must be poured forth.  This Spirit must cover the whole world, offering to every human being the true light.  The whole world must be invited again, by a unique outpouring of the Spirit, to glorify God and to leave behind this road of deceptions.

July 23, 2013
The Demonic Fires


Because the demonic fire pours out everywhere, I want everyone to recognize it.  Where the demonic fire exists, suffering is inflicted by man against man.  The demonic fire exists where there are wars, violence and uprisings; when the peace of a social order is suddenly in shreds; when weapons are multiplied and arms sales increase; when money is spent that really does not exist; when countries, rich and poor, amass gigantic debts; when the rights of people are trampled upon; when people must live in squalor; when drugs are bought and sold; when corruption fills public life; when lies are told to cover up the truth; when lust controls people’s hearts and when the Church’s teachings are set aside.

The list is really too short, not at all describing the full effects of the demonic fire. Truly, the demonic fires pour forth everywhere.  Yet, the fires in my heart are still not released.  No wonder mankind rushes headlong into these destructive fires. No antidote is present.  When will the day come when all the world will know and love the fires in my heart?

July 24, 2013
Explaining Jesus’ Defeat of Satan


I want to explain the great mysteries of suffering and death.  The heavenly Father so loved the first human persons  he created that he gave them special gifts, called preternatural.  By these powers, they could not suffer or die.

Satan’s Envy

Satan was filled with jealousy and rage because lowly human persons enjoyed these special divine protections.  He conceived his plan to bring those first persons away from their very special condition and to bring them into his seduction, filled with sufferings.

As these human persons, deceived by Satan’s lies, followed his promptings, they, too, were plunged into his sufferings.  These preternatural gifts were lost.  This is now the permanent state of the human race.  Every person born into the world is subjected to Satan’s sufferings and to death.  I will speak now of my own Son’s sufferings and death.

Jesus’ Sufferings

During his lifetime, Jesus frequently destroyed human sufferings by his healing actions.  For some people, he even reversed the power of death.  However, all of these were just partial victories.  Satan’s kingdom was still safe in the center of his stronghold.

Jesus’ final and complete victory began in the Garden of Gethsemane.  There, he asked his heavenly Father if it were possible to avoid the Way of the Cross.  The Father explained that Jesus had to reach the very stronghold of Satan.  Every king, (even Satan) protects his stronghold with guards and gates.  As Jesus accepted this task from the Father, namely to invade Satan’s central stronghold and engage him in combat, his suffering began.  The soldiers, led by Judas, came to arrest him.

Getting to the Stronghold

The scourging, the crowning of thorns, the various trials before the Sanhedrin and Pilate, and even the way of the cross were just the preliminary obstacles that Jesus had to go through to reach the central stronghold.

Only as he was lifted up on the cross, did the mortal combat begin.  I was there, not merely as a witness, but to engage in the battle with Jesus.   That is why I am the co-redemptrix of the human race.

How great was that battle – back and forth.  One part would be conquered and then a greater Satanic response would be released.  Jesus’ sufferings continued to escalate as he entered deeper and deeper into the Satanic stronghold.  By his fidelity and my cooperation, we finally reached the center of Satan’s kingdom.

Standing Before Satan’s Throne

We were together, our hearts locked together by the greatest human and divine love that has ever existed.  Satan did not just confront his Creator but a creature, whom he so much despised.

He was surprised that we had penetrated into his great secrecy.  He saw his own folly in stirring up the Jewish leaders and in leading Pilate to condemn Jesus.  He, by his foolishness, had allowed us to arrive for this mortal combat.

Satan’s Futile Attempt

Totally dedicated to evil, he again used his great deceptions.  He even repeated the temptations in the desert, offering Jesus once more all the kingdoms of the earth.  Over these temptations, Jesus had already won his victories.  He offered to lessen my sufferings and to make my way easy and light, but I rejected his false offers.  I would always be the suffering Mother to bring forth my children.

His Final Tactic

Then came the final moment, the ultimate struggle, evidenced by Jesus’ words, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”  In his cleverness, he covered over the light that Jesus had always enjoyed.  From the first moment of his conception, Jesus knew that he was the Beloved Son of God.  Frequently, as at his Baptism and Transfiguration, the Father had assured Jesus of these special prerogatives.  Even in the garden, Jesus knew that he was the Beloved Son.

Now, that light was covered over.  The Father did not hide himself but Satan, by his great intellect, saw how to cover over the Father’s face.

The Victory of Mutual Love

This was darkness, for both Jesus and myself.  We had only each other.  The darkness was complete and total.  Our love for each other was the only light that we enjoyed and we remained embraced in our mutual love until the end.  At the end, there seemed to be no faith, nor even hope.  Especially, there seemed to be not even love for the Father.  All that we knew is that we loved one another.  Together, we redeemed the human race.  Jesus and I destroyed Satan in the very heart of his stronghold.  His kingdom was divided and would not stand.


Today, he still roams the earth looking for those whom he would devour.  However, he knows that his days are numbered and that, at the end of time, he will be cast forever into hell, never to have access to the saints.  His kingdom is condemned forever.

I needed to teach this all at once.  There is much more to say.

July 25, 2013
Avoiding Chastisements


There is a question.  “If Jesus and I won the mortal combat on Calvary and destroyed the stronghold of Satan so that his kingdom is divided and he will be cast into hall forever, then why did this not happen immediately?  Why does he still roam about the world seeking the ruin of souls?”

Remember the owner of the field who planted good seed but the devil planted weeds.  When both came up, his servants wanted to remove the weeds.  However, the wise owner said, “Let both grow together, lest in pulling out the weeds, you might destroy the wheat.  At harvest time, we will separate the weeds and the wheat”.

Human life is meant to be a time of separation from Satan through the vows taken at Baptism.

The people are asked, “Do you renounce Satan, and all his attractions, and all his works?”

After everyone answers “yes”, the kingdom of God claims the person by Baptism.  Yet, how many live out these vows?  Instead of renouncing Satan, they seek him out.  They cling to him by their daily choices.  Instead of separating themselves and entering fully into the kingdom, they are caught up in the world’s darkness and they walk his paths.

For the heavenly Father to suddenly and forcibly attempt to remove Satan’s hold upon the human race would cause what is called a “chastisement”.  That is what I am trying to avoid chastisements by these messages.

July 26, 2013
Why Chastisements are Possible


Satan’s hand is everywhere. He corrupts the human heart. He darkens man’s intellect. He leads astray, incites violence, provides weapons, places the most clever lies on people’s lips. He incites to anger, attracts to lust and to the sordid gains of greed. He enters every aspect of human life, gains a foothold and never leaves.

Man, having no idea of his foe and no concept that he is entrapped by a superior intellect, rejects God’s help, sets aside God’s law and turns away from God’s path.

However, the heavenly Father will not let go if his creation. He made that decision centuries ago when he made a covenant with Noah, and later, with Abraham. The Father has two ways to reclaim his creation, the road of faith or the road of chastisements. I constantly visit my children and give these messages so that the human race is converted, chooses the road of faith and avoids the road of divine chastisements.

July 27, 2013
Holding Us Close


When the weather is clear, a mother allows her little children to wander and be free. When the clouds gather, she draws them closer. When the great storms lash the house, she holds them close to herself.

From all these messages and from all the world’s events, everyone should see that the clouds are gathering and the great storms are on the horizon. So, I begin to gather my children. I cannot allow them to wander, even though I would want them to be free.

This gift of drawing them to myself has already begun. With all of apparitions and messages, I am releasing a powerful force that attracts everyone to my side. This is your only safety in the great storms that lie ahead.

Interpret events correctly. When you suffer disappointment, when doors close to you and opportunities are denied, even when friendships are broken or good times that you enjoyed happen no more, see these as moments when your freedom is limited so I can draw you closer to myself.

July 28, 2013
Changing the World Into A Middle East


I see the clouds gathering on the horizon. I know their strength and the extent of their powers. They are fierce and want to spread their darkness of destruction everywhere. So, I am trying to gather all my children, drawing them closer to myself more than ever before.

Some parts of the world have already experienced these storms of violence. Human life is disrupted. Many are killed and wounded. Society is ripped apart. Many lose faith. Others cling to their beliefs but are isolated, unable to gather any more in their churches.

Look at the Middle East! That is the picture of life when the storm clouds release their rain of destruction. You say, ‘It cannot happen here”. Does not Satan have his eye on you? Is he not plotting, even now, how to change the whole world into a Middle East? Only one wall will protect you, the wall of my Immaculate Heart. How I want the whole world to seek its protection!

July 29, 2013
Knocking On Every Door


No one will turn me away from my task. Because I see the storm clouds gathering, I will search even more for all my children. I will appear to visionaries and give locutions. I will go to every heart. I will knock on every door. When you see this multiplication of my appearances and of my messages, do not discount them. They are a sign to you.

I will bring about a new wind of the Holy Spirit. He will breathe afresh on mankind. He will pour out his divine fire. He is my spouse, always accompanying me and blessing my efforts.

Not much time remains. When I visit you, do not delay. When I call you, do not put off my invitation. You do not see what lies ahead and you need desperately what I offer.

July 30, 2013
The Hidden Doors


My words flow easily because I see the situation so clearly. My children are being surrounded on all sides, so that they cannot escape the evil that awaits the human race.

However, I see doors that can help every one of my children. These doors are hidden and not easy to find. However, if they develop a close friendship with me, I will lead them in the great times of distress that lie ahead.

The time is so urgent. Increase your friendship with me. Say the rosary, the chain that links you to me. Never allow that chain to be broken. Always strengthen it and in the times of chastisements, you will not be lost. Your heavenly mother speaks so clearly.

July 31, 2013
Do Not Wait


God does not condemn anyone who turns to him in sincerity of heart. I repeat, no one is turned away. All are welcome. The only condition is to turn away from sin and accept the Holy Spirit of Jesus. Many do not hear that message. Others hear, but do not listen. Only a few listen, repent and come to me.

Although my voice goes forth in so many ways, people do not see the seriousness of these messages. I must do more. I must add signs that awaken people from their sleep of death and I must add wonders that breathe hope into their hearts. Then, many will come and be saved from the future destruction that Satan has planned. Do not wait. When the destruction begin, it will be too late.

The Heavenly Realm (August 1 to August 9, 2013)

August 1, 2013
Jesus’ Kingdom


I see Satan’s kingdom with all of its evil plans and powers of destruction. However, I also see the beautiful kingdom that Jesus preached. Through Jesus, this kingdom has come upon the earth. However each person must believe in Jesus and be baptized, so the kingdom can come in its fullness. This is what I will describe in these coming days. Let us begin.

Originally, the kingdom of God was firmly established and mankind enjoyed a close friendship with God that no one on earth can even imagine. However mankind freely chose to turn away from God. (Such was the powerful deceit of the Evil One.) However, God had the final word promising that Jesus would be sent. Speaking to Satan, God said, “I will put an enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers.” (Gen.3:15)

I will be describing this heavenly realm which Jesus has brought to earth.

August 2, 2013
Clothed With Divine Life


So much to pour out of my heart! I rejoice to speak out. The kingdom of Jesus begins by clothing the soul in divine grace, the life of the Trinity. The soul is snatched away from Satan’s grasp, transferred from the kingdom of darkness and into Jesus’ kingdom of light.

The soul becomes a new creation, filled with supernatural powers. The soul becomes a child of God and an heir with Jesus, its brother. Such is the glory and dignity conferred as the soul is clothed with divine grace. This begins my explanation of heavenly life, a gift which Jesus restored to the human race.

August 3, 2013
Life Within Jesus


This divine life is the same life that I received at the moment of my Immaculate Conception.

The person becomes a child of the Trinity and enjoys the life of the Father, Son and Spirit.

This life flowed within Jesus and is given to all who believe in him and are baptized.

I see everyone in the world. Some have this divine life and others do not. I sorrow over every human suffering, large or small, but I sorrow the most over those who do not have this divine life.

Jesus always told people to seek true life and to be rich in heavenly things. He was speaking about this divine life that I will explain each day.

August 4, 2013
A Community Filled With Divine Life


Reader, I must first explain the state of the human race and how you can gain the divine life.

The heavenly Father so loved these newly created human persons that he clothed them in divine life and they enjoyed a friendship with him. However, they were deceived by the Prince of Darkness and made the horrible mistake of disobeying God and forfeiting this divine life. They and all their children were led into the darkness where mankind still abides. This is the first truth. Mankind is born into darkness.

However, the Father sent Jesus, the light of the world, to save mankind from this death and darkness. By my Immaculate Conception, I was the first to be rescued. As Jesus preached and gathered disciples, others came into the light. The divine gift was sealed by Jesus appearing after his death and resurrection to those whom he had chosen beforehand. When these disciples received the Holy Spirit, Jesus’ community, filled with divine life, was ready to share that life with the whole world. This was the beginning gift of the Father.

August 5, 2013
Believe, Repent and Be Baptized


This little community filled with divine life and knew exactly what to do. Jesus had instructed them to preach to the whole world and to make disciples of the nations. These disciples told the whole world about Jesus’ death and resurrection and of his promise of eternal life to all who believe in his power and his name. They invited all who believed their preaching to be baptized.

In this way, divine life went out from this little community to the whole world, just as it does today. I am the world’s preacher and I invite you, if you have not been baptized, to believe in Jesus, to repent of your sins, and to be baptized in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. In this way, the divine life of Jesus will make you a new creation.

August 6, 2013
A Child of God


When the Holy Spirit of Jesus enters by Baptism, the soul becomes a new creation and a child of God. They are filled with divine powers and many potentialities that are released by the other sacraments. All is contained in the baptismal gift, even their specific call to serve the Church and the world. So much to explain in the coming days! Where will I begin?

I will start with the soul becoming a child of God. Jesus alone enjoys this power to make you a child of God. John writes “But to those who did accept him, he gave power to become children of God to those who believe in his name” (1:12). The human family was divided, cast into darkness and burdened with sin. Jesus formed a new family and Baptism is the birth into this family. All the angels and saints are also members of this family. They help the soul to reach heaven.

However, every child of God must freely choose to remain in the Father’s house. Everyone is free, like the Prodigal Son, to take their inheritance and to leave. My heart sorrows because so many have made that choice. How I want them to repent and to say, “I will return to my Father’s house”. I search for these souls. I even allow them to experience hardships so they understand the blessings they used to enjoy.

So much to explain. The gifts of the heavenly realm are infinite.

August 7, 2013
The Seed of Faith


Just as the newly born infant has many powers that will increase as he grows up, so this divine life contains powers that are meant to grow. These powers are like seeds planted in the soul. Unfortunately, the ground might not receive this seed fully and there is no harvest. I will explain what happens when the divine life is fully welcomed. I will begin with the power of faith.

Faith opens the door to the heavenly realm and the soul experiences a new life. When a child becomes an adolescent, they experience a new world of human relationships. By faith, the soul sees the great possibilities of a life with the Father. It realizes the great love of Jesus who gained these heavenly riches by his death. The soul sees that I am its heavenly mother.

All is new. Another world and new possibilities come into sight. Suddenly, the soul begins to hope.

August 8, 2013
Heaven Can Be Mine


As faith opens the heavenly doors the soul begins to realize, “All of this can be mine. I can live forever. I can be perfectly happy.” Joy fills them and they are ready to sell all they have to gain Jesus’ kingdom.

Contained in this hope is a purpose that will never disappoint them and a goal which they know is not an illusion because it is based upon the promises of God himself. Filled with faith and surrounded by divine hope, they realize that the Father is inviting them to make a decision.

By faith, the door is open. By hope, the person sees the Father’s heavenly gifts. However, only by love can the soul embrace the kingdom. This is the divine question. Will they love God above all things and open their lives to his intrusions?

August 9, 2013
Being United By Love


Faith and hope are divine powers that lift the soul, like a rocket, far into the mysteries of the heavenly realm. The soul arrives into the presence of God and is overwhelmed by these inner powers that constantly push the soul deeper and deeper into God’s life.

Suddenly, another power emerges that was hidden until now. The soul experiences an invitation, as God himself speaks “Do you want to be one with me, bonded together forever?” How is this possible? Yet, the soul experiences supernatural charity, an urge to surrender to divine love.

The soul also sees the cost of this surrender. All that is self will be burned away. Only God’s life of Baptism will remain. (Some walk away sad, like the rich young man.) At this moment, I stand with the soul who sees that I fully accepted divine love. I help the soul to accept this baptismal power of faith, hope and love. With that surrender, the divine life contained in the baptismal seed can break out of its protective shell.

The Heavenly Mysteries (August 10 to August 21, 2013)

August 10, 2013
God’s Call


Invited to be one with God, the soul allows infused charity to plunge it into the very center of God’s mysteries where all becomes clear. The soul realizes, “God created me. I came from his hands. He gave me a name and placed me in the middle of his people. He gave me a task, with only so much time to accomplish it. He gave me Mary as my mother, and the angels and saints as my companions”.

The mysteries continue to unfold. “He gave me my parents and my family. I was born in a definite place and time, the perfect circumstances, the culture in which I will spread his kingdom”. In this way, God’s call contained in the divine life is released. Happy the soul who hears God’s voice and believes and acts.

August 11, 2013
The Battle Within


Divine life transfers the soul from the Kingdom of Darkness into Jesus’ Kingdom of Light.

However, because every soul retains remnants and vestiges of darkness it perceives a war going on within. Two powers battle for the soul. A wise soul realizes both the pull of darkness (back to its previous selfish state) and the power of this new divine life that wants to establish the soul forever into the kingdom of light.

Many souls have no idea of this daily struggle. They have little interest in the divine life of their Baptism and as a result, the original victory is surrendered. The soul forsakes the light and lives in darkness.

O soul, let me awaken you to the great powers of divine life already infused into you. These powers will propel you into the heart of Jesus and will help you to live as he lived. Let these powers be released. I will give you the secret – consecrate yourself to my Immaculate Heart and the powers of the Spirit will flow freely.

August 12, 2013


This divine life within the soul contains every power which the soul needs to become holy and united with God forever. Because this life always strives for growth and completeness, the heavenly Father has provided special, external helps, called sacraments, that serve this divine life and bring it to its fullness.

Confirmation is the sacrament of Christian adulthood. A child experiences two lives. The first is lived in the context of the family, the years of growing up. The second occurs as the child grows and leaves the parent’s home for a life in the world.

Within the family, all is provided and the child lives dependently. A time comes for the child to shed this dependency and to forge his own way. Obviously, he must develop different skills and he needs much greater understanding.

This is an example of the graces given at Confirmation, which equips the soul to find its way and to cope with the problems presented by adulthood.

August 13, 2013
Confession and the Earthly Battlefield


Although filled with divine life, the soul remains all during its earthly life on the battlefield between good and evil. In the midst of this daily battle, the soul might sustain some wounds. We call these venial sins. At times, in the great darkness of the battle, the divine life might even be struck a mortal blow (called mortal sin).

Jesus has foreseen these moments of wounds and even possible spiritual death. He has provided two gifts, one interior and the other exterior. The baptized soul has been permanently changed. Even in spiritual death, it retains the capacity to be restored to life. The powers of Baptism can be stirred again into the flame of life.

Second, Jesus has provided the sacrament of confession and has given the Church (who baptized the soul) the power to heal the wounds of venial sin and to raise to life any soul that has died by mortal sin. Tomorrow, I will explain this sacrament in great detail.

August 14, 2013
Sacrament of Confession


Baptism cleanses the soul and pours out a divine life that is spotless. However, this life is received by a human person who will be subjected to many temptations. The years are long and the battles are great. The soul needs help. Can they not be baptized again? Does not this divine life carry within itself the power to constantly respond to divine forgiveness?

My son, Jesus, has prepared everything. He has foreseen these struggles and even sins committed after Baptism. When he told his apostles, “ Receive the Holy Spirit, whose sins you forgive, shall be forgiven”, he foresaw every soul who would need the second Baptism of confession. He foresaw. He made provision. He established another sacrament. He gave this power to his Church.

O Reader, take advantage of this sacrament. Do not put it aside. It contains special powers of restoring and cleansing your divine life. Go to confession. I will wait for you there.

August 15, 2013
Holy Communion


Who can speak fully of this mystery? Even my own lips cannot find words to adequately praise this divine gift. The mystery began when the Holy Spirit overshadowed me and formed the humanity of Jesus from my body and blood.

During his ministry, Jesus promised to give his body and blood as food and drink even saying, “Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life and I will raise him on the last day” (Jn.6:54). Many did not believe and they walked away.

Finally, on the night that Judas betrayed him, Jesus said to his disciples, “Take and eat. This is my Body. Take and drink, this is the cup of my blood. Do this in remembrance of me”.

What happened that night at an unknown table in Jerusalem, is now celebrated every day on thousands of altars in every part of the world. Holy souls are nourished. Weak souls are strengthened. Sinful souls are invited to repent so they, too, can receive. All are invited.

How can I describe this mystery? Tomorrow, I will speak of my own First Communion.

August 16, 2013
Mary’s First Communion


After Pentecost, I gathered, just like the other believers, to celebrate the mystery of the Eucharist and to receive Holy Communion. I will try to explain my inner feelings and all that happened to me.

First, I was filled with the greatest expectation. I had given Jesus his body and blood. Now, I was to receive it. Jesus would again live within me (how familiar this would be to him). His Body and Blood, of course, had been changed. He had lived his life of obedience. He had died and had risen into glory and his body had ascended into its place within the Trinity (where all the just will join him).

When Jesus came to me in Communion, he stirred up all my human memories. When devout souls communicate, they try to recall the stories of Jesus, imagining some event in the gospels. For myself, my own heart overflows with maternal memories. I pondered Jesus’ every word and deed. At Communion, all of these were stirred. I relived every event. All the mysteries came alive.

At this First Communion, I was immersed again in my entire life with Jesus. Together, we relived all the memories. They were, in a sense, more real than when they happened because Jesus was not outside of me but within. What a union we enjoyed and what emotions filled my heart. I possessed the One who had created me and the one to whom I gave his Body and Blood.

August 17, 2013
Mary and Communion


He to whom I had given birth, whom I accompanied to the cross and had experienced in the glory of the resurrection, had now returned to me through this mystery of Holy Communion. During pregnancy, a mother enjoys a relationship with the child of her womb. She imagines what it will be like to hold the child, to feed the child and to watch the child grow.

When Jesus returned and I once more held him in my heart, my relationship to him was not imaginary. Together we had redeemed the world. Every soul was in our hearts. O Reader, on the day of my First Holy Communion, you were there. We spoke of you . We thought of you. We planned for you all that we would do. We even thought of these words that I would speak to you. Listen closely to me now. “Holy Communion contains every blessing of God. In that mystery, Jesus and I come to you and offer you every gift. In Holy Communion, I enter your heart with Jesus. Desire this bread come down from heaven and receive it as often as possible. With Jesus, I will come.”

August 18, 2013
Holy Orders


How I loved the little community with whom I gathered regularly to receive Communion. The apostles assumed their active role. They would preach about Jesus and then point me out as “the mother of Jesus”. That is how the Beloved Disciple always wrote of me, “The mother of Jesus was there”. Also, the believers would ask me about Jesus and I would share little stories so they could more easily love him.

The community continued to grow, causing an obvious need of expansion of ministry. The twelve handled this crisis so well, laying hands upon seven men chosen by the community. This became a regular pattern as new growth and new needs happened. The apostles would lay hands so that each new community had the Eucharist. How important is the Eucharist and how necessary is the priesthood that consecrates the holy species.

August 19, 2013
Permanent Marriages


Gathering with the community of believers, I could see the new powers of the divine life which they received at their Baptism. The men had a much greater respect for the women. Women were seen as equals, for in Jesus there was no Greek and Jew. All were believers, sharing the divine life.

A great purity of life came upon the believers and they began to live out the ideals of marriage that, formerly, had seemed impossible. Jesus taught a higher morality. There was to be no divorce. Among the believers in this time of intense devotion, the men answered this call. Marriage became a permanent commitment. These enduring marriages were a sign to all of the great powers given by the Holy Spirit. A new culture began, that transformed history. Such is the great power of the baptismal life.

August 20, 2013
Prayer for the Dying


A special moment came when a believer died. For some, this was the great victory of martyrdom.

Their names were venerated and their stories recorded by the community. Others died a natural death. In every case, great joy filled the community because Jesus had destroyed the veil that had hidden life after death.

Devout Jews had debated the question of the existence of life after death. Even those who believed were not sure what that life would be like. Jesus, by his rising, cast great light on this darkness. We rejoiced that these deaths took place after the resurrection because we knew that Baptism had conferred the divine life lost by sin.

Now, I come to my point. Whenever a believer was dying, we gathered for prayers. The apostles (or a leader of the community) laid hands in faith that in Jesus’ name healing and full forgiveness would be given. These acts strengthened the dying. Many got well. Others received the great peace of full reconciliation. After death, we cared faithfully for the body that had been a temple of the Holy Spirit. This was the faith and practice of the Early Community.

August 21, 2013
Early Missionaries


The little community of believers knew exactly what to do. They went to every town and village, preaching the good news that Jesus had died and risen. They wanted people to repent and to believe. They baptized the believers, bestowing this powerful divine life that I have just described. They trusted this divine life, the Holy Spirit himself, to transform the new believer. They knew all the helps that Jesus had provided to foster this divine life.

My Church must go back and learn the secrets of the Early Church. They must learn to release the powers of Baptism which are often tied up because of ignorance and lack of faith.

The divine life within the person, and nothing else, can transform the soul so it lives as Jesus lived. Every other approach is doomed to failure. The secret lies in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in each believer.

Explaining the Power of the Holy Spirit in the Baptized (August 22 to September 6, 2013)

August 22, 2013
Using Our Human Natures


All three divine persons manifest their presence and power. The Father’s power is seen in the magnificence of all creation. The Word is manifested in all the words and deeds of Jesus. The Spirit, too, wants to manifest his power. In these daily visitations, I will explain this mystery that is covered over and forgotten, causing the Spirit to be called the “hidden” and “forgotten” person of the Trinity (which he is not supposed to be).

In the great mystery of my womb, the Word became flesh, taking to himself a new human nature. He used his humanity to reveal himself. The Holy Spirit acts quite differently. He assumes no new human nature, but uses each baptized person as his instrument. As the baptized person allows the Spirit to act through him, the Church and the world see the reality of the Spirit and are blessed by his actions.

August 23, 2013
The Spirit’s Anointing


The heavenly Father had given Jesus definite tasks to accomplish. He had to preach, to heal, and to raise from the dead. He also had to be obedient even to his death on the cross. To fulfill the Father’s will Jesus was anointed with the Holy Spirit at his Baptism. Even before that, Jesus was led by the Spirit. That is why he knew to remain in the temple (his Father’s house) when he was 12 years old.

Jesus was quite aware of the Spirit’s anointing. He told those in the Nazareth synagogue, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor”.

He also knew that the Father would send the Paraclete, the Spirit of Truth upon the disciples. He prophesied, “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes down upon you”. He commanded the disciples not to leave Jerusalem but to wait for the Holy Spirit, the promise of the Father.

The Father had his task of creation. Jesus had his task of redemption. The Spirit has his task of sanctification. He fulfills this task every day but he needs the cooperation of the baptized to fulfill it.

August 24, 2013
Changed Lives


The Holy Spirit brought about many miracles among the early disciples but his greatest manifestation was their changed lives. A great holiness came upon the Early Church. Each person was a new creation. The former sins were put away and goodness filled them.

They rejoiced to be with each other, to share in the prayers, the Eucharist and their common life. When people came into Jesus’ presence, they knew that they had to change their life. If not, they departed (as Judas at the Last Supper). So it was with the early community, formed by the Spirit of Jesus. The Church’s fervor called the person to goodness. The Holy Spirit used this community as his instrument in changing lives. This was the secret of the Church’s tremendous growth.

August 25, 2013
The Believing Community


Do not be surprised at all that I reveal about my spouse, the Spirit of Jesus, because so much has been hidden for so long. Today, I will speak of the community of believers which he formed by the powers of Baptism. Much is lacking in the Church because the powers of Baptism are unknown. They are unknown because there exists no true community of believers who manifest these powers and can communicate them to the newly baptized.

Recall the scenes of the Early Church. Because of a special joy, all the believers wanted to come together. The Spirit joined their hearts in the gift of religious experiences. They knew that the Spirit was in their midst. His signs and wonders manifested him. He became present to each believer by his living flame. This is what is missing today, a community which daily experiences the fire of the Spirit and communicates this fire to new believers.

August 26, 2013
The Mighty Rivers


The Holy Spirit comes as a mighty river. The soul finds itself filled with a great joy. Tears flow. Emotions pour out. The soul feels like some divine fire pierced its heart. The soul has no doubt. No one needs to explain the Holy Spirit who now works so powerfully within.

At other times, the Spirit comes like a quiet stream. Again, the soul cannot doubt. Peace, a deep and lasting peace, covers the soul. It believes and hopes in God with no effort at all.

Some divine power surrounds the soul All is different. Again, the soul knows that it abides in God’s loving hands.

There are two secrets to this great release of the Holy Spirit. First, the person must know and seek these powers. The Spirit wants to flow like a mighty river. Second, the community must believe in these powers. How can the person know unless the community believes and manifests the joy and fervor of the Spirit’s presence? I want the Church to become communities of the Holy Spirit. Anything else will completely fail. The Spirit will bring about a victory march. Without his powers, all will be defeat. This call is very deep. A superficial response loses everything.

August 27, 2013
The Great Manifestations


Jesus was born quietly in a hidden manger in Bethlehem. However, at the great feast of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came in a great manifestation of power in the very center of Jerusalem. From the very beginning, he wanted the whole world to know that he had come and would abide until the end of time.

On Pentecost, we were gathered in the Upper Room, faithful to Jesus’ command to wait in Jerusalem until anointed with the Spirit. Each day, we continued in prayer and great expectancy. Suddenly, we heard a noise like a mighty wind that filled the room. Then, we saw tongues like fire that parted and rested on each of us. For the first time, under the Spirit’s power, we began to speak in different tongues. This was the first and abiding manifestation of the Spirit.

This manifestation would constantly happen when the Spirit was given. Cornelius and his family spoke in tongues (The Pentecost of the Gentiles – Acts 10; 44-49). The disciples of Ephesus spoke in tongues (Acts 19:6). This powerful manifestation was so common in the Early Church that Paul wrote to the Corinthians, “I should like all of you to speak in tongues, but even more to prophesy (1Cor.14:5). How important are all the Spirit’s manifestations. Yet, they are mostly unknown in the Church. The Holy Spirit, alas, remains hidden and unknown.

August 28, 2013
The Spirit Forms Community


The Early Church was a community filled with great signs and wonders, the works performed by the Holy Spirit through the believers. You cannot understand these phenomena without grasping the intense life of that beginning community. Today, even Catholics do not enjoy a community.

After mass, they often return to their individual lives.

In the beginning, the Spirit’s fire led the people to fuse their lives. They became a family, joined as brothers and sisters. They praised God together. They shared their stories and they gathered others. In this intense sharing, they experienced the Spirit’s powers. He healed. He prophesied. He raised up teachers and leaders. Within the community, all of these powers were expected. The people had intense faith. If they withdrew from the community, they returned to a world without faith, and they lost these manifestations. Experiencing the Spirit’s powers depends on the closeness and fervor of the community of believers.

The Spirit wants to restore these powers. Catholics must understand and be willing to join regularly with others. This is the secret of true Church renewal.

August 29, 2013
Gifts of Service


The Holy Spirit wants to pour out these gifts of service but so many do not even know what they are or how they are received. St. Paul writes, “I do not want you to be in ignorance of the spiritual gifts” (1Cor.12:1). This ignorance is widespread and believers do not come together. How can a person use a gift of service when there is nobody to serve? These gifts flourish when believers know about them and gather in the Spirit.

At Medjugorje, I spoke often of these little groups of prayer, but who has heard my plea? So, I make it again. The renewal of the Church depends totally upon the Holy Spirit. He wants to be known and to show forth his power. He will pour out these powerful gifts if believers come together.

Satan wants to isolate the believer and to immerse him in the world. The Spirit calls the believer out of the world so he can join with others. Today, so many do not even go to mass.

How can the Spirit give them power to serve? Those that go to mass, are in ignorance of the spiritual gifts and do not gather with other believers in prayer.

Is it any wonder why the Church is weak? I am trying to explain the secrets of the Spirit’s workings. Just begin. Study the books. Come together. I will be in your midst to lead you. Do it today. Remember, the time is very, very short.

August 30, 2013
Importance of Prophesy


Today, I will speak of the importance to the Church of prophetic visions and words. Later, I will teach about the use of prophesy. Look again at the Early Church. How did this great missionary enterprise reach the end of the known world in just a few decades? Was this the work of human genius? Not at all. Read the scriptures. All was guided by the revealing gifts of the Spirit.

By a prophetic vision, Peter knew to go to the home of Cornelius, the Gentile (Acts C10). By prophetic words spoken at Antioch, Barnabas and Saul were sent forth on the great missionary journey (Acts C13). On the second journey, the Holy “Spirit did not allow Paul to preach in Asia. Instead, a prophetic vision called him to Macedonia in Europe (Acts C16). Later, when Paul was to return to Jerusalem, he already knew clearly that he would be taken prisoner because of a prophecy given by Agabus (Acts 21:10-11). While in custody, the Lord himself told Paul, that, having preached the gospel in Jerusalem, he would also bear witness in Rome (Acts 23:11).

Where would the Early Church have been without the Holy Spirit’s prophetic revelations? The community would be floundering and subjected to every kind of failure. Such is the plight of today’s Church because the prophetic word is not spoken and the prophetic vision is not received.

Prophecy is not an extraordinary experience like God speaking from the mountaintop amid thunder and lightning. Prophecy is a quiet voice, heard within the heart.

At times the Spirit reveals the Father’s will for the soul. These words are just for the person. Sometimes, the words are for another person, a group, for the Church, or even for the whole world (such as these locutions). This is what I will explain.

August 31, 2013
The Importance of Prophesy


Prophecy is very important because it is the word of God. Paul writes, “Strive eagerly for the spiritual gifts, above all that you may prophesy” (1Cor.14:1) because “whoever prophesies builds up the Church (V4).

The Spirit has already given God’s word in the Bible and in the authoritative teachings of the Church. True prophesy never contradicts that word but applies the word and explains God’s plan in individual circumstance.

How the Holy Spirit wants to speak out! Through the gift of prophesy he guides the individual speaks to congregations and even leads the entire Church. To set aside this spiritual gift is to walk in a useless darkness. I ask “Can human solutions save the Church? Can the thoughts of man, even the thoughts of bishops and popes adequately guide the Church? God’s plans are hidden and he reveals the great mysteries through the prophets.

Oh, when will the spiritual gift of prophecy come forth to illumine the Church? When will those who guide my Church accept the prophetic word? Even when I speak in authorized apparitions, the words are set aside.

The future of the Church will be filled with a great light and power resulting from the Spirit pouring out his prophetic word. As Peter said, “Your sons and your daughters will prophesy.” (Acts 2:17). Yes, all from the greatest to the least will speak God’s word and new life will flow out.

September 1, 2013
Evangelizing and Miracles


The evangelizing success of the Early Church depended much on signs and wonders. When Peter healed the lame man in the temple, 5000 came to believe (Acts 4:4). When Paul healed Publius at Malta, the whole island believed (and remains Catholic until today). When Philip went to Samaria, he drove out many demons. Paralyzed and crippled people were cured. Great joy, came upon the city and many were baptized. (Acts C7).

These events parallel the ministry of Jesus. He preached that the kingdom of God was present. His miracles showed the people that his preaching was true. Jesus told his disciples to proclaim the gospel to every creature and to baptize those who believed. He promised that signs would accompany the preaching, that they would drive out demons and heal the sick by laying hands. Evangelization and miracles should go together.

Widespread evangelizing without widespread signs and wonders is impossible. Many try to preach but (as Paul says) are ignorant of these spiritual gifts of healing, raising from the dead and driving out demons. Their harvest is bound to be small.

September 2, 2013
Discernment of Spirits


Discernment of Spirits is a very important spiritual gift which is also unknown to most. There are three “spirits” – the Holy Spirit, the human spirit and the diabolical spirit. The Holy Spirit guided Jesus to stay behind in the temple. When I asked, “Son, why have you done this to us?” He replied, “Should I not be in my Father’s house?” The Holy Spirit told him to stay in the temple.

When Peter refused to believe that Jesus would suffer and when he refused to allow Jesus to wash his feet, until he was corrected, Peter was acting in the human spirit.

When Judas betrayed Jesus and left the Last Supper, he was acting under the demonic spirit which controlled his heart. “It was night”.

The human spirit stands between God’s Spirit (who invites it to goodness) and the demonic spirit that uses every opportunity to enslave it to darkness. If people do not pray, their human spirit, with all its passion, ambitions and weaknesses will inevitably make false steps and walk in diabolical darkness. How much the soul needs to discern which spirit is guiding its decisions.

September 3, 2013
Discerning the Evil One


The spirit of evil is most effective when he is hidden and people do not realize that he is at work. The gift of discernment unmasks him, reveals him, and shows the person how to be freed from his power.

He is the spirit of lies, confusion and division. He is the spirit of wars, suffering and destruction. He is the spirit of lust. (Oh, how this spirit has gone forth upon the world.) He is the spirit of death in abortions and of hatred in relationships. He is the spirit of greed that drives a person to seek avariciously and to forget his neighbor. He is the spirit of infidelity that leads a spouse into illicit relationships. He is the spirit of addictions that claims alcoholics and those who use drugs.

He is the spirit of division that divides and destroys families; the spirit of hatred and revenge which resists God’s gift of forgiving others. He is the spirit of rebellion when people say, “I will not serve God.” How extensive is his influence. Because he is not seen, he goes undetected.

He is everywhere, but must act only on the surface until he discovers some door into the human heart. Then he enters, until he is revealed and renounced.

September 4, 2013
The Spirit’s Wisdom


There must be an explosion of the Spirit’s wisdom for the whole world to be enlightened.

Otherwise, man is doomed to follow the wisdom of the world, the flesh and the devil. The wisdom of the world is the foolishness of ambition and greed. The wisdom of the flesh is the selfishness of every kind. The wisdom of the devil is a multiplicity of snares that entrap people and nations in a thousand ways.

Without the Spirit of Wisdom, man’s intellect is darkened. He is like a blind man in a darkened room, seldom making even one correct decision.

Only the Spirit’s wisdom can transfer man from darkness into light. Then, all of his decisions bring about the kingdom of Jesus. What would Jesus do, or say, or decide, or counsel? The Spirit sends forth this fountain of Jesus’ wisdom. Oh, how the world needs these waters.

O reader, just come to me before every decision and I will ask my spouse, the Holy Spirit to enlighten you.

September 5, 2013
People Helping Mary


Even though I was the mother of God and the spouse of the Holy Spirit, it was the Father’s plan that I be helped by those who used the gifts of service. How I rejoiced when Elizabeth said, “Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb”. My heart was lifted up when the shepherds came to Bethlehem and recounted all that the angels had said to them.

There was the prophecy of Simeon which guided me all my life. Jesus would be a light to the nations but my own heart a sword would pierce.

Most of all, there was Joseph. The Spirit guided him by dreams showing him to accept me as his wife even thought I was pregnant. By these dreams, Joseph took us safely to Egypt and then knew when to return to Israel. Even I needed others to help me by their gift of service.

Everyone needs this help. When these gifts are unknown, set aside or even looked down upon, my people walk in darkness and fear. Many lose their way.

Let there be new spiritual lights, millions of lights of service placed in the hearts of all believers. Come, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can fashion a new world. Without the Spirit, only darkness and destruction are possible.

September 6, 2013
Who Is In Control?


At the beginning of his ministry, Jesus openly proclaimed, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me. He has anointed me to preach the good news”.  The Holy Spirit was in control and Jesus willingly subjected himself to the Spirit’s actions.  “I always do the will of the Father”, Jesus said.  The Holy Spirit brought about this total surrender.

The question is, “Who is in control?”  Who is in control of your life?  Who is in control of the Church?  The Holy Spirit should be in control.  The Spirit is like a dove.  He needs to be invited and he knows when he is not welcome.  O reader, O Church, I have explained everything.

Now, the decision is yours.  Do you want to control your lives or do you want the Spirit to be in control?

Read again the Acts of the Apostles.   See the results when the Spirit is in control.  Imitate the disciples surrender and you will experience the Spirit’s power.

The Fatima Gift (September 7 to September 16, 2013)

September 7, 2013
The Three Faithful Children


The fires of war burn fiercely, just as I have prophesied through the children of Fatima. When these children saw me, I always appeared sad. This left a great impression on their souls.

When I showed them a vision of hell, I absorbed them into this sadness of my heart. For the rest of their lives they prayed and sacrificed to save souls. This is the real message of Fatima – to sacrifice, and to say the rosary for the salvation of souls.

I also spoke about world events – the ending of World War I and the inevitable beginning of World War II, if people did not heed my messages. Everything has unfolded exactly as my words declared. Now, another greater phase of destruction has begun. I must speak of the Fatima gift and the children who were so faithful. I will set these children before you as my witnesses.

September 8, 2013
Preparing for Centuries


For centuries, Satan has prepared for this era.  His plans come to a fulfillment and a culmination as the forces of evil intertwine and strengthen one another.

Just so, I prepared for centuries for Fatima.  My Church faithfully proclaimed me.  Blessed Pius IX proclaimed my Immaculate Conception.  I appeared to Catherine LaBoure and Bernadette of Lourdes.  As I continued to appear, great expectations arose.  Yet, I waited in sorrow.

The Great War began and many died.  I prepared the children by the visits of the Angel of Portugal and by Holy Communion.

Then came that day, May 13, 1917, when all was to begin.  The great veil of heaven would be parted and the secrets of my Immaculate Heart would be revealed.

For this, I chose the three children.  They were both prepared and faithful.  The angel’s visits and teaching had changed them.  Their hearts had already heard heaven’s voice.  Now they were to see and hear the Queen of Heaven.

September 9, 2013
Lucy’s Shining Star


All was ready because the three children were prepared by their devout families, by their personal devotion, by the simplicity of their culture, by the visits of the angel and their personal response. Oh, how they responded, encouraging one another to daily sacrifices and prayer. If one faltered, the others lifted them up. Such was my plan to have three children.

Lucy would be my messenger but Francisco and Jacinta were her helpers until she no longer needed them.

Lucy became like a lone star, burning brightly in the night. Her star still shines in all of her recorded words and writings. Her witness lives and calls people to repentance. She speaks to the Church, to popes, bishops, priests, religious and laity. Her words will grow like a din that cannot be ignored in these years of wars and turmoil.

September 10, 2013
The First Vision


Fatima was about to explode upon the world, Mary 13, 1917.  The decades of preparations were complete – the revelation of the miraculous medal, the infallible proclamation of my Immaculate Conception, the devotion at Lourdes and at the other apparition sites.  The children were prepared by the angelic visits and by their total surrender to his teachings.

All was ready.  The moment arrived for me to awaken them.  They saw me and knew that I came from heaven.  They asked about heaven and I assured them that they would be with me. Francisco had to say many rosaries.

How I loved them.  The divine action had begun.  I began to place in their hearts the Fatima gift, planned by the Father from the beginning of the world.  They fully received this gift, as only children can receive.  They embraced it and took it into their hearts.  I was at peace.  The Father had chosen correctly, the gift would be safe in their little hearts.  O children of Fatima, little do you realize what I will do within you.  You will bless the whole world.  Your mother promises.

September 11, 2013
The Vision of Hell


As the children returned to their homes, they faced great suffering.  They were not exalted but questioned and even persecuted.  They had only each other.  That is how I arranged it.

They bonded together into an unbreakable oneness.  Their suffering and their constant prayer prepared them for the vision of hell, a central part of the message of Fatima.

They saw the demons and the condemned souls immersed in great flames.  They did not imagine this.  The rays came forth from my hands and they saw these lower regions.  Lucy describes her experience very vividly, without holding back anything.  Read her words.  They are a true revelation.

After this vision, they understood their mission.  The vision had welded their hearts together in an uncompromising yearning to save souls from hell.  They had an indomitable spirit.  I taught them to pray. “O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to heaven especially those most in need of your mercy.”  O reader, say that prayer often.  It comes from my own lips.

September 12, 2013
The Responses to Fatima


There must be a human response to the Fatima gift. The children responded fully, opening their hearts by prayer and sacrifice to all the graces. However, those who lived in Fatima often took a human approach. Some accepted and others doubted. Some even harassed the children who suffered greatly. Finally, there was the government, the mayor who opposed the visions and put the children in jail so there would be no vision on August 13, 1917. (Ed note: Our Lady appeared to the children on August 19th, after they were released from jail.) The Fatima gift would have been greater if the government had not adversely intervened.

These three approaches exist even today. The Fatima gift comes from heaven. By faith, its blessings are great. If approached by human ideas, it is limited and fruitless. If openly rejected, then the hearts remain cold, untouched by its fires. There is still time. Fatima can bless the whole world. Imitate the children. Read their stories. By their actions they are the great preachers of Fatima.

September 13, 2013
The Suffering of the Three Children


The moment came to place the great secret in their hearts. I experienced a joy, like the Father’s joy as he was about to send his only begotten Son into my womb. I foresaw all that would happen. The three children would be so united to me in my sufferings.

For Francisco and Jacinta those sufferings would be physical and would lead to their early death. For Lucy, the sufferings would be all of her long life. She was a vessel into which the greatest of lights was placed. She accepted the light of the great secrets and never rejected them. What suffering they caused her! So many times she was confused about what to do, pulled between her obedience to me and obedience to the Church.

She pleaded and spoke and wrote. At times, she was called to silence. The secrets burned in her heart every day of her life. She accepted this fire of suffering because she loved me, loved the Church and loved all mankind. For Lucy, the salvation of souls was uppermost in her thoughts.

September 14, 2013
The Dance of the Sun


All that was needed was a sign. The message was placed firmly in the children’s hearts and they would be the most faithful of messengers. However, I had to help them so the whole world would believe.

The huge crowd gathered on that October day, 1917, in great expectation. The downpour of rain had soaked the fields and the people. This, too, would be part of my sign.

The vision began as usual, with the three children seeing me clearly. Then came my promised sign, the dance of the sun (as it is called) and the phenomenon of the sun seemingly coming close to earth (which caused many to believe it was the end of the world).. Finally, all the ground and all the clothes were completely dry.

With this sign, the Fatima gift was sealed forever. The message was in the children’s hearts and the world had the sign that it needed to believe. Something special had been given to the world. Fatima contains all the blessings so desperately needed by the world which is engulfed in endless wars and permeated by unimaginable sins.

September 14, 2013
The Ship of Fatima


With the dance of the sun and the final vision to the three children, the gift of Fatima was ready to set sail, to go to every nook and corner of the world, to bless all who would receive its cargo and yet never to become bereft, multiplying as the blessings were received.

What has happened to that little ship that was meant to sail the mighty oceans and the gigantic rivers, which was meant to land at every port and to bless every nation? My great ship of Fatima, with all its many blessings, has found only a little narrow stream to welcome it. Only a few hold Fatima in their hearts, hear its message, live in its light and experience my blessings.

Even though this stream is small, I use these locutions to bring Fatima to you, O reader. Learn the story of the three children. Hunger for all the little details of their lives and their message. In this way, the ship of Fatima will dock at your port and all of its blessings will be poured into your heart.

September 16, 2013
The Hail Mary


The stream of Fatima flows everywhere but it is so tiny that very few receive its blessings.

Therefore, I use these locutions to bring the message to many more. I use the prophesies about world events to attract people. These prophesies claim people’s attention. I speak of these events, describe them and even foretell their path. I will continue to speak in this way because my words attract attention.

However, my goal is not to fill your mind with light about world events, but to fill your heart with the Fatima gift. How can this happen? Quite easily. Say the Hail Mary. If you do not know this prayer, learn it. Say it all during your day, especially when you need my help or are about to make a decision. When you pray the Hail Mary, know that I am with you.

Editor’s note: This website is attracting so many new viewers, I thought it helpful to print out the Hail Mary. “Hail Mary, full grace, the Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.”

The Present Distress (The World and the Church) (September 17 to September 28, 2013)

September 17, 2013
The Proposed Missile Strike


I will explain the present times so you are filled with hope and not fear. The world has made great mistakes. Satan, in so many ways, placed before the world some apparent good. It always involved a compromise. The world would choose the good. People would applaud the decision though it was the first step down Satan’s road.

This is so evident. All of these roads, which I will fully explain, have led to this time of darkness. Never has the world had such luxuries. Yet, does the world feel secure? What have we built? Where have we foolishly walked? These are the questions that arouse great fears.

How close the world came to a massive disaster in Syria. Pope Francis called for the day of prayer and fasting. Heaven responded and a peaceful solution was sought. This is my teaching.

When asked, heaven will always respond. Do not wait. Call upon heaven for all of your needs.

Now, I give you a task. You are so blessed by these locutions. Tell others. Be a missionary. Others will be blessed and you will be the door of these favors.

September 17, 2013
Global Economy

Editor’s note: There were two separate locutions given on this day.


I want to take you into the hidden secrets of darkness. More and more, the world moves into a global economy but this economy is shaped by forces that seek wealth and power that has never been dreamed of before. With the global communications, this goal is within their reach. What was far off, is now close at hand, almost within their grasp, a system of total control where the powers of local banks and even of sovereign nations are swept away. Each day, this power lies more and more in the hands of the few.

I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun. This title and all of its prerogatives are given to me for this era. Who can stop these forces? Who can rescue the world? The global economy is not stable. There are many flaws. It can be attacked and brought to its knees from many different points.

I must raise your level of faith. I am not just the woman who helps individuals, or churches or even just nations. I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun who can blind those who want to establish themselves as the world masters. Begin now. Invoke me as this woman and believe in the powers given to me by the father.

September 18, 2013
Three Dark Forces


The world today is like an ocean with many waves.  These are the daily problems that constantly beat upon the shores.  These difficulties come and go, reported in the news but they are quickly forgotten.

Far greater darkness is buried deeply in this ocean.  If released, these forces will change the world forever.  Two are obvious – the dark forces of the global economic systems and of the great weapons that are being amassed.  However, other forces also exist.  Because of the global communications, large numbers of people can be stirred to violence quickly.  Even more important, they can be filled with fears that will cause panic.  Besides these two, I want to speak of the greatest of dangers.  With global communication, leaders can be raised up by Satan who cleverly guides mankind onto false roads by decisions made over a period of time.

These are fatal steps that can never be retraced.

When good people realize what has happened, they will cry out, “Only heaven can help us”.  My message today is this, “O mankind, you have already reached that point.  Only heaven can help you.  By these messages I say that heaven is quite ready to help you.  Return to the faith of your childhood.   Do not despise the little acts of devotion that turn your heart to heaven. If you do this, I will help you”.

September 19, 2013
The New Forces of Darkness


What are these dark forces that lie hidden in the ocean of human life? Why do they exist and how did they get there? They are new forces, never before present in human history. They come from all the inventions and the new technology. These powerful forces have fallen into the wrong hands. There are many scientists and other intelligent people who work for Satan (even when they are unaware of that). They are his instruments, unlocking God’s secrets placed in creation, but then using them for selfish goals.

After these technologies are developed, they are used with no reference to heaven’s lights. The world is like children attracted by butterflies, wandering off of God’s paths and led into unthinkable dangers. This is the current state of mankind.

I must repeat the message. “Only heaven can rescue you. Turn back to the devotions of your Catholic faith. O reader, do not wait for the world. It will never turn back. I invite you personally to come back to me.”

September 20, 2013
The Darkness of World Leaders


The greatest darkness is those who currently guide the world. Look at the world leaders. Is there even one who would lead the world according to heaven’s light? Begin with the Muslim brotherhood and the terrorist groups. Will they lead the world to peace? Look at Russia. They are supplying arms to terrorist nations. Look at the European leadership. Their union has renounced its Christian foundations and thrown off heaven’s protection. Look at America. Can a nation that refuses to protect its unborn keep the whole world safe?

World leaders are the great darkness. Centuries ago, there was a Christian West that allowed the pope’s voice to be heard. Now, his voice is silenced, quoted only when it serves their purposes.

Do you not see my plan? I would exalt the papacy. I would make it the greatest force in world peace. The three Fatima children believed my words. I promised them a sign and vindicated their faith by the dance of the sun. Have I not promised the conversion of Russia followed by a great period of peace if the pope consecrates Russia to my Immaculate Heart? Is this consecration not to be done openly, in full faith for all the world to see? Would I then do nothing? I want to exalt the papacy, not make it a laughing stock. Remember, I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun. I will act on the world stage but I wait to be asked.

September 21, 2013
Mary’s Breath of Peace


The world is so engrossed in evil that the heavenly Father has no choice. He must purify the world. However, how will this come? With my help, the purification can be quick and effective.

Without my help, the purification will be a terrible chastisement.

I speak now of a surprising breath of peace. Let us leave aside, for a moment, the enormous darkness that lay hidden in the ocean. Let us look around the world for places where I can breathe a new air of peace.

I turn my eyes to the Philippines where people always look to me. I see the struggle that they have had for many decades to defend their lands. If they raise their voices to me day and night, even beyond their present devotions, I will breathe peace upon them.

I also see the violence in the little towns and villages of Latin America. Here, too, people hold me dear. I promise that if any town or village cries out to me day and night, I will breathe peace.

I also see the homes in all the world where peace is endangered. Let the family call upon me, with constant, daily faith, and I will breathe peace upon the home.

And you, O reader, are there not parts of your life where no peace exists? Cry out to me and I will breathe peace.

This peace is not the great peace that I promise when the pope consecrates Russia to my Immaculate Heart. However, I cannot wait. I must give my breath of peace now.

September 22, 2013
Peace for the Nations


The forces of violence are everywhere, always looking for the best opportunity to inflict the greatest suffering at the least possible price. The West spends its money in trying to safeguard its people but so many places lie unprotected. “Where will the next attack come?”

That is always the question. Can you not fight back? Can you not push away this evil force?

Not with your own powers (how powerless you are!) but I offer to the nations this breath of peace.

If I put forth this promise decades ago, many nations would quickly respond. Now, the faith has grown dim and the light of hope is almost extinguished. I must act quickly. Let the words lift up your hearts. Call upon me. Gather publicly. Invoke me as the Woman Clothed With the Sun. Wherever there is violence, hatred and strife, I will breathe peace. Many people will hope again. These will be the beginning steps. I must wait for you to act.

September 23, 2013
The Dark Secrets of the Rich


The world contains many dark secrets – pacts and understandings between powerful people. These evil designs come from the rich who would control the world by their mutual cooperation. All of these evils are hidden, unknown and done in secret.

The world is in bondage to the rich and the powerful. These people owe their status to Satan, who enslaves them by their greed and ambition. He tightens the noose around the world’s systems, hiding his plans even from the rich and powerful whom he uses so cleverly. They, too, will be caught in his trap.

The moment comes ever closer. He waits until the whole world is in his hands. Then he will act and everyone will be enslaved.

I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun. I reveal these things to my children. When they see the world’s systems thrown into great confusion, they will trust in me. Begin now. The closer you are to me, the more I can help you. When will Russia be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart?

September 24, 2013
War and Peace


Do not judge by surface events. You must see more deeply. All of human history is played out on the world stage. Every human being plays a part which they freely choose – a role of good or evil.

Heaven and hell are the real forces, attracting each person to make decisions. When the person has finished their days in human history, they will have decided to live in heaven or in hell.

It is the world after death, after their time on the world stage, that is really important for each human person.

Each person lives in a different age. When the age is peaceful and the culture is filled with faith, then many go to heaven. When the age is filled with war and the culture abandons heaven, then many go to hell. That is the main issue. The importance of world peace is that many are saved. The great price of war and violence is that many are lost.

September 25, 2013
Who Will Be Mary’s Instrument?


Look at all of these destructive forces – world leaders who act in darkness, the rich plot to control the world, the terrorists plot to destroy and to conquer the world. I am looking for an instrument that I can use to destroy these plans of Satan, which are already far advanced.

With each new evil decision, with each new outbreak of terror, his plan moves forward. His great designs have not yet happened, but they are close at hand.

To whom shall I turn as my instrument? To Europe that has reversed its Christian roots? To America, that is in disarray and covered with new darkness? To Africa or to Latin America which struggle just to survive? None of these will do. Europe and America have forsaken their great call. They must sit on the sidelines, useless instruments at a time when they are so needed.

I look to you, my Catholic Church, the largest of the Christian churches. You act everywhere in the world. You are filled with people of good will who work tirelessly for others. These are my words to you. “It is for such a time as this that my Son founded you and has guided you. I will raise you up as a light to the nations to lead the world out of this satanic darkness. However, you must turn to Fatima. Your power over Satan (the source of all these evils) has already been given to you at Fatima. Heed that message and you will become my instrument. Reject that message and I cannot use you.

September 25, 2013
The Church Has Lied

(Second locution given this day)


O Catholic Church, I come to your sins against Fatima. Before you can be my instrument, you must openly repent. It has been almost 100 years since I gave you this gift and you have sinned grievously against Fatima.

Soon, you will raise Lucy to your sacred altars, proclaiming her blessed. But how did you act toward her in her lifetime? You were like Israel toward its prophets. You ignored her, silenced her, misrepresented her and, at the very moment when you supposedly released her greatest gift (the third part of the secret), you committed your most grievous sins.

You claimed, and you still claim, that the vision of the bishop clothed in white, had been fulfilled. (Ed. Note: The Vatican stated that the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II fulfilled the prophecy.) In this, you have deceived the faithful and deprived them of their gift. You filled the world with your lies and your pretenses. “Fatima is a vision of the past” you claimed. “Forget about this vision. It has nothing to say about the future”. That lie still has not been repented of. Until it is, you cannot move forward.

September 26, 2013
The Church Must Repent


I must use a knife to pierce the heart of the Church. No progress can take place until the sins against Fatima are purged.   I will strip the Church naked, the child of my womb born on Calvary?  I cannot just clothe her in the garments of Fatima.  First I must strip her of her evil clothing because she still clings to her evil.

When  I told Lucy that the time had come for the pope to consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart, she faithfully communicated this message.  It was ignored and another world war began, exactly as I had said.  Even then, Fatima was ignored.

With Pope Pius XII, doors were opened and devotion flourished.  However, those around the pope slowed the momentum of Fatima, and no consecration took place.

Then came the great year of the secret (1960) which all Catholics looked forward to.  A decision was made not to reveal the secret.  The year came and went.  The burial of Fatima had begun.  Fatima devotion was seen as a product from a past culture.

Now, the Church’s armies march forth but not under my banners.  I was “put in my place”. “I integrated into the Church” was the phrase they used.  O Church, what has happened to your armies?  So many dead and wounded.  So many caught in the thickets.  Have these been glorious years for you?  O Church, you are not an army in battle array.  You are in disarray because you have refused the banner of Fatima.  These are your past sins.

Preach your message of repentance but preach it first to yourself.

September 27, 2013
Darkness at Noon


All is in darkness, even in the Church. When it is midnight and all is dark, no one fears.

They know that the sun will soon rise. However, when it is noonday and darkness covers this earth, then the whole world will fear. That is the moment which human history is approaching.

At Jesus’ death, from noon onward darkness came over the whole land. However, his death led to a day of light, the surprising light of the resurrection which scattered Satan’s kingdom of darkness. For 2000 years, through lies, deceptions, and the sins of mankind, Satan has once more gathered his darkness. He has plotted how he will cover over this new sun of the resurrection. That moment is what the world is now experiencing.

To overcome the darkness, the heavenly Father has made a decision. God has clothed me with the sun and Satan has no capacity to cover over the sun that clothes me. This is what I try to reveal. When the Church opens the Fatima gift, the world will experience the sun of Jesus’ resurrection with which I am clothed.

September 28, 2013
The Source of All Darkness


I have spoken of darkness. Now, I must take you, O reader, into the very kingdom of darkness.

The heavenly Father decided to give angels and human persons the power to say “yes” or “no”.

One angel named Lucifer, meaning “light bearer”, was so proud of his light that he thought the light was his when really it was God’s gift. When he said “no”, God took away his light and the kingdom of darkness began.

When human persons join in this “no” to God, this kingdom of darkness spreads. That is what I have been describing in these locutions. The suffering, the violence, the wars, the economic difficulties come from the kingdom of darkness.

That darkness now covers the whole world. However, the Father has clothed me with the sun. This sun is contained in the Fatima light. O, Holy Father, when will you place that light on the lampstand?

Debt Limit Crisis (September 29 to October 9, 2013)

September 29, 2013
Future Events


I will speak of future events.  I do not describe these to fill people with fear or to fill my children with fear.  I want all to know that I am above these events, outside of them so to speak.  Yet at the same time, I am within these events, helping all who believe in me to trust, and to prepare.

The words will be quite clear, and seen as true, as the events unfold.  I will not speak of far-away events, but of events that will happen soon.  In this way, my children will more and more believe that I am helping them by these locutions.  Trust, confidence and peace are my goals.

September 30, 2013
Toppling Satan’s People


Satan has placed his people in every conceivable position of power and authority and they act on his behalf. Many hold high positions and are well known to the public. By their daily actions, they spread and consolidate his darkness.

I will begin a special action. I will begin to topple those people whom he has set in place. Some will fall into disrepute because of scandals. Others will resign because of health. Others will be forced out, even when they felt secure because protected by higher authorities. When you see this happening, know that the Woman Clothed With the Sun is scattering the darkness. This is just a small symbol of the power given to me by the heavenly Father.

October 1, 2013
America’s Debt Limit Crisis


A default on loans will be averted only at the last minute. People cannot yet see what will happen in the days ahead. The crisis will grow and become more serious than other government shutdowns.

More important, why is this happening and what does the future hold? By its laws and by the voice of its Supreme Court, America has shredded God’s laws on the unborn’s right to life and on the very nature of marriage. It has walked away from divine protection. Like a foolish child, America has chosen its own legal path.

Now, it is entangled in its own laws and processes. No one can blame the heavenly Father. America’s foolishness is on view for all to see. This will not be the final crisis. They will come with greater force and regularity. America, if you make your laws against God’s wisdom, you will be entrapped by your own legal system.

October 2, 2013
The Two Mountains


America has embarked on unchartered waters and the American people look on helpless, as their elected representatives clash over the financial crisis. This should come as no surprise. No sudden calamity happened. The debt is a mountain which has been consistently growing for all to see.

I point out another mountain that also increases daily, the mountain of unborn children whose bodies are destroyed. America, you have two ever-growing mountains, your debts and your abortions. You worry about the one but easily dismiss the other.

This present crisis will be resolved. Compromises will be made. The government will reopen but the two mountains of your debts and your abortions will keep growing. Another day awaits you from which no one will save you. How clearly can I speak? Who will heed my warnings? The heart of America must receive a new fire that comes only from my heart.

October 3, 2013
The Two 1917 Fires


Everywhere you look fires of destruction burn brightly. Although a fire of peace burns brightly in my heart, it does not go forth. Soon, the Holy Father will consecrate the world to my Immaculate Heart. As always, I will respond with an outpouring of my blessings, but this consecration will not put out the fires.

Let me take you back to 1917. Two fires were planted, the fire of love at Fatima and the fire of evil in Russia. I warned that the Russian fire, planted there by her enemies, would spread its errors. So it has been for nearly 100 years. Russia is now aligned with terrorist nations in the Middle East, offering them all the help they need. This is no conversion, no change of heart. The evil fire planted in 1917 still burns.

Until that fire is extinguished and the fire of Fatima is planted in Russia, little will change. The Holy Father will consecrate the world to my Immaculate Heart and I will bless the world, but I want the consecration of Russia that I have asked for.

October 4, 2013
Enlightening the Members


Words go back and forth. Negotiations break down and the debt crisis is not resolved. The two parties are like armies, set in their defensive positions. This war is not between Democrats and Republicans, but between heaven and hell. Satan wants no resolution. He hardens the positions and clouds the minds so no compromise is reached. He has brought about this crisis and wants it to go to a default which would trigger worldwide confusion. This would hasten his timetable, giving the terrorists an opportunity to move more quickly.

I will not allow a default. I will stir members of both the Senate and the House to move to a conclusion. The leaders of both parties feel that they must not flinch. My actions will be among the members.

I will especially touch the heart of the one whom I love so much. His voice is powerful. He understands the economic system so well and many look to him for guidance. He will not fail me. His voice will save the day, even though he stays in the shadows.

October 5, 2013
A Weakened America


I take you to the heart of the debt limit crisis and I speak my most serious words. No one will come out of the crisis unscathed. No one will look good in the eyes of the people. Blame will be everywhere. Let this be a sign to you of the troubled times that lay ahead. America is no longer a solid rock that can stand firm. Its strengths have been seriously weakened by all those who have taken advantage of her. America is very, very weak, breathing like an old man even though it is still young. Yet it has a destiny and an important role to play.

Can America return to its first fervor? Can it regain the wind of a religious spirit? These are the important questions that are set aside. The final chapters have not been written but, for now, America flounders on the rocks of its economic choices. Who will I raise up? Whose voice will point out a different path? This is America’s need and it will be my gift. For the sake of my name, I will not abandon the country I love so much.

October 6, 2013
Calming the Storm


The human race began as the tiniest stream with the original parents. Quickly, sin and violence, even murder, entered that stream. Today, the human race is an enormous ocean with turbulent waves and gigantic storms marking its history.

It was not meant to be this way. God intended a peaceful stream, obedient to his will. This stream would flow easily and gently into heavenly life, just as my own life did. A child born today is plunged into turmoil and violence. This is the state of today’s unpredictable world.

When Jesus said, “Be still. Be quiet”, the Sea of Galilee grew calm. The disciples asked, “Who is this who could calm the sea?” The troublesome waves of the debt crisis will grow stronger. People will wonder who can save them. I will work quietly in the hearts of those who share in the power. These representatives, behind the scenes, will work out a solution. Know clearly. Only heaven can still your destructive waves.

October 7, 2013
Someone Whom Mary Loves


The debt crisis continues. No serious negotiations take place. Both sides are fixed. The glare of publicity is too great a light. It is in the hiding that I work to avoid this default. I act among the members who are spared the television lights. I am touching their hearts and giving them my light. Day by day, I lead them.

In many ways, they, too, are in the darkness of this crisis. Their minds conceive many different strategies. Many search for a true solution. All know that the country must move on. Yet, the debt is very real and its burdens cannot be set aside.

Again, I say, that there is someone whom I love deeply, who has studied the economy and the debt burden. I have already exalted him once. Now, he works behind the scenes. He does not shove himself into the limelight. He does not seek the publicity. He works only for the good of America. I will bless his efforts and many will follow his lead.

October 8, 2013
Deeper Into the Darkness


The words go back and forth, like the volley of cannonballs. None of this leads to a settling of the crisis, which only negotiations can end. So, I will speak of this crisis.

America has a debt problem that will not go away and, in a few years, there will be a true debt crisis. At that time, America’s future will lie in the hands of its creditors. For now, America’s future lies in the hands of its own leaders.

Satan has brought about this crisis. He does not want to wait a few more years. He sees that he can place America more quickly in the hands of its debtors. This has been his goal. This crisis will not end tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Then, it would appear that man was able to settle this. No, America will go deeper and deeper into this darkness. Some panic will set in. The leaders on both sides will believe that they cannot budge.

Suddenly, a solution will be worked out, just as I have said, through the behind-the-scenes efforts of those whose hearts I own. Anyone with faith will see that only heaven saved America.

October 9, 2013
An Extraordinary Promise


All the special interests come forth to press their case and make their cause. The debt limit is like a panic. Everyone tries to go through the door at once and no one succeeds. This is what all see so clearly, the clash of interests and the shutdown of the government.

This is my message, “America, if something that is in the control your representatives causes such panic, what will happen when the real debt crisis happens, when your creditors knock at your door with their bills in their hands saying, ‘Time to pay up’? That is where you are headed because money flows like water between your fingers.”

Very serious changes must be made as quickly as possible. So, I will make you an extraordinary promise. If you call upon heaven, not from time to time but every day, I will begin to topple the selfish leaders. This will begin soon and continue for three years. I will give America another chance, purging her of those who would destroy her by unsustainable debt. A new opportunity will arise. This will be America’s final chance to put its house in order. Call out to me and heaven will not abandon you. Even with all your sins, no country has replaced you in my heart.

Events on the Horizon (October 10 to October 19, 2013)

October 10, 2013
Predicting Future Happenings


I will take a new road. I will speak of those events that are on the horizon, events which are about to happen.

I speak now of these secular events, because mankind is absorbed by the secular. As I speak about secular happenings, mankind will begin to listen. Then, I will speak words that will lead mankind into my light.

The great forces for change in the Obama presidency have spent themselves. These fires no longer burn so fiercely. The agenda is pared down and the hearts of his followers experience no great exhilaration. Such will be this second term. The important events will not be under his control.

October 11, 2013
Notre Dame


The waves of destruction will again erupt. Although these waves will not be permanent they will again weaken the foundations. How long can the building of peace and security stand when hit by so many waves?

The violence in Egypt will continue bursting out again and again. It will be quickly put down but will survive beneath the surface. Turkey will also experience continued unrest. It is no longer a model for building a secular state.

In these troubles, many will say, “They are far away, in other lands”. However, these waves will also strike Europe. The economic problems will soon surface. More reserves will be spent to solve the situation. Many will say, “Our ship can survive these waves”. Look at your ship. It is badly battered and taking on water every day.

What can Europe do? They used to invoke me as Notre Dame (Our Lady). In those centuries, I blessed Europe and sent my sons to discover and to develop a new world. If the European leaders would again use these words, Notre Dame, I would bless them and lead them into peaceful waters. How much I love that title.

October 12, 2013
A Sword That Divides America


I have drawn my sword of division against America. I will divide the president from the congress and, the congress from the people. I will divide the federal government from the state governments. I will divide America from head to toe. All will be division.

I do this, America, because you have drawn your sword against your unborn. They have never lived to see their own country. Why should I allow the mothers, the fathers, the doctors, the politicians, those who made money and all those who have voted for abortion to enjoy a peaceful America?

Eventually, I will even put your constitution to the sword. Why should I protect a constitution that supposedly gives a woman the right to kill her child? I will use the very words of your own president, “I will not negotiate”. I will not sacrifice even one child upon the altar of compromise.

You ask, “How long will this last”? When America puts away forever its sword of abortion, I will put away my sword of division. So, when you see all the divisions suddenly arising in American life, do not ask, “Why is this happening and how long will it last”? I have already told you the answers.

October 13, 2013
The New Slave Class


I speak again of the growing division in America. When a person acts selfishly, they build a wall which protects their own interests. America has built a wall around its heart, a selfish protection against unborn children.

Years ago, America had a similar wall against its slaves. The power of this wall led to division, even to secession and a civil war. The wall was lifted only when slaves were given their freedom and America came together again.

The unborn children are the slave class of America and abortion is the new wall. That wall has been built into the lives and hearts of American, and it must be torn down. I want all to see the reality. The blood of the unborn is on the hands of the president and of every politician who refuses to act to end abortion.

America, you have chosen this selfishness and it will plunge you into a new civil war. You already see it happening. I must warn you ahead of time. Even your constitution will not save your union.

October 14, 2013
A Jolted America


Although wielding my sword of division, I encourage all those who stand with me in the truth that an unborn child is a person. Never, never compromise that truth. Never sacrifice any child for political expediency.

I speak now to all who know that the unborn is a human person. America needs to be jolted back to the path of truth. It will not be led by the hand. It will not accept words of direction. It must be jolted. It must wake up some day and discover that abortion in America is illegal, against the law. It will not accept this easily. Voices will speak out and protests will be staged but those who follow my voice must not compromise. Every unborn child must be protected by the law, as was the case decades ago.

By these words, you will know that I want not only the life of the unborn but also the life of America itself. I will be with you in this great enterprise. Your abortion foes are weak. They have much money and great political power but they do not possess the truth that an unborn child is a person. By this truth their cause can be mortally wounded, and they know this.

October 15, 2013
Understanding the Battle


Every part of the world is fought over by two kingdoms, God’s and Satan’s. No price is too big or too small. The fight is over nations, over cities, over families and over each individual person. The intensity of the battle varies, depending on the importance of each nation, each city and each person.

Like any war, preparations have been made ahead of time. I have chosen some people from their birth and I have prepared them. Satan has done the same thing. He roams about cultures not touched by Jesus’ light and chooses his prime candidates. He fills them with darkness and prepares their path so they gain positions of power.

This is the state of the world. Many people, filled with the greatest darkness, occupy the highest places of power. Others, filled with my light, are also in place. Each day, the battle goes on. On some days, darkness wins great victories. On other days, the darkness is scattered. I want my people to think in terms of this war between light and darkness. Otherwise, their understanding of secular events will be too superficial. They will not oppose the darkness enough nor will they struggle to shine for the light, when a great possibility exists.

October 16, 2013
A Presidential Candidate


There is a great divide in America, wider than the Grand Canyon. The forces of division are greater than the forces of unity. So it will be, until I save America through one whom I love deeply.

This is what I said in the beginning and I repeat it now. No human power can solve these divisions, but I will spare America for now. I have allowed this economic ground to shake and to tremble beneath your feet and I will rescue America by one whom I love dearly. I will offer him as a candidate for the presidency. If America accepts him, I will bless this land.

October 17, 2013
The End of the Debt Limit Crisis


The debt limit crisis is resolved. The two parties go home to assess what has happened. Does everyone now expect peace, as if a treaty has been signed and a war has ended? I have already explained that a battle rages between heaven and hell and when America chooses hell, it finds only war. America, you have chosen hell. You have chosen to abandon your religious practices.

You have chosen to remove God’s commandments from your public places. You snuff out public prayer. You sacrifice your unborn and you exalt a form of marriage that is no marriage at all.

Answer me truthfully. Have these not been your choices? Indeed, you have chosen hell and you will reap the fruits of hell, which is war not peace, division not unity. May my words awaken you! Choose heaven, not hell. Then peace will begin to settle upon your country which is so close to my heart.

October 18, 2013
The 2016 Elections


By ending the debt limit crisis America does not embark on a new road. The path is the same, so much the same. More spending, more borrowing, more debt. America is robbing its children, stealing all of their money from their little pockets. Who cannot see the injustice? Why does this happen?

America steals from its young children and kills its unborn children. The two actions go together. America has no remorse over the stealing because it has no remorse over the killing. The highest levels of government sanction and approve both.

I must help America. Those leaders who are so fervent to reduce the debt must also become dedicated to eliminate abortions. I hold this against them. They have failed to reduce the debt because they have forgotten to protect the unborn.

Go back and rearrange your priorities. Place both issues at the front of your agenda. If you do this, I will fully support you. I will bring your opponents into darkness. They will suffer from great scandals. What you thought was impossible, you will easily gain. Plan now for the 2016 elections. Do what should be done and I will be with you.

October 19, 2013
When the Trap Springs Shut


Satan leads his people step by step knowing that it will arrive at a moment of great destruction.  No one sees these daily steps but all can see the great destruction that eventually happens.

Each day, America walks away from me step by step.  No one notices.  When the great disasters occur, people will ask “How could God have let this happen?”  Why speak of God?  You are the ones who took the daily steps.  You chose your path and made your decisions.

I speak with great urgency.  Turn back.  Turn back.  Do not wait for others.  It will be too late.  Walk away.  Walk away.  You are too close to the great disasters.  I will save all whom I can save, but people must turn and be converted.

When a trap is set, it takes only one moment for it to spring shut.  Then, none can escape.

Mankind’s True Enterprise (October 20 to October 27, 2013)

October 20, 2013
The Heavenly Father’s Enterprise


Someone setting out on a journey tries to see the obstacles that he must overcome. However, no one can foresee the problems that lie ahead for mankind. The world is filled with problems, like little grains of wheat ready to become a harvest of destruction, changing parts of the world forever. This is the true state of mankind, which people cannot see.

When a fire burns fiercely, a mother gathers her children because she knows the path to safety. O readers, stay closer to me than ever before. Set aside your other enterprises. Let go of your schemes. This is a time for the deepest devotion to the heavenly Father’s enterprise.

You yourselves must say, “Come, let us give our hearts to Mary’s messages.” Then, you will give yourselves to what is truly important. This is the great enterprise that I will now explain.

October 21, 2013
Fulfilling God’s Enterprise


My heart overflows and I must continue to speak. No one knows the timetable of events between Satan and God but every human person plays a role. Billions of people are caught up in this great mystery of God’s plan.

O reader, do not think that you play a small role and that what you do is unimportant. You have a place in history, a call to the service of God. This is my message. Put aside the trivialities of life. Listen to the stirrings in your heart. Listen and you will hear my voice. I need you. I need your prayers. I need your sacrifices. I will train you. I will teach you. I will make your heart like mine and you will overflow with my thoughts and my desires. Then, we will fulfill the great enterprise of God’s plan.

October 22, 2013
The Shattered Vision


The heavenly Father created mankind so that every human person would live with him forever in heaven. This is mankind’s true goal. When mankind no longer believes, this vision is shattered into a thousand pieces. Mankind makes up its own goals. These compete with one another and divisions occur. Attempts at reconciliation fail. People do not see themselves as brothers and sisters on a common journey to heaven.

By losing sight of God’s goal, mankind sees no value in God’s commandments and rejects God’s wisdom. Society crumbles. The great enterprise of gaining life forever is abandoned. Mankind seeks earthly goals that can never answer the deepest human question, “Why do I exist?” Such is the state of mankind, which needs to regain the wisdom that comes only from faith. I will try to help by these words.

October 23, 2013
The Special Invitation


Every person in the world has an invitation to enter God’s kingdom and to live forever. My Son, Jesus Christ, issued this invitation and paid for every person to sit at the heavenly table. All is prepared. The banquet is ready.

Millions of people live in darkness, unaware of their invitation. Many others see no value in their invitation and never open it. Still others see this invitation as inconvenient and requiring a change to what they want to do. Some embrace the invitation and make all the sacrifices needed so they can attend Jesus’ banquet. Such is the state of the world.

You, O reader, have your invitation to Jesus’ kingdom. This invitation contains every blessing which God intends for you. Open it. Follow its directions. It will lead you by a new path where you will find all of God’s treasures. Reject it and you will lose everything.

Comment: The great decision for every human being is to accept or to reject God’s invitation. We make that decision every day.

October 24, 2013
New Heavens and a New Earth


Too many resources are given over to useless goals while the great enterprise of the heavenly Father is neglected. When man sees and accepts the plan of God, he will allocate these resources so the whole world can be fed, sustained and flourish.

Where will I begin in describing the world built without any vision of God’s plan? Men construct a world filled with the most destructive weapons and an economy that enriches a few. Whole continents are buried in poverty, while the natural resources are exploited by outsiders.

Do not say that in these locutions I speak only of heaven. The Father wants earth to flourish and for all to have what is needed. When earth becomes like hell, people lose faith. When earth becomes like heaven, all have hope. God promises, “I will create a new heaven and a new earth”. (2Pt., 3:13) It is those who do not believe in God’s plan who destroy the earth.

Comment: When mankind follows God’s plans, earth will flourish.

October 25, 2013
The Decline of America


What has happened to America which began as the great enterprise of God? How many came to your shores, the victims of religious persecutions. They sought this new world so they could freely practice their religious beliefs. Such were the beginnings of America, a seedbed for religious hopes that soon produced a devout nation which I blessed time and time again.

America is now a nation filled with bigotry against religion. A hatred fills its secular soul. Its hands are cupped to its ears, not wanting to hear a single religious message. Religious signs and displays are deliberately removed. Teachings that violate God’s commandments are propagated in the schools. I will not go on with this sordid list. America proclaims, “We will not be under God.” So, the great enterprise of heaven comes to a halt. The President, Congress and the Supreme Court all turn their backs.

You had a call, America, to lead the world to God and to be a model nation of religious belief. Now, you export your abortion pill, your pornography and your weapons. Still, you wonder why you have declined. You have declined, America, because you have rejected the heavenly enterprise for which I exalted you in the first place. Your fortunes will continue to decline until you say, “Let us return to our religious beginnings and become, once again, a nation under God.”

Comment: This locution perfectly describes America’s historical path and invites us to go back to the road we used to walk.

October 26, 2013
Removing Atheists From Power


People have plans and when plans converge, people join together in a common task. At times, these groups join with others because greater goals appear in their grasp. This is the how a society begins and how a culture evolves. Even after the foundation is placed and the goals are set, the dynamic elements of that society continue to form its existence (for better or for worse). Mankind, in each of his cultures, never stands still. All constantly changes, just as the human body grows, matures and declines. Such is the state of America.

In the beginning, I led religious people to come to America. Then, I led them to join together and to form a nation. They constructed a foundation, a people that was truly “under God” and guided by his wisdom. However, no nation is permanently settled and often the original road is abandoned.

Right now, America is in decline but this decline comes from its own hands. It is not the natural course of history, as some would declare. The decline results from deliberate choices, from Americans who are really enemies of America. They know nothing of its religious beginnings and desire only to rip America out of its original religious soil that nourished it so well.

I promise to topple them before they completely topple America. But first, I must awaken devout people who want a truly religious America. I say this, “These three years are extremely important. I have not abandoned America. I will provide a new opportunity, a surprising gift. You will be able to reverse the religious atheism that has gripped your nation. However, you must be aware of what I intend to do and take advantage of my actions.”

Begin now in hope. Do all you can to restore the spiritual life of your family, your parish, your community and your nation. Some will have the talent to form new groups and even to come to the attention of the news media. There must be in America, a religious revival to take advantage of what I am now doing to topple the atheists (that is what I must call them) who control America’s thinking.

Comment: Mary describes the destruction of America’s religious spirit but promises to take special actions to remove atheists from power. We must regain our own religious spirit to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

October 27, 2013
Still Time


Some have grown discouraged and have abandoned the great plans of heaven. This is the time to take them up once again. Return to Church. Return to your prayers and devotions. Return to the duties of your state in life.

Return to that place of hope to which I had brought you. There is still time for all to be accomplished. I will speak clearly. Every single person has a role in heaven’s plan. No one is excluded. For this purpose, you were born into this world. Accomplishing heaven’s goal is all that really matters. The time is short and the goal is still far away. I must encourage you, so listen to me.

The whole world hangs in the balance. If you do what I ask of you, many will be saved and you will rejoice. I will multiply everything you do. If you do one act, I will make it like a hundred. If you do many acts, I will bring forth an enormous harvest. Sow the seeds in hope.

There will be a great harvest. The time is short but heaven’s plans can still be fulfilled.

Comment: Mary concludes this series on a great note of hope. However, we must act.

Confronting the World’s Problems (October 28 to November 5, 2013)

October 28, 2013
A World-wide Conversion


I must return again to the problems that plague the world and even endanger its very existence. There can be no progress into the light until mankind deliberately seeks the help of heaven.  All other solutions are no solutions at all.  Because new inventions can be used by good and bad alike, what mankind calls progress, leads really to destruction.  Evil people take advantage of all that is new.

The current problems can be solved only by a conversion of man’s spirit.  These are the true and deep secrets that I will begin to reveal.  Do not say that there cannot be a worldwide conversion of hearts.  That will happen when Russia is consecrated to my Immaculate Heart.

Before that happens, the whole world must prepare for those blessings.

Comment:  Serious problems abound and people look for solutions according to man’s wisdom. True worldwide change comes only with worldwide conversions.

October 29, 2013
To the Non-religious Reader


So many close their hearts to the kingdom of heaven. They have made their decision not to be open to any religious influence. Their lives are over. They are playing out the string. The decision has been made. This is what I see more and more. Because the culture has chosen to exclude religious life, many have no faith.

Shall I let them all go to hell? Should I allow them to be the victims of their own choices? I will not give up. I will knock at their heart, even if they want me to go away. Even though they want to remain locked in their disbelief, I will invite them to open up to the kingdom.

That is why I speak each day in these locutions. Many who read them are already open to the Holy Spirit, but some have been tricked and fooled by a society that does not know this light.

To some readers, I say this. Because you have not enjoyed a strong religious upbringing, your heart turned to earthly goals. Religious practice has no place in your life. Now, you are hearing a different drummer, who plays the songs of God’s kingdom. Keep listening. Someday, my song will capture your heart and you will open your life to me. I pray so earnestly for that day.

Comment: This locution, although given for all, has specific persons in mind. Mary invites people raised in a non-religious atmosphere to receive her special graces.

October 30, 2013
Inner Decisions


Is it too much to ask a person to set aside Sunday for the Lord? Is it too much to ask that they join with others on Sunday in communal worship? Is it too much to ask that they keep the commandments and abide by God’s laws? These are the fundamental duties of the believer and they are the first steps on the road to heaven.

To anyone who commits themselves to this road, I promise new life which no one can take away. How important are the decisions made in the secrecy of the human heart. O reader, I work so intensely in your heart and I do not want you to miss out. Look into your own heart. See where I am leading you and follow me.

Comment: Each person must read their own heart, see Mary’s guidance and follow her.

October 31, 2013
The Unpredictable Future


People used to feel that their life was in their own hands. If they were wise and made the right decisions, then God would bless them and they would enjoy a life of happiness. Now everything has changed. The future is no longer predictable. Change and uncertainty fill the air. Everyone feels robbed of control over their own lives, no matter how good their decisions.

I speak now because this uncertainty will grow and grow. It will not go away. It cannot be solved by human powers. In the midst of this darkness, I whisper in your soul, “Follow me. I will show you the way of hope.” O reader, if you walk on your own and you will be immersed in an overwhelming darkness that will overpower all your resources.

This is my clear message in these uncertain times. Seek to live with God as intensely and fully as you can. You will find a way of peace only in your heart (where I await you). There you will find me and I will not let go of you.

Comment: This is true. An unsettled world means that none of us can plot our future. Mary invites us to develop a life of prayer, “finding a way of peace” in our hearts. She will be there.

November 1, 2013
Why the Daily Locution?


I speak daily because people make decisions every day. These decisions are not made in a vacuum. People are pulled in every direction by powerful forces that entrap and addict them. I speak so the person can experience a different attraction. My voice calls each person to a special road that the world refuses to believe in, does not advocate and preaches violently against.

O reader, let my words entice your heart. Let there be new inner stirrings. Do not ignore or stifle these new desires. Decide to serve God, not man. Follow these new longings and live for God. Long for heaven and for eternal life”.

When these hopes fill you, when you rejoice to see the inner changes, when you see yourself becoming my new creation, then you know that my daily words have accomplished their task.

These locutions are my gift to you. I have come and found you.

Comment: The powerful modern world attracts to darkness. So, Mary offers a new different attraction. Her voice and her words call us to a surprising path.

November 2, 2013
Signs In Your Midst


God refuses to be ignored. He has not formed creation to be banished from it nor has he created man to be rejected and set aside. The more God is set aside, the greater becomes his plans to re-enter society in ways that are evident to all.

This divine emergence happened at Fatima, as the sun danced. It is happening again at Medjugorje. However, God does not need visionaries to give signs. God’s signs come in many ways. In the days ahead, I will explain many signs that are even now in your midst.

November 3, 2013
Speaking to Everyone


I want the whole world to look for my signs. I do not ask you to look up into the clouds, as if you would see me standing there. I want you to be still, to look into your own heart. Find there new stirrings, and new desires. They were not there yesterday. You find a new desire for God and for his friendship. Suddenly, you want to take up new religious practices.

Secondly, you will begin to hear my voice. By reading my locutions, you realize that I speak in a quite human way. If you remain at peace and search your own heart, I will begin to speak to you in the same way. These will be little words. You will even write some down. You will say, “Mary is speaking to me”. The daily locutions will guide you. You will not go off course.

By reading these locutions, you know my interests and the helps that I offer. Especially, you have learned to hear my voice.

Comment: Mary wants you to hear her voice within you. Find a quiet place and listen. Each day, her voice will grow stronger.

November 4, 2013
Mary’s Promise to Act


I will not spare any gift. The time is too short and too urgent. Everyone in the world must be given a special, personal invitation to turn to Jesus and to be saved. How will I bring about this worldwide phenomenon? When will it happen? Many speculate about this but, as always, speculation is fruitless.

I want to speak about the gifts which I offer at this moment, special favors for everyone who reads these locutions (and for others who hear about them). Dear reader, call upon me. Invoke my name. Speak to me in your own words (how I love hearing you). When you do, I will be able to act upon the events of your life. I will mitigate your sufferings and bring relief more quickly than expected. I will open doors that have been closed to you, even for a long time. I will bring peace to your marriage and blessings upon your work. Your life is too filled with sufferings, burdens and even chaos, which hinder Jesus’ kingdom in your life.

Call upon me and I will act. You will see my kindness and my power. This will be my sign to you.

Comment: Mary promises to help everyone as she helped the young couple at the Cana wedding feast.

November 5, 2013
The Woman of Cana


Those who know and love me speak often of how close I am to them and of the many favors that I give to them. They know that I lead them by easy paths and that they arrive at far away goals with little effort. They know that I console them in every sorrow and often, turn their sorrows into joys.

I am the Woman of Cana for whom Jesus worked his first miracle and, for whom, he works every miracle. I am always at his side as an intercessor for the whole human race.

To you, O reader, I want to reveal this title, The Woman of Cana, so you can invoke me and come to me with all of your needs. I will take your needs immediately to Jesus and, right before your eyes, time and again, you will see the water of your sorrows and trials, turn into the wine of peace and victory.

I am the Woman of Cana for everyone in the whole world. How much I want everyone to invoke me under that title which has such a strong biblical basis. Some ask, “Where is Mary in the bible?” Go to Cana and you will find me there. Then, go to the cross, and you will find me there. I am at the beginning and the end of Jesus’ public ministry.

The Secrets of Mary’s Heart (November 5 to November 12, 2013)

November 5, 2013
I Will Speak of Pain


No one knows the pain in my heart when a soul goes to hell. No one knows my sorrow when an unborn child is not allowed to live. No one knows my sufferings when Satan’s kingdom claims the hearts of evil persons and uses them as his instruments of destruction. All of this is a great mystery of which I will speak. In the days that follow, I will reveal these secrets.

You will know the depths of my heart. I will speak of pain, pain, pain. This is my pain, explained to you so you can see the world as I see it. These are a mother’s sorrows, a mother who gave birth to all the world at the foot of the cross, a mother who gained, in union with Jesus, the salvation of everyone in the world.

I am the Mother of Life, holding in my hands every gift of life, human and divine. That is my sorrow. I still hold these gifts because so many have chosen not to receive them.
What is the sorrow of a mother who wants to give life to her child and sees the child walk away, doomed forever to death? Is there any sorrow like unto my sorrow?

Comment: Visionaries speak often of the sorrows they see in Mary’s countenance. Now, Mary will speak here of her sorrows.

November 6, 2013
Terrorist Groups and Proliferation of Weapons


No one thinks that anything will change. They believe that the whole world will just go on as usual. After all, the world has faced greater problems in the past and has survived. Will this not happen again? Besides, there is no Cold War when two countries were poised to use atomic bombs. Some even believe that the world is safer now that the walls of Communism have fallen.

How mistaken everyone is. Their eyes are closed to the realities that are shaping the world. Weapons exist that have never existed before. These weapons have proliferated and will soon be in the hands of the most destructive groups, groups without any allegiances to any people or any nation, groups deliberately formed to terrorize and to cause destruction, groups which can only come to power by violence and disruption. These are the groups which are proliferating, growing stronger, joining together, sharing intelligence and plotting the destruction of everything that is stable. How can anyone believe that the world is safer now?

Comment: Mary removes the blinders that the world likes to wear.

November 7, 2013
The Mystery of God’s Plan


When a person looks into my heart, they can easily see my sorrows. If their love for me is deep and true, I will lead them into the very center of my heart and they will see my deepest sorrows. That is what I reveal today.

God’s plan for the world’s salvation contains great mysteries. One of these mysteries is how people are joined in a given culture. Each culture has leaders who form the culture. This is the mystery. If these leaders are holy people, they will form a Godly culture and many will be saved. If they are evil, then the culture will be filled with darkness and many will lose their souls.

One of my greatest sorrows is to see people called to holiness who reject that call and deprive my people of the help they need. Another sorrow is to see people filled with evil who rise up and destroy the light and cause many to be lost.

Comment: Mary begins to explain the great mystery that every person’s internal salvation depends, to some degree, on other people. This is called “cooperating with God in the salvation of souls”.

November 8, 2013
The Twentieth Century World Leaders


I have revealed these same sorrows to the great mystics and visionaries but in such a way that they could not adequately explain them to the world. Here, I use easy words. The purpose is not a mystical experience uniting the person to my heart, but a clear explanation for all the world to understand my sorrows.

Today, I speak of world leaders who arose in the twentieth century, the century that threw the world onto its present course. The two world wars and the atomic bomb are the most evident signs of a world led down a false path.

Foreseeing all that would take place, I intervened at Fatima, early in the century. My hope was to avoid this path of destruction. However, once these decisions were made, the path became inevitable.

It is now almost a century later. How many times in these 100 years, I have intervened. If I had not held them back, the world would have already experienced the great disasters. My great sorrow is two-fold. So many of these disasters would never have happened if the Fatima gift had been fully opened. Second, as the Fatima gift continues to be limited, greater disasters loom on the horizon. These are my sorrows.

Comment: Mary is ready to help the world. Her greatest sorrow is to see the disasters that should have been avoided.

November 9, 2013
Drawing the Sinner Even Closer


I sorrow so greatly when I see a person whom I love fall from grace. I send great helps, calling to repentance , but these fail to pierce the evil that has captured the heart. I send people who try to point out what is happening. Still the heart is occupied with the evil.

Finally, I allow misfortunes to happen. These are the inevitable results of the sinful patterns. Still, no response, no turning away from the evil that has led in this direction.

What do I do? I press this person even closer to my heart. I allow the sinful decisions to cause me even greater suffering. This is the greatest mystery. The person with the greater sins is deeper in my heart, immersed the most in my love, set in the middle of the fire of my love. I send even more messengers . I use these locutions. I speak directly.

O reader, if you have been entrapped by sin, I am speaking directly to you. I have not rejected you. I have drawn you closer so I can withdraw you from the evil. Do not wait because tomorrow you will be even more deeply entrapped. Say this prayer, “Mary, I am a sinner and I need your help”. Know one thing. You have already lightened my sorrow.

Comment: Mary certainly sorrows over the catastrophic world events but even more, she sorrows over hearts entrapped by evil.

November 10, 2013
The Evil of Pornography


Come deeper into my heart where I reveal my great sorrows over centers of evil, which pour out their evil into the stream of society. I sorrow over the pornography industry. This evil takes the physical beauty meant to join couples in the intimacy of marriage and spreads this divine creation into the open for all eyes to see.

How many quickly become addicted. Some struggle to be free. Others immerse themselves in the evil. Some even fall into disgrace when their addiction is discovered.

The sign goes up “adults only” but who gave permission for adults to seek out this pleasure independent from the marriage partner. God’s greatest gift of beauty is distorted, made to serve selfish lusts and not the marriage relationship.

My great sorrow is that this evil is so widespread and enslaves so many. O reader, never accept pornography as a normal outlet of the sexual desire. Walk a narrow road. Use confession often. Start over. Even if your eyes go in one direction let your heart come to me. A day of victory will come. I will help you to secure your hard won freedom. Read these words often.

Comment: Pornography was always a problem but with the internet, it has become an evil of epidemic proportions. Mary wants to lead everyone away from its enslaving power.

November 11, 2013
The Stream That Ends in Death


Human history is a stream. People are born into the stream, spend some years in its flow and then die. The stream itself goes on, always acquiring new members who, themselves stay in the stream only for a few short years.

However, what happened to those billions of people who have passed out of the stream, who lived on earth but are no longer here? They have lived their brief moment in life’s stream.

Unfortunately, many lived only for the stream. They gave themselves to the stream, believing that the stream could give them life. Really, the stream would reject them as it had rejected so many. “You, can no longer live in this stream”. That is the sentence heard by everyone born into this world.

The Father had a plan. He sent his Son, Jesus, into the stream. Jesus brought life, eternal life to all who believed in him. My great sorrow is that eternal life, offered to billions of people, is so often seen as unimportant. Instead, they choose the stream that ends in death.

Billions, while still in the stream, do not choose the life offered by Jesus.

I speak in these locutions so all the world will know ahead of time. In the events to come, my Son, Jesus, will again come into the center of the stream and all will again have a chance to choose his eternal life, not the stream’s inevitable death.

Comment: Mary shows us that earthly life is only a stream that inevitably ends.

November 12, 2013
Mary’s Deepest Sorrow


The gospel accounts of Jesus’ passion and death reveal his greatest sorrow. He could not hold back the words, “One of your will betray me. Better if that man had never been born”. Today, I reveal my deepest sorrow. As you enter into the recesses of my heart, you will see empty places. Yes, at the very center of my being, an emptiness exists.

Throughout human history, I have chosen some to enter my heart’s center. These were my chosen ones, my very elect. I gave them my choicest graces, surrounded them with every blessing. How I looked forward to receiving their love and blessing them forever.

But they walked away and rejected my gift. They rejected my stirrings and abandoned my call. They are my deepest sorrow.

O reader, I have revealed my heart to you. I have many gifts to distribute. They were meant for others, but they did not want them. They are yours if but ask.

Comment: Mary speaks of a great mystery. God’s graces, rejected by some, are offered to others.

The Good Seed and the Bad (November 14 to November 25, 2013)

November 14, 2013
Seed Planted in a Field


Human history is like seed planted in a field, containing many powerful forces which can bring forth an abundant and beneficent harvest.  However, other seeds have also been planted in history.  These strangle the good and bring forth a harvest of corruption. The heavenly Father has wisely decided that, until the end of history, the good and the bad seeds will grow side by side, lest in ripping out the evil, the good is also destroyed.

This decision, so wise and prudent, leads to confusion.  People say, “Why does God allow this?”  Please know that it is only for a time.  The complete separation of the good and the bad will inevitably take place when the good are safe in the kingdom.  Until then, O reader, you need the wisdom that you will receive from my lips.

Comment:  Mary sets the stage for her teachings that will describe the forces (good and bad) that form human history and shape our world.

November 15, 2013
Examining Your Own Heart


The wheat and the weeds are planted in every human heart.  They live in the feelings, the hopes and especially in the choices and decisions.  Every day, the person experiences an inner stream of happiness or sadness, of peace or of turmoil.  They look to outside forces as the cause of their inner emotions, but they seldom look within.  They do not ask, “What forces are within me that cause these problems?”

To look within and to see these evil weeds is the beginning of conversion, the great grace of turning fully to God.  O reader, will you have the courage to travel with me into the recesses of your  own heart and to honestly see the evil seeds that Satan’s work has placed there?  If so, great inner changes can take place.  Do not worry about the locutions changing the world.  It is much more important that they change you.

Comment:  A disciple once said to St. Francis of Assisi, “We must change the world”.  St. Francis answered, “That is an excellent idea.  Let us begin with ourselves”.  Mary wants us to begin with ourselves.

November 16, 2013
Guarding the Tongue


If the person’s inner stream is a mixture of good and evil, then the words that flow from his lips will also be good or bad.  When someone speaks, they feel justified.  They have spoken from their heart, but they do not realize that their heart contains evil as well as good.

After evil words are spoken, the evil holds an even more secure position.  The person is amazed at the clarity of his own words and the evil becomes entwined within him.

O reader, guard your tongue for it releases into the world the evil within your own heart.  How difficult to take your words back.  They are planted in the hearts of the listeners where they bring forth another evil harvest.  “If anyone does not  sin by the tongue, he is perfect.” (James 3:2)

Comment:  Both good and evil fill the world.  Mary begins these teachings with our inner world.  Unfortunately evil does not remain within.  Human speech can give it a new existence outside of us.

November 17, 2013
The Inner World of Darkness


Before explaining the good and the evil in the world today, I must continue to speak first of the human heart.  Later, I will speak of the world events that flow from human decisions.

The great problem is inner darkness.  Man cannot see the evil within that pushes him to false goals.  One darkness leads to another.  Eventually, they plunge the person into the greatest darkness.

At some point, the person no longer desires the light and no longer wants to be awakened from his sleep.  But, O reader, I cannot let you sleep in your darkness.  I will flood you with the greatest light.  I will even plunge you into my light.  Do not doubt that I have this gift for you.

Comment:  Human beings think that they are smart, that they are “in the light” in making decisions.  Really, we are filled with much darkness.  If we had Mary’s light, we would make quite different decisions.

November 18, 2013
Purifying the Heart


I see people battling within themselves, confused about so many things that happen to them.  They do not understand that evil is sown in their hearts.  These hidden seeds constantly try to ruin all that God has planted.  No solutions are possible until this root problem is faced.

O reader, the way to do this is quite easy.  That is why I speak.  First, you must realize that this power of evil is planted deeply within you and is constantly covered over.  Second, you must uncover the evil and let it be revealed.  This is called a good confession.  Third, you must ask God for his power to overcome these evil seeds.

Do this frequently, because the weeds are always growing.  Do not forget that you must not try to pull them out by yourself.  God, who created the field and planted good seed within you, knows the weeds that need to be removed.

Comment:  Many human enterprises like marriage, friendship or career, are destroyed by our own inner sinfulness.  Purifying our hearts gives new possibilities for success.

November 19, 2013
The Cause of Failures


Even though I speak of the evil placed by Satan in every heart, no one needs to be afraid.  My words are warnings that protect.  However, if my words are set aside, then the evil grows. People set out on their own.  Even nations set great goals.  They embark on grand enterprises. The dreams are great and hopes are high.  Then comes the moment of reality, when the dream becomes a nightmare and the hopes come crashing down.

They forget the evil called original sin, that universal power which corrupts everything that is human.  They forget the basic teaching.  Man always needs divine help.  Alone, man cannot overcome the evil within himself.

O reader, do not waste any more time.  The forces of evil within you are too great.  They grow unaware, like weeds that always spring up.  Come to me and I, the sinless Mother of God, will crush the evil and set you free.

Comment:  Mary  teaches that so much fails because of selfishness planted in man’s heart.  Ask her to remove this evil and you will not fail.

November 20, 2013
Evil on the World Stage


So great was the evil in men’s hearts and so deep was their ignorance of God’s law that the heavenly Father revealed his commandments. Yet, even these were not enough because man was powerless and unable to keep these laws.

So, in the fullness of time, God sent his only begotten Son, Jesus, whom I conceived in my womb by the power of the Holy Spirit.  In Jesus, dwells the fullness of God’s help.  Evil cannot exist in his presence.  In Jesus, all is purified.

This is the mystery, revealed in the gospel.  Without Jesus, man cannot overcome the evil that grows and grows within.  He is helpless in the face of these forces which claim everyone’s heart.

These forces will shape the history of the world and lead mankind to the greatest means of destruction.  These evils will twist everything.  They will cover over God’s laws.  They will subvert everything good.  They will manipulate the political system.  From these evil forces come forth lies, deceptions, untruths.  Without Jesus, the whole world returns to chaos.

Can I be any clearer?  Can I speak more boldly?  In this modern world, these evils have greater outlets, weapons fashioned by man’s mind, weapons that should never have been invented and never allowed to spread.  Now I weep.  I see exactly where mankind is, perched at the edge of the precipice with the forces of evil ready to push him over.

Comment:  Mary shows that the evil forces inside each person affect world history and the events that all of us experience.

November 21, 2013
Mary’s Help in Extraordinary Times


Now the forces of evil are breaking through on every side like a swarming army of locusts.  How can the world respond?  A crisis here, a crisis there.  Problems on every side.  Will the defenses be secure?  Will the enemy break through this time?

O mankind, my Son has saved you so many times.  So often you were on the brink.  You take your safety for granted.  “It will never happen to us”, you say.  “Life will continue as usual”.  What I have constantly said is that life will not continue as usual.  These times are different, the forces are extraordinary and growing.  Agreements are made that remove obstacles and push ahead the timetable.  People walk in ignorance, not knowing that they are on the precipice.  What will I do?

First, I give these locutions.  Read them and spread them.  Second, I send new and extraordinary devotions with great promises.  These are fresh invitations.  Third, I stir in your heart, O reader, to undertake a life of reparation.  I invite you to deeper devotion and abandonment to my cause.  Fourth, I will not allow the events to crash suddenly upon the world.  There will be beginning events, obvious breakthroughs of evil.  These will be warnings.  At this point, I will flood the world with special graces.  I will raise up a special person to speak in my name.  This will be a moment of great graces, offering to the world an opportunity of turning to God.  Those who turn will be saved.  The needed graces will be poured into their hearts so they do not despair.  How extraordinary will be these times and how precious will each person be to me.

Come, let us begin.  Do not wait.  Enter now the Ark of my Immaculate heart.

Comment:  Mary describes the present world crisis and promises her helps so we know to take advantage of them.

November 22, 2013
Understanding Middle East Events


So, the stage is set.  The forces of evil have taken their place.  The obstacles are removed due to the policies of the Obama administration.  The timetable is moved forward.  What was unthinkable is now coming forth, a nuclear Iran.

Look, at the events.  Are they not all intertwined, like a clever artist who slowly unveils his master plan?  I will be very specific.  First, there was the Egyptian revolution.  In this way, a protective ring around Israel was removed.  Then came the Syrian revolt which continues to this day and has destabilized the region closer to Israel.

Iran is the final stage.  When nuclear weapons are in place, Satan will have completed his preparation.  Only heaven stands between these plans and their execution.

When will the Holy Father consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart?  If this happens, I will reverse these plans and dismantle these weapons and there will be peace.  That is my promise.  Can no one see that Russia is the problem?

Comment:  Mary shows us the evil that has been behind these worldwide events.

November 23, 2013
Avoiding the Great Destruction


All the destructive forces of hell are ready to break forth.  They wait and continually gather strength.  If the fire breaks forth, it will be too late.  There will be widespread destruction that will never be reversed and the forces of evil will claim parts of the world for centuries.

Now is the turning point.  I have appeared at Fatima and now appear at Medjugorje.  I have spoken in many places but only a few have truly listened.  My word is like a light, hidden under a bushel basket.   I must take this light and place it on the lampstand.  Only when the light of my words floods the Church, only when the Holy Father consecrates Russia to my Immaculate Heart, only when the whole Church knows the full secret of Fatima, will God’s power be released to avoid the great destruction.

Comment:  Mary outlines the two forces at their greatest strength.  We all must act now.

November 24, 2013
The Iran Agreement


The deal is done.  The signatures are affixed to the document that makes Israel a living sacrifice upon the altar of false negotiations.  Iran walks away with all that it needs.  The money will again flow in to fuel its economy.  Russia walks away, vindicated by these events.  Israel, and other nations, walk in a new darkness, a darkness now perfectly secure by an agreement, made from false hopes and political motives.

Just as I have predicted, the evil is now secure and able to grow.  The agreement is a lie, a pretext, a cover, a shield for the nuclear program which will continue.  Satan rejoices.  He sees his plan moving ahead.

When will the Church move ahead with my plan?  The time grows shorter and the window of opportunity narrows so much more.  Holy Father, consecrate Russia.  Reveal the full secret.  Then, my plan will also be secure.

Comment:  Mary reveals the true nature of the agreement signed by Secretary of State, Kerry.

November 25, 2013
Legitimating Iran’s Leaders


The effects of this agreement will not go away.  They are set for good in the stream of the future.  The legitimacy of the Iran government has been accepted, even though it builds nuclear weapons and has threatened to use them against Israel.

The ink is not even dried and already there are disagreements about the accord.  Iran sits in a new place, a co-signer of a treaty with the West.  The regime now has status and acceptance.  It has been vindicated, set above any possible attack, even from its own people.

A protective wall has been placed around the evil.  Iran will assess its new position, rejoicing in what has been accomplished and plot new ways to gain its goal.  Do you think that it has suffered all these years and now will give up its goal of having nuclear weapons?  Such is the foolishness of America.

Comment:  Iran now has a wall of protection around its nuclear facilities.

Mary Embraces the World (November 26 to December 7, 2013)

November 26, 2013
An Awakening From the Darkness


Just as a mother draws her sick child closer to herself, so I draw the world even closer to my bosom. In this powerful embrace, I will begin to cleanse the infection by rejecting those who lead the world down such dangerous paths.

I will stir up new hopes in those whose hearts are set on the good.  They will see that the political landscape of America is changing and that people are awakening from the darkness.

Now is the time for them to act.  There is a small window of opportunity to turn once again to the light.  They must seize the moment or all will be lost.

Comment:  On other occasions, Mary has spoken about these next few years when there is still a chance for America.

November 27, 2013
Mary’s Embrace


I try to hold the human race close to my heart but mankind acts like a rebellious child, always pulling away.  “Where will you go, little one?  Who else will free you from the current darkness that grows even more dangerous?”

Without my embrace, you will run straight into the waiting arms of the Evil One who already plots your destruction.  The time is very serious.  The forces of evil are already in place.  Very few obstacles still block the release of destruction.

The Heavenly Father has made my Immaculate Heart the new Ark of the Covenant.  O reader, you can enter my heart, even if mankind will not.  Also, I will make provisions for people of good will.  They, too, will have an opportunity to enter my heart.

Comment:  To every reader of these locutions, Mary is right now giving you an individual invitation to the closest intimacy with her.

November 28, 2013
Mary’s Embrace


The more I embrace the world, the more Satan multiplies his attractions.  He appeals to man’s desire for money, for power and for pleasure.  Look around.  See his growing attractions, always spreading, finding new outlets and discovering more victims.

What do I offer?  How do I embrace people?  You must learn and seek my greater powers.  Once you taste of my sweetness, earthly attractions will lose their power.   I will give you freedom from all the disorders in your heart?  I will draw you away from this darkness until you begin to see clearly what truly matters.  I set your feet on a new path that will bring inner joy.  Finally, I will flood you with a peace which you have not known for years.

Once I embrace you, I will never let you go.  Once I call you back, I never let you return to the darkness.  How does this happen?  Just let me embrace you.

Comment:  Reader, say this prayer often, “Mary, please embrace me.  I am safe only in your arms.”

November 29, 2013
Safe in Mary’s Embrace


The human race is coming to the point where it must choose its embrace.  It will either be embraced by destructive fires or embraced by the warmth of my heart.  Let all that is happening be a sign for you.

See the growing destructive fires that now rage in so many countries.  No one can put them out.  No waters are cooling them down.  They feed upon one another.  They ignite and re-ignite each other.  They are spread over nations, not contained with the walls of boundaries.

My love is even greater, poured out instantly anywhere in the world, into any heart that turns to me.  O Reader, let me embrace you.  I will turn your eyes to new paths. If you walk these paths, the destructive fires will have no power over you who will be safe in my embrace.

Comment:  Mary speaks about the constant violence of the Middle East which she has often called Satan’s boiling pot.  We cannot say that the Middle East is far away.  All the world is now a single house.

November 30, 2013
The Light of Mary’s Embrace


As I embrace the world, I bring God’s light.  The darkness is cast out and everyone can see the way God intends for them to live.  God’s light is the great invitation and I say to each person, “Come out of your darkness.  Come into my light.  I will embrace you and you will be safe forever”.

With that step, the person passes over from a merely earthly life, which contains only the  passing pleasures of the world, into my life where the treasures do not pass away.  The person discovers a new way of life, an inner light that was never experienced before.

My embrace contains every gift.  O Reader, my embrace is all that you need.  It is a mother’s embrace and I wish to embrace the whole world.

Comment:  As the world’s darkness grows, Mary increases her graces.  She wants to embrace you.

December 1, 2013
Mary Embraces You


Cannot love go forth to the whole world?  O Reader, if I embrace you, will you not embrace others?  Yes, I need your arms so all the world can feel the warmth of my love.  I must melt every heart because all are frozen in their selfishness.

Let us begin, you and I.  Begin with my embrace.  Let my presence come over you and love’s warmth encourage you.  Begin each day with my embrace.  I give this gift to you.  Who else understands all that I intend to do?

When darkness or fears capture your heart, just stop for a moment and say, “Mary, I need your embrace” and you will experience my presence.  This is the great secret that I am revealing.  I will embrace the whole world.

Comment:  This revelation is simple and powerful.  Whenever we are in trouble, we must stop and allow Mary to embrace us.  Then, we continue on.

December 2, 2013
The Worldwide Events


Will there ever come a time when the whole world will see who I am and understand the great mysteries that the heavenly Father has placed in my Immaculate Heart?  Slowly this mystery has been revealed through my appearing to many whom I have chosen.  Yet, the great moments of this revelation still lie ahead.  The worldwide events remain.

The quicker that I come on to the world scene, the sooner peace will come.  This is my goal.  I want to be seen by the whole world as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.  I want everyone, Catholic or not, to know that the path to world peace can be found only in my Immaculate Heart.

These secrets remain hidden and I want them to be revealed as soon as possible.  Only then, can the events unfold that will lead to world peace.  At this point, only the events of world distraction are taking place.

Comment:  God’s plan for peace is not unfolding.

December 3, 2013
Challenging the Evil Events


Yes, events move on.  Changes take place that determine future events.  Events cling to one another and unfold, just like the parts of a story.  However, other events can intervene that change this course of world history.

Open your eyes.  These events happen in your sight every single day.  Events that seem innocuous become colossal in hind sight.  What seems like just a small change becomes a curve in the road. Powerful forces are being unleashed that will bring about events that no one can control.  Changes are happening that will never be rolled back.

I do not want these events to continue unchallenged.  I want to change their course and even bring them to a complete halt.  But who listens to my pleas?  Only when the bridge topples are those who warned of its weakness listened to.  Only when buildings collapse are warnings heeded.

So it will be.  Little disasters will act as warnings of greater calamities.  They will be harbingers of future events which can be avoided.  I will speak more clearly than ever before.  The time is short.

Comment:  So many do not listen until something falls apart.

December 4, 2013
The Church Is Asleep


No one listens.  No one heeds the warnings until the events happen.  Then all are awakened to the hidden forces of evil.  If people continue to sleep, then greater events occur.  Satan loves people who sleep.  Jesus says, “Stay awake and watch”.

When the great calamities happen it is too late.  The walls crumble.  The city is taken.  The people are helpless.  The watchmen have fallen asleep.  The enemy is within the gates, able to plunder and to kill.

It is far easier to protect the city when the walls are intact and when the enemy is outside.  Even with all of these present evils, this is still the present state of the world.  Yet, the time is short and my people are sound asleep.  Who will awaken them?  Only the one who will listen to my messages.

Let me speak ever so clearly.  The pope can say many, many words, but until he says my words, the Church will sleep on and the time of safety will come crashing to an end.  He must say, “I will consecrate Russia and I will reveal the Fatima secret”.

Comment:  We must wake up.  The time is short.

December 5, 2013
A Clear Warning


How will I awaken my people?  I must tear away the veils that hide these evils.  I must have all the world see what is happening.  Then, no one can say that these events came as a surprise.  No one can complain, “Why did not God warn us ahead of time?”  By these words, I am warning the whole world.  I am putting on notice all of the world leaders and all of its people.  Mark the words down and note the dates.

Iran will not stop its nuclear program.  It has deceived America (which in many ways wanted to be deceived) and now feels more secure than ever.  The hidden activities will go on, only now covered over more than ever.  Even its intentions will grow more hidden, as it quickly changes its rhetoric.

The investigations will take place and even reports of some progress. Steps will be taken to fool the West.  Iran will do whatever it must.  However, its eyes are on the same goal of holding in its own hands the nuclear weapons that will give it superiority in the Middle East.  Nothing has changed.  Only America deludes itself that a break-through has occurred.  Everybody else deals in realty, not promises.

Comment:  When all of this is proven true, we all will know that Mary has warned us.

December 6, 2013
The Road of Compromise


The Iran accord is but the first step of a new road.  For America, the road will be filled with confusion and filled with repeated attempts to gain the elusive goal of a non-nuclear Iran.  For Iran, it will be a clear road with a clear goal.  Only the means to the end will constantly shift.  However, their goal is clear and free of all confusion.

For Israel, it will be a painful and disheartening road.  They will be on the sidelines.  Their voice will be muted (even though they will constantly speak out) while their interests are sacrificed, one by one.

They will see the lines being drawn by a constant hardness on Iran’s part and constant softness and concessions on America’s part.  Only the first steps have been taken but how important and fateful they are.  The road of compromise and not confrontation has been chosen.

Comment:  America has chosen the wrong road.

December 7, 2013
On the Edge


The events will unfold, but how will they come forth?  Nothing is pre-determined. Man’s will remains free.  Right now, the powers of evil unfold according to Satan’s plan which he conceived long ago. Nothing stands in his way.  The field is clear.  The voice and power of America are now being muted.

Only my great love stands between the frightful consequences of destruction and the future safety of the human race.  Never has there been a moment like this.  Never has the world tottered so precipitously on the edge.

Only my hand can steady world history and get the human race through this darkness.  Therefore, I speak so very, very, clearly.  I want the clarity of my words to be light piercing the darkness.  As the darkness grows, follow my words.   Believe my words.  Obey my words.

Comment:  God gives great freedom to the human will to choose and even to form historical events, but he always has his own means to intervene.  Mary’s words are now his instrument.

The Hidden Mysteries of Mary’s Immaculate Heart (December 8 to December 18, 2013)

December 8, 2013
I Open Wide the Gates of my Heart


I open wide the gates of my heart. Why hold back any gift when the time is so short? Why limit my abundant graces when the forces of evil are being poured out without measure? These will be my new themes as I reveal treasures up to now hidden and known only by a few. I want the whole world to know the secrets which the heavenly Father has placed in my Immaculate Heart. I want all the world to know exactly what God has done for me. I will begin with my Immaculate Conception.

In the fullness of time, the hidden plan of the Father came to its first fruition. In my Immaculate Conception, for the first time since the creation of our first parents, a soul existed on earth which was full of grace and independent of all evil. How the Father, Son and Holy Spirit rejoiced. The long wait of centuries of darkness was now over. The true Light was about to come into the world.

Comment: On this feast of the Immaculate Conception, Mary begins her teachings on the hidden secrets of God’s actions in her Immaculate Heart.

December 9, 2013
Every Person’s Identity


As the new Eve, the mother of a humanity restored to grace, I received the whole human race into my heart. Now, I hold within me the identity of every person. This is God’s secret plan for everyone who exists.

God’s plan for all of human history flows out from my Immaculate Heart. Oh, how great is my sorrow when God’s plan does not go forth, when mankind chooses its own path and its own goals.

Just as Jesus came forth from my womb as the Word made Flesh, so every person is meant to come forth from my Immaculate Heart, formed totally in Jesus’ image. This secret will only be known to the whole world when the Fatima gift is finally released.

Comment: This is a beautiful theology of Mary’s role in bringing about God’s plan for us.

December 10, 2013
The Decision to Create


From the moment of my Immaculate Conception, the Most High revealed all of his mysteries. He began with the mystery of creation, of how he formed the heavens and the earth, with the mystery of life and living plants and animals.

Then he brought me to the great mystery of when he formed man and woman. He spoke of his decision to have them share in his own powers to know, to love, to choose and to decide. He gave them a free will, able to say “yes” or “no”. He equipped them with every possible blessing and told them to increase and multiply and fill the earth.

This began the great mystery of human history which still unfolds today. He revealed all of his mysteries. He held back none of his thoughts. These I will reveal now to all the world.

Comment: One by one Mary will reveal God’s secrets.

December 11, 2013
The Father Reveals Everything


The heavenly Father revealed to me all of his sorrows to see mankind pursue the road of sin, to watch as people killed other people and all the disorders that began to happen. He revealed his desire to rid the world of sin. Then, Noah found favor in his sight.

These revelations included everything placed in my heart, the faith he found in Abraham, the strength of Moses, and the heart of his King David. Yet, no one in Israel had found full favor with him, all were touched by sin.

Even while in the womb, the revelations began, filling my soul with every possible gift. I knew that at the proper time all would come forth. He who is mighty rejoiced in what he had done in creating me and choosing me to be his mother. That part of the mystery was hidden from me until the angel Gabriel came. Then I understood that I had found favor and would become the Mother of Jesus.

I knew that Joseph would believe and that the baby would be born in Bethlehem, according to the Davidic prophecies. I knew that all would unfold in the greatest of all mysteries. This is what I want to reveal to you. All was revealed. I needed only to believe the Lord’s words to me.

Comment: Who can recount the mysteries, the secrets and the revelations which God placed in Mary’s mind?

December 12, 2013
Exalting the Fatima Secrets


For all of these centuries, the Father’s secrets have been hidden in my heart, waiting for that moment when they will be so valuable to his beloved human race. Now, these secrets are meant to flow forth in every possible way.

However, as long as the Secrets of Fatima are withheld, not only withheld but put into the background as if they are not important, then the outpouring is just a tiny stream and not a vast ocean.

The Fatima secrets must be exalted by the Church. All must know what I have revealed out of my deepest love for mankind. Only then can I pour out all of my secrets, all of the revelations in my heart, so that the whole earth will be covered with the knowledge of the Father and his plan.

The Church is walking in a very dim light. It makes many mistakes and does not see the Father’s secrets. All of that must change.

Comment: Much light will be released when Mary’s Fatima secrets are revealed.

December 13, 2013
2014 Opportunities


Every day, human history unfolds but not always according to God’s plan. Man needs God’s light to see which events lead to darkness and which ones lead to light. The human mind is often mistaken and people of darkness can appear in a good light.

Such is the case with America which plunges into darkness by calling everything light. This has happened for so long that true light is painful to America’s eyes. The light is quickly criticized and, if possible, extinguished. Darkness gains complete control.

These locutions provide my light, even while America is still plunged in darkness. In 2014, I will offer America another opportunity to return to the light. People will begin to understand that they have chosen the darkness. A new freedom will be in the air. Fresh voices will be raised. A new generation of leaders whom I have prepared will take center stage. It will not be as it has been in the past. America will have a clear choice to walk a different road. I will provide the opportunity. Only America will decide its path.

Comment: Mary promises that 2014 will be a new opportunity for America.

December 14, 2013
New Life and New Beginnings


To everyone who enters my heart, I will reveal the secrets of the heavenly Father. Each will receive a different light, according to God’s plan. The light will show them the road they should walk and the helps which God offers.

They will also see their past decisions, good and bad. They will understand the people in their lives, those who lead them to God and those who lead them away from God. They will see their faults and their addictions. This is so important so they are not caught up in powers that destroy God’s plan.

Especially, they will see my love. They will experience great hope. No matter what needs to be changed or what decisions must be made, they will know that I will help them.

Come, O reader, enter my heart now. Receive my light. You will quickly see all that God intends for you. Other goals which have fascinated you and led you astray, will be put aside. Your new life will begin. Yes, I hold out to you new life, new hope, new desires, new beginnings, while you still have time on this earth. Do not delay.

Comment: God wants everyone to know his plan for them. How do you enter Mary’s heart? Just ask her, every day, to place you there.

December 15, 2013
Darkness Instead of Light


The light is meant to go forth, like an ocean flowing out to the whole world. Mankind is meant to walk in light and to understand God’s plan. Every person should be filled with the greatest light and easily see all that the heavenly Father intends. This was the Father’s original plan by which man could easily respond, could easily say “yes” and enjoy eternal life.

Instead, the light does not go forth. People walk in unbelievable darkness. Heaven is set aside and man seeks only earthly goals. God’s plan was for the greatness of man, to exalt man to divine life. This is completely lost in the darkness. Now, the darkness increases. Greater darkness waits in the wings. Instead of waves of light, mankind suffers waves of darkness while God’s light remains stored in my heart.

Only when the Fatima light is placed on the lampstand will this ocean go forth from my heart. Holy Father, act quickly. You do not know the darkness that will soon cover the world if you do not act.

Comment: Mary describes our situation. Darkness replaces the light.

December 16, 2013
Mary’s Firm Promise


I promise that, someday, the fullness of this light will burst forth, released by the Holy Father as he consecrates Russia to my Immaculate Heart and as he reveals the full Fatima secret. In the meantime, you have only my promise.

Also, you know why the events of darkness continue to surround the world. You are not confused because I have explained the situation. Darkness, at this point, has no enemy powerful enough to scatter it or to cast it out.

You also know that such a power of light exists and is waiting to be released. Lift up your hearts and lift up your voices. Ask for the Fatima light in my heart to be released. Let your voices become like a chorus pleasing to my ears.

This will console me in my sorrows until the great moment arrives when I can pour out my light and all the world sees me as the Woman Clothed With the Sun. How I await that day and my precious priest son who will bring it about.

Comment: Our Lady’s words give us hope and light in the darkness.

December 17, 2013
Mary’s Priest Son


I have spoken of the deep secrets of my heart but there is one secret that lies hidden. My deepest secret concerns my priest son who was chosen from all eternity to place the Fatima light on the lampstand.

I have openly promised that someday Russia will be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart and a period of great peace will ensue. Who will be the one who will do that? He is still hidden in my heart, protected by my greatest favors.

Only after some darkness has fallen on the earth will I bring him forth. If I brought him forth in the light, he would be rejected. When the darkness begins, the Church will be more ready to receive my light and my choice.

Know that I will use the beginning darkness for my purposes. Because of the darkness, the Church will seek the Fatima light in all its fullness. Only when the Church begins to ask, “Who can lead us to Fatima” will I bring my priest son out of the hiding of my heart.

Comment: Mary has promised that the Consecration would take place, even though it will be late.

December 18, 2013
A New Humanity


When all the events are consummated, when the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart is fulfilled and when the Fatima secrets are revealed, when all of the light goes forth from my heart, then the era of peace will begin.

Slowly at first, like the dawn rising in the East, and seen only by a few.

But who can stop the sun from taking its place? Who can place an obstacle to its course? The sun of peace will traverse the whole world. All will know its presence and feel its power. Historians will record the changes. They will note carefully the new humanity which is brought forth.

This has been my promise from the very beginning. Who would question my word? When will the Church come to that point? What trials and sufferings will happen first? Why the delay? Why does the Church not move forward? So many do not believe my promises. I must continue to speak. The world events will speak even louder, crying out for heaven’s intervention.

Comment: Mary’s promises are very clear. She says that the consecration will take place, but very late.

The Opposing Forces (December 19 to December 27, 2013)

December 19, 2013
Darkness and Light


So few understand these mysteries or even believe that these opposing forces exist and can change the course of history. That is why I speak and teach. The forces of evil stay hidden because they appeal to selfish instincts present in every human heart. They do not want to be known or even believed in. They multiply in the darkness and want no light thrown upon their works.

The forces of good are quite different. They appeal to man’s highest aspirations and invite him to put away selfish practices. They flourish only when they are known and understood.

I will now begin to explain these mysteries of good and evil. So many of my children walk in darkness. The great lights remain in my heart because my children are unaware of the gifts that they can easily receive.

Comment: Mary begins a new series, always opening up mysteries for us.

December 20, 2013
The Growing Army of Weapons


All of this will soon come to a climax. The opposing forces will be totally poured out in a cosmic battle. At first, only those who believe will truly understand. Others will assign different reasons for these events. Soon, however, all will grasp that this is not the usual back and forth of human events.

With all of its modern technology, man will stand helpless before these forces. I have spoken before, saying that these events began with the war in Syria. Does not the world just look on, helpless, as millions suffer? This is my first sign and those who believe see it clearly.

Now, I must look to the future. What will occur is far beyond and far greater than Syria (which is only the fuse for the explosion that will take place elsewhere). The army of chemical weapons grows daily. The means to deliver these are being worked out. Nowhere in the world is really safe. Even the most secure of protections can be easily pierced. These events cannot be averted by human means. Mankind is walking a road of darkness and destruction that inevitably leads to all that I am describing.

I wait. I wait. I wait. When will the Holy Father release the powers in my heart by exalting the Fatima promise?

Comment: Mary speaks in great detail.

December 21, 2013
Government Interference


No one can oppose this darkness. It will soon be everywhere. It already permeates every corner of the world and every part of the Church. I must say this so clearly even though many will be astounded. That is how important is this truth.

How I looked forward to pouring out the light of Fatima. I sent the Angel of Portugal to prepare my way. The angel, by his visitations, prepared the children. Their hearts were ready for the apparitions. They received as much as they could, given their human frailty.

But even during the visions, I grew sad. The government interfered with the gift and the children could not receive everything. Even at its inception, some of the Fatima light could not be given and some blessings were never received.

This is the great mystery, which I will continue to explain in the days ahead.

Comment: In 1917, the government of Portugal was Communist. (They were ejected by the people five years later). Since the crowds were growing each month, the government put the three children in jail on August 13, 1917. As a result, there was no vision on that day and thousands were disappointed. Mary did appear to the children on August 19, 1917, after they had been released.

December 22, 2013
The Light Across Europe


Do not be fooled. The road without the Fatima light is bound to be filled with darkness. No other alternative exists. To save the world from the darkness which he foresaw, the heavenly Father placed all his light into my Immaculate Heart so that it would be easily available.

I rejoiced when I began to pour that light out upon the three children. They were so faithful in receiving it and transmitting it to all. My joy turned to sorrow as I saw the obstacles rise up. Oh, how many obstacles, from every side.

Poor Lucy, the suffering she endured. She knew the power of this light. Yet, in spite of all her efforts, she could not break through the walls of resistance. Then, she experienced the sign, the light I had promised, that signaled the beginning of World War II. How sad she was that night. Who could console her?

These are the stages of a darkness which continues to unfold because the Church and the world is deprived of the Fatima light.

Comment: Our Lady told Lucy that World War II would begin after a great light shone across Europe that would be seen by all. This light recorded by scientists and by the press, happened on the night of January 25/26, 1938. The scientists called this an Aurora Borealis. However, their findings showed that this light was different and really unexplainable. Only Lucy knew that the light was a sign. The war began a few weeks later.

December 23, 2013
Lucy’s Death


Darkness will break out everywhere. When night comes, does it only come to one spot? Do not people say, “Night has fallen?” At night, no place enjoys light. So it will be if God’s light has not gone forth from my Immaculate Heart.

As the years went on, the Fatima light grew dim. Lucy, the messenger of Fatima, was set aside. She became an embarrassment to the Church that did not want the Fatima light. Much truth and teaching resided in her heart. She would have explained everything, yet her words never went forth. At her death, the great witness to Fatima was extinguished.

I selected another. He is the one I will raise up. I have prepared him. He is still hidden because I need to protect him. I will not allow the Fatima light to remain only in my heart. It will go forth but it will be late.

Comment: It is difficult to understand why the Church wanted Lucy to be silent but, clearly, that is what happened. Even when the third secret was revealed (2000), she was not present.

December 24, 2013
Lightening the Sentence


Many more secrets lie at the depth of my heart and I will continue to speak until all come forth. Mankind must both know and be confronted with my sorrows and my hopes.

The world cannot just continue down this road. There must be a quick and total turning away from the darkness that entices mankind. How will this occur? The answer to this question causes me to weep so many tears. I am a mother who sees her child guilty and worth of punishment. Does such a mother just step aside and allow the chastisements? No, she pleads for a lighter sentence.

Mankind has a choice to accept the full chastisements merited by its decisions or to come to me, so the sentence is made lighter. This is the secret of my Immaculate Heart. The earlier mankind comes, the more I can do to lighten the sentence. O reader, come now. Others have not yet learned of these locutions.

Comment: “Coming to Mary” means that each day is filled with devotion to her. Today, lift up your thoughts often to your heavenly Mother.

December 24, 2013
Lucy’s Voice Now Silent


As I look at the world, what do I see? The final living witness, Lucy, has come to heaven. Her voice no longer lifts up the Fatima gift. Others strive to be heard but their voices are too weak to capture the heart of the Holy Father. Many other concerns flood in upon him and no strong voice says, “The world needs Fatima”.

I cannot let this continue. I cannot allow the consecration of Russia to be pushed further and further into the future. So, I will begin to act decisively. I must put in place all the events which will lead to this consecration. These events will happen both in the world and in the Church. The world events will convince many that no human powers can resolve the problems. The Church events will also be a shaking. I do not need more decisions and more actions, more plans and more proposals. In the Church, I only need someone to listen to me and do what I want. In the coming year, I will begin to raise him up.

Comment: Mary’s primary request is to consecrate Russia. She promises to bring that about. She, seemingly, is saying that this will not happen in 2014 but world and Church events in 2014 will be shaking.

December 25, 2013
A Light Still Concealed


On Christmas day, the heavenly Father sent into the world his only begotten Son. He was the fullness of light who would overcome the darkness. But he was opposed, even from the very beginning. Soon, he would leave Israel for safety in Egypt. Often, he had to escape for his life, even at Nazareth. This constant hatred of the light continues today. Jesus, light from light, true God from true God has entered but the world still lies in darkness.

I have tried to explain these opposing forces and the battle which plays out on the world scene. On this day, the light of the world came forth from my womb. What if he had stayed in my womb? Would not the whole world have been deprived of his light? This is the mystery which I reveal. I shout it from the housetops. I use these locutions. The great mystery is this. The Father has placed the most powerful light of Jesus in my Immaculate Heart but it will only come forth when my requests of Fatima are fulfilled. Pray. The time is so short. The darkness spreads. The mystery still waits to be unveiled.

Comment: Mary gives a powerful image. What if Jesus had remained in her womb? She speaks of a great mystery, the light has not gone forth from her heart.

December 26, 2013
Clash of Opposing Fires


Many do not see this clash of opposing fires. A few get some glimpses. I see it fully. I see all that has happened in these 20 centuries since the birth of Jesus and I see all that might occur.

The future is not firm. All can change. I am trying to lead mankind down a path of peace. Dangers can be avoided. The darkness can be moved off to the sidelines. No reason exists to give darkness the center of the world stage.

Can you not see my plan? Yes, there are great forces of darkness but they can be moved off target, like a storm that goes out to sea and spends its fury where no harm takes place.

Instead, mankind invites the darkness, enjoys the darkness, makes money from the darkness and even propagates the darkness. I want to remove these fateful decisions. I want to remove those leaders who are choosing the darkness for their own political gain. Everything can change but the time is short and few are listening.

Comment: Mary reveals her plan – not to destroy the darkness but to rescue mankind from its power.

December 27, 2013
Where is Mary’s Army?


All will come to a conclusion but what that conclusion will be is still to be decided. The coming months are very important. I do not say the coming years because the resolution of these opposing forces cannot be pushed back. They are at the door, ready to enter and intrude into human history.

Satan has prepared his forces. He has appealed to all that is evil and selfish. He has promised the world the same enticements that he promised Jesus in the desert. He promises the bread of pleasures, the acclaim of popularity, and the power over the kingdoms of the world which he controls. Many have chosen these enticements and, long ago, have lost their way. He has them where he wants them. He owns their hearts.

Where is my army? Are they ready? It is the last minute and they have not gathered. I cannot allow the battle to begin now. What will I do at this last minute? Yes, it will be late, even the last minute, but I will act. The full battle will not begin until Russia is consecrated and my army begins to gather.

Comment: Mary brings this series to a conclusion. She describes the world as we see it. The forces of darkness seem unopposed at this moment.

Mary and 2014 (December 28 to January 10, 2014)

December 28, 2013
Goodness Always Demands Some Light


I must bathe the whole world in light so mankind can choose to walk God’s path. Goodness always demands some light. Otherwise, the correct choices cannot be made. Satan is the father of lies. He hides and destroys light. Let us begin.

Every blessing flows from the Father’s hands and comes to the world through Jesus’ heart. His heart was pierced on the cross so these blessings would pour forth. At that moment, I stood at the cross and received all of these blessings into my heart. The Beloved Disciple represented the Church and Jesus told him to care for me. “From that hour, the disciple took her into his home.” (Jn. 19:27)

Since that moment, I have obediently abided in the Catholic Church. Jesus placed me there and the Church has, for centuries, taught about me. More and more has been revealed about me to the Church which has declared these to the world. I will begin to teach about these prerogatives, always applying them to the modern world.

Comment: To know God’s gifts in Mary’s heart is an essential grace.

December 29, 2013
The Father’s Perfect Creature


No one understands all that the heavenly Father has done within me and what he wishes to accomplish through me. After the fall from grace, the Father’s plan to redeem mankind centered totally on his Son, Jesus, coming to earth. To accomplish this, he chose a woman as Jesus’ mother.

Now, if you were God and you could create your own mother, would you not place in her every possible good? Would you not create the perfect creature? Would you not fill her with divine life and every possible gift?

Would you put her over in a corner? Would you limit her power and her role? Would you hide her or pretend that she was unimportant? If she was the chosen instrument of your plan to redeem the world, would she not be perfect in every aspect and powerful throughout your kingdom?

This is what the heavenly Father has done. Only by acknowledging the Father’s decision and accepting the fullness of my role in bringing about the Father’s plan in Jesus will the Church experience all that the Father intends. He has no other plan. He awaits the Church’s decision to accept what he has brought about.

Comment: Understanding the Father’s decision reveals how frail is our devotion to Mary.

December 30, 2013
A Feminine Reflection of God


Would the heavenly Father cheat the world? Would he hold back the greatest of his gifts? Not at all. He so loved the world that he sent his only Son, Jesus. Such is the full abundance of God’s love and I am the reflection of that love. He has made me the perfect mirror, and clothed me with femininity. I am a reflection of God, because he understands that mankind can only think in terms of masculine and feminine.

God has both the strength of man and the warmth of woman. However, human minds are limited, attributing certain qualities to the man and different qualities to the woman.

Jesus is the full and total expression of his Father but man’s limited intellect pictures him with masculine virtues. God uses me as the feminine image. I am not God. However, the Father has chosen me to reflect his glory and attract people to him by my femininity. Let the whole world come to me as their mother. Those who come will find only Jesus and the Father.

Comment: So many find in Mary a beautiful image of the motherly love of God.

December 31, 2013
Weapons of Mass Destruction


All the world must know what powers God has placed in my heart because mankind has the power to destroy the earth and all of human civilization. Satan envies these weapons of mass destruction. He covets them. He wants them placed in the hands of those whom he controls. This is his plan and, each year, he comes so much closer to gaining this goal. As soon as it happens, he will waste no time. How many hearts share his evil and would delight in destroying the whole world!

This is a serious message which I held back until this final day of the year. No progress to peace has been made. Look around. All is in turmoil. Civil wars rage within nations. They are contained for now, but destined to flow out to neighboring countries. This is not the final step. Only when one nation begins to war against another, will the final stage begin and the great weapons will be brought forth.

Can no one see the inevitability of this path? Where does any solution lie? This is my great revelation, my final message of the year. The heavenly Father has placed all of his powers for world peace in my Immaculate Heart. Search for peace elsewhere and you will not find it. Search in my heart, and all the gifts will pour out.

Another year has passed. Russia is still not consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. Only a few years exist before all that I have explained will begin.

Comment: On July 13, 1917, Our Lady told the three children of Fatima that, at some point, she would ask that Russia be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart. This was the path to world peace. In an extraordinary vision and revelation on June 13, 1929, Our Lord and Our Lady told Lucy that this was the moment to have the Holy Father make this consecration, in union with all the bishops. As of December 2013, the consecration of Russia was not made.

January 1, 2014
The Year 2014


The door opens, the New Year begins. Who knows what the 12 months ahead hold in store for mankind? I will speak of the world that is hidden from view.

During this year, many forces will be released that will move mankind closer and closer to the darkness. These forces are already in place. The problems will not be new but their manifestations and powers will be greater, and, in some moments, very surprising to the whole world.

The shifting from light into darkness will accelerate. Places that now claim stability will suffer violence. The economic foundations will be shaken but will not yet collapse. The turmoil will grow, yet 2014 is not the year of the great chastisements.

Although I bring a warning, I also bring hope. There is still time. However, until the great powers placed in my Immaculate Heart are released, the tide toward evil is inevitable. The forces of darkness have the field all to themselves.

The consecration of Russia will not happen in 2014. Even so, I will do all in my power to limit the darkness and to hold back the inevitable. You, O reader, cherish my love for you and seek my blessings. I do not hold these favors back from anyone who invokes me.

Comment: Mary’s description of 2014 is very clear. Neither the chastisements nor the consecration of Russia will take place.

January 2, 2014
Mary’s Chosen Leaders


I will open up my heart. I do not need to wait to reveal these secrets. There are many people whom I hold in my heart. These are my chosen men and women, coming from all areas of life. I chose them and I want them to be a blessing to many.

I must awaken them. They must know my plans. They must realize that I want to lift them up. First, they must come to know me and to know my ways.

I will lead some into the highest levels of leadership. I would lead one to the presidency. I would place others in positions of power so that America returns to the light. People must learn to support my choices. They must decide according to quite different values. They must ask, “Who is telling us the truth? Who will lead us into the light, even though the road is difficult? Who will insure a future America that has a solid foundation.

Pray. Ask me for these leaders and I will raise them up. The only hope for America lies in those whom I have chosen.

Comment: We get some idea of Mary’s intense activity to help America.

January 3, 2014
The Paradise Built By Man


Technology has opened up new frontiers and mankind can take many different roads. He can go to the moon or to the depths of the sea. In the beginning of all these discoveries, mankind dreamed of a new world, like a new Eden, a new paradise. This time the world would be created by his own hands. This would be a world of man come of age. The need for God and for religious faith would be put far away, a relic of the past.

Now, mankind is confronted by his own world. He sees what he has built. Look carefully, mankind; you are getting a glimpse of a world without the heavenly Father. You see the road that you have chosen. Not only do you see, but you fear. Not only do you fear, but you realize that you cannot turn back.

You must inevitably move along. New discoveries. New inventions. New entanglements. New opportunities for terrorism, destruction and chaos. Satan has entrapped you in your own discoveries. He has encouraged you to build your own world, independent of religious belief.

I cannot allow the final parts to be set in place. I cannot allow the great weapons of destruction to be rolled out. I want the whole world to realize, “If we but go to Mary, she will remove us from this path”. This is my promise.

Comment: When man builds a world without God, he inevitably traps himself.

January 4, 2014
My Deepest Secrets


I open wide the door of my heart and allow the whole world to see my deepest secrets. Only in this way can everyone be prepared. How can people understand the current events? How will they grasp what will happen, unless I spoke about those things? More than speak, I must instruct and teach time and again so they understand.

These locutions are so important. All who read them will gain the needed wisdom. They will not be caught by surprise. They will know exactly what is happening and how to respond.

My powers are still held back but my words go forth. I will not be silent. Even though I am on the sidelines, I can speak about what is happening. So, let these words go forth. Blessed are those who hear them. Even more blessed are those who speak of them to others.

To all who read these words, I will give a special light of hope. To all who live these words, I will dwell with you, abide with you, and pour out my greatest love because you allow me to be your heavenly mother.

Comment: Although her role is limited by human decisions, Mary is doing all she can to protect the world. She will not be silent.

January 5, 2014
The Pulpit of These Locutions


During the coming year, much will pour forth from my heart and the words will be recorded for all. I want the whole world to know my thoughts so that they become the thoughts of everyone.

By accepting my thoughts as their thoughts, the whole world can come to a new level of faith. When filled with faith, people choose roads of light. They conquer. They overcome. They do not tire out. They build new worlds and preserve the good that they already have. Nothing can overcome a person of faith.

But how can they believe, unless someone preaches? How many faithful preachers speak my words! Even this is not enough. I must become the world’s preacher. I must ascend this little pulpit of locutions.

Listen to your priests and to all who teach God’s word. Learn from them every day. Yet, in these extraordinary times, their word is not enough. In 2014, I promise that my word will go forth, like a surprising light in the great darkness. All who hear my word and act on it will have nothing to fear. All is safe. By these little locutions, I am able to be with my suffering children.

Comment: Mary promises to continue these locutions.

January 6, 2014
Mary’s Advice


I have tried to speak of the events that are ahead. Many do not listen. This is a warning to all. They have no interest. Others listen but do not act. They are not doers of the word. When the events pour forth, it will be too late. I speak now so my children will be prepared. This is what you must do.

First, stay close to the Church because only the Church can offer to you all the helps that you need.

Second, stay close to confession. Do not abandon that sacrament which has the power to cleanse and purge you.

Third, say the rosary. When you do, I will be with you. It is my special prayer.

Fourth, gather with others in small groups of prayer. You will encourage one another and offer each other protection. Does not the world tear down your faith? These groups will be a wall that isolates you from that influence.

Fifth, read my words, not only these locutions but all the words I have spoken at Fatima and Medjugorje. Study them slowly. Digest them and put them into practice.

Finally, always trust me. I never leave your side. I am always with you, not far away but close. My joy is to guide you as a mother leads her smallest child.

Comment: What Mary asks is easy to do. We must make the effort.

January 7, 2014
Mary Will Be Everywhere


Man searches and searches, always seeking new ways and new inventions, always hoping that the next new discovery will finally bring the unending happiness for which he yearns. Yet, he never finds and continues to search.

He needs a new wisdom which will show him where and how to search. He must understand his own inner desires which are made for God. He avoids these truths. He shoves the Almighty to the sidelines. He even outlaws him and restricts his name from being mentioned. He removes God from public life because so many have already removed him from their private life.

So, God will send a woman to entrap man’s hearts. God has appealed to man through his Son. Now, he will seek man through the woman. This is the Father’s secret plan.

I will be everywhere. Already, I am appearing in many places. I will take on new forms. There will be new devotions, new books, new understanding. I repeat. I will be everywhere. No one will think to exclude me. And when I come, I will always bring Jesus.

January 8, 2014
Changing the Future


I speak because I want everyone to see as I see and to understand the powers that are leading mankind into the darkness. Many will not care because they do not worry about the future. Others will ask, “What can we do anyway? The world lies in the hands of the important people.”

I speak clearly because every single person is important. The most important are those whom I love and whom I choose as my instruments.

Come, all you who believe, all who daily read these locutions, we will change the course of world events. We will prevent disasters, overcome evil, and remove destructive leaders. All is possible.

I do not speak to discourage. I do not reveal a future that cannot be changed. I speak now so that the future will be quite different than if we did nothing.

Take up the task. The year is still young. Commit yourself to my cause and let the blessings flow from my heart. We will work together.

Comment: Mary has so often revealed future problems but these can be changed.

January 9, 2014
The Two Fires


The fires are already lit. These are the fires of war, terrorism and destruction. All the world watches. The news comes daily of more deaths, suicide bombers and of civil wars. Those who could put out these fires have withdrawn. Those still on the scene are inadequate.

The result is inevitable. The fires will grow. The West says, “They are not in my backyard”. O foolish West, as if this fire could be contained. Does it belong to just one country or to one people? Does it have limited geographical boundaries? Who can even draw the boundaries of terrorism? It has struck many countries. All feel its presence.

You need another fire, the fire of peace that burns so brightly in my heart. Yes, the two fires are already lit but only the fire of evil has gone forth. My fire is still captive, unable to go forth in battle.

This is my promise. Even though my fire has not yet been released on the world stage, I will gladly place this fire in any heart that asks. So ask and ask and ask. Every request will be granted. My fire of love is lit and wants to pour out.

Comment: Just ask, “Mary, please give me your fire”. The prayer will always be answered.

January 10, 2014
The 2014 Issues


As the bells ring out to announce a New Year, everything is not cleared away. It is not like turning to a new page. It is more like someone awakening in the morning. Soon, the good and the bad, the problems and the opportunities, come rushing back into consciousness.

I have already spoken partially of this year 2014, but I want to state clearly what lies ahead. First, terrorism will spread. No resisting force is present. The terrorists will be international. They will totally disregard national borders to create their own country, so to speak. There, they will operate free of any interference, focused totally on their goal of disrupting everything, of destabilizing governments and of throwing all into confusion, and even death.

Second, America will awaken, startled by the sharp discontinuity in its healthcare and wanting desperately to reverse the situation. But, it must awaken to much more. It must awaken to the moral evils in its midst, especially to the killing of the unborn. I say this again and again, as long as a woman, her husband, her boyfriend, her doctor are given by America, the right to kill the unborn child, then I must withhold my full blessings.

Those who seek public office are the most responsible. They cannot use the healthcare reform as a political tool and not stand fully with the unborn. I warn every politician. Do not cut off the rights of the unborn or I will cut you off from my blessings. I will reject you and raise up another. You are forewarned.

Third, I must speak of the Church and of Pope Francis. I rejoice that he is acclaimed and the papacy is seen by the world in a good light. Yes, let the Church remove whatever draws it away from simplicity. Yes, let the Church reach out, evangelize and be close to the disadvantaged. I want to draw all humanity to my motherly embrace.

However, the biggest problems do not lie within the Church but in the growing power of the kingdom of darkness. This is not a usual time in history. This is the culmination of two centuries. Satan has regrouped from his defeat at the cross and the surprise victory of Jesus at the tomb. The Holy Father must realize this.

Who can destroy this darkness? Who can avoid the disasters which inevitably lie ahead? The heavenly Father has placed this power in my Immaculate Heart and, Holy Father, only you can release that power by deciding to consecrate Russia, in union with all the bishops, to my Immaculate Heart.

I have spoken plainly of the issues that will confront the world and the Church in 2014.

Comment: Our Lady highlights the three important issues.

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