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SUMMARY (by a soul):
Locutions To The World is a body of heavenly messages from Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and the Blessed Virgin Mary, that were given to an unknown locutionist from 2011-2015. Prior to the public messages, the locutionist had received a number of private messages for several years which were given to guide her prayer group. The heavenly messages were promoted by a prominent priest who was the spiritual director for the locutionist. In Fall 2015 when the original website was closed, I, “a soul”, was given the contents of the website so I could keep the presence of the Locutions alive on the internet through my blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, where I feature heavenly messages from various Christian sources. I am honored to do this as the heavenly messages have impacted my own life in a profound way.

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Locutions To The World 1


(as formerly on locutions.org website)

(Messages in chronological order)

January 1, 2012
A Future Papal Election


As the door opens on this new year, the scene is familiar. The old problems carry over, refusing to be left behind. Now I must speak about my Church which carries the burdens of the centuries of sins that have weighed her down. She troops on valiantly, trying to free herself of the recent darkness, but unable to put all the stories behind her. Just when it seems that the scandals are over, new ones surface and are told everywhere. Such is my valiant Church, always trying to keep its light on the goodness of my Son, Jesus, but enduring the pain that the light is too often cast upon its own sins.

Yet, she remains my Church, the one I clutch to my heart and the Church that preaches my prerogatives. This will be her greatness. Let her not be ashamed to proclaim my Immaculate Heart. Let her exalt this heart and tell the world that it can be safe only in my heart. Let this devotion come to the foreground because those who come into my heart will find the Blessed Sacrament and the warmest devotion to my Son’s Real Presence.

The door opens out upon a new year filled with the unknown. How I want to guide mankind more than any other year. This year will begin the open confrontation between light and darkness, between the kingdom of my Son and the kingdom of Satan. I say “open confrontation” because the battle has always been going on, but this year the hidden forces will come out into the open.

Satan wants to sweep away entire nations and he cannot accomplish this in hidden ways. Also, it will serve his purposes. Those who are committed to his darkness will rejoice in these victories and will look forward to their own victories. The Church will have her own shakings. There will be the scandals, but these will be secondary. Much will come to light. Much will be uncovered. All of this is to purify, not to chastise. Only a purified Church can be my instrument in this special year.

Now I will come to the central point so there will be no mistake. The Cardinals will meet to elect a pope but an extraordinary intervention of God will occur that will alert the whole world to the special nature of this office. They will seek to discern this intervention, to grasp what is the will of God, but everything will not be clear at first. Some, however, will speak in divine wisdom and the search will begin to find the one whom God wants to raise up. He will not come forward at first, even though he knows that he is chosen by God. He will wait until the discussion is concluded and the Cardinals are settled. Then new manifestations will occur which will signal clearly the one whom the heavenly Father wants as his Pope. This will be a complete surprise to the world and to the Church but not to the one upon whom the mantle falls. This is my chosen son, the one whom I have picked. I want all of this to happen in a startling manner so the world and the Church know that this one was chosen by heaven, by God and not by men. He will be prepared because I will have prepared him. He will be the pope of Fatima and bring to fruition all of the gifts of Fatima, just in time to prepare the Church and the world for the Satanic onslaught.

Comment: The whole world pays great attention to papal elections. The next election will have some added signs of God’s hand.

January 2, 2012
Chaos, Chaos, Chaos


When the door to war opens, who will close it? Who will put down their arms and cease to fire? This is not the only way it happens. Death determines the end not the love or goodwill of man.

This is my point. When the doors of death open, when war begins, then what limits war? Do not the competing sides try to find more resources to emerge the victor. In the meantime, so many are killed and so much is destroyed.

Wars have wearied the nations and wasted their resources. Wars have killed their young, in the very fruitful time of their lives when they should be involved with births not deaths. Notice the inversion. The young die when their life is just beginning.

People believe that nothing can be done, that there is an inevitable cycle of war and peace. The heavenly Father did not make war a part of his original plan. He has plans for your peace. Weeds have been sown amid his wheat, and wars spring up everywhere. The seeds of war and violence are sown into so many hearts and the weapons of war are gladly sold and easily bought. Armies can be raised up overnight.

As this year begins, the world is an armed camp, awaiting only a call to arms. This call to arms will come frequently. It is going on even now as the year begins. The calls will get louder and the weapons will get greater. Where does it all end? The forces that used to police the world – the peacekeepers they were called – are now so limited. It is every nation for itself or even, every people within a nation for themselves, or every tribe within a people for themselves.

The structures that were in place, which gave the people an identity have been taken down. The identity of the nation is destroyed and many new identities arise, vying with each other, trying to grab the limelight. This is called a power struggle and as long as this power struggle takes place there is no peace and no identity. These shifting sands are places of chaos and confusion where little can be built and many grow confused. How I weep for my children in these countries of armed struggle and revolution. Chaos. Chaos. Chaos. Chaos everywhere. This is Satan’s work and he has labored long and hard to bring it about. This is the fruit of his labors.

Comment: Mary describes the world scene – chaos.

January 3, 2012
The Inner Stream of Fervor


Begin now to prepare. A building is not constructed in one day nor is a city built in a week. All takes time but I will help everyone who listens to my word. The ways of the Holy Spirit are quite different from the ways of man, so I must teach you quickly.

First, I must draw you away from the world with its ceaseless entertainments that only waste this precious time. Yes, this time is so precious and every moment must be used well.

Second, I must draw you into a great solitude within your heart. There I will visit you. Without this inner solitude, you will be lost and have no guidance in the darkness. You must cultivate this solitude now. Do not wait. Find a chapel. Find a place where you can be alone. If you do, I will come. Even if your efforts seem so weak, I will help you.

Then I will open up the gigantic door, the great stream of interior graces that will carry you along. I will place the gift of fervor in your heart, so that place of solitude will mean so much to you. You will be drawn to that place and look forward to the moments when we meet there. You will have found the true spring of living water and you will thank me for this teaching.

Before this experience, all my words were outside of you, given to you from others who preached to you or from books that you read. Now the words are inside you. You hear them from my lips. You taste them in your heart. This stream was always there but you did not know to search and to find. Now it is released in you, a very personal inner stream. You realize now what others have explained but which you never experienced. Let this stream of inner experiences flow freely. It has a name. It is called fervor. It will bring forth great fruit.

Find others who seem to enjoy the same inner stream. Confide in one another and support each other. Seek out someone to guide you, if he is available. Do not neglect this inner stream of my presence. It is a great gift.

Comment: What a clear teaching. Mary will bestow the gift of fervor if the person is committed to daily mental prayer.

January 4, 2012
Mary’s Thousands of Arks


I go on and on, describing the present situation only because I believe and trust that men’s hearts can be changed and much can be averted. There will be disasters and catastrophes but there need not be a total collapse. There is always a remnant that can be saved. How large is that remnant is depends upon the personal response to my messages. How I save each one varies according to their spiritual and physical needs. So let me say this.

There will be a special saving action of the Holy Spirit. This saving action has already begun in the many stirrings of the Spirit in the Church, like the Charismatic Renewal. The stirrings have continued in my many appearances and in the growth of Marian devotions. This is due to the many people who have spread my word and the many who have received my word. My word is life and draws to life, calling people away from all that is destructive. Some of these movements are large. Others are small. However, as you look at all of these stirrings and all that has happened in these quiet, often overlooked, movements you can see much life. They contain great life and they are centered on the Eucharist. These I will use to form my remnant. These are the groups that I have prepared. They stand waiting to serve. They want others to join them. So, I use these words to encourage them. This is a message of great encouragement to those who have heard my call and have been so faithful. To these I speak. Let them listen to my clear words.

I have placed in your midst a gift of my presence and a gift of service to the Church and to the world. You are very, very important to me and your little group is a precious jewel in my sight. Do not worry about numbers or about how many gather with you. Be concerned only with the gift I have placed in your midst. How have I called you together? What is your identity? How are you faithful to my action in your midst? These must be your concerns – fidelity to whatever I have done. How did you begin? What is your history? Whom have I raised up to help in this task?

See what I have done through the many stirrings in your hearts. See the years of fidelity to your movement and all whom you have tried to help. Now, just persevere. You are a life-giving remnant and when others begin to search, they will find you and rejoice to join you. You will welcome them. You are part of the Ark of my Immaculate Heart. This is the reason I brought your little group into existence and why I have blessed you all these years. I need thousands of little arks because my people are scattered everywhere. They are drowning in this sea and will be glad to find a place of rescue. Thank you for your fidelity to the call. Expand your ark for many others will soon join you.

Comment: In these decades, many groups, faithful to the Church and to Mary, have begun. Mary has a special purpose for them.

January 5, 2012
Building Your Own Ark


Everyone wants to know about this event or that event but I do not speak to satisfy curiosity. When I speak of events it is to point out the forces of evil or to call my children to actions that need to be taken now. The source of these words is the love in my Immaculate Heart. Through these words love can go forth and all can drink from its stream. So, let us begin.

As the events of this year unfold, many will grow anxious, asking, “What are we to do?” and “How will we rescue our children?” You are all aware that the resources have shrunk and that the future is clouded in uncertainty. You look at the children and wonder what their lives will be like. What future do they face? This is an important question.

Some will try to provide for them financially but this road is limited by the worldwide economy. Others will provide them with the best of educations. The real solution is much more within the grasp of everyone.

Look at your children. They will face the most uncertain of futures. What will the world be like in ten, twenty or thirty years? It cannot be imagined. So much power has fallen into the hands of those who would destroy. So much power has been taken away from the family and placed in the hands of government. Who will be making the decisions? Great forces will shape the society. These are the future. What can you do for your children?

Call them to me. Teach them the mysteries of faith. Deepen your own faith because it is far too shallow. Look at your day. What consumes your time?

When a flood is coming, do you not build an ark? Is it not wise to prepare? An ark is already built – my Immaculate Heart. There are thousands of little arks – people who gather to foster devotion. You did not see this as important. Now your eyes must be opened. You, yourself, can build an ark. Just gather a few of your devout friends and I will help you. Draw your children into the warmth and light of devotion. This is the best preparation for the decades ahead.

Begin now. Do not delay.

Comment: Mary returns to this theme of the saving arks.

January 6, 2012
A New Jesus Movement Among the Young


There is a constant shifting of reality, as forces that once were strong grow weak, and new, surprising forces emerge on the scene. This has happened so quickly in the modern world. The new forces of technology have captured a large audience and the traditional forces of the Churches have receded. More and more, the young are formed by the new forces and are barely touched by the traditional forces. The younger population is able to use the new technology very well but they have no roots in the traditional beliefs. They are uprooted and floating, so to speak, drawn into a new world that cannot answer the deepest questions of their hearts and which does not give them companions in faith.

Swept Out of Churches

This is the great danger, which is happening before everyone’s eyes. The whole younger generation is swept out the door of the churches, never rooted in faith, and is caught up in the mesmerizing powers of the new technology.

Do I not have a place in my Immaculate Heart for these young people?

Are they not my children? Should I not reach out?

Dear young person, as you read these words, know that your heavenly Mother is reaching out to you. Ahead of you are severe disappointments and the cruelest of trials. Technology has drawn you, ensnared you and trapped you. The images are endless but they are just images. They are not flesh and blood.

Flesh and Blood

I gave flesh and blood to God. Jesus is no image. He is your Lord and Savior. He is risen and is in your midst. I call you to an awakening, to a new Jesus Movement. When your friends begin talking about Jesus, do not criticize them but accept them and join them. This is your only hope. His love for you is real. He is flesh and blood and has all power to help you.

Let us not wait. Let us begin now. Open your heart. Say this prayer with me, “Jesus, I am a sinner and I believe that you can forgive my sins. I believe you are the Savor of the world and that you want to save me. I open my heart to you and I invite you to enter it. Amen.” Keep asking Jesus to come. I will be at your side.

Comment: The original Jesus Movement happened among the hippies in the 1960’s. It saved many from drugs.

January 7, 2012
Becoming a Child of the Light


I watch over all my children but if they do not turn to me for light, then my protecting power is limited because I lead them mainly by light. Man has a free will but this is so often limited by the darkness of his intellect. In that darkness, the will sees only a few choices, none of them good. The will cannot choose what the intellect does not see. This is human nature, rational in seeing the possibilities and free in choosing among those possibilities.

However, if the possibilities are limited to earth, then the will can choose only earthly goals. By this constant choosing of earth, the darkness comes. The clouds cover over the heavenly realities. The person no longer sees a God who helps and enlightens. Man is left on his own, limited to an earth that cannot fulfill his dreams.

Piercing the Clouds

So, I come and I speak of heaven. With those words, a new light pierces the clouds. I am piercing the earthly clouds and revealing a new world. Let me describe this heavenly world that offers man the light that he needs to live in hope.

Man, you are not alone. You have a heavenly Father who created you. He wanted to come close to you so he sent his Son, Jesus. I am the mother of Jesus. He is real. I gave birth to him. He entered a very dark world but he brought a kingdom of total light. He brings out of darkness and into light whoever believes in him.

Removing Great Darkness

The greatness darkness is your sins. You carry that darkness within you. My Son will forgive your sins. His name is Jesus which means “One who saves from sins”. Once your sins are forgiven, you possess a great inner light. You see that you are a child of God, with a very important dignity. Your eyes are opened. You see the works of darkness (some which you yourself committed) and you no longer want to share in those works.

You are new, a child of the light. Once Jesus transforms you, your intellect is in light and your will has many new choices and you desire only the things of light. Do not worry about the darkness that is outside of you. Let Jesus remove the darkness that is inside of you and all will be light. I will be there for you.

Comment: Mary is correct. We have no control over all the darkness in the world but Jesus can cast out our inner darkness.

January 9, 2012
Baptizing With the Holy Spirit and Fire


As I speak, the waters of mercy flow from my Immaculate Heart, going forth to all whose hearts are open to receive. I speak so more hearts are open and can receive. Let us begin.

As my words first touch the heart, it seems hopeless. The water seems so frail and the obstacles seem so great. How will such a tiny stream even cleanse this heart that has been filled with so many sins or with so many disappointments, failures and heartaches?

Just the Beginning

But the stream is just beginning. The person has heard only the first words. Even here, some little problems are removed and new freedom comes.

The person begins to see the power of this stream. They see what they can do, what sins they can remove. Suddenly, my words and their personal efforts accomplish much. The person sees changes and new hope.

Then comes the next step, the sorrow for their sins and a seeking out of the priest. This does not happen at first. There is too much darkness. But when the light enters and hope springs up, then the person is ready.

Continue to Read

There is so much more. They will continue to read these messages. The words will mean so much more because I have drawn them close to my heart. Progress becomes quite rapid. It is no longer the water of my words, but the fire of my heart which is purging them.

When they have reached this divine fire, they are at home. They have arrived. No need to go any further. They will just remain in that divine fire and be made holy. John baptized with water but my Son baptizes with the Holy Spirit and fire.

Comment: What a consoling locution. A gradual purifying. First, water and then fire.

January 10, 2012
The Father Searches For You


All the doors are open. No limit exists to the mercy and goodness of the Father. This is what I come to preach. This mercy will reach into the greatest darkness. Those who feel they have no opportunity for forgiveness will experience the warmth of divine love.

This is the new era which I am announcing to those hidden in the greatest darkness of sin, to those who for so long have given themselves over to the worst of vices, to these and many, many others, I proclaim that a new day of God’s forgiveness is dawning.

The Father’s Voice

No one will hold back this divine stream. It will flow everywhere. You will hear the heavenly Father’s voice saying, “Do not be afraid. I have come for you”. The merciful Father of the Prodigal Son waited and looked for his return. When he saw him afar off, he ran and embraced him. But even this is not enough. In this great time of darkness when so many of his children have left his house, the heavenly Father cannot just wait and look. He must go forth. He says, “I will search for my lost sons and daughters. I will find them wherever they are. Some are sick, burdened and despairing. Others are strong but their hearts are empty. Others know that they have lost the faith that they had as children.”

Search for You

The Father will search for you, O lost soul. He will not wait for you to come to your senses and say, “I must return to my Father’s house”. He will not stay at home. He will go forth. He will come into your world. He will show up at your door and he will say, “Come back. I will restore you to your place in my kingdom. I will once more give you the divine life which you have squandered”.

Already he is knocking at the door of your heart. Listen. Open the door and return. I will be there to help you.

Comment: In these days when so many have left the Father’s house and have set aside the practice of faith, God increases his mercy even beyond the parable of the Prodigal Son.

January 11, 2012
Going to Apparition Sites


I am pulling the whole world into the greatest light and away from darkness and the inevitable destruction that comes from that darkness. I bring favors of God that have never before been unleashed in human history. This is already happening in the many places where special devotion to me has sprung up. Yet, many do not go there. How many more I would touch with the graces of conversion and new life, if only they would listen to my invitations.

Go Again

So, today, I speak to the many thousands who have traveled to these sites of my special presence and have been touched in a special way. First, you must keep alive the devotion that I placed there in your heart and must allow this devotion to be life-changing. Second, you must return to the site and rekindle the fire. The second or the third time will be even greater for you.

Invite Others

Finally, you must invite others to accompany you. I promise you that as you go, I will pour out great graces. There will be many hearts, not just your own that will receive them. Then, as you return home, the memories and graces will multiply as you recall what happened. How can I pull a world so rooted in darkness into the great light of faith? I will use these pilgrimages of faith to those special places of light which I have established.

Comment: Many have experienced changed lives by going to Marian sites. This is Mary’s plan.

January 12, 2012
The Gift of Light


My words are true and those who listen will walk a true path. They will not be fooled nor search for what is illusion. They will be on a solid road. That is why I speak.

The Effects of Lies

Lies are infections that weaken the body of a nation. When there are so many lies, then the nation is sick, very sick. The lies are poisons, and as long as they lie hidden, they affect the body. America is built on so many lies. It claims that a fetus is not a person. This is the big lie which opens the door to so many evils.

Truth is a painful medicine and no one wants to swallow it. The remedy is put off and the lie spreads unchecked. So, I must speak.

Wanting the Light

I call everyone into a light where truth can be seen clearly. This light varies according to the recipient. For the good person, the light is gentle and urges them to greater good. For the sinner, the light is harsh. Not that I make it harsh but the light must expose what is evil. For the nation, the light must be very strong so all see and all can repent. I always offer my light but some condemn themselves to darkness because they do not want the light.

Now, I come to the heart of my teaching. You must ask for the light. That is the secret.

Certainly, the light can come at any time but a sincere heart which asks will always receive the light. They will always accept the light, because they desired it before it was given. When a person or a group or a nation asks me for light, I always give it in abundance. I give the light immediately, even though it takes time for the person to realize that they have the light. So, do not put off this easy task. Just ask for light and believe that I give it to you. This is not hard. Do it now. Do it often. I will always, always give you light.

Comment: Such an inviting locution. Just say often, “Mary, give me your light”.

January 13, 2012
All of a Sudden


So many things happen “all of a sudden”. This is what I stress so much. “All of a sudden” these events will happen, yet nobody prepares. “All of a sudden” the damage is inflicted and everything is changed.

Jesus spoke often of this in his parables. All of a sudden” the master returns and the servants must give an accounting. Why did Jesus tell these parables? Why did he so often speak of cosmic events like wars and famines and earthquakes? Because man never remains helpless he can prepare. Jesus said “Watch and pray”. At that moment, the apostles had no idea of the imminence of his death.

Need for Prayer

“All of a sudden”, that is all that I need to say. “All of a sudden” the events of this year will sweep across the world, as no other year in history. So, my words become more urgent, “Watch and pray”. Can you not find time to pray? Cannot the family gather in prayer? Can you not find a few minutes for your rosary? All of these seem so small but they are beginning steps leading to far greater favors.

I can only say, “All of a sudden”. When events happen ”all of a sudden”, there is no more time to prepare. Do not wait. “All of a sudden” the events will pour out so quickly.

Comment: So many times, the gospels have these warnings. Do not wait.

January 14, 2012
The Path to Light


When I come to anyone, a peace settles into their heart and the darkness does not inflict pain, even though it still remains. I say to the person, “Follow me” and then I lead them to light. Yes, this is the way that I save those who say the prayer, “Mary bring me into light”. Let me explain.

When the person asks me for light, the darkness is pierced immediately. The person has called upon heaven and heaven always responds. A ray of light descends from my heart into their heart. Not only that, I myself come and am present.

Even if the person is surrounded by dark circumstances of various kinds, like the death or sickness of a loved one and this enduring situation seems to have no answer, they must pray and look inside their hearts. I will come and begin to stir within their hearts. They must hope and believe. They must listen for my guidance.

The Ways of Light

Sometimes, I will send someone, an angel of my light, with the answer. At other times, the person will see what will be of help. We will work together until I lead the person out of the darkness into light.

Notice that I do not necessarily scatter the darkness (although this, too, happens). Most of the time, I bring the person out of the darkness. The situation remains the same, but the oppressive darkness (which is always the work of the evil one) is left behind. The person can now face the difficult situation with a heart bathed in the light of faith. That is my gift, a faith that brings light even if the situation does not change.

Comment: Mary explains the inner process of faith that she uses to lead into light.

January 15, 2012
The Light of Conversion


Why does the person not allow me to lead them into light? Is this not the greatest gift – to live in light? Yet, there are so many obstacles. First, the person does not realize that they are living in darkness. They think that darkness is light. This is the “wisdom of the world” which is foolishness to God.

So many, after coming into the light, see their past foolishness and say, “How did I ever think that way?” They have become wise, children of light.

It is only slowly that the scales of darkness fall away. When people pray, “Mary, bring me into your light”, I immediately begin to remove these scales, gently and slowly, so the person can adjust to the light.

A Conversion

Then comes a great moment, called by many “the moment of conversion”. By allowing me to remove some scales of darkness and by coming out of the deep darkness of serious sins and addictions and by taking some little steps into the light, the person is ready for the great gift of light. I do not delay. As soon as a person is ready, I bestow the great light. Let me describe that moment.

The person has chosen the light and has made some progress. Their heart is trying to turn away from earthly darkness to the heavenly light. This turning is so important because the will needs to be open and searching. As soon as the person is ready, I flood them with great light. This is a life-changing moment which they will never forget.

Suddenly they see the great value of heaven. They see how they have wandered. They see the divine mercy which did not let them fall into total darkness (when that was a distinct possibility). They see how God’s hand has led them to this moment. They are overwhelmed with thanksgiving. A gigantic light has been placed at the center, yes the very center, of their soul. It goes forth to their emotions and to all their inner faculties. What a gift and what a moment. I will explain more later.

Comment: Mary describes the beginning steps and the culminating moment of a personal conversion to God’s light.

January 16, 2012
The Stages of Light


When the person arrives at the place of light, a peace fills them. They know that they have received the gift. What must they do to safeguard the light? First, they must hide it deep within their heart, like the world hides a precious jewel. They must not expose it to those who would steal it from them or to those temptations that could cast them back into the darkness. This is a very precarious time because the light has not yet taken root.

They must find others who are in light and will support them. They must find someone who can guide them on their spiritual journey and they must mark off clearly the doors of darkness which they must keep closed.

Next Stage

In all of these actions and decisions, I will be with them because I want them to be children of light, who enjoy the light and who do not lose it. As time goes on they will become very familiar with the light and all that it demands. The powers of darkness will recede and will lose their attractiveness. The darkness will seem evil and offensive. When this happens, it becomes even easier to avoid.

Final Stage

Eventually, the light takes total control. All the faculties act in light. Habits of light are developed and the power of light is everywhere. At this stage, the person has become truly a child of light. The beginning process is complete. They know they have been led out of darkness into light. Now, they are ready to walk the path of perfection.

Comment: Mary explains the efforts needed after the conversion experience.

January 17, 2012
How to Pray From the Heart


I put before you choices of life and death. I am not speaking of earthly life and death, but of eternal life or eternal death. These are the choices made each day. Does a person wish to live with God forever or are they willing to lose eternal life because of some earthly satisfactions that are illicit? These are the daily decisions, life with God or life without God.

How horrible is life without God. (That darkness begins on earth.) How blessed is life with God. (That happiness begins on earth.) This is why I speak. I want to lead many into eternal life.

God is not far away. You need not travel a thousand miles to find him. He is already in your heart. Wherever you go, even when you flee from him, he is there, waiting for you to turn to him. That is the secret. That is all you need to do to find God. Really God finds you. Just turn your thoughts to him. I will show you how. Picture for a moment, a story from the gospel. You know some stories. If not, then read the gospels of Jesus.

Praying with the Imagination

Picture Jesus as a baby in my arms, or as a young boy in the temple, or being baptized in the Jordan, or preaching to the crowds, or praying in the Garden or dying on the cross. Any of these scenes will do, whatever you are attracted to. Use your imagination for a few moments and speak to Jesus from your heart. It might only be a short prayer but it will be from the heart. Congratulations. You have begun to walk the road of divine light. Be led to do this often. Just a short prayer where you picture Jesus and speak to him from your heart. That is truly a turning to God. Do not forget, I will always be there with you.

Comment: The teachings these past few days have led the person from darkness into light, and now Mary explains how to walk in that light.

January 18, 2012
Eternal Light


Man must put away senseless and useless things and come into full wisdom. There is so much striving for what passes away, and so little thought given to eternal life. Eternal life is the fullness of divine light, so I will describe it fully.

Life on earth always ends in mortal death. The body’s task is over. The soul which God created when the body was conceived now lives a separate existence. It is no longer united with the body, although on the resurrection at the last day, the soul will be reunited with its body.

The Created Human Person

The soul was created by God and is made for God. (This soul is the human person). So, at the moment of death, when the body is no longer a fit receptacle, the soul returns to the God who created it.

Sealed By Its Choices

However, much has happened in those intervening years, from the moment of conception to death. The person has lived on earth, has been intertwined with many forces of good and evil, has made choices, has committed sins and, sometimes, has sought forgiveness. Obviously, the soul is much different, formed by years of choices and experiences.

That is why I speak. The soul is made for divine light and during these many years, had the opportunities to choose light and to live in light. However, if it has chosen darkness, then the moment of death seals those decisions forever and ever. That is why I say that man searches after the passing things and does not seek the eternal gifts of light for which his soul was created. I will continue my teaching on this path of light. I am the mother of light and I have no children of darkness. Many are in darkness right now and they must become children of light before it is too late. Always, the choices are urgent. Do not forget your prayer, “Mary, make me a child of light”.

Comment: There is always a choice and always an urgency. You become a child of light only as you choose to accept Mary’s light.

January 19, 2012
What Should Be Left Behind


I put before you choices of life and death. These are important choices which are made every day. I speak to guide these daily choices.

When a person is in darkness, they make foolish choices, taking what is unworthy and setting aside what is truly valuable. When a person does this every day of their life they discover like Peter that they have fished all night (sometimes with unbelievable energy) but they have caught nothing. Oh, their nets are full. They took in many things. They might have even gained a fortune, but they fished on the wrong side of the boat.

Filled With Earthly Wealth

They fished on the earthly side and not the heavenly side. Their nets were filled to overflowing but only with earthly valuables. O reader, you might look around your home and see so many valuable things, all of which you earned and paid for. They are truly yours. You won them. But have you purchased also the valuables of heaven? What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? So, speak about your soul.

What is in Your Soul?

A moment will come when you will die and must leave your earthly wealth. You will take with you only what is in your soul. What is there right now? First, there are sins. Yes, you have committed sins. You do not want to take these sins with you. So, you must seek forgiveness.

Take a moment. What sins come to mind? Do not be afraid to allow them to surface because, then, you can ask forgiveness. If need be, write them down. Make a list. Now bring each sin before my Son, Jesus. For each sin, ask for his forgiveness. Will he forgive you? He is just waiting for you to ask. Just ask and they will be forgiven. For Catholics, there is a greater gift. They can receive Jesus’ pardon in the sacrament of confession. What must you after this? I will talk again, later.

Comment: All of our choices are stored on our souls. The sinful choices can be removed by sorrow and confession of sins.

January 20, 2012
Calling the Nations to Repentance


The world certainly sees its own problems – the wars, the terrorism, the economic instability. It sees the need for leadership, for meetings, for plans, for goals, and for agendas. However, it sees absolutely no need for repentance. God has been removed from the scene, and this fundamental need for repentance has been pushed aside. So, I bring this to the attention of mankind. I point out the need for repentance and what repentance will bring about. I will be the preacher of repentance, which is mankind’s greatest need. If mankind were to repent, the wheels would be set in motion that would change the course of the world and avoid the divine chastisements. I will explain.

Choosing False Goals

When a nation acts selfishly a series of events are set in motion. When, for example, a nation begins a war, then people are mobilized. At the same time, the other nation also prepares to defend itself. Gigantic groups are now focusing on a false goal, created by the evil decision to begin a war. So it is with all of human history. Evil decisions have been made at every level and in every field. These decisions have set the world on a path totally diverted from the path intended by God.

Getting on the Right Path

So, it is not a matter of plans, meetings and agendas. It is a matter of getting off the present path and getting on to God’s path. That only happens when God is invoked and man cries out, “We are sorry for not following your path, O God”. Let the spirit of repentance begin to flow. Let it awaken nations! Any nation which humbles itself and repents, will receive a spirit which will revive the land. All other solutions are bound to fail because they never address the heart of the problem. Mankind has forsaken God’s road and has chosen its own.

Comment: In the middle of all these crises, what voice is calling the nations to repentance?

January 21, 2012
A Child of Light Lost in Darkness


Many, who walk the path of darkness, need only a little light because their hearts are good. It is their intellects which are darkened. I speak these words so this darkness is scattered and they can see the right path. Others need greater light because their hearts are given over to darkness. Yet, even these, if they immerse themselves in my words, will receive light for both their intellect and their heart. Here, I do not just scatter the darkness but I pull them out of the darkness which they cling to. Let us begin. All can be helped.

Going Back and Forth

A person who first enters darkness knows that they have lost some light. Some turn back immediately because they hate any darkness. Others find the darkness agreeable. So, they go back and forth, from light to darkness and then into light and back into darkness. They can do this for years. Their hearts seek the light but they also find some darkness quite to their liking. To these I want to speak first, because they need to stop compromising. Yes, that is what you do. You compromise yourself and you hurt me very much. You know who you are. You have received much light. You come from a family that was filled with light. You were trained in the light, especially in your youth. You always saw yourself as a child of light.

The Door Closes Behind You

Now, the world has attracted you into a darkness and you go back and forth. It is time for a decision. You cannot keep going from light to darkness and back to the light. At some point, and this is very serious, you will take your usual trip into the darkness, thinking that you can easily return to the light, and you will discover that the road is blocked, the door has shut behind you and you are where you never wanted to be. You are a child of light who finds yourself in a darkness that can never, never be your home. If this is you, call out to me now.

“Mary, make me a child of light”. I will come. Yes, I will come.

Comment: Mary describes so well what happens to so many. As always, she will help you.

January 22, 2012
Mary, the World’s Good Samaritan


Look around and what do you see? So many broken lives! People who began with high hopes and great talent are now by the wayside. They are like the traveler, going from Jerusalem to Jericho, who fell among robbers. That is the modern person. There are so many robbers these days, waiting along the way to destroy. If someone avoids the robber of lust, then the robber of avarice and greed awaits him, or the robber of hatred, or the robber of disappointment and broken dreams. So many people lie helpless along the way, unable to finish their journey and fulfill the purpose for which God created them.

So, I come as a Good Samaritan. I do not pass anyone by. I stop and bend over all my children, offering to each exactly what they need.

You, O reader, have you been set upon by robbers? Has your joy and your life been stolen from you? Do you lie wounded and even left for dead? Have many others have seen your plight and just walked on? Well, I will not walk on. You are far too important for me. I take this time to speak to you.

What Has Happened?

You could never have foreseen that all of this would happen to you. Your early years were so filled with promise. You had so many talents and so many opportunities. But the years went on and the opportunities dried up. You found yourself put off to the sidelines. In a sense, you could not believe that all of this was happening to you. Everything was supposed to turn out so differently than this.

Shattered Hopes

Now, the dreams are shattered and the hopes are broken. The road ahead looks no better. No doors seem to be opening to you. What can you do?

That is why I have stopped for you. I saw you lying here, so helpless. Really, so much can be done. Take my hand. I will stay with you. I will lead you on a new road, a different road where there is hope. I will teach you about my Son, Jesus, who holds all the keys of heaven and earth. He can unlock the doors which need to be opened in your life and he can close the doors which should be shut. Everything will change. Trust me. Rise, let us go from here.

Comment: What a gentle invitation to all who have suffered disappointments.

January 23, 2012
A Light That Goes On and Off


The lights go on and off. Sometimes, there is a moment of understanding and the person sees clearly what they should do. Then, suddenly, the light goes off and the person returns to the reality of the darkness in which they live every day.

Moments of Light

O reader, you must see the importance of those moments of light. Even though they seem to last but a short time, they show you a way out of your darkness. They are my gift to you and I will teach you what they are and how to gain their full effect.

The light that you receive comes from heaven and it shows you your life as the heavenly Father has planned it for you. Unfortunately, this light gets quickly swallowed up in the darkness of the world that surrounds you. When I give you that light (even for a moment), you are seeing another world, a different world. That world is where you belong, where I want to take you.

Now, I will tell you what to do.

Increasing the Light

When you experience that light, do not set it aside. Ponder the light. Draw it into your heart. Remember what you felt and what you experienced. Ask me to increase the light and to bring it more often. The Father is trying to place heaven in your heart so that, even in the darkness of your world, you experience inner light.

One more thing. This light is important for your family. As this light becomes established in your heart, there will be light in your home. You will be a child of the light. This comes from heaven above but is received here on earth in the stillness of your heart. I will be there. I am the Woman of divine light.

Comment: People experience moments of hope. Mary teaches us how to make these moments change our lives.

January 24, 2012
Opening Windows to Heaven


Modern man lacks hope for two reasons. He wants immediate gratification and he cannot see the long-term future. Hope is a staying power which sets aside the immediate pleasures and accepts the discipline needed for a goal that is far off. This goal is a mystery and when a goal is good, it exercises a powerful, benign influence. Hope focuses the energies of man on future goals that are benevolent.

Heavenly Goals

Unfortunately, man gets consumed with immediate goals that present themselves without any effort on his part. These are passions which crash in upon him, often stirring him to greed or lust or selfish ambitions. Hope is much different. Hope puts aside what is selfish and seeks a heavenly goal. This is the problem. Man has set aside heaven.

The Catholic Church

So, I must return to the Ages of Faith, when every village was built around a church. The church had spires which pointed upwards to the heavens, reminding all the people where their hearts must be. All were taught that man’s goal was not earth but heaven, that the world passed away and only heaven perdured. These were the Ages of Faith, where God was accepted and heaven was sought.

Breathing Good Air

It has been so long since man breathed the air of heaven or allowed the mysteries of heaven to claim his heart. O modern man, you are breathing the wrong air (and I am not speaking of your polluted cities). The air you breathe is sick, filled with a stench. You have enclosed yourselves in a smoke-filled room called earth. But this is what I will do for you. I will open your windows to heaven and new life will come.

Comment: In the Ages of Faith, people believed deeply in heaven. Now, with all his technology, man focuses only on earth. Mary will open heaven’s windows.

January 26, 2012
A World Made Vulnerable By Globalization


No one knows all that lies ahead, no king, no president, no rich man and no poor man. The future remains hidden to men. They can only experience the present and remember the past. The future always remains a mystery, hidden in God who sees the events.

Events Distorted By Sin

Yet, these events do not just pour out of God’s mind. They are not like the seasons of the year which he determined by creation. The events are subject to human freedom. They lie in the hands of men who choose to obey or disobey God. This is my teaching.

God sees events as they should happen, what would take place if men would live according to His word. Now, however, events are distorted by sin. They happen, but not in the way in which God originally intended. Much is determined by the free will of man.

The Father sees these distorted events of the twisted future. He sees the pits into which mankind will fall. He sees the agony which will be brought on by the destructive forces which man has created. He sees the path on which man is headed, a path which man himself cannot see. He sends me to speak of these future events so mankind has an opportunity of turning away, or, at least, to prepare for them. They will happen quickly, one after another. In fact, one event will cause the other. If one part of the building collapses, the other parts are weakened.


The events are all tied together. They are cleverly interconnected and mankind has no idea of the system which Satan has built, a system without safeguards or fire walls. Globalization has made mankind extremely vulnerable, with one event triggering another. This is the future, a series of events in which the two elements of shaky financial structures and destructive weapons interact and worsen one another. All of this is easy to see on the horizon, but no one calls on heaven for help. When will mankind receive my message? Your earth is in grave danger. Events lie in the near future. Heaven wants to help but you must call out “day and night”.

Comment: Mary gives a clear description of the present dangers. As always, she pleads for man to invoke heaven’s help.

January 27, 2012
Mary, the Preacher


Angels tremble when they see the holiness of God and the degree of perfection needed to come into his presence for all eternity. This requires a purification that only God can bring about, and results in a humanity without stain or wrinkle, a perfect humanity unknown on earth but seen by all the angels.

Hurtling Into Darkness

How far has mankind traveled away from this original holiness, first with Adam and then with all those who followed. Now, the speed picks up. Man is hurtling into the very center of darkness. When he arrives there, his cause will be totally helpless. This center is called hell, where mankind possesses no holiness and cannot communicate any holiness to those who will come after.

Covering Over the Light

Could this every happen – Could mankind return to the hopelessness that existed before my Son died on the cross and rose in his great victory? This is Satan’s plan. He wants to bring mankind to the point where he will be so distant from the light of the resurrection that he can never again discover that light. He wants the gospel message to be crushed and destroyed so that men’s hearts are never opened to the power of the resurrection. In this plan, many are his helpers, enemies of the gospel in every possible way.

Heavenly Signs

The antidote is obvious. I must raise up powerful preachers of the gospel. Even more, I will become the preacher. I am already doing this at the sites of my apparitions. I am doing this through people whom I raise up. But, even this is not enough. Mankind needs more signs and wonders. Faith is under such an attack that it needs heavenly signs and heavenly words, more than ever before. This is my promise. I will provide those signs and I will speak those words for all to see and hear. When you see and hear, know that your heavenly Mother is protecting and nourishing your faith in this time of the greatest darkness.

Comment: Mary describes Satan’s goal – to destroy the gospel – and her solution, she will be the preacher.

January 28, 2012
Because You Kill the Unborn


Before a storm breaks the clouds gather and all know that a storm is coming. The quality of the clouds even reveals the power of the storm, little or great.

The Hiddenness of Evil

But this will not be the way with the coming events. There will be no clear signs because they will depend on the hidden decisions of men. Evil works in hiding, so that the effects cannot be prepared for and the greatest possible damage is inflicted. This is the pattern – sudden surprises, catching people off guard.

I speak to reveal what is hidden, so that all who listen and heed my words are protected.

The Prime Targets

What attracts evil? What are the prime targets? What will cause the greatest panics and draw the biggest headlines? Where do crowds gather, making people easy targets? These questions are the ones usually asked. Evil has another set of questions. Who is at my disposal? Whom do I control? Whom can I use now and who will be available later? What is the overall plan?

America’s Wrong Response

After 9/11, America said “We will rebuild and we will kill those who killed us”. It did not say “We must repent because we ourselves have killed millions of our unborn citizens”. When destruction happens again I want you to say, “Let us cleanse our nation of the death of abortion”. Otherwise, it need to happen a third time until you finally get the message. You are the greatest murderers of your own citizens.

New York was the first site and New York will be the second site. Then it will spread to other cities, more quickly than anyone could imagine, until many of the largest cities are struck. The focus will be the trains and subways. There great confusion happens immediately and people quickly panic.

After these series of strikes, many will live in fear and normal life will be greatly disrupted, out of all proportion to the power of the terrorists who have maximized the damage they inflicted. With a small number of people and a small amount of explosives, they will manage to cripple much of American life.

What will be America’s response? The political leaders will know what to say to enhance their importance. Civil leaders will respond to try to restore a normal routine. But will anyone cry out – “Do you not see? Because we kill the unborn, God has lifted his protecting hand from a country that used to keep his laws.”

Comment: More Americans were aborted in September 11, 2001 (about 4000) than were killed in the Twin Towers (about 3000). Mary points out the connection but America never got the message.

January 29, 2012
The Middle East and the Philippines


I begin with words of greeting that lie on the surface of my heart. Then I lead you into the deeper thoughts and finally into my sorrows which lie at the center of my heart. Do not sorrows always occupy the center of a mother’s heart? Can she forget the children, who lived for nine months, so close to that heart? So, today, I speak from the deepest recesses of my heart. I speak words that are filled with sorrow.

Satan’s Strategy

The difficulties in the world will not abate. The fires will not cool down. They are just beginning and there is so much fuel to feed them. Satan uses human suffering. The burdened hearts of people are easily used for his purposes. People do not realize that Satan uses desires to be free of suffering as the door to greater sufferings. This is happening all over the Middle East. People who suffer are open to his voice. They are not able to discern. He gets those in power and those who are protesting into a battle of mutual destruction.

Everything is distorted. Those who should protect the people, kill them. Some would say that this is the pain of birth. I say that it is not birth but death and chaos that will result. Do you think that this will be limited to the Middle East? Are there not large numbers of people who suffer in all parts of the world. Satan targets these people as his agents because they believe that they have little to lose. After he has used them, he quickly throws them away and empowers others who continue his works of destruction. Look at Egypt. Those who sparked the uprising are set aside because he now uses the army and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Philippines

When will people learn? There are solutions to worldwide problems but they lie in my Immaculate Heart. But what people turn to me and invoke me? Look at the Philippines! They invoked me and I ridded them of their dictator without any bloodshed. Contrast the two, the Philippines and the Middle East and you will see two, quite different models. Dictators can be removed without plunging a nation into a furnace of suffering.

Comment: Mary wants dictators overturned but not in Satan’s manner.

January 30, 2012
The Kingdom Overcomes the Shadow of Death


In my Son, Jesus, the kingdom of God has come. All are welcome. Many, however, do not know that they are even invited. Because the gospel has never been preached to them, they remain “in the shadow of death”. (Lk.1:79) What does this phrase mean?

All Live in Death’s Shadow

It means that no matter how long a person lives, their life will end with death. Even if they are rich or famous or powerful, their life will end in death. Everyone on earth lives “in the shadow of death”. There is no escaping this shadow. It extends to all, young and old.

Changed Into the Kingdom’s Shadow

When my Son, Jesus, came to this world, He brought the heavenly life of the kingdom. Everybody who now lives in the shadow of death can begin to live in the shadow of the kingdom. The believer does not escape physical death because he passes through the door of death (like everyone else). However, on the other side of the door is Jesus’ kingdom. For the believer, the shadow of death has been changed into the shadow of the kingdom. That is how the believer (and his loved ones) look upon death. Jesus has brought the new shadow of life eternal, unending life with Jesus in his kingdom.

How is this gained? The answer is very important and I want to be truthful. Every person born into this world is in the shadow of death but not every person is in the shadow of the kingdom. The person must know about the kingdom and choose the kingdom. This is why the gospel must be preached. The gospel alone has the power to save from eternal death.

Life on earth will end. That is for sure. However, life need not end in the shadow of death. It can lead into the shadow of the kingdom of God. That is the new option which my Son provides.

Comment: Mary explains the great gift of Jesus. A believer sees death as the door to the kingdom.

January 31, 2012
God’s Final Word


When a person leaves behind everything to enter the kingdom of God, he receives everything. By leaving all, he receives all, and by losing his life in this world, he gains life eternal. This is the mystery I will explain.

The Resurrection

God wants man to live forever. To do this, he offers man his kingdom, a world which includes eternal life. Man lives by a divine glory, the glory of my Son’s resurrection. The resurrection was God’s saving moment, when he poured forth his glory upon Jesus’ humanity. That humanity is now the source of God’s glory for all who believe.

Covering Over the Resurrection

Now, this resurrection is set aside. Satan can never erase that event. It is recorded in history. The disciples examined the empty tomb. The risen Jesus appeared to them and ate with them. These are the events which formed the Church. Never can they be erased. Its power will last until the end of time.

However, for a certain period of time in human history, Satan can cover over and hide the resurrection. He can have the world forget it and set it aside. That is what he is doing. He began with the two world wars, and now continues with the constant shaking of the world’s order.

Releasing the Power

However, this is what I say. He can never, never remove the power of the resurrection. It will remain in the center of human life, always able to be released in surprising ways. This is what will happen in the years ahead. Just when it seems that darkness has conquered the world and Satan’s victory seems inevitable, the power of the resurrection will burst forth. O you who believe, never despair. Your faith in my Son’s resurrection is not in vain. The resurrection is God’s final word and that power will not be destroyed. Wait for Jesus! He is coming!

Comment: No matter how great the darkness, God has already spoken the final word. Jesus has risen and that power will always remain in human history.

February 1, 2012
Revealing the Future of the World (at Medjugorje)


What lies ahead is hidden from man’s view, but revealed by God to those whom he loves, so that these events will be a sign to all the world of the power of God, and of the care of God. These events I have revealed to the visionaries of Medjugorje and I will continue to reveal them until the revelations come to their fullness. Then all will be ready for the “unveiling of the secrets”.

The Little Village

O reader, do you know what I have been doing in that little village? How I chose the six children? Let me tell you the story so you will investigate the events and have your faith strengthened for the days ahead.

On the Feast of John the Baptist, 1981, I appeared to these children and have continued those appearances on a daily basis. I formed them in holiness and revealed to them secrets that deal with future events. The years have passed by and I continually call for mankind to repent, to love, to pray and to make sacrifices so that the chastisements would be avoided or made less severe.

The Plea For Mercy

I come to this little village because the Father has sent me. He gives the world one final chance. He does not wish to act according to Divine Justice. He seeks, therefore, those who would plead for his mercy. If their voices are strong and if their hearts are many, then their pleas and their sacrifices allow God to set aside divine justice, just as the pleas of Moses allowed God to turn away from his chastisements to the Israelites. This is the great enterprise of Medjugorje.

I will continue to appear until all of them have the ten secrets. Then, the stage will be set for the gradual revealing of the secrets followed by their fulfillment. Learn about this little village. Learn about my apparitions. So many graces are contained in these revelations.

Comment: You can learn of Medjugorje at http://www.medjugorje.org; http://www.medjugorje.com and http://www.marytv.org.

February 2, 2012
Our Lady of Sorrows


My greatest treasures are my sorrows, those difficult events which the Father asked me to accept. He did not will these sorrows. They came because I accompanied my Son to his death on the cross. This was my privilege, to be present when the world was being saved. This was also my sorrow. The two could not be separated. To share in my Son redeeming the world, I had to share in his sorrows, also.

Mary’s Love

It was for love of you, O reader, that I accepted all my sorrows, like a mother accepting the pangs of birth, so her child can live. Now, I reach out again because of your plight which is so evident to me. I know all your sorrows and I will absorb these sorrows (like every loving mother) if you bring them to me.

A Place of Stillness

This is what you must do. Find a place of stillness, where you are alone with me. Allow your sorrows to come to the surface. Speak your sorrows to me. Stay in the stillness. Do not leave quickly. Enjoy my presence. A peace will descend. Let it enter deeply. I will give you patience, because some of the sorrows will remain. Finally, I will place in your heart an answer to some of your more pressing questions. When the time is over, you will be able to continue.

Come often to this place of solitude. You can experience this anywhere. I will be waiting for you there. I am well versed in the sorrows of earth.

Comment: Jesus’ Presentation in the Temple was Mary’s first sorrow. Simeon prophesied that she would be a woman of sorrows. She is, indeed, well versed in sorrows.

February 3, 2012
Advice for the Trials


No one knows the trials which lie ahead. For now, I can only promise mankind that I will provide a road for all who call on me. Many will trust in their own wisdom and will take the wrong road. They will say, “Let us go here and we will be safe”. Others will turn to me and I will show them the true path. These decisions are very important. The first steps often decide the future course.

Acting in Love

As the trials begin, they must not act from fear but from love. That is the secret. Do not just think about yourself. Think about others. Do not exclude anyone of good will who is willing to cooperate. By opening your heart to others, the trial can become a great moment. Those who reach out and who help others, I will bless and show the way.

Never Despairing

Never despair. This is so important. Many with great resources will give up. However, those who share love will be bonded together in a cocoon of my protection. These bonds of love will grow. People will be reunited. Families which dispersed amid surpluses will gather again as resources shrink. Individualism will give way to relationships and helping one another.

Do not forget. I will be acting in everyone’s life and in every event. These events have already begun like the first signs of labor pains. The contractions will quicken and grow more noticeable. My words must be acted on now. First, love one another. Second, simplify your lifestyle. Cut your expenses. Third, lessen your individualism. Multiply your oneness. Develop your relationships. If you always move along this road, you will make great progress and will be ready as the trials increase.

Comment: Mary is very practical. The economic structures are not strong, so she urges simplicity and mutual help.

February 4, 2012
The Mideast Oil Pipelines


The fires burn brightly in the Middle East. They are Satan’s fires of destruction. These present fires will burn themselves out with either the dictators removed or the people destroyed. Either way, Satan has inflicted his damage and prepares for the next round of his destructive plan.

Other Countries

This will happen in those nations that were not yet touched by these uprisings. Each nation will suffer but the problems will be distinct in Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Iraq will just sink into a morass of conflicting interests. Iran will pursue its destructive atomic plans. The Afghanistan government is too weak to survive. However, the grave danger lies in Pakistan with the weakness of the government, the power of the terrorists and the possession of nuclear weapons. This is an explosive mix. Order will unravel quickly, presenting unforeseen problems of an enormous magnitude.

In all of this, the West just sleeps, tied up in economic problems that seem more important. World leadership slips from the hands of America which has no clear identity on the world stage.

The Spreading Problems

The question is this. How close are all these future events which will change the situation forever. As yet, they have not happened. These problems are still Middle East and have not affected the West. However, the problems are too enormous and the disturbances are too widespread for them to be contained in the Middle East.


Satan thinks globally. One event follows another. All are linked together. He knows where the pipelines go and those countries that are so dependent on oil He wants to attack and destroy that system so the West is thrown into confusion. Nowhere is the West so vulnerable as in their need for Mideast oil.

Comment: The need for oil is the Achilles heel of the West.

February 5, 2012
Super Bowl Sunday


My heart is breaking. They are killing my children, the Coptic Christians, to whom I appeared in a special way. Cannot everyone read these signs? Can they not see the demonic nature of these uprisings? They kill those who profess my Son as their Lord and Savior. They hate my Son and all who belong to him.

The Demonic Pattern

This is their pattern everywhere. They want to destroy every trace of Jesus Christ. Why? Because he alone is the light that reveals their errors and he alone can cast out the demonic powers.

Look at the West. You have set Jesus Christ aside. You wipe away every trace of his influence. You refuse to put his name in your documents. Learn the following lesson.

Not Using the Antidote

All the turmoil and all that is destructive, come from the demonic. Safeguarding you and those powers of hell is only my Son, and those who share in his powers. This will become more evident as these events unfold. Satan will rip off his mask. You will see his full presence and power. You will realize that you are helpless because you have rejected the antidote. You have set aside the one power which he truly fears – my Son, Jesus Christ.

Satan has lured you onto a field that you call “secular”. You are playing his game on his field and he will destroy you. He will not only defeat you, he will grind you down and stomp upon you. You have set aside my Son.

The Roman Numeral Game

Today is your Super Bowl. What a false idol! Sunday is dedicated to a game with a Roman numeral. Christianity survived the Roman persecutions but you will not survive your games and circuses. You must make your Sundays holy.

Comment: Our culture will never return to God until the Lord’s Day is observed correctly.

February 6, 2012
The Empty American Culture


Everything breaks open and pours out, unable to be contained in the frailty of the old wineskins. All of the traditions that held society together and made it a culture of life have been poured out. The human family is drained of its rich traditions and society is robbed of the moral code that kept it functioning so well.

Now, nothing is left. All has been poured out. It is too late. Attempts to restore what has been lost are fruitless. I am like Jeremiah lamenting over a destroyed Jerusalem. The virgin daughter Zion is stripped of all her glory.

People say that this has not happened yet and that much good remains in America. Yes, many good people still live in America, but the wineskins of the culture are empty and destroyed. People have goodness in their hearts and in their families, but in what take place outside the home, there is nothing.

No Values

America, you have become a desolate culture, stripped naked of your values. You are a shell that holds no substance and a skeleton with no flesh on your bones. Whatever is good, you mocked. Whatever is true, you distort. You are a cloud that carries no water and a box that carries no treasure. You are empty, totally empty. You are dead and think you are alive. If I send preachers to you, you mock them. If I send people who speak the truth, you attack them. Only the wise and the clever get a hearing. Only those whom you want to hear gain a say.

How Did You Get Here?

What can I do? I will lead you into the desert. Your tongue will thirst and your body will sweat until you ask, “How did we get into this desert? The answer is this, “You followed the evil and listened to the wicked. You killed the devout and silenced those who condemned our sins.” When you are ready to hear my words, I will speak to you. Right now, your hearts are broken wineskins which cannot hold my word.

Comment: Mary does not condemn the American people but the deadly American culture.

February 7, 2012
Oil For The Midnight Darkness


The long dark night is beginning to fall upon the world. It does not descend all at once but comes step by step. However, a moment comes when all agree that “It is night”. Look at the many troubles which have already descended. Would anyone dare to say, “We have passed the point of midnight, soon there will be the first rays of daylight?” All know that these problems have a long way to go until all their darkness is poured out.

What will happen at that midnight hour? The world will pick up its lamps but they will have no oil. My children, however, will have their lamps filled with the finest oil. The world will ask them for oil, but my children will refuse this request. It will be midnight, and the world will have no oil for their lamps. As a result, people will have no faith to sustain them, no hope that a loving God is at their side and no love to forget self and think of others. When midnight comes, it is too late to gain these virtues. They are personal qualities. Can a swimmer teach a non-swimmer at the moment that a ship sinks?

Go now and buy the oil of faith, hope and love. These powerful virtues are the only oil that will light your lamps in the midnight darkness.

Comment: Certainly, we are moving into darkness. Yet, every person can prepare by a deeper spirituality. Mary will help you. Do not delay. Go buy your oil.

February 8, 2012
The Secrets of Medjugorje


I speak to the nations, but they do not listen. I speak to the Church. Even the Church does not listen. So, I speak to my chosen ones. My voice is clear and I do not mince my words or hide truths with high-sounding language. The issues are too important.

When the Clash Comes

When everything comes to a head, when the powers of good and evil clash, the following will take place and the power of evil will become so evident. All will see that the world is being permanently changed. The power of good will seem to be absent. “Where is God?” they will cry out?” This is the beginning stage. It seems that only evil has power and that it will conquer all. This is like the early days of World War II when Hitler’s armies moved so quickly. Seemingly, no force was present to oppose him.

The good people must not despair. The heavenly Father has not abandoned them. They must remember that he saw these events before they happened and that I even arranged through the children of Medjugorje that the great events will be announced to the world three days before they happen. I did this to give hope. People will say, “Our mother knew about these events. She will be with us”.

Learn About Medjugorje

That is what you should learn from Medjugorje. I know the future events. I have revealed them already to the visionaries and they will reveal them to the world. I have done all of this to give hope in the middle of the darkness. Learn about my special actions to these visionaries. Read the stories. They will bring you to faith.

Comment: There are ten secrets given to the visionaries. One by one, when the time comes, a visionary will tell Father Peter who will announce the event three days before it will happen. Learn everything you can about Our Lady’s extraordinary intervention in this little village.

February 9, 2012
Mary’s Extraordinary Helps


I wait for people to respond to my words but often the harvest is so small. Yet, I continue to scatter my seeds, knowing that the wind of the Spirit will take my words to hearts which will cherish them and bring forth a harvest. So, let us begin.

When the great fires begin to burn, many will lose hope. Yet, at the same time, the help that I will offer to people will greatly increase. For now, I give only my words. However, in the moments of trial, I will open all of my treasures.

Extraordinary Helps

The times will be extraordinary, but my help to the world will share in God’s power. Before that begins, I must speak these words to my children. In the trials ahead, you must trust that your heavenly Mother will be with you. By your faith in my promises, you will call on me and, even more important, you will be open to my extraordinary helps. This help will begin with a light that reviews your whole life. This light will give you a choice, an opportunity to begin again. The graces will be extraordinary and will motivate you to the greatest purity of heart and mind.

Then, I will infuse great courage and unbelievable charity to help others. Other virtues will also be given. You will be surprised at how peaceful you are. You will experience great inner strength, which you had never had before.

Helps Along the Road

In these trials, do not turn back because greater helps await you along the road. I will send you special friends who will guide you and support you. You, yourself, will become that special friend to others.

Now, I will explain my greatest gift. You will experience my presence and my love as you have never experienced them before.

Right now, the trials have not begun, so you do not need these extraordinary help. When the trials begin, they will be released. So, do not fear.

Comment: Often we fear when thinking of future trials. Our Lady promises, when they do begin, that her extraordinary helps will be released.

February 10, 2012
Inflict No Violence


The world does not know how to respond to God’s messengers. Many times, they kill them. At other times, their message is distorted. Yet, they speak out, knowing that some people will listen and be saved. So, I speak, knowing that although these words are foolishness to the world, some will listen and be saved.

The Events Will Speak Loudly

I do not need to say much because the events themselves will speak so loudly. Then, no one will be able to set aside their message. What are these events and what will be their message? They will be the actions of man against man. In this way, no one can blame Almighty God. The destructive fires will not come from heaven but from hell, through the decisions of those whom Satan controls. They will be large and violent events, not like those that the world has gotten used to in recent years. There will be many events because nations will respond. No one will act sanely or rationally.

Anger will pour out and lead to unheard of violence and destruction. No one will be spared who lies in its path. All will be touched – good and bad. Now I explain why I speak.

Do Not Inflict Violence

When all of this happens, I do not want my children to act like the world. I want them to stand apart and not get caught up in the violence. Satan wants you to be in his army. He wants anger to flow from your hearts, just as it will flow so freely from the hearts of your neighbors. He wants to entrap you. He wants you to take up arms. He wants you to strike back. He wants you to yield to his fires of violence. See this for what it is. Everything will be Satanic. The fires will burn in the hearts of the good and the evil person. Satan does not care who fires the bullets, as long as others are harmed and suffer.

I say this at the top of my voice to everyone who is my child. When the events begin, you are to hurt no one. You are not to take up weapons. You are to flee all violence, especially the violence that you yourself might cause. If you heed my words, I will save you. If you do not, then you are no better than the rest. These are words that most will reject, but I speak them so some will listen and be saved.

Comment: When violence breaks out, the tendency is to respond with violence. This plays into Satan’s hands. Mary says clearly “Inflict no violence”.

February 11, 2012
Young People, Solitude and Monasticism


Why do so many go astray? Because so many forces pull people in the wrong direction and so few forces lead them on the right road. So, the need is obvious. Lessen the wrong forces and strengthen the good ones. Then, mankind will regain its freedom to choose. Over the years, the opposite has happened. Now, all, especially the young are deprived of their freedom.

Manipulating the Culture

America prizes freedom. In reality, it has removed freedom. The culture is saturated with forces that move the young into directions where others want them to go. Young people think they are free. However, all those who manipulate the culture know that they are controlling the young. Their messages pour out every day, in every possible way. Young people are bombarded with stimuli, attracting every desire of their hearts. How can the young resist these stimuli, day in and day out? A generation is formed according to the image and likeness of those who control the stimuli, all for their selfish interests.

Cry Out for Your Freedom

The young generation should rise up. They should demand the end of this endless barrage that determines their choices. They should cry out for their personal freedom. But, they are too caught up. How can you protest against what is inside you and which you so desire?

So, I lay out my plans for the young. “You who want to be totally free, who want to find the great mystery of my Son, Jesus, who want to be formed in the image of God, turn off all the stimuli that form you each day. These stimuli twist your emotions, darken your intellect and make you incapable of true greatness. Come away. You must come away because you are being drawn by voices into waters that will destroy you. These electronic media form your soul and twist your personality. They have created a new human being who is not even human. They steal your emotions, dominate your time and leave you only a few scraps to feed your inner self that should reach out to God.

A Solution

This is my advice. Learn the secrets of monasticism. Learn that God is found in silence. Go away for a short time. Live with those who love solitude. Even just a few days will open your eyes. You will understand what I am trying to say by these words.

Comment: We have been robbed of quiet moments. Older people know this. Younger people do not because they were born into an electronic world. Mary wants them to taste solitude.

February 12, 2012
The Cry of Syria


Do not forget the little ones, those who are helpless and cannot defend themselves.  This is where the American Military should be used.  People call out to America.  Their plight is truly disastrous.  Are their cries heard?  Do those in high places hear these lowly voices? Right now the cries of Syria reach the ears of America.  They call on you and on your President to come to their aid.  They are being massacred by overwhelming power.  What is your response?  How do you act?  The judgment against you will be severe.

The purpose for military strength is not to impose your will or further your interests. Military power is meant to keep the peace.  I give you bullets and bombs so that bullets are not fired and bombs are not dropped.  Weapons are meant to deter those who would take advantage of weakness.

When a subjugated and suffering people are experiencing overwhelming military power and they cry out to you, then go to their help.  Shield them, force the persecutors to withdraw.  This is what American intervention should mean to the world, the end of conflicts, not their beginning.  The establishing of a just order, not the imposition of force. These cries of the poor will not go away.  They must be listened to and action taken.

Comment:  Right now the Syrian Dictator is massacring his people.  They are seeking United States help.  Mary tells us to respond.

February 13, 2012
Culture and Young People


By these words, I reveal the forces which are shaping the present and preparing for the future. I open a window of heaven for everyone to look through. Heaven sees everything that is taking place. Those readers who look through my window will see the forces which are shaping their world and they will know what decisions they must make.

Need for Decisions

Too many people are passive, allowing their destinies to be determined by external events. My Son always asked for decisions. People had to choose the kingdom or be swept away. Now the tide is even greater and more forceful decisions must be made.

Now is not the time to allow others to decide for you or to make no decision at all. Do not trust that everything will work out. I have taught clearly the destructive power of the present situation. The tide is powerful and will sweep everyone away. The only exceptions are those who make decisions and resist the tide.

The Daily Experience

I will begin by speaking to the young people. They are the ones most affected. They are forming their own identity and are so vulnerable to the forces of culture.

Yet, what do they experience every day? A veritable onslaught against every value of heaven, a twisted and depraved culture which glorifies evil and laughs at truth. My words must be extensive and deep. They must probe the heart. This is where I must bring my power to bear. The culture will resist me but individual hearts will respond. O reader, may your heart be open to the teachings which follow. I love you and I offer these words so you are not destroyed.

Comment: The culture is overwhelming but if young people receive Mary’s words they can go against the tide.

February 14, 2012
Young People and Their Decisions


Many times people do not see the ramifications of their actions and only later they grasp the seriousness of what they have done. Today, I want to speak about the evil of divorce, which has become so widespread.

Decisions Made Before Marriage

Divorce is the result of many decisions. It is, so to speak, the ultimate decision, separating what God has joined, breaking open the marriage bond which leads to so many unforeseen ramifications.

Let me address the beginning decisions made before marriage. Hopefully, my words will pierce the hearts of those who are not yet married so that they will never be led to choose divorce.

Results of Promiscuity

When a person is young, there are many attractions and many distractions. The serious side of life often seems far away and youth seems to be a perennial state. Caught up in this free-love society, the young person does not see the results of promiscuity. They see no need for chastity. Their hearts are stolen away. Time is wasted. Relationships that should lead to the deepest friendships and even to marriage are destroyed. Time is wasted. Other relationships, often less satisfying, are taken up. A very special opportunity for a good marriage has been squandered.

Getting Married

Finally, the person settles into marriage but the deep commitment and enthusiasm have been lost. It is a marriage of convenience, the best that can be salvaged after many destroyed hopes. Such is the situation. There never was a firm and lasting commitment because so many previous relationships were severed. The two people are almost strangers to each other. Their hearts have had so many prior relationships that they cannot grasp the seriousness of permanency in marriage. Relationships based upon bodily pleasure are too superficial to be good soil for a lifelong marriage.

So, I speak to young people. You will never get these years back. Do not squander them. Listen to the deepest and truest motions of your heart. Sacrifice for these goals. Only true and honest decisions will prepare you for a permanent marriage.

Comment: Mary begins to tackle the overwhelming problem of divorce at its very roots, i.e., what decisions do young people make in the dating period.

February 15, 2012
The Fears of the Young


“Do not be afraid”. These are my words to the young. You face so many challenges, especially a world whose future is quite in jeopardy. You are caught up in tidal waves of uncertainty. You seek for answers. You ask, “Is anything secure?” That is why I speak.

The Least Religious Generation

You are the least religious generation in the history of America. I do not say this to reprimand you. I say it to enlighten you. You have been robbed of your religious heritage and have been nourished only on secular food.

For other generations, the presence of heaven and the importance of a life with God were taught by the adult world. Now this adult world, for its own gain and profit, has stolen God, heaven, eternal life, the presence of Jesus and my presence from you. We have all been erased, as if we do not exist and can offer you no help.

The Battle Between Hope and Fear

When I say, “Do not be afraid”, I must always add, “because I am with you”. This is my message. Ahead of you are gigantic problems. You will face in your lifetime more trials than any previous generation. These trials will bring about overwhelming fears and fear will become your biggest problem. It will paralyze you at the very moment when you will need to take action, daily actions over a long period of time. Survival will demand extraordinary hope. However, fear kills hope. That will be the battle, between fear and hope. One kills the other. So, when I say “Do not be afraid”, I am giving hope a chance to save you.

Seek Mary’s Help Now

O young reader, I see you and your generation. I see all the events that are ahead. You will not survive without me. Now is the time to come to know me and to experience my help in your daily trials. If you do this, when the greater trials come, hope will triumph over your fears.

I say again, “Do not be afraid”.

Comment: The young generation has so many years to live. Who can even grasp the world they will face and the fears they will experience?

February 16, 2012
To the Young – Awaken Your Spiritual Desires


There is no turning back.  Once human life begins, it will continue forever.  This is the greatest mystery – the immortality of the soul.  There is also no turning back in human existence.  The child becomes the adolescent who becomes the young adult.  Nature moves ahead and does not allow the human person to turn back.

Your Soul Reaches Out

Yet, for many young adults, the situation is not a hopeful one and they begin to question their own existence.  The problem is this.  Earth can only give you earthly goals but your soul is immortal.  Your soul reaches out to heaven.  Your spirit wants to soar but you have never been told how to rise above the clouds or even that you should seek the riches of heaven.  O, my young generation, how the world has robbed you and stolen from you.  However, I come to restore these riches.  Let me begin.

What God Created

Within you is an eternal spirit, created directly by the eternal Father who decided that you would exist.  He created you in his likeness (for you are his child) and he created you to live in total happiness forever.  What a blessing!  Inside you are spiritual desires which seek what is beyond all that you can see and experience with your bodies.  But the culture you live in exalts the body and tells you that you only have bodily desires.  This is a lie.  If you satisfy only the body, you will lose all hope because your spirit realizes that there is more but it is a reality beyond your body.

Your Spiritual Desires

I come to stir up your spiritual desires.  They will lead you to my Son, Jesus Christ.  I conceived him and gave him birth.  He is very near you and you can experience his presence. Begin your search for him.  This will stir up your spiritual desires.  When your spiritual desires are covered over, you experience a weariness with life.  This happens to so many.  Do not turn back on your spiritual journey.

Comment:  O reader, your spiritual desires must propel you on to a spiritual search.

February 17, 2012
Heaven’s Fire comes to Earth


Not much is known about the working of heaven, so I will pull back the veil for all to see. In the heavenly Father’s heart, there is a furnace of love which created the world and created you.  Wanting to reveal His love, he sent His Son, who is a perfect image of the Father.  My Son’s heart, also, is filled with love for you.  But even this was not enough.  The Father created my heart, and filled it with love.  He, then, took the fire of love, the Holy Spirit, and sent that fire into your heart at the moment of your Baptism.

The Fire of God’s Love

Thus, all the heavens and all the earth is filled with the fire of God’s love.  This is why I speak.  The eternal fire which gives eternal life is easily available to you.  But what if you find other loves and fill your heart with these loves?  Then, you have no room for the heavenly fire.

Your Steps

What must you do?  If you have filled your heart with illicit loves, you must only repent and say, “I will remove this illicit fire from my heart so I can receive the heavenly fire”.  This repentance is not that difficult.  The first step is the hardest, and when you take it your whole life will be different.

Especially, I speak to the young reader.  Your life stretches before you.  Do not wait.  Do not say, “I will always have time later”.  You will be wasting these years.  God has a task for you, a work to accomplish.  You will have a family and you must want them also to have eternal life.  Your whole life and your whole eternity hang right now in the balance.  Listen to my words and seek the heavenly fire of grace that the Father has made so available through Jesus and myself.  I will help you.

Comment: God is life and he has given us this life in Jesus through Mary.  Mary warns you not to turn away from the gift.

February 18, 2012
A Marian Papacy


Who is able to understand?  Who correctly sees all the forces that are about to clash?  Who can predict the outcome when so much is unknown?  Man faces a very uncertain future and he does not have within his hands those powers needed to control what will happen.

No Longer on the Sidelines

I stand on the sidelines, willing and able to moderate the conflicts and to bring peace, but no one asks.  No one seeks my help.  So, I initiate these messages.  I refuse to stand on the sidelines.  I refuse to watch passively while Satan destroys the earth and kills my children. I will insert myself into the fray.  I will choose my doors into the arena.  I will not be kept away from the combat.

Did I not stand at the foot of the cross?  Was I not present when that great battle between light and darkness, between heaven and hell, took place?  I was not the main combatant. Jesus, my Son, was the great warrior, but I stood at his side as he led the army of heaven into victory.

A Pope Son

So, I will stand at the side of another son, a human son, whom I will lift up to the papacy. No one will doubt who it is.  I will not let him stay in the shadows (even though at present he is covered with the greatest of shadows and is hidden in my heart).  I will bring him forth for all to see.  He will acknowledge completely that I alone have lifted him up to the papacy.  I will put my seal upon him.  He will act only in my name.  He will have a Marian papacy, rooted totally in my promises, especially in the words that I spoke at Fatima.  With this pope, the Age of Mary will come to its total height and will forever be upon the lampstand until the end of time.

Hidden But Promised

When this is accomplished, all the light and power which I have placed in the hearts of many come to fulfillment.  When I fulfill this promise, those who have pushed aside my devotions will see their foolishness.  I say to all, “Pray for this pope son of mine.  He is hidden deeply in my heart because I want nothing to harm him.  Pray that all the startling events take place so that he is raised aloft.  In him the nations will rejoice”.

Comment: Mary makes many promises but this one is so clear.  All will know when it is fulfilled.

February 19, 2012
Putting the Torch to Oil


The oil has been spilled and the torch is being touched to those parts that are ready to burn. My own heart sorrows greatly to see what lies ahead.  I cannot save the world because my messages have been set aside for too long.  Time does not wait.  Human hearts are drawn into evil and are corrupted by it.  For how many decades, now, have the unborn been sacrificed to political agendas?  For how long now has the very nature of marriage been overturned by one law after another?  I could go on with all my questions!  How many arms and weapons have been made and sold for financial gain?

Decades of Evil

All of these evils are not new.  They have been allowed to grow for decades.  Let me ask this question.  On a given day how many sins are committed compared with how many prayers are said?  How many no longer go to church and how many are still faithful to it?  Look at the drugs. How long they have blighted your culture and ruined the young!  Need I continue to make my point?

So much of human life has been doused with the oil of sin, that this oil is no longer on the surface.  It has gotten into the pores of the skin.  It has entered the blood stream and has reached the heart itself.  When the torch is touched to the oil, it will not just cause a superficial fire.  The flame will follow the oil and, after all these years, the oil is everywhere.  This is the daunting task that I face.

Being Called Back

When someone turns away from God, they can be easily called back early.  However, the longer they walk that path, the deeper they go into darkness and the less they can hear my voice. That is the current situation in the world and no one can disagree with me.  These evils are long-standing and deeply rooted in man’s heart.  When the torch is touched to the oil, the flame will go everywhere.

See the oil of your sins for what it is – fuel for the Satanic fire.  What can be done?  If you repent, I will cleanse you from the oil and the fire will bypass you.  Fire or repentance?  That is your choice.

Comment:  Certainly, serious sins have been committed for a long time and saturate the human heart.

February 20, 2012
Satan’s Donkey


People carry too many burdens.  This is Satan’s plan, to lay heavy burdens on their backs, so they cannot lift their eyes to heaven in thankfulness.  He brings this about because people do not seek my light.

The Burdens

First, he leads them into sin, as if this were an enjoyable thing.  Then, he places the burden of guilt upon them.  Then, he leads them in to debt, and they carry that burden.  Then, he leads them into entangled relationships, from which they cannot extricate themselves.  He leads them into sinful habits that they cannot throw off.  He leads them into addictions that remove their freedom.  This is the state of modern man.  He has become Satan’s donkey, carrying on his back all the evil of hell.  No wonder that he does not praise God.  He cannot even lift his eyes to heaven.  Man can be a friend of the angels but instead has become the lowliest beast of burden – Satan’s donkey, carrying whatever burdens the Evil One places upon his back.

Restoring Freedom

O modern man, turn to me and I will restore your freedom.  I will take away your sins, your guilt, your sinful habits and your addictions.  You cry out, “I cannot live without them. They are my companions”.  This is the great darkness of your soul.  You think that your burdens are your consolations.  You are dying and you think that the poison you are taking is your medicine.

If you trust me, I can so easily prove you wrong.  However, I need your help.  I need you to renounce just one of your sinful habits.  Choose any one and begin there.  Give it to me. Forsake it.  Ask my help.  “Mary, help me to leave behind my ______” (whatever it is).  Just say that little prayer many times today.  I will lift that burden from your back and you will take the first step on an important journey from being Satan’s donkey to becoming a friend of the angels.  I promise you, “I will work miracles for you” but I need your help.

Comment:  People are burdened and Mary will set them free.

February 20, 2012
Satan’s Drama


A director does not begin the first act of his drama unless the script is totally written and all the actors are trained to play their parts.  Once the drama begins, the other acts must follow.

The opening act of Satan’s drama was the Egyptian uprising.  All the other Mideast violence is the introductory act, which takes place in front of the curtain.  When this opening act is finished, then the curtain will open and the whole world will see the fullness of the stage. So, the uprising in Egypt is more than just a first act.  It is a signal that Satan’s drama has begun.

The Drama’s Conclusion

What is the conclusion of his drama?  Is there any doubt?  He wants to turn earth into a hell, the whole earth, not just the Middle East.  Satan wants to cast his fire upon the earth before I can cast my fire.

He does not know, however, that I intend to destroy his story, to send people onto his stage that would change the plot so he does not succeed.  If his drama is allowed to unfold according to his time table, more and more of the world will be destroyed.  The world does not see these Middle East events for what they are.  The world thinks they are passing events (just like what went before) because Satan has not yet pulled back the curtain and revealed the whole stage.  When it is pulled back, the world will see these events as much more serious than they could ever understand.

Comment:  The uprising in Egypt led to other Mideast uprisings.  These Satanic fires are the opening acts.  Many do not see their significance.

February 21, 2012
The Modern Day Cyrus Sent to Israel


Editor’s note: (In the sixth century B.C., the Jews were exiled in Babylon.  However, Cyrus, King of Persia, conquered Babylon and in 538 B.C. surprisingly allowed the Jewish captives to return to Jerusalem.  Isaiah (45:1) calls him the shepherd of Yahweh and gives him the title “the anointed of Yahweh.)

Do not take your eyes off of Israel, because I never remove mine from the people who gave me birth.  Nor do I remove my protecting hand.  However, now they are surrounded by enemies, far stronger than any described in the bible, and they are deciding what needs to be done.  If only they knew to call on me!  If only they had devotion to me, I could lead them on safe paths.

All is at Risk

I would have led them quite differently than the path they have taken so far.  Even though the heavenly Father formed them, brought them into existence from the loins of Abraham, and gave them the land called holy, they have allowed the secular spirit to decide their path. What a people!  For centuries, they wandered the earth with no land to call their own.  Now, the state of Israel has been formed and millions have gone there to regain their hopes.  Yet, all is at risk and can easily be destroyed.  What are my words to that nation which I love? What is the purpose of these events?  I will speak clearly.

Words to Israel

O Israel, in the bible, whenever your existence was threatened you turned to your prophets to seek the will of God and to know what to do.  At times, you would listen to those words and repent.  Then, God would avert the danger.  At other times, when no danger existed, you would wander away from God, trusting in your own security.  Now, this has happened again and your enemies are great.  Much to your chagrin, they seek to wipe you off the face of the earth. So, I say to you, “I will come to you”.  Even now, before the hostilities begin, I am coming to you.  Do not be surprised by the divine signs.  Even though you do not call me “Mother” you are still deep within my heart.  My flesh and blood came from you.  Through me, the prophetic words about your Messiah were fulfilled.  So, where do we go from here?  What will be our relationship in the future?  I will spell it out clearly.

Modern Day Cyrus

The threats to your security will open a new era.  A door will open that has been closed for centuries.  It will be a special moment and God will do something new.  Just as when God raised up Cyrus and set his seal upon him to allow the exiles to return, so I will raise up someone according to my own heart.  He, too, will act in a surprising way.  You will know who it is.  Like Cyrus, he will be known to the nations.  When he acts, you will also know that he is acting totally on your behalf.  He will do this unselfishly because he is not an Israeli.

He will come because I have sent him.  His heart will be gentle and kind.  You will ask him, “Why did you come to save us?”  He will respond, “The woman clothed with the sun sent me.  She is from you.  She is one of you.  She has not forgotten you even though you have rejected her Son”.

A New Beginning

Then, Israel, we will begin again.  The former rejections will be set aside.  The old will be swept away.  I will take you to myself.  Like the nations, you, too, will call me “Mother”.  You will be a special son to me because you are the nation that gave me birth.

Comment:  Mary describes Israel’s present dangers in a totally different light, similar to the Old Testament stories.   She will send a modern Cyrus to claim Israel for herself.

February 22, 2012
Don’t Blame God


When all the events begin, it will be too late to prepare.  This is what I constantly preach.  My Son, Jesus, preached the same message.  Everyone puts off this invitation to repent and to turn to God.  “Heaven can wait”, they say.  Today, we must care for the things of earth.  My message is this, “It is not a question of heaven waiting.  It is hell that will not wait.  If you do not repent from heavenly motives, then, at least, repent from fear of falling into hell’s plans.”

No Waiting

Hell will not wait.  It will try to devour the whole world.  It wants to be unleashed.  It has already fashioned its instruments of pain and suffering.  I will be clear.  All suffering comes from the Evil One.  You can ignore heaven but you cannot ignore hell.  Heaven gently invites you to love.  Hell gives you no such decision.  It forces hatred and suffering.  It destroys free will.  It constructs a world of suffering and sorrow which completely overwhelm.  I will draw the picture clearly.  Soon, so very soon, the powers of hell will be unleashed against the whole world.  All will experience these powers, in one degree or another.  There will be a series of events, one following another, that will totally change the face of the earth.

The Destruction of Hell

Do not blame God.  Do not say, “Why has God done this?”  Look at all my messages.  I always say “God is ready to help” and “Turn to God and he will protect you”.  I say this again and again. Do not blame God.  All of this destruction comes from hell and, if only mankind had called upon me, I would have intervened.

Mankind is free.  It makes decisions.  It chooses heaven or hell.  It unleashes either the creative love of heaven or the destructive hatred of hell.  O mankind, what have you released?  Need I answer that question?  Just look around at your world!  “Soon, so very soon”.  They are my words.  Repent.  Turn to God.  Invoke my help, praying, “Mary be with me.”  That is all you need to say.  I will come and we will begin to prepare.

Comment:  What great clarity!  Painful events will soon be unleashed by hell.  Yet, Mary teaches us to prepare.

February 23, 2012
Go to Medjugorje


The path is not easy and many overestimate their strength.  Others do not prepare, believing that they are ready to face the future.  The truly wise realize that they do not know what they will face or how they will survive.  I am talking now about “the events” which I have so often mentioned.  Let me speak of them again in the clearest of ways.

The world moves along in its usual sense of security.  It realizes that many problems exist, yet the world believes that nothing will really change.  There have been crises before and people have gotten through them.

A Totally Different Existence

The world will even admit that the future will be difficult.  Yet, it envisions the future as being like the present.  No one envisions a totally different existence with tremendous disturbances of modern life.  Yet, that is what I mean by “the events”, moments which will severely alter human existence, especially in those parts of the world where they take place.  These events are very soon.  They are at the door.  Even though they are still hidden and not able to be recognized, the time is short.  Some of these events can still be avoided, although this window of opportunity grows smaller and smaller as the true remedies are delayed and the evil is not checked.


What is to be done?  I answer clearly, “Go to Medjugorje”.  I am not speaking physically (although that benefits everyone).   I am speaking spiritually.  To that village, I have been explaining “these events” for over three decades.  The people have faithfully recorded my teachings and have distributed them.  They are truly a great treasure.  Even though it is late and a person might never have heard about this little village, anyone can make up for lost time.  Medjugorje carries the treasure and gladly shares it with the world.  Read about this village.  Read about my apparitions.  Read my messages.  I will form your spirit and you will know what to do.’

Comment:  Mary has been appearing and teaching for over 30 years.  Yet, many do not know the story.

February 25, 2012
Drawn by God


When a person is alone, he can only bring forth individual goals.  When he joins in a relationship with another, he can bring forth far more.  This is best seen in marriage when a child is born from a relationship.  It happens in many other areas.  When one person joins with others, an enterprise, a company, a school, a political party or even a marriage can begin.

A Fruitfulness

If in human relationships, a new fruitfulness happens when one person joins with another, how much more this happens in the divine mysteries, when a person is drawn into a relationship with God.  I say “drawn”  because man does not choose to seek God.  First, God must act, placing hopes and desires within the person.  If the person listens, senses these desires and responds to them, then God can draw the person into the greatest gift of all, a personal, intimate relationship.

An Adequate Friend

This seems so unequal, man being a friend of God.  In the beginning, it is very unequal.  However, God lifts the person up, deifies the person and, in the greatest of moments, transforms the person by the flame of divine love.  The person loves God with God’s own love.  God has transformed the person into an adequate lover, sharing the divine flame of the Holy Spirit.  From this gift comes the greatest fruitfulness in human history.  From the silent heart of this transformed person comes untold blessings.   Families, churches and nations are blessed.  God’s mercies pour out because he has transformed the willing person into an adequate lover.  God, in his delight, blesses the whole world with love upon love.

You, O reader, are called to a life with God.  Much has been written.  The Catholic Church has a spiritual tradition.  Discover that tradition.  Read the books.  Find those who are devoted to the spiritual life.  Immerse yourself.  This is not the work of one day or of one year.  It is the call of your whole lifetime.  When you find love, you find God.  When you find a love for God, you find every blessing.  Unfortunately, many good people do not know how to be “drawn by God”.

Comment:  Mary wants you to get to know the Church’s teaching on a life with God.

February 26, 2012
Raising Up a Leader


The world is exploding – Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Iran and so many other places.  Where is America?  I look to America and it refuses to take its proper place, a place for which I designed it and the reason that I raised it to power.

The Watchman

I made America the watchman.  There was a time when it would pay any price, bear any burden, fight any foe.  America did not seek to dominate but to liberate, not to control people but to free them.  Now, it slinks back into the shadows, unwilling to commit its strength to what is true and good.

When will America say, “We must do the right thing?”  Impossible.  America has no idea of what is the right thing, the good thing, the moral thing.  It has taken the work “moral” and removed it from its vocabulary.

Where is America?

Where is America as the fires explode and feed one another?  I will tell you where it is.  It is looking out for its own interests.  It no longer leads.  It follows.  It no longer says, “This is the right path of goodness and truth”.  Its eyes are no longer on the path.  Its eyes are watching to see what the other nations do.  A leader does not watch where others walk and then follows in line.  A leader says, “This is the way.  Let us march”.  But no one sounds the trumpet.  There is no light for the path.  All the leaders walk in darkness, while thinking they are in the light.

America, you have rejected my Son, the light of the world.  Your leaders no longer look to him for light.  What can I do?  I must look for someone for whom my Son, Jesus, is still the light of the world.  I must raise him up and scatter all the others.  It will happen before your very eyes.

Comment:  America cannot shirk its duty on the world scene.

February 26, 2012
The Catholic Charismatic Renewal


Let the heavens open up and the blessings of God rain down upon every part of the earth.  Can this happen?  Did not the fire of the Holy Spirit fall upon Jerusalem and was not the whole earth blessed by the preaching of the disciples?  Now, Christian believers are everywhere so when the heavens open the Spirit does not need to be limited to Jerusalem.  This is why I speak – to prepare the world for a second outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Look at those disciples.  They will be your model.  They knew that Jesus had died, had risen and had ascended into heaven.  They were told to return to Jerusalem and await the Holy Spirit.  They obeyed.  They spent these days of waiting united in prayer and I was with them.  This was all that was needed.  The Spirit was sent and they received.

A Second Pentecost

Can this not happen again?  Cannot the fire of heaven be given again?  Can there not be open manifestations of the Spirit?  Are not millions of people speaking in tongues and praising God in spiritual languages?  Cannot this happen to the whole Church?  What precludes this?  What are the obstacles?  I speak now very seriously.

The fire of Pentecost was sent upon the Catholic Church in 1967.  The movement grew and gained many adherents.  But, many others turned their back on this outpouring.  Others ignored it or did not see its potential.  This was a special moment.  Some responded fully and did all they could to publicize these powerful gifts which suddenly were available once more.  But, the majority in the Catholic Church were uninterested.

An Important Moment

This was an important moment.  The heavens had opened and the Spirit was sent upon the whole world but the effects were, in most cases, lost.  Now, the Heavenly Father wants to pour out the Holy Spirit again, giving the Church a second opportunity to respond.  The initial grace was not adequately received.  Look at your Church, bishops and priests.  Is your church today stronger than in 1967?  Is it more robust and growing?  I want my words to cut to your heart, just as Peter’s words “cut to the heart” of his believers (Acts 20:37).

They rejected my Son, but you have rejected the special powers of His Spirit.  This is your final opportunity.  Do not set aside my call.  Vast problems are at the door of the Church and only the Holy Spirit can overcome.

Look at these problems.  Can you solve them by yourselves?  That is what you have tried to do for the past 45 years without any success.

Comment:  The Catholic Charismatic Renewal begun in 1967 and has had a great effort upon many people.  However, an extremely small percentage of Catholics have taken advantage of this gift.  This Renewal is like Fatima; a gigantic gift that is still not opened.

February 27, 2012
A Tug of War


Do not put aside what is worthy for what is worthless.  This is what the world does all the time.  The world does not see the true values.  The price tags are all mixed up and the world is filled with confusion.  This leads to distorted choices.  People work hard for what is passing but find no time to store up heavenly riches.  This must be addressed.

The Need to Purchase

When a couple gets married, they immediately think of all that they need to purchase.  Then, they consider all the money they will need.  Then, they must think of the jobs which they need to have to get the money.  This happens because they valued what was of little value.  The gaining of possessions is not the primary goal, or even the most important goal of a marriage.  What is of true worth?  Their mutual love, the creating of a home and the bringing forth of children.  Yet, the two values of fostering their relationship and having children are often at the bottom of the list.  Things and possessions come first.  Everything else is thrown out of order.  Working long hours precludes a good relationship and possessions replace children as a goal.

Why Stay Together?

So, what is left?  Why stay together?  The couple finds little or no reason to continue and the marriage ends.  All of this should have had a different outcome.

My word goes forth to young couples, married or soon to be married.  Examine your values.  Be certain of your own values and see whether your partner truly shares the same values.  This is the foundation of a marriage – shared values and similar goals.  Look at your values to see how your marriage is doing or whether you should marry this person at all.  You pulling in one direction and your partner pulling in another is no marriage at all.  It is a tug of war.

Comment:  So many young couples judge their marriage by how many possessions they have mutually acquired.  They forget to develop their personal relationship and to have children.

February 28, 2012
Curiosity About Future Events


All the world is filled with questions of what will take place.  There is a fascination with the future, to know what will come.  But, what good is it to know the future when mankind is not willing to repent?  Yes, the future is dark and I could reveal the future events.  I have already revealed these secrets to the visionaries of Medjugorje.  I have also given messages to the world for over thirty years.  O reader, do you know those messages?  Do you know the story of Medjugorje?

To highlight my teachings, I will contrast the two parts of Medjugorje.  I have revealed ten secrets of future events to these visionaries, the children whom I have chosen.  I have also said that many of these future events could be eliminated if people just prayed and repented.

Curiosity for the Secrets

My teaching is this.  Everyone wants to know the secrets because they are curious.  They want to know the future.  Is it not much more important to be able to influence future events?  My messages ask for periods of prayer every day, for frequent Communion, for monthly confession, for saying the Rosary each day, for fasting on bread and water on Wednesday and Friday. Assuming these devout practices will change future events.

You can see the foolishness of the world.  Everyone wants the future events to be revealed.  Yet, when I reveal how these events can be changed, few are interested.

Comment:  At Medjugorje, Mary gives secrets for the future and messages for the present.  So many want to know the secrets but have no interest in the messages.

February 29, 2012
God’s Opinion of You


Do not worry about what other people think or say.  The time is too short and the difficulties are too great that lay ahead.  You must be anxious only about the state of your soul before God.

When people possess many things, they do not think of the state of their soul before God.  When people are in the middle of trials, they do not worry about the state of their soul before God.  So, when does man grow concerned about the state of his soul?  Even at death’s door, many do not consider the state of their soul before God.

Concern for Salvation

Being concerned about your soul is not a matter of being rich or poor, healthy or sick.  It is a personal gift, a value which the person holds dearly.  It is to value the only goal that really matters.  “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?” said Jesus.  No matter what you had on earth, no matter what you accomplished on earth, no matter how highly you were praised on earth, you have lost everything – completely and forever.  If you had nothing on earth, if you seemed to accomplish little, if you were forgotten and set aside, yet my Son Jesus said to you “Come into my kingdom”, you will enjoy life forever and ever.  How can I get this across?  The greatest gift of God is to be concerned about the state of your soul, to be concerned with being in God’s favor, to be concerned with how God thinks of you.

God’s Opinion

Understand clearly.  God has his opinion of you.  Right now you are in his favor or you are in his judgment.  You should be very concerned about what his opinion is of you.  His opinion is based upon the state of your soul and the state of your soul depends totally on your decision.  You must want to be a friend of God, do nothing to lose that friendship, and do everything to gain it.  O reader, your greatest call is to be a child of God through my Son.

Comment:  How few are concerned about being in favor with God, when the gift is at your door.

March 1, 2012
Foolish Decisions


A mother sorrows when she sees her children doing foolish things and making foolish decisions.  How often she says to them, “Do not be fooled”.  She says these words with great sorrow and, also, with great hope, trusting that her words will turn her child away from the foolishness and on to a safer path.  That is why I speak each day.

I see my children and all the foolish decisions they will make this day.  Even more than that, I see the results of these decisions, what lies ahead and even what awaits them at the end of the road.  I will describe these effects of a foolish decision.

The Progressive Hour of Foolish Decisions

The person lives in light but as soon as they make a foolish decision, they enter into some darkness.  Some peace is stolen from them.  They are walking away from the light.  However, the delight which they experience in the object of their foolish decision hides that darkness from their eyes.  The foolish goal gains a power over them and draws them.  Even if friends speak to them, they do not listen.  A dark power has entered their heart, an illicit goal.  A forbidden fruit attracts them.  As they give themselves more and more to this powerful evil, its tentacles quickly wrap themselves around their heart, take control of their feelings and dominate their thoughts.  In the end, they are trapped into an evil that has drawn them from light into darkness, by a succession of foolish decisions.

The Advice of a Mother

What can be done when advice of friends has been of no avail?  Happy that person who has a loving mother.  She is their final hope.  Happy that person whose mother calls them into her presence and says, “What is this I hear about you?”  No matter how old you are, no matter how tall you are, there is a woman who is your mother, and, in her presence, you are always a son or daughter.  Her scolding you is your only chance.  If you do not listen to her, you will listen to no one.

So, foolish child, I call you into my presence.  I sorrow over you, but I hope that I can turn you away from the destructive forces which have gotten control of you.  This is what I ask you to do.

Mary’s Instrument

For a moment, think of your earthly mother.  Speak to her in your heart.  Reveal to her the evil that now controls you by your foolish decisions.  Will she not give you good advice?  Will she not encourage you to take whatever action is needed?  Will she not show you the way back to the path of goodness.  I will use your earthly mother and the love which she has for you as my instrument in restoring you to God’s favor.

Comment:  Mary is clever.  She knows that no matter how much we become an adult, we have memories of our earthly mother and of ourselves when we were children.  She uses those powerful memories to recall us to goodness.

March 2, 2012
An Interest in Heaven


On earth day follows another and it is easy to believe that this will continue forever.  People get used to human existence and forget that a moment of death will come for them.  They see their parents and their relatives leave this earth.  They know that billions and billions of people have lived on this earth and they are no longer here.  Yet, all of that experience makes no impact because they experience a life in which one day follows another.  So, I speak to interpret this experience, to give it meaning and to show its purpose.

Just a Little While

Reader, the world and the human race existed long before you were born and will continue after your death.  You are here on earth just a little while.  God knows that earth is not the way it should be and He knows that you could easily destroy yourself, in this life and the next.  So, he sent his son, Jesus, into this world.  Jesus is God and yet, he had your daily experiences.  For him, also, one day followed the next.  He lived in time, but he preached about a quite different existence.

Heavenly Existence

In heaven, where one day does not follow another, there is no night or darkness at all.  My Son did not come to change time but to change you so that you are prepared for heaven.  This is why I weep.  So many have no interest in what Jesus offers to them.  They are quite content with their daily existence that will so quickly end. They have no interest in a fullness of life that will last forever.  No wonder that I preach every day.

Comment:  Our modern culture has stolen heaven from us.  In the Age of Faith that was the real goal.

March 3, 2012
Mary Explaining the Signs of the Times


In the gospel parables, the servants had to be faithful until the Master returned.  This cannot be done, unless the heart of the disciple truly loves the Master and looks forward to his return.  Filled with joy, the good servant gladly does his task, knowing that his Master is kind and generous.  He does not limit himself to just what is needed, but he patterns himself according to the Master’s own generosity.  The other servant does not have this love for the Master.  He acts only to receive a reward or to avoid punishment.  He acts one way when the Master is looking and quite a different way when the Master is absent.  Such is the picture of the two servants.  To which one, will the Master certainly say, “Enter into the joy of the banquet” and to which one will the Master say, “Depart from me, you worthless servant”?

The Important Moment

This is the only important moment – when the Master returns.  Every other moment prepares for this one.  Does the world prepare for the return of my Son?  Do you yourself think of that moment when you will come before Jesus to render an account?

The world has forgotten my Son and does not await his return.  The world stripped the culture of every remembrance of him.  I am here to say that he is coming soon and I am the preacher, sent by the Father, to prepare for his coming.

Interpreting the Signs of the Times

The Father loves mankind and does not want the world unprepared.  I must interpret for you the “signs of the times”.  Although you see, you do not see.  Although you understand, you do not understand.  You need a preacher, someone who preaches about the “signs of the times”.  These signs are already happening, but what good is a sign if no one can read it?  Right now, the Father is giving many signs.  In the future, the signs will increase and grow stronger.  These signs will need a preacher to explain them.  My explanation will be clear, easy to understand.

Comment:  Mary promises, on future locutions, to explain the worldwide signs that will occur.

March 4, 2012
Ninety-Five Years of Waiting


Everything is before me, and I see all events past and future.  However, the past is quite different from the future.  What is past is done and complete.  What is future can be changed.   That is why I speak.

Future Destruction

I see those future events which will happen if mankind continues on this path.  No one can even imagine the destruction, the loss of life and the complete ravaging of the earth which Satan wants to bring about.  This is as complete and as powerful a destruction as he is able to mount.  Even those areas which do not experience the destruction directly will be shaken by the events.  The whole world will be terrified and seemingly no relief will be in sight.  This is the future as I see it now.

Read the Fatima Messages

All of that can change and will change if only mankind cries out to me.  Ninety-five years ago, I appeared to the three children of Fatima.  I told them that World War I would end soon, if only people would cry out to me.  The messages did not go forth and were not heeded.  The war continued.

I prophesied a second great war if my pleas were not answered.  Again, an unneeded war resulted.  Now, it is ninety five years later.  The messages of Fatima are still not heeded.  They are messages of mercy and direction, given to man to avoid the destruction that is ahead.

Let me place a question.  O reader, do you know my messages of Fatima?  Do you know the story of the great prodigies, the signs and wonders?  Do you know what I ask of you?  If not, then you must read and put my teachings into practice.  If so, you will help me to save the world.  If not, you will be part of a world that did nothing to stop the coming destruction.

What will I do?  For ninety-five years I have waited.  Why have I waited?  Because I wanted all of mankind to share in my victory.  This is mankind’s greatest privilege – to share in the wonderful works of heaven.  But I can wait no more.  Many who should be with me in my army are not here.  I cannot wait.  I will begin without them.  This is what I make clear for all to understand.

Mary’s Intervention

I have waited ninety-five years for mankind to respond and share with me in this glory.  I will begin to intervene, not because mankind has heeded my messages, but because I cannot wait.  Those who are with me will get the glory.  I will intervene unilaterally, without the cooperation of mankind which has delayed ninety five years.  I intervene unilaterally because, if I wait any longer, the world would destroy itself.  So, let us begin.  Know that my heavenly intervention has now started.

Comment:  Mary sees the world on the verge of destruction and she will take extraordinary efforts to save the world.  However, we must know and live her Fatima messages.

March 6, 2012
Help from Heaven


I speak to you who have faithfully read these messages and tried to put them into practice.  Do not fear and do not panic.  You must trust your heavenly Mother.  I speak to you every day so you know what to do.

First, you must have the daily practices of devotion, that is, Holy Communion and the rosary.  Also, you must show mercy and kindness toward everyone.  Finally, you must have a simplicity in your life.  These are the basic practices that will prepare your soul for the patient endurance that is always required during a time of trial.

Able to Receive

If you read and live my messages, you will be capable of receiving my help.  Notice the purpose of the messages – to fashion you so you can receive my help.  What will you receive?  This is important to know so you can cooperate.  First, I will guide your inner thoughts.  I will place desires and hopes within you.  Do not set them aside.  They are my words to you.

I will also send people into your life, people who are faithful to me.   These will be your friends and companions on the journey.  Again, do not set them aside.  They are important friends.

Finally, I will give you an attraction to prayer and to a heavenly goal.  Do not set these attractions aside because they are meant to give you peace.

I ask you to read my messages and to live them.  Then, be sensitive to all the help that I will pour down from heaven.

Comment:  Mary explains how she wants to help us so that we can cooperate.

March 7, 2012
Marrying the Wrong Husband


Am I powerless?  Need I stay out of the coming event that will shape the world?  Can I not intervene?  I will not stay on the sidelines while the fate of the world is being written and when mankind is about to take a turn toward destruction.

Brink of Destruction

That is the state of the world.  It is on the brink of destruction.  The powers of destruction lie in the hands of those who are controlled by Satan.  All of this is new.  The level of destructive power has never been this high.  The extent of these powers has never been so broad.

The usual response to these destructive powers has been force.  Yet, what force can be used?  Would not the retaliatory force also play into Satan’s hand?  Killing is his goal and suffering is a sign of his presence.

Day after day, Satan’s works go on.  He puts his plan into action, stirring more and more hearts in his flame of anger.  Look at the Middle East.  It is aflame with the satanic fires and this is only the opening act, taking place in front of the curtain.  Wait until he pulls back the curtain and unveils more of his plan.

Satan’s Drama Unfolds

The longer I am not invoked, the longer his drama is allowed to unfold.  The more he can place his people on the world stage, armed with his destructive powers and enlightened with his Satanic darkness, the more the world will be shaped in Satan’s image and likeness, the gruesome image of death.

O world when will you turn to me, the Woman clothed in the Sun?  I am speaking to you now, while it is just his first act and this deadly drama has only begun.  I will say it again.
The uprising in northern Africa and in the Middle East are only the opening scene, to give you a preview of what is to come.  This is not a musical or comedy.  The director has already introduced you to the drama’s theme and purpose.  The theme is violence, unrest, hatred and destruction.  Through the people who he controls, Satan wants to rule earth.

The Prince of Peace

One day, I brought forth a child.  He is the Prince of Peace.  He is the true Lord of Lords.  He is the King, a loving and gentle King, who wants only life for you.  Foolishly, you have set him aside.  You thought you did not need him.  You called yourselves secular.  You declared a separation of earth from heaven.  You have gotten your separation papers because heaven only comes when it is invited.  However, hell comes whenever it chooses.

You have separated from heaven and you are now joined to hell.  I will say this clearly.  You are engaged to hell and if you keep going, Satan will become your bridegroom and you will have married the wrong husband.

I cannot allow this to happen.  I will act quickly.  I will save those who can be saved.  I can no longer be a gentle mother.  A fire is burning and I must save my children.

Comment:  Mary paints a full picture using scenes that are familiar.

March 8, 2012
What Passes and What Lasts?


Do not judge by what you see.  You need the word of God to enlighten you, because your unenlightened mind is fooled and dazzled by the world’s light.  Only a mind enlightened by the Holy Spirit can see the foolishness of the world and can declare that the world’s light is no light at all.

The world seems permanent, the great reality that is the theater for the human person.  Really, the world is just a stage, always passing away.  The actors of one century give way to those coming after them.  The names change.  Famous ones are forgotten.  Those who seemed so important fade into history.  What is this all about?

Kingdoms Rise and Fall

Look at earth with an enlightened mind.  See that all is passing and changing.  Nothing on earth perdures.  Kingdoms rise and fall.  Nations have their moments of importance and of decline.  Only the human person perdures.  Only the person survives.  Wisdom must ask the question, “What is of lasting value?  Not riches or fame or power or position.  Only the human soul, the person made in God’s image, does not fade and die.

This is my message, O reader.  You have wisdom and property and position.  All of these will fade.  You also have a soul, an immortal soul.  When all passes away, when your body can no longer sustain life, you will have only your soul.  Death will strip you naked of everything.  Then, why are these things so important to you now?

Your Immortal Soul

If at death, you will have only your immortal soul, why is it now so unimportant to you?  Is this not a reversal of values, a foolishness?  You value what is passing and you overlook what is immortal.  So, I plead with you.  Take care of your immortal soul.  Become right with God.  This is in your hands.  Everyone can be justified by God’s grace.  Open your heart to God’s purifying action.  Do not be afraid of God’s fire.  It is a saving flame that burns away only your sins.

Comment:  People have ceased to value saving their souls.  Those who are not deceived, judge correctly that the world is passing away.

March 9, 2012
The Champion with the Trophy


Do not allow the forces of evil to overwhelm you.  These forces have no power over you unless you yield to them.  They are like dark clouds in the sky.  They are not strong walls (although they try to give that appearance).  They are easily penetrated by any airplane and are scattered by the wind.  They are a shadow, not a reality.  They pretend to have great powers to make people fear, but when confronted by the power of Jesus and ordered to disperse in his name, then they must go.  This is the experience of which I will speak.

Satan has a reputation as a “strong man” who can enslave the whole human race.  My Son, Jesus, has confronted this problem.  Yes, Satan is a strong man whose home is filled with those whom he has captured by their addictions, promiscuity and openness to the occult.  However, my Son, Jesus, has described himself as one who is stronger, who ties up the strong man and despoils all his possessions.

Learn this well.  If you are alone, you are no match for Satan.  If you call upon Jesus’ name, Satan is no match for you.  I will give you some examples.  You must keep your eyes open and see.

Ruining Human Relationships

Satan ensnares human relationships.  What should go smoothly gets entangled.  Anger flares up and words are said.  It seems like an impossible situation.  Efforts to reconcile fail miserably.  Step back and discern.  Where did the anger enter?  Where were the turns in the road?  Go back to that point in your relationship.  See where the darkness entered.  Now call upon Jesus to cast out the evil.  Suddenly, a hope comes, light enters and you see a way to overcome the problem.  “Overcome”, that is the word.  Jesus helps you to overcome.

I could cite many more examples.  Whenever evil enters and takes hold, Satan is binding you as a captive.  Jesus always sets free and “Whomever the Son sets free, is free indeed.”

Jesus’ Power

Now, I give you the secret of freedom.  Look at your whole life.  In what areas are you not free?  What addictions do you have?  What vices control you?  What in your personality seems to destroy everything?  In these areas, Satan holds some control.  You must claim the power of Jesus.  Call on his name.  He delights to bind Satan and steal his possessions.

Jesus came to set the captives free.  That is you.  He rejoices in binding up Satan and rescuing you.  You will be Jesus’ trophy of victory.  He will hold you up, like a champion after his victory.  More important, you will be free to fulfill God’s purpose in your life.

Comment:  In Luke 11:22, Jesus describes his powers.  Satan is the strong man who wants to control and dominate human persons.  Jesus is stronger.  He ties him up and sets us, the captives free.

March 10, 2012
The Person of Conviction


When someone listens to God’s voice, they walk a different road.  They do not allow themselves to be moved to the right or the left.  They seek to follow only God’s voice.  They speak with others to gain advice.  They put themselves under obedience to their director.  They practice the virtues, all for one goal.  They want to obey God.

The greatest gift is to have a heart that wants only to obey God.  During persecutions, the person will not swerve from the true path.  Even in the greatest difficulties, the person will not compromise their principles.  They stand firm and act according to their convictions.

No Strength of Will

How different is this person from those who listen to a world which does not care about truth.  The world lives by expediency.  The world does not seek the light because the darkness serves it well.  Confusion and chaos dominate the world because people have set aside their convictions and the strength of will to put their belief into practice.

A Person of Conviction

Let me speak about the person of conviction.  I can use that person.  I can lift up that person to a high position because I can trust the person. He/she will not sell me out.  A person of conviction cannot be bought or intimidated.  They stand firm and others know that the person will not go back on their word.

O reader, I am talking about truths that are easy to understand.  I am speaking about earthly realities that are so evident.  Yet, being a person of truth and fidelity to your convictions is also a heavenly reality.  When I see a person who follows the world in the spirit of expediency, I never give that person my gifts.  These favors would be tossed overboard, jettisoned at the first opportune moment.  The person of expediency always finds something else that suits them better.  When I see a person of conviction, I give that person a gift.  As they are faithful, I give another gift and yet another.  As they are fruitful in small things, I give greater gifts.  If they continue to be faithful, I trust them with all of my treasures and they bless the whole world.

That person can be you.  Start now.  Hold on to your convictions.  Live by what you believe.  Don’t be influenced by others who would steal your ideals and leave you wounded by the wayside.  I cannot be too strong on this.  That person totally blessed by me, can be you.  I want it to be you.

Comment:  The contrast is clear.  Mary entrusts heavenly gifts to those with strong convictions.

March 11, 2012
To the Leaders of Nations


The nations go their own way, following the path of self-interest, opening their hearts only when they see their own advantage.  They call this the international community, but it is no community at all because it has no king, no leader, no one with a vision which could invite them to higher goals.  Each nation strengthens its military, some for aggressive purposes and others for self defense.

Jesus Comes in Glory

What is the problem?  Why is the world being ripped apart?  The nations, even the Christian nations, have set aside my Son.  He is the King and Lord of all the nations.  Someday, he will return in glory and will gather the nations before him.  All will give an account.  All the presidents, all the prime ministers, all the kings, all the senators, all the dictators, all the rich and all the powerful will all be stripped of their authority.  They will bow down before the King of Kings and they will give an accounting of their stewardship.  They will see their foolish pride and their wisdom will be revealed as foolishness.  Their crimes will be exposed and their hidden deeds brought to light.

The King of Kings

Why do I say this?  I want to speak to world leaders on every level.  If you are to govern well, you must realize that my Son, Jesus, is the King of Kings, that he holds the whole history of the world in his hands.  If you want to be a good president or a faithful leader, he must be your King and you must rule in his Spirit.

Do not trust your own powers.  Your heart is selfish and those around you walk in darkness.  Your decisions are no better than those who preceded you.  Trying to govern without Jesus Christ will only lead you into greater darkness.

The nations do not see this selfishness of nationalism.  They do not ask what their nation can do for the world.  They are blind leaders who think they are enlightened.  I say this clearly, “Unless you live in the light of Jesus Christ, you walk in darkness.  Even worse, you will lead your nation down the road of darkness.

Comment:  World leaders who do not seek the light of Christ are inevitably in darkness and their policies will multiply that darkness for the world.

March 12, 2012
The Visitation of Jesus to Israel


You do not need a keen intellect to see what is ahead, the clash of nations.  Right now, internal strifes are consuming the energies of many nations in the Middle East.  When this process is over and Satan has in place those whom he wants to serve him, he will move into the next phase of his plan.

Afghanistan and Pakistan

This will take place especially in Afghanistan and, most importantly, in Pakistan.  The turmoil in both of these countries has not yet led to the overthrow of these governments but, obviously, they cannot survive the massive number of dissidents that fill their countries.  As the American troops leave Afghanistan, the whole area will become the easy prey of the terrorists.  They will quickly claim everything.  No one will oppose them and both countries will fall under their control.  This will pose enormous new problems, coupled with the growing nuclear program in Iran.  The rise of the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt and the new direction of Turkey.

The nations are in turmoil but God is not just in his heavens.  He would help man and he wants the survival of Israel.  He wants to establish in Israel the great “Light to the Nations”, my son, Jesus Christ.  This is the battle behind the scenes.

Israel’s New Role

Israel, the people who brought forth the Messiah, is to have a new place among the nations.  On its land, and specifically in Jerusalem, the whole world was redeemed by my Son’s sacrificial death.  The whole world was raised to life again by his resurrection.  The whole world was sanctified by the outpouring of his Holy Spirit.  From Jerusalem, God’s saving word went forth to all the world.  These are the recorded truths in the New Testament.  But this good news has never been accepted by Israel.  My Son would have saved them from the Romans but Jerusalem did not know the time of is visitation.

A New Moment

Now another moment comes.  Israel is not surrounded by a foreign army which comes from Rome but by forces which live around it, a far greater threat.  To Israel, I say, “Your darkest moments are ahead of you.  Your salvation will not come from your weapons, or even the weapons supplied to you by others. Your salivation will come only from my Son, Jesus.  By these words, I awaken you to the true source of your freedom.

Do not wait.  Now is the time to turn to him. He is flesh of your flesh and blood of your blood and he holds you in his heart.  Soon, he will come to you in a fresh visitation.  Hopefully, this time, you will accept him when he comes.

Comment:  Mary unveils the growing problems for Israel and the promise of a fresh visitation.

March 13, 2012
Mary’s Heavenly Net


I let down my net from heaven.  This brings every blessing to man.  Then, I draw my net upwards, lifting man above himself and offering to him a new way of life.  These are the two blessings that always flow from my heart.

A Mother’s Role

As a mother, I see all the needs of my children and I provide for them.  What mother would see her children hungry and not give them food; see them crying and not try to console them?  This is my promise, “Anyone who comes to me, for them I will make life more gentle”.  That is my motherly role, to always place helps along the way.  So, I say to my children, “Cry out to me.  It will not be in vain.  Seek me and you will see that I am always at your side”.

My heavenly net has a second, more important gift.  It lifts up my children who are often overcome by the world.  It lifts them above those forces that would lower them.  It lifts them above their passions that entangle them.  It lifts them above the hard heartedness that so mars human relationships.  It lifts them above earthly goals that limit their understanding.

Lifted Up

Come, O reader, I would lift you up, not yet into the heavenly realm (for that must wait until after death).  Right now, I can lift you above yourself, above your selfish goals and your self-centered lifestyle.  I can have you breathe a heavenly air and experience a freedom from all the compulsions that constantly mar your seeking true goals.

Come, I offer you a new life, a new existence, a freedom that you cannot imagine, a freedom which the earth cannot give you.  I will surround your heart with the greatest purity.  I will rip out of you all selfishness and will place the greatest love.

I offer you a  new life, one that prefigures your life in heaven.  O reader, let me lift you up.  This is the only way that I can save you.

Comment:  Mary promises two gifts.  She will take away the sting of life and she will change the person.

March 14, 2012
A New Shepherd in the Scene


How entangled are the affairs of the world. How confused is modern man. For centuries, he has tried to gain control of nature, but he discovers that he cannot control himself. One nation affects another. Each person affects his neighbor. All spins out of control at a dizzying pace which constantly speeds up. Obviously, this cannot continue. Who can save mankind? O mankind, do you see a savior on the horizon? Is there someone rising up from your midst who will restore sanity and order? If so, where is he and what will bring him forth?

Only Silence

I hear only silence. Your lips are sealed because these forces are beyond anyone or any nation. The great power of America has not restored order in the Middle East because the forces of evil are too widespread and continue to grow. The United Nations has no power and the international community is in disarray, all looking to their own interests. Take your eyes and look in every direction. No one is on the scene. Some would assume the mantle but they are weak pretenders.

A Humble Servant

I will send someone and you will know who it is. He will not try to act alone. He is too humble for this. He will blow a clear trumpet. He will sound a new call. He will stir hearts. There will be someone again on the scene who will say, “Let us march” and the people will know that this is the voice of a true shepherd.

He will gather the flock and bring back the strays. With this one shepherd, a million other shepherds will rise up, in every possible field, shepherds with new hearts, shepherds who will serve the people and not themselves.

Then the people will take heart. They will say, “We have true shepherds in our midst”. This will be a new Church. These will be shepherds formed by my Immaculate Heart. This will be my gift to you. You will know my promise and see its fulfillment.

Comment: One person is not enough but a person formed by Mary’s heart can be her instruments in calling forth millions of new shepherds.

March 15, 2012
Entangled in a Darkness


Do not turn your back on what you believe. Many times, a person is filled with truth and actually walks in the truth. Then, an attraction comes which delights them and even fascinates them. They know that this attraction is forbidden and seeking it violates all that they believe. However, they do not immediately dismiss it from their minds as dishonorable and unworthy of their beliefs.

Straddling the Fence

Instead, they straddle the fence. Their life is supposedly in the light, but their heart has been captured by the darkness. This is the state of so many because the modern world has so many such attractions and to resist these demands constant vigilance. So, I will address this issue.

You are my child. Your heart is good and you want to do what is right. You want to be counted among the blessed, but you are caught in a struggle. You never believed that you would be so entangled. This is not you. This is not what you ever wanted to be. Yet, you must face the truth. You have become entangled, even engrossed in what is sinful. You keep it hidden because it is not what you want. Yet, you do not send it away. You do not cut the ties. You allow this evil to have some place in your life. It is always there, lurking in the back of your mind as something you might enjoy when your obligations are fulfilled and when no one is looking.

No Compromise

Do not delay. Do not compromise. This must be cast out of your life. It has already robbed you of much spiritual riches and if you continue to tolerate its presence, it will eat away more and more. You will continually pay a higher price and the day will come when there is no turning back. It will control you. All the while, you will think that this is of little importance.

O child of the light, cast out the darkness. Never, never say, “It is just a little darkness. It can be tolerated. No need for action”. I am the woman clothed in the sun and I want to clothe you completely in the sun but you block my gift by clinging to this darkness.

Comment: Mary is the sinless saint and she expects her children, frail as they are, to strive for total sinlessness.

March 16, 2012
The Tidal Waves of Anxiety


Do not let the tides that come against you prevail. Do not even let them overwhelm you and cause you to fear. They are like clouds in the sky which are easily driven away. People without faith will say that this is not true, but those who believe will know that I speak the truth. However, I must instruct my children in my ways so that the tidal waves of anxiety do not sweep you away.

Mary’s Secrets

First, keep your hearts for me. When you give your hearts to worldly possessions, then you grow anxious that they can be swept away. Second, do not try to stand alone. A lonely believer is difficult to protect. You must bond yourself with others by a unity which flows from charity and sharing. Third, you must not use the world’s methods. The world lies. You must be a person of truth. The world steals. You must be a person of honesty. The world plots its goals. You must be a person of simplicity. The world limits its care. You must reach out to all who seek your help.

Now, I will come to the heart of my teaching. In the middle of trials, the problem is the imagination which looks ahead and can conjure up many different scenes that never occur. A power of fear grows like a tidal wave that threatens to destroy and sweep away.

At the Ocean’s Edge

Place yourself for a moment at the ocean’s edge. When a wave comes, the child clings to his parent who lifts the child up. The wave passes by. Now the child knows what to do whenever a wave is coming. They cling to the parent who lifts them up, time and again.

So, it is with you. The tides coming against you will not prevail if you come to me and allow me to lift you up. After each wave, you will have greater confidence. You will remember all the waves that did not prevail against you. You will know not to wander from me. You will be aware that waves can come suddenly and with great force. You will not want to be caught far away from me.

Come, O reader, together we can conquer the whole ocean of life. We can prevail against the greatest of tidal waves and be found standing strong when my Son comes for you in his glory.

Comment: Mary gives excellent images to overcome fears and gain heaven.

March 17, 2012
A New Divine Fire Clothing Us in the Sun


The gifts that I want to offer the world are overwhelming, far greater than any gifts since I gave the world my Son, Jesus Christ. These gifts are of every kind and in the highest degree. I want to restore the earth and bring back its fullness. But, especially, I want to restore man to the highest level of integrity from which he has fallen. Then there will be a new heaven and a new earth. Many will be skeptical, asking, “How can this be? Will the Father create again?” I say, “All things are possible to God”.

Two Different Fires

There are two ways that this can take place. Either mankind allows itself to be lifted up into a mystical union with God or God himself must act to restore his creation. This second purification will take place by a different divine fire.

Let me be clear. A new heavens and a new earth can only be accomplished by a divine fire. In the days of Noah, the purification came by the floods. But God promised never again to use water to purify. This time, the purification must come by God’s fire. However, two ways exist for mankind to experience divine fire, the way of the saints and the way of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Saints

Every saint was purified by entering into God’s divine fire of love. This was their quest and why they walked the road of perfection. Some went off to the desert or to a monastery. Most just remained in their daily life, serving in their home or in their place of work. Although they were known to be devout, they seemed no different from other people. Quietly, though, and in a hidden manner, the divine fire was burning within them, purifying them and lifting up all their thoughts and desires to God. This is the divine fire that I would give to whomever would seek it. Once received, the person need only be faithful, allowing the fire to purify their thoughts, words and deeds and to lift their hearts to the Father, just as the fire always burns towards heaven. This is what I proclaim, “I will offer to every believer the graces formerly reserved for the greatest saints, so all, from the least to the greatest, will be clothed in the sun as I am clothed in the Son.”

Comment: Mary speaks of a new spiritual age of mankind, very much like the prophesies of St. Louis de Montfort (True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary).

For Study:
“Treatise on True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin” by St. Louis de Montfort

March 18, 2012
A Powerful Stream of “Yes”


There is a powerful stream, filled with every blessing which flows in the very center of human history. This stream also flows in the center of every human heart. This stream exists for every person in the whole world. The stream is so powerful that once the person yields to it, it will carry the person along and keep them safe. It is the saving stream. This is the stream of God’s will which I will explain by easy to understand images.

Some people think that God’s will is just words, like commandments or warnings given by parents to their children. Really, God’s will is a power, a force that is irresistible if only the person consents and says “yes”. That is all God needs, O reader, your permission.

A Flow of Images

I will continue with my images. All the world was created by the power flowing from God’s will. All creation was united to God by the power of this will. Then came forth a new word, a strange word, a word never heard before. Mankind said “No” to God’s will and sin entered the world. God’s powerful stream with all of its healing powers, with all of its powers to bless man, no longer was at the center of human creation or even at the center of each human heart. “No” had replaced “Yes”. Rebellion had replaced obedience, and, unfortunately, curses had replaced blessings. So, for centuries the human race was cursed and earth became a place of suffering and sorrow, a valley of tears.

A “Yes”

Then, I gave birth to Jesus, who always was a “Yes” to God’s will, even to his death on the cross. A new stream of God’s will began to flow and I was its first recipient. It flowed in the middle of my hearts and, later, in the hearts of the believers. However, it did not flow, as it formerly did, in the center of human history because the world rejected him (even Israel rejected him).

Today’s Situation

This is the way it is today. This powerful stream of God’s will flows within some people and not within others. Also, this stream is not flowing in the center of human history because many cultures reject it. But a time will come, when the heavenly Father will give all of mankind another moment, another opportunity that this powerful stream will once again flow in the center of human history. Obviously, the gift can only be given with extraordinary signs and divine powers, but this will take place (more quickly than many realize).

A Personal Gift

The following, however, is my teaching. Even before these extraordinary events, the Father will pour out this powerful, life-giving stream from my Immaculate Heart. This stream will bestow unimaginable blessings upon all who open their hearts to receive. Most important, no one has to wait for that future, extraordinary event. That is what I reveal today. This stream already exists and anyone who wants that stream to flow in the center of their heart need only seek it in my Immaculate Heart. So, come into my heart in your prayers and your desires. If you come, I will promise to teach you how to open your heart to this powerful stream of Gods’ will.

Comment: Mary promises an extraordinary future gift for man, but, more important, she promises the same extraordinary gift right now to all who seek it in her heart.

March 19, 2012
Seeking a Home


I open up to you the human heart. How complex it is! Even the person is not aware of what goes on in his own heart. It is known only to Jesus who understood well what was in the hearts of men. Even when he was acclaimed he did not give himself to their hearts, knowing that human hearts are so easily able to change.

O reader, there is great darkness in your heart and only on the surface is there some light. If you would allow me, I would place light deeper into your heart. I would reclaim many parts of your heart for the light. That is how you become a child of light, about which I always speak. So, let me begin.

The Inner Civil War

Light is truth. In truth, the person sees things as they really are. So, for a moment, let me cast the light of truth upon your heart. What do you honestly see there? Only you are privy to your inner desires. Only you know the attractions of your heart. Within your heart are two sets of desires and these cause a civil war within you. Some desires rise up to heaven wanting to love God. Other desires seek earth and want to cling to all that is selfish. When the heavenly desires lift up your heart, you experience a human freedom and a divine peace. When earthly desires burden your heart, you feel overwhelmed and discouraged, lost and far distant from your Creator.

This is the plight of man and reason for all of his problems. Because he is made for God, his heart searches and searches. He knows that earth is not his home. He is in exile. He has in his heart memories that he cannot reconcile to his present existence. Memories of another existence, memories of life with God.

A Picture of Heaven

How can this be? How can man remember a previous existence? I am only using this as an image. Every person was created by God at the moment of their conception but God existed forever. The Loving Father placed into everyone’s heart a picture. When a child is born, the parents have a home and a room all prepared. Only as the child grows does he see and appreciate this home provided for him. So, God prepared a heavenly home and he places into everyone’s heart a picture of that heavenly home and a powerful desire to return to that heavenly home and to the heavenly Father from whose hands every person came forth. This is the greatest mystery of the human heart. It desires a home which it has never experienced and will never be content until it regains that home.

Comment: Mary describes the deepest human searching – caused by the way God has made the human heart.

March 20, 2012
To Which Group Do You Belong?


The door is always wide open. I never shut the door of my Immaculate Heart until the ultimate moment, when the soul is about to leave the body behind in death. Then, my heart closes. If the person is inside, he is brought to eternal life. If the person is outside of my heart, I cannot bring him to eternal life. My heart is like the Ark of Noah, saving all who are inside from the floods of evil. This is the great mystery of which I have spoken so freely.

No Need to Enter?

Right now, the doors remain wide open but so many pass them by, not realizing the importance of those doors. “Let us give ourselves to the joys of the world” they say. “We have no need to enter the doors of Mary’s heart.” O foolish ones, how different and happier would be your lives if you took time to examine and to enter. You would fulfill your goals, meet the right persons (for some even their future spouse) and discern your dreams.

Life Within

All is different in my heart. It does not contain the confusion of the world or the pressures that pull you in so many directions, or even worse, the temptations that lead you into sin. My heart is steady while the world is a ship tossed here and there among the many storms.

Do not put my invitation aside. Many think that entering my heart can happen later and that they can always find a time. They do not see the squandered opportunities and the joys that would lift up their hearts. They do not see the light that would guide their decisions.

Two Groups

Let me put this bluntly. There are two groups of people. One group lives in my heart and enjoys an intense and satisfying life. The other group lives in the world and struggles to even find meaning for their existence. What is the difference between a person who lives in a land filled with every food and a person who lives in a desert? The only difference is where they live. Yet, one feasts and the other starves. I cannot be any clearer. My heart is a fertile land and those who live in my heart enjoy every blessings. Outside of my heart there lies only a wasteland and those who live there experience every kind of difficulty.

Comment: Life on earth is not meant to be a desert. A place of blessing exists – Mary’s heart.

March 21, 2012
Preparing For the Coming Worldwide Darkness


Do not turn back from this road of seeking God’s favors in my Immaculate Heart. Every person in the world is called and invited by Almighty God to enter my heart and, there, to find all that God has for them.

A Need for Great Searching

Many search for meaning in the world. However, what can you find in the world except earthly treasures? Others search for meaning in their jobs or their careers or even in their families. Even here, the human heart is not fully satisfied and all are subject to the darkness and trials that have come and will come soon upon the earth. All of that searching is not enough. I must reveal another road to a different place. I must reveal it now. I will say something so that you see the urgency of getting inside my Immaculate Heart. In former times, to have a job, to have a family, and to practice their faith were all that a person, even a good person, would seek. This would be the ideal picture – two devout parents who fulfilled their tasks, loved their children and practiced their faith. What could be more perfect? What I say is that all of the conditions will change dramatically and that level of faith and goodness will not be enough. Even the person at this level of faith will not survive the satanic onslaught that will soon be released.

A Greater Revelation

So, I must reveal what is greater, and what is needed now. In my Immaculate Heart are mystical gifts that will unite people to God as I was united. The Father gave me these gifts at Calvary when I had to stand at the cross and see my Son die his cruel death. Only by these mystical gifts could I have persevered. (O reader, do you think I was able to be faithful by my own powers?) That was the Hour of Darkness. Another hour of darkness is coming upon the whole earth and there is only one place to survive, in my Immaculate Heart where God has stored up all my mystical favors. These favors are also for you. You will need them in the darkness and you must find them now. When the darkness comes, you will not be able to discover your way.

Comment: Mary speaks clearly. She survived the dark hours only by God’s favors and she has stored up those favors for us in the coming worldwide darkness.

March 22, 2012
Mary’s Inner Experiences

(Note: This message begins a series of teaching which reveal the thoughts of Mary’s Immaculate Heart.)


I always walked in God’s light and, as my life went on, the light grew greater until I was totally clothed in divine light. I had always said “Yes” to God but a moment came when my whole being was totally and completely absorbed in the divine. By this gift, I accepted all the sufferings caused by my Son’s passion and death.

God’s Embrace

When that death came, I experienced a new grace. The hand of God embraced me as never before. The Father called me “daughter”. The Son called me “mother”. The Spirit called me “espoused”. I entered into realms of God that I had never seen before, moving into the divine mysteries, seeing the divine beauty and experiencing God’s delights. This was in the upper parts of my spirit because in the lower parts I was experiencing all the darkness and sadness of a mother grieving over the death of her only son. This is my message to those who love me.

Receiving Mary’s Light

I cannot free you of all your suffering here on earth, just as the Father did not spare me the suffering that was involved with my life. However, in those darkest moments, I can come to you in the highest parts of your spirit. I can bathe you in my light, even when your human spirit is immersed in the greatest darkness.

I promise to teach you my secrets and to share with you my religious experiences, but you must come aside. I cannot do this unless you give yourself to prayer, to solitude, to reading my messages. Yes, read the messages because they contain eternal life for you. Ponder them and put them into practice, even if this is slowly and step-by-step.

Revealing the Secrets

I want to open the whole world to the mystical graces that flow from my Immaculate Heart. The heavenly Father immersed me into all the sufferings of Calvary so he could open up these secret doors of his blessings. I now have these blessings. I hold them for you. Everyone can become a mystic. The graces are available to all. This is the secret of devotion to my Immaculate Heart which I am revealing through these messages.

Comment: With this message, Mary begins a unique series of teaching about her inner experiences.

March 23, 2012
The Riches of Mary


I want my children to come into my heart to discover all the riches and blessings which God has placed there.

In the Womb

When I was conceived without sin, the Father placed within me a fullness of divine life, greater than any other human person had ever received. Even the great saints, like Peter and Paul, after all their years of knowing and loving Jesus, did not have at the end of their life even a fraction of the divine life which I had from the first moment of conception. Even while in the womb of my mother, this life multiplied itself into a greater fullness. While still in the womb, I became aware of the Father, Son and Spirit with a mystical and experiential knowledge far greater than the highest Seraphim. I loved God, even before my birth, more than all the angels and all the saints combined.

After Birth

As I saw my parents, I perceived them in God’s light and I loved them as God loved them. I was so taken up with God that I saw the whole world as His creation and every human person as God loved them.

Although my body was on earth, my spirit was already rejoicing in God, my Savior. Every moment, God’s divine life was multiplying in me. Every second it increased more than all the other moments of my life combined. I was absorbed deeper and deeper into God’s secrets. Within each secret, there were millions of other secrets. Within each attribute, millions of other still unknown attributes. I was experiencing the infinite, inner life of God.

Experiencing the Trinity

In the middle of all my divine experiences of the Father, there was a Man who said “I am the way to the Father”. Quite mysteriously, he and the Father were one, both having these infinite qualities and sharing fully in the life that was being revealed to me. The two of them brought forth a third Person, a pure flame that united them and completed the mystery. Although complete, the mystery reached out to me through that sacred humanity and I was drawn into the flame of God’s love. This happened continually. Each time I was plunged into that flame, I became more like it, taking on its qualities and receiving the life which it enjoyed.

Comment: Mary shares with us her mystical experiences of the Trinity.

March 24, 2012
Joseph, My Husband


There was my natural life and my supernatural life. I lived as a daughter of Israel, attending the synagogue, learning the Jewish scriptures and fulfilling my role. No one would have singled me out. I dressed and ate as others. I participated in family life and in the community life at Nazareth.

The Three Divine Persons

Yet, within me, my soul was absorbed by this light that revealed God. I understood God as taught by the scriptures, that He was one and there was no other. But my supernatural light brought me to understand that within this oneness there were three perfect Persons, all eternal and almighty. I did not share this with others, because I could not fully describe my experiences.

Meeting Joseph

Then, I met Joseph. He was kind and thoughtful. He, too, was holy and devout. Holiness joined us together. My soul rejoiced in his presence and I shared with him some beginning revelations, those that I could put into words. He always responded and I could see that my words gave nourishment to his soul. So, we spoke often. Our Jewish faith gave us many common themes. He was a just man, always living according to the Mosaic Law.

I could not explain my attraction to him. This attraction itself was a mystery and somehow, it shared in the mystery of God and the three Persons. The more I was absorbed in God in heaven, the more I felt attracted to Joseph on earth. God, himself, had singled him out and, my love for Joseph in no way violated my love for God. The two went together in a mystery that I could not understand but which was so evident to me.

The Proposal to Marry

Then came a special moment. I can never forget it. Joseph was older than I and he had never thought of marrying again. However, as we shared our mutual love for God, we both felt an attraction which we knew was there but we never spoke about. Then, one day, under a divine inspiration, Joseph asked me to be his wife. At this point, I had to tell him what God was doing in my soul. I told him that I felt absorbed by God and, in these great gifts I had given myself totally to God, that I had consecrated myself in a way that no daughter of Abraham would even think of doing. I had told God that I would be his perpetual virgin. This was the first gift. I also explained to Joseph that my attraction for him and his attraction for me was part of my divine experiences, that as I was absorbed into God, my heart was also moved closer to Joseph. So, I placed this great mystery before him in the only words I knew. He, somehow, understood. Yet, both of us did not know the outcome. I knew he was a just man and would ponder the situation.

Joseph’s Decision

Soon, however, he returned and said that, through me, God had touched his own heart and he, too, felt drawn into this holy calling. He would share in my virginal consecration. Again, he asked me to be his wife, with the understanding that he would always love me and protect me as a husband but would never ask me for the rights that a husband has regarding his wife.

We both knew that God had consummated a great gift. We were more mutually joined in our hearts than any other couple who had promised to marry each other. We were betrothed and we told everyone. No one else knew the great mystery. In the eyes of all, we were just like any other betrothed couple, waiting for the day when Joseph would tell my parents that he wanted to take me into his home. This would be the final and concluding moment.

In my own heart, my heavenly call and my earthly call had come together. This question was now answered. When I consecrated my virginity to God, I did not know how this could ever be fulfilled in my Jewish culture which made no such provision. God, in whom I had trusted, had everything prepared and I rejoiced in God my Savior.

Comment: Mary describes so beautifully and so clearly all that had happened to unite her to Joseph, but in such a special way.

March 25, 2012
The Angels’ Message


When the angel Gabriel came I thought I was settled into my way of life. God had provided everything. I had my inner call which was so unique and I also had Joseph, who would allow me to live this call, hidden from the eyes of others. Our hearts were truly one. His heart was given to God just as mine was. We were totally united, called together into this mystery that flowed from my heart but which his heart welcomed, also.

Frightened By God’s Light

This was the situation when Gabriel said these words, “Hail, full of grace. The Lord is with you”. I had always enjoyed the intimacy of God. So many times, he had spoken in my heart calling me to himself. Now, God spoke through an angel. This went beyond any experience I had ever had. Through this visit, I was plunged into the greatest divine light. It is frightening to be lost in darkness but it is even more frightening to be overwhelmed with God’s light. Gabriel did not need to hear my words. He saw my fear, and said, “Do not be afraid, Mary, because you have found favor with God”. I saw and I understood better than any scholar what this meant.

The Regained Favor

Adam and Eve had lost this favor. Now, I began to understand that all the divine favors that I had experienced were a sign. Gabriel was revealing that all these favors because I was perfectly joined to God. What was at the beginning, existed again. What had been lost was regained. I was perfectly united with God just as our first parents had been. Everything came together. Through these words, “You have found favor with God”, I saw the mystery. I understood what God had done.

A Greater Mystery

I asked myself a question, “Why has God done this to me?” Gabriel went on, “You shall conceive and bear a son”. Once more, I was enveloped by a mystery that I did not understand. I had faithfully followed God’s inner call. I had consecrated myself as a virgin. God had confirmed that call by giving me Joseph. We had agreed to a life of virginity. Now, I was told by an angel of God that I would conceive.

All I could say was, “How can this be, since I do not know man?” Gabriel quickly explained the divine plan, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the Most High shall overshadow you”. I understood his words, “the Holy Spirit”. He was the third eternal Person whom I had experienced coming from the Father and the Son. I thought to myself, “Will I be absorbed into God? Will I be made fruitful by a Divine Person?”

The Son Coming From the Father

Yet, that is what Gabriel was telling me, “The child to be born will be called holy, the Son of God”. The words rang in my head and flooded my heart. Through the divine favors, I had seen and experienced the Father and the Son in the eternal processions of the three Divine Persons. With his Father, he was truly an eternal Son. Now, Gabriel used the words “A child to be born”. I would be a mother. A child would come forth from my womb. That child would be the Son whom I saw come forth from the Father’s side. God’s plan was so clear to me. I understood it. The Father was knocking at my door, inviting me to open myself to the power of his Spirit so that his Son could take flesh and blood within my womb.

All Is Possible With God

Even Gabriel stood outside the mystery. He was just the messenger. Seeing me try to respond to the invitation, he told me of what God had already done. My kinswoman Elizabeth, who was beyond the years of childbearing, had conceived a son and was in her sixth month. This was a marvel of God. Gabriel was using the burning and shining lamp of John to guide me. Then, with the greatest of simplicity, he said, “Mary, nothing is impossible to God!” How those words supported me. Yes, for God, nothing is impossible. All that I heard, all that I was told was possible. It could take place.

Mary’s Free Will

At that moment I experienced the freedom of my will. I experienced God as the great respecter of the human persons whom he creates. I realized that God waited upon me. He knocked but he did not open. He invited but he did not compel. He who is almighty would not act. He would wait. It was as if all the centuries were contained in that single moment, as if all of history, from Adam and Eve to Jesus’ Final Coming, was suspended, held in midair. In my own heart, it was like years, all the years and all the moments that I had experienced God’s delights. Now, I realized God was my suitor. He wanted my hand in marriage and my womb to bring forth his Son.

And the Word Became Flesh

How could I refuse him? How could any creature say “No”? My whole being poured forth into God. I was united to God as I had never been before. The divine fire overshadowed me. “Let it be done” I said. I repeated this over and again, as if once was not worthy enough of his Being. Then, silence overwhelmed by soul, the deepest of all silences. I was still, and totally attentive. How else could I be? The Word was becoming flesh. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, the overshadowing took place. With that, Gabriel departed and I was left with my thoughts and with the eternal, living Word in my womb.

Comment: In a long, beautiful and penetrating narrative, Mary shares her inner feelings at her Annunciation.

March 26, 2012
Traveling to See Elizabeth


After Gabriel left, I was alone and able to ponder what had just happened. The miracle had taken place. The Word had become flesh. I was pregnant with the heavenly Father’s Son. I had become the bride of the eternal Holy Spirit. Now, I had to live out this mystery. Where should I go from here? What would be my first steps?

A New Light

I found a new light within me. Formerly, this inner light had guided me to perfection and showed me the way to be pleasing to God. Now, this new light would show me how to be God’s mother. All was clear. The angel had revealed God’s miracle to Elizabeth. I would go there and we would rejoice together, each of us sharing what God had done within our wombs, for in both of us there was miraculous life.

It was not easy to say “goodbye”. How could I explain this decision? All I could say to others was that my heart was set on it. When would I return? I had to say that I did not know. Of course, Joseph was the most difficult of all. He was puzzled. So recently, we had come to our decision. Now, I was leaving Nazareth for far away Judea (90 miles). I knew I had to go, so I set out in haste for the hill country of Judea.

With Elizabeth

I was alone on the journey and better able to ponder the events that had overtaken me. Within my womb I carried the Savior of the world. Within my heart, I carried this secret known only to me. As I arrived at Zechariah’s house, Elizabeth broke out into prophetic words, “Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb”. The Spirit had placed these words on her lips. She went on “Who am I that the mother of my Lord should come to me?” She knew that I was pregnant with God’s Son. The Lord had given me a companion in my mystery. I was no longer alone in the universe because our hearts were joined by divine revelation. Then, she said those final words, “Blessed are you who believed that the Lord’s words to you would be fulfilled”.

Special Memories

Suddenly, I was back in spirit in Nazareth, at that moment when Gabriel revealed the mystery and when everything had been placed before me. I understood clearly what the angel was saying.  However, would I believe that it was true? God flooded my heart with this extraordinary divine light and my mind believed that God wanted to take flesh within me. All that Gabriel had proclaimed in just a few words was God’s invitation. Within I was saying, “I believe. I believe”. My mind did not move to the right or to the left. I did not ponder the consequences. My eyes focused only on the mystery and I repeated those words, “I believe. I believe”.  As I said those words, my heart rushed to the center of the mystery, drawn by the almighty hand of God. Suddenly, I was there, on the edge of eternity, at the brink of the mystery, ready to fall forever into the arms of the Father. Elizabeth was right, “Blessed are you who believed that the Lord’s words to you would be fulfilled.”

In her presence, I relived those moments. How many times, God would always lead me back to that scene of divine intimacy. It was so good to be with Zechariah and Elizabeth. They had their own divine mystery, a child leaping in her womb and filling her with the Holy Spirit.

Comment: Mary continues her personal story, in complete accord with the gospel account.

March 27, 2012
Joseph’s Dilemma


On my return to Nazareth, there was the obvious problem.  Joseph, who was puzzled by my sudden leaving, now could see that I had conceived a child.  We did not speak about it.  He just grew silent and withdrew from me.  What else could I expect?  He was a just man and, in his eyes, I had committed adultery.  He, who had thought that I was the purest maiden in the whole world, now saw me as an adulteress and he was the only one who knew that the child was not his.

God’s Plan

I saw how God had arranged everything.  He had waited for our betrothal and for all of Nazareth to know of our relationship.  After that, we could have come together as husband and wife.  That was a private decision.  The couple was free to begin their married life whenever they chose.  In the eyes of all at Nazareth, we had come together before I left and now I was three months pregnant.  God had covered over the mystery and hidden if from all.  Joseph, however, was in the middle.

We spoke little in those days and my silence only confirmed what he was thinking, that I was pregnant by another man.  I could say nothing.  Heaven had to reveal the mystery.  My words would seem preposterous.

Waiting in Faith

So, I waited in faith, my first great trial.  I realized the consequences.  He could have me stoned or he could put me away quietly.  I never doubted Joseph.  I never thought for a moment that he would have me killed (and the Messiah with me).  Joseph belonged to God, and now I saw why God had chosen him.  Another man, less sensitive to the divine, would have acted in haste and in anger.  Joseph moved slowly and in grace.

Joseph’s Decision

Then came the moment.  I will never forget those words, “I have come to take you into my home.  Let us begin our married life as we had agreed”. As yet, I did not know what had happened until he said to me, “I know the fullness of the mystery.  What was conceived in you is from the Holy Spirit.  We will call the child, “Jesus”, for he shall save his people from their sins.”  This was from God.  He had even revealed to Joseph the same name for the child that Gabriel had said.

He went on, “Mary, you are blessed among women.  You are all pure and all holy, chosen by the Most High God to be his mother and all ages will call you blessed.  I am the protector of the mystery, called by God to be seen as the father of Jesus, for he must come from the House of David.  I will always be faithful to you, knowing that you have believed God’s word and conceived by his power.  Now, let us begin to prepare for his birth like any other couple”.

The mystery was complete.  By God’s hand, Joseph, also, was now enclosed in this wall of God’s plan and I could look forward to the day I would bring forth this child.  O reader, wait upon God.  Believe in his plans.  Trust that he will arrange everything so you can fulfill his will.  Everything will move toward that goal if you do not get in God’s way.

Comment:  The full story of God revealing the mystery to Joseph is told in Matthew 1:18-25.

March 28, 2012
Marriage – As it Was in the Beginning


So Joseph and I began our married life.  It was a home, filled with marital love but he had no sexual relations with me.  Many would find this impossible.  Many do not believe it, even though it is clearly told in the gospels.  Many would say, “What kind of marriage is this when the couple does not enjoy the bodily oneness that consummates the personal union?”

Indeed, marriage is a deep personal relationship which, in the natural, is consummated by the physical union of bodies that can bring forth new life.  But the natural does not exhaust the possibilities of human existence.  The natural should open out to the supernatural and to God’s will.

Putting Aside Bodily Union

At times, God’s wants the couple to refrain from bodily union.  There are external causes (like physical illness) or internal causes.  For example, the couple believes they are not ready to conceive another child.  So, in every marriage, if it is truly open to the supernatural, there will be times, even periods of time, when the couple would set aside their bodily union.

Our marriage was even deeper in the supernatural.  God had claimed my body as his own.  God’s Son was living in my womb.  Even before this mystery existed, I had accepted a supernatural call to perpetual virginity.  Joseph, also, had received the call to be my husband and to safeguard my perpetual call.  Our relationship was full and deeply loving, but there was also a unique supernatural aspect which I will try to explain.

Marriage in the Beginning

More than any couple, we lived in God’s presence.  Adam and Eve also had lived in this presence and had accepted their male/female relationship as a gift from God.  They had not yet joined their bodies and Eve had not yet conceived or become “the Mother of the Living”.  Yet, they lived in the deepest of love.

However, when sin came, their supernatural relationship with God was destroyed and their relationship with each other became distorted.  It was never the same.  They could never regain the greatness of their relationship which came from God’s supernatural gifts.  Only by the supernatural was the natural sustained.  When the supernatural was destroyed, an evil entered their relationship which they could not control.

This is the state of marriage now present in the world.  To regain its greatness, marriage needs the supernatural.  My marriage with Joseph had the fullness of supernatural blessings.  Through us, all generations of spouses can regain the supernatural equilibrium of the original couple.

Our marriage is a light put upon the lampstand.  Marriage is not primarily a bodily union.  It is a union of persons brought about by God’s supernatural gifts.  The more God’s power and kingdom rule in the marriage, the higher will be their relationship and the fuller will be the sexual life which they enjoy.  The spouses will be equals, with each bringing their gift of masculinity and femininity to the relationship.  Each will complement the other.  By their own power, the couple cannot build a marriage relationship because they carry too much sin and selfishness.  By faith, the supernatural can join them in a way that even their sinfulness cannot destroy.  Do you think a man can love a woman, and vice-versa during their entire life without the power of supernatural love?  This is too much for human love because its strengths are too soon exhausted.

A Promise

You married couples who struggle in your relationship, especially in your sexual life, run to Joseph and me.  Come together in prayer and we will gladly share our supernatural gifts so you can begin to enjoy marriage “as it was in the beginning” before sin destroyed what God had planned.  We lived in this supernatural gift to help you to live in a marriage which enjoys natural and supernatural helps.

Comment:  Mary explains that personal selfishness destroys a relationship.  God’s supernatural gifts are needed to destroy selfishness.

March 29, 2012
The First Christmas


We were ready and filled with expectancy.  The Savior of the world was to be born, known only to Joseph and me.  Then, came the startling news about the census of Caesar Augustus and the need to go to Bethlehem.  We had gotten used to our plans being changed by God’s will.  We prepared and left.  All of the villagers understood our dilemma.  We were pilgrims, going to a strange city at the most inopportune moment.  Still, we rejoiced like so many others had rejoiced because the time of birth drew near.

Poor People’s Journey

My breasts were full, ready to feed the newborn child.  We brought all that he would need.  Our journey was a poor person’s journey, on a donkey.  During these days, our love grew.  In my many needs, I loved Joseph even more.  Nothing was too much for him.  I said very little.  He provided everything ahead of time, always thoughtful.

Bethlehem was not ready for us.  There was no room where travelers are accustomed to stay.  So, the birth took place in a stable, the best known stable in the whole world.  I was identified with the poor and took my place among those who are rejected and are set aside as of little importance.  There, I would always stay, offering to the poor the milk of my comfort.

The Virgin Birth

My eyes saw the human face of God.  The birth was miraculous, a virgin birth without any of the pains and sufferings, the way birth was meant to be “in the beginning”; the way Eve was meant to give birth before she transgressed and lost her gifts.  I saw life as it was meant to be, a woman rejoicing in her newborn child without suffering the pangs of childbirth.  My pangs would come at Calvary where I brought forth all my other children.  For now, that scene seemed so far away.  That would be the end.  This was the beginning.

God in our Midst

The birth was miraculous but everything else was quite ordinary, but how could anything from now on be ordinary?  Yet, I must say again, everything was just like it would be if the child were not God.  We had to provide for him.  We had to protect him.  We had all the duties of new parents.  Yet, he was in our midst.  With him in our midst, nothing could be just ordinary.

Comment:  The birth was extraordinary but God did not change all the other circumstances.

March 30, 2012
Prophetic Words in the Temple


The time came to bring the child to the temple, which was an awesome structure filled with natural and supernatural beauty.  Joseph and I came to the temple as so many other parents had done, but I knew my Son was different.  The Jewish laws about offering the first born male because he was holy to God and then buying him back, was only an image of the reality.  Couples gladly purchased the redemption of their child with a pair of turtledoves or two young pigeons.

Joseph and I did the same but we both knew, without fully understanding, that the Jewish Laws and the focus upon the first born male was all directed to this moment, when God’s first born would be brought to the temple.

Simeon and Anna

When we had fulfilled all the Jewish rites, a holy man named Simeon and a holy prophetess named Anna suddenly came to us.  They were like Elizabeth and Zechariah.  They knew.  They understood.  The Holy Spirit led them.  They had words that God wanted us to hear.  Simeon spoke first in a very personal way.  His holy life was now complete he had seen “the glory of Israel”.  He went beyond Israel and spoke of Jesus as “a light to the nations”.  He told us that God had revealed his mysteries.  The child would be a “sign of contradiction” resulting in “the rise and fall of many in Israel”.  He blessed us and spoke to me, “Your own soul a sword shall pierce”.

The Prophetic Words

He spoke for just a few, brief moments but I never forgot those prophetic words – the sign of contradiction – the rise and fall of many in Israel – the sword that would pierce my heart.  So much was contained in that brief encounter.  Joseph, also, heard the words.  They entered his heart as well.

Anna, also, had a clear vision.  This child would be for the redemption of Jerusalem.  We left the temple holding Jesus in our arms but we knew that the Father only gave him to us for a time.  The Father had his hand upon Jesus and a moment would come when Jesus would leave our house in Nazareth and go to the Jordan.  After being anointed by the Spirit, he would begin.

A Parent’s Task

To all parents, I say this.  God has entrusted you with his sons and daughters.  They belong to the Father.  He just places them in your hands for a few years.  Your task is to awaken them to God and to prepare them for the heavenly Father’s task.  Your work is a holy one and you can only carry it out if you yourselves are holy.

Look at your children.  Someday, they will leave your house.  They will announce their decision.  By that time, it is too late.  Will they leave your home to fulfill God’s purpose or to fulfill selfish and worldly ambitions?  Will they leave your home with clarity or with confusion?  With the true God or false gods?  With proper or improper desires?  Look ahead.  Realize that the moment will come when they will no longer be in your hands and no longer living in your home.

While they are still with you, give your faith to them.  Let them see the holiness of God in your life and learn the truths of God from your teachings.  They, too, can bring forth the glory of God and the salvation of the nations.

Comment:  For the next thirty years, Jesus would live with Mary.  She would teach him the Scriptures and the purest way of life.  She would form his human intellect and will, just as any mother.  She asks all parents to do the same with their children.

March 31, 2012
An Exile of Protection


“We must leave this place”.  Joseph’s eyes, usually so peaceful, were filled with fear.  “The child is in danger.  We must go”.  So, we set out on yet another journey, even farther away than our beloved Nazareth, into a strange land and among a foreign people.  Yet, how much I already knew of this nation called Egypt.

Joseph in Egypt

Another Joseph had also gone there, sold into slavery by his brothers, yet destined to be lifted high by the plans of God (which are always so difficult for the human mind to grasp).  I would go to an Egypt from which God had called our forefathers.  He worked great signs and wonders to call them forth.  I would cross the desert which they crossed, the desert in which God formed them into a nation as they lived forty years, waiting to enter the Promised Land.

God’s Plan

These were my thoughts as Joseph and I made the journey, carrying the Savior of Israel.  God was forming us by this exile.  We had to believe.  So much we did not know.  What was God’s plan for us?  He seemingly tells us one thing and then events move us away.  “This child is set for the rise and the fall if many in Israel”, God said to us through Simeon.  But now, we are exiled from Israel and the child will grow up in a foreign culture.  “He will rule over the house of Jacob forever” said the angel, Gabriel.  Yet, Jacob only came to Egypt at the very end of his life.

As we fled into Egypt, the events were confusing, but in my heart a voice spoke.  I recognized the voice of the Father, “I will call my Son out of Egypt” he said, “just as I called my people.  There will be new life and he will bring about a new people.  Go in faith.  Stay there until I call you back.  When you return, I will lead you back to Nazareth.  From there, he will be called a Nazarene”.

Are You in Exile?

It all happened, just as the Father said it would.  O reader, if at this moment you think that events have taken you far away, believe that the Father will bring you back.  He arranges everything to protect the divine life in your soul.  Do not despair and, especially, do not lose faith.  I am with you in your exile.  I know what it means to be sent away, to be uprooted.  Do not forget.  You are never uprooted from my Immaculate Heart.  As I took Jesus, years later, back to Nazareth, so I promise to carry you back to where you will flourish.  I can do that if you remain by faith in my arms.

Comment:  In her exile, Mary trusted God and will help all those who are also exiled in any way.

April 1, 2012
The Woman of Sorrows


Soon the exile was over and we retraced our steps, being led out of Egypt by an angel’s word to us.  We settled into our life at Nazareth, joyful to be back among those whom we knew and loved.

God’s graces in my soul were super-abundant.  Each year we made our way to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover.  When Jesus was twelve years old, we set out as usual, not knowing at all what lay ahead.

The Return to Jerusalem

When those days were over, we returned in the large group to Nazareth but soon discovered that Jesus was not there. Our only hope was to go back to Jerusalem and search for him.  How painful was that journey.  The joy of the feast had drained from my heart.  I knew by faith that years later I would make another painful journey to Jerusalem, but this I will describe later.

It took us another day to arrive, so we began our search on the third day in the temple area.  There was Jesus, speaking with the learned teachers of Israel, asking them questions and even giving replies.  They were astounded and we were amazed.

I could only speak from my heart, “Jesus, why have you done this?  Your father and I have been looking for you?”  His reply was totally different from what I expected.  “Why were you looking for me?  Did you not know that I had to be in my Father’s house?”  Yes, he belonged to his heavenly Father.

Belonging to the Father

I knew this all along, and like any devout Jewish mother, I continually gave Jesus back to the Father, “He is yours”, I would say, “not mine”, but this event made that sacrifice so real.  We had lost Jesus for three days, and our joyful finding of him was now mixed with the realization that he did not belong to us.  He called God his Father and it was to his Father that he would dedicate his life.  I had always said, “Father, he belongs to you”.  Yet, facing that reality was a sorrow of my heart.  Now, I had experienced three sorrows – the prophesy of Simeon, the escape into Egypt and this event in the temple.  As the Mother of Jesus, I would accumulate many more sorrows.  These sorrows were part of my “yes” to God.

O reader, how many sorrows you endure.  When they become too heavy for you, come to me, the Mother of Sorrows, and I will console you.  I will pour out the endless blessings that I stored up for you.  With every sorrow, God gave me endless blessings, so I could give them to all those who suffer.  Earth is a valley of tears, but I can make it into a valley of peace.  This is why I speak.

Comment:  Mary has seven sorrows.  The other four are:  Meeting Jesus carrying his cross, the death of Jesus, holding Jesus after his death and the burial of Jesus.  There is a rosary of the Sorrows of Mary.

April 2, 2012
Jesus Understands His Identity


The moment came when Joseph passed from earthly life to heavenly life.  His eyes had seen the Messiah.  More than that, he had protected the mystery, keeping it hidden and protecting me.  I felt his loss deeply, grieving as any wife would do.  Yet, the human grief was marked with the greatest joy.

His death seemed like the normal human picture, a wife and a son at a deathbed, but Joseph died with God and the Mother of God at his death.  Now, he is the patron saint of a holy death.  So, begin now to pray to him, asking for your own holy death.

Alone Together at Nazareth

Now, Jesus and I were alone, locked together in the greatest mystery of heaven and earth.  We spoke often of Israel and its purpose in God’s plan.  We knew well the scriptures, the prophesies, especially the prophecy of Nathan to David, that his descendent would lead Israel.  I remembered those words of the angel, spoken about Jesus, “The Lord God will give him the throne of David, his father, and he shall reign over the house of Jacob forever”.

We spoke often and I could see Jesus increasing in wisdom.  He would come and ask me about certain Scripture texts, like “The Lord said to my Lord.  Sit at my right hand and I will make you enemies your footstool”.  I could see the mystery unfold before my very eyes.  He would come and say to me, “Mother, many times I read the Scriptures and a voice inside me says, “That text is speaking about you, Jesus.”  “That is God who speaks in your heart, Jesus.  Listen to his voice.”

Mary Explains

Another time, he asked, “Mother, how was I conceived?”  I told him the story, “Jesus, I had always consecrated my body and soul to God.  This was a mystery that I did not understand.  When Joseph asked me to marry him, I had to reveal this mystery, which Joseph accepted and we would live with both our hearts consecrated to virginity.  Then an angel told me that I was to conceive.  This confused me until the angel explained that the Holy Spirit would overshadow me and what would be born of me, would be the Son of God.  That is you, Jesus.”

Jesus Responds

He listened.  He thought.  He was not shocked or overwhelmed.  He merely said, “Now I understand”.  “What do you understand, I asked?”  This voice that always speaks within me.  The voice calls me “Son” and I respond “Father”.  He calls me “beloved son” and I call him “heavenly Father”.  We are one, he with me and I with him.  There seems to be no distance between us, as if we share the same nature and are one in our being.  “The voice is true”, I answered.  “Listen to it and be faithful.  Do whatever it tells you.  Act according to what it shows you”.  He listened to my words and left, going as usual to the place of solitude and prayer where he was always attracted.

Comment: Mary reveals the great mystery of Jesus’ intellect coming to know his identity.

April 3, 2012
The Daily Treasures


O reader, I share all these memories of my heart so you know how real were my sorrows and how true is the help that I will provide for you in your sorrows.

Jesus’ Leaving

One day, Jesus came and said, “Mother, I must leave.  This voice of my Father within has stirred me to go to the Jordan, where John is baptizing.  There, my work will begin”. Ever since my visit to Elizabeth, I knew it would be this way.  John would be the door to Jesus’ ministry.  John would go ahead of him.  When I heard the news of John baptizing at the Jordan, I knew the time was at hand, and my heart was prepared for this departure.  Yet, this did not make the loss any easier.  The home at Nazareth would be empty now.  Joseph was dead and Jesus was leaving.  I had only memories, thousands of memories of joyful years.

Life at Nazareth

Our home was like heaven.  No sin entered there.  We all lived this mystery of Jesus.  His holiness, his miraculous conception and the great mystery of his call for Israel was always in our thoughts.  No one in Nazareth would notice us.  We were Jews, faithful to the Torah and to the synagogue.  Jesus assumed no special role.  He was known as a carpenter, faithfully fulfilling his daily work.  Only I saw what was within his heart. How many times we spoke.  He shared the mysteries taking place in his heart.  Now, they are all stored up in my heart.  Never had there been such a close relationship between Mother and Son.  Everything in his heart, he poured into my heart.  He held nothing back.  I received the treasures of the King of Kings.

Mary’s Invitation

Do you think that I suddenly was filled with every grace and blessing?  God does not act in this way. He pours out his gifts each day.  He holds back fresh treasures for those who seek him daily.  My heart overflows with all the treasures and I pour them into your heart each day.  I invite you to hear my words every day, just as I heard Jesus’ words each day.

Comment:  Every day, Mary listened to Jesus.

April 4, 2012
They Have No Wine


So many times I pondered the great mysteries in which I was involved.  Jesus, himself, was the greatest mystery, the great mystery of his origins, of where he came from and of his life with the Father, even before he was conceived in my womb.

As he began his ministry, this mystery was hidden, but gradually it would be revealed until the whole world would know that he was “The Word mad flesh who dwelled among us”.  How all of this would happen or what part I would play in this was not clear to me, but the first manifestation began at Cana at a wedding feast.  Jesus had already gathered some disciples but it was the beginning stage and they had no idea of his power.

Crisis and Solution

Suddenly a crisis arose.  The poor couple had no wine.  Knowing Jesus’ power I presented the problem to him, “Woman”, he said, “My hour has not yet come”.  The public ministry had not yet begun.  The miracles had not yet come forth.  Truly, this hour of manifestation had not yet come.  Still, there was the couple whose wedding feast had run out of wine.  I believed and told the waiters to do whatever Jesus told them.  First, I saw the headwaiter talking excitedly to the bridegroom.  Then, I saw the waiters filling up the empty glasses.  Jesus had answered my request.

The Rosary

Since then, how many requests I have asked of him, especially at the Battle of Lepanto, when the whole Church cried out to me by saying the rosary.  This will happen again.  When the West is again threatened by the Muslim invaders, my people will use the rosary to cry out to me.  I will again go to Jesus and say, “They have no wine.  They have no hope.  They are filled with despair.”  He will hear my voice.  However, my people must begin now.  They must use the rosary to intercede.  Learn the rosary.  Take up the beads and there will be more miracles.  My Son never, never refuses my requests.  Hasten world peace.  Say the rosary.  If not, peace will come but it will be delayed and many will perish.

Comment:  Mary’s first intercessory prayer at Cana reveals her power over Jesus’ heart.  If we use the rosary, her intercession will gain all that we need.

(See the Prayer of the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary: http://maryrefugeofholylove.com/the-seal-of-the-living-god/the-most-holy-rosary-of-the-blessed-virgin-mary/)

April 5, 2012
Sorrow Over a Rejection


I went to the synagogue on a Sabbath and Jesus was there.  He had returned to Nazareth, but now was known for his healings and miracles.  I watched him with a mother’s heart.  I heard the comments and knew their expectations.  Some were scoffers.  Others brought a mean and bitter spirit.  I thought, “O Jesus, what are you stepping into here at our synagogue where we used to worship in peace?”

The Synagogue Service

The service began.  Jesus was handed the scroll.  “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me”.  I could see and hear and feel that anointing.  The text meant so much more as Jesus himself read it.  “This is “his text”, I thought.  He is proclaiming his ministry and what God had anointed him to do”.

As he finished those final words, “to proclaim a year acceptable to the Lord”, he sat down and all eyes were upon him.  I could never forget his opening words, “Today, this scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing”.  I could see the restlessness and feel the anger rising.  Murmuring filled the synagogue.  The crowd was divided, but as always, the scoffers were the outspoken ones.

Rejection and Challenge

Jesus sensed their rejection and faced the challenge.  “You say, ‘Do here the miracles you did in Capernaum’”.  I say that “no prophet is without honor except in his native place”.  As the anger grew greater, I recalled Simeon’s words, “This child is a sign of contradiction, meant for the rise and fall of many in Israel”.  I was seeing this before my eyes.  Our friends and our neighbors were rising up against Jesus.  Violence was breaking out.  The people had become a mob.  Suddenly, Jesus was grabbed and taken out of the synagogue.  They were going to kill him, right before my eyes.  However, his hour had not yet come and he slipped through their hands.

How I wept for Nazareth, my beloved village!  The Savior of the world who would always be known as Jesus of Nazareth could work no miracle here.  I faced the great power of evil which so grasps men’s hearts that they would try to kill the Man of Peace.

A Jerusalem Mob

I knew this was a foreshadowing.  As Jesus would say, “No prophet dies except in Jerusalem”.   I knew there would be another angry mob, other Jewish leaders, and even Roman soldiers.  This time, Jesus would not slip away unnoticed.  Oh, the sorrows of my heart, coming from every side.  They flowed from the inevitable clash when God wants to enter the human heart which he created, but the heart is already owned by darkness.

O reader, Jesus wants to enter your heart.  Do not reject him and cause me more sorrows.  I will help you to repent and to cast out the evil that holds you as its prisoner.  Do not wait.  The longer evil controls you, the greater is its hold.

Comment:  The confrontation at Nazareth (Luke 4:16-30) was stark.  The rejection was decisive.  Jesus never returned there.

April 6, 2012
A Friday in Jerusalem


I awoke that morning in Jerusalem many years ago.  As usual, we had come on pilgrimage for the Passover.  I knew that Jesus was also in Jerusalem and I feared for him.  His name was on everyone’s lips, some proclaiming him as the Messiah and others saying that he was a fraud.  I knew that Jesus had no fears and also, that he was quite clever in concealing himself.  He was safe among the crowds and safe among his apostles.  However, I had difficulty calming my own heart.  I feared those who, not knowing Jesus and his real mission, would try to use him for public demonstrations during the feast.  These would make him king.  I also feared the temple authorities, who worked closely with the Roman governor to be sure that no demonstration would break out.

That Friday Morning

As I awoke that morning in Jerusalem, I heard the news.  They had acted.  They had arrested Jesus.  There had been a trial before the Sanhedrin and Jesus had been found guilty of blasphemy and condemned to death.  However, these Jewish authorities had no power to put anyone to death.  So, they handed him over to the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate.  Jesus had often told his apostles that he would be handed “over to the Gentiles”.  Now, his words were fulfilled.

I went quickly to the center of Jerusalem.  The crowds were gathered before Pilate’s praetorium.  They brought Jesus out for all to see my Son, crowned with thorns and beaten, wearing his own garment with which I was so familiar.

Piercing Mary’s Heart

They were bargaining over him with Pilate trying to save him from death and the chief priests stirring up the crowd.  “Crucify him.  Crucify him”, they shouted.  Really, they were crucifying me.  I knew this moment would happen.  I thought of the temple where Simeon first said the words, “Your own heart a sword shall pierce”.  I thought of Jesus saying, “I must be in my Father’s house”.  I thought of the rejection at Nazareth, when they tried to hurl Jesus over the hill.

The way of the cross began.  I moved swiftly so I would not miss Jesus.  Along the way, we came face to face.  He could not speak.  He could hardly see.  “It is your mother”, I said.  Then, he knew I was with him.  “I will stay with you.  I will be there with you.  I will not leave you until all is accomplished”.  Then, he moved on and I followed with the Beloved Disciple at my side.

The Perfect Victim

As we arrived at the place of execution, they stripped Jesus and nailed him to the cross.  I stood there, offering my Son to his eternal Father.  Formerly, the victims were calves and bulls, but these were not enough.  Today, there would be a new sacrifice of the Father’s only Son.  His blood will redeem the world.

I stood before Jesus, the perfect sacrifice, totally pleasing to the Father and able to redeem the whole world.  Then, a new and special sorrow came upon my heart which I carry until this very day.  Although all are redeemed in Jesus’ blood, many will not accept it.  Some reject the gift.  Others become enemies of the gift.  Others do not even know about the gift.  That is the sorrow that I carry even now.

Seek Your Redemption

And you, O reader, do you seek your redemption in Jesus’ blood?  Do you know what this sacrifice can do for you?  Do not hold back.  Right now, accept Jesus as your Savior and Redeemer.  He will break the power of your sins, bring you into light and place you on a new road.

As I stood at Jesus’ cross, I held you in my heart.  You were there with me.

Comment: We see Good Friday through the thoughts and feelings of Mary.

April 7, 2012
Mother of the Redeemed


They sealed the tomb but I could not walk away.  The sorrow in my heart was too great.  Only God could sustain me in that moment of my greatest sorrow.  Many would think that my greatest sorrows were over, that my Son had persevered in his obedience to the Father, and that the world was now redeemed.  All of that was true, but the greatest sorrows were just beginning to be released in my soul.  God was taking me to the next stage of my ministry to the world.

The redeeming power of my Son was unleashed like a mighty ocean within me, and I saw all of history as he had seen it.  Up to now, my heart was totally centered on Jesus and in helping him to complete his earthly life.  That was accomplished.  My work as his physical mother was brought to a conclusion.

Mother of all the Redeemed

Now, I was no longer just the mother of Jesus of Nazareth.  I was the Mother of the Redeemer, and I would be the Mother of the Redeemer until the end of time.  A new work began for me, and with the new work, a new ocean of sorrows.  I could hardly move away from the grave.  I went with Jesus, in spirit, to the place where the souls of the just awaited him.  I greeted my parents and all whom I knew and loved.  I saw them brought into the light.  I saw the joy on their faces and how they were welcomed by all the angels.

This was the beginning of the kingdom of God which Jesus had preached as imminent and about to break through into human history.  It had already arrived for all the just who died before Jesus, including my beloved Joseph.

A Battle Still Taking Place

However, for those still on earth, the battle had just begun.  The kingdom of God would be in their midst but the whole world had to be awakened to Jesus’ victory over sin and death.  Standing at the tomb, I saw this so clearly.  A momentous struggle was about to begin, a struggle in which some of my children would win a victory in Jesus’ name and others would lose, even though Jesus had died on the cross.  This was my sorrow as I stood at the tomb.

Comment: The burial of Jesus opened up for Mary the next stage of her ministry.  She was Mother of all the redeemed with a new task of saving them for heaven.

April 8, 2012
When Glory Fills the Human Body


Jesus stood before me in all of his risen glory.  Transformed and radiant, his body was glorified, Just as my body is also glorified and as your body, O reader, will also be glorified if you just listen and heed my messages.  This is why I speak to you.  What happened to Jesus and what happened to me is also meant to happen to you.

Heavenly Glory

You are called to be taken up into the glory of the heavenly Father and to live forever.  This is the call and the power of your Baptism.  This gift can never, never be taken away from you.  However, you can throw it away.  You can reject it.  You can choose to sell it for a bowl of soup (like Esau) or for thirty pieces of the world’s silver (like Judas).  I will explain this glory so you will never throw it away as useless or sell it to the highest bidder.

Explaining the Resurrection

At his death Jesus’ soul left his body and came before the Father who bathed him in the fullness of glory.  On Sunday morning, that soul filled with glory entered once again into his body.  This caused his body to rise from the dead.  Because of this glory, the body itself was changed into a glorified body, unable to suffer and die, able to come through locked doors, to appear and disappear in the many times that Jesus came to his disciples.  Finally, that glory lifted Jesus to the heavenly places, where he sits at the right hand of the Father.

Your Glory

The good news is that Jesus communicates that glory to all who believe in him and in the power of his name.  This is your destiny, O reader, and why I constantly speak.

I am the first person to experience the fullness of the resurrection, when my body also was lifted up to heavenly glory.  This is called “the Assumption of Mary”.  This is the treasure which Jesus and I want so much for you.  It is yours if only you listen and live according to these messages.  I am preaching now to the whole world.

Comment: Mary explains the cause of Jesus’ bodily resurrection, which is the divine glory available to us through Jesus.

April 9, 2012
The Way to the Way


There is so much more that must pour out of my heart!  As I was caught up in the glory that came from Jesus’ glorified humanity I realized what he had accomplished.  God’s life, lost by Adam, was restored to man.  God had found a new way to sanctify even sinful man.  Originally, Adam and Eve were to pass on divine life to their children, who would be born into grace.  Sin destroyed that road to heaven, so God created another road and Jesus is now the Way to the Father (Jn.14:6).

The Way to the Way

However, many people cannot discover this way.  They need a “way to the Way”.  Some even need to be picked up and carried to “the Way”.  In that moment, as I saw my risen Son and experienced his glory, I also saw my role in salvation.  I understood the great mystery of Jesus to whom the Father had given all of his glory.  I also saw that Jesus had come into the world through me.  I was the way in which “the Way” came to earth.  Now, I was to be the “way to the Way”.  I am the mother who brings her children into the glory of her first-born son.

How much I search for my children.  I seek them out in every corner of the world.  They do not know how to reach my Son, when He alone can give them divine glory.  If they do not get to Him, if they do not share in his risen life, then they will be lost forever.  That is why I speak so often, trying to have my voice heard in every part of the world.

Mary’s Task

I have seen the glory of the risen Jesus.  I have been bathed in his divine life.  I know the riches of his glory and the power of his love.  I have tasted the new fountain and been exhilarated by the new wine.  I have seen the glory shining on the face of my Son.  O reader, when you see that glory you will live forever.

This is my call, my struggle and I will never lay down my arms until I have lifted every child of God into heaven.  That is my revelation for this day, my ceaseless, unending and total giving of myself to save everyone for the kingdom.  If you experienced the Risen Jesus, you would do the same.

Comment: Mary describes the riches of her seeing Jesus in glory.  Knowing that she is the way to Jesus, she ceaselessly gives herself to save everyone.

April 10, 2012
An Ocean Flowing to the Whole World


I began to hear about Jesus’ other appearances to his disciples and the great joy that was flowing in their hearts.  That joy was like a mighty river, able to fill every heart in the world like it did my heart.  This river of life is still flowing out and is received by all who believe.  This is my teaching today.

Jesus’ Glorified Humanity

When the soul of Jesus left his body, it entered into God’s glory.  Because Jesus was perfectly obedient to the Father, his soul was able to be filled with divine life.  Three days later, when the soul was reunited with his body, the resurrection took place – the most important event in human history.  A new road was now established which joined earth to heaven.  This road is the glorified humanity of my Son.  It is a living road and life pours out from this humanity and flows everywhere.

Proclaiming Jesus Everywhere

As Jesus appeared to his disciples, they received this life because they loved Jesus and he had prepared their hearts to receive.  Because this life was an infinite ocean, and the disciples knew that this ocean could not be contained in their hearts, they had to tell the whole world.  They went everywhere, proclaiming the kingdom of Jesus, telling the story and trying to share with everyone the new life that they had received.  They enjoyed great successes and numerous failures.  The ocean of God’s glory, received first in the soul and body of my Son, and then received by all the disciples, flowed out to the whole human race.  However, some closed their hearts and even killed the disciples who brought the message.  That is the state of the world today.

Your Ocean

No one can stop this ocean.  It always flows out from Jesus’ heart.  However, they can close their own heart to the ocean.  O reader, the ocean of Jesus’ glory wants to enter your heart right now.  Open your heart.  Ask for the glory and this ocean will come and you will be on the new road to heaven.

Comment: Jesus’ glorified humanity is God’s new road to eternal life.

April 11, 2012
The New Community of Believers


The Spirit led me back to the small community of disciples.  All of them had seen my Son, Jesus, risen from the dead.  All had stories to tell, like the two disciples who were leaving Jerusalem, discouraged and downcast, with their hopes shattered.

The Two Discouraged Disciples

Jesus appeared to them on their way home to Emmaus.  They did not recognize him because he hid his real likeness from them.  He asked what they were discussing, even though he already knew.  They could not believe that there was anyone in Jerusalem who did not know the event of how their leaders handed Jesus over to be killed.

Now, they had heard rumors that the tomb was empty and some had even gone there and saw that this was true.  They were crushed because they were hoping that he would be the one to redeem Israel.

Opening Their Eyes

Jesus began to speak with them, saying that the Messiah had to suffer to enter into his glory and he pointed out all the sayings in scripture.  As they came to their village, Jesus pretended to go on farther, but they invited him to stay (still not knowing who he was).  While they were at supper, Jesus again took bread, blessed it and gave it to them, just as he had done at the Last Supper.  With that, their eyes were opened and they recognized Jesus in the breaking of the bread.  Then Jesus disappeared from their sight because his task had been accomplished.  The two disciples came back quickly to Jerusalem to tell their story.  The other disciples were already rejoicing.  They knew the Lord was risen and had appeared to Peter.

Join the Church

O reader, I invite you to join this community and to become a member of the Catholic Church.  It is founded upon the apostles and it keeps alive the stories of Jesus’ appearances to the early Church.  In the Church, you are in contact with Jesus who always dwells in the midst of the gathered believers.  These events live on.  They carry the power of Jesus’ resurrection and the presence of God’s grace.  I loved to be with the early Church and I remain present in today’s Church.  I will meet you there.

Comment: By his appearances, the Risen Jesus formed a community of believers.   This early community has continued to exist for 2000 years in the Catholic Church.

April 12, 2012
The Fire of the Resurrection


I take you into the deepest mysteries of my Immaculate Heart where all the history of the world is contained.  God places every person in my heart.  I am the new Eve, the mother of all the living.  However, many who are in my heart never come to life.  Originally, this divine life was to be given to all, but sin destroyed that gift.  Now, divine life comes only through my Son, Jesus.  The whole human race dwells in my heart but not all awaken to their new life.  This message must be preached, “To have risen life, you must receive it from Jesus.”  His soul was the first to be bathed in divine glory and he is the source of divine glory for all who believe and call upon his name.  This is the mystery of the resurrection which I will explain.

Raising Up Both Jesus and You

The Father raised up Jesus.  Having done this for Jesus, the Father can do the same for any human person.  How can this happen?  What is the secret?

The message has been told, preached to the whole world.  It is no secret.  What happened to Jesus can happen to you.  In fact, it must happen to you so you can avoid eternal death.  My messages are, truly, a matter of life and death.

When I saw Jesus risen in glory, I realized that this should happen to everyone.  The moment I saw him, my heart was filled with a fire, a fire which still burns in my heart.  I see every person as another Jesus.  All can be my children.  I see every person as glorified like Jesus.  I see that every person can be in heaven, like Jesus.  This is the purpose of life on earth.

Experiencing the Resurrection

There is a moment of human history which everyone is meant to share.  At times, a person experiences a special moment and tells others about that moment, but the other person can only hear about the moment.  They cannot experience it like the first person did.  However, the resurrection is a unique moment.  What happened to Jesus, O reader, is meant to happen to you.  You are meant to be filled with divine glory and live forever.  The fire of the resurrection burns painfully in my heart.  Part of that fire belongs to you and I want to give it to you.  Will you take it?  Will you receive it?  Or, will you reject it so I cannot give it to you?  I hope you understand the great gifts that await you if you only enter my heart.

Comment: Mary describes exactly what happens when we allow her to place the fire of the resurrection in our hearts.

April 23, 2012
Surviving the New Situation of the World


I lead you into the future.  It will be like a forest, where much is entangled and where there are many dangers.  However, I will be there with you, giving you extraordinary help.  I will be close to you and, on so many occasions, you will sense my presence and your heart will be lifted up.  After a while, you will realize that, with my help, you can survive in this new situation, that you can gather with your loved ones and others with whom you have bonded in faith.

Life will not be like it was before.  The prosperity will have gone.  Simplicity will be demanded.  The world will no longer be confident of its power, or even of its teachings.  There will be great questioning, especially, “What direction should we take?”  This questioning represents a very special moment.  For those prepared by my messages, the road will be very clear.

I will repeat my words, “When the times of trial begin everything will be different.  You will be deprived of many things and you will need to make great sacrifices.  However, you will also see this as a time of great holiness for you and your family.  You will experience my presence and you will have great faith in me.  You will bond with others to whom you are joined in faith.  Gradually, you will gain a new confidence that you will be able to survive these crises and live in quite a different way.  You will place all your confidence in my protection in a way never demanded of you before.  All of this will lead to a great purification of your life and a strengthening of relationships”.

To Those With No Faith

To those who have not prepared for these trials and for whom faith seems foreign and unknown I say, “In the darkness of these trials, I will offer you new light”.  You have never seen yourself as a person of faith.  Even the terms of faith are new and unknown.  Do not let this discourage you.  I can bring you along quickly to a deep personal faith that will serve you well.  With your new faith, you will find yourself being moved to seek out those who already experience this faith.  As you do this, you will find all that you need to survive the trials.

Comment: The world will experience great changes but people with faith will see what to do.  People without faith will be offered the gift.

April 24, 2012
The Grace of Repentance


I wait and I wait for my children to turn to me.  They do not realize how short is the time and how close are those days about which I have spoken and revealed to others.  These are the days of travail, like the pangs of childbirth.  Yet, in many ways, they are not the same.  A child is a gift of God and the pangs lead to birth and new life.  These days are not God’s gift but the result of his justice that has been held back for so long.  They really result from the sins of man and of his refusal to listen to my warnings (and how many of these I have given).   Yet, I still say that there is time to turn to me.

Pushing Back the Time

Anyone who turns to me, I can save.  For those who do not turn to me, I can only push back the time for a while, hoping that in the interval, they bring forth the fruits of repentance.  It is like the parable of the fig tree (Lk.13: 6-9).  For three years the owner looked for fruit and found none.  He wanted to cut down the tree.  His gardener pleaded with his master, “Let me fertilize it.  Perhaps, this next year it will produce fruit”.  The tree was given one more year, but without fruit it will be cut down.  So, I plead with the heavenly Father and he hears me, but I can only ask for time.  The people must bring forth the fruit of repentance.

Your Heart

Now, I ask you, “What is in your heart and what really matters to you?”  Answer me honestly.  What do you live for?  What are your goals?  What do you seek?  Are these the things of earth or of heaven?  Possibly, you do not even know how to seek heavenly things.  So, I will teach you.

Your Family

Some of you were not even raised in families of faith, (It has been so long since the Ages of Faith).  Some have had no contact with the sacraments of confession and Communion for years.  I take everything into consideration and I also offer to you grace and a chance to repent.  Accept the grace as I explain what to do.

Everything begins with good will, with a sincere desire to escape condemnation and to be right with God.  This is the beginning grace.  I promise that I will obtain that grace for you.  When it comes, receive it.  You will know what to do.  All is contained in that grace.  Begin right now.  Say, “Mary, give me the grace of repentance”.  Already, my grace is flowing into your soul.  The grace itself will show you what to do next.  Keep asking for it.

Comment:  Mary’s invitation is so easy and her promise is so firm.

April 25, 2012
Coming to the Brink


I watch over all my children but they must be attentive because they walk amid great dangers and are totally unaware of the forces that constantly pull them into the darkness.  Once in the darkness, they lose my light and are subject to so many errors in judgment, errors which become embedded in their mind and form the so-called “wisdom” by which the world sees and judges.

How can I give my light to those whose minds are filled with errors and darkness but believe they have “wisdom”.  All my normal helps of speaking to them and enlightening them are useless (like water flowing over a gigantic rock).  What can I do to bring them into the light so they do not suffer eternal darkness?  This is my eternal quest, my unchanging goal – to save all the world from eternal damnation.  This goal is so important that I do everything to bring it about.

So, what do I do when a person and not just one person, but a whole society, a whole nation has slipped into a perpetual darkness and has accepted so many errors, that these errors have become the conventional wisdom.  Answer me.   What can I do?

I must bring that person, that society and that nation to the brink.  The “brink” means to that point where they can still turn back but also where they will destroy themselves if they foolishly continue.

That is what I will do.  I will bring people and societies and nations to the brink.  Each will arrive at the brink by the sins they have committed.  If the sins are sexual, then their sexual sins will bring them to the brink.  If their sins are addictions, then their addictions will bring them to the brink.  If they sins are economic, then their economic sins will bring them to the brink.  My purpose is obvious.  At the brink, they can still turn back.  To turn back, they must see what brought them there, the particular sin that formed their false “wisdom”.  The brink, therefore, has a purpose.  The person will see the sin that brought them to this point and they will see what they must do to return to the path of light.  O reader, O society, O nation, I will be with you even when your sins lead you to the brink.

Comment: People and nations arrive at a brink through their foolishness, due to their blindness to a particular sin.

April 26, 2012
A Narrow Gate and Wide Open Doors


I open wide the doors.  These are not doors to riches or to fame but wide doors to eternal life.  Jesus has said that the door to life is narrow but for those who know my secrets, I make the narrow door wide.  I do this so no one gets discouraged and gives up because of their failures and sins.  Let me explain how I make the narrow door so wide.

Standing Before the Door

When Jesus spoke, many had no idea of the obligations imposed by the kingdom.  So, to awaken them, Jesus used this image of the narrow door.  Now, I cannot change the size of the door but what I do is this.  I stand before the door and I open my arms and my heart.  These are wide and open and anyone can enter.  As they stay with me, my heart changes them and, by the time they arrive at death – for that is the door to eternity – they are ready to enter Jesus’ narrow door.

Preparing All Who Enter

If they waited and tried to prepare themselves (as some foolishly do), they would have a hard time getting themselves through Jesus’ narrow door.  However, the doors of my Immaculate Heart are wide open and invite everyone.  When a person enters, I embrace them and they feel so welcome.   I see clearly that they are not at all ready to enter Jesus’ narrow door, so I teach them to obey.  That is the first lesson of every mother.  Secondly, I teach them right from wrong, and they see what they must do.  I encourage them and assure them that they will be much happier if only they obey God.

I then begin to lead them down a road of light.  First, sinful attachments are surrendered.  Then, love for others is infused.  The person breathes the pure air of honesty and truth.  They begin to like this road.  They enjoy their new style of life.  I introduce them to others who are also in my heart.  These encourage them (for, indeed, they need others).  I even provide life-long friends, committed to gain the kingdom.

No Fear

As they continue on this road they are more than ready to enter by Jesus’ narrow gate.  O reader, do not fear what is in store if you give yourself to God.  Begin with my heart’s wide open doors and I will embrace you.

Comment: Mary’s invitation is so true.  She is the easy road to eternal life.

April 27, 2012
Words to Sinners


Many are taken up with this pastime or that goal, and they forget why God created them.  As they wander from my path, they suffer hardships that need never have happened.  They even inflict hardships on others because their life is out of control.  All of this could have been avoided.  Their life should be filled with earthly and heavenly happiness.  Instead, it becomes like a wineskin that holds no wine.

Leaving the Road

Yet, I watch and watch as so many of my children leave the road of virtue to follow the attractions of vice.  All are entangled in bonds that they cannot break.  In sorrow like a mother who sees what happens every day.  Let me speak to this issue.

Because of its great attractiveness, sin ensnares very quickly.  Even a person trained in virtue, who has followed virtue for a long time, can become entwined in forces that claim them, pulling them away from all that was taught to them.  Those who feasted on the bread of angels now are quite content with the worldly bread that can never satisfy them.

Powerful Forces

What is the problem?  They are pulled in so many different directions.  Even if they resist, they do not have the strength to resist all that the world and the devil throw at them.  They are assaulted on every side by the most powerful of forces.  The lure of great attractions increases every day.  There are more and more doors into the sinful.

O reader, if this is you then listen to my words.  I will come for you, no matter what sins you have committed and no matter what sinfulness fills your life.  List them all – lust, greed, murder, selfishness, abortion, divorce, infidelity, prostitution, homosexuality, theft, lies.  Need I go on?

Make your own list of what you have done.  Never, never say that your life is hopeless, that you can never save your soul.  I know the road of sin that you have taken and I know the road back to goodness where you want to be.

Comment: Mary searches and searches.  No one need be lost.

April 28, 2012
The Selfishness of the Human Heart


All the graces and blessings of heaven are ready to pour down upon any soul who opens their hearts.  But, what good is it to pour down the rain of blessings when hearts are closed to heaven?  This has happened in the modern world.  Hearts are closed to heaven and without the heavenly rain they quickly dry up.  Thoughtfulness, respect, generosity, self-sacrifice – these are flowers that cannot grow in the dry soil of the human heart.  Let me address this problem.

When the Rain Stops

When man is saturated with God’s blessings, then the human heart easily embraces other people.  There arises permanent, loving marriages, parents who sacrifice for their children, employers who look to the good of those whom they hire.  Nourished by God’s rain, the human heart nourishes others.  However, when the rain stops (because man turns away from heaven) then the human heart shrivels and turns in upon itself.  Thoughtfulness and self-sacrifice are supplanted by the innate selfishness of the human heart.

Mankind forgets the basic weakness.  The human heart tends toward self-love.  Only when nourished and satisfied by God’s blessings can the heart forget its own selfish interests.

At God’s Table

That is the secret of all the saints.  First, God drew them to himself, nourished them and fed them.  They became God’s friends, sitting always at his table and every day sharing in his meal.  Only then, could they go forth in their powerful lives of self-sacrifice which changed the world.

You, O reader, are no different.  God calls you to come and be nourished at his table.  He calls you into his presence.  He will speak with you and feed the hungers of your spirit.  Without God, you are selfish.  With God, your selfish desires are quenched and you are free to love others.  These are the gifts of my heart and I want them for you.  First, you must be fed at my table.  Then your selfish desires will not destroy you.

Comment: The world offers no remedy for the selfishness of the human heart.  Only heaven can cure that.

April 29, 2012
Rejecting Jesus’ Gift


These words flow from the sorrows of my heart.  Sorrows have a power to go deeper than other thoughts.  They pierce through until they reach the center of the heart.  Today, I share with you all of my sorrows, from the least to the greatest.

First, I see so many of my children starving and dying.  So few come to their aid, busy about so many other things.  Those who have much, do not even think about those other countries, who have so little.  Look into this.  I will stir your heart and you will discover true ways of helping those in need.

Second, so many of my children do not know the basic teachings of the Church.  They are ignorant of the scriptures and have no desire to read them.  They walk in darkness and do not realize it.

Finally, and most important, there are so many who have no life within them.  They are the living dead.  They live but not God’s life which Jesus offers them.  This is my greatest sorrow.  If only man were filled with God’s life, then everything on earth would quickly be restored.  There would be a new earth.

I do not come just to give messages.  I come to give life.

Man is the only creature on earth who can receive God’s life.  This is his highest calling and the purpose of his existence.  He is unique.  He is called to be God’s child and to enjoy God’s life.  Yet, this life is beyond his powers.  Man has a calling that he can never fulfill by his own powers – to become a child of God and live a divine life.  Man becomes God’s child by a gift coming from Jesus.

This gift was purchased at the great cost of Jesus’ death but man does not accept the gift.  Man has no interest in God’s life.  So, man is destined, by his own free choice, to die eternally, refusing the gift which he could so easily receive.

O reader, do not cause me sorrow.  Believe in my Son, Jesus, and receive life in his name.  I will help you.

Comment: Mary explains her sorrow.  Many are not children of God when that privilege is easily available.

April 30, 2012
Memories that Boil Over


Disturbances are everywhere.  Nothing is stable.  The world hurtles to a self-destruction.  No one controls these events which intertwine like the elements of an explosion.  Yes, the inevitable explosion.  Does anyone believe that suddenly peace will descend upon the world, that arms will be put away and that treaties will last?  This is the wildest of delusions.  It seems impossible that peace will just come down from heaven. Yet, that is my message.


I am the Queen of Peace and I hold all the elements of peace in my heart.  Peace begins with forgiveness of the past, the putting aside of memories which control the present and determine the future.

Look at the Middle East.  Look at Africa.  Look at what happened in Bosnia.  Memories that go back for centuries boil over, never able to be erased, never allowing for true peace and understanding.

Erasing Memories

What if tomorrow, every memory of past wars, injustices and conflicts were erased from human memory, what would happen?  Mankind could begin over again.  Nations could work together and earth could once again become the home for God’s children.

So, I say to the nations, to people, to all societies and to you, the reader, “Erase your memories by forgiveness.  Set aside those memories that only lead you to anger and violence.”  I am not asking you to set aside self-defense.  I am asking you to destroy the memories that lead you to violence as a means of correcting the past.  Who asks you to correct the past?  God will bring about your vindication.  He will uphold your cause.  Your task is to uphold his cause and to walk in his ways.

I have not yet spoken about the great gift, which heaven will send down like the rain all over the earth.  I have only spoken about what you, O reader, can do right now.  Purge yourself of memories that lead to anger.  I will help you.

Comment: So much violence, personal and worldwide, erupts from memories of the past.

May 1, 2012
The Economic Future


What lies in the future?  What will be the path of mankind?  Who would dare to predict the future when so many factors are in such a deplorable state?  Yet, I must help my children.  I will reveal what they need to know and what they need to believe.

Future Jolts

Severe jolts are ahead which will create a new state of economics.  It is one thing for a building to be weak and quite another when it collapses.  When a jolt comes, the weak buildings collapse and can no longer be used.  Other resources must be found.  This is what I have spoken of before.  The events will all be linked together in Satan’s plan, like a general planning his strategy of war.  When these buildings collapse, the resources needed to replace them will be long gone, wasted by those who did not care about the future.  People will run for help but when they arrive, nothing will be there.


As this momentum increases, people will seek relief and find none.  Then, panic sets in.  This is Satan’s plan, that panic grip the hearts of people all over the world.  This is how financial crises play their way out.  The original shortages cause anxieties.  When the anxieties find no relief, they turn into panic.  Panic causes greater scarcities because people protect their money.  Soon, the system shuts down.

Economies depend on confidence, on people believing that the economic system is sound and will continue to function.  When this confidence is removed, the usual flow of money ceases.  The economy comes to a halt.  Goods and services do not flow freely.  Everything is stopped dead in its tracks.  This is what Satan has in mind.  He wants to squeeze the life out of man, burden people, and discourage them.

Last Minute Repentance

World leaders will grapple with these problems but they are the very ones who caused them.  Their usual solutions will not solve what they have created.  This is last-minute repentance in the face of the inevitable.

Comment: Mary explains what will happen.  In this locution, she provides no instructions.

May 2, 2012
Reversing Selfishness


To cause evils Satan uses multiple instruments, each one fashioned for a particular evil.  Satan uses every selfishness of mankind to bring about total destruction.  Wherever there is selfishness, Satan lurks in the wings, seeing if he can exploit it.  My task is to blunt his efforts and, to reveal his schemes.  I must remove selfishness from the human heart so that he has no entrance.  How can I do this?

Because man instinctively turns to his own self-interest, some other power must come against this.  Otherwise, the initial impulse gains strength and control.  As this selfish drive is constantly given sway, it controls the person.  It can also control a society and a nation, because selfishness comes in waves as the expected response and the natural reaction.  When someone points out an unselfish path, an outrage breaks out.  People want their own way.  Nations are caught in the selfish interests of their people and the person who would ask for a different path is shoved aside.  As a result, all is brought to a halt by selfishness.

Reversing the Direction

I preach a different message – a message of repentance, a putting aside of selfish interests.  “Tomorrow” people say.  “Today I must care for myself.”  O reader, I ask one thing of you.  Not tomorrow but today, set aside your selfish interest.  Bend down to help the lowly.  Use your resources for others.  You cannot reverse the selfishness of the world, but you can reverse the direction of your own path.

Comment: To remove our inner selfishness is the great task of mankind.

May 2, 2012
A New Possibility for Mankind


Everyone will suffer.  Everything will be different, as will be the responses to this crisis.  Some will cling to their possessions, not at all accepting this change.  They will grow bitter, thinking of what they used to have and the freedom that their money bought.  Now, that lavish lifestyle is gone.  Others will bemoan their losses and wonder how they can continue.

Hope and New Condition

But those who listen to my word will live by faith.  They will realize that all of this suffering comes from the Evil One who has used people to bring about this financial disaster and still uses people to make matters worse.  They will see this as a call to repentance, for sorrow for their sins.  I will fill them with hope, an unswerving hope, and a hope in the face of the greatest difficulties.  They will look at their children and realize that their lives are changed forever but they will also see that the lessening of material prosperity allows for an increase in faith.

For those who listen to my word, all of these financial difficulties, that change the landscape of the economy, will lead to a new culture, in which faith can grow and God can once more assume his rightful place as protector of the family.  A new condition of mankind is possible, but only those who listen to me will take advantage of the spiritual blessings that can result.

Comment: Mary speaks clearly of economic crises that will cause some people to despair and other people to turn to her.

May 3, 2012
Snatching the World from Satan’s Hands


I have been speaking now for a long time, giving many teachings to my children.  Today, I want to bring forward into great clarity, the central message that underlies all that I have said.  This is the foundation.

I am the Woman Clothed with the Sun and I so much want to come completely onto the scene.  This is the world’s only salvation because when I come on the scene, Satan is cast out.  I am clothed with the sun.  He is the Prince of Darkness.  When the sun rises, the darkness must give way.  Light is more powerful than darkness, which only gains power when the sun sets.  All of the problems, both in the world and in personal lives come from the presence of darkness which can easily be dispelled.

Rejecting the Supernatural

However, there are too many errors and too much false teaching.  “We do not need the supernatural” says the world.  “We have the power in our own hands”.  Yes, you have the power to destroy the whole world, to kill the unborn, to construct unjust economic systems and to spend money that you do not have.  This is your power and you exercise it every day.  O world, you do not have my power.  I alone can cast out the satanic powers that are hidden from you. I alone can free the world and each human heart from the darkness that has come.

Mary’s Message

This is my message to you, which I cry out on the rooftops of the internet.  Listen carefully to my words because I will not have much more time to warn you.  “You are overwhelmed with a growing darkness and are coming to a point of total darkness.  The lights of the world are being put out.  Behind the scenes, decisions are being made in many places.  These are various decisions, made by different people who do not even know each other.  There are decisions to build nuclear weapons, decisions to launch them and decisions to prevent their launching.  There are decisions to change the world’s economic systems, to buy elections, to create new political structures.  These leaders act in darkness and in their own self-interest”.

Snatching the World

Everyone who does not call on me walks in darkness.  That is my clear message.  I am the Woman whom the heavenly Father has Clothed with the Sun.  He has deliberately made this decision.  He has deliberately brought me forth at this crucial moment of darkness because He wants to surprise Satan whose plans are now coming to a point of worldwide destruction.  The Father has raised me up to snatch the world from Satan’s hands, at the last minute, so to speak, when it seems his victory is inevitable.  Everyone who calls on me, I will bring into the full light of the sun.  Whoever rejects me, can fall into darkness.

Comment: This message certainly is central, summing up what Mary has been saying.

May 4, 2012
The Two Fires


There are two fires, the fire of God’s love and the fire of hell.  The fire of God’s love has brought forth all of creation.  The fire of hell is a sworn enemy of God’s love and uses its power to destroy all that God’s love has brought about.  O reader, this battle is taking place every moment, right now in your own life.  Yes, two fires are burning.  One creates you and the other destroys you.  One blesses you and the other curses you.

Opposing Fires On A Battlefield

Your life is a battlefield, with two opposing fires, sworn enemies of each other, contending for you.  You are an eternal prize and will spend forever and ever in one hand or the other.  Which fire do you choose?  Here again, a problem arises.  The enemy has friends within the walls of your castle, and sometimes you have fed them by your sinful choices and selfish desires.

So, this is the state of your soul.  The demonic fire wants to destroy you and your desires feed that fire.  O reader, if you could only see your perilous state.  You are not safe. You can never, never claim final victory until you are with me in heaven.  No place on earth offers you asylum from the fire.  I paint this picture in stark reality.  I do not tone it down.  I use vivid colors because I want you to face this truth.

A Trophy

Your soul is at stake.  You are the object of the devil’s deepest desires.  He wants you as his trophy to display to all in hell.  He especially seeks those who are deeply rooted in religious upbringing.  He covets souls who have been faithful to God for years and have even brought many others to God.  These are his special prizes.  I am not talking here to hardened sinners, although they can benefit from my words.  I am talking to the devout person, even to those who have consecrated their lives in service to the Church and have even accomplished much.  Satan has his eyes on you as a splendid victory, giving him great joy.

I do not end my message on that note.  Rather, I speak of God’s fire.  Reader, you cannot save yourself.  The demonic forces coming against you are too strong and too intelligent.  You must fight fire with fire and accept God’s fire as the gift of my heart.

Comment: If people were more aware of Satan’s fire, they would be much more anxious to seek God’s fire.

May 5, 2012
Mary, Help Me


So many of my children are destroyed because they do not know all the places where they can be attacked nor do they understand all the helps that come from heaven.  This is my teaching.  Each person is very vulnerable in many ways.  They need an environment which provides for their physical needs.  They need emotional help from others.  They need to be taught values and morals.  They need a culture which supports those values.  All of these can be attacked and even destroyed.  Then, the person becomes vulnerable to the Evil One.

So Vulnerable!

They also are vulnerable to their own thoughts and feelings which lead astray.  They are vulnerable to false friendships that lead into darkness.  They are vulnerable to past memories and guilt that lies buried in their memories.  They are vulnerable to passing attractions, to addictions, to suggestions and to allurements that abound everywhere.

O reader, how vulnerable you are!  You think that you stand strong, but neither the legs you stand on nor the ground you stand upon is strong.

An Accident Victim

So, I must speak of heavenly helps.  Yes, heaven wants to help you.  That is my constant message.  The help begins as soon as you realize that you need help and call out to me.  An accident victim says to the rescuer, “Help me”.  Then, they point out their need.  The rescuer acts and also tells the victim what they must do to cooperate.

It is as easy as that.  Say, “Mary help me”.  Then, describe in a few words what is your dilemma.  After that, be still.  First, you will feel my love and the power of my presence.  Then, you will hear my words, telling you what little steps you can take, to be lifted out of the problem.

Use this method every day.  I love to hear you say, “Mary, help me”.

Comment: This is easy and practical advice.  Every day, in any situation, we should say, “Mary, help me”.

May 6, 2012
The Worldwide Warnings


As I open my hands, gifts of every kind pour forth.  Yet, so many are not even aware that this happens and they do not know where to look.  Even worse, they do not see their need for my gifts.  Yet, these are the gifts that mankind needs so much.

Man does not see or understand.  He does not grasp his present state, what is happening and what will happen soon, yes, so very soon.  He does not see the armies of Satan which are increasing in number, in evil intelligence and in mass weapons of destruction.

Addicted and Tranquilized

Not seeing, he continues along his merry way, interested only in his bank account, his endless entertainments and his constant pursuits of passing goals.  That is the life of man upon earth, when really that life should be so very, very different.  It is like speaking to an alcoholic who has no desire to leave his addiction behind.  Now, the whole world is addicted, tranquilized by all that is now available, taken up into a false world, and unable to come to grips with reality.

An Attacking Army

That reality will soon break in, wanted or unwanted, prepared for or not.  The breaking in will be harsh and cruel, not leaving anything in its wake.  The breaking in will be devastating, like an attacking army which finds its prey sleeping and unprepared, easy victims to its lethal assaults.  How much more clearly can I describe the condition of mankind, totally unprepared and with little interest in changing?  What will I do?

Worldwide Warnings

I will send warnings, yes, worldwide warnings that I have already prophesied at Medjugorje and other sites.  These warnings will call everyone to repentance and change.  The warnings are soon.  O reader, do not wait for the warnings.  I am right now offering you those same gifts.  At the time of these warnings, the message will be the same.  Sin is a deviation from God’s commandments.  Repentance is a turning away from sin so God’s grace can fill you.  The message is quite simple.  Respond now.  Where do you sin?  Turn away from it.  I will be there to help you succeed.

Comment: The first three secrets of Medjugorje deal with worldwide warnings.  They will come soon.  Act now.

May 8, 2012
Man-made Fertilization


How quick is man to judge and to think that he has all the answers.  Really, his heart is empty and he is concerned only with things of earth.  To judge correctly, man must turn his thoughts to his Creator and seek the judgment of God upon all human actions.  Wisdom comes from on high.  When mankind sees reality as God does, then his judgments are true and accurate.

Man, the Creator

Otherwise, he is judging as if he were the Creator, as if he brought about reality.  This is foolishness.  God has never allowed man to create.  He has kept that power to himself.  He has never allowed man to write the rules that govern his creation.  He has imbedded these rules into nature itself.  He has embedded into nature the sacredness of all human life.  Man cannot change this.  Man does not create the human person and man cannot say who lives and who dies.

Man, the Invader

Now, modern man has become like the creator, believing that he has the right to fertilize human eggs outside of the sanctity of married life.  He invades the very heart of God’s creating moment and declares, “I have a right to be here.  I have discovered how to do this”.
O man, who has invited you into the intimacy of man and woman?  Who has told you to intervene in the very process by which human life is transmitted?  Who has given you the right to produce test tube babies and fertilized embryos, when God created the holy act of marriage?  You do this because you no longer look to heaven.

Comment: Mankind thinks that because it can do something, it has the right to do it without looking to God for guidance.

May 9, 2012
A Society Within A Society


When the events begin and the armies of Satan are unleashed, everything will happen very quickly, like a blitzkrieg that attempts to begin and end the war quickly.  Everything will be calculated to make people fear and to attribute to these armies more power than they really have. Satan wants a quick and sudden surrender so he is not unmasked.  He will pretend to have power that he does not have.

Those Who Surrender

Many will surrender.  Those who have no beliefs, for whom earthly life has always been an accommodation, a getting along will quickly surrender.  Those who have never allowed strongly held beliefs to stand in their way will be among the first to surrender.  Secondly, will be those for whom religious beliefs are not strong.  They also will say, “It is hopeless”. Sadly, they will surrender their beliefs.

Those Who Stand Firm

But, those whom I have instructed by these messages will be ready to resist and even to fight back and to gather others to their cause.  They will rise up.  They will not hide.  They will not be cowards.  Their voices will be raised.  Some, who believe but are wavering, will take heart that some are ready to take a stand.  So, they will be attracted to join.  Theirs will not be an immediate victory.  Just the opposite.  They will be persecuted, marginalized and moved out of key positions.  Yet, they will never surrender their beliefs.  They will never go along.  For this to happen, the lines must be firmly drawn.  It must be around issues on which they will never compromise.

As they persevere, something new will be created, a society within a society.  A society of light within a society of darkness.  A society of truth within a society of the lie.  This little group will be the saving society and anyone, if they wish to pay the price, will be free to join them.  They will only survive because they bond together in charity (as I have so often mentioned).

Comment: Mary speaks of a fundamental shift in society where her children must bond together to survive in their faith.

May 10, 2012
How to Enter the Ark


As the events unfold, all will understand how important are my words.  Now, while the world goes merrily along its way, my words are shoved aside as useless and of little value.  Yet, some will cherish my words and say, “These are important and we cannot set them aside with a wait-and-see attitude”.

The world will not be the same because some fundamental changes will take place that man cannot control.  Resources will grow thin and man’s selfishness will make everything worse.  One evil will lead to greater evils and people will ask, “When will this end?”

A New Ark

I speak from a mother’s heart, from great concern for the human race.  These are all my children and I would care for everyone, whether they know me or do not yet know me.  I must become known before all these events begin because I am the new Ark of the Covenant.  Therefore, I speak and speak (almost endlessly) because I want the world to know my heart and that the Father, foreseeing these events, wants to provide this new Ark.

Difficult Events

I cannot give this teaching any more clearly.  Very, very difficult events are ahead.  They will certainly come.  They will affect the whole world, some places more than others.  I will be in the middle of these events, helping all who come to me.  Right now, I will teach you how to come.  Begin now, because when the flood comes it is too late to learn how to swim.

The Powers of Your Soul

Coming to me begins in silence, when your heart turns away from the constant distractions.  When is the last time you have tried to be silent?  The last time, you have tried to pray?  I can be all around you but if you are not still, you will never experience my help.  So, I say these words: quiet, silence, withdrawal from the world, a time of retreat, a time of peace, an attempt to pray, a calling out to me.  They all urge you to do the same thing, to allow the powers of your soul to experience that I am with you.

Learn this gift.  When the events begin, you will say, “Mary is all around me.  I can feel her protection.”

Comment: Mary wants you to learn immediately how to experience her saving presence.

May 11, 2012
The Door to Nuclear Weapons


Some doors should be opened and other doors must remain closed.  Some believe that mankind should explore everything, but God forbids many things.  He wants those doors to be closed forever.

This is strange.  If everything that God has made is good, then why should he demand that the door be closed?  Yet, he did this from the beginning.  He created the tree in the middle of the garden but told the first couple not to eat of it.  It was a closed door but they, foolishly, opened it.

A Terrible Door

Today, I speak of an important door that should never have been opened, the door to atomic weapons.  What a terrible door!  All agree.  The human race would be far better off if atomic weapons had never been born.

After this door has been foolishly opened, mankind searches for how to close that door and destroy the nuclear arsenals.  Now, the door opens wider and wider.  Nuclear arms proliferate and soon they will fall into very irresponsible hands.  Yet, man does not listen.  They keep saying, “We do not need God.”

A Nuclear World

O man, you do not need God?  Then look at your planet filled with nuclear arms.  Can you close this door by yourselves?  Can you wipe nuclear arms off the face of the earth?  Can you who opened the door against God’s will, now close the door by yourself?  You refuse to accept restrictions.  You say, “If we can open the door, we will open it.  We will not let God tell us to keep the door closed”.  You have opened human life to so many wrong doors.  You act like the first couple who foolishly opened a door that God had forbidden.  When will you learn?

Comment: Mankind thinks he is almighty with the right to open every door.

May 12, 2012
Why Has God Waited?


I give you bits and pieces because it is difficult for your minds to grasp the whole picture.  Yet, even the bits and pieces are clear if they are put together. Let me begin.

First, the world is coming into very difficult times.  Many realize this from natural knowledge.  They see all the problems that loom on the horizon.  I speak from supernatural knowledge.  Man has turned his back on God, has followed his own paths and has decided to fashion his own world.  This has unleashed a torrent of sins and a wiping away of all moral constraints.  When immorality goes uncorrected, society degenerates so God must act, quite openly and decisively.

Why Has God Waited?

Why has the heavenly Father waited so long?  This is the great mystery which I frequently explain.  The heavenly Father must be just.  He must correct every wrong in exactly the way it should be corrected.  However, if people plead with him, he can allow his mercy to bind his hands for a while.  Many souls understand this.  They join in this task of holding back the mighty arm of God.

Prayer and Sacrifice

I say this so often to so many.  I need people to join me in prayer to hold back the avenging arm of God.  I also need people to repent and move away from their sins so that Almighty God sees that this mercy leads to repentance and not just to greater sins.  So, I ask you to repent of your sins and to join me in prayer and sacrifice to stay the Father’s arm of justice.  He does not want to punish his children, but sometimes they leave him no alternative.

Comment: Mary’s teaching is basic to all the Marian apparition messages that prayer and sacrifice gain time for mankind to repent.

May 13, 2012
The Great Signs


There is too much darkness and confusion in the world for anyone to see clearly.  When I send my prophets, their message is analyzed according to human reason.  Then it is distorted and rejected.  In this situation, no one can fully understand or perceive the truth.  So, I myself speak, in very simple words.  I do not want these analyzed by your mind but received by your heart.  Let us begin.

Man will finally accept the word of God, only when he is trembling and shaking because he has seen divine signs.  Even then, many will harden their hearts, refuse to repent, and lose the last chance that they have for eternal salvation.  To avoid this, I must speak now to prepare your hearts.

Extraordinary Signs

There will be extraordinary divine signs, able to be seen and experienced by all.  These signs will call the world to repentance.  They are not meant as curiosity pieces or objects of ridicule.  They will be living, powerful, divine signs marking my presence and calling attention to my messages.  These signs will fulfill my prophecies and show to all who believe that I am present to help the human race in the time of trial.

The signs will also point to all the many teachings and instructions that I have given.  The signs will be powerful and accompanied by inner lights which everyone in the world will experience.  There will be a universal call to repentance.  Many will not understand what is happening because they have set aside the things of God.  Yet, even to them, these lights can be beneficial.

A Decisive Moment

What a moment that will be!  A decisive moment for mankind.  The benefits of that gift are not guaranteed.  People must take advantage of the gift and repent of their sins.  Otherwise, the inner light will just stand in judgment upon them – that God has given them such a great gift and they rejected it.  I speak so all will accept the light.

Comment: At Fatima, the sun danced, a prophetic sign of the inner divine illumination that Mary has frequently revealed.

May 14, 2012
Taking Off Your Blindfold


Man does not understand the forces that shape his soul and the importance of his decisions.  So, he is carried along, almost blindly.  Every day, he makes important decisions that affect his eternal destiny.  He does this as if he had a blindfold on.  Yes, that is how foolish is modern man.  He is blindfolded and he does not want to take the blindfold off.

He is unaware of the powerful forces that move him and shape his life every day.  But, it is not his earthly life that I am concerned about.   These mistakes can be corrected.  It is his heavenly life and his eternal destiny that concerns me.  So, let me remove the blindfold.

After Death

I take you, reader, to your death.  The moment after you die, you will come into the presence of Jesus and will be filled with total light.  Nothing will escape your vision.  You will see your soul as Jesus does.  You see that your soul is immortal.

You will see your earthly life, which is now behind you.  You will see what you have chosen and why you made those decisions.  Everything is fixed and unchangeable.  So many questions will arise within you.  Why?  Why did I allow this to happen?  Why did I walk down the road away from God?  Why did I not take the opportunities that were offered to me?

This is why I teach you while there is still time.  So, listen.  You do not understand the forces that are shaping your soul.  You are blindfolded and making many wrong decisions.  I will help you to be freed from the grasp of these evils that are leading you to hell.  You must let me change your life by my powerful intervention.  I want to remove your blindfold.  Do you want to see?  Ask me, “Mary I want to see”.

Comment: Everyone must ask Mary to help them to see.

May 15, 2012
A Place Prepared For You


Do not turn your back on God.  Do not even allow yourself to be led off the path.  Your Savior and Redeemer has prepared a place for you.  Everything is ready.  The banquet is prepared and your place has been purchased.

Your Inheritance

You have a heavenly inheritance, paid for by the death of my Son.  No one can take this away from you.  These riches are yours and you need only to seek them.  They are within your reach because I hold them in my heart.

All that has been accomplished!  Everything that has been purchased!  Do not turn back because heaven is yours if only you persevere on the road.  These promises are true.  They come from the mouth of Jesus, himself.  “I go and prepare a place for you and I will come back to take you to myself (Jn. 14:2).

At the moment of your death, when your earthly life comes to its end, my Son will come for you.  Do not allow yourself to be led away from the road that leads to eternal life.

May 17, 2012
Why Does Satan Delay?


I know exactly what I must do.  Everything is clear before my eyes.  I see the forces of evil and how they are aligned.  I see the plans that have been drawn up for centuries and those whom Satan will use.  Nothing escapes my eye, because the Almighty One has revealed everything to me.  I am the Woman Clothed with the Sun.  To me, the Father has given power to conquer the Evil One and to set the world free of his darkness.

Why Delay?

I see the time that is so short.  The beginning phases have already taken place but few are aware.  The troops have been moved into place.  It is just a matter of the general, Satan, giving the command.  Why does he wait?  His troops are overwhelming and his prey is unsuspecting and unprepared.  What is the matter?  He is making a mistake.  He is not satisfied with what he already has and what he could easily snatch away.  He sees what is outside of his grasp.

The Little Ones

Who are these?  These are the thousands of “little ones”, my little ones.  Those who have listened to my words.  These are the “children of light”.  They are not the thoughtless children of light who do not fully value the light.  These are the enlightened souls.  They cherish that light, value that light and will never sell the light.  They are like the five wise virgins who would not share their oil, lest they would not meet the bridegroom.  These are Satan’s greatest envy and he does not yet have them.  They are not in his grasp and they are not even within his reach.

Loses Time

So, he waits.  He even loses time.  He willingly gives up other opportunities.  He is furious that they escape his net.  He tries other strategies, but I know them all and I warn my enlightened souls.  They listen to me.  They follow me.  In this way, they stay out of Satan’s reach.

O reader, this is why I speak.  Without my words, you would not survive his plans.  Open your eyes to the dangers and you will never trust your own powers.

Comment: Mary shares her spiritual vision that encompasses everything.

May 18, 2012
Searching for the Children


I come looking and searching for my children.  They are lost and cannot easily be found.  I know where they are and I can come to them but their eyes are so blinded and their hearts are so entangled, that even my closest presence does not awaken them.

I speak to them but they cannot hear.  They are deaf to the words from heaven.  This is my dilemma and I must act quickly.  The time of trial is so close at hand.  They are asleep in the garden and will soon run away at the slightest show of force.

False Interpretations

In my desperation, I will take extraordinary means.  Some will see my hand in the coming economic collapse.  Do not interpret it that way.  The collapse comes from the hands of men and the intellect of Satan.  Some will see my hand in the wars which will break out, but the wars come from greed and anger.

My children do not look for my hand in all the evils that befall mankind.  These evils are the products of sin.  The Heavenly Father permits them only to remove the fuel for greater sins.

Study the Cross

The world is entering into a period of the greatest mystery of evil since my Son was nailed to a cross.  Study the cross.  Only the cross can unlock the mystery of evil so that you understand.  What must you understand?  That powers of evil are rampant and they must be resisted.  Look at the cross.  Learn its lesson.  Evil always, always tries to destroy the good.  Now, see your foolishness in cooperating with evil.  That is called sin.

I search for my children but they cannot hear me.  What can I do?  If I help them to repent of their sins, their eyes will open and they will see me at their side.  Repentance is my extraordinary means.

May 19, 2012
The Rosary — A Chain of Unity


When the events begin, all will see how the modern world is so vulnerable. All of their systems are interconnected, with a great dependency on one another.  To touch and destroy one part leads easily to destroying another. Such is the interdependency of the modern world.

But, some aspects I have guarded. I have kept them in great simplicity. I have led people to make decisions in truth. They have not shared in the great wealth that has flowed from this new interdependency. So, they will not feel all the effects of the events. They will be safeguarded.  Safeguarded also will be those who listen to me and act now. Some steps can easily be taken.  They are right at hand. Begin now. I will build a different interdependency.

Faith and Love

Faith and love must be the chains that bind you together, the common ground which everyone can hold on to.

First, the rosary must be prayed with husband and wife and within the family. This practice, which has been set aside, must quickly be taken up again before it is too late.

Second, let the rosary expand. Let families and individuals gather often to recite the rosary.

From this small beginning, the foundation will be placed for greater sharing and interdependence. The rosary breaks down the sinful powers in each person and leads to openness and trust. Community can be built. This is the goal before the events happen.

O reader, do not remain isolated. Yet, how do you begin to meet and to trust others. The rosary will be the chain of unity.

Comment:  The rosary is the great Catholic prayer. It binds people when they say it together.

(See the Prayer of the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary: http://maryrefugeofholylove.com/the-seal-of-the-living-god/the-most-holy-rosary-of-the-blessed-virgin-mary/)

May 20, 2012
Being Clothed with the Sun


With all the stirrings, and all the events and all the problems, what can anyone do? That will be the hopelessness that descends upon mankind. There is no one to whom the world can turn. Even the most powerful world leaders will have no power at all.

But I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun and the heavenly Father has given me great powers. The Sun represents the fullness of God’s powers and I will clothe my children with my Sun. It will be a blanket of protection which will blind Satan and keep him from laying a hand on you.

A New Devotion

This is the new devotion that I will teach you now, before everything begins. First, you must call me “Woman”. This is not disrespectful. It is what Jesus called me at Cana, “Woman, what is that to me and you?”, and at the cross, “Woman, behold your son”.

I am both mother and woman. As mother I care for my children. As Woman, I leave the home and go out into the world, exercising the fullness of power given me by the heavenly Father.  Ask me to clothe you with the Sun. I will gladly do this. Being clothed with the sun, you must allow me to withdraw you from all worldly darkness. You must allow me to make you a child of total light.

A Constant Light

Also, you cannot go from light to darkness. My sun does not set. There must be not even one moment of darkness. “Being clothed with the sun” means a total commitment to light and a total shunning of all that is dark.

Clothing you with the sun is like any of God’s spiritual gifts. It is given as soon as you ask and is meant to constantly increase as you value the gift.

Begin now. Ask for this divine sun. Accept it fully. Give it power in your life and always ask for more of my Sun. You will see the effects immediately.

Comment: Mary is not just “clothed with the sun”. She will clothe you with her sun.

May 21, 2012
The Mysteries of the Woman


When my son was on this earth, people said many silly things, as if he were John the Baptist risen from the dead, or Elijah or one of the prophets. The truth of who he was stayed buried in the circle of disciples to whom He slowly revealed himself by signs and wonders and teachings.

The first sign came at Cana. From the beginning I was immersed in the mystery. After that, I did not travel with him. It was not the Father’s plan that I should be engaged with Jesus in his active ministry. However, when the events were about to draw to a close, the Father wanted me at the cross.

Two Occasions

On both occasions, at Cana and at Calvary, Jesus called me “Woman”. The second time, the Beloved Disciple heard that title, as he took me into his care.  The title stayed in his heart and he often asked himself, “Why would Jesus call his mother, ‘Woman’”? This is the great mystery which I am trying to unfold to all the world, a mystery hidden for all ages, even though well attested to in the scriptures. This is a mystery kept secret, known but unknown, a gift given from the very beginning when God said, “I will put an enmity between you and the woman; between your offspring and hers. He will strike at your head, while you strike at his heel”. Yes, given at the beginning but not yet opened.

What mysteries are contained in that title “Woman”! What powers of God have not yet been poured out! I am the Woman. Jesus, himself gave me that title, not once but twice. His words are the key into the great mystery.

Is not every woman a mystery, a sealed garden which invites the Beloved to come and seek, to search for her inner treasures? What mysteries lie in the heart of a woman? What love can pour out? What life she can nourish and sustain! She holds mysteries of life in her body and mysteries of love in her heart.

How deep are the mysteries which God has placed in my Immaculate Heart as he established me as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

Comment: Mary begins to reveal the great mysteries contained in her title, “The Woman Clothed With the Sun”.

May 22, 2012
The Uprisings and Afghanistan


Do not be fooled by the calm that covers over the problems which lie right beneath the surface. Too many decades have prepared for this year. Yes, this year will be the time when what has been planned for centuries will break out. The interdependence of nations and the worldwide communications, the new weapons will combine with the age-old feuds and anger.

Formerly, I spoke about the uprisings in Egypt and Libya. I said that they were only the beginning, the first round of evils that would burn away protection around Israel. I said that they would burn themselves out when the fuel for those fires was consumed. Now, this has taken place and the designs of the Evil One have been fulfilled in these nations. They are really plunged into greater darkness than was present under the dictators, because the Muslim power has taken new life and will spread. It is not the power of old dictators who ruled for years and would have inevitably stepped down. The Muslims are a young power, new and fresh on the scene, seeing these nations as new place of victory and triumph. They will be a rising force.

Satan’s Next Move

Now that this has been accomplished, what will be Satan’s next move, the next piece of his plan? The leaders have come together in Chicago. They have shook hands and agreed. NATO will pull out of Afghanistan more quickly than expected. They congratulate themselves on a job well-done. What a mistake! Soon everything will fail. The governments are not stable and the terrorists are ready to return. If they have fought so well when the foreign troops were on their soil what do you think they will do when the troops are removed? Will they suddenly surrender? Will they have a change of heart? The words from Chicago are music to their ears and they are dancing for joy. They see the reality. These lands will belong to them. This is the next piece of Satan’s puzzle.

Comment: Months ago, Mary prophesied that the fire of the uprisings will die out as the discontent is consumed. Now she speaks of future problems for Afghanistan.

May 23, 2012
Piercing the Darkness By Special Signs


The mind of God sees every human person. All have their place in his plan. All are loved by him, but all are not equal in his sight. He created the nine choirs of angels, some mightier than others and some with tasks closer to his throne (all for his honor and glory). He loves every human person but he created each one individually, assigning a place in the Mystical Body of Christ and a task to be accomplished in the short time the person lives on earth. All must be done according to God’ design because, only in this way, does each person find their happiness and fulfillment.

Lucifer – From Light into Darkness

Mankind, however, has lost its way. How can people find their place in God’s plan, when God Himself is set aside? When man’s plan is substituted for God’s plan? This took place also in heaven when the great angel, Lucifer, said “I will not serve.” He rejected God’s plan (which is filled with light) and fell into complete darkness. That is the present state of the world – a growing darkness and walking away from God’s light.

How long can this continue without severe consequences? The effect has already been felt in the wars and turmoil of the 20th century. Now a new century has dawned and the pace away from God and into the darkness increases. Mankind is no longer walking into darkness, he is plunging and falling into a hopeless darkness, where he will never find his way back into God’s light.

A Public Presence

That is why I must come on the scene, but not in just a hidden way, speaking to the hearts of my children. I must come in an open and public way, as the Woman Clothed With the Sun. When mankind followed God’s laws, my inner light for each soul was enough. Now, however, total darkness covers mankind and inner light is not enough. Now, I assert my title and my task as the Woman Clothed With the Sun. There have already been public manifestations of my presence at special places of apparitions. But even this is not enough. I must multiply the light and the divine signs. Only in this way can the great darkness be pierced and mankind be called again to follow God’s plan.

Comment: Mary continues her explanation of being the Woman Clothed With the Sun. She promises greater signs to overcome the darkness.

May 25, 2012
Heroic Charity


I must speak quickly and simply because so many babble away. They seek to confuse and turn people’s eyes away from truth. I speak so that reality is laid bare. No need for many words. Let us get straight to the issue.  Mankind is no longer in control of his own destiny. He has sold the house and turned the keys over to another. He has sold his own soul and can no longer maintain that he is master of his own destiny. His is a boat set adrift in a powerful ocean.  He has chosen this course by turning his back on God who alone can save him.

Unleashed Forces

Now, forces will be unleashed and come upon the earth that he has never dealt with before. For these, he has no answers. The usual sources of stability – the central banks and the powerful nations – will themselves be caught up in this powerful tide.

All will not be lost for one reason. I will save a remnant. I will also provide for them. They will know that I have done this because they listened and called upon me. They are not the strong and powerful, the rich and influential. These will be the victims of their own collapse.

Who Will Be Saved?

I will save the humble, the lowly and those who have little resources. I will save the peacemakers and those who seek the good of the land. I will not hold back my hand from anyone who extends a hand to others. In these difficulties, those who share with others will have enough and those who gather with others will be comforted. Do not hoard, but help. Do not withdraw, but go out and see who is in need. To those who feed the hungry, I will give more. Those who cling to their food will lose what little they have.

The human race will survive by charity, thoughtfulness and self-sacrifice. Many people will be heroic. It will be the age of great heroes. People will realize, “We must help one another if we are to survive”. A new charity will spring up and all of this will prepare for greater blessings from heaven. This is the wisdom needed for the times ahead. Blessed are those who heed my words because they are words of life.

Comment: Mary has spoken before but never so directly. Heroic charity and sacrifice will help her remnant to survive.

May 27, 2012
Overcoming Decisions Made in Darkness


I take you by the hand and I lead you into the mysteries, so all may see. I pull back the veils, especially the veils of darkness that cover over the iniquity.  If only the whole world could see the secret decisions made by those who wield great power. Formerly, those who had great power were also people of faith and the Church was an invited guest, not to gain anything for itself, but to see that fairness and justice was meted out.

Evil Covered in Secrecy

Now the Church is excluded and the decisions are governed by self-interest. If the truth were to come to light, the people would be outraged. So, all is covered in secrecy. In secrecy there is the darkness of evil. When everything comes to light, it is too late to reverse the disorders. Decisions made in darkness lead the world into deeper darkness. What can I do?

The answer is light. All must be brought into the light. Darkness needs partners, people who are willing to share in the darkness. It needs collusion and secrecy. Sealed lips are the hope of darkness. This is what I will do. I will unseal the lips of those who see the decisions made in darkness. I will stir in their souls. I will flood them with light and courage. I will show them what to do and will help them to persevere in their course.

Discrediting the Darkness

The forces of darkness will come against them. They will be discredited, even removed from their position. Yet, they will be mine and they will not give in. They will speak and speak until they are heard and the decisions of darkness are toppled. How many people will be saved by those who speak up because they are revealing the deeds of the powerful and the rich who control so much of the world?  I will put the mighty down from their seats of power and raise up the lowly.

Comment: Selfish decisions made in darkness are a tremendous source of evil. Society is so much better off when truth is revealed.

May 27, 2012
Pentecostal Fires


As you look behind all of creation, and go behind what is seen and touched, you come to the beating heart of God, the love that flows forth in the beauty of the skies and the flowers in the field. From this beating heart comes forth only beauty and life. If so, what has happened to creation, with its ugliness and death? These must come from a different heart, a heart powerless to create but wanting to destroy creation.

Human life experiences two forces and they are often confused. This is the state of mankind, created by the loving heart of God but victim to the destructive desires of the Evil One.

Sending the Holy Spirit

In this struggle, the Father poured out upon creation the deepest gift of his beating heart. He sent his own Holy Spirit who descended this day upon those instructed by Jesus, the disciples. They understood what was happening. When they prayed in new languages, others could see that something new was taking place. When these others were baptized, they, too, received the same Holy Spirit. The Church was born, the community that understands and preaches the Spirit of God.

Has anything changed? Has the heavenly Father withdrawn his Spirit? Not at all. He wants to pour out the Spirit upon all flesh.

This is why I want the whole Church to invoke me as the Woman Clothed With the Sun. When that happens, a new era of the Holy Spirit will begin. There have been many new outpourings of the Holy Spirit. The manifestation of tongues is now frequent and used by many Catholics. However, much of the Spirit’s fire has been quenched, unable to be received adequately and, in many cases, not understood.

A Second Outpouring

Come, accept me as the Woman. I first received the outpouring when the Spirit formed Christ’s physical body. I was there for the second outpouring, when my spouse, the Spirit, came upon me again in the fullness of his Pentecostal fires.

O Church, invoke me as the Woman Clothed With the Sun and the Father will send the Holy Spirit in the greatest way since that first Pentecost. The fires are not dead. They still burn in the Father’s heart and he would pour them forth.

Comment: Mary makes this direct connection between her role as the Woman Clothed With the Sun and a fresh outpouring of the Spirit.

May 28, 2012
Building an Airfield of Hope


I must give messages of hope before the storms come, so the hearts of my people are correctly formed. Otherwise, the scope of the problems will overwhelm them. Just as a plane cannot land unless an airstrip has been built, so my heavenly blessings cannot enter the human heart unless hope has prepared the way.

With these messages, I am carving out a place of hope in the hearts of the readers. Let nothing destroy this hope. It is not based upon material blessings but upon your Mother’s words. Let us begin.

I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun and the heavenly Father has given me all power, especially in the darkness of worldly upheaval. When the upheavals begin, people will ask, “Will anyone save us?” Certainly, no one on earth will have this power. “Will heaven save us?” they will ask. Then, you will remember the Woman Clothed With the Sun and why I have so stressed this title. The title will awaken hope in your heart.

Name On Ship

I am the Woman, who stood at the cross. At the cross, my Son gave the whole world into my care. “Woman, behold your son”. Ever since then, I have held the human race in my Immaculate Heart. How many disasters I have set aside. How many times I have directed the history of the world, like leading Columbus to the new world. Did not his ship carry my name, “Maria”?  It has always been such. When people invoked me, my intervention became even more direct and known.

Now, I am taking the initiative and speaking out even before the disasters begin. I want to plant a firm hope in your heart. Do not fear, little ones. I am your Mother and I am the powerful Woman.

Comment: Mary is trying to build a strong airfield of hope so the heavenly planes of her blessings can land in our heart.

May 30, 2012
The Hearts of the Father, Son and Mary


Whatever is in my heart will live and flourish. Whatever is outside of my heart will die and wither. This is the way it has always been. My heart is the secret of life, a secret which I now reveal to the whole world.

All creation comes from the heart of the heavenly Father. When sin and death entered the world, the Father promised a Woman who would give birth to a son.

For centuries, this was the Father’s goal, to send his only-begotten Son into the world so the world, dead in its sins, would be offered life in the heart of his Son. Whoever has the Son has life (Jn.1:4). Without him, there is no life.

The Three Hearts

Now, the Father reveals another part of his plan. This has been hidden for ages and is not revealed in its fullness. God has willed that his Son’s heart which contains the Father’s heart, should be placed in my heart. Just as his Son’s body was placed in my body by the great mystery, so his heart was placed in my heart by an even greater mystery. The Father wants to exalt my Immaculate Heart because, by his free choice, his own heart and the heart of his Son have chosen to dwell there. Whoever finds me, finds life. This is the great mystery which I will reveal again and again.

Comment: Everyone wants fullness of life but they seek life in the wrong places. The easiest place to gain life is Mary’s heart.

May 31, 2012
Stripping People of Authority


I see the whole world. I see every heart and everyone’s situation. All is clear to me. This is the heavenly Father’s gift, so I can fulfill my task as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.  The task is not easy because of what I see. In heaven, I see God’s glory and all the angels and saints rejoicing forever. But on earth, I see so many hearts that have been deprived of eternal life. I see dark forces that act like obstacles to divine light. I even see some who are actively involved in destroying the light. I see some, who have great power using their authority to further the kingdom of darkness, even though they do not know what they are doing.  This is the darkness that I see upon the earth, a powerful darkness that is spreading and ensnaring many who used to be in the light.

Disarm the Enemy

I also see the children of light. By this term, I mean those who are rooted in light and who deeply love the light. Before my eyes, spreads a gigantic, daily battle, in which the forces of darkness are great and the forces of light are small and weak. So, I must act. I cannot let the battle continue in this way. I must disarm the enemy and embolden my children.

This is my plan. I will begin with those in power who further the kingdom of darkness. I will strip them of their authority. This has already begun. The wheels are set in motion but this is not enough.

I will raise up my children of light and I will have them standing in the wings, so when I topple those now in power, they will be ready to assume the mantle of justice. Enough is enough. I will do this on every level of government. Then, I will begin the same process among non-elected officials and upon the titans of industry. Change must take place quickly.

Comment: Only a divine intervention can turn the tide back to the light.

June 1, 2012
Heaven’s Help


Not everyone understands the world of heaven, so I must explain. Heaven is filled with created beings called angels and saints. Like yourselves, they enjoyed free will and freely chose to be in heaven. Now they see all the people on earth and they want you to make the same decision. They are always praying for you, especially those who knew you or even brought you into existence. Their relationship and friendship continue in heaven.

God’s Helpers

They help you in so many ways. They know your weaknesses and they ask God for his protection. They always pray that you find God’s will and do it. They never want you to sin. They always want you to repent. They have their greatest impact upon you when you pray to them, especially if you were close to them on earth.

I say all this to open up a treasury, the great riches of heaven. Anyone is free to take these riches. I would like to cite a very special example.

Devotion to A Holy Person

Think of someone who was both close to you in life and also close to God. These could even be more than one (like a set of parents). Think about this person every day. Ask them, to help you on your way to heaven. You will be surprised what happens within you. Sins will drop away. Devotion will emerge from within your heart. Even external blessings will fall in your lap. Continue to ask their help all the days of your life and, when you die, you will join them in heaven. That is all that the saints hope and pray for.

Comment: Mary provides a very effective way of allowing the saints to help us.

June 2, 2012
The Light That Signaled World War II


The light in the night*. That is what Lucy of Fatima saw as the divine sign that mankind had not responded to my pleas for the Five First Saturday’s devotion. The pleas were made, but they fell on deaf ears, even among those in the Church.

What sorrow she experienced on that night. She, before anyone else, knew that war, on an unprecedented scale, would soon break out again. The fires of evil had not been dismantled by the power of prayer, especially the rosary.

This was my clear teaching at Fatima. I repeat. Wars and every destruction of man against man can be averted by the rosary. This is the prayer of peace which I have placed in the hands of my Church.

No More Evil

I do not want to speak of wars. I want to speak of wars that never took place and of destruction that never happened. Cannot the Church take up the rosary more forcefully? Cannot groups be formed that recite the rosary?

So, I will speak again. Wars and destruction, great wars and enormous destruction lie ahead but all can be averted if my Church takes the rosary into its hands.

O reader, do not wait for the Church. Take up your own rosary and let your family take up its rosary. Every single bead is a step to true world peace.

Comment: Nothing could be clearer. We have an option – the rosary or war.

* Anyone can check the facts. On the night of January 25/26, 1938, a light (called by scientists an “aurea borealis”), lit up the sky of Europe. Our Lady had told Lucy that when she saw such a light, the war would begin.

June 3, 2012
A Rich Woman Amid a Disaster


I am trying to pull all of the world into my Immaculate Heart, the Ark of the Covenant, where all can find a place of refuge. My heart is the only place that is safe in this world and I will protect those who enter. For others, I must search and try to find them.

Let us say that a disaster happens, but a rich woman with all of her resources wants to help. She goes through the streets of the city and invites all to come to her home. Those who enter receive the finest care. Those who refuse to enter, she does not spurn. They, too, like all the inhabitants, are in her heart. She plans how she can help them even though they remain in the devastated city. Some, who receive her aid, see her love and they, too, enter her home.

The Rich Woman

I am that rich woman. In my heart, the Father has placed all that man needs. In my heart, I can give total care. Yet, to even those who do not yet know of my heart, I go forth by these messages. Through these words I offer you, O reader, all that I can. Hopefully you would ask. Who is this woman? What does she mean by this invitation to enter her heart? By these stirrings, I invite you to come closer and receive all the help I can lavish upon you. Let the messages reveal the Woman Clothed With the Sun who has come to help you. Look for me and I will be there. Seek me and I will lead you on a special road into my heart. That is my goal.

Comment: Mary fills her messages with hope to encourage the reader to search for the source of that hope.

June 4, 2012
Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church


As I begin to put my people in places of authority, a new era of justice will begin. This will replace the present confusion. Too many things are allowed to take place in the name of freedom of expression and freedom of thought. Truth exists. The purpose of freedom of thought is to arrive at truth. On truth, a solid foundation can be built, and only there.

Otherwise, man makes up his own truths, creating them from his own heart, according to his own desires. These, so-called truths, are bent and shaped according to the whims of the human heart. These are personal desires, not objective truths. The human heart becomes its own guide and, foolishly, leads itself astray.

So many forces of confusion fill the air. People do not know the direction of truth. They wander like sheep without a shepherd. So, I must guide them by my words.


First, listen to the Church. She speaks of right and wrong in very clear words. For many people, the words are too clear and they do not want to hear. Do not join their numbers because they are rejecting the light established by my Son.

Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church. There you will find the clear and simple teaching. No one can claim that these words are not available. Go to the internet. Download them, if you wish. They will enlighten your eyes to the truths and these will be written in your heart.

Comment: Truth dispels confusion. A sincere heart seeks truth. Mary stresses the Catechism as a sure source of this truth.

See these websites for the Official Catechism of the Catholic Church (1997):
First Source:
Second Source:
Third Source (Simplified):

June 5, 2012
The Story Within You


What will be the end of the story? How will the history of mankind end? What will be its conclusion? This great mystery has already been revealed. My Son will come in glory and all the nations will be gathered before him in judgment.

That is the ending, but what will happen then? Billions of people will be born, spend their time on earth and die. This is the great mystery of human life.

Decisions are made. Forces, good and evil, come upon the scene. People are moved to the left or the right. Everything is recorded, both in the souls of every person and also in the hearts of others. The person retains his own memories and society has its memories, some of which are recorded for posterity.

The Great Inner Story

Each day the story goes on. It is called human history. But, within this history a more important story takes place in each human heart. It is the story of God with man.  Every human heart is lonely because it thirsts for God. This is the insatiable quest of the human person. God does not hide himself. Jesus has come to earth and lived among us.  The mystery of human life is my Son, Jesus. He will bring history to an end but, before he comes in glory, he comes quietly, to every human heart. He asks the person to believe in him, so he can flood the person with the riches of God and prepare him for eternal life. This must happen before death.

The importance of human history is not what happens on the battlefields of wars but what happens in the human heart, the battle over who will possess your soul. Will my Son, Jesus, possess your soul and prepare you for his coming? That is the great question of human life and I speak so you never forget. What is within you is the most important story of human history.

Comment: The human heart, accepting eternal life from Jesus Christ, is the most important part of human history. Mary is speaking about your heart.

June 6, 2012
The Greatest Battle


I do not turn my eyes away from my children, not for one second. They are always in my heart even when I am not in theirs. Yes, there are many moments when my children place something or someone else on their hearts. I do not leave them, even when they shove me aside.

Personal Selfishness

I do not live in their hearts to rebuke them but to protect them from the dangers of evil choices. Who else cares for them? Does the world, with its enticing goals, really care about their happiness? Certainly, the Evil One seeks only their destruction. The most important enemy, however, is their own selfishness, which assumes the garb of happiness. It is always calling to them, “Come over here. Seek this pleasure. Gain this position.”

Selfishness proposes to their minds ways to take advantage and to exploit the situation. At every moment, it looks out for self, and makes the person “Number One”, as they say. All of this selfishness leads to a great downfall. It builds a wall between the person and others. This destroys relationships.

Destroying Selfishness

I have come to destroy the wall of selfishness in every human heart. O reader, how free you will be when I have cleansed you from the inner powers that drive you to always serve yourself.

Here is what you must do. Invite me into the center of your heart. As your selfish desires arise, you will see that I do not want you to follow them. If you lay them aside, you will have won a victory. Soon, you will be a different person, having won the greatest battle of your life. You have defeated inner selfishness.

Comment: Spiritual writers speak often of self-love and that so many let it run rampant.

June 7, 2012
A Safe and Easy Path


I am the Woman and I want to lead you. In me dwells the wisdom of God, a wisdom which finds secret paths that will keep you safe. The road to heaven can be much easier, safer and faster if you would only let me lead you. That is why I speak so frequently.

The heart of man is a place of turmoil, where contrasting forces battle. Even man himself does not know what is happening within. In the Ages of Faith, man had eternal guides. The towers of the great Cathedrals pointed upward to heaven and man knew that his destiny was to seek the things above. His culture was formed by the Church and the commandments of God.

Need For A Clear Voice

He could contrast his inner turmoil with the ideals of faith and try to bring his heart into line with truth. Now, man has no one to guide him, no voice that resounds in his soul saying “Do this” or “Avoid that”.

So, I must speak. I say, “Come this way. Take this path.” I give simple words that are easy to understand, but they are enough. Follow them and you shall find life.

Comment: People find morality very difficult. Somehow, Mary makes it much easier. We just need a willing heart.

June 8, 2012
The Stumbling Blocks


The way that I lead people is not difficult. I remove all the rocks and stones, making sure that they do not stumble. My path is not dark or obscure. People can easily see their way. All that they need is a firm will to walk in truth and goodness. These, I cannot compromise. I cannot contravene the will of God.

God has a plan for every person, to bring that person to a holiness of life so they are capable of living in his presence forever. God has revealed his laws so man knows what goodness of life is.

These laws are man’s stumbling blocks. His selfish nature rebels against them. This rebellion leads him to reject God himself and to walk on his own road. But all of this is foolishness and leads to man’s destruction, in this life and in the next.

Clearing Away the Stumbling Blocks

So, I make this promise to clear away the obstacles and to make the road smooth. I cannot change the road’s direction. It must lead to God by truth and goodness. I will, however, make the road easier to walk. Virtue will not be difficult to practice and vice will exert no power. This is my secret and why I invite the whole world to come into my heart.

O reader, you do not need to reject God. I can overcome your selfish nature that so quickly rebels and holds you back from coming into his presence.

Comment: Most people want to be with God. They are turned back by moral demands which can easily be kept with Mary’s help.

June 9, 2012
A Woman in Travail


How many miles the human race must still walk before time ends and all history is completed. My Son, Jesus, will determine that moment because the Father has given him all authority. Jesus must wait until all the places in heaven are filled according to the Father’s plan.

In the meantime, I am a Woman who is in labor, bringing forth my children into the eternal day of life everlasting. My birth pangs are not over. I am still in travail until all is accomplished. Even if this is for centuries and centuries, I will be here, bringing all my children to new life.

Now, the hour is dark and many do not possess eternal life. For them, my sufferings are in vain. They will be stillborn and I will suffer the greatest sorrow of a mother, to dream about new life and then to see it slip from my fingers.

This is my sorrow. How many tears I shed. Earthly mothers gave them earthly life. But, I am a heavenly mother and I cannot force heavenly life upon them. I speak. I explain. I urge. But, the person must embrace me.

This is the great difference between earthly and heavenly life. No one chooses to come to earth, but everyone must choose to come to heaven. The decision is made only by you.

O reader, heavenly life is yours, paid for by the death of my Son on the cross. To receive this life, you must choose Jesus Christ as your Lord. You must come to know him and to love him. You must receive his Holy Spirit and live according to his word. Then, you will possess new life, heavenly life.

You will be a new person, a new creation. You will cast aside the things of darkness and live, even on earth, in great light. You will experience Jesus’ presence in your heart and live in a new world called “the kingdom”.

I suffer for you. I am in travail for you. However, all is worth it if only you are born again to eternal life.

Comment: Mary weeps, not from the pain of childbirth but because so many are stillborn. She will do everything to bring us heavenly life.

June 10, 2012
The Divine Illumination


I do not want the Church to spend its energy going around in circles or constantly getting off the path of true devotion. Coming to God, arriving in his presence and living in his face is meant to be clear and straightforward, available to all and easy to understand and accomplish.

I, the Woman Clothed With the Sun, am God’s divine secret. My light is powerful and can be seen even in the greatest darkness. I do not want any soul to be lost. For this purpose, I shine this great light of my teachings.

The soul must be right with God, honest and upright in the depth of its being. Catholic practice must not be on the surface. My light must pierce to the heart and people must accept the full light, even if it reveals their sins and failures.

A Piercing Light

Often, when I speak of light, people think of it as a guiding light. That is too superficial. My light is a piercing light, going right to the heart, exposing all the darkness that claims every human heart. This is the problem of mankind. People walk in great, inner darkness and they do not seek the only light that can free them.

In heaven, everyone is filled with light. All are purified. They see the great beauty of their souls. However, this glorious state only comes about by an infusion of divine light. This is my revelation. I am ready to pour out that divine light upon the whole world. I have already begun, in isolated cases. I will multiply this gift, especially among those who call on me and are somewhat acquainted with this experience.

By this inner light, I will bring about great saints in great numbers. I must do this now.  This is my plan to overcome the future darkness.

Comment: Mary is speaking of a special divine illumination. Some have already experienced this. She promises to make it more widespread.

June 14, 2012
Mary’s Road


Do not turn back from the road of trust and full confidence in me. No other path to life exists and great are the forces that would lead you off this road.

First, there is the forbidden fruit of the world. To pick this, you must leave my road because nothing forbidden can be found on it.

Second, there are your personal sins. When you walk this road your sins become evident to you. This clarity is given to you so you can seek forgiveness. Then, you will rejoice in the goodness of this road.

Third, there are the fears concerning the future. What will this road demand of you? Really, it is the easiest road, devoid of problems caused by your selfishness. And, I am there to help you.

No Compromise

I cannot compromise this road. It is the narrow road that Jesus spoke about and invited his disciples to walk. I cannot change his road to accommodate your sins but I can remove your sins so you can walk this road.

This is where people turn back because they want their sins. They cling to their sins even though they cause so many problems.

To Sinners

I do not speak now to the saints and to the devout. I speak to those who are mired in sin, to those who do not see themselves as devout or practicing their religion. I speak to all who have abandoned the faith of your childhood. I even speak to those deeply mired in the most serious of sins. Yes, I speak to all of you.

You can walk my road. I want you on my road. Mine will be the joy of a mother who sees her child return home.

You might not yet feel at home in a Church but you can feel at home in my heart. I want you there. That is where we will begin!

Comment: Mary speaks to a definite group of people, those who know they have wandered off. She wants them back and will do everything to get them back to herself.

June 15, 2012
Receiving Jesus’ Heart


Before true change comes about, man must put aside many concerns. Too many useless goals preoccupy his mind and capture his heart. As a result, he has no time and interest in the only goal that really matters, the salvation of his immortal soul.

Forgetting the Purpose

He pushes this goal further and further away. What should be first, he makes last and eventually, finds no interest at all in eternal life. Man has forgotten the very purpose of his creation. He is called to live forever with God, but he forgets God. He can live forever in heaven, but he gives his heart totally to the goods of earth.

How easily the human heart is trapped, pursuing goals of little worth – some pleasure here or some entertainment there. Soon, this becomes life’s purpose. The human heart filled with passing goals is an empty heart. It has nothing to show for all its great efforts. It has been diverted and detoured, far, far away from its true love. What can be done for the human heart?

The Great Gift

O reader, to gain your heart for himself, my Son, Jesus, allowed his heart to be pierced. This was his final gift to man. Now, I reveal a great secret.

Knowing the frailty of the human heart, Jesus offered his own heart. You can have Jesus’ heart. He wants to place his heart in every human person. This is eternal life. This is the Father’s plan. This is why I was asked to be the Mother of God.  Jesus wanted a human heart, so he could love the Father with that heart and, then, give you that heart so you could love the Father.

Just ask Jesus. Say, “Jesus, through Mary, give me your heart”. Slowly, his heart will fill your heart and his desires will replace your desires. This is eternal life.

Comment: Mary explains the problem. The human heart gets filled with useless goals. She describes the unbelievable gift. Jesus will give us his heart.

June 16, 2012
The Middle East Chaos


I repeat my words because many do not grasp the gravity of the situation. The Middle East is in chaos and this chaos will spill out. At this point, it seems like the problems are only in Syria. However, other countries can easily be drawn into this conflict which will spread rapidly because of the tribal and religious divisions among the people.

No Stability

Nothing is stable. No country has a firewall of protection. Every country will be affected. Safeguards against the terrorist groups will be greatly weakened. They will grow bolder and act more aggressively. What will happen when governments topple and atomic weapons fall into the hands of terrorist groups? I have already spoken of this before.

No Repentance

Still, the world goes on, as if nothing will change. There has been no turning to God and repentance, no beating of the breasts or seeking pardon.

Repentance was common in the Ages of Faith and God was pleased. Even though man had strayed, his repentance always found an open door in God’s heart. That door remains open but no one says, “Let us return. Let us enter God’s heart”. The world and world leaders go their merry way, seeking only to be re-elected and serve another term. The grave crisis is at their door and they do not even see it.

The Next Few Months

Well, I see it and I alert everyone. In the next few months, the world will shake. Events will spill out, one after another. Each event will carry its bad news. The world will hear the bad news. Will the world repent and turn to God?

This is why I speak and, even repeat my words. So listen clearly: “These events do not come from God. The come from Satan who controls the hearts of many. He uses them to spread his violence and death. I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun. I am Satan’s enemy and I know how to thwart his plans and to save my people. These months are urgent. It is not the time for eating and drinking, buying and selling. It is the time to set aside earthly distractions and to come before God. I will lead you and go with you. Return to mass, even every day. Pick up your rosary. Return to family prayer. These are the appropriate actions in this crisis.”

Comment: Our Lady is very clear. The Middle East will spill over. Every believer must change and come before God.

June 17, 2012
When Hope Is Shattered


In difficult times, many turn back. They abandon their hopes and allow their dreams to be destroyed. This rips apart the fragments of their lives, leaving all in shreds. They have lost the dream that brought together all their forces for the single goal.

This also destroys relationships. People gather because they share a goal. When hope is lost, all fragments. The person has no inner oneness and society possesses no hope that brings its people together. Once hope is shattered, who can piece it together, who can restore its power? Shattered hope is like a mirror broken into many pieces. Who can restore its beauty?

Hope is my gift. I hold this in my heart for anyone who wishes to take it. I pour hope upon all who come to me. Hope is my secret. My children can go through many sufferings and disappointments without losing hope. Even if their hope gets shattered (usually when they forget me and walk away), I can restore hope if they return.

When people have many material goods they set hope aside and place their security in their possessions. But what happens when their possessions are taken away? They have forgotten how to hope. They never needed God’s help. They never needed to hope. They are isolated because material goods took the place of people. When people have little, they stay together in hope. When they have much, they separate in independence and self-security. Then, they are not ready for hard times.

I am trying to prepare you for the hard times that you will face. Set your material goods aside and pick up once more your religious hope. Be drawn into the gift that I offer you by these messages. It is an inner gift, the spiritual stirrings in your soul. Do not be surprised by your new desires for a life with God. I am placing them there because you read my messages.

Read them often. Read them slowly. Many sentences will touch your heart. I provide everything and I ask from you only the effort which you can easily give.

Comment: A person and a group (such as a family) can survive anything with hope. Without hope, everything comes apart.

June 18, 2012
Pitfalls and Darkness


How many and how great are the pitfalls that can entrap anyone, holding them captive even for a lifetime. Yet, man wants to walk around blindfolded, not desiring the divine light which could easily fill his soul and help him to avoid these pitfalls. O reader, do you want God’s light? Just ask me. I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun and I share God’s light with everyone who seeks it.

The Commandments

However, man deliberately closes his eyes. He has no interest in God’s light. He sets aside the bible and the clear teachings of the Church. He allows his heart to be filled with the world’s darkness. He falls into some pit. This is inevitable. In modern life, pitfalls dot the landscape and the person must navigate them, watching closely not to be entrapped. This protecting light comes from God’s commandments.

Even if a person does not see what lies ahead, if they always obey God’s commands, they will not even approach these pitfalls. Their obedience safeguards them from numerous trials.  Compare this with the person who compromises, who knows God’s law but is not firmly committed to keeping the law. Yes, this is what is needed, a firm commitment. So, I say, “Never compromise. Do not even take the first step down the road of darkness. You endanger everything – your eternal place in heaven and your years here on earth. So many have fallen in an unsuspecting moment.”

Sources of Light

Here is my plan. First, search out the sources of light. Read God’s word. Find people who love God and be with them. In this way, you will live in a culture of light and will quickly spot the darkness. Second, you must be aware of the sources of darkness in your life and get them out of your life. Get rid of them as completely as possible. Do not count the cost. No sacrifice is too high a price.

O child of God, in the world you will only find pitfalls and darkness. To find light, you must turn to me. That is why I speak.

Comment: Mary’s warning describes modern life. She wants so much to pull us away from the pitfalls.

June 19, 2012
A Point of No Return


No one knows what lies in the future. These secrets are held in the Father’s heart. He sees these future events but he does not determine them. He allows human history to flow from human hearts and human decisions. This is the way it has been since the beginning, even though the original choices of man were sinful and led the human race away from God.  At times, God was tempted to wipe man off the face of the earth and to begin again, but, time and again, he has accepted my pleas for divine mercy.

Now, we arrive again at that stage when sinfulness has brought the human race to a turning point. Will it be a point of no return, from which the human race will never free itself, or, will it be a last minute victory, a surprising victory over the forces of evil. What will this year hold? This is a vital question. The decisions made this year will affect mankind for decades.

Watershed Moments

There are watershed moments, when contending forces reach their peak. One wins and the other loses. One dominates and the other loses all his power. One claims victory and the other must surrender in defeat. Sometimes, the difference between victory and defeat is very small and, with a little more effort, the victory could have been won. These are all the variables in what is taking place and going to take place.

What will happen? The question is still to be answered, but day by day, the options to victory narrow. The human race is losing time and is running out of opportunities. These must be a massive reversal, a world-wide return to God. This is beyond the power of man. A worldwide return is totally a gift from heaven, a new moment and a new opportunity. I promise to give the human race this moment when the light of God fills every heart and each person has the chance to again choose the light. Do not just wait for that moment. Prepare for it. Set aside the things of darkness in your life. Right now I call you into new light.

Comment: Mary speaks of a moment of divine illumination. But do not wait. Mary will give divine light to all who seek it.

June 20, 2012
Sharing in Mary’s Task


When an opportunity opens up, you must be prepared and ready to take it. This was the secret of the saints. They were always ready and eager to do God’s will. They did not lay back. They were in the forefront, always seeking to do more. I gained every possible grace for them, and they accepted every grace, even when it demanded great sacrifice.

The Call to Sacrifice

Come, let me reveal to you the road that very few travel, the road of sacrifices. This is a special road which blesses every life. It is a hidden road, known by few and loved by even fewer.

I walked this road of sacrifices because God called me to be the Woman Clothed With the Sun. There are others whom I call to share in this task of casting light on the world. This will be my great gift. I will light up the whole world, not just with special signs (these, too, will be included) but with an inner light. Each person will receive this light within their own soul. Everything will be revealed to them, their sins, their choices, their graces, their special moments in the past. Who will help me cast this light? I need souls who will sacrifice themselves for my plans.

Time of Special Graces

This is the time of the greatest graces that God has ever offered the world through His Son, Jesus. The greatest graces are given more abundantly than in any era of the Church.

I want to open your eyes. What was reserved for the few is now available to the many. Graces that were hardly known or mentioned are now commonplace. I cannot say this too clearly. This time is very special but I need special souls who are willing to sacrifice for my cause so I can fill the whole world with light and many will respond.

There are many types of souls. Some receive grace but also win grace, even the grace of eternal salvation for others. This is the great task – to save souls. How many helpers I need! Will you, reader, be one? Offer yourself. Pray, “Mary, I want to help you to save souls”. That is enough. Say it often. Renew your offering. I will teach you what to do next.

Comment: We are in a time of very special graces. Mary is trying to save souls and she needs helpers.

June 21, 2012
Who Can Divert the Flood?


The human race moves ahead, always confident that it can solve its problems and resolve its crises. Structures of governments and agencies are put in place to assure that human life flows harmoniously. Structures are everywhere, not just national governments but United Nations and regional groupings of countries.

Releasing the Floods

But, when the floods come, what structures will be adequate and, in some cases, what structures will remain standing. All will be changed and a crisis of despair will pour across the nations.

I have said this clearly. The floods have not yet been released. The waters are still contained within their boundaries. But will this remain? Who is shoring up the walls? Who is sacrificing for the common good? What leader is on the scene, or even on the horizon, who can divert this flood?

The First World

I speak in very clear images. What do they mean? There is a flow of human events and areas of the world where life seems secure. The people live without daily turmoil or in fear of their lives. They plan their futures and believe that their future will be stable. They do not foresee any shaking of their economic and political structures, nor do they see any enemy on their borders menacing their safety. This describes a significant part of the world, usually called “The First World”. Upon this solid structure is based the Second World, which seeks to gain the same political and economic security so its people, too, can have a safe and foreseeable future.

This is what I am talking about. When the floods come, whole nations that seemed secure will find that they have built their houses on sand and these houses will not stand. Whole nations will plunge into chaos.

The poor people. They will be hopelessly trapped in conditions that they did not create. This is why I speak. Reforms are needed but they are not enough and they are constantly put off. What is needed is reform of the human heart, especially the hearts of world leaders. My people, you must choose the right leaders. They must be reformed in their heart and dedicated to the truth. Anything else is too superficial.

Comment: Mary again speaks of future dangers that no one is preparing for. People must choose leaders whose hearts have been changed by God.

June 22, 2012
A Call to Arms


Let no one say that I have not warned the world. I have spoken time and again, at Fatima, Kibeho, Medjugorje, Akita and so many other places. I have spoken to so many and in so many ways. To the children at Fatima by visions and to Fr. Gobbi by locutions. A whole body of literature, filled with my teachings, has sprung up in the Church. Why this rapid spread of my word? Cannot the Church piece things together? How many signs are given so clearly! I will not abandon my Church. I will not abandon my children. I will not abandon the world that tries to call upon me. Abandon them to what? To the trials that are ahead, which lie right around the corner?

Cosmic Powers

As the fires of destruction burn more brightly, I will increase my words. I will always help you, but you must turn to me. Yes, run to the Woman Clothed With the Sun, the Woman to whom the Father has given cosmic powers. Do not say that I work only within hearts. I can stop wars, prevent disasters, and remove the very weapons that can destroy the earth. My help will come to those who ask. First, I must place faith in hearts, so people say “Mary can help us”. Second, I must place fidelity. They must cry out night and day. Third, I must place universality. All must call on me. I want no one sitting on the sidelines with their arms folded say “I’ll wait and see”.

When will the churches be filled – day and night? What needs to happen so the Church gets the message? I speak to the Church because, at least, you give me a hearing.

Pastors, come before me with your people. Forsake your other tasks. They bear little fruit which is quickly swept away. Call an assembly. Come before me with hearts lifted up. I want a praying Church, an adoring Church. I want a Church on its knees and filled with repentance for all the sins of the world. If I get that kind of Church, I will work miracles in your sight.

Comment: Mary gives a definite call to arms and the Church, with its pastors, must listen.

June 23, 2012
The Promises of the Woman


The options narrow. What could have been accomplished, even a decade ago, is not longer available. The longer the wait, the more Satan has the field to himself. The more he can claim and the more he controls. Less and less is left to be rescued. Cities are burned and people go into captivity. Hope is lost for the people who would have responded. Now, they see no reason to resist, or to gather, or to enter the battle.

When will my Church awaken? When will they begin to call upon the Woman Clothed With the Sun? I will gather your spiritual armies. I will collect your holy people. I will instruct them in the depths of their hearts. I would release a Flame of Love that will blind Satan and set the captives free.

A Dedicated Army

I am ready to take extraordinary steps and pour out unheard of graces. I will raise up my children to prophesy in my name. This is what I am trying to reveal. The world and the Church need extraordinary help, however, I am ready to pour this out. But the people must be told that I am the Woman whom the Father has clothed with cosmic powers. I demand an army, not people who come and go. I demand total dedication and complete sacrifice of self.

This is not the time for part-time disciples, or for timid believers. I will be with them totally but they must be with me totally. There are no vacations. This is an all out war and it has already begun but my Church has not sounded the trumpet or called to arms.

I am ready to lead. When is the Church ready to follow? I will set out shortly even if my army is small. If my Pope does not blow the trumpet, I will blow it for him.

Comment: Mary does not speak in a vacuum. World events are spiraling out of control.

June 24, 2012
The Secrets of Medjugorje


I turn to you, little ones, who believe in my word. I do not speak now to the world, nor do I even speak to my Church. I speak, rather, to those in the Church who have a special devotion to me, to those who are aware of the Marian Age and who have prayed and sacrificed for this Age of Mary.

Thirty-one years ago, I began my special visions to the children at Medjugorje and I have appeared there ever since. I have always been faithful to my promise that I would appear every day until each visionary has received my ten secrets. Then, the secrets will begin to happen, announced ahead of time according to my plan. These visitations and these secrets show that I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun. I know what will happen and I can prepare my children for what will happen.

In the great fervor of this little village of Medjugorje much has already happened. Millions have gone there and had their faith renewed. Many have changed their lives. All have come away with new hope.

A New Stage

Today, I want to speak about a new stage, a quicker and more extensive way of spreading the graces of Medjugorje. Even with the widespread popularity, the little village is still unknown to many. Also, the extraordinary graces are held too tightly. They are not fully released in my Church. I will cut the strings and unloose the bonds. I have never wanted these strings and these bonds that have limited the flow of graces.

I must do this, especially because the time of fulfillment is so much closer. In the beginning, the secrets were decades away. Now, that is no longer true. Their fulfillment is at hand and they cannot just happen. There must be a spiritual fervor so all the blessings of Medjugorje can be received. I say this so often. When heaven pours out its blessings, the Church must be ready to receive. Receiving requires preparing. Preparing requires fervor. Fervor requires a firm determination to set aside everything else. Study Medjugorje. Read my messages and prepare your hearts. The time of fulfillment is not far away.

Comment: Many have been spiritually and personally blessed by Medjugorje. Mary now wants a new stage of fervor.

June 25, 2012
Mary’s Emergency Lights


Do not wait. The time is so short. The events will spill out, one after another, with increasing swiftness. Many will be swept away, especially those who have not built their lives on the solid rock of my word.

In these events, you will know what to do. You will say, “My mother has prepared me by her words. I am to take refuge in her heart, which is Noah’s Ark”. Then, I will enlighten you. You will see the steps you need to take to protect yourself and your family. Do not think that this cannot happen. I am not speaking about the events. These will certainly happen. I am speaking about my saving action upon all who listen and act upon my word.

Instructed Ahead of Time

Do not grow fearful. Are not buildings equipped with emergency lights, so in the midst of a power failure, all is not dark? So, when the lights that you now have are darkened, my light within you will begin to shine. That is why I must instruct you ahead of time and you must learn now how to walk in my light within you. When the events begin, it will be the only light that you have. My light will be enough, but you must learn now how to receive this light and how to follow this light. Do not put this off. It is like a person learning to swim before the floods come.

Comment: This time, before the events, is very important. Reader, let Mary develop your spiritual powers so you become sensitive to her inner light in your soul.

June 26, 2012
The Tabernacle of the Holy Spirit


I open doors of graces that have been closed up to now. Has not the world stumbled upon greater powers of destruction? Does not man have greater powers than before? How can my Church be effective in the modern world unless I, too, unleash greater gifts, a greater intimacy with God and greater powers of service? However, few will discover these unless I speak. So, I announce to the world a new era of the Holy Spirit which will be inaugurated through my Immaculate Heart.

When I speak of my Immaculate Heart, I am really speaking of the Holy Spirit who dwells there, as a host in a tabernacle. Is not the host be adored? And where is the host? In the tabernacle. No one adores the tabernacle, even though it is beautiful and artistically formed.

The Value of the Tabernacle

The true value of the tabernacle is to help the people know where the host is. So, please, do not adore my Immaculate Heart. It is only a tabernacle, beautiful and artistically formed by grace. Its value is to help people to know where the Holy Spirit abides.

At times, the host goes forth to sanctify the people in the mystery of Holy Communion. So, the Spirit goes forth to pour out all his gifts, but then he returns to my heart to take up his continual abiding. All can know the secret. If you want to worship and adore the Holy Spirit, come to my Immaculate Heart.

Comment: This is a very deep teaching, explaining so clearly why devotion to the Immaculate Heart is a certain door to the Holy Spirit.

June 28, 2012
Do Not Forget the Unborn


Everything continues to unravel, all that my hand had tightly brought together as I formed America. I rooted her in the religious traditions of her ancestors. I gave her the clearest of Constitutions. I spread before her this land, from sea to shining sea.

I appeared to General Washington and told him of my care for the Republic. Now, the Republic unravels at an amazing pace. Interest groups rise up. Politicians swerve off the mark. My people are scattered. Everything is coming apart.

Ills will come upon an America whom I love and whom I hold deep in my heart. She will be buffeted from every side, but it will be the internal strife that will most quickly rip her apart. Her unity will be in jeopardy. The Constitution itself, will be greatly tested by all the forces pulling in so many different directions. I have spoken before and I will speak again. A Constitution that does not protect the unborn is no Constitution at all.

A Disintegrating Constitution

Repair your Constitution, America, before it is too late and the forces of disintegration take firm hold. You do not see this. It is hidden from your eyes. You think all is well when the hidden foundation of your society is rotting away.

How many aborted babies do I need to count? Their number mounts higher every day. They weigh heavily on the scales of justice and you are found wanting on the other side. I knew their names. They are written on the walls of my heart, like you inscribe your deceased war heroes on your walls.

Who speaks about them? Are they a serious issue in your political campaign? They have been knocked down the ladder of political priorities. But they still stand at the top of my list. Those politicians who seriously take up the cause of the unborn, I will place in my heart and I will guide them through the Halls of Congress, placing them in important positions. To the voters and to the candidates, I say “Do not forget the Unborn”.

Comment: Mary correctly brings the abortion issue to the center of the agenda.

June 29, 2012
The Heart of the Church


“Upon this rock I will build my Church”. How I have guided the Church all through these centuries, always keeping alive the light of faith. There were so many tortuous moments, so many times when the Church could have failed. Now, it stretches throughout the world and is present in many cultures. This is its security, to be planted in diverse soils. Therefore, when the Church is threatened in one culture, it can thrive in another. This always happens. The Church decays in one place and flourishes in another.

Yet, is this enough? Does not the Father give life? Why should the Church not experience a full life in all of its members? What is flourishing will flourish even more and what is decaying will return to full life?

A Weak Flow of Blood

The secret lies in the heart and in the flow of blood. When the heart is weak, the blood flows too slowly and the body grows weak. From that, comes the lessening of the Church’s vitality and an inability to make new members or even to sustain the life of existing members. I must renew the Church at its heart. Then God’s life will reach to the ends of the earth.

So many waste their time trying to strengthen an arm or a leg and they waste their time. I will teach you how to renew the Church’s heart.

First, the heart is hidden, at the very center of the body. Only hidden acts can renew the heart. The heart beats loudly in the silence of the body. So, the Church must enter into a profound silence. The Church’s heart must beat as one with my heart. This makes the hiddenness and the silence to be effective.

The Church must listen to my heart so that its heart beats with the same rhythm, with the same love. I will quickly heal and strengthen the Church’s heart only if our two hearts are placed together. This is the deep mystical gift I offer today. Place your heart next to my heart. New life will flow and all will be made young again.

Comment: The Church is 2000 years old but can always become new by Mary’s heart.

June 30, 2012
A Worldwide Experience


No one knows where to turn. There are no answers on any side. The human race has taken its own path, fueled by the selfishness of nations and people. What else can be expected? Man without God has only illusory lights and false goals. Without God, man chooses only earthly goals. Passion and selfishness guide his choices and man always believes that he can figure out the right answer.

Everything goes astray when the human heart strays. A brilliant intellect only complicates the problems even more.

Can Mankind Be Saved?

As mankind hurtles to the inevitable where forces beyond his control and beyond his intellect have foolishly led him, the question is always the same. Can mankind be saved? Can the human family avoid an atomic conflagration? Can the forces of greed be turned around so that economies do not collapse?

These are not superficial questions, answered by legislation or treaties or conferences or the coming together of nations. These are profound questions. They began from the disorders of the human heart and they can only be solved by a conversion of the human heart.

A Worldwide Preacher

Yet, who can bring this about? What preacher can bring mankind to its knees? Who can bring about a massive repentance and a turning back to God? Who can renew mankind and reestablish the whole human race in a new innocence?

There must be a divine intrusion, a special saving moment, a worldwide, interior experience that touches every human heart. This is my goal as the Woman Clothed With the Sun. It will not be easy. It will not be the work of one moment or of one day, but this is the only solution. Come, let us begin. Let us prepare. To all who ask, I will pour out my great light of repentance.

I will begin with the little ones who already look for me. I will increase their light so they are totally absorbed in me. This will be the first step.

Comment: Mary speaks of gigantic problems and gigantic solutions that begin now.

July 1, 2012
Preparing For the Coming Tragedies


I lead you by a small and gentle path. Do not think of the enormous problems which will soon crash upon the world. Does not a mother look ahead to provide for her children in times of adversity? So, I can provide for all my children, wherever they are on the face of the earth. The coming tragedies will touch all of them differently and the means I will provide will also be different. However, some parts will be common to all. These I must explain.

First, you cannot survive by yourself. You need others. All must be gathered in my Immaculate Heart and all must share in a true devotion to me. Salvation will come as the group accepts me as their Mother, calls upon me for help, and listens to my words.

Leaders For The Group

In each group, I will raise up leaders for my people. These leaders must have hearts united with my heart. Otherwise, they will lead the group in the wrong direction.

Also, individualism and personal goals must be set aside. Many will be in need and I will provide by the service and generosity among the members. There will be no other way. This is a simple plan but all must begin now. These groups and these relationships in faith do not spring up overnight. They are formed daily in my heart.

Family Prayer

Where can you begin? Start with family prayer. How can I unite many families in prayer if the individual family is not united in prayer? Gather the family every night. Teach them the rosary. That is your first step. Do not omit this. Take this first step and I will show you your next step. Don’t forget. The goal is for many to group together in faith relationships.

Comment: Mary offers a solution that can be used everywhere. First, each family must be united in prayer. Second, families must join together in her heart. Third, leaders must rise up – but only leaders who truly love her.

July 2, 2012
Finding the Road of Life


You do not know the road that leads to life. It is hidden from your sight. This is not as it was meant to be. Mankind was supposed to see this road so all could walk it easily. But human history has been darkened by sin and the human heart has been blinded. Man cannot find the only important road leading to eternal life. It is covered over and hidden, kept out of sight by Satan who places other roads before your eyes saying, “Walk this road or that road”, so you forget about the road of life.

He says, “This road will give you power. This road will gain you pleasure. This road will gain you all that you desire”. The road you choose does not matter to him, as long as you show no interest in the road to eternal life.

Mary’s Road

So, I come and say to you, “All these other roads do not fulfill your purpose on earth. You cannot stumble upon the road to eternal life. You do not suddenly find yourself walking on it. It does not appear out of the blue”. Yet, it can easily be found and walked. This begins with your inner desires. Oh, your inner desires! They are so scattered. They often make no sense. Even worse, they are sometimes sinful. This only increases the darkness.

Right now, I ask your permission to sweep away these desires. Yes, I need your permission to act. “Mary, sweep away my desires that lead me into darkness”. Say that often and I will sweep them away. You will find yourself in the pasture of peace. Stay there. I will come quickly for you and show you your road to eternal life.

Comment: Mary describes so many whose desires lead them along a dark road.

July 3, 2012
Bringing Jesus to the World


Do not parents look for their children? Do not those who are in love look for each other? The human heart goes forth. It searches, sometimes not even knowing what it searches for. This is mankind – always searching and looking, but so often looking for the wrong thing or not even knowing what to look for.

The restlessness of the human heart. This is the great mystery. This restlessness has led to everything – great discoveries and great wars, great blessings and great destruction. God made the human heart restless so it would seek and find him. He sent his only Son, Jesus, so we could find him more easily. Now, he sends me, the Woman Clothed With the Sun, so all can see.

Giving Birth to Jesus

My task is to bring God closer to man. I have already done this as a Jewish woman giving birth to Jesus, the Savior. Now, I will do it a second time in my role as the Woman. Yes, I will again bring Jesus to the world. This will not be in the form of a new-born baby, but Jesus as the Son of Man, the Jesus of glory, the Jesus of Revelation.

This is a great mystery which I have tried to explain and will continue to explain.

Divine Visitations

There are many divine visitations, moments when God comes upon earth with very special manifestations. There are histories of these events, which are accompanied by unique manifestations and repentant hearts. These moments leave behind great spiritual effects and people try to describe what has happened to them.

This is what I will begin to bring about as the Woman Clothed With the Sun and this is what I mean when I say that the Father has given me the task of again bringing Jesus to the world. This will be through special moments and seasons of refreshment, special signs and wonders, and a special presence of Jesus.

These will happen more often and will be more sustained and fruitful if those who receive them honor me as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

Comment: Religious history records times and places of God’s visitations. Mary says that this will be her gift to man’s restless heart.

July 4, 2012
America’s Future New Life


On this day, could I speak about anything except America? I hold her in my heart and I hold her in my dreams. In my heart, for all that she has done. In my dreams, for all she can still do.

But it is a withered and a frail America, shrunken from all the attacks, not upon her body but upon her soul. These attacks have come from everywhere. Her legal system allows a mother to kill the child of her womb and the growing selfishness of spending buys what it cannot afford.

America’s Problems

Yet, to whom else can I turn? Who else is ready to step forward and to lead? What a shame that America has fallen from her lofty ideals. Its body is sick from its drugs and its mind is numbed by its ceaseless entertainments. Its young are confused when so few opportunities are available. The young do not marry as they used to, and those who marry do not have the number of children which their parents and grandparents had. What can be the future of such a country? The body and the soul will weaken and will become subject to even greater ills.

Yet, I repeat. America is in my heart. There is only one America. I will not choose another. I will not put another in her place. I will not say, “Step down, America, your time of greatness has come and gone. What happened to the Greeks and the Romans has happened to you. This is the usual course of civilization”.

Mary’s Promise

Is there some way that America will survive and keep its place? Do I have a surprise in store for America? Do I hold a special gift in my heart? Am I not the Woman Clothed With the Sun? Can I not and will I not clothe you, America, in my Sun? I reveal this to you. See and heed, sons and daughters of the Republic. In you I have placed a seed of greatness that still waits to be opened. Every American who comes to my heart, can be nourished in this seed and a new harvest will be planted.

Comment: This is surprising. A whole new life lies in the future for America if people go to Mary.

July 5, 2012
Removing Destructive Leaders


When a mother sees a storm coming, does she not draw her children close to herself. This is her protective, maternal instinct. She wants to preserve them from harm. She even senses danger when no one else is yet aware.

My heart is alert. I see what lies ahead, the dangers that are still hidden. It is not my task to reveal them but merely to say that the future is filled with dangers which cannot be removed overnight.

Missing the Iceberg

Can mankind move away from these destructive forces? Is it possible that the ship will miss the iceberg? Can difficulties loom on the horizon and yet never happen? There is always hope, but hope must not be placed in the power of man.

I speak today of placing hope in heaven’s hands. Heaven can do anything and heaven wants to help earth, but earth does not believe. It has built its own world and created its own powers, so quickly and completely setting aside the powers of heaven. Yet, heaven refuses to be set aside. Even if man forgets, heaven intervenes. The God who created earth has no desire that it be destroyed and he has every hope that men will turn to him and be saved. So, I will reveal what will take place.

Man’s Freedom

Because earth does not call on heaven, it will continue to go its own way and bring about its own destruction. Man is free and God has give him the earth to cultivate and care for. This basic decision of God will never be reversed until my Son comes in glory. Yet, without reversing this decision, without removing totally the reins from men’s hands, the Father can intervene.

God’s Action

Some people on this earth hold enormous power that they intend to use to destroy. These people can be removed and the power taken from their hands. This is what you will see. You will witness surprising events when destructive leaders will topple.

When this happens, give thanks to the heavenly Father. Mankind still remains free but some who would hasten the destruction of the earth will be removed.

Comment: Mary explains that God has given mankind freedom and will not change that decision. However, God can topple leaders.

July 6, 2012
A Surprising Gift For Lost Souls


I open up my heart and anyone can enter. It will close only when filled to capacity. It remains open while I go in search of the lost souls. I find them everywhere. Some are lonely, while others are in the midst of many friends. But, all are lost souls, having no faith or hope or any friendship with God.

Can I not gather them up and draw them in? Are they to be lost forever, having no life with God? No. I will do the surprising. You will see it before your very eyes. Believe now even when you have not seen.

God’s Actions

I will touch the lost. My Son came to save the sinners. He wants those who are far away to come close. He wants those who do not know him to invoke him and call upon his name. Do not say that it is impossible to have an enormous stirring in the hearts of the unchurched. Light will be given directly to the heart and will call forth a massive response. People will put aside what is superficial and will call on the name of the Lord.

At first, others will wonder if this is true. But, the evidence will convince all that I am bringing about a worldwide conversion and am beginning in the strangest places – in the hearts of the lost. If those who profess to have faith continue to abandon this gift, then I must fill their places with those who have never called on me before.

Comment: Many have no faith. Mary promises a direct touching of their hearts.

July 7, 2012
Paths Freed From Turmoil


I lead you along a very simple path which I want all the world to learn. My path demands a leaving behind, a detachment from unneeded possessions. Even more, a leaving behind of selfish desires. Even more, a leaving behind of your own thoughts and plans.

When I say to you, “Follow me”, you can come only if you give up your path and your decisions. You must see me as the Woman Clothed With the Sun, who sees all that is ahead and who knows the safe paths.

Mary’s Path

It is not enough to have devotion to me. You must follow me. Walk with me. Choose my paths. Some are very obedient. They have no interest in any other path. These I protect all the time, with a marvelous and miraculous protection. Let me teach you this truth. My paths are as free from suffering as is possible in this life. There are two types of suffering. The normal hardships that accompany living in this place of exile and satanic hardships which are useless. He multiplies fears, anxieties, envy and hatred. He makes fires burn within you, that need never be lit. He leads you into his situations. These are traps which he sets through people whom he dominates.

My paths are free of all of this. Satan does not know my paths. Even if he did, he would not enter because they are all in my heart. So, I say, “Come follow me. I will show you my paths which you can easily walk.

Comment: Our paths are so often filled with conflict, inner battles and problems that should not be there. Mary always teaches that life is not meant to be as difficult s it is. Her paths are different.

July 8, 2012
Casting New Fire on the Earth


I will pour out graces directly into the hearts of my children and they will know that I am with them. O reader, seek this inner enlightenment which I will make so abundant. All eyes must be opened. This is why I speak. I announce a new moment, a new creation, a new heaven and a new earth. All of this will begin, O reader, in your heart and in the outpouring of my fire of divine love, a new gift, formerly unheard of, yet now available to all, right now, in your own heart.

Mary, The New Preacher

I cannot wait for the preachers to announce this or for those in authority to proclaim it. I am proclaiming a new moment, when divine fire is poured out from my Immaculate Heart.

It had to come to this. The darkness is moving too swiftly and too powerfully, destroying and covering over the usual means of divine light. So, I have decided to begin early in casting new fire upon the world, not the damaging fire of destruction but God’s fire of a new creation.

In this fire, all will be made new, beginning with the heart of the one who receives. But soon after that, his family and his friends will also receive this fire. Come, let us begin. Do not delay. I am casting new fire on the earth.

Comment: The darkness has encaptured so many and has destroyed the usual sources of divine light. So, Mary must bring the new fire directly to every heart. As many experience this, people will know a new gift is present (like cell phones instead of land phones).

July 9, 2012
Children Playing With Nuclear Weapons


To what shall I liken this generation? They are like children playing in the square but holding weapons of mass destruction. They spend money that they do not have on weapons which they cannot control. They foolishly think that they are adults, when really they are children.

Children With Weapons

I say they are children. They are foolish children and the weapons must be destroyed, once and for all. They cannot be allowed to remain. They offer too great an attraction. They are a coveted prize for those who seek to destroy. They are a power, held now by few but soon to be held by many. They will proliferate, especially in the volatile Middle East, beginning with Iran but soon spreading to other nations. Soon, the world will be a powder keg, with foolish children controlling the most destructive possible weapons.

Is this not where it is all headed, if mankind is left on its own? What happens to children, when no adult is on the scene to act as peacemaker? Where is the adult peacemaker as the children build their nuclear weapons? Who has the power to check this growth which comes from the hearts of those seeking status in the nuclear club?

No Peacemakers

No one is on the scene. No one can tell the children to put their weapons away. O earth, how far must you go down the nuclear road until you turn to heaven for help? I will not wait. I will act before it happens. I will bring peace in my own way. I have a plan and I will bring it about through my Holy Father. He will consecrate Russia to me and then will give himself up to the fullness of my will. By his death, peace will come.

Comment: Our Lady returns to the Fatima vision of the death of the Holy Father, a vision given to Lucy on July 13, 1917.

July 11, 2012
The Final Locution


I take you slowly, step by step, down this road. I go slowly so you can see where you are walking. When we arrive at the end, you are fully certain. There have been so many little steps over a long period of time, all leading in the same direction. So, where have these messages led you since they began? Many parts are very clear and to these, you can cling in faith.

The Five Themes

First, this is the Age of the Woman Clothed in With the Sun, a special age when the world will need the protection and guidance that I will provide.

Second, this is an age of great upheaval, never before seen on earth because, beneath the surface, evil is boiling over and is bound to pour out in many places in many different ways.

Third, mankind has lost its faith in heaven and has taken to itself all power. It does not call on heaven’s help and does not want to hear heaven’s voice.

Fourth, the time is very near when shocking, inconceivable events might occur.

Fifth, it is not too late. Prayer is always answered and, sometimes, heaven acts without being invited, when the results would be too catastrophic.

This is the picture. The road I have slowly led you down by all of these messages. Anyone who has read them will agree that these have been the themes, explained over and over again. I began to speak over 18 months ago. Now is the time to bring these messages to a conclusion.

Let them stand as a permanent guiding light to all the world. I conclude them because they have a lasting value and should not be the subject of speculation.

In the future, I will find another, more powerful way of communicating with my children. Let them see these messages for what they are – a gift of my special love for them.

While I say “goodbye”, I also say that I am with you always in the depth of your hearts.
Listen in silence and I will speak clearly.

Comment: Suddenly, Mary brings these locutions to an end. They are completed. Read them often. You will understand them better than ever.

Jesus is the Way (July 14 to September 3, 2012)

July 14, 2012
The Two Wills


At Baptism, I speak and say.  “This is the role I want this creature to fulfill in my Mystical Body.  This is where I assign them.”  There are two wills.  They are always united because I and the Father are one.  My Father’s will has a plan for every creature and my will assigns a baptized person a place, a role, a task, a function in my Body, the Church.

The person’s inner search has two parts – to discover the powers of nature, the talents placed within by the heavenly Father.  But this search will take the person only so far along the road.  The person will walk the road of earth and will discover their career and their family.  However, the supernatural will be closed to them and their great role in my Mystical Body will never be fulfilled.

I am the Way and everyone must find me.  He who finds me, finds life.  A new life opens up, with new goals that last forever.  Sometimes, these new goals tear down the goals of nature.  Nature stores up possessions, but the new goals distribute and give away.  Nature protects the body.  The new goals subject the body and do not place bodily health as a priority.  All is new.  This is what I will explain.

July 15, 2012
The One Road to Life


So many do not know the road that leads to life.  It is hidden from their eyes.  They never awaken to faith.  They believe that they have gained everything when they have grasped the things of earth.  But earth passes away.  The things of earth slip through their hands.  Even if they are held on to, they cannot satisfy.  Clinging to earth can never satisfy.  Instead, another voice whispers within, “Come this way”.  So many do not hear that voice.  It is drowned out by their passions.  Others hear the voice, but do not grasp its importance, as if it were just one road among many.  Others see the importance but they falsely misjudge that the price is too high.  They cannot see that this is the priceless road, the only road the leads to life.

Yes, all must understand.  Earth has many, many roads but only one road leads to life. “I am the Way”.  All must search for me.  “Whoever finds me, finds life”.  This life is so different and those who have found this life know that, before, they were empty.  I can be found.  “Seek and you shall find.”  I said this about myself and the new life.  My first disciples asked, “Where are you staying?”  “Come, and you will see”, I answered (Jn.1:37-39).  That will be our next teaching.

July 16, 2012
Tomorrow Never Comes


Do not take anything for granted.  You must search for this new life and you must not put off the search until tomorrow.  Tomorrow is too late and tomorrow never comes.

To find me, to come to me and to stay with me must be the deepest passion of your life, like an all-consuming fire.  Anything else is not worthy of me and will never find me.  Search for me in the morning and night, in the good times and the bad.  If you put off this search, something else will take its place.  Instead of the all-consuming fire, you will be consumed by trifles and by goals that are unworthy of you.

So, come, let us set out, leaving everything behind.  The heavenly Father will provide for us on this journey to find life.

July 17, 2012
The Goal of the Kingdom of God


Do not swerve to the right or the left, and allow no distractions to blind you even for one moment.  Your eyes must be on the goal because eternal life or eternal death depends on this. The world does not preach to you as I do.  The world holds out its favors and says, “Choose among them.  They are yours.  The price is right.”  In this way, you  spend yourself on trifles and have nothing to show for it.  I preach that you must sacrifice, that you must “Lose your life” and that all is to be given away for the kingdom.

“The kingdom of God”, that is your goal.  This kingdom waits for you.  It already comes into your heart if you want it.  This kingdom is life, fullness of life.  The greatest moment in a person’s life is when they find some goal that is worth living for and dying for.  For every human being, without exception, that goal is the kingdom of God.  Nothing else will do. Anything less is not worthy of you and cannot fill your heart created by God.

July 18, 2012
Walking in Darkness


When you walk away from the kingdom, you walk in darkness, like someone who has turned their back to the sun.  As you continue to walk away, life becomes cold and dark, because it is a life without the sun.  Finally, it is night and the person wonders what to do.

They need only turn around.  The sun has not moved.  Yet, so many forces say, “Keep moving.  It is better ahead.  You will come out of this” but all of this is a lie.  Time is wasted.  Opportunities to return are squandered.  Even the memories of what it was like to live in the light vanish.  No stirring for the light exists.  The person is dead even though they are still alive.

The world is filled with these persons from whom the Spirit of life has long since departed.  That is why I give these messages.  I hold out a ray of hope.  This is a final chance, the choice before the final moment when I will come for you.  Repent now and live again.

July 19, 2012
The Restless Human Heart


I would like to speak about another matter.  The human heart is restless and never satisfied.  It searches and finds, but realizes that it cannot hold on because time constantly moves on.  The moment of possession is over.  The human heart moves on to its next goal.  So, there is a constant searching, finding, possessing and then, what is possessed does not fill the heart.  Life moves quickly from one stage to the next and man is never settled because God has made the human heart too big.  Pile all that earth can give into your heart and it is like a drop of water sitting in a desert.

You are made for the infinite and for the timeless and you will never find either of these on earth.  Everything on earth is limited, and even the limited good fades away.  It’s either no longer attractive or no longer available and then death sweeps everything away.  O, foolish man, you try to fill your infinite, immortal heart with what is limited and passing.  This is the cause of your endless restlessness.

July 20, 2012
God’s Inner Stirrings


I must lift your eyes up to a different goal, one that is hidden from your sight but not difficult to see, if only you try.  Your heart has other stirrings.  These are not the senseless passions or the selfish drives for power.  These stirrings lift you up, and are placed there by my Father.  They do not overpower you like your passions, nor do they overwhelm you like your inner drives.  They invite you.  They wait respectfully at the door of your heart.  They knock.  They do not invade.  They patiently stand outside, hoping that you will open your heart.

If you invite them in, they will bring a freshness and true life.  If you invite them to stay, they will totally cleanse your house of all that destroys you.  They want to stay.  They do not leave unless you reject them.  These stirrings do not serve themselves but they bless every heart that welcomes them.  As you receive their blessings, your eyes are opened.  The old ways are set aside.  The new is much, much better.  Your heart is at peace.  Your body has what it needs but its desires are now subject to you, and not you to them.

Once this is accomplished, you are ready to dream of what you can do.  You are ready to set out on your journey, on the road that your Creator has determined and willed for you, but which you yourself must also choose.  I will speak of that the next time.

July 21, 2012
God’s Attractions


The world has many paths and you see these with your bodily eyes, ponder them with your human intellect and choose them by your free will.  This is the way of earth.  But your heavenly Father also has a path for you that he has planned and for which he has formed you.  This is the way of heaven and the Creator has placed a voice within you that says, “Come this way.  Walk by this path”.  Other possibilities must be cleared away. Other attractions must be rejected.  Otherwise, this voice grows weak.  Other voices clamor for your attention.  They, however, speak only to your superficial desires, offering to you goals that will pass away.  The Creator’s voice is quite different.  His is the voice of the heart, of the spirit, of the soul, of the person.

Yes, you are a human person, made in the image of your Creator, and as a person, you have a destiny, a purpose that cannot be gained by following your instincts (as the animals do).  You must hear and follow your Creator’s voice that speaks so clearly within you, if you would only listen.  I will teach you this the next time.

July 22, 2012
God’s Voice


Did your earthly father speak to you?  Did your mother speak to you?  Certainly they did.  You needed voices from the adult world.  You were a child, recently born into this world.  You were walking and talking and discovering your little world.  At this point, you needed a voice that guided you.  Otherwise, you would have touched the hot stove, or used the sharp knife and cut yourself.  So, God provided adult voices that helped you and made for you a path of light.  All through the years, the adult voice is meant to be there until you are grown and ready to walk your own path.  All of this the heavenly Father has provided.

Are these the only voices you are meant to hear?  Would the Father provide all these voices – parents, teachers, relatives and counselors – and himself be silent?  Would he entrust you to human voices only, when these could lead you astray or push you onto paths that were not meant for you?  Does an earthly parent just turn you over to others or do they watch carefully those who influence you and correct whatever is harmful?

The Father created you as a person.  He provided earthly voices to speak on his behalf, but he does not turn you over.  You are his creation from beginning to end.  He who created you in his own image and likeness, wants to form you in that same likeness.  This is the purpose of God’s voice.  (Without this voice, you cannot become a full child of God.)  Only by this voice, can you become fully a child of the Most High.  That will be our next lesson.

July 23, 2012
The Voice of Jesus


When mankind hears the voice of God, then light comes to his intellect, and the forces of good invade his will.  He is carried along to moment of decision.  The decision always lies in the free will of man, but God’s voice carries him to that moment when he can freely act and choose what is right.

What if that voice is silent or cannot be heard?  Then, man has the greatest difficulty in doing what is right.  He still remains free, but to choose the good is so far away that only superhuman efforts made only by a few actually succeed.  The great mass of mankind is doomed to failure because they do not hear the heavenly Father’s voice.

This is the current state of mankind and I will use this gift to shift the whole atmosphere. Mankind will hear my voice not only in these written words but in the words I will speak within each heart and in many other ways.  This will be an age of God’s word in which man will be drawn so close to goodness that he is free again to choose what is right.

July 24, 2012
The Themes of Jesus


My voice is drowned out by the cacophony of voices that scream so loud, each trying to sell their wares and get attention for themselves.  The marketplace is filled with voices which use every possible means to gain a hearing.

How can I be heard when the human heart is immersed in a marketplace filled with noise.  O reader, you must come aside.  There is no other way for you to hear.  You must come to a quiet place.  I will lead you, if you would only follow me.  This is the first inner drawing of my Spirit.  He leads you away.  The voices of the marketplace sell earth’s goods and speak of earth’s events, but none speaks of eternal life.  None speaks of the greatness of the human soul created by God.  None speaks to you as a human person, created by the infinite God for an eternal destiny.  These will be my themes.  You will not hear them elsewhere.  Let us begin along the Sea of Galilee.

July 25, 2012
The Invitation


The Father had placed a truth in my heart that I had to proclaim.  The kingdom was at hand and I had to announce this to all of Israel.  I needed helpers.  So, as I walked along the Sea of Galilee, I saw Peter and Andrew, and I invited them to follow me.  I, then, saw James and John, and invited them, also.

These were the first four.  They had taken their first steps into the kingdom of God.  That was where I was headed and they were coming with me.  Right now, I invite you to come.  I will relive with you the scenes of the gospel.  You will see them come alive before your eyes, as I saw them and experienced them.  Stay with me and I will take you into my kingdom.

July 26, 2012
The First Four Disciples


I looked at these four men.  The Father had led me to them and their quick response lifted up my heart.  Would others respond that quickly and with total self-giving?  These four were quite special, upon them I would build my Church.  This was a good beginning.

I shared with them all my thoughts, the dreams which the Father had put into my heart.  I told them that the kingdom was at hand and that this was a time of urgency.  The message was not new to them.  They had heard this same theme from John, the Baptist.  He had prepared their hearts, as he did for many others.

I brought to them a fullness, a clearer explanation of all the powers of the kingdom.  They did not regret their decision to leave everything behind.  They had found the kingdom, the pearl of a great price and the treasure hidden in the field.

To you reader, I give the same invitation.  Come, follow me.  Read these messages and you will see the kingdom of God waiting for you if you follow me.

July 27, 2012
Driving Out the Unclean Spirit


Our first step was the synagogue.  The Father led me there but now all was new.  The Spirit of the Lord was upon me.  I was not just to attend.  I had to speak and proclaim.  Inside me, I also experienced a great faith that the power of God would manifest itself if I were just faithful to my inner anointing.

So, we entered the synagogue and I began to teach.  There was present a man with an unclean spirit.  Suddenly, this evil spirit began to manifest itself, asking, “What have we to do with you?   Have you come to destroy us?”

I felt sorry for the man.  Until now, his problem had been concealed.  Now, the Evil Ones had to be cast out.  With just a word, “Quiet.  Come out of him”, this was accomplished.  All were amazed.  The Father had wasted no time.  The new powers of teaching and driving out evil spirits were on full display.

I was concerned about my four disciples.  They were strengthened by the encounter.  Then we went to the house of Simon and Andrew.

July 28, 2012
The First Healings


They said that Peter’s mother-in-law was ill with a fever.  They quickly thought of these new powers of the kingdom and asked me to heal her.  I rebuked the fever and she got up and served us.

The time was short because soon the people would be bringing their sick.  Suddenly, I was no longer alone.  The two parts of my ministry were quickly taking form.  I cherished those closest to me and I enjoyed the enthusiastic response of the crowds.  But always, the clouds loomed large.  The future would not be this easy.

I had a Baptism with which I must be baptized – the suffering on the cross.  And, I had a fire which I had to cast in the whole world.  How anxious I was, until that was accomplished.  But for now, the beginnings were filled with special joy.  The people and the sick were gathering outside the house.

July 29, 2012
The Crowds Gain Hope


They came from near and far, all with a desire to be freed of their illnesses and afflictions.  It should never have been this way.  Illness and evil possession did not exist in the beginning.  Earth had taken on what the heavenly Father never intended.

The signs of evil were everywhere, especially in the daily hopelessness of these overwhelming problems.  Now, they had a glimmer of hope.  The power of the kingdom was restoring the world to how it was in the beginning.  The power of God was flowing out from my ministry.

The results were astounding.  All were set free from the Evil One and all were healed by the Holy Spirit.

July 30, 2012
Touring the Villages


Where do I go from here?  I did what I always did at Nazareth.  I sought the Father’s will in the solitude of prayer.  He did not fail me.  He showed me all the towns and villages of Galilee.  “Go to these”, he said, “and I will bless you there as I have in Capernaum”.

When Simon and the others discovered where I was, they had quite different ideas.  “The people are awaiting you.  They want you to return”.  The heavenly Father had already set my course.  I had to follow his words.  “No”, I said, “I must tour all the towns and villages of Galilee.  All must know that the kingdom is at hand”.  So, we set out, leaving behind the people who were so willing to receive me and going to towns where I was unknown.  However, the Father had told me to do this and said that he would bless my work.  His kingdom within me was drawing me into the great mysteries which are contained only in his will.

July 31, 2012
Always the Same Message


At each town, I saw the true plight of the people.  They were poor and sick, with so many needs.  In the midst of all these problems, what was I to bring to them?  I had to be faithful to the anointing of the Father.  I did only what the Father wanted me to do and his voice was so clear within.  “Tell the people that the kingdom of God is at hand.  This is the time of fulfillment.  They must repent and believe the good news”.

I did not vary the message.  In every town and village, I told them what the Father said to me.  The results were overwhelming.  So many did hear and did believe.  Many followed me from village to village and quickly I knew what I needed to do.

August 1, 2012
Choosing the Twelve


Many followed but certain ones showed the strongest desires to be with me.  I had to put them in groups and define who they were and what I wanted them to do.  The first four were Peter, Andrew, James and John who had been with me from the very beginning.  They were the rock foundation, the core of the disciples.  Then, there were others who also stood out.

As always, I came before the Father in prayer, placing before him all the names and diverse personalities.  I decided on twelve, really three groups of four, each with their purpose and functioning.

So, I called them to myself.  To these, I would commit so many personal resources of time and energy.  Once I got them into place, there would be other groupings.  Also, there were the holy women who slowly were drawn, one at a time.

August 2, 2012
A Community Formed by Rigors


Always, we were on the move, with little time to serve personal needs.  All of this formed my little company of disciples.  The deprivations demanded by this constant traveling bonded them together in the spirit of sacrifice.

We were isolated from others, not by any walls, but by the very harshness of the demands.  Many would follow us closely for a while and enjoy the gift of our community, but only a few saw it in their heart to continue with us day after day.

So, without much direct effort, the community of my apostles and disciples was formed by the very rigors of this life of being a traveling preacher.  How I appreciated their daily sacrifices and how I rejoiced in their companionship.  They were my buffer and my consolation because each day I had to start anew, going to another village and proclaiming the kingdom to people who had never seen me.  These disciples were my great inner joy.

August 2, 2012
Clashing with Jerusalem


A new factor suddenly came on the scene – the Jerusalem factor.  Scribes coming from Jerusalem brought their learning and their hostility.  They were always there, listening carefully to catch me in my speech.

At times, they would show themselves to confront me in debate.  Time and again, I clashed with them.  Soon, the crowds caught on and enjoyed to see their so-called wisdom overturned.  But I knew the forces of evil were much deeper and defeating them in a debate would not put the axe to the root.  Nothing touched their hearts and they were just waiting for their chance. In Galilee, the climate was favorable to me.  The people wanted to hear about the kingdom.

However, I knew that my trip to Jerusalem would be quite different.  There, the scribes and temple leaders would manipulate the crowds.  So, their daily presence was always a reminder to me of the hostility that I would have to face when I came to Jerusalem.  The future contained some inevitable events.  I would go to Jerusalem.  I would face hostility and my preaching would clash with the temple leadership.  For now, I had the crowds, with their overwhelming needs and their great enthusiasm.

August 3, 2012
The Heavenly Father’s Wonders


For now, I plunged into my ministry, day and night preaching the kingdom.  The Father poured out signs and wonders to confirm my words.  The two went together.  I preached the word and the Father confirmed the word.

The clearest example was the paralytic brought on a mat by his four friends.  When I declared that his sins were forgiven, some scribes claimed I was blaspheming because only God can forgive sin.  The Father confirmed my power in the sight of all by raising up the paralytic.  When he picked up his mat and walked, all believed that I had power on earth to forgive sins.

This is the way it was every day, the great difficulties of a traveling preacher, the criticism of the scribes, the joy of the people and the great signs and wonders.  My disciples saw all of this, but often they did not understand and I had to take them to task for their lack of faith.

August 4, 2012
Trusting The Heavenly Father


One day, my disciples were even arguing among themselves as to who was the most important.  Had they been with me all this time and still did not understand?  I had to place a child in their midst and tell them that they must receive the kingdom as a child does.  The kingdom is totally a gift from the Father and all boasting and claims to deserve the kingdom are out of order.

We continued on our mission.  The disciples were of good will and loyal, but they were confused and not understanding at all.  This will do for now but ahead, they will encounter difficulties that will crush them.  There is nothing I can do. That time will come.  For now, the crowds grow greater and the signs and wonders increase.

The crowds seldom leave me alone.  From morning to night, they seek me out.  They follow me, even into the countryside.  My only solitary time is at night, when I slip away in the darkness to speak to my Father.  Oh, where is this going?  What lies ahead?  I trust the heavenly Father who has anointed me with the Spirit to accomplish his works.  All I know is that I must complete his task, wherever that will be and whatever it will cost me.

August 5, 2012
The Growing Hostility


I can see the growing hostility.  More scribes from Jerusalem are coming.  They prepare ahead of time.  Their questions are meant to entrap me.  Right now, I am still in friendly Galilee, where the crowds always take my part.  They are my wall of defense.  The scribes can come only so far and then they must retreat.  However, when I go to Jerusalem, it will be quite different.  They will control the crowds and their opposition can grow much sharper.

The Pharisees are different.  They oppose me for religious reasons, believing that I set aside too many rules which they so cherish.  They are blind guides but their hostility is not as deep or as sharp or a dangerous as that of the scribes.

Everything is in the Father’s hands.  He will lead me.  I must trust him.  The work must be accomplished.  The people are sheep without a shepherd and the kingdom is so close at hand.

August 6, 2012
Sacrificed For the Kingdom


In human life, nothing is secure except what is in the Father’s hands.  Life changes.  Days come and go.  Those who were with us, pass away.  This is the nature of human life, always hurtling ahead, sometimes at a dizzying pace.  Nothing can be totally controlled.  Too many unknown factors enter in.  So it was in my ministry.  I put myself on the edge.  I held nothing back.  All was sacrificed for the kingdom.  I trusted the heavenly Father and he alone guided my steps, even when his path led to my death.

I had a work to accomplish and I did not know exactly how the mystery would end.  I could only walk the path each day.  “Today and tomorrow and the next day”, I said.  That is how I lived in trust.  I allowed each day to flow into the next.

August 7, 2012


My mission was to preach that the Father’s kingdom was at hand.  The Father was going to intervene in human history and break into the human scene.  The separation of God from man, which had happened in the beginning, was about to be ended.  A new bridge to heaven was to be built.  A new relationship of God to man was being established.

This relationship was to take place in the heart of everyone, but all had to believe.  Faith was the central issue.   For those who believed, the Father would establish his kingdom in their hearts.  Those who did not believe could not be rescued.  They remained isolated from God, sharing in the fallen nature of all mankind.  By lack of faith, they closed the doors of their hearts to the kingdom that was so imminent and had to be announced.  This was a task and I gave myself fully to preaching the message.

August 8, 2012
Who Do You Say I Am?


Amid all these events, I had to define what the Father was doing and the central definition was who I was and what was my relationship to the Father.  I could not define this for the crowds.  They would totally misinterpret what I would reveal.

So, I led my disciples to the outer regions of Galilee, toward Caesarea-Philippi, and I opened the question, “Who do people say I am?”  They answered, “John the Baptist, Elijah or one of the prophets”.  Then I asked, “Who do you say I am?”  Peter replied, “You are the Messiah”.

The great revelation began to unfold.  What the crowds believed about my person was not important.   What the disciples believed was vital because this would become the core and center of faith.  They must understand who I am and what the Father did when he had me become flesh.

August 9, 2012
The Suffering Messiah


I let the disciples rejoice in this revelation.  I rejoiced, also.  They had been faithful to me even before I revealed my identity.  So, their great surprise was also my great joy.  Quickly, however, I had to address the full reality.  I would be a suffering Messiah who would gain his glory by a very cruel death after horrendous suffering.

So, I told them that I would have to suffer.  Poor Peter, filled with the Father’s wisdom one moment and then filled with his own ignorance the next.  Peter protested that this would never happen to me.  I had to correct him on the spot.  The rock of my Church had quickly become a stumbling block to the others.  “Get behind me, Satan.”  He was no longer speaking the revelation of God but his own foolish wisdom.

This episode ended an important moment in their formation.  They knew that I was the Messiah and that I would suffer.  The whole matter was set aside.  We had to return to the crowds.

August 10, 2012
Sent Out Two By Two


The days and nights continue to be filled with the incessant activity demanded by the great needs of the crowds.  Since so many villages had not yet heard the message, I felt that it was time to share my task and my powers with the twelve.

So, I sent them out, two by two, to go before me into the towns.  They would alert people that “The kingdom of heaven is at hand”.  To show the presence of that kingdom, they would heal and drive out demons.

It was all so simple and they did exactly as I asked.  They enjoyed success and returned rejoicing.  In these early days, even with the great hardships, there was much rejoicing.  And I rejoiced with them, to see Satan falling from the sky and losing his power.  Soon, however, the clouds would form again, in an ever more powerful way.

August 11, 2012
The First Crisis


We were constantly on the move, going back and forth across the Sea of Galilee.  However, the message was always the same.  There was no need to change it.  This was the basic message.  The Father had decided to send me and I declared to all that I was the Bread come down from heaven and whoever would eat of this Bread would live forever.

Many took issue with these words.  As I told them that I had seen the Father and had come down from heaven, many murmured.  As I went further and told them that they had to eat my Flesh and drink my Blood, many walked with me no more.  This was the first great crisis in my ministry.  Those who had believed in me and had walked with me, were now leaving me, abandoning what they had accepted.

As always, my concern was for the twelve and I had to ask, “Will you also go away?”  Peter responded as their head and spokesperson, “Lord, to whom else shall we go?  You have the words of eternal life”  It was settled.  We had survived the first major crisis.  Another would follow and then another.

August 12, 2012
The Growing Clouds of Violence


I tried not to look down the road but it was difficult not to see what was looming on the horizon.  The clouds were gathering.  More accusers were coming forth to challenge me.  Even the twelve grew disturbed, thinking that sometimes my criticism was too harsh.  They did not see that all of this would lead to my death.

What was I to do?  I could only move ahead.  I had no control over these clouds.  They would form themselves and then cast down their rain of death when the occasion was right.  Until that happened, much had to be accomplished.  Yet, I could never fully avert my eyes from a situation that was obvious to all.  My enemies wanted to destroy me and they clearly had the power to do so.

For me, it was always a question of my apostles.  How would they handle this darkness when it came full force against me?  How hard I tried to prepare them!

August 13, 2012
The Beloved Disciple


The apostles were caught up in a different stream.  Three times I warned them that suffering and death awaited me, but the intoxication of the crowds and the enthusiasm was too much for them.  They even saw themselves as sitting at my right and my left in my kingdom.  Little did they realize that at my right and left would be two crucified thieves.

The days had their own purposes.  The people were taught and healed but there was always the gaping wound of my passion.  Only one disciple really understood.  He was beloved to me.  He was out of the limelight, always in the shadows, never pushing himself forward, but I always had him at my side.

He understood my deepest feelings.  He grasped that all of this would suddenly collapse.  As he later wrote, “The grain of wheat falling into the ground must die, or it remains only a grain of wheat”.  What a clear image of what had to happen!

August 15, 2012
The Holy Women


Then, there were the women who accompanied me.  What a joy they were.  Each had been set free and drawn into the light.  They lived in the light and encouraged one another.  They gave me their hearts.  A woman waits and sees, but once her heart speaks to her she gives herself, totally and completely.

They were welcome to travel with us.  All of humanity was being restored in our little company of disciples.  They were being trained so they could be models for the early Church.  Among them was perfect purity, because the divine presence was so overwhelming.  They experienced a new way to relate to each other.  The greatest was to serve.  The powerful were to help and not exploit.

I saw the crowds coming and going, receiving their blessings  and then moving on, and I saw my company of disciples, learning a new way of living.  The sinfulness of their culture was being taken away.  A newness was taking place.  They spoke to each other differently.  They put aside their selfish, and sometimes even lust-filled desires, so that charity would not be destroyed.  “Love, one another” I would always say.  That is all I ask of you.  The holy women brought a love that only women can bring.

August 16, 2012
The Death of the Baptist


All was quickly coming to a boiling point.  The greater enthusiasm and the larger crowds only sparked greater jealousy.  The clash was inevitable.  The question was where and when.  Then came the news.  John the Baptizer was killed.  Death suddenly became very real.  These forces were not imaginary.  Even this peaceful man was swept away.

I withdrew with my disciples.  The news shook my being.  The timetable moved up.  The Evil One, through those whom he controlled, was already at the door.  Having disposed of John, I was his next target.  If he could get us both off the scene, then all preaching about a coming kingdom of heaven would be silenced.

I felt it was too early.  The message had not gone out to all the villages, the disciples were still so unprepared.  Yet, I could not deny the evidence.  Death had struck down the prophet who had prepared the way and soon it would cut me down in the vigor of my life.

We must move quicker.  I formed the seventy-two and gave them the same powers and commission as the twelve.  I sent them out two by two.  For the first time, I began to sense that I would not get to visit all the towns of Israel before my death.  I can only do the Father’s will, one day at a time.

August 17, 2012
The Anointing at Bethany


The inevitable day had come.  The Passover was near and I had to go to Jerusalem.  We had been there before, but this would be quite different.  Before, I went in a private and hidden way to the feast.  Now, there was no need for secrecy.  Indeed, it would have been impossible.  My name was known everywhere, even though many in Jerusalem had never seen me.  Now, came the hour.

We made our way south from Galilee to Jerusalem.  The apostles knew that this time would be different, but their minds were filled with visions of glory.  This would be the Messianic entry amid the acclaim of the crowds.  These images filled their minds.  When I talked of suffering and death, they could not imagine that happening.

We arrived at Bethany, at the house of Martha, Mary and Lazarus, whom I had raised from the dead.  How peaceful was my soul in this setting.  Then, while at dinner, Mary anointed me with costly nard.  Judas protested about using the money for the poor.  The apostles themselves, wondered about the wisdom of this action, but I quickly told them, “She has done this for my day of burial”.  Still, they did not understand that during these days, I would be the real Passover lamb, of which the first lamb was just a symbol.

August 18, 2012
Palm Sunday


No one could imagine the scene that suddenly and spontaneously unfolded.  I rode on a donkey, an animal of peace.  I had thrown off the clock of secrecy.  It was no longer needed.  The moment of the divine revealing of the most sacred mysteries had come.  It was my entry into Jerusalem.

All were there for the feast days, the highlight of the religious year.  Roman soldiers were everywhere.  This is the stage, the world-stage that the Father himself had arranged.  Every prophet goes to Jerusalem to be killed.  The shadows of death were everywhere.  Just how they would overcome me, was not yet clear, but the Father wanted me here.  He wanted me to come, to present myself to all the people, and to allow them to proclaim me as the Son of David.

This was the scene on the streets of Jerusalem but the important decisions were taking place in the hearts of the temple leaders.  They were not acclaiming me nor giving me titles.  They were plotting to destroy me.  The drama had begun.  Now, all the scenes will take place.  Nothing can stop my inevitable death.

August 19, 2012
Visiting the Temple


I went straight to the temple.  It was late and few were selling and buying.  That will wait for another day.  The goal had been achieved.  All the people knew I was here.  Everything had been public – my acclaim, the complaints of the Pharisees, and the chants about my relationship to King David.

The apostles were ecstatic.  They had accompanied me on the road to this Jerusalem stage and were enjoying the limelight.  When this scene becomes the world’s greatest tragedy, they will try quickly to get off the stage, much to their own shame.

My death is close but they fail to see the ominous signs.  They look at the crowds.  I look at the leaders.  They see the enthusiasm.  I see the plotting and realize that the heavy hand of suffering and death will soon fall upon me.  The die is cast.  The secrecy has been removed.  I must obey the Father.  My teaching this week will confront the temple leaders and they will know that I am talking about them.

August 20, 2012
Cleansing the Temple


The next day, we returned to Jerusalem from Bethany.  This was the fateful day, when the Father plotted out my every step.  I went immediately to the Temple to teach.  There, the crowds had gathered and awaited me.  But the teaching had to wait.  First, I had to purge the temple.

The scene overwhelmed me – all the animals and all the money.  The temple was my Father’s house but they had turned it into a den of thieves.  Suddenly, the Spirit came upon me, the same Spirit who drove me into the desert for forty days.  I could sense his power welling up in me and I acted with abandon, not worrying about the consequences.  I had to cleanse my Father’s house.

This was accomplished swiftly, the many tables overturned and the animals all scattered.  Then I taught the people and returned to Bethany.  The great confrontation had taken place.  I challenged the temple to become “a house of prayer”.  The leaders refused that invitation.  I would have restored the temple.  I would have filled the temple with God’s glory, as happened when Solomon dedicated it.  The leaders did not want my glory but my death.  What more could I do for my people, when their leaders rejected me?

August 21, 2012
Holy Week in the Temple


The rest of the week was spent in controversy.  The crowds would gather and I had to confront the policies of the temple leadership.  I told the parable of the tenants who refused to pay their rent and who mistreated and even killed the messengers of the owner.  Finally, he sent his son, but, even the son they killed.  The owner had only one choice – he had to remove those tenants.  These were the Jerusalem leaders and they knew I had spoken the parable about themselves.

The battle lines were set and the crowds were in the middle.  Their size and enthusiasm worried these leaders and, although they feared the crowds, the need to kill me grew greater each day.  The course ahead was inevitable.  I could see the Father’s hand and all that he had revealed to me about what would happen in Jerusalem.  I could only withdraw with my disciples and prepare for the Passover Supper.

August 22, 2012
The Last Supper


This was the night, the special night when all that had been promised would be given over.  I would give over myself into the hands of my apostles by the mystery of my Body and Blood, and I would be handed over by Judas into the hands of my enemies.

How great were the emotions in my soul, as if the Father’s hand was moving me along in a mighty stream to which I continually said “yes”.  The supper was like a drama that would be lived out millions of times until the end of history.  First, the apostles had to be cleansed by my washing their feet.  Then, the group itself had to be cleansed by my confronting Judas, who went out into the night.

Finally, the great gift could be given.  “Take and eat.  This is my Body.  Take and drink, this is the chalice of my Blood of the new covenant which will be shed for many.  Do this in memory of me”.   The gift was complete.  The apostles had been anointed with the Spirit.  This would become “the breaking of the bread”, the central moment of the New Covenant.  However, I had not yet paid the price, the “shedding of my blood”.  That was awaiting me, but they did not realize the other events of this special night.

August 23, 2012
The Agony in the Garden


I knew exactly where we would go – the garden of Gethsemane, that place of consolation where I frequently found rest.  All the preliminary events were over.  There remained only the great trial.  I could no longer put it aside.  The fullness of its destructive powers confronted me.  I had to move quickly, taking with me only Peter, James and John, while asking the others to sit there and pray.

Quickly, the full agony began.  The three apostles could see the change.  I told them that my soul was sorrowful and to watch and pray.  Going a little further, I could no longer hold back my pleas, “Father, if it is possible, take this chalice away from me”.  No answer came.  No words fell from the Father’s lips.

Soon, Judas would come with those who would arrest me.  He knew this place.  He was the key to my capture.  I cried out again.  Again, only silence.  Then I uttered those words, “Not my will, but yours be done”.  I would be his faithful Son until the last drop of blood was shed.

The time had come.  The crowd led by Judas was here.  I gathered up the sleeping apostles and awaited the confrontation.

August 24, 2012


As Judas stood before me, all the memories flooded my soul – the first time I had seen him, the good qualities that led me to choose him as an apostle, the potential for good that lay in his spirit.  Now, all of that was cast aside.  Satan had his heart.

Satan and I had battled over Judas.  How often I had prayed for him, knowing that his soul was at stake.  He, one of the twelve, now belonged to the enemy.  All his inner resources and his knowledge of my whereabouts were in enemy hands.

I called him “friend”, but he kissed me with the kiss of betrayal.  This was my deepest sorrow.  I had lost him.  He would not be mine.  Better if he had never been born.  I would take that sorrow all the way to my death.  It would never leave me.  Satan used it again and again to torment me in my final hours.  “You are the savior of the world and you could not even save one of your twelve”.  Judas was free to choose.  Everyone is free to choose my saving grace and all who turn away cause me the deepest sorrow.

August 25, 2012
The Apostles Flee


The apostles were confronted by this evil.  It was no longer just my words, “I will be handed over to the Gentiles”.  The reality was upon them and they were not ready for the test.  Peter responded in a human way, drawing his sword.  But every human response to this supernatural evil was woefully inadequate.  After this show of force, they all fled and I was left alone to face the darkest of nights.  My passion had begun.  It was just the first chapter.  All my blood would be shed before the story would reach its climax.

I had done what the Father asked.  I had stood solidly in his will.  I would not be budged, no matter what forces came against me.  Everything depended on my faithful “Yes” to the Father.  I had to reverse the original “No”, so a bridge could be built to heaven.

August 26, 2012
The Lonely Night


The loneliness of this night!  Filled with the humiliations of coming before the Sanhedrin, the expectancy of coming before Pilate and the crowds tomorrow, the failure of the apostles, the betrayal by Judas and the denial of Peter.  They all weighed heavily upon me.  I was alone.  Even the Father remained silent.  I heard only my own words, spoken aloud in the silent night, “Not my will, but your will be done”.  That is all I had – my own words spoken in the emptiness of my soul.

Tomorrow, in every situation, I will seek just one thing – to do the Father’s will until my death on the cross.  Then, and only then, will I be able to say “It is finished”.

August 27, 2012
Judas – A Divided Heart


Gradually, everything was set in place.  I could easily see all that the Father had planned from the beginning.  The crowds grew and my popularity spread.  As this happened, I became more and more a target, an object of jealousy and a person who had to be eliminated.  Surrounding me were these disciples.  They were frail, weak and did not understand, but they were loyal.  I knew where their hearts were, all except for one.

Judas was clever.  He remained close but always holding back.  He never fully gave me his heart.  He was more an observer than a sharer.  Like someone who never made a full decision, he wanted to keep his options open.  He grasped what I was saying when I spoke of my death.  He knew this was quite possible, given the growing hostility.  He was mentally preparing for that possibility.  Which side would he be on?  What position would he take when my enemies were ready to strike?  His heart was not totally with me.  His mind and his self-interest held him back from a full surrender.  He was on the fence with his options still open.  That is not the heart of a disciple and he lost many of the graces that I poured out every day.  A divided heart can never receive my blessings.

August 27, 2012
The Secrets of the Cross


All of Jerusalem learned quickly what had happened.  I was dragged before them as a prisoner.  My accusers had the final word.  They swayed the crowds.  No one spoke on my behalf.  I, myself, was silent when I could easily have defended myself before Pilate.  The Father wanted this.  I was to be the defenseless lamb led to slaughter – the real, living Passover Lamb.

Such is the mystery of the Father in his love for man, that he would sacrifice his only begotten Son, the One who lived in his bosom for all eternity.  The One he sent into the world to save the world would be sacrificed on the wood of the cross.

Only this mystery could reconcile man to God.  In this is contained every mystery.  All the world can understand the sacrifice of the cross.  This is the door into the secrets hidden in the Father’s loving heart.  Does mankind want to read this story?  No, it turns away and lives, instead, in darkness.

August 28, 2012
Helpers Along the Way


Along the way, the Father provided people who would help and console – Simeon who carried my cross, Veronica who washed my face, the holy women of Jerusalem who cried over my sufferings and those holy women who had come with me from Galilee.  How much each one meant to me and I have never forgotten one word, one act or one gesture of consolation that they gave to me.  All is etched eternally into my memory and redounds to their glory in heaven.

So it is with earthly life.  Every prayer, every sacrifice, every lifting up of a person’s heart to console me on this earth is eternally etched in my memory.  This is the greatness of the Christian life – to console me in my sorrows and to give me to drink in my thirst.

August 29, 2012
The Woman and the Beloved Disciple


There were two special people, the disciple whom I loved and my mother.  In my final hours, they consoled me as no one else could ever do.  Frequently, I looked at them standing valiantly at the foot of the cross.  They said no words and made no gestures, but I knew what was in their hearts.

They were the two who were closest to my own heart.  Their sorrows multiplied my sorrows.  This is the truth about human life.  The same love that consoles also increases the pain.  A constant flow took place between our hearts, a flow of both consolation and sorrow.

Finally, I had to say what was in my heart.  “Woman, behold your son”, and to the disciple “Behold your mother”.  That was the grace of my death.  A believer would share in my relationship to my mother.  From this flows every gift.  So, I say to all the world, “Behold your mother”.  She will make you children of the Father.

August 30, 2012
Death on the Cross


Finally, death came upon me just as it comes upon everyone.  My body could no longer support life and my soul no longer had a dwelling place.  It was free to enter into eternal light.  Suddenly, the heavenly realms were changed.  The doors of heaven were opened and I led a multitude of souls, including my foster father Joseph, into heavenly glory.

What I always believed, I saw, experienced and tasted.  The will of the Father had been accomplished and now a light went from earth to heaven.  What had been separated was now joined again.  A new road was constructed by my human nature taken from my virginal mother.  All could walk this road.  I needed only to prove to the apostles that I was the way to the Father.  This still lay ahead in the Father’s plan.

August 31, 2012
King of the Angels


I entered into my glory, welcomed by all the angels and saints and united forever with my heavenly Father, an experience which every justified soul enjoys when they come to heaven.  I am the first-born among the dead and those who were deceased first experienced my power to free them from captivity and to bring them into heavenly glory.  These souls had awaited my coming and now they could rejoice in the fullness of God that had been denied them until I redeemed them by my Blood.

But that is not all.  Finally, the angels had their king.  They had seen the mystery of my birth and had announced this to the shepherds.  They had witnessed my agony in the Garden, and saw my death on the cross.  Now they went before me as my soul entered into its glory.

September 1, 2012
The Resurrection


This mystery of becoming flesh was far from complete.  My body, which had suffered so much, still lay in the tomb.  On the third day, my glorified soul entered once again into my body, changing it into a glorified body, which could no longer be limited by the boundaries of human flesh.

The time of my appearances began.  My disciples would know exactly what had taken place.  These visions were numerous, sometimes to individuals and, at other times, to groups.  All had the same purpose – to bring the disciples to faith that I was their Lord and God and to show them that I had entered into my heavenly glory.  They would follow if they held on to my word.  They were to tell the whole world, so everyone could have the same faith and be saved.

September 2, 2012
Manifestation to Mary


There was a unique moment of my glory when I manifested my glorified presence to my mother.  This is not recorded in Scripture because it was so internal to her spirit.  Because the disciples needed bodily visions, I appeared to them to convince them of my rising from the dead.  My mother did not need this.  She was ready for the highest manifestation of my glory in the deepest part of her soul.  This slightest touch of God effects greater glory than many lower gifts, like bodily visions.

Such it was with my mother and this experience cannot be described in words.  Also, it is continuous and constantly growing.  She went from glory to glory, a glory unknown to men and angels.  She was totally hidden in me, arriving at the center of my heart.  From the time of my resurrection to the time of her Assumption there was a continuous growing union of our spirits.  This happened only after my human nature entered into its glory.  These secrets will be on display for all to see in heaven, where every human being enters into the union between myself and my mother.  How else can anyone be born to eternal life?  She is the mother of all the living.

September 3, 2012
Final Moments


A moment came when all the preliminary work of teaching and forming my disciples had been completed.  I gathered them together on the Mount of Olivet.  I allowed all to see me for this final time.  I was lifted up to heaven, body and soul, before their very eyes.  This final vision sealed their faith.  They knew what to do.  They had to return to Jerusalem and await the coming of the Holy Spirit.  All was ready for the Final Age, for the coming of the Spirit who will prepare the world for my Second Coming in glory.

You must listen to the Spirit!  You must invoke that Spirit.  You must be baptized in that Spirit.  You must allow that Spirit to lead you to me.  No one enters into the kingdom of God without that Spirit.  He is my first gift to all who believe.  He places a prayer, deep in your hearts, “Come, Lord Jesus”.  Amen.

Mary Searches for Her Children (September 4 to September 12, 2012)

September 4, 2012
When All Is Threatened


The world is not the way it should be because of the sins of mankind. Now those sins have multiplied and accrued, so the world is more separated from heaven than ever before. Who will bridge this great divide? Only heaven gives life to earth and, if the two are totally separated, earth will become a place for death, not life.

Already this takes place, as violence fills so many parts of earth. When will the tipping moment occur, when the powers of life can no longer keep back the forces of death? A moment arrives, when the invading army breaks through the ramparts and then all life inside is threatened.

September 5, 2012
Mary’s Help In Darkness


This is the moment to which the sins of mankind have brought earth, a moment when earth is plunged into a total darkness, where no light appears and all the sources of light seem to be cut off. It is the moment of darkness. In that moment, my children will know that I have not abandoned them. They will live by the greatest of faith because I have given them my words. My words will be the only light that they have.

As they believe my words, they will hear my voice in their hearts and in their midst. My voice will become stronger and clearer. The words will be firm and strong, almost commanding belief.  Whoever allows my words to have power over them will be saved. No one must change my words or dilute them. They will be the strong medicine which mankind needs in order to be rescued.

September 6, 2012
Crisis and Help


The moment of the greatest crisis will also be the moment of my greatest help. No one must fear. As the darkness grows my inner light will also grow. As confusion increases, my words of truth will grow louder.

As the problems grow greater, I will come closer. Yes, I will come for my children. I will never, never abandon them. Therefore, they must trust and learn to call upon me now, before the events begin. In this way, I will already have a hold upon them. Do not wait for the last minute. Make secure your relationship to me.

September 7, 2012
Rescue From the Torrent


How quickly the events will pour forth, like a rushing stream which has the greatest power to sweep aside everything in its path. The secret is not to be in its path but to seek safety on the high ground of my Immaculate Heart.

I do not want my children subjected to the powers that would draw them astray. I would rescue them from the torrent. Some, even now, are safely hidden in my Immaculate heart. They are the wise ones who see and understand how I am their mother and how I keep safe all who call upon me. These words are for them and for others. Those safe in my Immaculate Heart must stay there and help me to draw others. By these words, I search for the others.

September 8, 2012
The Great Danger


How many do not see these dangers. They wander after foolish trifles, when they should be seeking the high ground of safety. Instead, they go off, heedless of what lies ahead, unaware of the forces that would catch them off guard, far from the protection of my Immaculate Heart.

How can they find their way, unless they know that my heart is a safe refuge? I must search for them and make myself known to them. I must say, “I am your Mother and you are in danger. Follow me. That is enough.”

September 9, 2012
Many Slipping Away


The world is a powerful, powerful stream, causing so many to be pulled away from the safety of my presence. I watch my children pulled by a thousand attractions that absorb them from morning until night. They hardly turn their minds to me and while giving their hearts to so many trifles. They spend every moment searching for what passes away.

They seek this pleasure or that moment of entertainment, the countless moments when their minds are absorbed by the media and the technology. Their spirits are dry and superficial. I cannot get a hold on their hearts. They are slipping away from me – not slowly but quickly, not a few but many. Oh, my sorrows!

September 11, 2012
The Name “Mary”


I look and I search. If any just call upon my name, “Mary”, I can act. Yes, all they need to do is to use my name, “Mary”. Many have forgotten my name. Many have never been taught the power that lies in my name. “Mary”, that is all they need to say. Say it quietly, and I will hear. Say it often, and your heart will be turning to me, like a lost person sending out distress signals. Just say my name, “Mary”. That is enough, I will rescue you.

September 12, 2012
Turning Back


I cannot turn away from them. I must accept the fullness of sorrow which comes from looking and searching. I will never give up. I will never turn my face away.

Possibly, they will look back to me and I will save them. That is all I need, just a glance, a look, an attempt to turn back. If even one turns back for a moment, I will be ready to gather them in and save them from the waters of eternal death. They will be safely in my arms.

September 12, 2012
Final Words


What more can I say? I would call each one by name. Yes, I know all their names. Each name is inscribed in my heart. When the lance pierced the heart of my Son on the cross, God wrote the names of all his children on my heart. He wrote their names with that lance. Suddenly, all the names were inscribed. I can never erase them. I can never forget even one of them. Now, you can see my sorrows. You can see why I search for them and try to call them back. My search will never end. I will never give up, even if I have to stand at the very doors of hell so I can prevent even one from entering. What more can I say? These messages are complete.

Modern Events (September 13 to September 17, 2012)

September 13, 2012
The Demonstrations at the Embassies


I must again ascend the pulpit to speak to the world because the great fires are being lit. They will burn a long time and will damage the remaining places of hope in the Middle East. The taunts and the jibes and the demonstrations are everywhere. However, the great violence that is waiting in the wings has not yet been unleashed.

All the diplomats will scurry around and send their statements to one another. The press will comment. The media will give its spin. However, it is too late. The fires of Satan have been building, and I have pinpointed the centers of his strongholds, Cairo, Syria and Iran. These fires are protected by the Muslim radicals and their armor cannot be pierced.

These fires are the next step, the next phase. We are not yet at the center of the fires that Satan has prepared.

September 14, 2012
The Boiling Pot


Many do not see what is happening because they judge by human standards. They do not see the heart of man and the battle between good and evil that takes place to possess his heart. When man gives himself to evil, he gives his heart. He is drawn into darkness and evil. Some are drawn deeply and become instruments of evil. Others are drawn somewhat and they cannot be used to fight evil. This is what has happened for so long in the Middle East. These fires can rage because they find so many hearts that act as their fuel. It has become the boiling pot of Satan, and human responses will not put out these fires.

September 15, 2012
Is the Indescribable Inevitable?


I do not have words to express what lies ahead. If I were to describe the turmoil and the destruction, the human mind could not conceive of it. It is beyond human telling or human understanding. No one is ready to handle the massacres of human life or the extent to which human life will be subjected to infernal sufferings.

The fires will lap up wood and water, burning the one and drying up the other. Jerusalem will be in tatters and Israel will be shaken. Everywhere, there will be sirens of emergencies. The world will look on in horror. The steps were not taken when all could have been prevented.

Is this scene inevitable? Or, can I send my son, the pope, to save Jerusalem before its total destruction, to save it even before a bomb is dropped, to shed his blood so that many others will not. This is the one whom I hold in my heart, my precious one, who has been with me from the beginning and whom I have never abandoned. He is the one whom I will raise up. He will stay closer to me than ever before, he and the others who are with him.

September 16, 2012
All the World Will See


No one will touch what is holy to me except in the way and to the degree that I allow it to happen. All the events will be under my control when it comes to the holy places and to those persons who are consecrated to my purposes.

Nothing will happen by chance or in a haphazard way. These persons will know exactly what they are to do and when they are to do it, so the greatest maximum coverage of these events is brought about.

These events must not be hidden from the world. All are to see and grasp. They will not be hidden events, but quite the opposite. Their power consists in the whole world seeing them and understanding them as they unfold.

September 16, 2012
Destroying Satan’s Possessions


What more is there to say? These events will unfold quickly, one after another. Each will prepare for the next event. All have been planned by Satan for centuries. However, there will be a hidden force. My hand will be guiding these events. I will soften them. They will not have the full destructive power that Satan thought they would and which he intended.

Even more important, they will flow in a surprising way, which even Satan did not intend. They will harm some of the people that he has put in place and from whom he hoped for even greater destruction. In these current events which are disrupting the world, there will be my power which will end up destroying some important parts of Satan’s plans. When a person begins a fire, sometimes his own possessions are destroyed.

September 16, 2012
Final Words


Do not fear, little ones. Even these destructive events are in my hands. I will keep safe all who turn to me. There are many sources of protection and many ways to escape the evil that is to come. But the time is short and you must not put off what must be done, indeed what should have already been accomplished.

Begin with a good confession of your sins and a firm turning away from all that is evil. Everyone must be purified anew and afresh. Forgive one another and strengthen your relationships, so that you will be at each other’s side to help. Finally, do not fear. Fear does no good. Instead, pray and hope and act. I will lead all who call on me. I will not fail you. Soon, I will speak again about the world and its problems. Look for my words.

Quenching Man’s Thirst (September 18 to September 28, 2012)

September 19, 2012
Understanding Human Life


Every loving mother watches over her children.  She sacrifices for her children, knowing that a time will come when they, too, will have children for whom they will sacrifice.  This is the rhythm of human life which God intended, love being passed on from one generation to another until the end of time.  Then, all love will be gathered up in the eternal kingdom.

What has happened to God’s original plan that only love should flow out from the human heart?  Other elements have been introduced into this stream.  Now it is filled with strange objects and even dangerous and harmful emotions.  Such is the mixture of human life about which I will speak so everyone can gain true wisdom and not be deceived by the world’s foolishness.

September 19, 2012
The Ten Commandments


The human heart is so twisted that selfishness is called love and love is called narrow mindedness. God, in his great love, has given the Ten Commandments. These truths, given from his deepest love, are thrown aside. When they are rejected, the selfish desires and lusts that lurk within the human heart have no limits. They overflow and destroy. Man accepts no constraint, except what is forced upon him. The result is violence, as force is met with force.

All violence comes from the unrestrained desires of the human heart. It erupts because God’s limits on man’s desires have been rejected as too narrow.

September 20, 2012
Man’s Infinite Desires


I want to go to the very center of the human heart.   This center orients the person.  If the center is not focused correctly, other efforts to bring the human heart onto its right path will fail.  This orientation of the human heart has been totally overlooked by modern man.  Man’s heart is made for the infinite God.  Nothing else will satisfy.  All other searches will result in frustration because no finite good can quench the infinite thirst which lies in the human heart.

No one can remove this thirst.  Even death itself does not take it away.  After death, the human heart must face itself.  The human person is alone after death, with no other options.  The human person is either filled with the infinite God or is eternally empty from not seeking the infinitely good Trinity.  Only God can save man from the agony of his own infinite desires.

September 21, 2012
Man’s Inner Self


Man does not understand his own heart because he is consumer with his surface desires, the needs of each day.  He is carried along by these desires and seeks only to fulfill his needs.  He does not understand the deep recesses of his heart which are crying out for so much more.  He does not listen to the deep voices within himself that try to tell him that he is infinite, with an infinite thirst and infinite desires.  He never listens to what is within.  He never stops.  He never prays.  He never lifts up his mind or heart.

That is why I speak my words. They are my kindest invitations for man to find his inner self and his infinite thirsts.  Then, he will truly seek what he is created for, the living God, the Father of my Son, Jesus.  That will be my next teaching.

September 22, 2012
Revealing the Heart of Jesus


It is difficult for man to plumb the depth of his own being.  So, the heavenly Father has sent his only Son, Jesus, who is the perfect image of the Father.  In Jesus, man sees the perfect reflection of God and understands that within himself he has an infinite thirst.  Everyone must study the heart of Jesus.  Therefore, I will explain, the heart of Jesus.

Jesus never sought his own interests.  From the very beginning, he had shared his Father’s glory, but he emptied himself and became flesh and lived among us.  Jesus would often speak of this far-off glory and of a world that always was and always will be.  He called this world, “the kingdom”.  He would say, “People are meant for the kingdom where they are to live forever.  I would ask him, “How will this come about?”  He would only say, “That is why I have come into the world.”

September 23, 2012
Jesus’ Love For Everyone


Jesus saw this kingdom in every human person. I never met anyone who loved each person as Jesus did. He knew everyone’s name and what each one preferred. He knew how to speak to everyone and to say just the right word. He enjoyed being with everyone – with adults, with boys and girls his own age and even with small children. All were his friends. He was always innocent, yet he quickly understood and avoided evil. He gave his heart to everyone. However, if someone did not deserve this gift, he would hold it in reserve.

Jesus walked his own path, with an understanding far beyond his years. He had unbelievable emotional warmth, as if every feeling in him was perfectly attuned like a harp that played only harmonious notes. Then, there was his time of solitude. I’ll explain that next.

September 24, 2012
A World Within His Heart


Jesus was always alone, that is the only way I can describe it. Even when he was with others and obviously enjoying their company, he was still alone. Something within always absorbed him. He gave himself fully to others, yet he held on to himself totally. It was as if a whole other world was within his heart and he was always absorbed with that world, trying to grasp its riches.

At times, his mind would wander off. This was not so much daydreaming as experiencing a world that the rest of us could not enter. On this point, I came very close to Jesus’ heart. Somehow, I understood what he was experiencing and I began to experience the same world as he did.

Sometimes, he would speak and reveal an aspect of this world. His words would be clear and piercing to my heart. I felt like he was communicating that world to me. Later, all of Israel would hear those words and many would believe Jesus when he said that the kingdom was at hand.  Next time, I will share some of those words and you, too, can have your heart opened to his kingdom.

September 25, 2012
Conversations With Jesus


My conversations with Jesus were different than any other conversations. He would speak of the normal things of earth but he saw everything differently. He understood the real purpose of life, what God wanted to accomplish in childhood games and youthful gatherings. As he grew, he understood better than any adult. He was never swayed by passing things.

More important were those moments when we were alone. He talked about serious things. He commented on various events, and always saw the decisions of the human heart. He understood human nature. He even understood sinfulness and selfish choices. All was clear to him, like he saw through everything and could read human hearts.

He even read my heart and saw all the love that God had placed there. He knew I was without sin and also that his words increased my holiness. I understood his heart like no one else did and he would open up his heart. These were the special moments, when I saw his desires and listened to his thoughts. I will try to describe those memories.

September 26, 2012
Jesus Reveals the Mysteries


Because Joseph needed his sleep after his day of toil, Jesus and I would be alone at night. All would be quiet and still.

He would begin with a question that became the subject of that night’s talk. He saw God’s mystery and wanted to know all he could. As I would explain something about God or about our Jewish faith, Jesus would take my words and go far beyond them. He would take me into the heart of the heavenly Father.

He did not realize it but he saw and understood God far better than I did. Each night, he revealed the great mysteries of God in the easiest to understand words. I am not sure that he even understood the gifts of divine wisdom that he possessed. He was like a great mathematician who sees complex truths but is not in awe of his own talents. Each night, I sat at the feet of this young man who understood better than the wisest sage and could explain these realities in the simplest of words. I knew that, soon, even greater mysteries would be revealed to him.

September 28, 2012
God Chose His Own Mother


One night, Jesus said, “God is not far from the world and especially he is not far from the Jewish people. He is close to the world and very close to Israel. How close can he come? Nothing is impossible to God”. (When he said those words I gasped because Gabriel had used the same expression.).

He went on, “I even believe that God could become a man and dwell among us. I think he would be Jewish and that he would choose a Jewish mother. If I were God, I would choose you for my mother”.

When Jesus said those words, I could see his eyes. The words went forth from his lips and then turned and entered his heart. Divine light was filling his young mind. His eyes revealed someone overwhelmed by a truth that his own lips had said. Finally, he said those words that are forever written on my heart. “Nothing is impossible for God. He can become a man and he can choose a mother and he chose you to be his mother.” I said nothing. His own mind was unraveling this mystery. He was seeing much more than I could ever explain. The conversation ended. Jesus withdrew to his room to speak with his Father in secret.

September 28, 2012
The Most Important Mystery


After that night, our hearts were joined in a truth that we both knew. I had been chosen to be the mother of God. We never spoke directly of who Jesus was. However, all our future conversations took for granted that he was God’s only begotten Son, while being at the same time my son. All the other truths and all the conclusions came forth in a steady stream.

All these truths were based upon the answer to the question, “Who is Jesus?” The question cannot be put away. It is central to all of his claims. How can Jesus be the light of the world, the source of eternal life, the way, the truth and the life, unless he is also God’s only begotten Son, equal to the Father, God from God, light from light, true God from true God? I rest my case. I began speaking of the infinite thirst of the human heart and I have led you to the infinite fountain of life-giving waters, my Son, Jesus. Only you can choose to drink from that fountain.

The Voices of Violence (September 27 to October 3, 2012)

September 27, 2012
Middle East Violence


The days that are ahead are uncharted and will twist and turn. Many events will happen that will not be seen for what they are. They will be written off as unimportant. However, looking back, people will see that they were the first steps on an entirely new road of destruction. New personalities will emerge because of the great changes. People who did not think they could claim great power will seize their new opportunities. It will be the clever and the evil ones who will take advantage of the great vacuum that has suddenly emerged on the world scene. Those whose voices would usually be heard will either be quiet or ineffective. They will see that they are really powerless in the face of the tide of violence.

Only those who preach violence will be heard because no one will oppose them or confront them or even threaten them. Their voices will go forth, be heard, and grow stronger – as if what they were saying is true. Violence and acts of violence will be the only words spoken.  The repercussions cannot be seen. Many will say that this had happened before and then cooled down. However, this situation is different. There is no peace to go back to. People will not cool down because so much has been destroyed that they have nowhere to return to. Violence is the modern word, the today word. Peace is quiet – no longer proposed a legitimate alternative and no longer attractive because it holds no rewards. Only violence is rewarded.

The core of society in the Middle East no longer exists. Only violence offers a hope of a better future – somehow – when the so-called enemies are removed. That is the great delusion that Satan has used to entrap everyone – his friends and his foes. They are all the same to him – people he wants to drag to hell as soon as they do his tasks.

September 28, 2012
A Person Chosen By God


My response to violence will not be long is coming. The crises are at the door and they will not wait for politicians to decide. These crises have their timetable. They will come crashing in, when they desire and how they choose. No one will hold them back once they are unleashed. Whom will I raise up? To whom will I give the mantle of justice? A person after my own heart. This is my revelation. I will raise up the one whom I will call out of hiding. Yes, out of hiding, for he is unknown, hidden in the depth of my heart. When he comes forth, all will know that he belongs to me. He is mine and I will receive the glory for rescuing the world.

September 29, 2012
The Outbreak of Violence


The path of destruction will not be a road that moves straight ahead. It will zig-zag, go back and forth, and even turn on itself and on its own people. Once unleashed, destruction will find its own way. Whatever is in its path, will succumb to its infernal fires. Some people are more vulnerable than others. Others have built up a resistance and are held closely together by bonds of love. Love is the answer. When people love one another they will not turn against each other. They will resist the temptation to violence against someone who is weak and can easily be taken advantage of.

That is what will first sweep across the nations. People will see that they can gain certain goals by violence. They will see that others are weaker and will not be able to resist. My laws which say “Do not kill” and “Do not steal” will mean nothing to them. They will seize their opportunity and violence will break out. They will not realize that they have unleashed destructive forces that cannot be contained or even directed. This path of destruction will not move straight ahead but will go back and forth and will even turn upon itself. Beware of violence. When this is unleashed, no one is in control.

September 30, 2012
Violence at the Center of Society


Why do I speak on such a theme? Because violence is in the ascendency and will soon take center stage. Violence begins on the margins where security cannot be adequately enforced and where rebellion has time to grow and spread. At the center, however, there usually remain areas of stability and control. When violence breaks out, people turn to this center for help.

Soon violence will reach this center of society. Institutions needed for stability will be attacked and overthrown. There will be no center of stability to look to. Violence will have moved from the margins to the center.

October 1, 2012
Avoiding the Burning Lava of Violence


Violence is like burning lava that destroys everything which lies in its path. It destroys life that has taken so many centuries to bring about. In a short time, the culture of life is instantly ripped apart and cannot be mended or restored. Human relationships and human culture are pieced together slowly, but they are ripped apart quickly. I say this so that my words are etched into your souls.

Do not take up the sword. Do not use torches of fire. Do not fire your weapons. Seek your safety by being prepared. Flee whenever necessary. I will guide you. Look ahead. Do not be caught off-guard. See the warning signals. I promise to guide you and keep you safe. The greatest protection is not to meet violence with violence, but to see ahead of time the path of violence and to flee so that this stream of lava does not reach you. Blessed are those who heed my words.

October 2, 2012
America Has Not Repented


What will I do to those who pour out this lava of violence? How will I treat them? Are they my messengers of retribution or are they agents of my enemy Satan? They are both and they must be seen as such.

When violence and destruction break out against a nation of peace (as happened at the Twin Towers) people must see this for what it is. Violence is a warning that the people are not living under God. I do not refer to the people who suffered in that tragedy, but to the whole nation. America has sinned. It has killed its unborn. These are far more numerous than those killed in the Twin Towers.

Certainly an enemy did this evil. Yet, the sins of America have cried out for so long. Americans have shouted to me, “We do not want you in our national life”. So, I withdrew my hand of protection and I allowed your enemies to come against you. I did this so you would repent and turn to me. Has this happened? Has America acknowledged its sins? Not at all.

America, you have not learned your lesson. I want you to see your need for my protecting hand. Instead, you have trusted in your own strength to rebuild. How often must I let your enemies attack you before you say, “Let us return to the Lord. He will be our salvation?”

October 3, 2012
The Cries of Aborted Children


I do not call you to death but to life, but right now, you are firmly set on the path of death. You kill your unborn and you think that you have silenced their voice. Really, death multiplies their words. Their little cries come before me constantly. “When will you avenge our deaths?” they ask. Do they not have a right to be heard? Their voices were silenced before your Supreme Court but they are given a true hearing in the heavenly court. This I must say clearly, “America, turn back as quickly as possible from this terrible road of destroying the totally innocent, unborn child. If not, I will come to you with my flaming sword and no one will be able to claim that I am not justified in slaying your children.” Can you not see the mountain of retribution that is being piled up every day with the dead bodies of the unborn children?

October 4, 2012
The Visitation of Jesus


I will visit earth and those whose hearts are prepared will know that I have done this to bless them and to sustain them. For those who do not know me, I will give them a new opportunity. For them to accept my visitation will be more difficult because they are not used to the ways of the Spirit. Yet, even to these, I will extend a hand of welcome.

However, to those who oppose me, who persecute my people, who open the doors wide to every evil – to these my hand will also extend, but it will carry an iron road of chastisements.

Yet, even to these, if they repent and change their ways, I will offer my gift of peace. Only to those who continue in their evil ways, who say, “I will not turn back from this path”, will my chastising hand bring about their destruction. I am the God of life and I offer life to all. Those who refuse my gift of life condemn themselves to eternal death.

The Culture of Confusion (September 29 to October 3, 2012)

September 29, 2012
The Burden of Sins


Trials and sufferings burden mankind and make it difficult for him to turn his eyes to God for help. I continually speak of heaven’s helps but man is unable even to lift up his head. This is the plight of mankind. He needs heaven’s help but he is burdened. I come, therefore, to ease this pain and to lift these burdens. After I complete my work, man will be able to look upward and receive. Let us begin.

The first problem is the great burden that man puts upon himself. He burdens himself with sins. He chooses some present delight and does not see that he stores up a burden of debt. Now, this burden of sins crushes him. This is where I must begin. Repent. Go to confession. Get freed of the burdens. Heaven’s helps seem so impossible to you because sin is your master and holds its foot on your neck. It need not be so. You can never repay your debt but you can quickly get it cancelled. Begin there.

September 30, 2012
A Blinded Will


Man’s second problem is confusion. No longer knowing right from wrong, man chooses his own way quite blindly. Passions and disorderly tendencies push man away from truth. Once man allows the lower appetites to gain control, he never wants to hear this voice of conscience. He loses all interest in trying to know what is right. This is the second burden of modern man.

October 1, 2012
A Deformed Culture


The third burden of modern man is the culture which has so quickly moved from a Christian to a secular and even to a diabolical culture. Values are upside down. Self-expression is valued over self-control (when the former is so easy and the latter is so difficult). Moral norms are pushed aside. They are seen as belonging to a former age which supposedly did not understand. The former age understood all too well. It is modern man who has been cut loose from truth and is afloat in a morass.

Culture should form and shape. Modern culture deforms and distorts. Modern man has lost his rich heritage and does not sense that he is poor. He does not know to search to regain what has been stolen from him. That is why I speak.

October 2, 2012
Thou Shalt Not


Who else points out a true path? Who else leads mankind upward to the heavens? What voices are being raised? I must speak clearly.

Truth requires a great struggle. Truth is like a hill that can be climbed only at a cost. Truth must be woven into life. Truth must be lived. Thousands of decisions for truth must be made, small decisions and big decisions. If the small ones are neglected, the big ones will never happen. Truth is to live in light.

Many do not want the light. They prefer darkness and do not want the truth to challenge their style of life. Man wants to do what he wants to do. He does not want a clear voice saying, “Thou shalt not”. Every person, at some moment, needs to hear the words, “What you want to do, what you would prefer to do, you are not allowed to do”. Happy the man who hears those words and restrains his selfish desires. He has saved himself great agony.

October 3, 2012
An Invitation To A Straight Road


Now, let me come to the end. Mankind can be saved only by light and by truth. These two qualities do not allow the person to wander from the path of life and they do not allow for selfish desires. They point out a road that is straight and narrow. Every other road leads to darkness, confusion and death. Darkness because the person has no guide. Confusion because all becomes subjective. Death because that road leads away from the living God. Take my hand. We will walk my road and I will always be with you.

Russia – The Evil Empire (October 5 to October 7, 2012)

October 5, 2012
Allowing Russia Back on to the Stage


I speak so clearly because the time is short and the dangers are great. Mankind cannot grasp the importance of these days and months. So, I reveal these truths and show everything that will happen in as concise a manner as possible.

When destruction breaks out, man will begin to unleash the terrible weapons that he has stored up, but has never dared to reach for. Moderation will be pushed aside. Whatever can be unleashed will be unleashed. The Great Powers will stay on the sidelines, feeling that those involved in these conflicts will soon spend themselves and these fires will go out. All of this is a mistake. Steps should have been taken earlier to prevent these smaller nations from gaining these weapons. Instead, the growth of armaments was overlooked and pushed aside. Decisions were not made.

All of this happens because the relationship between America and Russia is still one of rivalry and not friendship. This so-called friendship is a lie that has prevented steps from being taken that would have insured world peace. Russia has been allowed back onto the world stage.

October 6, 2012
The Deceiving Russia


Now, it is too late to restrict Russia’s powers. She has been allowed to regain her strength and also her position. This is the goal of her leader – to make Russia what she formerly was, a super-power to be reckoned with and feared. One path has been blocked. Due to the prayers of my people, those countries that were once subjugated to her have gained their freedom and no longer support her empire, her evil empire.

Russia moves behind the scenes. The empire is gone but the evil remains and tries to find other means to control and dominate. She makes alliances with those who share her hatred for America. She schemes with them while smiling at America (as if her heart had changed). Can you not read her smile? It is a smile of betrayal and of ridicule, that covers over the truth.

When will you see, America, that Russia has always remained your enemy? She hid this truth to deceive you.

October 7, 2012
Reaping the Evil Harvest


Now, it is late. Russia has been allowed to form alliances. Her new friends have been allowed to gain strength. Soon they will all oppose you. Are you surprised? Does this cause you wonder? Anyone with a keen eye could easily see. You have been deceived by the Evil One, failing to judge truthfully when all the signs were clear. Now, you can only reap the harvest of your blindness and deceit. The fruits will not be slow in coming.

Why do I speak when your decisions have already been made? I want to rip away the mask that Russia has placed over your eyes. There is no need to continue to walk this dark road which will lead only to the destruction of your sons, your daughters, and your friends.

America, take up again your former position. Russia is your sworn enemy, and you foolishly sign treaties with her. I weep over you, foolish America.

Finding the Road of Light (October 4 to October 8, 2012)

October 4, 2012
Using Your Moments of Disappointments


The great moments of light come when earth disappoints you. While your heart is absorbed with earth and you believe that earth can fulfill all your hopes and desires, you are closed to the light. When the moment of disillusionment arrives, when your dreams of earthly happiness seem shattered, when you taste of earth’s fruit and realize that it can never satisfy – those are the moments when great light can come.

Each one arrives at this point by different roads, by different events and at different times. Each responds differently. Some mistakenly believe that they have not plunged deeply enough into what earth offers. Others believe that emptiness is all they can expect, that their youth is over. But others use those moments to gain the light. That is what I will teach you.

October 5, 2012
The Narrow Road of Light


In moments of disappointment, do not turn back or look in another direction. It is too late to look for other paths to safety. There is only one path – the one that I will show you. Your heart must be steadfast. Do not fear and, especially, do not look for other options. Other roads will seem easier to walk but they will not lead to salvation.

What road am I talking about? It is the road of light as contrasted with the road of darkness. The light is within you. I have placed it in your heart. Unfortunately, this light is mixed with many elements of darkness (those desires that pull you). Resist these. Follow only your desires for light. This is the narrow road but soon you will gain an ease and the darkness will be left behind.

October 6, 2012
Not a Child’s Game


Why do I ask people to set aside their desires even some that are legitimate? I do this because the reward is so great and the dangers are so numerous. When the goal is eternal life and when the enemy is the Evil One, then the demands must be great. Otherwise, seeking the kingdom would be like a child’s game. If the child loses, the game can be played again.

Eternal life is quite different. A person lives but once. He chooses but once. His decisions are recorded forever. This is not a child’s game nor is it the work of a few days. The demands are heavy and the time for faithfulness spreads out over many years, until the hour of death. This is the narrow road of light that few walk. I call you to this road and promise that I will help you.

October 7, 2012
The Road of Faith


First, remember that this road leads to heaven and to an eternal happiness that will never end. It is different from human paths which lead only to human goals. Second, you must walk this path all your life, never swerving from it. Finally, you must hope that when your eyes shut in death that they will open in the glory of heaven. All is faith. You cannot even see the road without faith and you will not persevere on this road without faith. So, listen to my words. These will give you faith.

October 8, 2012
Mary – The Perfect Human Person


When the sun of your life sets (as will inevitably happen) there will be awaiting you eternal glory. You need not lead a perfectly sinless life to enter glory. That is impossible. Man is frail and subject to many failures. You must, however, always seek heaven and always turn to the good. But this, too, is impossible without my help. I will explain all that took place and why I speak to you.

Two things are impossible for you – to always do the good (never to sin) and to always seek the good. However, I have done these two things. I have accomplished these goals. I always did the good, every moment of my life. I never committed sin and I always sought the good. This was possible for me by my Immaculate Conception, God’s special gift. Now I reveal the secret to you. The powers God gave to me, I will give to you. This is the easy way to walk the narrow road.

To Those Who Know the Urgency (October 9 to October 12, 2012)

October 9, 2012
The Prudent Servant


There is great darkness ahead which cannot be overcome by human powers. To one degree or another, the whole earth will be caught up in this darkness. The darkness will not be uniform. There will be degrees of darkness, but all will experience this time of darkness to some degree.

The darkness will entrap many people. However, some will use the darkness well. They will say, “In this darkness, I need God’s light more than ever”. These are the wise and prudent servants who know the urgency of the moment. They set aside other concerns, knowing that they must give all their efforts to gain the light. It is to these that I speak.

October 10, 2012
Your Assessment is Correct


I will not speak to the whole world because those who are anxious to respond need my special words. I have spoken before to the whole world inviting all to come to me. Let them read those prior locutions so their hearts are alerted to the urgency of the present. These words speak to those whose hearts have already been touched.

To you who sense the urgency of these days, I say, “You are correct. What you see and experience is true. The great events of darkness have already begun. The world has chosen its path and it will not turn back (even though the Father offers his helps).

Too many hearts are blinded and are claimed by evil. Many others are indifferent. They see no urgency and no reason to choose a different path. Some people are instruments of evil and others accept the current direction. It is impossible for the world, without a miracle of repentance, to change its course from darkness to light. Therefore, my first word to you is that your assessment is quite correct. The world is hurtling into a darkness that has never been experienced since my Son’s death and rising.

October 11, 2012
New Spiritual Gifts


These times would be hopeless except that I draw closer to the earth than ever before. I appear so frequently. I give so many messages. This is what I want to reveal. I now abide on earth in a way never realized before. I offer helps that have never been given before. Soon I will reveal my presence in even more open and startling ways. First, however, I speak to you who already sense my presence. You will respond to my words and be blessed by them.

The spiritual gifts of the present will be seen as nothing compared to the spiritual gifts which I will very soon begin to pour out. At first, you will not believe that this is even possible, but, then, you will remember these words. That is why I speak. You will recall that I promised an astonishing outpouring which will wrap everyone who believes in my protecting mantle.

October 12, 2012
Do Not Reject New Favors


This special presence is so important that it will be offered to everyone. However, many will not realize that I am presenting this gift. They will not take the time to turn away from their material pursuits and pleasures to open their hearts. Therefore, I speak to you who see the urgency. Your hearts are already open.

Do not reject my special favors. Do not think that you already possess enough and need not open your hearts to what is new. Past favors are not enough. You are in a desert and need a great supply of water to survive. I supply this water in the abundant new favors.

The Coming Visitation of Jesus (October 13 to October 22, 2012)

October 13, 2012
I Am Coming Soon


You must know my heart and my burning desire to visit the earth in ways that have never happened since I became flesh and lived among men. This will begin very soon. Yes, I am coming soon. Before this takes place, I must explain clearly the nature of my coming and how I will manifest myself. Otherwise, many will miss my coming, just as many missed my first coming in the flesh. This is the purpose of these locutions.


Before Jesus came, Israel was prepared by the ministry of John the Baptist. Otherwise, Jesus’ coming on the scene would have been too hidden. The hidden years of Nazareth were completed. It was no longer a time for him to remain hidden.

Before his death on the cross, it was vital that there be some years of manifestation. This happened by his preaching, his miracles and the gathering of disciples. Although many in Israel rejected or ignored Jesus, the years of manifestation bore fruit. The seed of faith in Jesus was sown in the hearts of the disciples. This bore fruit in the Church which continues to this day. So, do not despise the time of little beginnings. Such will be these locutions, the seeds of a small but powerful beginning.

October 14, 2012
Signs and Wonders


Obviously, I will not come in the flesh, because this is how I came the first time. Also, I will not come in glory when every eye will see and all will be gathered together by the angels. How then will I come? I will come in signs and wonders, in great powers and in miracles that have never been witnessed before. I will come in graces of massive conversions, massive both in their extraordinary nature and in the numbers who will be touched.

These miracles and conversions will be beginning signs. They will begin immediately and will prepare the world for the greater events. These will be external and internal experiences. The external will be seen by all in a given part of the world and will lead to many conversions.

The internal experiences will be worldwide, but of course, hidden from view because they will take place within the person’s heart. However, many will speak of their experiences. In this way they, too, will become external. All of these are not the final gift but will lead up to and will prepare for the great gift of my coming.


My task is the same as that of John the Baptist. Jesus will come in a special way but he will not force his divine presence upon anyone. In his public life, his divinity was kept hidden.  He would tell people that he was the special Son of the Father, but, seeing only his human nature, they had to believe his words. So it will be again. His full coming in heavenly glory, when every eye shall see, still lies ahead!

His present coming is not in human flesh or in heavenly glory. Therefore, I must prepare the world, just as John the Baptist did, for this coming which is already taking place and to which people must respond to receive the blessings.

October 15, 2012
Preparing for the Coming


This great and final gift of my special coming, by which I will bring an unimaginable period of peace to the world, must be prepared for. If the people respond to these religious stirrings, they will hasten my coming. All must share. All must participate. All must be open. All must receive. Everyone is very important in this enterprise. I am coming soon.


How active I have been and how even more active I will become. The world is in these special days of Jesus’ divine visitation. The initial gifts have already begun to fall from the heavens. The great and new manifestations of Jesus’ divine powers are ready to be poured out. All must believe. As the angel Gabriel said to me “All things are possible with God”. This must be the new religious spirit that fills my Church. Yes, it must first fill my Church and then spill out to the whole world. Where else would I begin? First, I offer these gifts to believers. If they do not accept them, I will go directly to the world. Oh, how I want my Church to be open to these new signs and wonders. Just remember, “With God, all things are possible”. As the signs begin, many non-believers will come to faith in the Church.

October 16, 2012
Need To Believe


Many will not believe my words, even those who try to serve me. They will continue to use their own efforts to bring about my kingdom. However, these efforts will fail. They are not enough in the face of the enormous powers of modern evil.

If, however, they believe and open their hearts to my coming, I will share with them my powers. I will do my signs and wonders through them because they so much want to serve me. To these I address my words because through them many others will be led into the kingdom. To these servants, especially, I say, “I am coming. Watch and pray.”


When the angel came to me and told me that I would be the Mother of God, I had to believe. God was about to bring the greatest blessing in history. He would take flesh and dwell among us. This was the moment of Jesus’ first coming. However, this all depended on me. God would not force his way into his own creation. Such is the way of God. He places so much in the hands of men.

At that moment, I had to believe that God would truly do this. So you, O servant of the Most High, who so desire that his kingdom come, who so desires a complete victory over evil, you, too, must believe these words. Jesus will come upon the earth in a special way with extraordinary manifestations. Please believe his words so that his power is fully manifested.

October 17, 2012
Two Great Realities


To my servants, I say, “Do not just go about your daily work, as if these were normal times. The wolf is at the door and the harvest is ripe. Yes, there are two great realities that demand from you a lifting up of your eyes”. “The wolf is at the door” means that the Evil One wants to destroy my Church and he believes that this is possible. He feels that he has so captured mankind that he can come directly against the Church. “The harvest is ripe” means that this is also the moment of the greatest conversions, when mankind will turn in great numbers to me and to my Church. So, I say, lift up your eyes from your work to see that I am coming soon.


So much depends upon human cooperation. Would God have become a man if I had said “no”? Even to ask that question is to shudder. There would have been a world without Jesus, a world that remained totally under the Evil One, a world with no hope and no light.

“The wolf is at the door”. Mankind has no idea of what is imminent. Only Jesus can save the world and he is already pouring out signs and wonders. However, you who so love him and love his Church must be prepared to respond. Listen carefully to my words. “Set aside many of your works. Some are useless anyway. Come with me into Jesus’ presence. Spend hours each day in prayerful quiet. There, I will prepare you.” My message is easy to grasp. Jesus will come and I will prepare you, but I need hours each day to do this.

October 18, 2012
Those Who Do Not Listen


If I speak and those who work for me do not listen, I will allow them to go their own ways, living out their years but not accomplishing much for my Church. If they are in critical positions, I will move them off the scene and give my vineyard to others who will know how to reap the new harvests by greater faith and fidelity to my words. In all things I will be gentle, but I will not allow the great harvest to come and to die on the vine.


This is not a time to tolerate laziness and sloth. This is not a time to say “Tomorrow I will get to it tomorrow”. The urgency is now. The need to act is now. The need to prepare is now. There is no more time to waste. Too much time has already been wasted (while Satan’s forces have been active and alive). So, I say to you who love my Church and to you who have given your life for my Church, “It is not too late to regain what has been lost. You are now in a season of refreshment, a season of heavenly favors never seen since the Word became Flesh. Yet, all must respond like I did, with special faith.”

It was not easy to believe that God wanted to become a man. Gabriel had to remind me that all things are possible with God. Also, it was not easy to surrender to the great favor of being God’s mother.

The cost was high and the demands were total. You must believe that Jesus is coming. You must accept this by faith and surrender totally to his plan. Much will be asked of you but much will also be given to you. This time will not happen again. It is granted only to those who are living now upon the face of the earth.

October 19, 2012
New Vineyards and New Wine


I look for those whose hearts can expand and whose minds can be filled with new faith. Events will take place that have never been seen before on the face of this earth. They will not force anyone to believe nor will they capture their hearts without their own acceptance.

These great gifts will need to be explained so the full harvest of grapes comes forth and the vats of new wine overflow. This is what I am searching for, workers in the vineyard, filled with new faith, who believe in a new harvest and new wineskins.

Behold, I will make all things new for all who can be filled with new faith.


I will speak. My tongue will not be silent. God’s favors are too great and are offered to all. The heavens are filled with God’s favors which are about to be released. First, there will be the darkness, the time of seeming hopelessness. Then, the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart and all the graces of Fatima will be released, as if someone had cut a cord that restrained the flow.

How I await that moment when the consecration will finally be accomplished and the new era of my Immaculate Heart will begin. This is what Jesus and I am preparing you for by our words. We are not speaking of some far away gifts, or what is not known to you. We speak of what is close, familiar and at hand.

October 20, 2012
New Preachers


I will stir up the hearts of many who have never heard my call to preach. This will be the first sign. Preachers will come forth. Just as the word came to John the Baptist in the desert, so my words will touch many. They will not have been trained, nor will they come from one walk of life. There will be men and women, old and young.

Let no one discourage them. Let no one say that this is not the way to go. Let the floodgates be opened and the preachers sent forth. The time is too short and the harvest is too great. When suddenly young and old, male and female are using my name to cast out demons and to heal and to proclaim that the kingdom is at hand, all will know that the great events of salvation have begun.

“Can this happen in our secular world?”, you ask. With God, all things are possible. This sign will be clear.


You who read these words, do not wait. Do not say, “Where must I go to be trained?” You have these locutions. They have trained you. They have stirred up your heart. This is what you are to do. Come to me every day in prayer. I will train your heart. I will give you light. I will tell you where to begin and what to do and say.

Begin in a little way. Do not grow discouraged. Not everyone will respond. Sometimes, what you do will seemingly have no results. But you are pleasing me. I will note your perseverance and I will be forming you as my instrument. The only important point is not to wait until tomorrow. Begin right now. “O Mary, make me a preacher, one who shares in your task as the new John the Baptist”. There it is. You have chosen the road.

October 22, 2012
Evil Collapses


The other signs will also be clear. Suddenly, the enormous walls of evil will crumble. Those institutions that are built on sin and propagate sinful activities will suddenly fall on hard times – abortion providers, pornography makers, politicians who exploit evil and the gambling casinos. All of these industries Satan has built slowly and I will have them crumble quickly. This is to free my people from these life-destroying parasites, who force their evils especially upon those with addictions. In this way, many will be free to listen to the preachers.


In the gospels, Jesus sent forth his preachers and told them that he would follow them, visiting the towns which were prepared. I, however, say to my preachers, “Do not be afraid. I will go before you. I will prepare the way for you, just as you will prepare the way for my Son.”

I know that you are fearful and do not know exactly what to do. As I go before you, I will prepare hearts. As you preach, you will be surprised. The people’s hearts have already been touched in a private and silent way. These people need also the external preaching which will confirm what they have already experienced.

I will not ask my preachers to form new roads or to remove great mountains. I will do this as I go before you. You will be surprised how these prepared hearts will respond. But you must preach. The people need the external word to confirm their internal experience.

October 22, 2012
The Final Words


There will be more signs that will certainly be noticed. The crudeness of modern life will give way once more to a respect for what is sacred. Lyrics to songs that are so inappropriate will be shunned. Disrespect, which has become ingrained now in relationships, will be once more set aside. People’s language will be purified. Civility will return. The human heart will once more value what is truly worthy of human conduct and will reject what is vile and raw. The Holy Spirit will make mankind gentle and respectful. Those who continue to act inappropriately will find themselves isolated. The preachers will turn the hearts of children to their parents and the hearts of parents to their children.


Now I come to the final word. All is prepared for the banquet of the Lamb but the people most come. They cannot come, unless they know that they are invited. So, I will summarize all that has been said.

God has already begun to act upon mankind. These actions are filled with blessings such as have never been seen before. Even with these special blessings, the people might not realize what is happening. Even as the blessings increase, their eyes might still not grasp what they see. So, these words prepare the way. I am the new John the Baptist and my Son is coming into a closer relationship with mankind than ever before.

This new stage will be filled with divine manifestations and new invitations for all to repent and turn to the living God. As all of this occurs, you will remember my words.

Overcoming All Divisions (October 23 to October 30, 2012)

October 23, 2012
Direction to Modern Man


I must give direction to modern man because he has lost his way. He is confused. All the directional signs have been turned around. The stream that used to carry man to good now flows toward evil. What has happened? The great powers that form the culture have been commandeered by evil. People exploit the media for their selfish goals, leaving behind a path which has destroyed traditional values.

All recognize this cultural confusion and the breakdown of a unifying spirit. All go their own way, taken up with their own beliefs. Nothing joins them all. Such was not the case before. Christendom and the Catholic Church joined all in a common faith and into one Church. This will be my focus.


Can it happen? Can the churches be joined again? Can there be a unity of Christianity? All of this is impossible for man. No matter what steps he takes, greater division occurs. Churches multiply but they are not in union. The world exploits this division. It introduces other churches where Jesus is not proclaimed as Lord and as God’s true son. Cults arise where the Evil One is exalted. Man is helpless to overcome this division. However, with God all things are possible.

October 24, 2012
The Unifying Power of Faith has been Lost


It was not always this way. In the Ages of Faith, the cathedrals reached into the heavens and man’s spirit also knew that he was made for heaven. Earth was seen as a vestibule, a time leading into the eternal. Faith dominated the culture and all, even the least worthy, were touched and affected by faith.

This faith spread over boundaries and all saw themselves as shares in my riches. Even the political rules saw the value of a common faith to unite their people and to integrate new peoples into a common belief and life.

Now, the unifying power of faith has been lost. The commonly shared values and patterns of acting are no more. Modern man is adrift, awash in conflicting belief systems. Yes, modern man, you who have rejected Christian belief have a belief system you forged your own, but it will not stand the test of time.


The problem of man’s confusion lies ultimately in the division of the Churches. How can man have a unified belief when the Churches themselves have divisions? The splintering of religious belief was preceded by the splintering of the Churches. To restore the great unity of belief in the Ages of Faith, I must restore the unity of the Churches.

Do not think that this is impossible, or even that it is far away. Surprising events will lead to a truer and deeper union than ever before, including a union with Israel that should never have been broken.

October 25, 2012
This Stream of Disbelief is Strong


This stream of disbelief is strong and it separates man. Disbelief, the absence of any faith in a true and personal God, cannot unite. Disbelief robs society of its oneness. Society fractures into a hundred little belief systems, each with its adherents. No one is joined. All are separated. This is the powerful stream now flowing which, more than anything else, will cause the collapse of the West.

O modern man, see the causes of your problems. You try to forge a political unity when you neglect a oneness in faith. Can the family of mankind come together when they reject God as their father?


All in the world are my children. No one is outside the scope of my love. Yet, so many do not know me and many who call on me do not know the powers that God has given to me. That is why I speak. Jesus will come again and I am now preparing the way. I am preparing the world for his coming. First, the divisions must be healed. To do this requires divine power and a divine plan. As people learn God’s plan, he can pour out his power. Then, God’s plan will not go astray or be used incorrectly.

God’s plan for unifying the world is through the unification of the Churches. Where all are interlocked by charity and truth, they will be ready to be a light to the nations of what God’s power can do. This will stir up the leaders and the writers. They will see God’s gift and say “We, too, must see what God is going”. They will then come into a new light of unity, but the gift must begin with the Churches and Israel.

October 26, 2012
Powerful Forces Tear Apart the Fabric of Society


Now, powerful forces tear apart the fabric of society because man no longer shares a common religious faith. When the idea of God is shattered, what can unite man? How can people see themselves as brothers and sisters when they have no common father? This is the great need, for all to regain the shared belief in God as their Father.

Look at any family. When the father is strong, the family has a clear identity. His permeating presence unites them, especially if he loves them with all his heart. The human family has the same need for God the loving Father. Nothing else will join mankind.


The human heart clamors for oneness. All of its hopes and desires are for unity but these desires are constantly frustrated by the power of sin. Spouses yearn for oneness but their selfishness builds walls. Peoples yearn for oneness but selfish interests cause conflicts. Leaders arise with great talents and people say “This is the one who will unite us”. O foolish people. Your desires for oneness are far deeper than you ever suspect and no human person can even fulfill these hopes.

Your desires came from heaven and can only be fulfilled by heaven. If you seek oneness, they seek it in heavenly things. You ask, “How can I seek this alone? You cannot do so. You must seek it with others. Start now along this path. Begin with just one other person. Unite your hearts and seek each day the Father’s witness on your union. What is accomplished in this way will not pass away.

October 27, 2012
I want the Whole World to Experience the Father


No one has ever seen the Father except the Son. Now I want the whole world to experience the Father. These are the new graces which will soon be flowing from my heart. The greatest gift is to know the Father. How can man see the Father? Philip said to me, “Show us the Father” and I replied, “Philip, whoever has seen me has seen the Father”. (Jn.14:9)

Soon, I will manifest myself to the whole world and all will see me. At that moment, all will be able to know and see the Father. I will offer the world the great gift, as it was in the beginning when mankind was sinless and knew the Father. Now, mankind is filled with sin and hides in shame from the Father. All of that will change with the new gift. You must believe that I am coming soon.


Mankind does not realize it but it really seeks the heavenly Father. It is like an orphan child who sees other children with their fathers and wonders why it is deprived. Yes, mankind is deprived and isolated. It is deprived of experiencing the heavenly Father and is isolated from others. The second results from the first.

The intense yearning to be joined with the heavenly Father is often set aside and overlooked. It is like a hidden mystery that constantly causes inner problems, and allows mankind to experience a oneness with other people for which he is created also.

October 28, 2012
Pay Attention to the Stirrings of your Heart


These gifts are already being given to my special servants so they can write and describe them. When you read of these new blessings, do not doubt. They are real. Also, do not say, “There are just for some” because this is what is new. What used to be just for some is now for all. Before, the special souls were enlightened and taught to seek these favors. Now, I come for all. I want to manifest myself to all the world. This is already taking place in your own heart. Pay attention to the stirrings of your heart and you will agree with all that I am teaching you.


How can man overcome these divisions which are everywhere? Husbands are divided against wives and wives against husbands. Parents are divided against children and children against parents. The same pattern holds true everywhere. Nation is against nation and peoples against peoples. The world is filled with little groups and all are fighting for their rights.

At the core of all man’s problems is the reality of division, a division which happened in the beginning when mankind, by its own choice, became divided against God. O mankind, do not try to heal your own divisions because you yourself are the cause of these divisions. Repent and turn to God. When this first division is healed, all the others will be removed. In my Son, Jesus, all are one – Jew and Gentile, man and woman.

October 29, 2012
The Great Ages of Faith


When I come in the fullness of my divine visitation, the world will be quite different. The mind of men will by purified. Disbelief will have been cast out because no one can see and hear all that will occur and not believe that there is a God whose word should be heeded.  It is not that men will be perfect but the dark clouds that have hidden the great sun of faith will no longer exist. Those writers who claimed to have discovered a new world without God, a world of a mankind come of age, will be laughed at and set aside. Those who explain divine mysteries will be listened to. This is how it was in the great Ages of Faith.


Can I bring human hearts together again when so many centuries have caused division? Pope John XXIII took the first step in that direction but much was done that limited the effects of his plan. Yet, the goal was put in view, that “all may be one”. Those are my Son’s words. He wanted the oneness of his disciples to be a sign and an invitation to the world, that all mankind could enjoy a new ones.

What happened to Jesus’ dream of unity? Divisions broke out between his disciples and Israel, divisions which last even until now. This is the goal of Fatima, to heal the centuries of divisions between the Church and Israel, for I am a member of both.

October 30, 2012
This Final Age of My Coming


How should mankind move toward this Final Age of my coming? Certainly, not by “buying and selling, marrying and giving in marriage”. These are the necessary activities of earth but man must be lifted up higher.

Whenever there is a divine visitation, what is normally done each day must be put aside. The blessings come to all but are only received when the earth pays full attention.

This is why I speak, O reader. I want you to be fully aware. If you need mercy, mercy is abundant. If you need light, light will be given to you. If you need do turn way from sin, the grace of conversion is available. The divine favors are falling from the heaven. Why, to prepare your heart for my coming divine visitation. My words are clear and my message is complete.


The divine visitation will be soon but the divine favors are now. When formerly, God would give ten blessings, he now bestows a hundred. When before he would hold back his favors until a more propitious time, now he bestows them, knowing how soon he will come. Now that we have comes to the end of this teaching, read our words again. You have obtained the main thoughts. Go back and gather up the blessings that you missed the first time.

An Invitation to Drink (October 31 to November 3, 2012)

October 31, 2012
Pouring Forth Gifts


What gifts I hold in my heart for all of mankind! I do not keep these hidden. I reveal them for all who would listen to my word. Many refuse to listen. To these, I cannot even explain what is available. Others have no interests in the gifts that would lift up their souls. They seek only what is of earth, having no interest in heavenly blessings.

Yet, I will pour forth my words and reveal all that I want to do for mankind. All the world can read and understand. Some will walk away, not interested in these gifts. Others, however, will tarry, giving time and giving my words a hearing. My word will attract them and they will find themselves thirsting for my kingdom.


O soul, do not wait. Do not put off this call upon your heart. Do not say, “I will come back another day”. No, this is the moment of your call and your salvation. You have already spent too many years in this darkness which has penetrated you and hopes to capture you as its eternal victim. These words are your only hope. They will offer you the only light that can save you.

November 1, 2012
The Heavenly Water


O mankind, why do you thirst for other waters when the true, living water flows from my heart. I will describe this water, so you will want to drink fully. The water I would give you springs up to eternal life. You can live forever and ever. You are immortal and you can have unending life. Without my water, you will die in your thirst.

Water is vital. Without water, no human life is possible. Without my living water, no eternal life is possible. This is the first truth. As your body needs earthly water so your soul needs heavenly water and I am the only source of this water. You cannot gain it anywhere else.


How confusing is your world! One day is filled with happiness. Then, everything changes. Even you change. What you had yesterday does not satisfy you today. You have no control over events and even little control over your own feelings.

Cannot I use this confusion? Cannot I speak in the middle of your trials? Will you not listen attentively, knowing that I will help you? Now, listen to my words.

The way you are walking is not the correct way. It will lead you only into darkness and into death. I come to show you another way, a passage of light that will lead you out of darkness. This light will not change. It will not disappoint you. It will always point in the same direction. Even if you stumble, or walk in a different direction, this light will still shine and call you back. Take my hand. We will begin now to walk in my new light.

November 2, 2012
Choosing a Messenger


Why do you not hear this truth elsewhere? Who has been covering up the truth? The light of faith has been taken off the lampstand and placed in hiding where no one can see. People have no idea of their thirst for eternal life nor any idea of how to gain this goal. Man has deceived man. The darkness in some hearts has led to the darkness in many because those few control the messages that go forth. So, I have found my own messenger and that person brings my words through these locution.


Where does this light shine? In the depths of your own heart, in your thoughts and in your feelings. This is the first and most obvious place to put my light. But how can you find this light within yourself? You must begin with a decision to walk in light and to turn away from all darkness. At times, it is easier to know the places of darkness that the places of light.

So, begin there. Identify your greatest place of darkness. Where, in your life, are you engulfed in darkness? Let us begin there. Renounce this darkness. Ask me to bring you out. That is an excellent beginning. At least you see the first step. Start there and start now.

November 3, 2012
Thirst For the True Waters


I pour my words into my messenger’s heart so they will flow into your hearts. See how I bend down, how I accommodate myself to your state. You need to hear my message, so I put it in the clearest words. All you must do is read and take the words into your heart. Can I not ask at least that?

Now, let us begin again. My living water is available to all. I do not hold it back. I do not even ration it, even though it is precious. I give to all according to their capacity to receive. I even increase their capacity. The more they drink, the more they thirst, but it is a sanctifying thirst of the spirit. Those who thirst for my water have no thirst for sinful and destructive waters. I own their hearts because they seek only what I can give.


Once you decide to leave the darkness, you wonder how you sought the darkness in the first place. You experience a confusion, “How did I let myself move in that direction? How did I choose so poorly?” This confusion has led you to leave the darkness. You see your new decision as correct and beneficial.

Now, do not hesitate. Do not turn around and covet the darkness you are leaving. You are not yet strong. You are not yet confirmed in the light. Walk without looking back and, whatever you do, do not return to your previous darkness. The light calls you and attracts you. Do not limit its power over you.

The Coming Darkness (November 6 to November 9, 2012)

November 6, 2012
The Future Months


I see all the events, exactly as they unfold. Nothing is hidden from my eyes. I see the great hopes in the hearts of some and the great evils in the hearts of others. This is the battleground, the heart. All the events come from man’s heart. An evil heart brings forth destruction. A hopeful heart brings forth life.

Which will it be in the months ahead? Who will gain the upper hand? What forces will prevail? This is still to be decided by the free will of man. Yet, much is already set in place. Much has already been decided by past choices. Many have been won over to the side of darkness and cannot escape. They are entrapped. Many in the light do not know exactly what to do. This is the current state of the world.


Jesus and I are there. We are always there. Yet, we allow some events to be decided by the free choices of mankind. In this hour, however, this cannot be. Too much is at stake. Too many lives and too much destruction.

So, we are moving into a new relationship with mankind. He is still free. He can reject this new gift but we must offer it. We will come. We will help and intervene. We are ready to change the very course of history itself. We cannot violate man’s freedom, so man must freely invoke our help. This is my revelation. Jesus and I are completely ready to rescue mankind in this terrifying moment. We ask only that mankind seek our intervention. If mankind seeks our help with all his heart, we will come. If not, then the great forces of destruction will be unleashed by the Evil One and mankind will stand alone and frightened against this powerful enemy.

November 7, 2012
Has God Abandoned Us?


I speak because I will not leave the world in darkness, nor will I abandon it. All must believe that no matter what events occur, I have not abandoned mankind to the forces of evil. This is what you will see in the months ahead. You will see the full power of evil unleashed, so much so that many, even those with great faith, will ask “Has God abandoned us? Is he doing these things because of our sins?”

I must repeat some truths that have already been explained. Man needs my protection because he faces enemies which are much more powerful than he is. However, when man turns his back to me, and even worse, when he walks away from me, he withdraws from my protection and is vulnerable to the Evil One. I do not bring about the evils that destroy so much of human life. Man chooses to walk where he should not walk and to go where I have told him not to go.


Why does man not listen? Why does he choose a road that leads him away from light and into darkness? He walks in that direction because he is blinded to the consequences. He is like a man eating a rich dinner who has no idea of what it will cost him. Mankind makes choices while totally ignorant of their consequences. This is a mankind hurtling into the deepest abyss of darkness and suffering. Do not blame God for what will happen. The violence will be inflicted by man against man, just at the Evil One desires. No one listens to Jesus and I, even when we will save them from the cruelest suffering. Yet, some will listen. These we can save!

November 8, 2012
Removing the Barriers


The trials that will quickly come upon mankind are not due to any divine severity. Man has walked away from light and truth. He has fallen into the darkness of his enemy, the Evil One, who places selfish thoughts and desires in his mind and heart. He also enlightens man how he can easily accomplish these goals. Obviously, these decisions stomp upon my laws and violate my commandments. This is exactly what Satan wants. He knows that my laws are for man’s benefit. They are barriers which I put up so that man does not go over the cliff. When man removes the barriers, there are no safeguards and many plunge to destruction. Whose fault is this? Did I not give my laws? Did I not set up the safeguards? Blame those who chose that path and blame those who chose them as their leaders.


I will not be quiet. I will shout from the rooftops of the internet. My voice will carry to the very ends of the earth. I say to the whole world that the darkness is coming because mankind has turned his back to God’s light, which alone can lead him to peace. There is no peace. War is on the horizon. The weapons are constructed, and will soon be in place. The anger boils over. The conflicts cannot be resolved. It is only a matter of when and where.

No superpower is ready to act. America and Russia have a false friendship brought about by the Evil One to neutralize American power. The stage is set for the lesser powers to fight it out, much to the destruction of man. When it breaks out, who will limit it when no one takes responsibility? Do not adults intervene when children are destroying one another? But these adults have been duped into non-intervention.

November 9, 2012
The Elected Leader


Now the path has been chosen and the leader once more put into power, but not for long. I will strip him of his power and I will reduce him to a helpless and severely flawed leader. Many who supported him will walk away. Others will turn on him. I cannot allow someone who has so openly violated my commandments and taught others to do so to go unpunished. The punishment must take place for all to see because his sins and his sinful decisions have been seen by all. How can I roll back this massive darkness of evil? Only by coming against those who have brought it about. The election is over but the accountability to my justice is just beginning.  I will begin quickly to reduce his popularity and power.


I will restrain my tongue no longer. I will pour out the words of my heart. My children have gone astray, led into the deepest darkness. They do not realize the peril or where they have been led. It is darkness but they think it is light. They cannot see what is ahead. I weep until there are no more tears in my eyes. Yet, in my heart is one whom I will use as a light to the nations. He will be my surprising light. He will release the light of Fatima and mankind will again have reasons to hope.

The Future of America (November 10 to November 12, 2012)

November 10, 2012
The Election Day Decision


There are steps that a nation takes to become blessed and steps which it takes to lose its greatness. These are the choices and decisions, made at many different times. However, at some moments, there are key decisions, turning points when a nation can choose either direction, like a person standing at a crossroad.

America stood at the crossroad on election day and chose the path of deep darkness. It will plunge now into that darkness. There is nothing to hold it back. There are no more restraints. They have chosen a political party which openly denounced my commandments and trampled on my laws. They have said, “This is the party of our choice”. If that is the party of your choice, then you must go where that party takes you.


People stumble and fall but they are able to get up and start again. However, when people choose a direction, they will continue in that way unless there is a change of heart and a change of mind. “We have made a mistake. We must turn around.” America, you cannot turn around. You have held an election. The candidates will be placed in their offices. They will be your leaders. You will go where they take you. You have given them their mandate. I will save the little ones, those who come to me and those who do not agree with this direction. These I can save. The country itself must follow its leaders.

November 10, 2012
True Leaders


It is time to move on, to see what can be gathered among the ruins. Who is there who will speak for the righteous, especially for the unborn? Who will be their voice? Many will come forth, wanting to carry the standard, but whose hands are worthy, whose heart is clean? This is what I demand. I want my leaders to have hands free of bribes and hearts free from evil. I call many to serve. Let them come forth. I need only their good intentions and a willingness to be purified in my blood. This is the path to true leadership – to be a disciple of the Lamb who was slain.


There is always a future, a time to move on because the great gift of my Son’s return in glory has not yet happened. Only then, will the Father’s plan for creation be fulfilled. So, I say these parting words to those who have listened. Never let your hearts be troubled. Behind the darkness, indeed at the very moment of the greatest darkness, I will come for you. I will be with you and I will remain until my Son returns in glory. Let us await him together in great hope. Come, Lord Jesus.

November 11, 2012
A Country Without Restraints


Shall I describe the road that lies ahead for America? The deficits will soar. The banks will not know what to do. The currency will lose its value. The economic system will shake. All because you have chosen a leader who shows no restraint in any way. Everything has broken loose. The barriers of my laws are cast aside. America rewrites the commandments. If there is no restraint concerning my laws, why should there be restraint in spending money? Americans voted for the Democratic Party because they wanted no restraints on their lifestyle. That is what they will get – a country with no restraints.


It is too late. You have voted. Where will President Obama take this nation? There will be surprising roads. He knows where he wants to take America. He has not yet seen how to do it. He ponders his strategies and weighs his options. He does not have much time. The goals are gigantic ones and many would oppose him, so he must plot carefully and keep his true goals hidden until they come in sight. Then, he can reveal all. There is so much hidden and stored deep in his heart. America does not really know all that is there.

November 12, 2012
America’s Place in God’s Heart


Yet, my hand remains upon America, my hand of blessing and protection for all those moments of kindness and thoughtfulness, past and future, which flow from her generosity. America is my only hope in a world that will be plunged into great darkness. America has always held a special place in my heart and I am not about to displace her with another. She is my love, chosen from the beginning of her birth as a nation. Would I abandon one whom I have chosen? Would I set aside my first born? I banish such thoughts from my mind.

I will work with America. In the day of her darkness, I will not abandon her. In the days that she turns away from me, I will not cut her off or reject her. I will await her. I will await her return and she will once more embrace her Maker, as she did in the beginning. The ties are too great, too strong, too long lasting to be shredded in these moments of her foolishness.


Now, I must bring this teaching to a close. America, you have been a foolish child, rejecting your heritage and being led to a pasture where you will feed upon poisonous herbs. Such will be your fate until your sickness grows and you are near to death. But I will not leave go of you, nor will I allow the wolves to devour you. Yes, those wolves who would steal your greatness and leave you lying half-dead by the roadside, are at your door. I will come, like the Good Samaritan when you are deeply wounded. I will care for you and nurse you back to health. All of this will be in time for you to fulfill the great destiny for which you were founded.

America, you have not yet reached your greatest moment. The truly great moment of your history, the moment when you will save the world still lies ahead.

Divine Invitations (November 13 to November 17, 2012)

November 13, 2012
An Invitation to Faith


I speak to the world because some will listen and be saved. How many will be saved? I was asked that question and I said that people must enter by the narrow gate and walk the narrow road. Many think that the road is wide. However, the wide road does not lead to salvation and, indeed, many walk that road.

I speak and many do not listen. Yet, a few take my words and find eternal life. Those who find my road need a special light because the light in the world leads only to darkness. A person cannot find the road to life unless he receives this special light called faith. Once he receives faith, he must cherish it above everything else. He must live by this light and even be willing to die for his faith. That is how important this gift is. So, reader, cherish faith above everything else. Live by faith and you will live forever.


I nourish this faith in all believers. I protect it and never let this light go out or be stolen. Nevertheless, many who receive this light in childhood, lose it as adults. They set it aside as unimportant. They grow concerned about so many other goals. They do not find time for the practice of their faith. Yet, in their hearts, the roots of faith are still planted.

For others, the seed of faith has never been sown. Their hearts are like rocky soil that cannot receive the seed. These, and many other causes, block the seed of faith that is so essential to eternal life. By these words, we will send forth a fresh invitation to the whole world to believe.

November 14, 2012
An Invitation to Surrender


I ask for a commitment of the heart, a full, total dedication that leaves no stone unturned in seeking my interests. I ask for great hearts that do not count the cost. With these hearts, I can do great things and bless many.

I call all to this level of faith. To everyone, I extend the invitation. If, right now, you experience some desire to surrender yourself completely, then read on. These words are for you.


Do not be afraid of Jesus’ invitation, as if the cost might be too high and you cannot make the sacrifices that are needed. These thoughts come from the Evil One. Just set out. I will be with you. When you grow tired, I will refresh you. When you grow weary, I will console you. When you seem surrounded with darkness, I will come with my light. Together, and only together with me, can you reach the goal of faith, your heavenly home.

This is not a short journey, a journey of a day, a week or even a year. This is a journey of a lifetime that ends in eternal life for you and for many others. Let us walk together.

November 15, 2012
An Invitation to Receive


I have many treasures of my heart that I want to place in your heart. Do not be concerned that you are unworthy. I have chosen you to receive. You are reading these words. They are my invitation and my assurance.

I place my gifts in your heart because that is where they belong. They do not belong in my heart. They are gifts, meant to be given away. When in my heart, they remain wrapped up and do no good. When I give them to you, I expect you to unwrap them, learn what they are for, and use them for yourself and for others.

How much I want to distribute these gifts! Do not be surprised that I have chosen you to receive.


All that you read here is encouraging. All the words lift up your heart. They tell you that all can and will be accomplished if only you agree. This is true. God can do all things and wants to give every blessing. He needs you to believe and to open your heart, so you can receive. After you are filled with the blessings, you have a responsibility to open them, to see how they can help others and what you must do. However, this is a great privilege – to receive and to distribute blessings that come from Jesus’ heart. So many try to distribute their own blessings. No one gets helped and soon the person is empty, having nothing more to give. You are to give only what Jesus give you to distribute. First, you must receive from his heart. Then, you can begin to share with others.

November 16, 2012
An Invitation to Love


My first and greatest gift is for you to love me with all your heart. I give this gift freely and without reserve. It pours out of my heart and can be received by all. This love changes you, and gives new direction and meaning to your life. This love was the fire that led all the saints on their path of holiness. Do you want this fire of my love? I am ready to give it to you right now. Just open your heart and ask. “Jesus, please give me the fire of your love”.

Good! You have said the prayer. Now we can proceed to other gifts.


This fire must go everywhere. Do not limit its power or place obstacles to its life-changing purposes. Let the fire touch your sins and consume them. First, receive forgiveness for your past sins. The fire consumes these quickly and instantly. Then, receive a fire that will protect you from future sins. This is given to you over a longer period of time. Let the fire extend to others in the way you speak and act and even feel towards them.

Finally, let the fire bring you peace and joy. You are on the right road. You have allowed the fire of my Son’s heart to purify you and to lead you out of darkness into his new light. I will be with you in your new life. I was the first to receive this fire.

November 17, 2012
An Invitation to Serve


Love leads immediately to a forgetfulness of self, to the ability to set aside selfish desires and proud thoughts by which you think yourself to be better than others. Love bestows a spirit of service, a desire that all be blessed as you are blessed. Love is a river that flows out from my heart. After this love is received, the river must not stop with you. It must flow out to all others. In this way, the whole world can be blessed, beginning with those whom you meet every day.


Now you are making progress. You see where this river of love leads you. Do not be afraid. It is a new world, a new land, a new territory. Jesus and I have gone there ahead of you. Be kind to everyone. Forgive those who hurt you. Do good to those who take advantage of you. Do not strike back or take revenge. There is a new path. After a while, you will grow familiar with this path. You will see the folly of your former path and will rejoice that love has changed your heart. Love, only love, can purify the world. That is why I offer this gift so freely.

The Woman Clothed With the Sun (November 19 to November 26, 2012)

November 19, 2012
The Case Against Mankind


Let the court convene. I will speak of all that I have done for mankind and all that mankind has done to me. Then all will see that the days of retribution that lie ahead are not at all equal to the injustice that has been done to me.

In me, all things were created, all the heavens and all the earth. Yet, man turned away and used all that I had made for his selfish goals. I made the world for all to prosper, but the powerful set aside the weak and their cries reach my ears. If I remove the wicked, others more wicked than they rise in their place.

So, I became a man to teach the world how to love, for man had forgotten. I spoke of love, but others thought of violence. Violence prevailed and I died on the cross. Such is the first part of my case against mankind.


The times are very, very serious. These are the days of divine retribution. For so long, I have tried to postpone these days and the heavenly Father has mercifully listened. I have tried to soften the divine blows that are justly awaiting mankind and the heavenly Father has mercifully listened.

Yet, this divine justice cannot be put off totally. Some measures must be taken to bring mankind to its knees. I have pleaded with the Father, to give me one more chance to bring about the repentance of the human race so that these actions of divine justice can be lessened even more.

November 20, 2012
The Ultimate Weapons of Destruction


Now, I come to the present day when my name is known everywhere. In every country and on every continent, my name has been preached and the story of my love and sacrifice for mankind is known.

Yet, the world still does not listen. It walks in a darkness which it finds so attractive. The sins of man multiply. As the power of man increases, his power to do evil multiplies. Man has in his hands the ultimate weapons of destruction and some threaten to use them. Man is entering the greatest stage of darkness, a darkness never before realized in all of history. Yet, he is totally unaware of what lies ahead so soon. That is why I speak so clearly in this extraordinary way.


What can I do when mankind refuses to listen and to turn back? I must give a warning, like a shot across the bow of a ship so that it turns back, a warning that is great enough to awaken the whole world but soft enough not to destroy the world, a warning that alerts and gives time for repentance.

Yet, when I give the warning, will there be preachers who will speak the truth or will they assign the causes to other factors. Will anyone say, “We have sinned, let us repent”. Or will the world continue in its ways of buying and selling, eating and drinking? Will no one say, “Let us call out to God day and night so he will give us swift justice?” Even so, I promise to give a warning and then a time for mankind to turn to me. At least some voices will be raised. Some will repent. Some will turn to me. These I will save.

November 21, 2012
Consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart


I say “Turn back” but my voice is drowned out by a thousand other voices that cry out “Go ahead”, even though mankind is totally unaware of what lies ahead. First, I will tell you what lies ahead. Mankind continues to build weapons of destruction. These weapons proliferate. Attempts to limit them are inevitably compromised. No one is in charge. Everyone lives for their own self-interest. So, the causes of multiplication are everywhere. No one can lead mankind down a path of peace, where these weapons are destroyed forever. That is precisely the gift that the heavenly Father has placed in the heart of my mother, but this gift of Fatima is not opened, even by my church.

So, I call upon my Church to open the Fatima gift as quickly as possible. Consecrate Russia to my mother’s Immaculate Heart. When this is done, the power and light of Fatima will be released upon a world steeped in darkness and on the verge of nuclear disaster. When this consecration is fulfilled, I will raise my voice in powerful ways to call the whole world to unimaginable conversion. Peace will come, just as my mother has promised.


All is not hopeless. The heavenly Father has provided the needed help for these ages of darkness. Even the greatest darkness, the darkness of midnight itself can be turned into the light of the noonday sun. Does this not happen every day of the year? Is there not a midnight followed twelve hours later by the noontime? This can also happen in the day of history. I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun. If mankind would just invoke me, I would change the night into day.

Preparing For the Events (November 22 to November 26, 2012)

November 22, 2012
No Time to Waste


Do not tarry. Do not wait. The time is at hand. The forces of evil can no longer be kept back. Soon, so soon, there will be the gigantic breakthrough. The walls can no longer hold back these powerful forces that have found renewed energy as they have come together and intertwined.

Certain forces of evil were restricted because they were isolated from each other. Now, the evil of one movement joins with the evil of another. They feed and nourish each other, offering what the other needs to effectively unleash their evil. This is what is waiting in the wings, so soon to come into full view.


Do not wait. I will prepare you and shelter you. Run quickly into my Immaculate Heart. You, who do not say the rosary, take it up quickly. You, who do not use the sacrament of confession, go quickly to the priest. You, whose life is in disarray, return to mass. There I will give you an abundant and extraordinary grace of personal conversion.

You, who are at odds with your family, reconcile. You who are locked in an addiction, seek to be free. I will visit you with extraordinary graces and will send others who will help you. I speak to all whom these events will catch unawares. It is not too late. Even if you have only turned to me a few days before the events, even if it is just a very short time that you are on your new road, it will be enough. You will have found the right road before the events. When the events begin, it will be very, very difficult to choose the right road. Begin now.

November 23, 2012
The Events Will Speak for Themselves


I sound the alarm but no one listens. It is drowned out by a thousand other concerns. The buying and selling dominates. It is always the economy that matters, while heavenly riches are set aside. A time will come when I will be silent and allow the events to speak for themselves. People will listen then because everything will be hushed. I speak now, so that some will receive this seed of my word.


When the confusion begins, there is only one hope – that the children remember the words spoken by their mother. Every loving mother foresees situations that can affect her children. She speaks of them, describes them and tells her children ahead of time how they must act to be safe. These are the words which I speak right now.

My children, in the confusion that lies ahead, you must first remember that I am with you. Especially in these days, I offer you my light. I will continue to speak to you, both through these locutions and in your own hearts. As you read my words and hear my words within, you will know that I speaking. Follow those words and you will be safe.

The confusion will not lift immediately. It will grow stronger as people realize all of the effects of the events. You must not lose heart. Follow my words and gather your loved ones so they also walk in my light. You must believe that I am with you and will save you. Do not lose heart in the trials.

November 24, 2012
Preparing for An Emergency


I will speak now because when the events happen it will be too late. The conversion of hearts and the preparations must be done now, while everything is still in place. The plans must be laid and the light must be given ahead of time. Does not a family plan for an emergency? So, I give you my plan.

There must be some intimacy with God, a familiarity, a hope in God’s Providence and a capacity to see his loving care. During these days, stay close to the heavenly Father. Do not wander. Do not give yourselves to other cares. Take even a few minutes. Go to your room. Close the door and speak to the Father in secret. I will be there and I will bless your attempts, even though they seem so little to you.


My little children you must believe that whatever happens, I can keep you safe. The Evil One wants to use these events to bring you to despair. When you have no hope, then you easily fall into his hands.

Do not let this happen. By hope, remain in my hands. The Father has given me all the power needed to save all of my children. He has given me all the knowledge needed to know every difficulty and every solution. All you must do is come to me and abide with me. As you do that, I will enlighten you. I will show you exactly what you are to do when these events begin. I will continue to show you as the events continue. I will be with you from beginning to end.

I must speak now, before the events happen. When they begin, you will already have my word.

November 25, 2012
Extraordinary Events and Extraordinary Helps


You must learn to hear my voice now. When the events come, I will speak to you and guide you. Before then, you must grow accustomed to my voice. Many would see this as extraordinary, but the events will be extraordinary and the helps that you will need must also be extraordinary.

I warn you. You cannot hear my voice if you remain in noise, confusion and entertainment. I am asking you to withdraw, to find some solitude. Yes, I want solitude. Go to your room if that is the only place you can find. Go to a church, if possible. Come before the Blessed Sacrament. Multiply these times of solitude. Go to daily mass. While Noah was building his Ark, the others were buying and selling, caught up in the usual activities. They were not prepared. It cannot be the same with you.

My words are clear. Certain events will happen that will shake the world. People without faith will be thrown into total confusion. People with faith will be tested. If their faith is shallow, they will despair. If their faith is built on rock, they will survive. Now is the time to build on rock. You must learn to speak to the Father. I will be there.


We always speak of the events, but we see these events so clearly on the horizon. Do not be curious. Do not ask, “When will this happen?” or “What are these events?” Curiosity is useless. Only faith is needed.

By faith, you will say, “Jesus and Mary are speaking to me. I must listen to their words and act upon them”. When I give my words, I also give inner light. Each person must ask me, “Mary, please show me what to do”. The light will come. The first steps will be clear. Take them and you will be on the right road. The important word is “now”. Ask now and take the steps now. The events are very close at hand.

November 26, 2012
Events That Change Earth


All who hear these words can put them into practice. They are not difficult. If you make a little effort, I can offer you the help that you will so much need.

No need to despair or to search in vain. I will come to you, wherever you are. I will offer you all the help that you will need in these events. I must speak in this way. I must constantly mention these events because they will change your life on earth. You will need these extraordinary helps that I am so ready to provide.


We have spoken enough about these events. By these repeated words, the message is very clear. The road ahead will not be the same as the road you are now walking. New and much greater difficulties will confront all of mankind. Each part of the world will experience these difficulties, each according to its circumstances.

Some parts will be at the very center of the events and these will experience the greatest sufferings. Other parts will be at the edge, somewhat protected. Yet, all will experience a new moment of darkness and confusion.

In these dark moments, we are ready to offer extraordinary helps to all who call upon us. That is why we speak so clearly, before the events happen. Do not wait. Do not postpone that special moment of turning to me. I will lead you to Jesus.

Describing Future Events (November 29 to December 4, 2012)

November 29, 2012
The Coming Darkness


Just as the sun sets each day and night comes, so the sun is setting upon the world and the night with its powers of darkness, cover the globe. These are not material powers but destructive, evil powers, descending upon the earth like night descends when the sun sets.

Unfortunately, there is no timetable. No one can say “The darkness will last so many hours until the sun rises again”. But I will not let the world remain in ignorance. I will give my word, a clear and truthful word. All during the darkness, I will raise up a clear and prophetic voice which all will hear. This will be your light while the darkness is still with you. Follow this voice. You will know which one it is. The same voice that I have used before the darkness, I will use during the darkness.


It need not be this way. The events could have been avoided and even now they can be softened. Yet, they will come. It is inevitable. Mankind has wandered into a jungle and will not suddenly find open pasture. My Son’s pasture lies in the other direction, where mankind did not want to walk.

So, it has taken this road which has constantly entangled man in a thousand evils, each one greater than the other. Now, he is hopelessly lost, unable to find his way back. That is why the events will happen – to clear away the jungle so man can see how far he has wandered from God’s path. The events are an invitation to return. Much will be cut away so each person can see.

November 30, 2012
Saving the Little Ones


Soon the sun will set and many will ask, “Will it ever arise again”? Such will be the darkness of those times. Yet, the little ones will not lose faith. They will know that I am with them, never allowing them to succumb to the darkness. How can this be? Why are the little ones saved? All can be saved. I stretch out my hands to lift up every person, but only the little ones take my hand. They are little and know that they do not have the strength. They are little and they believe I can do all things. They are little and seek only to walk my path. That is why I can save the little ones.


Never despair. Never, never despair. My helps are so great. They are everywhere and at every moment. I always come for you. I am always near to you. I am even within you, always speaking in your heart. Do not turn to the darkness. Turn to me. Do not think about the darkness. Think about me. In this way, I will have power over you, not the darkness. My words are clear enough. Even though the darkness comes, even though you are surrounded by darkness, you must not fear. I am with you with my light and my powerful love.

December 2, 2012
The Only Hope


How dark! I do not even want to speak of the darkness. However, I must speak so everyone knows that it will overwhelm and will spread everywhere. No one will escape the darkness. However, those who call on my name will receive a different light, never before available. The light will be within the person and also in the middle of groups that gather in my name. I am the only hope and, therefore, I speak so often of the darkness. I will say it again. I am the only hope. Blessed is he who has found me before the darkness begins. Later, it will be far too late.


The light is in my heart and all who want the light must go there. The door of my heart is always open to those who seek to enter. Some try to enter only to discover my secrets or to find out about future events. The true seekers are those who want a place of refuge in the darkness. To all of these I open my heart totally. I am the enemy of darkness. I want no one to be captured and in chains to the darkness. I speak so everyone has a chance to enter my light and be safe.

December 3, 2012
A Deeply Imbedded Darkness


The causes of this darkness are already imbedded deeply into the heart of mankind. Even though they will cause great pain and confusion, they must come forth so their power can be ended. It is better this way than to allow these powers to grow even greater and explode deeper in the heart of mankind and human history. Now is the time to deal with them, while the human race can still be saved.

To many, these words are not clear. However, when the darkness appears, all will see the evil that is deeply embedded in the hearts of so many. This is the evil of hatred and anger that has festered for so long a time, an anger that has led to weapons and the weapons to a clear desire to use them.


The time is at hand, no longer able to be postponed. Those that are prepared by faith will survive. Those without faith will not be able to reconcile all that happens. There will not just be one event, but a series of events, one preparing for the next. One removes the restraints and the next event takes advantage that no power exists to restrain its evil force.

The events begin in one area of society but quickly have effects in other areas. All the parts of human structures are weak and vulnerable. Sin has done this, weakening powerful structures that should be able to withstand the impact. However, they are not built on the rocky ground of truth but on the sand of greed and selfishness. All of mankind is like paper ready to go up in flames. However, I will not allow this. I will raise up my special son who will have the light of Fatima. This is the light that will save the world from the coming darkness. How long must I wait until my Church exalts my light?

December 4, 2012
Seeking the Greatest Revenge


What can be done when man freely chooses a path of anger and destruction, and uses all his talents to reap the greatest revenge? When he feels he is fully justified in trying to right the wrongs and injustices of the past? He is so convinced that his path is righteous and just. Who can disarm him, so his anger does not destroy? No one is ready to accept that role, even though it is just and true. These are the conditions in which the world lives each day, a situation freely chosen by man because they have rejected my path of forgiveness, truth and reconciliation. Blessed is the person and the nation which is not caught up in this mighty river of anger and revenge.


Slowly, ever so slowly all this evil has been put into place, first in the hearts of men and then in the weapons man has built. Both elements are present. There are weapons and the deepest desires to use the weapons. There are cravings to wipe out the enemy, Israel, and the goal of reclaiming the land and all it now contains.

This goal is so much more in reach as the protection around Israel, especially Egypt, has been stripped away. So, the virgin daughter Israel lies almost naked before her enemies. Even with all her weapons, she is like a lamb that can easily be slain. Only a great intervention of God will save her and guarantee her a future existence, even a glorious future existence. This is the great challenge of faith, to believe that Israel will be saved, that Jerusalem will finally fulfill its task as the mother of both Israel and Christianity, when a union will occur because the Catholic Church has seen God’s plan for Jerusalem and has believed. These are the events which lie ahead, soon to be fulfilled.

War and Peace (December 5 to December 9, 2012)

December 5, 2012
Do Not Delay


Do not wait until it is too late. The fires will spread quickly, from one place to another. These are the fires of hatred and destruction. The oil of anger is everywhere and as soon as the flame is lit, there will be no walls that can keep it contained. Many who think themselves secure will suddenly find the fire at their doorstep and themselves locked in a house that they thought would keep them safe.

No one will be able to claim an untouchable piece of ground. The flames will sweep so quickly. Why do I say this now? So all will know that I have spoken ahead of time, when all seemed calm and no one would suspect what is ahead.

My message is always the same. Turn to me now. Do not delay. Later, will be too late.


I sound the alarm, an alarm that must be heard around the world, both in the hearts of people and in the places of power. Wake up! See what is about to occur. What you thought was at peace, is not at peace. What you thought could never be touched, will quickly fall. O world, you are not ready. You have no idea. My words asking you to repent, to turn back to the Lord, have gone unheard. So, I can only gather those who come to me. I can only protect those who call on my name. These I will save.

December 6, 2012
The Many Signs


No one knows the day or the hour. Only the Father. Yet, signs and warning can be given that alert hearts and help them to prepare for the hour, whenever it might come. One sign will be the weather – at times, violent storms and hurricanes. These are often seen as natural phenomena but there are forces behind them.

There are the signs in human life – strange events, people who are led to unusual acts of cruelty and people who seek notoriety by their evil deeds. All of these have already happened but no one has seen them as signs of future evils, harbingers that something very serious is out of order.


I will speak of the human heart and how twisted it can become. Having turned away from its Creator, it also turns away from God’s beauty in creation. It turns to what is twisted and depraved. It exalts forms of art that shock and deform nature, bringing it down to its basest and grossest levels. All of this, you have also seen happen in your midst. Sacred things are profaned in art and what is holy is shredded and torn asunder. Nothing is seen as worthy of veneration. This, too, you have also seen. All of these are signs of a society that has fallen deeply and which grovels in its wickedness. Read the signs. They are everywhere.

December 7, 2012
Resolutions and Anger


All the earth is troubled with stirrings that have never happened before. In different places, there are outbreaks of revolutions, followed by suppressions. In other places, there is the storing up of unneeded weapons, obviously to be used against a perceived enemy. These are signs obvious to all.

Beneath the surface, hidden in the hearts of so many are the fires of anger and rage. These boil over, are suppressed and then become hidden again, only to wait for a more opportune moment when the enemy is weaker.

These are the more obvious signs that peace is like a faraway dream. Today, who even thinks of peace when war is everywhere? The forces of war are like the waves of the ocean. Who even thinks that these waves could ever grow calm?


We have not yet reached the true depth of the wickedness of man. These forces are still in the ascendency, new anger, new events, new memories, new reasons to take revenge. Bridges of peace are burned. People can never return to the former ways of peace and reconciliation.

Mankind marches along a read of violence and destruction. He thinks of nothing else. He wants the grievances of years and centuries to be settled quickly, according to his own design and by his own power.

These are the forces that grow every day in the Middle East and will continue to grow. Violence is the only road that anyone sees as a solution. Supposedly peace will come only when the enemy is wiped away. Is not my description true?

December 8, 2012
Centuries of Anger


I speak over and over about the fierce fires that burn in the hearts of so many. These fires are buried deep in the memories of decades and even centuries, placed there by the Evil One, who waits and waits. He allows some of these fires to surface but many he keeps hidden so they can grow stronger. He wants a great conflagration that will spark many, many smaller but longer lasting ones. His plans are in place. He just awaits the opportune moment, waiting and hoping that he can ensnare even more into his fires.


We could go on and on, multiplying description upon description. This is enough. The picture has been drawn. The fires of violence are already burning in the Middle East. Other forces of far greater violence have not been unleashed. Weapons of every kind and of diverse powers lie in the hands of many and grow every day. The supplies flow from outside, from those countries which have special interests. Such is the state of affairs. People armed against others, even their fellow countrymen. Neighbor against neighbor. When will it end? Must so many be killed so peace comes only to those who survive? Whose plan is this? Certainly, this is not how the heavenly Father wants his children to act. The world has turned away from the Prince of Peace and wonders why there are so many wars? I must speak of the ways of peace. Some will listen and new paths will open, surprising paths that man cannot see unless I show him.

December 9, 2012
Importance of Jerusalem


I speak from a heart that is broken. The very places from which the great message of peace should go forth have become the places of greatest violence. All of this is to destroy the plan of the heavenly Father who wants peace to begin in Jerusalem. That is the sacred, the holy city, the city that I entered on an animal of peace.

No one sees this mystery, nor the great importance of Jerusalem. Someday, Jerusalem will be exalted. When Jerusalem is exalted and the nations come to Jerusalem, peace will reign throughout the world. In those days, the world will bow to Jerusalem saying, “The Lord of Lord was crucified here. The Sacred Blood was shed here. This is the true way of peace”. Mankind has lost its way because it has set aside my death. Let my crucified body be lifted up once more in men’s hearts and peace will come.


The plan of God comes forth so slowly. It takes so many tortuous roads because man does not perceive and is not ready to put into action. Yet, this plan cannot be set aside. Even as the human race hurtles down fruitless paths and careens out of control, the plan of God moves to fulfillment. His plan is for peace not bloodshed, for harmony, not contention. It must be God’s plan, established with all of its wisdom. Otherwise, peace will not remain.

The time is coming. All of the turmoil is like the pangs of birth. The tremors are the pains themselves. In all of the shedding of blood, something new will be brought forth.

It was not meant to be this way. The pangs of childbirth were not part of the original creation. Peace could have come so much more quickly if mankind had only accepted my Son, Jesus. That is the ultimate goal, that all the world will proclaim Jesus as the Lord. This will take place first in Jerusalem. From Jerusalem will go forth the saving word to all the nations.

The Road of Technology (December 10 to December 14, 2012)

December 10, 2012
Difficult Teachings


No one knows the depths to which mankind will fall so quickly. When a collapse comes, who can tell where the bottom is, or who will survive? All must stay prepared. They must wait and watch with expectancy, with the hope that I will extend my hand. All those who trust in me, will be able to grasp it.

How quickly everything will happen. So many will be caught unaware, not ready at all. How can I speak of these misfortunes? How can I describe them? More important, how can I prepare those whom I love? How can I explain that I will be with them? That they must not lost hope? These are the difficult teachings that I will provide. They are hard words only because the situation will be extremely difficult and the effort needed to persevere will be very extended.


In any catastrophe, a mother gathers her children, especially the young ones. The older ones she sends on missions to gather what is needed. The mother plans and looks ahead. She knows what must be avoided. Above all else, she calms the children, knowing that their fears can multiply.

I will be that mother. All I can say is this. When the catastrophe strikes, you must come to me, believe I me, turn to me, seek my advice and trust in my help. Tell others to come also. All must gather, with the rosary in their hands. All must raise their voices to me. There must be a new closeness – to me and to each other. Individualism must give way to community. All must help each other. Join your hearts in the common struggle. This is the only way to survive.

December 11, 2012
Down the Road


Too many put things off. “Down the road”, they say. “Certainly things will be difficult down the road”. But “down the road” is already here. The human race has walked “down the road”. Things cannot be postponed forever. The day of reckoning comes and when it comes it is not “down the road”. So, I must speak more clearly than ever before.

Mankind has been entrapped, led from one evil to another, never trying to turn away, accepting evils that before were always banished. What was unacceptable in one decade became quite acceptable in the next.

Never, never did mankind turn back. Never did he say, “We must return to the living God who will teach us right from wrong”. There was no interest in this holy road that would have avoided what was “down the road”. Now, for decades, mankind has walked this road that has led him into a darkness which contains the greatest consequences.


No one need turn away in despair. If one road is blocked, we will find another. It is only important to keep walking and not to give up or grow disheartened. If you keep walking, I will join you with others. You will meet them on the way. This is the road of hope.

Others will walk a road of despair. Do not join them. Do not even think of joining them for a single instance. The road of the true hero is the road of hope. It is the road of survival for yourself and for others. Some will be ready to despair until you meet them and give them my message of hope. You will say, “The Virgin Mary has already spoken to us. She will guide us. We must walk together. Whoever walks with us will be saved”. Yes, I will hold you tight and I will save you and all the others.

December 12, 2012
Cries for Divine Help


What will happen now? Mankind knows only how to walk forward into the greatest darkness. Like an alcoholic who knows only to keep drinking, mankind only knows the road of evil. What is needed? What will save mankind? Only the greatest divine intervention will suffice. Yet, mankind does not want God to intervene. No one cries out day and night, seeking God’s intervention.

Such is the state of mankind. He is intent on a road that leads only to greater and greater darkness. He knows nothing else and possesses no solutions. With all of his technology, he is absolutely helpless. I will leave him there. I will allow him to remain helpless. Then, the first cries asking for divine help will rise from his non-believing heart. I will hear him and come.


How did mankind ever come to this point? What were the moments in history that led him astray? Remember that moment when the goddess of reason was exalted? When the articles of faith were replaced? Go back to that moment. Mankind decided to take human life in his own hands. “We will decide our future”. They stole history from God’s hands. They no longer needed faith. Reason would become a better guide.

Like the Prodigal Son, you asked for your inheritance and walked away from the Church. You left your Father’s house of faith to walk the road of reason. Now you live with the pigs and reject the bread of angels.

What can I do? I can only let your problems multiply until you come to your senses and decide, “I must return to my Father’s house”. When you return, I will be waiting for you and the Age of Faith will begin again. Until that moment, there is no solution for the problems that you have created by your decision to reject the Faith and worship reason.

December 13, 2012
The New Idols


Mankind is so alone. He has surrounded himself with all of his inventions and amuses himself with images, thousands of images every day. He pretends that these are real. Can he embrace his own images? Do the images feel and return love? All is programmed. Nothing flows from a human heart filled with emotion and thoughtfulness. Mankind has immersed himself in lifeless images. These are the new idols that he worships. They entertain him and fill in his hours. Saturated with these images, he has lost the capacity for human love and the binding of hearts that come only from human relationships.

Such is the state of man. How can I call him away from these electronic images that have become the new false gods? How can I bring him back to true love?


Mankind sits alone on the dung heap of all of his inventions. They have piled up, one after another. They have attracted him and drawn him away. They now enslave him. He cannot do without them. He cannot turn them off. They speak to him all day long. They delight him and entice him. They also change him and form him. They have created a new man, a different mankind. He is losing his image of God and is becoming the image of what he worships. His mind is filled with a thousand images, all that have entered his heart this day. They live there and act there. They have power over him. They form his opinions and tell him what to purchase.

He thinks that he sees these images and then forgets them. Really, they take root in him. They are false voices always clamoring for attention. These electronic images have totally changed mankind. He is a new person created in their image and likeness. He is totally unaware of their power over him. They erase the image of the living God and make him forget the One who created him.

The fullness of this idolatry has not yet been reached. The person has not yet appeared on the scene who will use these worldwide powers of communication to try to lead the whole world astray. However, that moment is closer than anyone suspects.

December 14, 2012
The Living God


I must pour out a new gift, which attracts man and lead him back. I cannot just say “Come away from the false idols of your electronic images”. I must claim his heart again and draw him back. He must rejoice in being in my presence. How can this come about unless I reveal my presence? I will begin to do this in the depth of the human heart.

Each person, as they turn to me, will experience my presence within. The warmth of my love will reveal who it is. There will be an outpouring. So I offer to you, O reader, this invitation, “If you put away the sources of your images and seek an inner quiet, I will come to you. I will pour out the warmth of my Holy Spirit. I will bring you back to your first love. No more will you rejoice in these idols made by human hands. You will worship the living God who dwells in your heart”.


Again, we come to the end, able to offer you only a picture and an invitation. That is all that words can do. They invite you. Your heart must say, “This is what I seek”. That is the beginning. A seed can be placed within, an attraction for God that breaks forth in spiritual desires. Let us say this prayer, “O God, I want to worship only you. I will put aside my false idols so you can place the Holy Spirit’s fire in my heart”. It is accomplished. The Spirit is given. Now set aside those idols and give your time to the living God.

Why the Violence? (December 15 to December 17, 2012)

December 15, 2012
The Power of Past Decisions


Mankind is mired in its own decisions, those made long ago and those made just yesterday. They all pile up. None is set aside. All continue to have their power. Who can set mankind free of its past? What power can deliver him?

To forget the past gives these decisions hidden power, like buried memories that refuse to come to light. Yet mankind refuses to see its sins and closes itself to repentance. These hidden powers force mankind to repeat the past evils in greater ways and in more powerful dimensions.

I stand as man’s liberator, able to purge and cleanse. However, mankind avoids me and claims no need to come to me. I await and welcome every repentant heart.


There was no darkness as mankind came forth from the heavenly Father’s hands. Mankind chose the darkness and it entered his heart. Every human being must battle the forces of darkness which lie within. So many are unaware of this original sin and the personal sins that multiply the darkness. Mankind creates a culture of darkness, which exists within and without, a darkness which constantly multiplies.

Where is the light that can cast out this darkness? My Son, Jesus, is the light of the world, but he, too, was cast out and crucified. The heavenly Father raised him up in the mystery of Jesus’ rising from the dead. This is what we will explain to the world.

December 16, 2012
The Needed Purification


The human soul must be cleansed and set free. This is my liberating action which mankind despises, seeing no value in this cleansing. Yet, this purification is exactly what man needs. Without this purification, man is bound to continue even more quickly down his self-destructive path. He cannot help himself. With each passing decision he becomes more addicted to the evil. Man’s problems are within himself and only I can purify the person’s inner spirit.


There are some moments when this evil hidden within man comes to the surface and explodes in violent acts. All are taken aback, wondering how this can happen. O foolish world, you are sick and you refuse to name your disease. You have a doctor and you banish him from your society. You must deal with the violence that lies deep in every person’s heart. You must deal with it alone. You must grapple with a power that is far beyond you. If my words are not enough, then let the violence that constantly erupts before your eyes preach to you. America, I speak to you as a sorrowful mother who has seen too many of your children killed. Until you fall to your knees, violence will always erupt in your cities.

December 17, 2012
Violence Does the Preaching


Now is the time to speak no more. I will let the violence speak for itself. What is going on in the hearts of mankind? All is disturbed and troubled. The violence which mankind sees now will not be the end. Violence has become endless, one sad story after another. How many chapters does mankind need to read until it comes to the conclusion, “We must seek God’s help or we will end up destroying ourselves”? There is no need to keep speaking. The violence itself will preach to you saying, “This is the world when the power of God is set aside”.


I want to bind up the wounds but new and greater violence lies ahead. Therefore, I must speak to those who will listen. Soften your heart. Forgive anyone who has hurt you. Remove harsh words from your speech and renounce violence. Do no strike back and do not retaliate. Take no vengeance. Speak a kind word even when kind words were not spoken to you. Do this and you will be an invitation of peace to all. It is not easy.

Human History (December 19 to December 23, 2012)

December 19, 2012
The Flood Waters


I will never grow tired of speaking to my people because some will hear and act on my word. The time is so near. The evil can no longer be held back. It will burst forth, like a flood breaking through walls that have held it back for so long. The waters are too powerful and the protection is too weak. So, inevitably, the floods will come.

People will flee and try to find safety. However, if they flee to what the world offers them, they will find no safety. If, however, they come to me, I will keep them safe. That is why I do not tire of speaking. I see the events that are right ahead, the havoc that will be brought, the panic and anxiety that will come and the futility of worldly safeguards giving any protection.


As floods begin people, still nourish hope. However, as the flood waters rise, they begin to see all that is endangered, even their own lives. They also see that their best-laid plans are no plans at all. They were deceiving themselves about the seriousness of the problem.

This is the true picture that I must describe. The flood waters that will so soon be released will go beyond anyone’s imagination. Everything will be jeopardized. The beginning events will seem manageable. However, people will not realize that these are only the beginning events. The truth has been held back. Governments will try to respond but they have been weakened by dishonesty. Their resources will be swept away. After a short while, people will see that there is nowhere to turn. The world cannot adequately respond to these events.

Then, I will come upon the scene, offering all the graces which the Father has placed in my Immaculate Heart. The battle will begin between the Woman Clothed With the Sun and the dragon.

People will see what I have been saying all along. The battle is between the hidden spiritual forces of light and darkness. Many people have been deceived. They have acted in darkness and have cooperated with the Evil One.

This will be a time of repentance. All will have the opportunity to renounce the darkness and choose the light. Those who do so will be saved. Those who do not cannot be saved. That is why I speak. All must see that the battle is spiritual, and they must choose the light.

December 20, 2012
God’s Helps


What can I offer to those who believe and trust in me, to those who follow my word? First, I say, “Do not be afraid”. Fear causes even more destruction and leads to irrational acts. Only the peaceful person will persevere. That is the goal – to persevere until these times are over, when the forces of evil have been spent and I can come to rescue and save.

Ahead of you are not just destructive events (and they are many). There are also saving events, when I act in a very direct way to shift the tide of history. My people must believe these words. They must never tire of raising their voices to the heavens, especially in large assemblies of praise. These gatherings will prepare for my divine intervention.


The light will come immediately in the hearts of all the believers. I will be with them and they will be very sensitive to my inner guidance. They must not look for visions or apparitions. These will come later when more extraordinary means are needed.

In the beginning, there will be a tiny light. As each person believes in this light and follows it, the light will grow. Each person will need others. All who enjoy this inner light must gather in light and call others to this light. All who join them will also receive the light. This will be a saving light which helps all who remain faithful to the group to survive the darkness. Trust my words. They are the first rays of light.

December 21, 2012
A Summary


Some will not hear my voice because the world will try to block my words. The believers must make them known. All the words should be read and studied. In this way, every person will gain a certitude that they are true words.

I speak of many things – of the forces of good and evil, of the growing power of evil that has gone unchecked for so long, of the inevitability of the evil breaking forth and disrupting human life. However, I also speak of my saving actions. I tell people not to fear but to cling to my words. I tell them to take no revenge and not to resort to violence. Their safety and security lies in helping one another and in trusting my divine help (which will be everywhere). These are my words and they must be known by all.


I am a mother who saves all my children, but they must stay close. They must gather and pay attention. Listen closely. Those who trust in their own resources and try to save themselves will be caught in deception. Do not trust in your own powers. They are totally inadequate. The forces are too powerful and will be too long-lasting.

In every heart, I place goodness. As the trials continue, this goodness must grow. There must be greater faith in my words and greater love for one another. My saving actions will be in your own hearts. My lights will be in your own minds. From the very beginning, do what is true and just. Your feet will be set on the right path. Do not swerve from this. You will see others who lose hope and begin to act quite differently, trying to save themselves and forgetting others. This is a deception. Being safe will result from an intense practice of the virtues and even heroic acts. In all of this, I will be with you and I will be a mother who takes pride in the goodness of her children.

December 22, 2012
The Importance of Fatima


I come now to the final words, words that must be spoken. The time ahead will be filled with difficulties that have not been seen until now. These difficulties will have a center, but their effects will go forth everywhere, unable to be contained and not limited by national borders.

Efforts to limit them or to restrict their effects will have little or no effect. All of mankind will be puzzled by problems that seemingly have no solution. What lies further on, as these problems grow, I will not try to describe now. However, I do say this. These problems come from the Evil One and have no human solutions. They will give way only when the Virgin Mother is invoked as Our Lady of Fatima. She is the heavenly Father’s response.


No one will take from me what the Father has placed in my Immaculate Heart. In my heart is the victory, the triumph over the Evil One. Many have searched for this in other places and refuse to accept what I said so clearly at Fatima, “My Immaculate Heart will triumph”. The victory lies in one place. This power of victory still remains there. It will not be moved. It will not be given to another devotion. It cannot be stolen because the Father has decided to gain the victory in this way. Everything else is fruitless. Only the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart will turn the tide and begin the triumph. How many more times do I need to explain and to exhort? The heavenly Father will not change his plan to accommodate human thinking. The word is so definite that no one can mistake their meaning.

December 23, 2012
The Drama of Human History


All ask how this will end. The answer lies in the hands of the human race. God does not write history. He does not tell each person the role they are to play. He creates each person and has a reason for each person’s existence. All, however, are free. As they freely act on the stage of life, human history evolves and comes forth. How does God guide history if all depends on man’s free will? He stirs up his chosen ones. He places great desires in their hearts. He enlightens their minds, shows them what to do and blesses their undertakings. Some he makes warriors who destroy evil. Others, he makes builders who provide for many. Still others, he calls in a special way to himself so they can guide all in his ways.

You, reader, I call to this special task. You are on the stage of human history. You have a free will and some years left in your life. If you are willing to offer yourself, I will raise you up to save human history.


The challenge is gigantic. Do not be overwhelmed by all the evil that you see. Come to me and I will prepare you, just as Rebecca prepared Jacob for his father’s blessing.

Everything lies in the blessing. The blessing has power, light, protection and wisdom. All is contained in the blessing which is waiting for you in my Immaculate Heart. How often must I repeat the same truth? My Immaculate Heart is the secret to world peace. I will empower all who enter with the greatest gifts.

The Final Words of the Year (December 24 to December 28, 2012)

December 24, 2012
Clouds Filled With Rain


No one sees what lies ahead. The future is hidden in the heavenly Father’s heart. Some things must be revealed so people can know that the Father cares for them and will provide. His testimony is his word and when the word is fulfilled people know that he is watching over them.

Right now the sky is filled with the darkest clouds and the rain seems inevitable. However, even at this point, my word can blow them away without a trace of rain. Yes, even at this late date, all things are possible, but who will have the faith to cry out night and day? When my people turn to me, I will hear their cries. As yet, no one grasps or understands how close and how powerful is the darkness.


Can we speak any more plainly than this? The darkness is powerful and it is everywhere. The flood waters are about to fall upon the whole earth. All will experience this darkness. There will be no light in anything that the world provides. Light will exist, but only in my Immaculate Heart.

Do not trust what you have trusted until now. Those safeguards will not be enough and when they are washed away you will appreciate the importance of my words. You will say, “Our Lady told us this would happen”. In this way, fear will not capture your heart. You will have faith and believe even with the events that happen.

December 25, 2012
Always With Us


All is not hopeless only because I have come into the world, born of a virgin mother. I dwell with mankind and abide with him. I will not withdraw, even though mankind withdraws from me. To withdraw would be to surrender the world to the Evil One and to lose the hard-earned victory paid for by my death.

I will never do that. I will never withdraw. I am with mankind until the end of the world. It is mankind who withdraws, who does not want me, and who rejects me every day. This is my great sorrow. I see what is ahead for the human race as it walks away from me. There comes a point where many will never find their way back. They will be lost forever. That is why I must act soon. Everything has been held back so people would have a chance to repent and turn back.

Instead, more and more are being drawn into the road of darkness. So, the Father can no longer delay the needed remedies.


On this night, centuries ago, the world lay in darkness, when I gave birth to Jesus. The darkness was profound and widespread. The light of Judaism had grown dim and most of the world lay in idolatry.

When the child was born, the day of light and victory began. The light spread to all of Israel as Jesus preached and proclaimed the kingdom. The world put out the light. He was killed, only to rise into an eternal light that will always exist. Jesus is risen. He is the light of the world. The gift remains.

However, mankind has changed. “I am a secular mankind” it has proclaimed. What does “secular” mean? It means a world that has decided to return to the darkness, as if I never gave birth to Jesus and as if he never redeemed the world or rose from the dead.

So, I address my words on this sacred night to the “secular person” and to the “secular culture” and to the “secular world”. I say these words slowly and deliberately, so you can listen carefully, “Very, very soon events will happen and the secular world that you have created will face problems that cannot be solved. Every secular solution will only multiply the problems. Every secular leader will put forward nonsense, which is no solution at all.

Some will be defiant and march forward deeper into the problems. They will be totally destroyed, proud men who are ignorant. Others will be confused and hesitant. Others will despair and give up hope. Some, however, will hear my voice and my invitation to come close to me. These I can save.

Why has the human race come to this point? Because it has decided to be secular, even militantly secular. That is your choice. As long as you cling to your choice, I can do nothing for you except to invite you to come to me for help. I will never, never remove that invitation.

December 26, 2012
The Sacrament of Confession


With these words, I try again to call people to repentance. I will be very specific and give clear direction. The sacrament of repentance is confession of sins to a priest. This sacrament has not changed and the necessity of using it has never been removed. It contains all the helps needed to reform your life. Use it monthly, if not more often. This sacrament will bring about a true conversion in your life and you will be prepared for whatever lies ahead.


People languish along the roadside, like the man who fell in with robbers. Jesus is the Good Samaritan who would gladly bind up their wounds and pay for their full recovery. I speak to restore belief in the sacrament of confession. Go to the priest. Unburden your soul. Confess your sins as best as you can. I will guide the priest. He will speak kind words and encourage you. You will rise from your illness and we will walk together. Hurry now. The hour is late and you must not delay.

December 26, 2012
The Final Word


My heavenly Father always has the final word. He allows men to speak and act. Each person determines the role that they play. However, only the Father has the final words. After all have spoken and acted, when all have made their decisions, he intervenes, and brings the story to serve his glory and man’s well-being.

This is slow and often unseen, but the Father is always working his way into human life. He asks some to help him. When they fail to do so, he seeks out others, always pressing on to his goals. Do not be fooled by his patience, nor be dismayed that he always waits for people to cooperate. These are the means he will always use until the end of the world.


The year draws to a close but the problems carry over. So soon, man will awaken to all the harm that has been caused this year. However, the Father refuses to take away man’s free will or a nation’s free will. He will attack the problems in his own way, by raising up those who hearts are firmly committed to the spread of his kingdom. This coming year will be a time for raising up the most important of all leaders.

December 27, 2012
Bringing America To Its Knees


The chastisements result from the unrepented sins of the world. They are the only remaining means that can purify. They are used only when all else has failed, when mankind responds to no other voice, except to a total disruption of his normal activities. When all activity is stopped in its tracks and when man is blocked in his daily life, then he is willing to listen.

This has happened many times, but America has not listened. It has continued to march on its defiant path. If what has happened in the past was not enough, what will be needed in the future? What will bring America to its knees in repentance?


For so long, America has walked away, now with an ever-quickening pace. Before, people would at least question. They would ask, “Is this the right path or are we offending God?” Now, all restraints have been shattered. The question of God’s law, of “right or wrong” is not asked. Man feels free, without any restraint, to do whatever is within his power. What are the consequences of such decisions? The waters of sin pile up until the walls burst and no one can stop the floods.

December 28, 2012
America, the Rebellious Child


I want to speak of repentance, a turning back to God. America has walked away. It has chosen a path of sin. This decision has been made many times by the officials whom it has elected. By their public decisions, they have set America on a course that is at cross-purposes with God’s design. America wants to go where God does not want it to go. It is a rebellious child, unwilling to listen. The country conceived with divine promise has forgotten its heritage and has exchanged it for another. Only after much suffering and sorrow will I be able to recall America to its original greatness.


The sins are too numerous to mention and the number caught up in them grows every day. Nothing is sacred to America. All has been secularized. Man places his hands on what is forbidden and says, “I can do this if I please”. America has carved out a new religion. She sacrifices to her contraceptives and worships at her abortion mills. No divine laws are left standing. All has been overturned. How can America repent when it does not even know the way back to God?

December 29, 2012
Begin Again


Let us begin again. That is always my invitation. I am always ready to begin again and to start over. No matter how many times a soul has walked away and offended me, I am always ready to begin again. To you, reader, who have walked away so many times, I speak so clearly. Return. Come back. I will begin again. Even if your sins are scarlet red, I will make them white as snow. It is never too late. Never say, :”It is too late”. While you still breathe. While you still are alive, it is never too late.


Soon, this year will end and all will be history, part of a past that is completed. But this is not so with me. With me, all can be changed. All can be forgiven. All can be washed away. If this has been a year of sin, come to me with tears in your eyes, and what you cannot change, I will change. I will plead with my Son, Jesus, who always hears my prayers for forgiveness.

December 30, 2012
Shortening the Trial


I speak now to the discouraged soul who finds the burdens of life becoming too heavy for them. By my words I want to lift up your hearts. Do not take your eyes off of your heavenly riches. No matter what burdens you carry on earth, this life will end. The burdens are not forever. Also, I promise to shorten every earthly trial. I always do this for the elect, so that they can persevere. Keep your eyes on heaven and I will shorten the trials of earth so that you never turn away. This is my Divine Providence.


I must speak to the problems which so many experience because life has changed. Evils have been introduced that never existed before. Insecurity has invaded so many lives. The very foundations of life seem to be shaking. What can the average person do when the problems exist on such a grand scale?

I say this. Even if the foundations collapse, I can still save those who trust in me. Life will change. Everything will be different but I still have the power to help and to console. In all of the economic collapse, come to me. In all of the shaking of the foundations, turn to me. Let others turn to their own financial securities. You turn to me.

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