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November 23, 2011

“Satan’s Mistake”


(Comment – “Rise” means that Satan’s Kingdom is coming out of hiding and is becoming more evident in the worldwide problems.)

Satan’s kingdom is rising and taking shape for all to see. This is what I call the rise of the satanic kingdom. The question is this. Why is his kingdom rising? Why has Satan chosen to become so visible when he is making such progress by being hidden? What causes this? People will soon see the worldwide spread of satanic power. They will see the worldwide darkness and, for the first time, will conclude that all this darkness is beyond the scope of merely natural powers. But why would Satan want to rise up and be seen? First, he is making a mistake, just as he made a mistake in stirring up those who killed me and gave me the victory of the cross. (1 Cor. 2:18)

He is impatient and would have greater results if he had stayed hidden. He is proud and wants to assert himself before the proper time. So, as his kingdom rises up and people begin to bemoan this evident show of demonic power, you can rejoice because Satan is making a mistake.

Comment: People believe that Satan always acts intelligently when really he makes lots of mistakes. God uses these for his purposes.

November 24, 2011

“The Year 2012”


All will readily agree that these are not the usual times. But what are the causes of these tumults, of these destructive waves that hit upon the shore? This is what mankind cannot see. They cannot get to the bottom of things. As the tumults continue, man begins to lose hope that there is any answer at all. He sees that the answers are beyond his resources.

Satan’s Strategy

This is Satan’s strategy. He wants to lead mankind into a total state of despair, the despair that exists in hell. He wants to turn earth into a hell of confusion, hatred, violence and hopelessness. The signs of these are already appearing. As a rash appears on the skin and warns of some deeper unknown illness, so all the signs are appearing in human history. This is a time when the inner illnesses of man are making themselves evident for all to see.

Compare 2000 and 2012

Who would challenge these words of mine? Who would claim that the world is better and safer than at the year 2000? Was there not a worldwide euphoria with the beginning of the new millennium? However, I saw what lay ahead. Now, you yourselves have seen eleven years of this century. What are your thoughts? Has not human life shifted drastically? Does not the year 2000 look peaceful compared to the problems of 2011? The year 2000 was the very recent past, just a decade or so ago. Look at what has happened in these eleven years! What will be the future?

What will 2020 look like? Do not even bother to look that far. The gigantic problems are at your doorstep. Dare I speak about 2012? Dare I reveal the chaos, the destruction and the collapse which will happen in that year? Will you be giving thanks one year from now? How changed the world will be!

Satan Revealing Himself

Satan now has no qualms about manifesting himself. He has thrown off his cover. He has come out of hiding. Why has he done this? For two reasons. First, he is able to act more freely. Acting in a hidden way limits the scope of activity. It means acting only behind the scenes. Second, he wants the human race to fear, to panic and to fall into despair. He can only accomplish this by great, external signs of disaster and destruction. So, he has chosen to come out of hiding. It serves his purposes to have people acclaim his handiwork and to admire what he has been able to accomplish in destroying mankind. He thinks that he will be seen as more powerful than God. He will be seen as the inevitable victor and people will give up all hope.

These are serious words and I speak them so that everyone knows ahead of time that I have told you. In this way, you will hope in my Immaculate Heart. When these things begin to happen, you will say, “Our mother told us that this would take place.”

The Flames of Mary’s Heart

But, I will not end my words here because the history of mankind will not end with Satan’s victory. I will not allow this to happen. However, I cannot save anyone who does not come into my Immaculate Heart. Yes, the world will be aflame with destruction, but my heart will be aflame with salvation. I give you this prayer, “Mary, draw me into the saving fire of your Immaculate Heart”. Say this and I will save you.

December 19, 2011

“The Clash of Intellects”


“Everything is arranged correctly. All is in place”. Satan believes that he has a plan which cannot fail. He sees his targets. He knows those whom he wishes to destroy and those whom he intends to use. It is like a chess game and he trusts his great intellect which God gave to him.

When God created Lucifer (the great “light-bearer”), he gave him the greatest created intellect. He allowed him to see what others could not see and to understand great mysteries. When Lucifer turned his heart away from God, he plunged into darkness, but he kept his great intellect. Only now, he had no light and his intellect was no longer focused on light. He understood only the powers of darkness.

Everything he touches follows his path. It goes from light into darkness. He counterfeits light (for he has none himself). He attracts by false lights. This is how he draws mankind into darkness. How many he has drawn. He began with the first parents, attracting them by his lie. Now he has drawn millions into a darkness which they do not understand but will soon be revealed for all to see. That is what I mean. He thinks “Everything is in place. All is ready”. This is what I will explain.

The manifestation of his darkness has already begun but few recognize it. They think that the troubles afflicting the world are due to human beings. (No human being could be this clever). Soon, he will bring about great manifestations of darkness. His purpose is to cause despair so men lose hope.

That is why I speak now. His plan is not perfect. I do not leave mankind to its own understandings. I am ready to offer the wisdom of my Son who constantly outwitted Satan and those whom he controlled. I will offer my wisdom in the depth of each person’s intellect. There will be inner lights and divine wisdom. But all must call upon me quickly. You cannot wait until the last minute. Your minds are inadequate and need my light now.

May 17, 2012

“Why Does Satan Delay?”


I know exactly what I must do.  Everything is clear before my eyes.  I see the forces of evil and how they are aligned.  I see the plans that have been drawn up for centuries and those whom Satan will use.  Nothing escapes my eye, because the Almighty One has revealed everything to me.  I am the Woman Clothed with the Sun.  To me, the Father has given power to conquer the Evil One and to set the world free of his darkness.

Why Delay?

I see the time that is so short.  The beginning phases have already taken place but few are aware.  The troops have been moved into place.  It is just a matter of the general, Satan, giving the command.  Why does he wait?  His troops are overwhelming and his prey is unsuspecting and unprepared.  What is the matter?  He is making a mistake.  He is not satisfied with what he already has and what he could easily snatch away.  He sees what is outside of his grasp.

The Little Ones

Who are these?  These are the thousands of “little ones”, my little ones.  Those who have listened to my words.  These are the “children of light”.  They are not the thoughtless children of light who do not fully value the light.  These are the enlightened souls.  They cherish that light, value that light and will never sell the light.  They are like the five wise virgins who would not share their oil, lest they would not meet the bridegroom.  These are Satan’s greatest envy and he does not yet have them.  They are not in his grasp and they are not even within his reach.

Loses Time

So, he waits.  He even loses time.  He willingly gives up other opportunities.  He is furious that they escape his net.  He tries other strategies, but I know them all and I warn my enlightened souls.  They listen to me.  They follow me.  In this way, they stay out of Satan’s reach.

O reader, this is why I speak.  Without my words, you would not survive his plans.  Open your eyes to the dangers and you will never trust your own powers.