Our Lady – Mary – Speaks To A Mother Losing A Young Child

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February 6, 2013


A Mother Losing a Child

I speak to the mother who has lost her child, her young child.  The child was always sickly, even from the beginning.  You had great hopes that the doctors could do something.  As that road failed, you decided to love and accept your child with all your heart.  This you have done.  How close you came to your child.  Now the child is taken from you.  You know the child is in heaven but human grief still grips your heart.  That is why I speak.  Your efforts have not been in vain.  Every ounce of your love is stored up in the child’s heart.  All of your blessings cover the child.  These prepared your child for glory.  Will I not bless you?  Will I not send special help?  Will I not send angels to console you?  Were you not an angel to your child?  A new door will open.

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