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Locutions To The World

March 21, 2011

“Conversions Through Signs and Wonders”


I speak to you whose hearts have no religious faith; to you who have never lifted your eyes to heaven, to you who have never sought a heavenly favor and to you who do not even believe that God exists. This is your hour, the hour when the stranger will become my son and the foreigner will become a citizen of heaven.

The old order is passing away. All is new. Those who have never listened to the message of faith will suddenly have ears of belief. I will take back those who have been stolen from me and I will bring back what has been carried away from me.

All are my children, the Muslims and the Buddhists and even those who claim no religion. In an instant, they will see what their culture has hidden from their eyes. I will no longer use ordinary means. In a moment, a nation will come to me. In a day, a whole tribe will turn to me. I will give signs in the heavens and will plant stirrings in their hearts. All from the least to the greatest will have a chance to believe.

What do these wonders mean? It is a moment of mercy flowing from my Immaculate Heart. A moment for the world. When all seems lost there will be a intervention of the Spirit of God, my spouse. Who can understand? Yet, in the moment of truth, all will be clear. All will have opportunity to become a child of God through the Immaculate Heart. The stranger, the alien, and the person far from faith will be united through these signs. I will be saying to them, “You also are mine”. Some will believe and be saved.

September 5, 2011

“The Greatness of Medjugorje”


I will open up doors that have been closed from all eternity, special doors of saving graces that have never been seen before. At first, many will not believe. They will question, “Can these graces really be from heaven?” This has already begun at Medjugorje but many still question. How can I appear every day for years and still the world does not believe or listen to my messages? Even when people know ahead of time the very hours of my coming. Even when the visions are filmed for all to see. Even when the seers lead perfect lives of sacrifice and service, still the world does not believe.

Possibly the village is too remote. Oh, it is a village close to my heart, a perfect village dedicated to me and fervent in spirit. That is why I chose it. Even in its remoteness, millions have made their way there and have climbed the mountain of the cross and the mountain of apparitions. Miracles have flowed, especially the graces of conversion. Yes, the village is remote but the effort needed to get there and the determination to go prepare the soul. The remoteness of the village and its distance from large cities makes it the perfect setting for the soul to enjoy the quiet needed to hear my voice. And how many have heard my saving voice in that village among the mountains, mountains which encircle the village in my love and kept it far from what would destroy its innocence.

The Future Mighty Ocean

Now, let me continue. Medjugorje is my light, a light set on the mountain for all to see. From there will come forth a saving stream. Yes, let all eyes and ears be upon that little village because from it will come those words that are important for all the world to hear. Let the village become even more known and loved. The streams of grace which I have planted there are deep and only the beginning waters of grace have, as yet, gone forth. Do not say “We have tasted of the waters of Medjugorje and they have not provided all that we need.” Go back to those waters, read my messages. Pray and repent. Above all, prepare. Soon, so very soon, Medjugorje will no longer be just a stream. It will be a mighty ocean covering the world with a knowledge of God and of events which come from His hands. Do not wait. If you prepare your hearts, you will receive much. If you do not prepare, you will have broken cisterns that hold no water.

Comment: Medjugorje has been a source of religious conversions since Mary began to appear to six children in 1981. She still appears daily. Millions have gone there and have been touched. Some have experienced the deepest conversions. Yet, all of that, is as nothing compared to the graces that will flow from Medjugorje in the future.

*                               *                                *

From the Book of Truth
(Maria Divine Mercy)

“Mother of Salvation: These Miracles will happen over a period of three years”
Thursday, June 19th, 2014 @ 13:48

My child, the Miracles commanded by my Eternal Father will be made known soon in all parts of the Earth. These Miracles will defy all human reasoning, scientific knowledge and experience. The Earth, the sun and the moon will react to produce very unusual spectacles and many will know that they could only have been made possible by the Hand of God. These Miracles will happen over a period of three years and they will take place for a reason. They are to help to ignite the faith of humanity so that they will realize that everything is controlled by the Hand of God.

When wicked acts and deeds are perpetrated by man, they can be intercepted by God. The battle between the evil one and God is difficult for people to understand. When injustices take place, they are permitted for different reasons, but the main one stems from the need for purification. This may seem unfair, but this is not for man to understand, until they are given the Gift of Knowledge, which comes from the Holy Spirit. It is when souls are purified that they will begin to realize the way in which God works in order to bring His children into a state where they can recognize Him.

The Miracles I speak of will include great Acts of God, which will involve tragedies which will be averted and seem to have been impossible from a scientific point of view. They will also involve great signs in the sky; the movement of the Earth and the colours associated with nature.

My own involvement with these Miracles will be seen through the signs I will place at my apparition sites around the world. Do not fear these Miracles, as they are a Gift from God. Be thankful for His Mercy; for there is no task too great that He will not take on to ensure that the human race can be awakened so as to accept Him. This is the Will of God, for He loves every one of you.



*                               *                                *

Locutions To The World

January 27, 2012

“Mary, the Preacher”


Angels tremble when they see the holiness of God and the degree of perfection needed to come into his presence for all eternity. This requires a purification that only God can bring about, and results in a humanity without stain or wrinkle, a perfect humanity unknown on earth but seen by all the angels.

Hurtling Into Darkness

How far has mankind traveled away from this original holiness, first with Adam and then with all those who followed. Now, the speed picks up. Man is hurtling into the very center of darkness. When he arrives there, his cause will be totally helpless. This center is called hell, where mankind possesses no holiness and cannot communicate any holiness to those who will come after.

Covering Over the Light

Could this ever happen – Could mankind return to the hopelessness that existed before my Son died on the cross and rose in his great victory? This is Satan’s plan. He wants to bring mankind to the point where he will be so distant from the light of the resurrection that he can never again discover that light. He wants the gospel message to be crushed and destroyed so that men’s hearts are never opened to the power of the resurrection. In this plan, many are his helpers, enemies of the gospel in every possible way.

Heavenly Signs

The antidote is obvious. I must raise up powerful preachers of the gospel. Even more, I will become the preacher. I am already doing this at the sites of my apparitions. I am doing this through people whom I raise up. But, even this is not enough. Mankind needs more signs and wonders. Faith is under such an attack that it needs heavenly signs and heavenly words, more than ever before. This is my promise. I will provide those signs and I will speak those words for all to see and hear. When you see and hear, know that your heavenly Mother is protecting and nourishing your faith in this time of the greatest darkness.

May 13, 2012

“The Great Signs”


There is too much darkness and confusion in the world for anyone to see clearly.  When I send my prophets, their message is analyzed according to human reason.  Then it is distorted and rejected.  In this situation, no one can fully understand or perceive the truth.  So, I myself speak, in very simple words.  I do not want these analyzed by your mind but received by your heart.  Let us begin.

Man will finally accept the word of God, only when he is trembling and shaking because he has seen divine signs.  Even then, many will harden their hearts, refuse to repent, and lose the last chance that they have for eternal salvation.  To avoid this, I must speak now to prepare your hearts.

Extraordinary Signs

There will be extraordinary divine signs, able to be seen and experienced by all.  These signs will call the world to repentance.  They are not meant as curiosity pieces or objects of ridicule.  They will be living, powerful, divine signs marking my presence and calling attention to my messages.  These signs will fulfill my prophecies and show to all who believe that I am present to help the human race in the time of trial.

The signs will also point to all the many teachings and instructions that I have given.  The signs will be powerful and accompanied by inner lights which everyone in the world will experience.  There will be a universal call to repentance.  Many will not understand what is happening because they have set aside the things of God.  Yet, even to them, these lights can be beneficial.

A Decisive Moment

What a moment that will be!  A decisive moment for mankind.  The benefits of that gift are not guaranteed.  People must take advantage of the gift and repent of their sins.  Otherwise, the inner light will just stand in judgment upon them – that God has given them such a great gift and they rejected it.  I speak so all will accept the light.

July 3, 2012

“Bringing Jesus to the World”


Do not parents look for their children? Do not those who are in love look for each other? The human heart goes forth. It searches, sometimes not even knowing what it searches for. This is mankind – always searching and looking, but so often looking for the wrong thing or not even knowing what to look for.

The restlessness of the human heart. This is the great mystery. This restlessness has led to everything – great discoveries and great wars, great blessings and great destruction.

God made the human heart restless so it would seek and find him. He sent his only Son, Jesus, so we could find him more easily. Now, he sends me, the Woman Clothed With the Sun, so all can see.

Giving Birth to Jesus

My task is to bring God closer to man. I have already done this as a Jewish woman giving birth to Jesus, the Savior. Now, I will do it a second time in my role as the Woman. Yes, I will again bring Jesus to the world. This will not be in the form of a new-born baby, but Jesus as the Son of Man, the Jesus of glory, the Jesus of Revelation.

This is a great mystery which I have tried to explain and will continue to explain.

Divine Visitations

There are many divine visitations, moments when God comes upon earth with very special manifestations. There are histories of these events, which are accompanied by unique manifestations and repentant hearts. These moments leave behind great spiritual effects and people try to describe what has happened to them.

This is what I will begin to bring about as the Woman Clothed With the Sun and this is what I mean when I say that the Father has given me the task of again bringing Jesus to the world. This will be through special moments and seasons of refreshment, special signs and wonders, and a special presence of Jesus.

These will happen more often and will be more sustained and fruitful if those who receive them honor me as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.