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Locutions To The World

April 7, 2011

“Explaining Divine Chastisements”



So many of my children are lost in the world’s darkness.  How will I find them?  I will send forth my word in all directions.  My children in distress will hear my word.  It will claim their hearts and they will return.

The Goal of Divine Justice

When mankind fails in the basic duties of justice, the heavenly Father must inflict Divine Justice to remove darkness and restore truth to the land.  During this time, my children must remain in hope and light.

When Divine Justice removes the architects of darkness, I will place the children of light on the lampstand.  Until then, they must live in faith until the powers of darkness are toppled.

Need For Words

To prepare for this cleansing of Divine Justice, I give my words to the little ones.  My words, my words – I am always speaking about my words.  Yet, this is the way I enlighten them.  If they do not hear my words, they will not be prepared for my helps.  I will provide many helps, but my words are needed to reveal these.  If they do not listen, they will not have my helps and very few will survive the times of Divine Justice.

Becoming Mary’s Children

I speak these words to all, even those who are not my children.  By reading these words and being touched by them, they will become my children.  All can become my children!

Revealing the Problems

To my children, I will reveal the enemy strongholds which Divine Justice must destroy.  If my children stay away from these strongholds, they will not be harmed by Divine Justice, which is like a surgeon’s scalpel, cutting only what is infected.

So, to my children I say, “Stay away from sin.  Do not go near it and do not tolerate sin in your midst.  Be encircled by goodness.  Then, the sources of sin will be evident to you so you can stay away from them.  Each chastisement will be perfectly suited to cleanse an evil.  Flee all evil.  Have nothing to do with evil.  God will expose the evil done in secret.  This is his greatest glory.”

Protecting the Little Ones

How can I protect the little ones?  Listen to my words.  In the present, they must gather together in love for one another and in their desire to safeguard the family.  I will open to them the doors of economic security to provide all that they need.  Trying to act only at the moment of economic collapse will be too late.

Let them make decisions now.  They must love one another.  Be of one mind and one heart.  Let the father be the head of the family, listening to the words of all the members.

As they agree on what to do, let them act in unity and in wisdom. If their hearts are correct, wisdom will be poured out. If each family seeks my wisdom about their finances, I will be in their midst, guiding their decisions.

The Coming Divine Justice

Everything is bubbling beneath the surface of world events, like water with a flame beneath it.  As the heat is enkindled, the hot, destructive water overflows.

The fire is God’s wrath and the water is the world events, the interactions of man.  When the water boils over, the events become destructive.  If the flame is increased, then the boiling over is inevitable.

Sins are enkindling God’s wrath and the water will boil over where the sins are committed.

Stay Away From Evil

To my children I say, “Stay away from sin.  Do not go near sin and do not tolerate sin in your midst.  Be encircled with goodness and the places of sin will be evident to you.  The smell of sin and the vision of sin will be warnings to you.  Stay away.”

Evil Movements

Many times people join their hearts together to bring about evil, for their own profit or to destroy their enemy.  This is a great evil, but I will show you a greater one.

Some individuals have hearts that are seedbeds of evil (like Hitler).  They enlist others to their cause.  This becomes a gigantic evil, a movement which others join.  They are drawn in because the movement appeals to their selfish instincts.

This evil takes on many faces and disguises so that even good people unknowingly contribute to this evil.

I must unmask these evil movements and reveal them for what they are.  So, listen to my words.  Do not judge new movements by what is on the surface, by the disguises it assumes.  Look at the heart.  Look at those who began the movement.  Then you will discern the truth.

Each chastisement will be perfectly suited to cleanse each evil.  If the evil is violence, there will be death.  If the evil is hatred and false denunciations, the evil will fall on those who spew these out.  If the evil is dishonesty, they will be caught and exposed.  For each evil, there will be a chastisement.

Flee all evil.  Have nothing to do with evil.  Evil done in secret will be exposed.  This is God’s greatest glory.  What is done in hiding will be exposed in the streets.

Divine Justice touches the problem like a surgeon’s scalpel, cutting away only what is infected.  To prepare for the time of Divine Justice, I give my words to the Little Ones.  My words, my words, I am always speaking about my words.  Yet this is the way I enlighten them.  If they do not hear my words, they cannot prepare for the other helps I will offer.

There will be many other helps, but my words will reveal them.  I speak these words from the deepest love of my heart.  If they do not listen, very few will survive the time of Divine Justice.

Preparing for the Time of Divine Justice

I will reveal to my children the enemy stronghold which Divine Justice must destroy.  By staying away from those areas, the little ones will not be harmed by Divine Justice.  This is easy to understand.  God restores justice by destroying places of injustice.  He destroys greed by attacking those who control wealth.  To avoid suffering seek only the necessities of life, which the heavenly Father will always provide.

May 6, 2011

“Preparing for the Chastisement”


A Chastisement of Mercy

A time of great trial will come upon the world, a great distress of the nations. Many will die. Others will not know what to do. However, those who know me and know my words will have enough light to get through this period of darkness.

The world will be purged by this extraordinary divine intervention. This is the purpose of the trial because the Father would not do this if he had any other choice. He cannot allow the world to go on as it is. If he did not intervene, as drastic as this is, life on earth would be even worse. Man would inflict on man unheard of sufferings as the weapons of mass destruction are released by those who are under the control of the evil one. So, what looks like divine chastisements are really acts of his mercy. God will purge the world before man destroys it.

God’s Care for the Living and the Dead

Those who live in light and believe my words will know this is true. Even in the worst moments, they will see God’s purposes and know what to do. Some will die but they will accept their deaths in a spirit of faith, knowing that they have used their lives to love and serve God. They will have no regrets and the Spirit will console their inner being.

Others will be preserved from death by the Spirit so they can form the new Church that will arise, the light of the new mankind that will be fashioned by the Father. This will include people from all over the world. They will be people of faith, even if they did not believe before. They will have come to faith in the middle of the trials because of the signs in the heavens and the wonders upon earth. They will know that God has saved them and they will tell the story to their children and their children’s children.

A New Creation

It will be like a new creation. Man will once more realize that he owes his existence to God’s choice. He will no longer say, “The earth is mine to do what I want”. Instead, he will say, “The earth belongs to God and I am the caretaker of his creation”.

Man will once more stand in God’s presence and will rejoice in the title “Children of God”.

Faith will be everywhere. Man will see clearly that all life comes from God. A new world will begin, “as it was in the beginning”.

Man will still be free, still able to choose good and evil, but man will be so filled with light that good will be easily chosen and evil will be easily rejected. All of this can only take place after the world is purged.

New Lights for People of Faith

I say all this to prepare you for these events. Prepare, you must. Whoever is not prepared will perish from hopelessness and despair, devoid of all light and understanding. Satan will put out all the lights of the world, all that men hoped would save them.

However, I will shine my light, new lights, extraordinary lights, seen only by people of faith, words heard only by those whom I have trained to listen. Let me explain.

The heavenly Father wants to communicate with his children by the powers of the Holy Spirit.

This Age of the Spirit has already begun but too few are aware, even in the Church. I have appeared to some and have made certain places sources of divine messages. These are a sign to all, but my plan goes much further. The Father will pour out the Spirit on all mankind and I am his messenger.

True Light – Extraordinary Yet Essential

Two things must happen. All must be open to this new inner light and all must be aware of false lights. There will be extraordinary true lights and extraordinary false lights.

I will raise up leaders in my Church who will know the true light by their own deep personal experiences and by their solid theology. They will point out the true light and will reject the false light. Follow them. Plunge into this true light for it will be the only light that you have in the darkness. Get used to the light and learn how it guides you.

All of this is extraordinary but the darkness will be extraordinary. The deep personal light of the Holy Spirit guiding individuals and families will become essential.

Gathering in the Light

You cannot be like the foolish virgins who believed that they could get oil for their lamps at the last minute. You cannot gain this new light when the darkness comes upon you. You must become a child of the light now. I say “now” because the Spirit’s light is available and he will train you in the light. You will learn to act in his light. You will also gather others, because many must walk in this light.

You must gather. Gather in praise, exalting my Son, Jesus. This is the Spirit’s method to give light. Gather daily. Lift your hands in praise and the Spirit will descend upon you. Otherwise you will never learn his gifts or receive the light that I intend.

Do not ask me to tell you when these trials will begin or to give you signs. Doing that is useless. Even with the clearest signs, people will not listen. My words are enough and they are clear. Why talk about some future sign when I have already told you to begin now. If you do not believe and if you do not start now, will you start in the future? Will some sign jolt you into belief? You will be jolted but not by my signs.

My words are signs and I tell you clearly that this is the Age of the Holy Spirit. If you invoke him, he will give you personal signs, especially a unity with others.

The Scattered Children Must Gather

I sorrow over my children because they are scattered. Their little light cannot overcome the darkness and they cannot survive even now, before the great darkness comes. What will they be like when Satan puts out all the lights?

When people invoke the Holy Spirit, he joins them together. They find a common voice of praise. They lift their hands to the Father. While they pour out their praise, the Spirit joins their hearts. They are no longer alone. They have others are their side.

I will be with all of these little groups. They will be called Marian Gatherings of the Holy Spirit. Even if just three or four gather, this will be enough. I will teach them and they will learn together. This advice is very easy but this is how you will prepare for the darkness. Gather with others in a Marian Gathering of the Holy Spirit. Do not put this off. If you go and search, I promise that you will find others. Then you will discover my plan for you. You will rejoice and say, “Mary has provided me with others. Together we will prepare for the darkness. May I find you together when I come”.

A Clear Plan of Action

What will you do when you gather? You will read my words. They will teach you. More important, you will give me your hearts as slaves of the Immaculate Heart as taught by St. Louis de Montfort.

This is only the beginning. Let each one use their gift of the Spirit. Let each heart, touched by the Spirit, bring forth a word, a hymn, a revelation. Serve one another with the spiritual gifts. Do not wander into other concerns. The Spirit must do his work in you and you must learn his ways. Enough for now. I have given you a clear plan. Begin to act.

For Study:

“Treatise on True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin” by St. Louis de Montfort

Family Preparations

Different structures must be built. Tiny structures which can multiply and be present everywhere. These structures will survive. They can be built right now. Whose authority do you need to gather in your home? Whose blessing must you seek for family prayer? I give you my authority and my blessing. Begin now, before it is too late. Gather your children into the Marian Gatherings of the Holy Spirit. Since this is where everything must begin, I will speak to the parents.

Anxieties of Parents

How anxious you are. You have brought your children into the world, but now you see, only dimly, the great questions about the future of the human race. What will be the future of your children who have so many years ahead (years when you will not be with them)? Even now, fear covers you. You can see all the problems on the horizon. When you hold them in your arms, do you not ask, “What is in store for them? How will I keep them safe?” These questions must lead you into action. Follow the safe path which I offer to you.

Four Pieces of Advice

First, you must believe that I will keep you and your family safe, but only in my Immaculate Heart. That is why the heavenly Father wants to establish devotion to my Immaculate Heart. Do not follow any other path. This is the sure, the easy and the short road. You will never arrive by any other means.

Second, you must give me your heart so I can purify it of all its sinful desires.

Third, you must bring to me all the members of your family so I can purify their hearts. There is no salvation without purification.

Fourth, you must gather together in my heart. This is not optional. I can only bless those who gather. I can seek the scattered sheep but only so that I can gather them with the others. A scattered sheep is a lost sheep until it learns to stay with the flock.

More Advice

Now I must go deeper. My words are true treasures that come from my heart.

First, read God’s word. Take it to heart. Love that word. Let it be a light for your path. Let the word live in your family. Live by the word. Study it. Memorize it. Too many Catholics are ignorant of the word. I pondered the word that I was taught at the synagogue. You, too, must ponder it.

Second, purify your home. Remove whatever I would not want to be there. Make it a Marian home.

Clean out the secret recesses. Let nothing unclean enter your home. I will bless a purified home. I cannot bless a home which tolerates sin.

Now, let us go still deeper. I want love among the family members and peace in their relationships. I want truth to reign, together with honesty and purity. I want family meals and time for the children. I will make all of this possible if only you have faith in me and allow me to act. I ask only good will and a willingness to begin again when you have failed.

Any home which does this, I will bless and I will make it a light for others. When the darkness comes, these lights that you and I have set in place will not go out.

August 4, 2011

“How to Survive Divine Chastisement”


When the time comes, it will be too late to prepare. Those who have called on my name will know what to do to survive. Their hearts will tell them and I will guide them. Those who are selfish will act selfishly. They will condemn themselves because they will see all their past efforts destroyed in one moment. They will have nothing to live for. They will make efforts to control the situation, but their efforts will be in vain and they have never learned how to live in faith.

This is my teaching, how to live in faith. People with few resources will survive because of a deep rooted faith. People with more resources will not, because they cannot find any faith in their hearts. This is why I grieve. A time is coming when men will need great faith to survive, yet faith has grown cold. Let me explain.

When there is prosperity, many set aside their faith. They do not need God’s help. Their own power secures their needs. Their eyes turn away from heaven because they see all the goods of earth. Two things result from prosperity. The person no longer looks to God and the person gives their heart to earthly goods. Faith is lost.

Then, however, comes the divine chastisement. This is the only option which mankind leaves to God. They have rejected every other path. (That is why I am speaking so clearly, so that mankind accepts this last opportunity offered by the merciful Father.)

In the chastisement, the earthly kingdoms fall. Terrible jolts come upon society. In the beginning, no one notices. However, as the jolts continue, all begin to see that their society, which provided all these goods, is collapsing. For a person without faith, this is all they have. They have nothing and do not know how to turn to God for their security. They are lost and each day is worse than the last one. They stumble in an insurmountable darkness. For them, everything is destroyed. They cannot go on. Indeed, many choose not to go on. They destroy themselves.

I speak to you, secular man. Look into your heart. You will find no faith. You have no relationship to God that will sustain you in the difficulties that lie ahead. I will teach you a prayer. Say it often and I will come to you and you will see a flower of faith growing in your heart. This is the prayer:

“O Mary, when I am alone, I realize I am empty. I believe this feeling is my search for faith. O Mary, plant the seed of faith in my heart and I will let it grow.”

October 31, 2011

“Safeguarding the Other Children”


I wait and wait, never giving up hope that all would turn to me and be saved from the coming chastisements. I plead with the heavenly Father to delay his judgments and to set aside the chastisements which man truly deserves. Is this not the normal approach of a mother, to plead for mercy and forgiveness? I plead like no one else, and the Father sees that I have attained this role by standing at the foot of the cross and enduring my Son’s passion. Yet, how long can I plead and how long can I keep back the scourge of God?

Evil cannot just be passed on. The more that God delays, the more he must allow evil to continue without being removed by divine intervention. This is the dilemma. People commit sin. Out of mercy, God delays in punishing them. Yet, this same mercy allows the sin to continue and to contaminate others. God cannot just look at the individual. He must see how the individual sin adversely affects others and leads them into sin. Yet, I plead and ask man to seek another path. This is what I preach. Mankind must quickly take the other path. They cannot delay. It is unjust for the Father to postpone punishment when others who are innocent will be caught up in the unpunished evil.

Do not say that God’s chastisements are unjust. He must care for the other children who are in the house. Can a father leave an eldest son’s sins go unpunished when the other children will quickly follow suit? No. He must move against the evil, choosing the best method to correct his sin and destroy the evil. No one would call him an unjust or merciless father, when he has other children to protect.

This is the position of your heavenly Father. However, when I see what he needs to do, I plead with him to gain more time for repentance. Yet, I can only hold back the chastisements for a short time. Then, the righteous anger, fueled by the sins of mankind, will pour over in ways too horrible to describe. In those moments, I will weep for my children but I will not say it is unjust or not needed. I will resign myself to what has been destroyed and move on to those whom I can help. Yet, this need not happen. If only you would listen to my messages.

December 16, 2011

“Why the Chastisements are Delayed”


“Why do I wait so long? Why do I hold back my chastising hand?” These are the questions that the heavenly Father can legitimately ask. He sees the sins of mankind. He watches them flout his laws and even deny his existence. He has given mankind the beautiful earth and the gorgeous heavens. So, why does he not act? This is the great mystery, the delay, the constant delay, the pushing back.

The heavenly Father waits patiently, hoping that he does not have to act, always hoping that mankind would turn to him, so he could act with the greatest of mercies. He even raises up intercessors, who come before him night and day. These are God’s closest friends, and they plead with him to show mercy. In this way, he can put aside his justice for a while. He can claim that these chosen souls are like Moses who pleaded with him and allowed him to forgive the Israelites.

This is the drama which takes place behind the scenes which I will explain for all to understand. God has many attributes, innumerable attributes that man cannot even understand or imagine. These attributes are the ways he acts with mankind. They are the qualities of his Divine Person. Even in the bible, God seems to have many faces. At times, he chooses Israel, then he chastises, then he promises and then he restores. God has only one face, but he has many qualities and all come into play in any relationship which God has with man. The bible tries to catch this diversity, this complexity of God (even though he is perfectly simple).

God is not arbitrary. All of these attributes are in perfect balance and harmony. God is very predictable. If mankind repents, God will forgive. If mankind sins and continues in its sin, God will chastise.

But the question here is about time. When will God chastise? When a person repents, God forgives immediately, but it is quite different with his chastisements. He puts them off and puts them off. People even complain, “How long, O Lord, before you vindicate our rights?” This is because God stretches his mercy as far as he can, until showing mercy is foolish, destructive and harmful to the human race. I must say, “We have reached that point” yet he still delays only because many chosen souls plead before his divine presence. They delay the chastisements and gain time for repentance. This is my message, “Do not put off the time of your repentance” or else you will be worthy of God’s chastisements. I speak to you as a mother warning her children.

January 20, 2012

“Calling the Nations to Repentance”


The world certainly sees its own problems – the wars, the terrorism, the economic instability. It sees the need for leadership, for meetings, for plans, for goals, and for agendas. However, it sees absolutely no need for repentance. God has been removed from the scene, and this fundamental need for repentance has been pushed aside. So, I bring this to the attention of mankind. I point out the need for repentance and what repentance will bring about. I will be the preacher of repentance, which is mankind’s greatest need. If mankind were to repent, the wheels would be set in motion that would change the course of the world and avoid the divine chastisements. I will explain.

Choosing False Goals

When a nation acts selfishly a series of events are set in motion. When, for example, a nation begins a war, then people are mobilized. At the same time, the other nation also prepares to defend itself. Gigantic groups are now focusing on a false goal, created by the evil decision to begin a war. So it is with all of human history. Evil decisions have been made at every level and in every field. These decisions have set the world on a path totally diverted from the path intended by God.

Getting on the Right Path

So, it is not a matter of plans, meetings and agendas. It is a matter of getting off the present path and getting on to God’s path. That only happens when God is invoked and man cries out, “We are sorry for not following your path, O God”. Let the spirit of repentance begin to flow. Let it awaken nations! Any nation which humbles itself and repents, will receive a spirit which will revive the land. All other solutions are bound to fail because they never address the heart of the problem. Mankind has forsaken God’s road and has chosen its own.

March 17, 2012

“A New Divine Fire Clothing Us in the Sun”


The gifts that I want to offer the world are overwhelming, far greater than any gifts since I gave the world my Son, Jesus Christ. These gifts are of every kind and in the highest degree. I want to restore the earth and bring back its fullness. But, especially, I want to restore man to the highest level of integrity from which he has fallen. Then there will be a new heaven and a new earth. Many will be skeptical, asking, “How can this be? Will the Father create again?” I say, “All things are possible to God”.

Two Different Fires

There are two ways that this can take place. Either mankind allows itself to be lifted up into a mystical union with God or God himself must act to restore his creation. This second purification will take place by a different divine fire.

Let me be clear. A new heavens and a new earth can only be accomplished by a divine fire. In the days of Noah, the purification came by the floods. But God promised never again to use water to purify. This time, the purification must come by God’s fire. However, two ways exist for mankind to experience divine fire, the way of the saints and the way of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Saints

Every saint was purified by entering into God’s divine fire of love. This was their quest and why they walked the road of perfection. Some went off to the desert or to a monastery. Most just remained in their daily life, serving in their home or in their place of work. Although they were known to be devout, they seemed no different from other people. Quietly, though, and in a hidden manner, the divine fire was burning within them, purifying them and lifting up all their thoughts and desires to God. This is the divine fire that I would give to whomever would seek it. Once received, the person need only be faithful, allowing the fire to purify their thoughts, words and deeds and to lift their hearts to the Father, just as the fire always burns towards heaven. This is what I proclaim, “I will offer to every believer the graces formerly reserved for the greatest saints, so all, from the least to the greatest, will be clothed in the sun as I am clothed in the Son.”

April 23, 2012

“Surviving the New Situation of the World”


I lead you into the future. It will be like a forest, where much is entangled and where there are many dangers. However, I will be there with you, giving you extraordinary help. I will be close to you and, on so many occasions, you will sense my presence and your heart will be lifted up. After a while, you will realize that, with my help, you can survive in this new situation, that you can gather with your loved ones and others with whom you have bonded in faith.

Life will not be like it was before. The prosperity will have gone. Simplicity will be demanded. The world will no longer be confident of its power, or even of its teachings. There will be great questioning, especially, “What direction should we take?” This questioning represents a very special moment. For those prepared by my messages, the road will be very clear.

I will repeat my words, “When the times of trial begin everything will be different. You will be deprived of many things and you will need to make great sacrifices. However, you will also see this as a time of great holiness for you and your family. You will experience my presence and you will have great faith in me. You will bond with others to whom you are joined in faith. Gradually, you will gain a new confidence that you will be able to survive these crises and live in quite a different way. You will place all your confidence in my protection in a way never demanded of you before. All of this will lead to a great purification of your life and a strengthening of relationships”.

To Those With No Faith

To those who have not prepared for these trials and for whom faith seems foreign and unknown I say, “In the darkness of these trials, I will offer you new light”. You have never seen yourself as a person of faith. Even the terms of faith are new and unknown. Do not let this discourage you. I can bring you along quickly to a deep personal faith that will serve you well. With your new faith, you will find yourself being moved to seek out those who already experience this faith. As you do this, you will find all that you need to survive the trials.

April 24, 2012

“The Grace of Repentance”


I wait and I wait for my children to turn to me.  They do not realize how short is the time and how close are those days about which I have spoken and revealed to others.  These are the days of travail, like the pangs of childbirth.  Yet, in many ways, they are not the same.  A child is a gift of God and the pangs lead to birth and new life.  These days are not God’s gift but the result of His justice that has been held back for so long.  They really result from the sins of man and of his refusal to listen to my warnings (and how many of these I have given).   Yet, I still say that there is time to turn to me.

Pushing Back the Time

Anyone who turns to me, I can save.  For those who do not turn to me, I can only push back the time for a while, hoping that in the interval, they bring forth the fruits of repentance.  It is like the parable of the fig tree (Lk.13: 6-9).  For three years the owner looked for fruit and found none.  He wanted to cut down the tree.  His gardener pleaded with his master, “Let me fertilize it.  Perhaps, this next year it will produce fruit”.  The tree was given one more year, but without fruit it will be cut down.

So, I plead with the Heavenly Father and He hears me, but I can only ask for time.  The people must bring forth the fruit of repentance.

Your Heart

Now, I ask you, “What is in your heart and what really matters to you?”  Answer me honestly.  What do you live for?  What are your goals?  What do you seek?  Are these the things of earth or of heaven?  Possibly, you do not even know how to seek heavenly things.  So, I will teach you.

Your Family

Some of you were not even raised in families of faith, (It has been so long since the Ages of Faith).  Some have had no contact with the Sacraments of Confession and Communion for years.  I take everything into consideration and I also offer to you grace and a chance to repent.  Accept the grace as I explain what to do.

Everything begins with good will, with a sincere desire to escape condemnation and to be right with God.  This is the beginning grace.  I promise that I will obtain that grace for you.  When it comes, receive it.  You will know what to do.  All is contained in that grace.  Begin right now.  Say, “Mary, give me the grace of repentance”.  Already, my grace is flowing into your soul.  The grace itself will show you what to do next.  Keep asking for it.

May 12, 2012

“Why Has God Waited?”


I give you bits and pieces because it is difficult for your minds to grasp the whole picture.  Yet, even the bits and pieces are clear if they are put together. Let me begin.

First, the world is coming into very difficult times.  Many realize this from natural knowledge.  They see all the problems that loom on the horizon.

I speak from supernatural knowledge.  Man has turned his back on God, has followed his own paths and has decided to fashion his own world.  This has unleashed a torrent of sins and a wiping away of all moral constraints.  When immorality goes uncorrected, society degenerates so God must act, quite openly and decisively.

Why Has God Waited?

Why has the Heavenly Father waited so long?  This is the great mystery which I frequently explain.  The Heavenly Father must be just.  He must correct every wrong in exactly the way it should be corrected.  However, if people plead with Him, He can allow His Mercy to bind His Hands for a while.  Many souls understand this.  They join in this task of holding back the Mighty Arm of God.

Prayer and Sacrifice

I say this so often to so many.  I need people to join me in prayer to hold back the Avenging Arm of God.  I also need people to repent and move away from their sins so that Almighty God sees that this mercy leads to repentance and not just to greater sins.  So, I ask you to repent of your sins and to join me in prayer and sacrifice to stay the Father’s Arm of Justice.  He does not want to punish His children, but sometimes they leave Him no alternative.

July 5, 2012

“Removing Destructive Leaders”


When a mother sees a storm coming, does she not draw her children close to herself. This is her protective, maternal instinct. She wants to preserve them from harm. She even senses danger when no one else is yet aware.

My heart is alert. I see what lies ahead, the dangers that are still hidden. It is not my task to reveal them but merely to say that the future is filled with dangers which cannot be removed overnight.

Missing the Iceberg

Can mankind move away from these destructive forces? Is it possible that the ship will miss the iceberg? Can difficulties loom on the horizon and yet never happen? There is always hope, but hope must not be placed in the power of man.

I speak today of placing hope in heaven’s hands. Heaven can do anything and heaven wants to help earth, but earth does not believe. It has built its own world and created its own powers, so quickly and completely setting aside the powers of heaven. Yet, heaven refuses to be set aside. Even if man forgets, heaven intervenes. The God who created earth has no desire that it be destroyed and he has every hope that men will turn to him and be saved. So, I will reveal what will take place.

Man’s Freedom

Because earth does not call on heaven, it will continue to go its own way and bring about its own destruction. Man is free and God has give him the earth to cultivate and care for. This basic decision of God will never be reversed until my Son comes in glory. Yet, without reversing this decision, without removing totally the reins from men’s hands, the Father can intervene.

God’s Action

Some people on this earth hold enormous power that they intend to use to destroy. These people can be removed and the power taken from their hands. This is what you will see. You will witness surprising events when destructive leaders will topple.

When this happens, give thanks to the heavenly Father. Mankind still remains free but some who would hasten the destruction of the earth will be removed.