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Catholic Teaching Video: The Spirit of Adoption (26:09 minutes)

“For those who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God. For you did not receive a spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you received a spirit of adoption, through which we cry, ‘Abba, Father!'” – Romans 8:14-16


Locutions To The World

September 28, 2011

“Living in Truth”


The way of truth lies open for everyone.  All can walk it, but man covers it over.  He pretends that he does not see what should be evident.  He wants to walk his own path, the directions that he chooses.  He does not realize that truth is God’s invitation.  Even if a person does not believe in God, they still understand truth and if a person would just walk the way of truth (which they understand) they will arrive at a personal God and Savior (whom right now they do not understand).

No one can say that they cannot find God.  Let them live in truth and they will quickly come to him.  That is where he awaits them.  Even if they have never heard the gospel of my Son, they will come to know him in the truth of their lives.  He will be there, although still hidden because they do not yet believe his story.  If they continue in truth, they will begin to ask questions.  These questions always lie deep in the human heart, not surfacing because too many other concerns are piled on top.

The Deeper Questions

But a person who seeks the truth begins to go deeper.  He asks, “What is true?  What is firm?  Upon what foundation can I build my life?  Does not everything shift?  What I thought was important in my earlier years has disappeared from the scene.  What I thought was important even last year, is no longer my goal.  He grasps that all human life changes and he seeks what is lasting and true.  The surface things can no longer hold his affections.  He is restless within, but it is a good restlessness of searching for the truth.

O reader, if this describes you, then pick up the gospel stories.  Read about my Son.  He is the truth.  In your searching, you have really been looking for him.  Now you know where to look.  You are thirsty and he is the living water.  When you will drink of this water, you will not be disappointed.

September 30, 2011

“Mary is Always Seeking You”


These words come like a little stream of life.  They do not overwhelm but invite people to drink of their waters.  They are a gentle invitation so even the most fearful will not be afraid to come and drink.  Yes, I want all, saint and sinner, to come.  Let us begin.

Always Inviting

In the beginning, I invite.  To those who do not come to me, I continue to invite.  What other words can I say? First, they must choose to be with me.  This choice is very important.  I cannot force myself upon them.  Yet, I will never, never leave them.  I will not go away.  I will not withdraw.  Even to the last moment, at the hour of their death, I will still be there, inviting them to come to me, asking and pleading that they would accept what I have to give – eternal life.

If they had heard my voice earlier, I could have given them greater blessings.  They would have had time to receive.  The seeds of life would have grown within them.  But that is not important.  There is still time for the important seed of eternal life.

This is what I want to say to everyone in the whole world.  I am the Mother of God and I am your mother.  My name is Mary and I conceived by the power of God’s Spirit.  I have been chosen by God so he could enter this world by becoming flesh and dwelling among us.  I was the woman chosen as God’s path to man.  I am also the woman chosen as man’s path to God.  That is why I will always be with you.  I will always stay close.

Always Seeking

Wherever you go, even if you take the paths of sin, I will follow you.  Even if years pass by and you never call on God, I will still be close to you.  No matter what you do, what sins you commit, what refusals you make, I will be there.  You can never go anywhere that I will not seek you out.  This is called the Secret of Mary and it must be revealed.

I need only one thing from you.  I need you to say the words, “Mary, help me”.  Say them now.  Say them from your heart.  I am waiting to hear them.  After that, all will change.

October 31, 2012

“Pouring Forth Gifts”


What gifts I hold in my heart for all of mankind! I do not keep these hidden. I reveal them for all who would listen to my word. Many refuse to listen. To these, I cannot even explain what is available. Others have no interests in the gifts that would lift up their souls. They seek only what is of earth, having no interest in heavenly blessings.

Yet, I will pour forth my words and reveal all that I want to do for mankind. All the world can read and understand. Some will walk away, not interested in these gifts. Others, however, will tarry, giving time and giving my words a hearing. My word will attract them and they will find themselves thirsting for my kingdom.


O soul, do not wait. Do not put off this call upon your heart. Do not say, “I will come back another day”. No, this is the moment of your call and your salvation. You have already spent too many years in this darkness which has penetrated you and hopes to capture you as its eternal victim. These words are your only hope. They will offer you the only light that can save you.

November 1, 2012

“The Heavenly Water”


O mankind, why do you thirst for other waters when the true, living water flows from my heart. I will describe this water, so you will want to drink fully. The water I would give you springs up to eternal life. You can live forever and ever. You are immortal and you can have unending life. Without my water, you will die in your thirst.

Water is vital. Without water, no human life is possible. Without my living water, no eternal life is possible. This is the first truth. As your body needs earthly water so your soul needs heavenly water and I am the only source of this water. You cannot gain it anywhere else.


How confusing is your world! One day is filled with happiness. Then, everything changes. Even you change. What you had yesterday does not satisfy you today. You have no control over events and even little control over your own feelings.

Cannot I use this confusion? Cannot I speak in the middle of your trials? Will you not listen attentively, knowing that I will help you? Now, listen to my words.

The way you are walking is not the correct way. It will lead you only into darkness and into death. I come to show you another way, a passage of light that will lead you out of darkness. This light will not change. It will not disappoint you. It will always point in the same direction. Even if you stumble, or walk in a different direction, this light will still shine and call you back. Take my hand. We will begin now to walk in my new light.

November 2, 2012

“Choosing a Messenger”


Why do you not hear this truth elsewhere? Who has been covering up the truth? The light of faith has been taken off the lampstand and placed in hiding where no one can see. People have no idea of their thirst for eternal life nor any idea of how to gain this goal. Man has deceived man. The darkness in some hearts has led to the darkness in many because those few control the messages that go forth. So, I have found my own messenger and that person brings my words through these locution.


Where does this light shine? In the depths of your own heart, in your thoughts and in your feelings. This is the first and most obvious place to put my light. But how can you find this light within yourself? You must begin with a decision to walk in light and to turn away from all darkness. At times, it is easier to know the places of darkness than the places of light. So, begin there. Identify your greatest place of darkness. Where, in your life, are you engulfed in darkness? Let us begin there. Renounce this darkness. Ask me to bring you out. That is an excellent beginning. At least you see the first step. Start there and start now.

November 3, 2012

“Thirst For the True Waters”


I pour my words into my messenger’s heart so they will flow into your hearts. See how I bend down, how I accommodate myself to your state. You need to hear my message, so I put it in the clearest words. All you must do is read and take the words into your heart. Can I not ask at least that?

Now, let us begin again. My living water is available to all. I do not hold it back. I do not even ration it, even though it is precious. I give to all according to their capacity to receive. I even increase their capacity. The more they drink, the more they thirst, but it is a sanctifying thirst of the spirit. Those who thirst for my water have no thirst for sinful and destructive waters. I own their hearts because they seek only what I can give.


Once you decide to leave the darkness, you wonder how you sought the darkness in the first place. You experience a confusion, “How did I let myself move in that direction? How did I choose so poorly?” This confusion has led you to leave the darkness. You see your new decision as correct and beneficial.

Now, do not hesitate. Do not turn around and covet the darkness you are leaving. You are not yet strong. You are not yet confirmed in the light. Walk without looking back and, whatever you do, do not return to your previous darkness. The light calls you and attracts you. Do not limit its power over you.

November 13, 2012

“An Invitation to Faith”


I speak to the world because some will listen and be saved. How many will be saved? I was asked that question and I said that people must enter by the narrow gate and walk the narrow road. Many think that the road is wide. However, the wide road does not lead to salvation and, indeed, many walk that road.

I speak and many do not listen. Yet, a few take my words and find eternal life. Those who find my road need a special light because the light in the world leads only to darkness. A person cannot find the road to life unless he receives this special light called faith. Once he receives faith, he must cherish it above everything else. He must live by this light and even be willing to die for his faith. That is how important this gift is. So, reader, cherish faith above everything else. Live by faith and you will live forever.


I nourish this faith in all believers. I protect it and never let this light go out or be stolen. Nevertheless, many who receive this light in childhood, lose it as adults. They set it aside as unimportant. They grow concerned about so many other goals. They do not find time for the practice of their faith. Yet, in their hearts, the roots of faith are still planted.

For others, the seed of faith has never been sown. Their hearts are like rocky soil that cannot receive the seed. These, and many other causes, block the seed of faith that is so essential to eternal life. By these words, we will send forth a fresh invitation to the whole world to believe.

November 14, 2012

“An Invitation to Surrender”


I ask for a commitment of the heart, a full, total dedication that leaves no stone unturned in seeking my interests. I ask for great hearts that do not count the cost. With these hearts, I can do great things and bless many.

I call all to this level of faith. To everyone, I extend the invitation. If, right now, you experience some desire to surrender yourself completely, then read on. These words are for you.


Do not be afraid of Jesus’ invitation, as if the cost might be too high and you cannot make the sacrifices that are needed. These thoughts come from the Evil One. Just set out. I will be with you. When you grow tired, I will refresh you. When you grow weary, I will console you. When you seem surrounded with darkness, I will come with my light. Together, and only together with me, can you reach the goal of faith, your heavenly home.

This is not a short journey, a journey of a day, a week or even a year. This is a journey of a lifetime that ends in eternal life for you and for many others. Let us walk together.

November 15, 2012

“An Invitation to Receive”


I have many treasures of my heart that I want to place in your heart. Do not be concerned that you are unworthy. I have chosen you to receive. You are reading these words. They are my invitation and my assurance.

I place my gifts in your heart because that is where they belong. They do not belong in my heart. They are gifts, meant to be given away. When in my heart, they remain wrapped up and do no good. When I give them to you, I expect you to unwrap them, learn what they are for, and use them for yourself and for others.

How much I want to distribute these gifts! Do not be surprised that I have chosen you to receive.


All that you read here is encouraging. All the words lift up your heart. They tell you that all can and will be accomplished if only you agree. This is true. God can do all things and wants to give every blessing. He needs you to believe and to open your heart, so you can receive. After you are filled with the blessings, you have a responsibility to open them, to see how they can help others and what you must do. However, this is a great privilege – to receive and to distribute blessings that come from Jesus’ heart. So many try to distribute their own blessings. No one gets helped and soon the person is empty, having nothing more to give. You are to give only what Jesus give you to distribute. First, you must receive from his heart. Then, you can begin to share with others.

November 16, 2012

“An Invitation to Love”


My first and greatest gift is for you to love me with all your heart. I give this gift freely and without reserve. It pours out of my heart and can be received by all. This love changes you, and gives new direction and meaning to your life. This love was the fire that led all the saints on their path of holiness. Do you want this fire of my love? I am ready to give it to you right now. Just open your heart and ask. “Jesus, please give me the fire of your love”. Good! You have said the prayer. Now we can proceed to other gifts.


This fire must go everywhere. Do not limit its power or place obstacles to its life-changing purposes. Let the fire touch your sins and consume them. First, receive forgiveness for your past sins. The fire consumes these quickly and instantly. Then, receive a fire that will protect you from future sins. This is given to you over a longer period of time. Let the fire extend to others in the way you speak and act and even feel towards them.

Finally, let the fire bring you peace and joy. You are on the right road. You have allowed the fire of my Son’s heart to purify you and to lead you out of darkness into his new light. I will be with you in your new life. I was the first to receive this fire.

November 17, 2012

“An Invitation to Serve”


Love leads immediately to a forgetfulness of self, to the ability to set aside selfish desires and proud thoughts by which you think yourself to be better than others. Love bestows a spirit of service, a desire that all be blessed as you are blessed. Love is a river that flows out from my heart. After this love is received, the river must not stop with you. It must flow out to all others. In this way, the whole world can be blessed, beginning with those whom you meet every day.


Now you are making progress. You see where this river of love leads you. Do not be afraid. It is a new world, a new land, a new territory. Jesus and I have gone there ahead of you. Be kind to everyone. Forgive those who hurt you. Do good to those who take advantage of you. Do not strike back or take revenge. There is a new path. After a while, you will grow familiar with this path. You will see the folly of your former path and will rejoice that love has changed your heart. Love, only love, can purify the world. That is why I offer this gift so freely.

February 25, 2012

“Drawn by God”


When a person is alone, he can only bring forth individual goals.  When he joins in a relationship with another, he can bring forth far more.  This is best seen in marriage when a child is born from a relationship.  It happens in many other areas.  When one person joins with others, an enterprise, a company, a school, a political party or even a marriage can begin.

A Fruitfulness

If in human relationships, a new fruitfulness happens when one person joins with another, how much more this happens in the divine mysteries, when a person is drawn into a relationship with God.  I say “drawn”  because man does not choose to seek God.  First, God must act, placing hopes and desires within the person.  If the person listens, senses these desires and responds to them, then God can draw the person into the greatest gift of all, a personal, intimate relationship.

An Adequate Friend

This seems so unequal, man being a friend of God.  In the beginning, it is very unequal.  However, God lifts the person up, deifies the person and, in the greatest of moments, transforms the person by the flame of divine love.  The person loves God with God’s own love.  God has transformed the person into an adequate lover, sharing the divine flame of the Holy Spirit.  From this gift comes the greatest fruitfulness in human history.  From the silent heart of this transformed person comes untold blessings.   Families, churches and nations are blessed.  God’s mercies pour out because he has transformed the willing person into an adequate lover.  God, in his delight, blesses the whole world with love upon love.

You, O reader, are called to a life with God.  Much has been written.  The Catholic Church has a spiritual tradition.  Discover that tradition.  Read the books.  Find those who are devoted to the spiritual life.  Immerse yourself.  This is not the work of one day or of one year.  It is the call of your whole lifetime.  When you find love, you find God.  When you find a love for God, you find every blessing.  Unfortunately, many good people do not know how to be “drawn by God”.

March 20, 2012

“To Which Group Do You Belong?”


The door is always wide open. I never shut the door of my Immaculate Heart until the ultimate moment, when the soul is about to leave the body behind in death. Then, my heart closes. If the person is inside, he is brought to eternal life. If the person is outside of my heart, I cannot bring him to eternal life. My heart is like the Ark of Noah, saving all who are inside from the floods of evil. This is the great mystery of which I have spoken so freely.

No Need to Enter?

Right now, the doors remain wide open but so many pass them by, not realizing the importance of those doors. “Let us give ourselves to the joys of the world” they say. “We have no need to enter the doors of Mary’s heart.” O foolish ones, how different and happier would be your lives if you took time to examine and to enter. You would fulfill your goals, meet the right persons (for some even their future spouse) and discern your dreams.

Life Within

All is different in my heart. It does not contain the confusion of the world or the pressures that pull you in so many directions, or even worse, the temptations that lead you into sin. My heart is steady while the world is a ship tossed here and there among the many storms.

Do not put my invitation aside. Many think that entering my heart can happen later and that they can always find a time. They do not see the squandered opportunities and the joys that would lift up their hearts. They do not see the light that would guide their decisions.

Two Groups

Let me put this bluntly. There are two groups of people. One group lives in my heart and enjoys an intense and satisfying life. The other group lives in the world and struggles to even find meaning for their existence. What is the difference between a person who lives in a land filled with every food and a person who lives in a desert? The only difference is where they live. Yet, one feasts and the other starves. I cannot be any clearer. My heart is a fertile land and those who live in my heart enjoy every blessings. Outside of my heart there lies only a wasteland and those who live there experience every kind of difficulty.

June 5, 2012

“The Story Within You”


What will be the end of the story? How will the history of mankind end? What will be its conclusion? This great mystery has already been revealed. My Son will come in glory and all the nations will be gathered before him in judgment.

That is the ending, but what will happen then? Billions of people will be born, spend their time on earth and die. This is the great mystery of human life. Decisions are made. Forces, good and evil, come upon the scene. People are moved to the left or the right. Everything is recorded, both in the souls of every person and also in the hearts of others. The person retains his own memories and society has its memories, some of which are recorded for posterity.

The Great Inner Story

Each day the story goes on. It is called human history. But, within this history a more important story takes place in each human heart. It is the story of God with man.

Every human heart is lonely because it thirsts for God. This is the insatiable quest of the human person. God does not hide himself. Jesus has come to earth and lived among us.

The mystery of human life is my Son, Jesus. He will bring history to an end but, before he comes in glory, he comes quietly, to every human heart. He asks the person to believe in him, so he can flood the person with the riches of God and prepare him for eternal life. This must happen before death.

The importance of human history is not what happens on the battlefields of wars but what happens in the human heart, the battle over who will possess your soul. Will my Son, Jesus, possess your soul and prepare you for his coming? That is the great question of human life and I speak so you never forget. What is within you is the most important story of human history.

June 6, 2012

“The Greatest Battle”


I do not turn my eyes away from my children, not for one second. They are always in my heart even when I am not in theirs. Yes, there are many moments when my children place something or someone else on their hearts. I do not leave them, even when they shove me aside.

Personal Selfishness

I do not live in their hearts to rebuke them but to protect them from the dangers of evil choices. Who else cares for them? Does the world, with its enticing goals, really care about their happiness? Certainly, the Evil One seeks only their destruction. The most important enemy, however, is their own selfishness, which assumes the garb of happiness. It is always calling to them, “Come over here. Seek this pleasure. Gain this position.”

Selfishness proposes to their minds ways to take advantage and to exploit the situation. At every moment, it looks out for self, and makes the person “Number One”, as they say. All of this selfishness leads to a great downfall. It builds a wall between the person and others. This destroys relationships.

Destroying Selfishness

I have come to destroy the wall of selfishness in every human heart. O reader, how free you will be when I have cleansed you from the inner powers that drive you to always serve yourself.

Here is what you must do. Invite me into the center of your heart. As your selfish desires arise, you will see that I do not want you to follow them. If you lay them aside, you will have won a victory. Soon, you will be a different person, having won the greatest battle of your life. You have defeated inner selfishness.

*                              *                              *

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