Failed Prophecy – Economic Collapse – Believing In Locutions To The World – By A Soul

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Failed Prophecy – Economic Collapse – Believing In Locutions To The World – By a soul (PDF)

Failed Prophecy – Economic Collapse – Believing In Locutions To The World – By a soul (ODT)

Failed Prophecy – Economic Collapse – Believing In Locutions To The World – By a soul (WordDoc)

Failed Prophecy – Economic Collapse – Believing In Locutions To The World – By a soul (WordDocX)

Failed Prophecy – Economic Collapse – Believing In Locutions To The World

Did Our Lady Win? Relieved Yet Very Concerned

By a soul

Written 9/26/15

Three weeks ago, when Our Lady announced through Locutions To The World ( that there would be a tragic worldwide economic collapse during the Papal visit in America, I have been in prayer.

I have been praying for Divine Mercy and Hope. I did not want the economic collapse to take place, because I knew it would affect millions of people in an adverse way. I prayed to God for all the people who I knew would become hopeless and might despair if they saw their dreams fall apart. I also prayed for the people who, in this great moment of trial, might commit suicide—that they would be saved by grace.

Then, Thursday afternoon passed during the Papal visit, and while there was a market correction that day, there was no economic collapse. I then became very hopeful that perhaps the economic collapse was averted by enough prayer and sacrifice. Friday remained and I was hopeful that we had been spared. When the markets closed on Friday without incident, I was overjoyed, because I thought to myself, surely, Our Lady won this great battle with satan?

I was overjoyed that Our Lady had won, because Our Lady told us in the locutions that the economic collapse was an evil event planned by satan and not a divine chastisement from God. In fact, there was no good purpose for the event and that God did not desire the economic collapse. But, it was an evil event that would come as a natural result of building a false world economy from a multitude of bad will, selfish choices made by mankind.

Our Lady has also said in the locutions that everyone wants to know the future, such as the 10 Secrets of Medjugorje, but the better grace is to be able to influence, change and mitigate the future. Truly, that is the whole reason for the enterprise of Medjugorje—why Our Lady comes to Medjugorje—to change and influence the world back to God’s Divine Plan.

In fact, the best result for Heaven, for the revealing of the 7 last Secrets of Medjugorje—which are all bad events and divine chastisements—is that the 7 last Secrets are mitigated and do not happen at all—that they are totally changed, because the whole world converts back to God and so, God, in His Divine Mercy, cancels them.

That would be the greatest and best outcome for the 7 last Secrets of Medjugorje. That would be a great success for Our Lady’s plan for conversion of the entire world.

And so, realizing these higher truths about the purpose of revealing prophecy, I was greatly relieved that the worldwide economic collapse did not happen earlier this week. After all, who really wants such an enormous tragedy to take place? Who would ever pray for that? I could never pray for such a prophecy to be fulfilled, even if it was spoken by Our Lady to be forthcoming.

The only Christian way is to pray for God’s Divine Mercy and Hope for all people. To trust in Our Lord, praying for the best outcome and Our Lady’s intentions, whatever they may be. The only way is to pray for the salvation of souls.

And so, I did this, hoping for the best, preparing for the worse, and trusting in Our Lord and Our Lady. And so, when it became obvious that the worldwide economic collapse was postponed for another day, I was greatly relieved. I was relieved for myself and my family, for all my loved ones, and for the entire world. I was grateful for the advance notice from Our Lady, so that I could pray to help mitigate this tragedy. The locution from Our Lady was such a great blessing for all of us!

However, despite my immediate joy that the economic collapse was postponed, I have also become very concerned. I am not concerned for myself, but for other people and their faith. Because, through prayer in these past two days, the Holy Spirit has revealed certain realities to me.

I firmly believe in Locutions To The World. I recognize clearly the voice of Our Lord and Our Lady in the messages and I have no doubt about their authenticity. The recent “failed” prophecy of Our Lady has not shaken me at all in my beliefs about the locutions, because for me, prophecy is not the reason I believe in heavenly messages. I believe in the locutions, because I recognize the sublime teachings of Our Lord and Our Lady in them, which could only come from Heaven.

Prophecy is only a secondary concern of mine when I discern heavenly messages given today from whatever source they may be. I recognize the voice of Our Lord and Our Lady in heavenly messages by allowing my spirit to connect with and resonate with the teachings Our Lord and Our Lady give in heavenly messages. I do not read heavenly messages to plot days and future events. I read heavenly messages so my spirit can become enriched and so I can grow closer to God.

That is why I am confident in supporting the heavenly messengers that I do on my blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove. Prophecy is a lesser concern of mine. If the heavenly messages speak to and affect my soul in a positive way that is how I know they are true. My personal writings on my blog show this. It is never about prophecy to me, but spiritual truths.

Prophecy is very fluid. I also believe that all prophecy can be changed due to free will, even those in the Book of Revelation, which was written in prophetic imagery, to challenge the world to seek God first in all things. What cannot be changed are the eternal truths of the faith.

Our Lady has said many times in the locutions that World War II, the dropping of the atomic bomb, the Cold War, communism, etc., that none of this should have happened. If the requests of Fatima had been heeded, Our Lady would have prevented all of these events from happening to mankind. Our Lady would have stopped them from ever coming to fruition from their initial onset. With the Consecration of Russia, mankind would have entered the Era of Peace a longtime ago.

Yet, now, we are now further along this path of destruction. We have created a world that has birthed the antichrist, a coming apostasy and schism in the Catholic Church, and the loss of millions of souls that could have been saved, had Russia been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady.

The Holy Spirit has shown me in prayer that the postponement of the day of reckoning—the worldwide economic collapse—will have profound repercussions for mankind.

Delaying the day of reckoning will only make the breakthrough much worse when it finally does happen.

I believe that Our Lady was in a “no-win” situation. The worldwide economic collapse was a planned evil by satan and was not a divine chastisement of God. satan wanted to manifest this great economic collapse during the Papal visit to America to show his great influence and power over human affairs. In his pride, he wanted to show how mighty he was to God.

If Our Lady had said nothing, the economic collapse would have certainly come. But, what about Her children? Can a Mother simply stand back and do nothing when a great evil is sure to take place? Is it not Motherly to warn Her children in advance? We have the greatest of Mothers!

Yet, revealing prophecy tips the hand. satan is also listening to and reading the prophecies in the locutions. When Our Lady says that Heaven is ready to enter into battle with him, and has prepared great graces and blessings for mankind should the economic collapse take place, satan is certainly considering these facts. In one recent message, Our Lady revealed that millions of people will start believing in the heavenly locutions.

None of these words of Our Lady go unnoticed by satan. satan hates mankind and the potential loss of millions of souls from his control is not a lightly considered matter to him. he desires the damnation of every soul on earth.

Yet, by delaying this moment of great evil, satan may have won anyways. Why?

I firmly believe in Locutions To The World and I will continue to promote them. But, many others may not be as firm in their beliefs. A failed prophecy such as this one may shake the faith of many people in the locutions. If many people stop following the words of Our Lady in Locutions To The World, they will be depriving themselves of heavenly help, not only for themselves, but for those who would be affected by them.

And so, when the worldwide economic collapse finally happens, as it is inevitable, many people will not have the light of the locutions to help them in their personal situations. That would be a great victory for satan, and not Our Lady.

And so, as I conclude this writing, I am both relieved, yet very concerned. I also wonder what Jonah thought and felt when Nineveh was spared?

Many times, I have been made to look like a fool and crazy for Our Lord and Our Lady. I have also gotten used to changed plans by Heaven for my life. I did what I could to get the message out and I do not mind looking like a fool for believing in Our Lady, if it means that there was enough prayer and sacrifice to prevent a great tragedy from happening. It is all about souls to be saved in the end. That is all that matters.

But, I do not want Our Lady to be made to look like a fool. She is Our Beautiful Queen and Our Dearly Beloved Mother. I only pray that this “failed” prophecy does not turn souls away from Her necessary words. Locutions To The World is genuine and is a mission of divine origin. I pray souls continue to believe in the mission.

God bless!



UPDATE (12/11/16): An Important Teaching About Prophecy from God the Father – “My prophets are not supposed to be right in the outcome of what they say” (Holy Family Refuge Messages)

UPDATE (6/20/16): Jesus Christ – “You have seen Me postpone the evil people’s plan last year (2015), and I will only allow them their hour in My time” (Prophet John Leary)

UPDATE (2/9/16): Another heavenly message about satan attempting to extend his time (100 years) to enslave all humanity: (End Times Daily) Jesus of Nazareth (2/2/16)

NOTE: (Added 1/7/16)
A recent heavenly message was given to another chosen soul, which I believe has bearing on the failed prophecy of the world-wide economic collapse as spoken by Our Lady in the Locutions. You can read it by clicking the link below. God bless! –a soul

“(End Times Daily) St. Michael Archangel – In his evilness, satan has altered his plan by extending his time – Have patience, the ultimate salvation of humanity is still measured in years (1/2/16)”