Having Adequate Water For The Tribulation

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Also see this page for preparing for the upcoming famine (Miraculous Sustaining Grapes):

Also see this page for preparing for the upcoming famine:
“For famine and cleaning dirty water – Moringa Oelifera – The Miracle Tree”

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by a soul

As everyone knows, water is essential for life. Whether there is a drought or famine or simply a limited supply, each of us cannot live without water. We need water even more than food for day-to-day survival.

Firstly, for everyone, especially, those with limited money and space, please see my writing on the miraculous sustaining grapes. This article will help you greatly in having an adequate emergency food and water supply:


In this writing, I want to talk more particularly about water. Besides the grapes, I think it is prudent to have additional water on-hand that can be multiplied by The Lord in times of need. As water is needed not just for drinking, but also washing and bathing.

If at all possible, I highly suggest that every person take a few sealed gallons/liters of filtered drinking water and bring it to your local parish to be blessed by a priest beforehand. If possible, ask for the water to be blessed with the longer Latin exorcism prayer by the priest (although this may be harder to do). If available, a benedictine priest can also bless the sealed gallons/liters of water with the special exorcism prayer of St. Benedict.

But, at the very least, simply ask for the holy water blessing, which every priest is familiar with. Do not be shy or embarrassed to ask a priest, as you are simply trying to protect and provide for you and your family. No one should feel bad about that.

Also, in addition to the blessed water, I suggest that you purchase a few camping items, in case, there comes a situation when there is no plumbing or access to running or hot water. I suggest these items:

Life Straw Personal Water Filter

Life Straw Personal Water Filter (or something similarly-made)
Available here in the U.S. and Canada: http://eartheasy.com/lifestraw

Life Straw Family Water Filter

Life Straw Family Water Filter (or something similarly-made)
Available here in the U.S. and Canada: http://eartheasy.com/lifestraw-family-1-0

Filtered Water Bottle

Filtered Water Bottle
An example of this can be found in the U.S.: http://www.mypatriotsupply.com/Alexapure_Go_p/zap-go.htm

Solar Heated Camp Shower

Camp Shower – Solar Heated Shower (for washing and showering)
An example of this can be found in the U.S.: http://www.mypatriotsupply.com/Solar_Heated_Emergency_Shower_p/z_camp_shower.htm

Portable Tent for Toilet and Shower

Portable Tent for Toilet and Shower
(sample image as there are many types available to order online)

Portable Toilet
(no image as there are many types available online to order)

(Also note, you’ll need to do some research online as to the cleanest, safest and most effective way to dispose of human waste).

*                              *                              *

There are also some other things that I want to discuss about water. In particular, healing and living water.

As one knows from Holy Scripture, Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament is Our Living Water. He shed not only His Most Precious Blood on the Cross, but also His Living Water comes to us as a fount of Divine Mercy from His Most Sacred Heart.

If one is able to receive Holy Communion every day during the Tribulation, Our Lord has shared through the Prophet John Leary (http://www.johnleary.com), that we can survive on the Holy Eucharist alone in the times ahead.

In fact, Our Lord has provided examples of His Saints living solely on the Holy Eucharist. A most recent, beautiful example of this is Blessed Alexandrina da Costa, who miraculously survived for 13 years solely on the Holy Eucharist. It was medically-verified and her beautiful story is well-documented on this webpage:

Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa


So, Our Lord Is Our Living Water, and we should not be fearful if we place our trust in Him.

Finally, for those who are interested in healing, I know that water from the grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes can be difficult and expensive to ship if one does not live in France or Europe. I want to suggest for those who live in North America, that they obtain healing water from Holy Love Ministry in Ohio, U.S.A. (http://www.rosaryoftheunborn.com/store/pc/home.asp). For a nominal donation and shipping, one can obtain a small bottle of healing water that Our Lady has said (May 31, 1995):

Healing Water from Holy Love Ministry

“…Joyfully, I reveal to you today that the waters of Maranatha (Holy Love Ministry, Maranatha Spring and Shrine) are as the Lourdes of this continent. They are comparable in healing grace, both in body and soul…”

God bless you!