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Blessings beloved ones,

This short blog post is composed of two parts.

Firstly, I wanted to share some shocking photos that have been posted on social media about the Covid-19 vaccinations. They are before and after photos of what human blood looks like within days of getting the vax jab.

However, the photos are so disturbing, I placed them on a separate blog page because I want to give people the option of whether they want to view them or not. I know a lot of people have taken the shots or know loved ones who have taken them; and honestly, if I knew this was the physical damage being caused in my body, it would make me very upset and cry.

PHOTOS – Shocking Live Blood Analysis – Before And After COVID-19 Vaccination – Looks Like Cancer

Now, that being said, I do want to instill some hope for those who have taken the Covid-19 vaccines. Recall, Our Lord, Jesus Christ, has indicated that anointing oneself with the Good Friday Oil will prevent vaccinated people from dying now and from the future virus that will be released soon by the deep state. That being said, everyone that made Good Friday Oil essentially has “liquid gold” as it will become so valuable soon for many people.

So, I want to recommend that if you prepared a lot of Good Friday Oil to give away to others in need, to obtain smaller 1ml vials to put the oil in — which are the smaller sample-type vials/bottles that you see containing perfume and other liquids. You should get vials that are tinted or amber-colored, so the Good Friday Oil — which is blessed olive oil — will not break down right away. Also, check reviews to make sure the vials are strong and do not easily break. Below are two links so you can see the type of vials you might want to consider purchasing:

GOOGLE SEARCH for amber glass vials

AMAZON SEARCH for 1ml amber vial

Please know, as you are searching, that for Extra Virgin Olive Oil and similar viscosity fluids, the Volume Conversion factor is:

1 ml equals 20 drops (approximately)
30 ml equals 1 ounce

Finally, I hope to do a blog post in the near future about other blessed healing oils that could potentially help vaccinated people as well, which might be easier to obtain or make. If this is something that interests people, please kindly pray for me, “a soul”, as I have several pressing projects that I am working on — all of which will help a lot of people — but as everyone has been experiencing, time is moving quite quickly now, so prayers would be appreciated.

Thank you, dear brothers and sisters in Christ. God bless.

Much love in Christ,
–a soul


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